One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 7/8/09


Episode # 10475 ~ Can This Marriage Be Saved?

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Starr: I give you this ring as a reminder of the promises we exchanged today.

Justice of the Peace: Starr and Cole, you have exchanged your promises and given and received rings in my presence. Therefore, according to the laws of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I hereby pronounce you husband and --

Addie: John McBain.

Dan: There you go. Great job. Now the other leg. You got it. Now square your shoulders. Use your abs. Swing your legs. Even more.

Destiny: Oh, my God! Is this for me?

Greg: Well it's got your name on it.

Destiny: I donít even have a regular cell phone, let alone one of these.

Shaun: We canít afford that.

Greg: It's a gift.

Shaun: That keeps on giving. We donít have the dough to cover those monthly payments.

Greg: It's okay, Shaun. I got it. I signed our little sister up with my phone company. The bills will come to me.

Destiny: You did not!

Greg: Of course I did. You're good to go. So, does this make up for missing dinner the other night?

Destiny: Hell, yes.

Shaun: Destiny!

Destiny: What? It does. Not that I was mad. I wasnít. You were working on Matthew's case, right?

Greg: That's right.

Schuyler: Hey. These are for you.

Rachel: Oh, Schuyler. I didnít know you cared.

Rex: Stacy found a really good hiding place for those extra stem cells after she stole them, but I have an idea about how to get her to show us where they are.

Gigi: I knew you'd figure it out. I'm so glad I finally told you everything. God, I canít sleep. If Shane's leukemia comes back, God forbid, and we donít have those cells --

Rex: That's -- that's just it. Shane's leukemia is coming back.

Gigi: What are you saying? Did the doctor call? Was there something wrong with his last set of tests?

Rex: No, no, no, no, no. He's fine.

Gigi: You just said he was going to relapse.

Rex: He's not going to relapse. He's going to fake it so that the doctors have to go to Stacy for another transplant. Only this time, when Stacy goes to get the stem cells to pull the old switcheroo, I follow her. We get the stem cells, Stacy gets blown out of the water, and we can be together.

Gigi: Well I want that more than anything. You know I do. But we canít do this, Rex.

Schuyler: Uh, Rachel, you're my go-to girl when it comes to drug tests. But flowers, no. I just signed for these.

Rachel: Oh, these are beautiful. Probably from my dad.

Schuyler: Hmm.

Rachel: "Digging our time together. Donít let my brother mess up the music. Let's share another gig together soon. Peace."

Schuyler: Wow. Your dad, poetic guy, huh?

Rachel: No. It's this guy that I know, Shaun.

Schuyler: Well he sounds like a keeper. I mean, he sends you flowers, he sends you notes.

Rachel: He is a nice guy.

Schuyler: Aw, aw. Nice guy? That's -- that's the kiss of death.

Rachel: No. I like him. We have a good time together.

Schuyler: But?

[Rachel sighs]

Destiny: This is so cool.

Shaun: So the other night, you were working on Matthew's case with that associate of yours?

Greg: Yes. And I'm going to do whatever it takes to heal Destiny's boyfriend.

Destiny: He's not my boyfriend.

Shaun: Where you going?

Destiny: To pick out a ringtone. And knowing how much you like my taste in music, I thought I'd be polite and do it someplace you arenít.

Greg: Look, man. Will you calm down?

Shaun: When you stop trying to game my little sister.

Greg: I wasnít doing that. I was having dinner with a colleague who's working on Matthew's case.

Shaun: I saw the woman and your interest in her had nothing to do with Matthew's case.

Greg: Come on, Shaun. I missed one dinner, okay? But I'm trying to make amends. And you heard Destiny. She loves the phone. Damn, would you cut me some slack or is there just no way to win with you?

Dan: Spread your shoulders. Use your abs. Swing your legs.

Matthew: I'm trying.

Bo: You're doing great, bud. You know, you build that upper body strength, by the time school starts youíre not going to need any help getting in and out of this chair.

Nora: Yeah, and you know, you wonít get any pressure wounds.

Bo: Keep the circulation going.

Matthew: Why are you even making me do this? There's no point.

Viki: I donít know what happened. My guest list seems to have exploded.

