One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 7/28/09


Episode # 10489 ~ Coming Out of the Dark

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Rex: You seriously think you can use what you did to Gigi to send her to jail.

Stacy: I never said Gigi.

Rex: You said the mother of my child.

Stacy: I know what I said, and I was talking about me. I'm the mother of your child.

Gigi: Are you saying that Shane is your child?

Stacy: I don't mean Shane.

Gigi: Then what are you talking about, Stacy? My God, you are so pathetic.

Stacy: Do I look pathetic to you, Rex? Because I feel like I look happy. Aren't I glowing?

Gigi: You're so crazy, I bet you glow in the dark. I'm calling the cops.

Rex: Donít.

Gigi: Why not? I told her I wouldn't press charges if she just left town and left us alone. But this is like stalking.

Stacy: Rex, you know, don't you?

Gigi: What's she talking about? What does Stacy think you know?

Natalie: We still have no power, and you won't send a truck. It's the Buchanan lodge, okay? We're trying to have a party. Yes, I know we called before. You know what? Just because the neighbors aren't having a power outage doesn't mean there's not a line down, okay?

Jared: Sweetie, try the tree.

Natalie: Maybe there's a tree that fell down. That's what's causing our power outage. Fine. No, we'll try again.

Charlie: What, the power company won't come out?

Rachel: What, do they think you're lying?

Natalie: They said according to their grid, we should have power. So we need to check our breakers and wires.

Jared: Which we already did.

Charlie: And we will again.

Shaun: It's nice with the candlelight.

Jared: Yes. Look, we can make this work. The caterers left everything ready. The food's prepared.

Natalie: Now all we need is the wedding parties.

Rachel: Well, who are we missing? My mom?

Natalie: And my mom and my dad.

Brody: Hey, everyone. Anybody seen Jessica?

Natalie: And Jessica. Great.

Brody: It's okay. I'll go find her.

Jessica: Nash? Nash.

Jessica: Nash?

Matthew: I knew you'd be on my side, Grandpa. You always told me to go for what I want, damn the cost. And suing mom and dad, I don't like the way it's making me feel. I really wish you were here with me. I don't know. Maybe it would be cool if you could send me a sign or something. Yeah, right. Grandpa send me a sign.

Destiny: Who are you talking to?

Nora: No. Oh, voicemail. Oh, God. Hi, Bo. It's Nora. I was just calling to see if you got stuck at the office or stuck in traffic or stuck in general. I don't know. You know, I know how much you love parties. Don't want you to miss out on all the fun. Who am I kidding? This is not fun. Not fun at all. Matthew said some horrible things. Clint's upset, the lights went out. Anyway, where are you, okay? God, I wish you were here. I wish you were here. Is that wrong?

Bo: I don't know. But I'm here now.

Nora: I was afraid you weren't coming.

Viki: What do you think?

Clint: I think Asa forgot to give us a wedding present.

Viki: And it's been here for over 25 years?

Clint: Well, it depends which wedding it was.

Viki: Why didn't someone find it before now?

Clint: That I don't know.

Viki: Clint, this wrapping looks brand new. And this card is not yellowed. I mean, this must be a prank.

Clint: Yeah. Well, this is definitely Pa's handwriting.

Viki: I know. And it looks like he just wrote it. I mean, do you think this is maybe someone's idea of a joke?

Clint: Or maybe Asa's trying to tell us something.

Matthew: My grandpa. He passed away a couple of years ago.

Destiny: You miss him?

Matthew: A lot. He always--he always knew what to do.

Destiny: So do you. Trust yourself, Matthew. It's your body. What do you want to do?

Matthew: I want to walk.

Destiny: Do you believe my brother Greg can help you?

Matthew: Yes.

Destiny: Then there's your answer.

Matthew: Thanks, Grandpa.

Bo: What, are you kidding? I'm the best man, so. And you're getting married tomorrow, so of course I'm here. This will be the second happiest day of your life.

Nora: Well, that's nice. Don't let Clint hear you say that.

Bo: Why? My brother in a bad mood?

Nora: Well, with just cause.

Bo: Well, it's not me. Clint and I are good.

Nora: I'm glad. And what about us? Are we okay?

Viki: What, you think that Asa's ghost is roaming around here somewhere?

Clint: Yeah, I do. I've always believed that the hereafter would just bore the hell out of him.

Viki: So you assume that he's with the angels, hmm?

