One Life to Live Transcript Friday 8/7/09


Episode # 10497 ~ Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

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Starr: Cole, what’s wrong? Did someone find out that you're undercover?

Cole: Not exactly.

Starr: Well, what happened?

Layla: Hey, chief, do you need anything? I guess not.

Officer: Well, somebody knows how to make you smile.

Oliver: I'm gonna ask you one more time, to leave me alone. If you don't--

Kyle: What? What? Are you gonna hit me? It wasn't a bad experiment, Oliver. It meant something. We meant something. And I know you... I know you remember.

Cristian: Is this what you won't tell Layla?

Téa: It was an amazing date. I could have dealt without the Blair part.

Todd: Yeah, she and Dorian need to work on their act.

Téa: I don't think their livers can take it.

Todd: Are you ready for your case?

Téa: I think so. It’s family court so you never know.

Todd: Yeah, especially in this town. Hope you don't get the same crazy judge I did.

Téa: Yeah, me, too.

Todd: Well, good luck. Call me when it’s over. I have a celebration planned for us.

Téa: You that sure I'm gonna win?

Todd: Yeah, killer, I am.

[Téa chuckles]

Destiny: Do you testify today?

Matthew: If Téa needs me.

Destiny: Are you ready?

Matthew: It’s pretty simple. I mean, I want to walk again. I know the surgery could kill me.

Destiny: You're gonna say that?

Matthew: I have to. My parents think I don't know the risks, so I have to tell them. I know I could die.

Destiny: You won't. My brother wouldn't let it happen.

Matthew: I know.

Destiny: Nervous?

Matthew: Kind of. I just wish blackmailing my parents would have worked. That way this could all be avoided and I could just have my surgery for sure.

Nora: Oh, I love that one. That one’s just perfect of all of us.

Clint: Everybody’s got their eyes open, big smiles, and there’s no Dorian falling down drunk in the background.

Nora: Ha ha! Oh, yeah, that one. Oh, here it is. There it is. I want that one framed.

Clint: Yeah, put it out by the moat. Keep the animals away from the house.

Nora: That’s right. Oh, Clint. Look at that. It’s just--that’s--I love that of us.

Clint: My goodness. Mrs. Buchanan, you are so beautiful.

Nora: Thank you for coming with me today to the hearing. I'm used to being a prosecutor, not a defendant.

Clint: I know that. It'll all be over soon, though. And I have just the thing to help with the recovery.

[Loud knocking on door]

Bo: Come in.

Rex: Is this a bad time?

Bo: No, no, no. Come on in, Balsom. So you here to file that restraining order against Stacy?

Rex: Wow, it’s like I haven't seen you in weeks.

Bo: Why? What happened?

Rex: I screwed up. Stacy’s pregnant. I mean, can you believe that? I got Gigi’s sister pregnant.

Gigi: Schuyler--

Schuyler: Oh, man.

Gigi: What are you doing?

Schuyler: I don't know. I don't know.

Gigi: This is...

Schuyler: Unexpected?

Gigi: Wrong!

Schuyler: Yeah, that, too. Should I just, like, leave now? Will you give me a chance to apologize?

Gigi: What were you thinking?

Schuyler: I wasn't, clearly. I don't know, I think I heard the word noble, and I just snapped.

Gigi: Just to prove me wrong? I mean, how could you kiss me like that? I thought we were friends. Are we?

Schuyler: Yes, yes.

Gigi: At least I thought so.

Schuyler: We are. Can I plead temporary insanity?

Gigi: But why? Why did you do it?

Schuyler: I don't know. I mean, you were sitting there. You were worried about Stacy, like any guy would choose her over you, which is just crazy. And next thing I knew--

Gigi: Weird.

Schuyler: No. No. That part isn't weird, Gigi. I mean, no guy in their right mind would choose Stacy over you.

Bo: Stacy’s pregnant?

Rex: Yeah.

Bo: And you're the father?

Rex: Looks like.

Bo: Oh, jeez. How the hell did that happen? No. Never mind. Balsom, are you sure? Now, you know, it’s not like Stacy wouldn't fake it.

[Rex sighs]

Rex: Gigi and I were with her when she had the blood test. Stacy’s pregnant.

Bo: And it’s yours?

Rex: We're not positive. We can't do a paternity test for a few months.

Bo: Aw, damn.

Rex: Yeah.