Clint: Wait until you see Noraís.

Viki: Oops.

Clint: You want something to drink?

Viki: No, thank you.

Clint: So, are you ready for this? Ready to try marriage again, are you?

Viki: Yeah. I love Charlie. Besides, I think a wedding is just what this family needs right now. Even if it's a really, really weird double wedding. How are you? I heard you found a new doctor for Matthew.

Clint: Yeah. Yeah, he's a good man, top of his field. And Nora, she's feeling hopeful again.

Viki: Good. And Bo?

Clint: Well, that's -- that's hard to tell. He's playing it close to the vest. But I did get him to agree to be my best man.

Viki: So all that worry about Nora and Bo spending so much time together after Matthew's accident is --

Clint: Nothing to worry about. What?

Viki: I donít know. New doctor, rushed engagement -- it looks to me like you are trying awfully hard to pin Nora down.

John: Forgive me. I'm very sorry to interrupt but I have some news.

Cole: Canít it wait? The Justice of the Peace was just about to pronounce us husband and wife.

Todd: No, let's hear some news.

Jack: Since when do you care what McPain has to say?

Starr: Good question.

Blair: John, has something happened?

John: Yeah, it has. I just spoke to the judge and the good news is you're not going to prison.

[Starr gasps]

Clint: Oh, yes. I admit it. I am rushing things. I'd marry Nora today if she'd have me.

Viki: Clint, of course she'll have you. She loves you.

Clint: Yeah, I know she loves me, but until she's my wife -- you know man invented fences so a fella could tell exactly where he stands. Have a seat.

Viki: You're talking about you or Bo?

Clint: I'm talking about Nora. She needs to know what side of the fence that she's on.

Viki: Oh, my God. I think she has made that quite clear. But obviously, you donít. Because every single time you go to cowboy references, it means you feel threatened.

Clint: I'm not threatened. And you're the one who just said that Nora loves me.

Viki: And she does! But Clint, it's complicated, isnít it? She was married to your brother. And they share a child who's in trouble.

Clint: Yeah. Oh, you know, the other night they just happened to mention that Matthew brought down the house playing the piano at a concert.

Viki: Wow. That's wonderful.

Clint: I'm sure it was. I wish I could have been there.

Viki: I see.

Clint: No, you donít see. Because when they happened to mention all this, I knew right away -- I knew that I had a choice. I could lose my temper or I could turn it into something else.

Viki: And?

Clint: I didnít lose my temper. And I suggested that Matthew play the piano at our wedding.

Viki: I see.

Clint: Would you stop saying "I see"?

Viki: Come on. All you're doing is rubbing Bo's nose in the fact that you are marrying Nora.

Clint: And I'm going to keep on doing it until the son of a gun gets the point.

Viki: Which is what? That you won?

Nora: Are you sure you're okay, Matthew?

Dan: Everybody gets frustrated. It's part of the process.

Bo: I know it's tough, but why donít you just take a breather and we'll try it again, okay?

Matthew: Why?

Nora: Excuse me?

Matthew: If Dr. Evans is going to fix me, then what's the point in doing all this?

Shaun: I'm just trying to look out for Destiny.

Greg: It seems like she takes pretty good care of herself.

Shaun: She's not as tough as she looks.

Greg: She's a great kid. And I'll do better by her. And by you.

Shaun: I'm cool. You donít have to lift a finger for me.

Greg: Come on, Shaun. I'm trying to make amends with you here.

Shaun: That ship has sailed, brother. And if you have something to prove to Destiny --

Greg: Yeah. Yeah, I know. I got to go through you, right?

Shaun: Yeah.

Greg: So, what is up with you and Matthew's sister? You two got something going on?

Rachel: I didnít say I wasnít into Shaun, I'm just taking it slow.

Schuyler: Hmm. No, I get it. I really do. It's different doing relationships sober. It's just --

Rachel: What?

Schuyler: I donít know. When your instincts have let you down so many times in the past, you know.

Rachel: Are we talking about me here, or you?

Schuyler: No, no, no, no. I'm talking about anybody in recovery. I mean, when you meet somebody new, how do you know it's not going to be just more of the same?