Clint: Well, either way, I find it hard to believe that he would give up butting into my life. And you. You were his favorite daughter-in-law.

Viki: Twice.

Clint: Yeah. So maybe Asa could come back to get a message to you.

Viki: You think we should open it?

Bo: We're fine, Nora. Aren't we?

Nora: Yes. Yes.

Bo: Want to go in?

Nora: No. No.

Bo: Rough night? I heard part of that message.

Nora: It started with a bang, and then Matthew arrived.

Bo: I told you he would.

Nora: Shaun had to carry him into the lodge.

Bo: Ah, damn. Pa never had a reason to put in ramps.

Nora: Oh, but he got carried in in front of his friend.

Bo: Is he upset?

Nora: No. Determined, you know? It was like he's gonna add it to his list of reasons why he should get this surgery, you know, even if it kills him.

Bo: I don't know how Tťa Delgado sleeps at night.

Nora: Oh, that was the other piece of great news that we found out tonight. It wasn't Tťa Delgado that convinced Matthew to sue us.

Bo: Who was it?

Nora: Destiny.

Destiny: Don't be calling your grandpa in here on me. I don't need more of your family mad.

Matthew: What are you talking about?

Destiny: Did you see the look on your mom's face when she found out I was the one who told you to sue your parents? She wanted to throw me out of the house.

Matthew: I don't get that. I mean, I'm the one suing my parents. They can't blame you.

Destiny: Sure they can.

Matthew: You're really upset. Why?

Destiny: I want your parents to like me.

Matthew: They do like you. Even if they didn't, it wouldn't matter.

Destiny: Why not?

Matthew: Because I like you.

Jessica: Who are you?

Brody: Jessica? Jessica, what's wrong?

Jessica: I saw Nash.

Brody: Jessica--

Jessica: I saw him. He was right over there by that tree, and when I walked over he was gone.

Brody: Baby, Nash is dead.

Jessica: I know.

Brody: Do you?

Stacy: Don't you feel it, Rex?

Gigi: Feel what?

Rex: Stop.

Stacy: The connection between us was so strong and now there's living proof growing inside of me.

Gigi: This is beyond sick.

Stacy: But it's true and it's beautiful and perfect. Rex, I'm pregnant.

Gigi: Oh, my God, Stacy, you do know that we can prove that this is a lie.

Stacy: It's not a lie. Here.

Gigi: Okay, a few minutes ago this was a list of charges against me.

Stacy: I wanted to wait for Rex to get here. I wanted him to hear the news first.

Gigi: Okay, it says you're pregnant. It's still fake.

Stacy: Call the lab if you don't believe me.

Gigi: And talk to your buddy Kyle, who already faked tests for you once? What did you give him this time? Do you have a pole set up right there in the lab?

Stacy: I'll take another test anywhere you want. You pick the lab. You can stand there while--

Gigi: Stop, stop. Listen. Even if you are pregnant, there's no way that Rex is the father. He never slept with you.

Stacy: You told her that?

Gigi: Rex never slept with you. Join the real world. Get a life. Rex, say something.

Stacy: Do you want to wait till our baby's born?

Gigi: Oh, God. Oh, it's true. You slept with her.

Jessica: You think I'm losing it, don't you?

Brody: I didn't say that.

Jessica: I saw Nash.

Brody: All right. Tell me exactly what happened.

Jessica: I saw someone upstairs. Someone was there. I came outside for some fresh air and I was looking up at the stars, and then I heard something behind me, like a branch snap or something, and I--and when I turned around it was Nash.

Brody: You saw his face?

Jessica: No. It was--it was a glimpse.

Brody: Then how do you know it was him?

Jessica: Well, we were talking about him before and it--it felt like him, and I know how that sounds.

Brody: No, it's okay. All right. You stay here.

Jessica: Where--where are you going?

Brody: I'm gonna take a look around, see what I can find. Don't move. I don't have another flashlight. It's dark out here and I don't want to lose you.

Jessica: Okay. I'll stay put.

Brody: Will you be all right alone? Maybe you should go back to the house.

Jessica: No, no. I want to stay. I want--I want to see.

Bo: Destiny told Matthew to take us to court?

Nora: Yeah.

Bo: Why? She seemed like such a sweet kid.

Nora: Well, she is. I know. It's so much easier to be mad at Tťa Delgado.

Bo: Why would she tell Matthew to do something like that?