Bo: What are you gonna do?

Rex: I got to do the right thing. Wouldn't you?

Bo: Huh. Oh, Balsom, these days, I'm nobody’s idea of a role model.

Nora: What is this?

Clint: Look, it’s a honeymoon. Two weeks at the best spa in all the Caribbean.

Nora: Clint, we can't go.

Clint: Well, I know that until things are settled with Matthew, we can't go, but as soon as they are, you're gonna be totally pampered. I mean, this place has so many rubs and scrubs and soaks, I couldn't deal with it so I booked you for all of them.

Nora: Oh, my God, that sounds like heaven.

Clint: Yeah, and you deserved a visit there because you haven't taken an easy breath since Matthew’s accident. You know, when you're not in the spa, you're gonna be on the beach with me. We're gonna be drinking things out of coconut shells and having conch fritters.

Nora: Oh, I love those. I've missed those.

Clint: They've missed you, too, Nora.

Nora: Oh... oh, gosh. It’s just--oh, it would be wonderful. And we do need to spend some time together.

Clint: We really do.

Nora: But we can't go.

Destiny: Guess you'll have to do it their way. I'm glad you didn't bust open the big secret.

Matthew: It would have been brutal, on my mom’s wedding day?

Destiny: There wouldn't have been a wedding, which would have sucked, 'cause the wedding was awesome.

Matthew: Yeah, it was, wasn't it? I mean, once Dorian cleared out, it became a real party. For a family thing. Oh, you did great, by the way.

Destiny: Yeah?

Matthew: Yeah, everybody loved you. Hi.

Téa: Matthew. Good morning, Destiny.

Destiny: Hi.

Matthew: Are you ready?

Téa: Not if you're keeping secrets from me.

Matthew: What are you talking about?

Téa: If you have something on your parents big enough to blow up your mom’s wedding, I need to know about it.

Rex: I missed Gigi’s pregnancy. I missed the first 10 years of Shane’s life.

Bo: But you didn't know about him.

Rex: Okay, but that doesn't matter to Shane. All he knows is that he didn't have his dad, and I can't abandon my kid just because his mom’s a psycho, especially since his mom’s a psycho.

Bo: Yeah. How’s Gigi?

Rex: Shredded. No matter what I say, she thinks that Stacy’s gonna come between us.

Bo: Well, don't you?

Schuyler: You're really surprised?

Gigi: Yes. I knew that you cared about me, but I didn't think it was like that. I love Rex.

Schuyler: I know. I know.

Gigi: I mean, that’s obvious, right? I never sent you a mixed signal?

Schuyler: No. You've been clear.

Gigi: So what part of "I love Rex" didn't you get?

Starr: Cole, what happened?

Cole: Look, it wasn't that big a deal.

Starr: Well, you sound funny. If someone found out what you are doing...if they did, then you have to stop.

Cole: I promise. No one knows that I'm working for--

Starr: Cole, who’s that? I heard something. Is someone there?

Cole: Yeah. It’s just...

Starr: Cole, what is it? If you don't say something, I'm going to call 911.

Oliver: Wait a minute--what the hell’s wrong with you? The guy was all over me.

Cristian: I know, Fish.

Oliver: No, you saw. It was assault.

Cristian: I know you're gay.

Oliver: I can't get rid of him.

Cristian: Would you stop it already? I know.

Kyle: He knows.

Oliver: Look, this guy’s been stalking me.

Kyle: It’s so sad.

Cristian: Oliver. Oliver, you got to stop lying, especially to Layla.

Oliver: I'm not.

Cristian: Look, I don't care if you're gay. There’s nothing wrong with that. But you have to tell her.

Destiny: I know that look on Ms. Cramer’s face. She’s gonna snatch your man away, whatever it takes.

Téa: Oh...

Starr: Cole, should I call the cops?

Cole: No, no. I'm fine, but I got to go.

Todd: What kind of trouble is Cole in now?

John: Your mom asked me to come check up on you.

Cole: What the hell for?

John: Hey, watch your mouth, all right? She’s afraid you're using again.

Cole: No, I'm clean. What is this, pillow talk for you guys?

John: Hey, is this how you treat her? You know, she put you in this nice apartment, she sets you up, she gets you a lawyer that keeps you out of jail. You know, if it were up to me--

Cole: I know. You would let me rot in prison, I know.

John: Hey, do me a favor. Just try to stay clean, all right?