Rachel: Which is why you take it slow. Shaun and I, we have a good time together. And we can talk and he's thoughtful, respectful -- nothing like his brother.

Schuyler: Oh, his brother?

Rachel: Ah, he's a doctor who just blew into town. Actually, he's consulting on Matthew's case.

Schuyler: And you donít like him?

Rachel: Oh, he's just so full of himself. It is so funny how two brothers could be just complete opposites.

Schuyler: Oh, man. You know what that sounds like? Two sisters I know. You want to talk about night and day?

[Schuyler scoffs]

Gigi: You see, I got down on my knees and begged God to give me a miracle to save Shane's life. He sent Stacy into that chapel.

Rex: No. Stacy came all on her own, looking for a way to come between us. She saw you on your knees and knew she had what she needed.

Gigi: And Shane survived. Look, I just feel like if I lie about his illness to get to Stacy, it'd be like tempting fate. It will backfire on us.

Starr: Oh, my God! John, is it true? Are you serious? Cole's not going to prison?

John: We worked something out.

Cole: So I just walk?

John: The charges stand. But the judge changed the sentence to community service.

Marty: Oh, my God! So no prison time?

John: No prison.

Tťa: Say what you will about John McBain, but if he got that judge to cave, he's good.

[Starr squeals]

Starr: You're not going to Statesville. You're free!

Cole: I can stay here with you and Hope. We can raise her together. We are never going to be apart again.

Greg: So, you and Rachel a thing?

Shaun: I donít talk about my personal life.

[Cell phone rings]

Shaun: Does that thing have a mute button?

Destiny: This thing has everything. Here, take our picture. Say "parmesan."

Bo: Matthew, we're very hopeful. But still, there's no guarantees.

Nora: We donít even have your test results back yet.

Matthew: But the whole time he was running my tests he said it looks good.

Nora: Well that's great, but until we have a game plan, you really need to keep working.

Matthew: You say it like it's nothing.

Nora: I know how hard it is, sweetie.

Matthew: I mean, it hurts. Dr. Evans was right when he said even if you're paralyzed, you still feel pain. I mean it hurts like hell.

Nora: Okay, well, we just donít want you to lose ground.

Matthew: You mean in case it doesnít work. You donít think he can fix me, do you?

Greg: Guess who just called me.

Destiny: Beyoncť? Shut up. He's famous. All kinds of celebrities call him.

Greg: Uh, no, not Beyoncť. Not quite.

Destiny: Lil' Kim?

Greg: No. My associate at the hospital. Your boyfriend's test results are in.

Destiny: Oh, my God! What did they say? Can you operate? Can you make Matthew walk again?

Schuyler: What are you going to do about flower dude over here?

Rachel: You are changing the subject. Hello, counselor. All right, fine. If you want to sit on it, you're just going to have to --

Schuyler: Have it eat away at me until I'm forced to act out?

Rachel: Yeah.

Schuyler: Yeah, I know. I do this for a living, too.

Rachel: The sisters.

Rex: Okay, look. I know how scared I was when I found out Shane was sick. I would have done anything to save him, so I donít blame you for taking Stacy's deal. But she took advantage of the situation. She used our fear with Shane to bust us up. That is not what God wanted. So I'm not going to sit around praying for Stacy to turn over their stem cells.

Gigi: You're right.

Rex: All right, she could have stashed them anywhere. Knowing your sister, she didnít do a very good job of it. But we have to get our hands on them before they're useless.

[Gigi gasps]

Gigi: I didnít even think of that.

Rex: She's a flake. Half the time she leaves a carton of milk out on the counter all day long.

Gigi: Oh, my God. Those are our last cells.

Rex: We have to get a hold of them. The only way I can see doing that is to tell her that Shane is having a relapse.

Schuyler: Okay. Long story short -- my ex has been in love with her sister's boyfriend for, like, a long time. We're talking, like, since childhood. And not just in love. She's obsessed. Like, you wouldnít believe the things that this girl would do to get close to him. But I told her -- I said to her you're heading down a blind alley.

Rachel: Oh, yeah. That gained you some points.

Schuyler: Yeah. You know, she said something to me and I guess I deserved it.