Nora: She believes in her doctor brother. She wants Matthew to be happy.

Bo: What? And we don't?

Nora: No, I mean--I just think that she truly believes that Matthew will never get a shot of happiness as long as he's sitting in that chair.

Bo: She doesn't see the risks. She doesn't want to. She doesn't realize how many great things Matthew still has in his life, you know? Because she's a kid. They have no sense of time and what really matters.

Nora: Do you think we do?

Bo: Yeah, we do. Yeah, that's why we have to call the shots, you know, as hard as it is. What? Nora?

Nora: Are we making the right decisions? I don't want to hold Matthew back, but I'm so scared of what could happen to him.

Bo: Oh, hey, hey, come on.

Nora: God, Bo, I'm so scared for that kid. It's like no matter what we do, we could lose him.

Bo: Nora, we are not gonna lose him. I promise you.

Matthew: He was tough, funny, and really big.

Destiny: Scary.

Matthew: When he wanted to be, but he'd always tell me the truth.

Destiny: What do you think he'd say about suing your parents?

Matthew: He'd probably be ticked off and say something like, "Buchanans stick together, boy." But then he'd probably think about it and say, "Unless one of them is being a jackass."

Destiny: He'd say that to you?

Matthew: That's the clean version. But then he'd probably say something like, "Roll the dice if you're willing to take a chance because in the end that's the only way you win."

Viki: Will you look at that.

Clint: Now we know which wedding.

Viki: "Fill this book with memories and milestones, kids who grow up too fast and bite back, grandkids who know you hung the moon, graduations, dances, vacations, weddings, barbeques. Build a family. Welcome, Victoria. You're a Buchanan, now and forever."

Viki: "Now and forever."

Gigi: Oh, God. I can't breathe.

Rex: Gigi, I am so sorry.

Gigi: When I asked you, you lied.

Rex: I--I know.

Gigi: You lied to my face.

Rex: I--I was stupid and scared. Breathe, honey, please.

Gigi: I canít.

Rex: Get her some water.

Stacy: Excuse me?

Rex: Geeg, it was--it was just one time, okay? This can't--

Stacy: But it is. One time is all it takes. Right, Gigi?

Rex: It was one stupid time. I ran into Brody at the gym and I just got done busting him about you dumping him for Schuyler.

Gigi: I was never with either one of them.

Rex: Oh, but I didn't know that, okay? All I knew was that you had dumped me to be with two other guys, and then Brody is saying, "Trust Gigi. Stacy's trouble."

Gigi: He was trying to warn you.

Rex: But he didn't just tell me the truth. Nobody was. I was the only person in town who didn't know why you put our lives through the shredder.

Gigi: It was her!

Rex: Okay. I know that now. But at the time the only person I thought I could trust was Stacy.

Gigi: I'm gonna be sick.

Stacy: You can trust me, Rex. I am here and I love you.

Rex: What happened with you is nothing.

Stacy: That's a lie. Are you just trying to protect her? Because it's better to be upfront. He came to me because he wanted to be with me.

Rex: No. I was mad as hell and confused.

Stacy: You broke his heart. He was done with you, Gigi.

Rex: That's not--

Stacy: I asked him what he wanted. He couldn't get my clothes off fast enough.

Gigi: That's enough!

Stacy: We made love.

Rex: It meant nothing.

Stacy: Our child was conceived in love.

Rex: I don't even believe the child is mine.

Brody: It's okay, Jess. You're all right. It's me.

Jessica: Did you find him?

Brody: No.

Jessica: Any sign of him?

Brody: Well, there were a couple of trails in the woods, but I couldn't tell how fresh. I ran them down--

Jessica: Nothing? Well, you believe me, don't you?

Brody: That you saw somebody? Absolutely.

Jessica: But not that it was Nash.

Brody: Jessica, do you really believe that?

Jessica: I know he's dead. I watched him die. I buried him, but I--I know this sounds crazy, I just--

Brody: No, it makes sense. We were talking about Nash earlier. You just passed an anniversary. You had him on your mind when you saw whatever it was--a neighbor or an animal. There are all kinds of deer tracks in there. It could have been anything.

Jessica: You're right.

Brody: You want to go inside? They were going to start dinner by candlelight.

Jessica: Yeah. That sounds nice.

Viki: I still have to wonder how this got misplaced.

Clint: It could have been done on purpose. I mean, on any given day I could have said or done something that set Pa off.

