One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 8/5/09


Episode # 10495 ~ Broken Flowers

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Proofread By Kathy

Téa: Oh!

Blair: Cha!

Téa: Ohh. You don't give up, do you?

Blair: This is the best part of the wedding--always.

Téa: Ahh.

Todd: Don't worry about it. There's plenty of me to go around.

Téa: Ohh.

Todd: I was kidding.

Téa: What, about the 3 of us getting married?

Blair: Well, you know, with the job market the way that it is, you could probably use some quick cash, Téa...

Téa: Heh heh heh.

Todd: She said it, not me.

Téa: Oh, no, of course not. Todd Manning can do no wrong!

Blair: Well, you're the one that always gets him off of his charges.

Téa: Oy.

Todd: Why don't you go home, Blair?

Blair: Todd, I just got here!

Clint: And here I thought that this wedding was gonna be a little bit civilized.

Nora: Are you kidding? Compared to Asa's nuptials, this is downright restrained.

Charlie: Well, should we call someone? National Guard, the Green Berets, or...

Viki: Well, I--I don't think that that's really necessary.

Clint: Let them do their worst. I'm not gonna let some crazy love triangle spoil my fun.

Matthew: Did you see that?

Rachel: Um, maybe we should go get some sparkling cider.

Matthew: He looked really upset.

Rachel: Yeah, he did. Maybe it's because his son tried to blackmail him this morning.

Greg: I thought you wanted my opinion.

Bo: Ugh. Bourbon, please--neat.

Bartender: Coming right up.

Greg: Well, can we move it to Thursday morning? Because I don't want to wait that long. This kid needs help now.

Bo: Make it a double.

Greg: Fine. Thursday afternoon.

Bo: Did you hear the one about the doctor who was losing his patients? He couldn't wait to slice open my son.

Rex: You told Stacy to what?

Gigi: I told her to have an abortion. Please say something.

Rex: Gigi, how could you do that?

Stacy: Please! It's my baby!

E.M.T.: You're pregnant?

Stacy: You have to save my baby, please!

E.M.T.: Okay. Just calm down.

Stacy: Please help me! Just save my baby.

E.M.T.: What's your name?

Stacy: Stacy. Stacy.

E.M.T.: How far along are you, Stacy?

Stacy: 6 weeks.

E.M.T.: How long have you been having these pains?

Stacy: Not long. It just happened.

E.M.T.: What were you doing when it started?

Stacy: I didn't do anything.

E.M.T.: Stacy, just listen to me. Did anything happen right before the pain started?

[Stacy takes a deep breath]

Stacy: My sister.

E.M.T.: What about your sister?

Stacy: She came over here. Everything was fine before she came.

E.M.T.: What did she do?

Stacy: She tried to get me to have an abortion.

Gigi: I didn't plan it, Rex.

Rex: You told me you went to the A.T.M.

Gigi: I was on my way to Viki's wedding, and I just couldn't stop thinking about Stacy and you and this baby, and the next thing I knew, I was at the loft handing her $300.

Rex: To have an abortion?

Gigi: I'm sorry. I just can't deal with this, Rex! I just want this thing to go away.

Rex: "This thing"?

Gigi: You know what I mean--everything, all of it.

Rex: When were you gonna tell me about this, anyway?

Gigi: I'm telling you now!

Rex: What if it's too late?

Gigi: What are you talking about? Where are you going?

Rex: Where do you think I'm going? To stop Stacy.

Bo: Thank you.

Greg: Are you okay?

Bo: Me? Oh, yeah, of course. Why wouldn't I be okay?

Greg: Well, you seem like you have something on your mind.

Bo: Nah. Nah, not me. I am fine. Fan...tastic.

Greg: Great. Glad to hear it.

Bo: There is that one little problem, though.

Greg: Oh, yeah? What's that?

Bo: You want to operate on my son without my permission.

Greg: Now, hold on one second, Mr. Buchanan.

Bo: And then there's that other part of it where he may be even worse off after the operation could kill him.

Greg: You came to me, not the other way around. I didn't push anything on you or your son.

Bo: No, of course not. Could we do this again, please?

Greg: Look, Mr. Buchanan. I already told Matthew that I wasn't sure if I'd be comfortable operating without your consent, or your wife’s.

Bo: She's not my wife!

Matthew: What are you talking about?

Rachel: I know that you saw Bo kissing Mom and threatened to tell Clint. She told me.

Matthew: Look. I didn't want to hurt anyone. I just really want this surgery.