Rachel: What? That you're still in love with her?

Schuyler: No. She said I'm falling for her sister.

Rachel: Are you?

Gigi: We canít just tell Stacy Shane is sick. I mean, he's the lead-off pitcher in next week's game. He looks great.

Rex: He looked great when he was first diagnosed. Remember how we couldnít believe it?

Gigi: Except he was tired all the time and he had that flu he couldnít shake.

Rex: His color was good. He hadnít lost any weight. She's always known that we might have to come back to her. That's why she's got those stem cells on ice.

Gigi: We hope. What's to stop her from just going to Shane? He'll tell her he's fine.

Rex: Which is why we have to tell Shane the truth.

Gigi: What are you saying?

Rex: We have to tell Shane that Stacy lied to us. That she wasnít the donor and that he has to play along, pretend he's sick so that we can find those stem cells.

Gigi: He's going to want to know why, Rex. Are you prepared to tell him that his aunt was so hot for his father that she was willing to let him die if she couldnít get in your pants?

[Rex sighs]

Marty: I was so worried about you.

Cole: I know. It's going to be okay.

Marty: I guess so.

Jack: Is there going to be a wedding or is everybody going to start hugging each other because McPain saved the day?

Todd: That's a good question.

Jack: Because I'm hungry.

Addie: I'll get you and your brother a snack. And donít you dare let our girl get married without me.

Dorian: Well it better happen soon. I've got a dinner party tonight.

Tťa: A dinner party? Is that still happening?

Dorian: Oh, absolutely, yes.

Tťa: Oh. Did Moe and Shaun change their minds?

Dorian: They adore Langston. They're certainly not going to let her down.

Tťa: Hmm. It's not the impression I got.

Markko: Hey, congrats, Houdini.

Cole: Thanks. That was pretty close.

Langston: I am so happy for you guys.

Cole: Thank you. Now we can raise our little girl together.

Todd: So, John, you've ridden to the rescue again, thank you very much. Cole, you're a free man which means everyone can leave now, please.

Dorian: But what about the wedding?

Todd: Wedding's canceled. Since he's a free man, there's no reason for anyone to get married.

[Dorian scoffs]

Cole: Look, I'm really glad I donít have to go to Statesville. I know that's the reason why we decided to do this today, but I still want to marry you.

Justice of the Peace: Excuse me. I have another wedding this afternoon. Shall we continue?

Cole: So are we going to do this?

Starr: I love you and I want to marry you --

Cole: Good. Pronounce us.

Todd: Hold on.

Cole: Hey, look. I wasnít talking to you.

Todd: I think we should think that over.

Cole: But now that you opened your mouth, you're going to hear me out.

Viki: Here you go.

Clint: Chamomile?

Viki: I assume so. It's what I asked Nigel to make. Why?

Clint: You always give me chamomile Tťa when you're trying to calm me down.

Viki: Would that be so terrible?

Clint: I admit that Bo and I -- we are sometimes like kids. We're vying for Pa's attention again. I'm telling you that Bo is always underfoot.

Viki: Clint, his child --

Clint: His child, I know. I've been living with him for some time now. Matthew's soon to be my stepson.

Viki: Which is a good thing.

Clint: Yeah, it's all good. Yes, yes. Now what?

Viki: Clint, you are marrying Nora who is your brother's ex-wife. It's a loaded situation, okay? They are parents. They are friends. They work together. They have a very, very rich relationship. Unless you can trust Nora and just accept that she loves you and wants to marry you, you're going to wind up a jealous, tormented ass.

Clint: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Viki: Well look at what you're doing. Charging in with this world-class surgeon?

Clint: What's -- what? I'm trying to help the boy.

Viki: No. You're trying to one-up your brother.

Clint: That is not true.

Viki: Oh, really? Then why didnít you just give the doctor's name to Bo and let him do the research and make his own conclusions? No, you had to prove to Bo not only can you save Matthew, you've asked him to play at your wedding. My God, you're becoming more and more like your father every single day.

Clint: Finished?

Viki: Well that depends. Did I get through to you?

Nora: Honey, there is nothing we want more than for you to walk again.

Matthew: But you donít believe he can do it.