Viki: As I recall, he gave us "The Chronicle" for a wedding present, so he must not have been too angry with you.

Clint: On that day. But, you know, it could have been the day before or something. I could have done--you know, if I had a dollar for every time that he said to me, "you're dead in my eyes."

Viki: You'd be half as rich as he left you.

Clint: That's true.

Viki: Do you miss him?

Clint: Every day. That was some wedding.

Viki: Bomb and all?

Clint: We survived.

Viki: No, Clint. No, we thrived. How many albums did we fill, huh? We have four beautiful children, and grandchildren.

Clint: And grandchildren that we buried.

Viki: And my illness, but there were so many happy memories.

Clint: Viki, it was a big life. And all our kids--they turned out great.

Viki: Mm-hmm.

Clint: They like us. And you and I--we're still talking.

Viki: I don't regret a minute of it.

Clint: Neither do I.

Viki: Well, now we're starting a whole new chapter--you and Nora.

Clint: But are you sure?

Viki: Yeah. Charlie's a wonderful man. I couldn't love him more.

Clint: And he makes you happy?

Viki: Very, very.

Clint: Well, then--by the power vested in me, you have the Buchanan blessing.

[Both laugh]

Clint: And you also have mine.

Viki: Oh.

Nora: I'm sorry.

Bo: You know, Matthew's gonna be okay, so I think you can give it a rest for a day.

Nora: Yeah.

Bo: Getting married tomorrow.

Nora: I don't do pre-wedding jitters. You know that.

Bo: That's not how I remember it.

Nora: What? You mean, when I married you? Oh, please.

Bo: Well, then, why did we need the wedding police to drag us there?

Nora: I had never been more sure of anything in my life. For God's sake, I was marrying the man of--

Bo: The man of the hour.

Nora: Yeah. You know better.

Bo: Lights are still out.

Nora: Well, just as well.

Bo: Why?

Nora: The party was a disaster.

Bo: Well, yeah, you said that, but you didn't say why.

Nora: Oh, well, from the moment we arrived, you know, kids had gotten together and had a banner made up to congratulate the happy couples. Only when they opened up the banner, it said, "Congratulations, Viki and Clint, Nora and Bo."

Bo: What happened? How did my name get--

Nora: I don't have a clue. I have no idea. Maybe it was a sign.

Bo: You think?

Nora: Oh, come on. You don't even believe that kind of stuff.

Bo: No, I donít. But you do. So maybe it's a wake-up call.

Nora: Yeah. Get a new printer.

Bo: Do you really think that that's it?

Nora: Yeah. No. I don't know what to think.

Bo: Then donít. Don't think.

Stacy: Rex, it was meant to be. I've loved you since I was 13. Everything since then has led us here.

Rex: There is no "us."

Stacy: But there is now.

Rex: No. I love Gigi.

Stacy: But we're meant to be together. You made love to me. He told me over and over again how much he loved me.

Rex: That's not true.

Stacy: He said I saved him.

Rex: Gigi. Gigi, wait.

Stacy: Wait. I told you we're not over yet, Rex.

Rex: Move, Stacy.

Stacy: Let her go. It's over.

Rex: I said move!

Rex: Gigi, where are you? I could kill you.

Stacy: Rex, you don't understand.

Rex: No, you don't understand. I could kill you. Gigi!

Stacy: Why are you acting like this? We made a baby.

Rex: Stop. Are you insane?

Stacy: Rex, you're hurting me.

Rex: I wish you had died when you fell down those stairs. Gigi!

Schuyler: Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Gigi?

Gigi: My fault.

Schuyler: No.

Gigi: I'm sorry.

Schuyler: Wait, wait. Just-stop, stop. What's wrong?

Destiny: Your granddad seems cool. I would have liked him.

Matthew: Yeah, he would have liked you, too.

Destiny: You think?

Matthew: Yeah. He probably would have said, "That girl's got grit and gumption. She reminds me of me."

Destiny: Man, he was old.

Matthew: Yeah, but it's true. I mean, I'd be nowhere without you.

Destiny: I want to be here.

Matthew: What? Huh? My parents are totally kissing right now.

Destiny: What? Get out.

Nora: What was that? Bo, I'm getting married tomorrow.

Bo: And after tomorrow you'll be married to my brother.

Nora: Bo--

Bo: Nora, this thing has been sitting between us for months.

Nora: We have just been spending a lot of time together because of Matthew.