Rachel: Yeah, well, that's the problem with trying to make adult decisions. They come with adult responsibilities.

Matthew: Then what are you supposed to do?

Rachel: Decide if you can live with it.

Natalie: I want you to know how much it meant to me to be a part of your ceremony. I mean, after this last year and everything that happened, I--it made me realize how important all of you are to me and how lucky I am to have you all in my family...and to stand up for you with Jess, and Uncle Bo next to you, Dad.

Nora: Yes, we were very, very lucky.

Natalie: Yeah.

Jared: One big happy family. Heh!

Brody: You were robbed.

Jessica: What?

Brody: The bouquet? With all that football practice, I thought for sure you had it in the bag. You okay?

[Jessica sighs]

Jessica: I'm fine. I was just, uh, thinking about earlier at Nash's grave, and I'm sorry that you had to find me there.

Brody: No big deal.

Jessica: Yeah, well...this is supposed to be a celebration.

Brody: You wanted to talk to him.

Jessica: Yeah, but that's all that I've been doing lately, ever since I thought I saw him last night, and I feel like he's trying to say something back.

Brody: Makes sense to me.

Jessica: It does.

Brody: I think I know why you think Nash is trying to tell you something.

Blair: Looking a little wilted.

Téa: Hothouse flower. Someone brought it where it doesn't belong.

Blair: No, see, I think it's just been sitting around getting old and shriveled up. Remind you of someone?

Téa: Ha ha ha. Ugh!

Blair: Was it something I said?

[Téa sighs]

Destiny: You caught the bouquet. That means you're the next girl to get married.

Téa: No, it means you are.

Destiny: Really? You don't want it?

Téa: No. There's no one I want to marry.

Todd: Oh, would you give me a break? I'm trying, all right? I even danced with you.

Téa: Yeah, and now you're free to give Blair a whirl.

Todd: I don't want to dance with Blair. It's not my fault she showed up, you know.

Téa: You know, you're right. There are clearly greater forces at work here.

Todd: What does that mean?

Téa: Tsk! It means we were kidding ourselves. No, you know what it means? I was kidding myself. I don't know why I thought tonight would be any different. Our date was doomed.

Todd: You're giving up way too easily, I think.

Téa: No, I think I just finally know when to quit. Um, Shaun, will you take me home?

Shaun: Right now?

Todd: Téa, come on.

Téa: Yeah, right now. Can we get out of here? I need to go.

Blair: Oh, good, Téa's leaving. Come on, Todd. Let's dance.

[Blair hums]

[Téa scoffs]

Blair: They're playing our song.

Téa: Yeah, Todd! Enjoy your dance!

Todd: I do not want to dance with Blair. I...

Téa: Well, you don't want to dance with me, either, okay?

Todd: I don't want to dance with anyone, but I would like to finish our date.

Téa: Well, it's a little hard with dancing Blair over here to finish our date.

Blair: I'm not going anywhere. Viki invited me, girlfriend.

Todd: Look. Blair, you're welcome to stay as long as you want. Téa and I are living now.

Téa: No, no, no, no, no, no. I am leaving, by myself.

Blair: Aww.

Todd: So that's it? You're just gonna give up on us? Since when did you let Blair get to you?

Téa: Do you think maybe I...I don't enjoy this--coming in second in a beauty contest?

Todd: No, you're coming in first.

Téa: Well, it doesn't feel like it.

Todd: I don't want Blair.

Téa: Well, obviously, Blair thinks that you do want her.

Todd: All right. Blair?

Blair: Mm-hmm?

Todd: I do not want you. I want Téa. All right?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Todd: And I would like you to go home.

Blair: Anything else?

Todd: No, but just in case that's not clear enough for you--Téa, excuse me.

Téa: What?

Brody: You've had a rough year.

Jessica: It hasn't been easy for you, either.

Brody: You lost your husband.

Jessica: Yeah, and now I think he's back.

Brody: Look. It was just your anniversary, of your wedding and of Nash's death. It makes sense you've been thinking about him.

Jessica: But seeing ghosts?

Brody: I don't think he's a ghost.

Jessica: What did I see?

Brody: The man you were in love with long before you met me.

Jessica: What are you saying?

Brody: Maybe this--us--is happening too fast for you.

Greg: I'm sorry. I meant "ex-wife."

Bo: And that's right. Nora is my ex-wife. I guess you don't know everything after all.