Cole: Yeah, well, next time you want to lecture me, why don't you knock first?

John: Watch the lip! You know, you tick me off, you tick your mom off, this whole apartment disappears. You got it?

Starr: Leave me alone about Cole.

Todd: No. I mean, he’s got you scared about something, hasn't he?

Starr: You're such a pain.

Todd: Well, you're a mother now. You know what it’s like to worry about your kid, don't you?

John: Okay, you still with me?

Cole: Yeah. They almost caught Brody. They searched me. They searched the apartment for a bug.

John: Yeah, that’s the move. That’s why we don't have any eyes or ears in your apartment.

Cole: How'd you know about their bug?

John: I bugged the hallway in the lobby. I figured if they found it, they'd just think it was building security. Was I in time?

Cole: For what?

John: Did you say anything on the phone that would blow your cover?

Nora: You can't go on a honeymoon. If Matthew wins this case, he’s gonna have that surgery, and as much as Bo and I don't like it, of course we're gonna be there.

Clint: Well, yeah, you would be there. If it happens, but it’s not. Matthew is not going to win.

Nora: Well, you sound awful sure.

Clint: I am.

Nora: Why? Why are you so sure, Clint? Oh, my God. Clint, what have you done? Did you bribe a judge?

Man: No, no. It’s an easy trip from Philly. We're set. I understand what I have to do. All right, let me go. I've got to go meet my clients right now. Yep.

Téa: You need to be straight with me.

Matthew: I haven't lied about anything.

Téa: Withholding information is as bad as a lie. Worse.

Matthew: No, it’s not.

Téa: Vital information about your parents.

Matthew: Look, it’s got nothing to do with this case. It’s personal, and I can't tell you.

Rex: It'll be hard to keep Stacy in line.

Bo: Huh. There’s an understatement.

Rex: But if she’s the mother of my kid, I've got to find a way.

Bo: Sure you do.

Rex: I told Stacy that I am there for the baby, not for her.

Bo: Yeah, but they're the same thing, at least for right now.

Rex: That’s what Gigi said.

Bo: You know, Balsom, I feel for you.

Rex: I have to figure out a way to keep Stacy from messing things up with Gigi. Any advice?

Bo: Ha. Son, if you're coming to me, you are in trouble. I'm not making smart moves these days.

Rex: I saw in the paper that Nora and Clint did get married.

Bo: Yeah.

Rex: Did you have a chance to tell Nora how you feel?

Bo: Oh, yeah, I had plenty of chances.

Rex: So what happened?

Bo: I didn't say a single word to stop the wedding.

Rex: Bo, why didn't you speak up?

Cole: Starr--she kept asking me if I was okay. I told her it wouldn't be long now. I'm good. I maybe said the baby once, but I never even said Starr’s name.

John: Okay. That should be fine. That should be fine. We'll come up with something for "it won't be long" and "who are you working for?"

Cole: Yeah, this guy’s smart. He already asked about you. It’s a good thing we had that story.

John: He’s probably watching you.

Cole: Yeah, he knew that Brody had been here twice today.

John: What'd you say?

Cole: I told him he didn't have enough cash and had to find an atm.

John: Good.

Cole: He heard Brody say your name, but I covered that, too.

John: It’s trial by fire, all right? You're doing good. Look at me. You got any doubts, we'll get you out of this right now, all right? It’s no problem.

Cole: No, no. I'm sticking.

John: Yeah?

Cole: Yeah. I mean, it means something that this other guy showed up, right? And I got their attention.

John: Yeah, you do. And we already got a line on the guy.

Cole: Who is he?

John: Uh-uh. No, he didn't tell you his name, so I'm not going to, either.

Cole: Why?

John: It’s better this way. You know his name, you slip up, you say it to him, he wonders how you found out.

Cole: Got it.

John: Well, Cole, this game just got a hell of a lot heavier. You got to watch everything you say now.

Cole: Can't we get rid of the bug?

John: Uh-uh. We do that, they know we found it.

Cole: Right.

John: So instead, we use it, all right? That means you got to check yourself 24/7, all right? Every action, every word, all right? No more conversations with Starr in the apartment. As a matter of fact, it’s better if you cut off all contact with her.

Todd: Mommy’s a little cranky today, isn't she?

[Starr sighs]

Todd: Daddy’s making her life hard, huh?