Bo: Well, that's what we say.

Nora: It's true.

Bo: It's part of the truth.

Nora: We love our son. We used to love each other. It's just natural, that's all.

Bo: Oh. Is it natural for me to think about you all the time? I do.

Nora: We are not going to hurt Clint.

Bo: I'd rather cut off my arm.

Nora: Then what are you saying?

Bo: Nora, if I didn't kiss you tonight, if I didn't do something about the way I feel, I'd regret it for the rest of my life.

Jessica: Uncle Bo. Nora.

Bo: Hi.

Jessica: Glad you can make it. What's going on?

Destiny: Isn't your mom supposed to be marrying your uncle tomorrow?

Matthew: Yeah.

Destiny: Then what's up with her and your dad?

Matthew: I don't know.

Destiny: You said it before.

Matthew: Yeah, I know. But they just kept saying they were together because they were worried about me. I mean, that's why my dad was over all the time. Look, Destiny, you need to promise me you won't say anything to anybody.

Destiny: I promise. It's none of my business anyway. Your mom already got mad at me once today. I do not need more. Are you gonna say something to her?

Matthew: Yeah. I'm gonna say something to my mom and dad first thing in the morning.

Charlie: Viki, I think we're all set for candles.

Viki: Charlie. Hey. Look what we found.

Charlie: What's that?

Viki: The ghost of weddings past.

Clint: Yes. We found it in a drawer.

Viki: Yeah, apparently Asa intended to give it to us when we were married way back in 1982, but it somehow made a detour up here.

Charlie: It's pretty.

Viki: Whoa.

Charlie: Oh, hallelujah.

Natalie: Woo hoo! Do you guys have light up there?

Viki: Yes, we do indeed.

Natalie: Well, come on down. Let's get this party started.

Viki: On my way, honey.

Stacy: Look, I didn't get myself pregnant. You did that part, buddy. You couldn't wait to be with me.

Rex: Not true.

Stacy: Look, the proof is right here, and it's beautiful, Rex. It's a baby.

Rex: You planned this.

Stacy: I couldn't have. It was meant to be. It was meant to be, Rex.

Rex: Stop saying that.

Stacy: Stop fighting it.

Gigi: What's wrong? Oh, let me see. Stacy just told us that she's pregnant with Rex's baby.

Schuyler: Oh. Wow.

Gigi: You don't seem surprised.

Schuyler: I am so sorry.

Gigi: You knew? You knew!

Bo: Hey, Jess. I'm glad to be here, too. Hey, Brody.

Brody: Sir.

Bo: So, what are you guys doing? Out on a hike or something?

Brody: We thought there was a prowler.

Nora: Really?

Brody: Well, Jessica saw somebody in the woods out that way. Is that the way you came in?

Bo: Uh, no, no. I just came in from the road here and backed in.

Nora: Oh, maybe we should call the police.

Jessica: No. No. Besides, we have the commissioner right here and the police department's newest recruit. We couldn't be safer.

Bo: You know, I'll bet it was old Burt probably walking his dog. He owns that field on the other side of the fence.

Jessica: Probably. That was probably it.

Brody: Look. The lights are back on.

Nora: Oh, well, thank God.

Bo: Well, let's get to that party, huh?

Jessica: Hey.

Brody: Come on, babe.

Jessica: You guys coming?

Nora: Yeah.

[Car beeps]

Viki: Honey, everything looks so beautiful.

Natalie: Well, thank heaven we have power again. Or should I say, "thank Charlie"?

Charlie: Well, I wish I could take credit for it, but, no, we just fiddled with the main breaker.

Jared: Yeah, we were actually hoping we could find the problem when we were standing there looking not so smart.

Viki: Hey.

Charlie: Hmm? What?

Charlie: What? What do you need?

Viki: Has anyone told you today that you are a saint?

Charlie: Viki, I could live to be 100 and I would not earn that.

Viki: Can we make you a prince?

Charlie: Okay. Maybe I'll take that one.

Viki: Anyone else would have run from this crowd for the hills ages ago.

Charlie: What? Because of all your exes and the mix-ups and the fact that every time I turn around there's Clint?

Viki: Especially that.

Charlie: I think that it speaks well of you that you two are still close.

Charlie: You think Clint and Nora are gonna be okay?

Viki: I think so.

Natalie: Okay! Dad, Mom, are you guys ready? I think we were toasting before, right?