Bo: We just donít want you counting on this until we get more information.

Matthew: It's too late. I already read a lot about him on the internet. He's going to fix me.

Nora: And when he does, guess what? You're going right back into rehab.

Bo: That's right. You're not going to just jump right off the operating table and skateboard home.

Nora: No, you've got to work those muscles, you know? Get ready.

Bo: I know it hurts, bud. But you got to do it.

Nora: I'm with your dad on this one.

Matthew: Yeah, what else is new?

Greg: Well I have to analyze Matthew's test results before I can make a prognosis.

Destiny: But you've got to have some kind of idea if he's ever going to walk again.

Greg: And when I do, Mathew will be the first to know.

Destiny: But --

Greg: No. I canít talk about this with you, Des. Doctor-patient information is confidential. But I'll call you later, okay? I promise.

Destiny: Wait. I want to put your number in my speed dial.

Greg: Uh, it's already in there I'm number one. Just hit it right there. And I'm sorry again for missing dinner the other night.

Destiny: Next time you'll come to our house. Shaun's a mean cook.

Greg: Yeah, I bet he is.

Rachel: Is your ex right? Are you interested in her sister? And please start using names because this is getting ridiculous.

Schuyler: Yeah. Um, my ex is Stacy. Her sister is Gigi, and she's great. She's so cool. She's, like, funny. She's down to earth. She's got this kid that she raised all on her own until the guy in question came into her life. And she just doesnít deserve this. You know what I mean? I wish I had warned her about her sister or something.

Rachel: Yeah, but is that your job? To sit there and police Stacy and protect Gigi?

Schuyler: Well, I donít know. I mean, if you know somebody is about to hurt somebody else, isnít it worse to just stand by?

Gigi: All I'm saying is he's going to want a reason, Rex. He's too smart to just pretend to be sick without knowing why. Especially after everything that's happened.

Rex: So we tell him that much. That -- that Stacy has the stem cells and she wonít give them to us.

Gigi: Why?

Rex: Because she's mad at us.

Gigi: Why?

Rex: Because you're blaming her for the breakup.

Gigi: Why?

Rex: I donít know.

Gigi: Okay, we tell him part of it, we have to tell him all of it. That my sister's got a sick thing for you. That she wasnít even the donor. That she was ready to let him die. That she blackmailed me into breaking up with you and how she's been throwing herself at you every chance she gets.

Rachel: Your ex is a piece of work.

Schuyler: Yeah, she's complicated.

Rachel: So what she got planned now?

Schuyler: I donít know. Apparently, she's already slept with Rex. Uh, Rex is the boyfriend.

Rachel: Apparently?

Schuyler: Yeah, that's what she told me. But what she doesnít know is that Gigi and Rex are already back together and Gigi told Rex everything that Stacy did.

Schuyler: I just donít think that Rex returned the favor.

Rex: Okay, I think we tell Shane that Stacy had an agenda. That she thought that if you and I broke up, she would kind of have a shot.

Gigi: So you want Shane to know Ė

Rachel: So Gigi thinks they're on the same page.

Schuyler: Yeah. Only I know Rex hasnít told Gigi that he slept with Stacy. And if I know Stacy, Gigi's going to get hurt.

Rex: I want Shane to know almost everything.

Cole: Look, Mr. Manning. I know you donít want me to marry Starr. You may have given us your permission, but you called me -- what was it? A drug addict loser who belongs in prison. You said you would crush me with your bare hands --

Marty: You threatened him?

Blair: Uh, Tťa has it all on tape.

Marty: You touch him and I will finish you off.

Todd: I was just venting.

Blair: Marty, Todd gave the kids permission to get married assuming that I would bail him out, but that is no longer my job.

Tťa: Nor mine.

Todd: That's nice. I thought you had my back in this.

Tťa: Not when you're acting like an idiot.

Blair: Well good for you, Tťa. It's about time you stopped letting Todd walk all over you.

Todd: You know, if you paid more attention to your daughter than Tťa and me, then maybe she wouldnít be marrying this --

Cole: Hey, shut up!