Starr: Cole is fine. Could you please just drop it?

Todd: That conversation didn't sound fine, Starr. If he’s using again--

Starr: He’s not. He wouldn't do anything to screw up our lives now.

Todd: Okay.

Starr: Okay?

Todd: Okay.

Starr: Okay.

Todd: Guess he'd be crazy to mess up and miss out on this little one. Wouldn't he? Look at you. Look at you.

Starr: Mm-hmm. I know. She’s been so happy.

Todd: Well, she’s a perfect little girl. Let’s go to the lizard store and get her one.

Starr: No. She’s afraid of Sam’s stuffed dragon.

Todd: Well, how about a bunny rabbit?

Starr: Ha! What put you in such a good mood?

Téa: Matthew, this is different, okay? It’s family court. All kinds of information you think wouldn't be relevant is, even very personal things.

Matthew: Well, not this.

Téa: You can't be sure.

Matthew: It won't work.

Téa: What won't work?

Matthew: Using this against my parents.

Téa: Let me be the judge of that.

Matthew: Trust me. It won't work.

Téa: How can you be sure? Look, Matthew, do you want to win this case or not?

Matthew: Yeah.

Téa: Then shouldn't I be armed with every weapon I can get?

Matthew: You can't use this against my parents.

Téa: I wouldn't be using it against them, okay? I know you love your parents, but it is for you.

Matthew: I already tried to blackmail them with it.

Téa: Oh, well, so much for the love.

Matthew: I do love them.

Téa: What happened?

Matthew: They told me to go ahead and rat them out.

Téa: Huh. Your parents gave you permission to let this be known in public and you won't tell me?

Matthew: There’s no point if it won't make them back off, so what’s the point in telling you?

[Téa sighs]

Gigi: Did you think Rex was going back to Stacy? We're working it out.

Schuyler: I know. I know that. And I know that’s what you want. Gigi, I'm--I'm so sorry. Can we just--can we just forget that those 10 seconds ever happened? I mean, I really don't want to lose you as a friend.

Bo: I almost said something to Nora at the lodge the night before the wedding.

Rex: And what? You froze?

Bo: No. I kissed her. You know, if Jess and Brody--ah--hadn't shown up...

Rex: So was mutual?

Bo: Yes, but it doesn't matter.

Rex: How do you know if you didn't tell her what you wanted?

Bo: It’s obvious that it didn't matter.

Rex: Did you say, "Don't marry Clint. Let’s be together"?

Bo: No. I couldn't do that to my brother.

Rex: Oh. But you can kiss his fiancée?

Bo: I know.

Rex: I'm just saying...

Bo: You know...I even went to see Lindsay in prison...for advice.

Rex: Man, you are in trouble. No way does Lindsay want to see you with Nora.

Bo: Lindsay told me to go for it. I'm serious.

Rex: What else do you need?

Bo: I couldn't do that to Clint. Look, Nora stopped two weddings where I was the groom, all right? I didn't like it. It’s humiliating. My brother’s a good man. He doesn't deserve that.

Rex: Yeah.

Bo: Nora felt the same way. She doesn't want to hurt Clint, either.

Rex: So that’

Bo: We did what we had to do.

Rex: Even if you love each other?

Clint: Bribe a judge?

Nora: Yes.

Clint: Well, that’s an Asa move that worked pretty well in Texas back in the day, but I figured that you wouldn't really go for it.

Nora: Good call. Okay. Ah. So no bribery?

Clint: No, none. No bribery.

Nora: Okay. Wait--wait a minute. Then why are you so sure that Matthew won't win?

Clint: Because I have done my homework on this hotshot attorney that you brought in from Philadelphia.

Nora: Yeah? Elijah Clarke--he’s supposed to be the best.

Clint: Yes, Clarke as in shark, and he is one.

Nora: Well, he has to be if he’s gonna be opposite Téa Delgado, but that’s the only reason why you think that we're gonna win?

Clint: That and you just happen to be right.

Nora: You're just saying that to make me feel good.

Clint: I know. I'm doing it every day. Is it working?

Nora: Ha ha! I love you, Clint Buchanan.

Clint: I love you, Nora.

Bo: Nobody said we're in love.

Rex: Well, what do you call it?

Bo: Well, I don't know how Nora feels.

Rex: She’s kissing you the night before her wedding. Take a guess.

Bo: No. It’s not that simple.