Greg: Look, Mr. Buchanan. I'm not in the habit of forcing my services on anyone. Now, your brother brought me in here because he thought I could be of some help.

Bo: That's right, my brother. There's another guy who thought he had all the answers.

Greg: Mr. Buchanan.

Bo: Look. Ahem. Matthew is my son, right? He's my son. And I say that he is not having this operation without my permission, or my ex-wife’s.

Rachel: Bo, what's wrong?

Bo: Excuse me, Rachel.

Rachel: What did you say to him?

Gigi: No, Rex, you don't have to go to the loft. Stacy's not having an abortion.

Rex: How do you know?

Gigi: Trust me. I know. She threw the money at me, and then she threw me out. You seem relieved.

Rex: I--I--I don't know what I am. I just don't understand why you would do this.

Gigi: You don't understand? How many times has she tried to ruin our lives? And now she's got a brand-new way to do it!

Rex: So you figured that if she had an abortion, that would solve everything?

Gigi: I wish it would solve everything. I wish I could make this all go away.

Rex: You don't think that I want that? You think that I'm happy that I slept with Stacy? I wish none of this would have ever happened.

Gigi: But it did, because I didn't tell you the truth.

Rex: No. Look. It's not your fault.

Gigi: It's not yours, either. There's only one person I blame for this whole mess.

Rex: Stacy.

Gigi: She doesn't deserve you!

Rex: She doesn't have me!

Gigi: But she has your child!

Rex: You think that makes a difference?

Gigi: I don't know! But if there was no baby, then at least all of this would be over! If there was no baby, we might have a chance.

Rex: But there is a baby, and I cannot abandon this child, Gigi. So I guess what I'm asking is...can you live with that?

Stacy: It's okay, Stacy. Baby's gonna be fine. It has to be.

E.M.T.: Should we wait till she gets to the hospital?

Second E.M.T.: Nah, I don't think that's a good idea.

Stacy: This baby's gonna bring you and Rex closer together. You'll see. Everything's gonna be all right.

E.M.T.: Stacy?

Stacy: I'm starting to feel better. Does that mean that the baby is okay?

E.M.T.: I'm afraid not.

Gigi: What are you saying? You want to raise the baby with Stacy.

Rex: No! Of course not! But I can't turn my back on this kid. I'm sorry, Gigi, I can’t.

Gigi: Because of what happened with Shane.

Rex: That wasn't your fault.

Gigi: But you don't want it to happen to this kid.

Rex: This kid didn't do anything.

Gigi: Maybe not, but he comes attached to Stacy, and she's done plenty.

Rex: She won't hurt us anymore.

Gigi: How do you know?

Rex: Because I won't let her! I am not gonna lose you, not after everything that happened, but I can’t...send her away. You know, "see you around. Good luck raising my kid."

Gigi: I know you can’t. You could never do that. That's not who you are.

Rex: I guess it would be easier if I was.

Gigi: No. What would make things easier--may God strike me down for saying this, but I would give anything for Stacy not to be pregnant.

Stacy: What do you mean, my baby's not okay?

E.M.T.: Those pains you have--

Stacy: Yeah, but they're gone now.

E.M.T.: You were right. There was something wrong.

Stacy: Well, then do something. Fix it!

E.M.T.: There's nothing we can do.

Stacy: You don't understand. This baby's everything to me. This is Rex's baby.

E.M.T.: I'm sorry. You're not pregnant anymore. You had a miscarriage.

Todd: Is that clear enough for you?

Blair: Excuse me while I...go throw up.

Todd: All right. Let's go.

Téa: Why? Just because you kissed me, you think we're going together?

Todd: Well, you told me I could kiss you.

Téa: Yeah, I said I might let you kiss me at the end of the night if the date went well.

Todd: Oh, it's gone very well, until Blair showed up. But she's gone now, so--

Téa: Yeah, and it's the end of the night.

Todd: Okay, wait a minute. Not until I've given you your surprise.

Téa: What surprise?

Todd: Well, if I told you, then it wouldn't be a surprise, would it?

Téa: I don't know.

Destiny: Give the boy a chance.

Todd: Yeah! Listen to her.

Téa: Why should I listen to you?

Todd: Because she's got the bouquet, and by law, you've got to do what she says.

Téa: I have never heard of that.

Todd: Would you like to look it up?

Téa: Yeah, we'll look it up on our way. Shall we?

Jessica: Do you want to slow things down between us?

Brody: No. No, that's--

Jessica: No, no, because if you did, I would totally understand. So I...