Clint: You're right. I could have given Dr. Evans' name to Bo or to Nora. But damn it, she wouldnít let me do one thing to help her and I wanted to show her that she could turn to me and I could fix things.

Viki: Look. I understand, okay? It has not been easy. And on the upside, this Dr. Evans is apparently a brilliant surgeon.

Clint: He's also a hot-dog. But you know, maybe a confident surgeon -- maybe that's what Matthew needs right now. He's such a great kid. He just doesnít deserve this.

Viki: Clint, I just want you to relax. Nora loves you.

Clint: I love her, too. Viki, I just want to make Nora happy.

Nora: I'm going to go get Dan.

Bo: No, no, no, no. I think we can do this. Donít you think so, bud? Sure.

Matthew: Yeah, sure.

Bo: Here. Throw this arm around your mom's neck, this one around mine.

Nora: Here, okay.

[Cell phone rings]

Nora: Oh, you canít turn that off? Oh, my gosh.

Bo: It's Dr. Evans. Yeah? Okay. All right. We'll be there. They got the test results back. He wants to see us.

Shaun: So who else is on that speed dial besides me and Greg?

Destiny: Matthew.

Shaun: You memorized his number?

Destiny: Young brain can still remember things. Besides, it's an easy number.

Shaun: The last time Greg called Matthew your boyfriend, you didnít say different.

Destiny: So?

Shaun: So, is Matthew your boyfriend?

Destiny: Back off, P.I.

Shaun: I'm your brother.

Destiny: So how about you tell me what's going on with you and Matthew's sister? What's up with that?

Schuyler: I donít think Rex is going to tell Gigi.

Rachel: Which doesnít mean she wonít find out if it's the truth. I mean, it sounds like this Stacy has no problems lying.

Schuyler: Yeah. Yeah, that's true. She lied to me. I donít know. It -- it felt like the truth.

Rachel: Well, you're just going to have let this one play itself out. And you're lucky that you moved on.

Schuyler: Yeah? I donít know. Stacy was the only one who stuck by me when I hit rock bottom. And as much as I may feel for Gigi, there's a part of me that's always going -- small part of me, that's always going to love her sister. Is that nuts?

Rachel: If people werenít there for me when I was using, I wouldnít be here. But you need to focus on yourself, Schuy.

Schuyler: Yeah, I know.

Rachel: Are you going to meetings?

Schuyler: Yeah, I'm doing ninety-in-ninety.

Rachel: Good.

Schuyler: Thank you for listening. Let me buy you a hot dog.

Rachel: Schuyler, living large. You havenít even gotten a paycheck yet. How about I treat you to lunch?

Schuyler: Oh, it is on.

Cole: Donít move. We'll be right back.

[Blair sighs]

Langston: So is everything set for tonight?

Dorian: Oh, yes. Absolutely.

Markko: Because my dad said he'd leave if everyone you promised to have there didnít show.

Dorian: No worries. But I will call Viki and check to make sure that she knows it's at 7:00 tonight. Mm-hmm.

[Cell phone rings]

Viki: Oh. It's Dorian. She invited Charlie and me to a dinner party at her house.

Clint: Hmm.

Viki: To which we said no.

Clint: I canít imagine why.

Dorian: Oh, uh, Viki. This is Dorian. I'm here with Langston and Markko and we wanted to say how delighted we are that you are going to be coming to dinner tonight -- you and Charlie. But it's at 7:00, right? Langston and Markko are counting on you and so am I.

Langston: See? Everything's fine.

Viki: Tell Renee not to panic. I'm sure the guest list will overlap a bit. I hope.

Clint: Yep. We'll sort it out.

Viki: Look. You do make Nora happy. She wouldnít have said yes if you didnít. So trust her and donít try to head Bo off at the pass every single time you see them together. Bye.

Tťa: Hey, next time you rush off, slower, okay?

Todd: I was trying to get away from you.

Tťa: If you wanted a yes-woman, you shouldnít have invited me.

Todd: You just canít shut up, can you?

Tťa: No. Look at you. All those angry little thoughts racing around your head. You're angry that John rode in and saved the day. You were counting on Cole going to prison so you could poison Starr against him. And now that he's free to spend the rest of his life with her, that makes you crazy, doesnít it?