Rex: Yeah.

Bo: We did the right thing.

Rex: So you think Nora told Clint?

Bo: No. And I'm not gonna say anything, either.

Rex: So what you said to me about lying to Gigi...

Bo: I'm not taking my own advice, okay? Like I told you before, I'm nobody’s role model these days.

Rex: So what do you do now?

Bo: We live our own lives. And we hope to God that Clint never finds out about this.

Téa: I am not going to blackmail your parents with this. That is not the reason I need this information.

Matthew: Then what is?

Téa: What if someone else knows this thing and uses it in court?

Matthew: Nobody else knows... except for...

Téa: Who?

Matthew: Rachel. But she wouldn't say anything.

Téa: You sure?

Matthew: Yeah.

Téa: This is a deep, serious thing. It’s pretty big, isn't it?

 Matthew: I'd say that.

Téa: Okay, then it goes to your parent’s state of mind. If they're distracted, if there’s anything that could be clouding their judgment, that could be affecting their ability to make the decision about your surgery, then it’s relevant. You see?

Matthew: Kind of.

Téa: you want to win this case?

Matthew: Yes!

Téa: Then give me the tools I need to win it.

Matthew: What do you think?

Destiny: You should tell her. This is the time.

Oliver: No, there’s nothing to tell Layla. I'm not gay. This freak--

Cristian: He’s not a freak. And neither are you. So you kissed him back? So what? You're gay. What’s the big deal, Oliver? Layla needs to know.

Oliver: No. No way.

Cristian: Do you care about her? Then do right by her. Tell her yourself. Please don't let me be the one to do it.

Oliver: Don't come near me again. You hear me?

Kyle: Loud and clear. Don't worry. We're done, Oliver.

Oliver: Good.

[Cristian sighs]

Cristian: You okay?

Kyle: I'm in love with a guy who hates the fact that he loves me. He'd rather force himself into an impossible situation with a woman...rather than just come out and tell the truth.

Cristian: So, not okay?

Kyle: No. It’s definitely not. None of this is okay.

Rex: You know, that’s what I said about Stacy--"I hope Gigi never finds out."

Bo: Yeah, but I don't think Nora and I left a trail.

[Telephone beeps]

Bo: Buchanan. All right, thanks, Layla. My lawyer’s here. I got to be in court this morning.

Rex: Your lawyer?

Bo: Matthew’s suing Nora and me.

Rex: What?

Bo: He wants to have surgery, the spinal surgery that can either help him walk again or it could kill him. And the success rate of the surgery, it’s not all that great. Matthew doesn't want to hear it. We're just two selfish, stupid people who want to keep him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Rex: Wow, Bo, way to bury the lead.

Bo: Well, like I told you, it’s been one of those weeks.

Rex: Man, I am so sorry. Can I do anything to help? You want me to talk to Matthew?

Bo: No, it won't do any good. You know, this thing just has to play out.

[Rex sighs]

Rex: Good luck.

Bo: Good luck to you, too, Balsom. And hey, don't let Stacy screw this up with you and Gigi.

Rex: I won't.

Gigi: How can we be friends, Schuyler?

Schuyler: We pretend the kiss never happened, pretend it was the office Christmas party or something.

Gigi: Does that ever work?

Schuyler: Yes. I don't--no--I don't know. It’s a boneheaded move.

Gigi: Yeah, it was! I depend on you! You're the reason that we caught on to Stacy. You're the reason I got back together with Rex.

Schuyler: Yeah, glad to help.

Gigi: This is so weird.

Schuyler: Well, it doesn't have to be. Believe me, after this painful dissection, I'm completely over it. Erase it. It never happened.

Gigi: Good. 'Cause I don't want to lose you as a friend, either.

John: The less you involve Starr, the better. You don't want these guys anywhere near her or Hope.

Cole: But Asher knows she’s my girlfriend. Won't he wonder why I'm not talking to her?

John: You say Manning won't let you see her. You know, it’s not like he hasn't done it before. You want to get her away from him. That’s why you need this job. It’s gonna take a little time. In the meantime, she’s off limits.

Cole: Yeah, I don't want those creeps anywhere near my girls.

John: Look, I'll talk to Starr. I'll make sure she understands.

Cole: All right, thanks, John.

John: You be careful.

Cole: Hey, John, do me a favor. Tell Starr I love her.