[Brody sighs]

Brody: Jessica, when I see you, I want to run to you as fast as I can. I can't wait to start our future together, but only if that's what you want, too.

Jessica: I do. I do. That's what I want. I feel the same way. It's just I--I'm scared.

Brody: Of what?

Jessica: Of everything. But mostly this: This feeling that I'm having about Nash, I don't know what it is, but I can't say that it's not real, and... can you live with that?

Brody: As long as I have you, I think I can do just about anything.

Destiny: Can you get me a drink?

Shaun: Why can't you get it?

Destiny: I have the bouquet. You have to do whatever I want.

Shaun: Since when do you start believing anything Todd Manning tells you?

Destiny: Téa believed him.

Shaun: Yeah, she did.

Destiny: At least you didn't have to drive her home. It would be lame if you had to leave your own date. Where is Rachel, anyway?

Shaun: I've been wondering the same thing.

Rachel: What happened with Bo?

Greg: You'll have to ask him.

Rachel: You must have said something that upset him.

Greg: Yes, you're right, that's exactly what must have happened. And here I thought I was just drinking my Scotch and minding my own business.

Rachel: So he just stormed out of here for no reason?

Greg: No. First, he decided to pick a fight with me about Matthew's surgery.

Rachel: Getting sued by his own son kind of threw him for a loop.

Greg: Yeah, we touched on that. That's when things got a little dicey.

Rachel: When you mentioned Matthew's lawsuit?

Greg: When I mentioned your mom--specifically, when I referred to her as Bo's wife.

Rachel: Oh.

Greg: Yeah. I take it that has some significance for you?

Rachel: It does. And I'm sorry. It has nothing to do with you. Bo's, uh--he's going through a lot right now. Actually, we're in the middle of my mother's wedding reception.

Greg: Oh. Well, that explains why you look so beautiful.

Rachel: Heh. Smooth.

Greg: What?

Rachel: No woman looks good in a bridesmaid's dress. It's been documented.

Greg: Mmm. Then tonight's one for the books, then, because you must be the most gorgeous woman in this room. Hmm. I'm a little surprised that my brother let you out of his sight. Some other guy might just scoop you up.

Matthew: You got one of the bouquets? Doesn't that mean you're, like, getting married next or something?

Destiny: Heh! That's only if you catch it. Téa gave it to me.

Shaun: But possession is 9/10 of the law.

Natalie: You guys ready to cut the cake?

Clint: Have they finished taking its portrait?


Viki: I'll tell you, it is so beautiful, it seems a shame to cut it. However...ha ha ha!

Nora: Are you kidding? I've been waiting for this all day.

Natalie: Hey, everybody gather around! We're cutting the cake!

Clint: All right, now, let's--how should we do this?

Nora: As fast as possible, that's how.


Nora: Okay. All together?

Charlie: Yeah.

Nora: Okay.

Viki: 1, 2, 3. Whoa!

Nora: Yes!

Viki: One. And...cut the--there we go.

Charlie: Here we go.

Viki: Well, you think it's gonna be as good as the pie at the Bon-Jour?

Charlie: There's only one way to find out.

Viki: Here you go.

Charlie: All right.

Viki: Oh, come on, we can have a plate.

Clint: Nora?

Nora: Yes. Ooh. Ooh.

Charlie: Here you go. Crowd: Aww.

Viki: Is it good?

Charlie: Mmm-mmm! Mmm-mmm.


Stacy: No. No, you have to be wrong. I didn't lose this baby. I can't lose this baby.

E.M.T.: Unfortunately, miscarriages are very common, especially in the early stages. You should be over the worst of it now.

Stacy: No, I have to be pregnant! This is Rex's baby.

E.M.T.: I'll call dispatch, just let them know we're on our way.

Stacy: No, you don't understand. This baby proves that he loves me and when we made love, it wasn't just a mistake.

E.M.T.: No one said it was a mistake. These things just happen sometimes.

Stacy: You don't understand. It was meant to be. When that doctor told me I was pregnant, it was a sign to not give up on Rex. I can't give up on him. I have to have his baby.

E.M.T.: You can talk about all of this with the doctor. We need to get you to the hospital. Do you want us to call this Rex guy so he can meet you there?

Rex: We can't wish Stacy's pregnancy away. It's real.

Gigi: Believe me, I know. Now so does Shane.

Rex: Yeah, I'm sorry I told him.

Gigi: It's okay. It's not like he wasn't gonna find out, anyway.