Rachel: We were.

Natalie: So, everyone want to grab a glass? Let's get started.

Jared: Yeah, well, shouldn't we wait for everyone?

Clint: Yeah, we are short one bride.

Viki: Where's Nora?

Jared: Let me go find her.

Clint: No, that's all right. Stay put. She'll show up.

Natalie: Oh. Here.

Clint: Ah.

Natalie: Finally. Where were you?

Jessica: Uh, I went for a walk and I didn't realize I'd gone so far.

Brody: But we're all back safe and sound.

Nora: Oh, and look who I found.

Bo: Hi.

Clint: The best man finally shows up, huh? You know, Nora didn't want to start the toast until you got here.

Gigi: When did Stacy tell you?

Schuyler: When you went to ultraviolet to tell Rex everything. Stacy came into Rodiís ready to rub your face in it.

Gigi: And why didn't you anything?

Schuyler: Because I didn't know, okay? I didn't know if it was even true.

Gigi: But what? You found out later that it was.

Schuyler: I--I guessed. And then Rex admitted it.

Gigi: You talked to Rex about this and you still didn't tell me?

Schuyler: Gigi, it's not my place, okay? I got in his face about it. I told him he should be straight with you.

Gigi: Oh, God, that's why you asked me if I had forgiven him. You thought he had told me. You stood there and let me look like a fool!

Schuyler: You're mad at me? Really?

Gigi: Yes! No. I just--why wouldn't he tell me?

Schuyler: Probably because he didn't this to happen. I mean, come on, who would want to break your heart? He probably just hoped you'd never have to know.

Stacy: Just think, Rex. We'll have a baby.

Rex: You'll have a baby.

Stacy: Rex, you would never abandon your own child.

Rex: That may not be my kid.

Stacy: Well, it is.

Rex: You sure? You didn't get Kyle Lewis to do you one more favor?

Stacy: No.

Rex: I'm sure he would have loved that. Hey, for all I know, you could have gotten a sperm donor.

Stacy: Rex, this is your baby, an innocent little boy or little girl that's coming no matter what you say or what you think of me. Rex, this baby needs his father.

Natalie: Does everyone have a glass?

Viki: Yes.

Bo: Hey, wait, wait. Where's, um--where's Matthew?

Matthew: We're here. We're here.

Bo: Oh.

Matthew: You finally made it.

Bo: Yeah, I, uh--I got hung up on something.

Natalie: Okay, now we got lights. I think we can all see each other, right?

Clint: Oh, yeah.

Natalie: So, who wants to go first?

Viki: Well, sweetheart, why don't you finish the one that you started?

Jared: Ah, she thought you'd never ask.

Natalie: All right. If you guys insist. I just have a few more things I want to say. Gotcha! No, I think I'll just finish where I left off before. So, Mom and Charlie, Dad and Nora, I wish you all happiness, laughter, and love always.

Bo: Hear, hear.

Clint: Thank you, sweetheart.

Gigi: It's not fair. After everything we went through to get rid of that psycho bitch, and now she's pregnant?

Schuyler: Yeah, well, it doesn't have to change anything between you and Rex.

Gigi: It changes everything.

Rex: Yeah, but, it doesn't have to.

Gigi: Rex feels every day of Shane's life that he missed. He would never let that happen again with another child.

Schuyler: Well, he'll still love you. And he's not gonna let it interfere--I know. Okay.

Gigi: If this is Rex's baby, things will never be the same again.

Schuyler: That is probably true.

Gigi: Stacy will be a permanent fixture in our lives, and we will never, ever be rid of her.

Rex: You know what? We're done.

Stacy: What?

Rex: There's nothing to talk about until we know that you're really pregnant.

Stacy: I am.

Rex: We'll see. Pack your bags and get out.

Stacy: You're throwing me out?

Rex: Uh, yeah. We're getting a restraining order. I don't want you anywhere near me, my place, or my family.

Stacy: And when I prove I'm pregnant?

Rex: We'll get a paternity test.

Stacy: And when that proves you're the father--what then? Come on, Rex. You missed this part last time with Shane. Don't you want to feel it?

Rex: Donít.

Stacy: You'll come around. You have to. This is your baby. You have a responsibility.

Stacy: My sister doesn't want to see you right now. I'd leave her alone.

Rex: I love Gigi. No matter what, that will never change.

Stacy: Your baby and I will be waiting.

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