[Cole sighs]

Starr: So it can't be Mom who’s put you in this good mood, so it has to be Téa.

Todd: Starr, I'm not talking to you about my love life right now.

Starr: It’s Téa.

Todd: Yes.

Starr: Right. Okay. But could you please explain to me how you can have sex with Mom in the cabana and then all of a sudden, it’s all about Téa?

Todd: Sex with your mom in the cabana was a mistake. We both agree on that. And you know what drives me crazy, is that you actually heard about it at all.

Starr: Well, then don't talk in front of baby monitors. You have to tell me, what’s going on?

Todd: No. That’s very awkward. I'm not gonna do that.

Starr: Well, how do you think I feel? So you're with Téa now?

Todd: Yeah. Do you have a problem with that?

Matthew: So this thing--you can't tell anybody.

Téa: I'm your attorney, Matthew. Nobody can force me to tell them anything that you've told me.

Destiny: Attorney client privilege?

Téa: Exactly.

Matthew: They did say it wasn't that big of a deal.

Téa: If they were ready for you to tell it before, then they'd have to assume you were gonna tell your lawyer. People tell their lawyers everything.

Matthew: Okay. Destiny and I... saw my mom and dad...making out the night before my mom married my Uncle Clint.

Cristian: So this is what you meant when you said Fish was using Layla?

Kyle: Yeah.

Cristian: He was using her to try to convince himself that he’s straight.

Kyle: Exactly.

Cristian: So that letter he wrote you, it was about the promises that he made to you, not some girl?

Kyle: That’s right.

Cristian: Wow. I'm sorry, man. But look, when he tells Layla the truth, you know, he can come around.

Kyle: Don't count on him telling Layla.

Cristian: He’s that scared?

Kyle: Yeah. But I meant what I said. We're done. You can wait on Layla but--

Cristian: Oh, no. Me wait on Layla? No. That’s not me.

Kyle: You're almost as bad as Oliver.

Cristian: What is that supposed to mean?

Kyle: You're lying to yourself, brother, if you think you don't have feelings for Layla.

Oliver: Hey.

Layla: Hey, you. The flowers are so gorgeous. Thank you.

Oliver: You're welcome.

Layla: Your locker room posse has been talking smack to me all morning.

Oliver: I'm so sorry. They're jealous, right?

Layla: Completely.

Oliver: Sorry if they were cavemen.

Layla: I'll get used to it. I don't mind everybody knowing that we're together.

Oliver: Really? 'Cause you said--

Layla: Forget it. I'm proud to be your girl.

Oliver: Hey, Layla, can we go somewhere in private?

Layla: Honey, I'd love to get you alone, but it’s my first week on the job, and I don't think I could play hooky for the afternoon.

Oliver: It won't take long. I just--I have something I need to tell you.

Nora: Elijah Clarke, this is Matthew’s father, Bo Buchanan, and this is my husband, Clint Buchanan.

Clint: Hi.

Elijah: Pleasure, gentlemen.

Bo: Uh, as I understand it, you reached out to Nora about this.

Elijah: I did, I did. I confess this case really intrigued me.

Nora: Yeah, it was a happy coincidence. He was on my short list.

Elijah: Huh. Well, actually, I'm surprised you hadn't already found an attorney.

Nora: We were kind of hoping that Matthew would back off of this.

Elijah: Well, he still might.

Bo: I wouldn't count on that.

Elijah: I haven't.

Clint: Hey, come on, the law’s got to be on our side.

Elijah: Oh, sure. I anticipate winning on precedent alone.

Nora: And then there’s Téa Delgado.

Elijah: Oh, I know. I'm really looking forward to her.

Bo: Well, that’s one of us.

Elijah: Don't worry. I'm very familiar with Ms. Delgado’s work. She won't be a problem.

Téa: So you went to your parents with this and they still wouldn't sign a consent form?

Matthew: No. They said go right ahead to my Uncle Clint and tell him, that they'd pay the consequences, 'cause it’s better than letting me die.

Téa: You see, this is how badly they want to win. This is how hard they're willing to fight.

Matthew: I know.

Téa: Matthew, are you sure you want this? Because it could get very ugly.

Matthew: I know.

Téa: I'm gonna have to get down in the trenches.

Matthew: Yeah, but not with this. You can't use this against my parents.

Gigi: I am fine with you and Téa or whoever you want to see. Just don't bug me about Cole.