Rex: But we were going to tell him together. I shouldn't have told him behind your back.

Gigi: And I shouldn't have gone to Stacy behind your back, but I did. I told her to have an abortion, and I can't take it back. So where does that leave us?

Rachel: Um, can I order a glass of white wine, please?

Greg: I thought you didn't drink.

Rachel: I don’t.

Greg: Okay.

Rachel: Sometimes, I just like to order one to prove that I don't need to drink it.

Greg: Ah. So this is, what, about being in control?

Rachel: Exactly.

Greg: Well, that's no fun.

Rachel: Neither is being a drug addict.

Greg: So that's it.

Rachel: So that's what?

Greg: I look at you, and I see all this fire and passion.

Rachel: You do?

Greg: Mm-hmm. But you keep it all bottled up, and I couldn't figure out why. But now it makes sense. You're afraid.

Rachel: Of what?

Greg: Of really letting yourself go.

Rachel: You have no idea what you're talking about.

Greg: Then tell me, why are you dating Shaun, then? Because you know that it would never happen with him.

Matthew: So are you gonna get married next?

Destiny: Yeah, right.

Matthew: No, I mean, like, do you ever think about it?

Destiny: Getting married?

Matthew: Not now, but, like, someday?

Destiny: Yeah. I do.

Blair: Hi, Viki. Want some cake?

Viki: Uh, no, thank you. I've actually had some. Hang on.

Blair: Thank you. I--I'm so sorry about, you know, what happened at the church.

Viki: Hold still.

Blair: I was kind of out of line, I know.

Viki: Yes, you were, and so was your aunt.

Blair: Well, you know, she's had a bad couple of days.

Viki: Please, you don't have to defend Dorian. I do not pretend to understand why she does half the things she does. But you, Blair, on the other hand--

Blair: Do you know why I did what I did? Because if you do, please, please tell--help me out and tell me. You know?

Viki: I think that Todd makes the women who care about him do things that they regret.

Blair: Oh, no, I do not care about Todd anymore.

Charlie: I'm sorry to interrupt, but I need to steal my bride--

Blair: Charlie.

Charlie: What?

Blair: Congratulations, you two.

Viki: Will you promise me one thing, please?

Blair: Look. I'm over Todd, Viki. I--I--

Viki: No. I want to make sure you have a way home.

Blair: Oh, yeah! Yeah, I got--I got a driver. Yeah. Go. Go. Go.

Viki: Enjoy.

Blair: Thank you. I will.

Téa: This is your idea of a surprise? You got me climbing 6 flights in high heels. What's so romantic about that? Huh?

Todd: Would it be possible for you to shut up? Would it be possible for you to close your eyes?

[Téa sighs]

Todd: Close your eyes.

Téa: Okay!

Todd: Closed?

Téa: Jeez. Yes. They're closed.

[Téa sighs]

Todd: All right, open them.

Téa: What is all this? You're not gonna be singing, are you?

Todd: No. He is!

Téa: Frankie? Frankie Negron? Oh! Oh!

Rachel: Why would you say that about your own brother?

Greg: I said that about you. You're afraid to lose control.

Rachel: And that's why I'm dating Shaun?

Greg: Hey, look. I love the guy. Everybody does. He's nice, dependable, trustworthy...

Rachel: Isn't that what most women want?

Greg: Sure, but you're not most women. But you keep trying to convince yourself that you are because you don't want to lose control. You're afraid of what might happen if you really did.

Rachel: You don't know me.

Greg: Oh, no? [Greg chuckles] I stand corrected.

Shaun: Hey. Did you spill something, bro?

Greg: Uh, yeah.

Rachel: Not exactly.

Shaun: I've been looking for you.

Rachel: Oh, did I miss the wedding cake?

Shaun: This is for you.

Rachel: Thank you.

Greg: Oh, you brought Rachel a piece of cake.

Shaun: Yeah? So?

Greg: Oh, nothing. It's just that it's so...nice of you.

Téa: Frankie Negron?

Frankie: You must be Téa. You're even more beautiful than Todd described.

Téa: Aw. How did you know I love Frankie Negron?

Todd: You got him playing in your car every time I'm in it.

Téa: Ohh. "Holding on to Love" is my favorite.

Todd: Pretty good, right?

Téa: Oh! Wait. Wait. You are an international superstar. You play to crowds all over the world.

Frankie: And tonight, I'm singing just for you.