Todd: Not as much as you do.

Cole: Starr, forget your parents, okay? Forget about everything that just happened in there. Just think about you and me and what we want, okay? Look, I love you. And yeah, okay, we decided to get married today because we thought that I was going away. But I still want to marry you. Do you want to marry me?

Matthew: So what's next?

Greg: Well that's what we need to discuss.

Bo: We're going right in the library here.

Clint: Uh, Nora.

Nora: Yeah?

Clint: Good luck with Dr. Evans.

Nora: Arenít you coming in?

Clint: No. I got to go pack. I got a meeting in Los Angeles.

Nora: What? But you're the one who found Dr. Evans. Donít you want to hear what he has to say?

Clint: You and Bo are Matthew's parents. So you handle this and fill me in later, all right?

Nora: Are you sure?

Clint: Yeah. And I'm praying that it's good news.

Nora: Okay. Pack your blue suit.

Clint: Okay.

Nora: Thank you.

Greg: Are we all set?

Nora: We're all set.

Greg: Well as I told Matthew, I've reviewed his test results and I've made a decision about his case.

Destiny: Truth. Are you into Rachel?

Shaun: Yeah. She's a good person.

Destiny: Romantically?

Shaun: Yes, okay. Your turn. Matthew.

Destiny: I like him. Not that he knows I'm alive.

Shaun: Then he's a fool.

Destiny: He's got a lot going on.

Shaun: And there arenít that many kids in his corner from what I can see. And you've always had his back.

Destiny: So does Rachel like you as much as you like her?

Shaun: I'm not sure yet.

Destiny: You havenít asked her?

Shaun: Have you asked Matthew?

Destiny: I'm in high school, ace. You're a man.

Shaun: Thanks a lot, coach.

Destiny: So you donít want to know how she feels?

Shaun: I'm not sure yet.

Destiny: Looks like you just got lucky. Go on. Ask her.

Shaun: I just might do that.

Destiny: Uh-oh. She's here with some other guy.

Gigi: Rex, are you okay?

Rex: I feel so bad, Geege, about what you went through. I should have known. I should have figured it out.

Gigi: How could you have figured it out? I kept pushing you away.

Rex: I know. I just want you to know that I never stopped loving you. No matter what was going on, I always loved you.

Gigi: I loved you.

Rex: And I do not want to drag Shane into this, but I just donít think we have a choice. We have to get those stem cells back.

Gigi: What if Stacy figures out that Shane's pretending to be sick and disappears? Shane will know that if he relapses, he's sunk.

Rex: I think Shane can do it. I mean, he's basically telling the truth. He needs the stem cells.

Gigi: Okay. And what do we tell Shane when he asks about us? Do we hold anything back?

Rex: What do you mean?

Gigi: Well, he's going to want to know if we're getting back together, if we're going to be a family again. What do we tell him?

[Markko sighs]

Markko: I wish I could stick around for Cole and Starr but I got to go. My dad's probably wondering where I am.

Langston: Well, I'll see you tonight. And donít worry about Dorian. She's a genius in a pinch.

Markko: She's got to make it happen.

Dorian: Maurice, I'm begging you. Please. You, Noelle, tonight, here at 7:00 promptly for Langstonís sake.

Blair: So you think there's going to be a wedding?

Dorian: The wedding -- well, you know, in a way it might be better if there were not.

Blair: Yeah, because they're way too young.

Marty: How did you get that judge to change his mind? And how am I ever going to thank you?

John: You may not want to when you hear the terms.

Marty: No! He's on litter duty. How bad can it be?

John: Cole's going to be doing something a little different.

Tťa: Admit it. With Cole free, you got a problem.

Todd: Yes, you.

Tťa: I'm the best thing that ever happened to you and you know it.

Blair: Yeah, hey, why donít the two of you just make it official? There's a Justice of the Peace right in here.

Todd: Yeah, I'd use him if I thought it would keep Starr from marrying that loser.

Blair: Well you're the one who gave him permission. So now you have to live with it.

[Tťa sighs]

Starr: Cole, I know you didnít ask me to marry you because you were going away to prison. You love me and I love you. But I canít marry you.

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