Todd: Gee, Starr, I'm your father. I'm trying to help you.

Starr: Well, I don't want your help. You're a lousy role model. Ha ha! Actually, Cole and I have a good relationship, surprisingly, and I want you to stay out of it, okay?

John: Hey. Starr, could I talk to you a minute?

Todd: Go ahead and talk.

Starr: Is it about Cole?

Todd: Of course it’s about Cole. What’s he done now?

Starr: Dad, please back off.

Todd: All right. I'll check on the paper.

John: Hey.

Starr: Hey. I just got off the phone with him not too long ago, and it freaked me out because it sounded like there was someone there and--

John: Yeah, that was me. I told him to hang up. Cole’s fine, but his apartment’s bugged.

Starr: Oh, my God.

John: It’s under control, all right? But it’s not safe for you two to be seeing each other, not until this is over.

Starr: Even if we're careful?

John: Even if you're careful. If anybody asks why you're not seeing him, just tell 'em your dad won't let you, all right? That’s--that’s the best way to keep you and the baby out of it.

Starr: Okay. Done.

John: Yeah? Listen, if you need anything, all right, you call me. I'll try to keep you updated.

Starr: Okay. I just want Cole to come home so he can be with us and be safe.

John: He'll be there. Something else.

Starr: What?

John: Cole said to tell you he loves you.

Schuyler: So, uh, we're good?

Gigi: I wouldn't say good, but we're okay.

Schuyler: Thanks. Um, well, you know, I'm here for you when things get rough with Stacy, with the baby. You don't need to be "good" about it with me.

Gigi: That'll be a relief.

Schuyler: Okay, call me if you need anything. Zero weirdness, I promise. Deal?

Gigi: Deal.

Rex: What’s the deal, kids?

Layla: Okay. I'm set for a few minutes. So, what’s up?

Oliver: Um, nothing.

Layla: What?

Oliver: No, really, it can wait.

Cristian: No, I'm not lying about Layla.

Kyle: Dude, come on, you're into her.

Cristian: She’s my roommate. I'm looking out for her, that’s all.

Kyle: Yeah, it’s more than that.

Cristian: No, it’s not more than that. Look, man, she’s into Oliver. But what worries me is that she’s gonna be really bummed out about this. She thought she finally found the right man, a good man.

Kyle: She did. I mean, Oliver’s a great guy.

Cristian: Yeah, for the right guy.

Kyle: Well, that’s his problem now. I'm done pushing him. I mean, if he wants to use Layla to try to hide, it’s his business.

Cristian: No, because I can't let that happen.

Layla: Oliver, are you sure? Because it sounded important.

Oliver: No. It can totally wait until after work.

John: Fish, when you're done there, my office.

Oliver: On my way. I got to go.

Layla: Don't work too hard. I want you to be rested for tonight. Cristian’s working late, probably all night.

Kyle: You won't have to do anything, Cristian. Oliver can't keep this lie going. Layla will figure it out.

Cristian: What if she doesn't?

Oliver: We have the apartment to ourselves, all night?

Layla: All night.

Oliver: It’s a date.

Layla: See you.

Todd: Wait a minute. Is everything all right?

Starr: Yes. But if I were you, I'd worry about your own safety.

Todd: Why, is John on the warpath for me?

Starr: No. If you and Téa are getting together, Mom is going to freak out.

Matthew: What are you writing down?

Téa: Oh, nothing. This is just for my memory. It’s shorthand. No one else can read this, so...

Matthew: You can't bring up my mom and dad’s kiss in court. It will only hurt my uncle, and it’s not gonna change their minds, so there’s no point in using it.

Gigi: Schuyler and I just made a bet.

Schuyler: I'm late for work. I've got to go.

Rex: Great idea.

Schuyler: See ya.

Gigi: Bye. Huh.

Rex: So what’s that guy’s deal? Does he, like, hide in the bushes and wait for me to leave?

Gigi: How’s Stacy?

Rex: Still pregnant. She didn't have the abortion.

Gigi: Well, we knew she wouldn't.

Rex: She was looking pretty bad this morning, though, morning sickness. Sorry. You don't need to hear that.

Gigi: No. Rex?

Rex: Yeah?

Gigi: We said that from now on, we would tell each other everything.

Rex: Yeah.

Gigi: So you should know... Schuyler just kissed me.

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