Téa: Why? I mean, I know that Todd's rich, but he's not that rich.

Todd: No, actually, I am that rich. But, uh, that's not why he agreed. I made a sizeable donation to his favorite charity, and...

Téa: Okay. if it's not the money, then what are you doing here?

Frankie: He feels terrible about what happened between him and Blair.

Téa: You told Frankie about what happened between you and Blair in the cabana?

Frankie: Only to explain how much he has to make up for. He feels terrible about what happened, because knowing that he hurt you--well, it's killing him.

Téa: He said that?

Frankie: Uh, may I sing for you now?

Téa: Yes, please.

[Téa chuckles]

Gigi: This is such a mess.

[Gigi sighs] I wish I could go back in time. But I can’t. All I can do is feel sorry. I hate it.

Rex: It's okay.

Gigi: No, it's not, because sorry can't fix anything. Sorry can't change what happened. It can't tell you I was only pretending to break up with you. It can't fix you missing the first 10 years of Shane’s life. It can't even stop me from talking to Stacy this afternoon without you.

Rex: And it can't stop me from talking to Shane without you. You're right, it can't fix anything. It's just so much stuff that I wouldn't have done!

Gigi: I just don't want to fight anymore. I need you. I love you so much.

Rex: I love you, too. What do you say, from now on, we stick together?

Gigi: I think that's the only way we're gonna get through this.

Rex: Okay. Then we're agreed, from now on, we're a united front.

Gigi: That sounds like a plan. I'm sorry.

Rex: I'm sorry, too.

E.M.T.: Stacy? You want us to call Rex?

Stacy: No.

E.M.T.: You shouldn't go through this alone. Why don't you give us his number, and we can ask him to meet you at the hospital?

Stacy: No. No, I'm not gonna go to the hospital.

E.M.T.: You need to see your ob-gyn.

Stacy: Why, so he can tell me I had a miscarriage?

E.M.T.: So he can make sure you're all right.

Stacy: I'm not all right. Nothing is all right.

E.M.T.: Your body has been through a trauma. You need to make sure there are no complications.

Stacy: Fine. I'll go tomorrow.

E.M.T.: If you wait, you might have problems later.

Stacy: Just go!

E.M.T.: If you feel any worse, call us back. It's not your fault. It's nobody's fault. And when you're better, you and Rex can try again.

Viki: I should have known this was where you were taking me.

Charlie: Well, I figured we ought to start our new life together at the place where we...

Viki: We started our new life together.

Charlie: Yeah, or at least one hell of a knockoff.

Viki: It's perfect. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else tonight.

[Keys jangle]

[Door opens]

Charlie: Kind of romantic like this, all nice and quiet.

Viki: I keep expecting Moe to come flying out of there yelling at Noelle about


Charlie: Yeah. You missed him today, didn't you?

Viki: Yeah, I really did.

Charlie: It was pretty bad timing, his father taking that fall.

Viki: Yes, it was. Have I told you how very happy I am to be your wife?

Charlie: You know, you haven't even seen your surprise. Look.

Viki: Oh! Ooh. [Viki chuckles] Mmm-mmm-mmm. Ooh, yes! "To the newlyweds, sorry we couldn't make it to the wedding, but we were there at the beginning, and we're always here for you. Congratulations. Now have some pie. Love, Moe and Noelle."

Charlie: Looks delicious.

Viki: Yeah. Ohh. You know what I think?

Charlie: What's that?

Viki: I'm awfully glad I ran away from home to be a waitress.

Charlie: Me, too.

Frankie: In my life when the darkness was once all I had to hold there were so many reasons for me to let go I would fight pushed away all I knew that was real inside sold my soul like a child who just needed to survive

[Singing in Spanish]

Frankie: Here I am holding on to love I lost back then ready to believe in you again let's give this one more try

[Singing in Spanish]

Frankie: Take a stand don't look back all the things that they said I wouldn't be before I let it get the best of me I'm the only one to blame here I am holding on to love I lost back then ready to believe in you again let's give this one more try

[Singing in Spanish]

Charlie: Mrs. Banks.

Frankie: You're the one all along I've come to know it's time to give you my all

[Singing in Spanish]

Clint: Mrs. Buchanan...I hope you saved the last dance for me.

[Frankie sings in Spanish]

Frankie : Oh oh oh, no here I am holding on to love I lost back then ready to believe in you again let's give this one more try I was blind I'm finally moving on from my mistakes hoping all the pain was not in vain I've left that all behind yeah

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