One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 6/16/09


Episode # 10461 -- The Blessed and the Busted

Provided By Laurie R.
Proofread By Kathy

Todd: Ah!

Téa: Not so fast.

Todd: What are you doing? You could have broken my leg.

Téa: I should be so lucky, you pathological creep.

Todd: Oh, God, it's not that big a deal.

Téa: You just destroyed my career.

Todd: You are so over the top. It's unbelievable.

Téa: Oh, really? Fraud plus breach of ethics equals disbarment. You do the math, Todd.

Destiny: Solve for y. 2x+y over 7 equals 2. You trying to scare the book into spitting out the answer?

Matthew: Does that work?

Destiny: You have to pass your math final tomorrow or you flunk. You just did a problem like this.

Matthew: I can't concentrate on this right now.

Destiny: Why not?

Matthew: My friend Starr just found out her baby's alive, and my cousin had her the whole time. And Jessica, my cousin, freaked out and ran off with the baby.

Destiny: But now everything's okay, and she's back. Solve for Y.

Matthew: My mom's getting married again.

Destiny: Oh, that's cool. Your mom and dad back together?

Matthew: No, she's marrying my Uncle Clint.

Destiny: Your dad's brother? For real? But I've seen your mom and dad together.

Matthew: Yeah.

Destiny: They seem so --

Matthew: Yeah. That's what I thought, too.

Nora: I'm sure the defense is going to be asking for discovery this week, so I'm going to need all the case notes on -- from Dombroski and Bova, I guess the name is. Yeah.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Nora: And the preliminary's in two weeks, which is good, because it probably means it will be over before Clint and I get married the week after that. And then on the docket two weeks after that is the Gertson case. Do we have all the forensics on that file? Hello? Bo? Hello?

Bo: I'm sorry. You know what? I just hit a little speed bump out there right at, uh, "Clint and I get married in" --

Nora: Oh --

Bo: No, in what? A month?

Nora: Uh, yeah, we moved it up.

Bo: That's soon.

Nora: Well, is there any reason we should wait?

Marty: Cole.

Cole: Mom.

Marty: Oh, my God. Are you okay?

Cole: Yeah, I'm okay.

John: What happened?

Cole: I got arrested.

Marty: Why?

Cole: Because I was holding drugs. I -- I -- I know how this is going to sound, but I swear they weren't mine. Mom, please tell me you believe me.

Starr: She's mine, Mom.

Blair: But Marcie --

Starr: Marcie brought her home to me.

Blair: So you could baby-sit?

Starr: I have my baby back. Forever.

Michael: It's done? You all right?

Marcie: I will be, I guess.

Cole: Look, Mom, I understand why you wouldn't believe me. I mean, I lied about using before.

Marty: Does my son have to be handcuffed?

Officer: It's procedure, ma'am.

John: Hey look, Bova, the kid's not going anywhere, all right? You got my word.

Officer: Okay.

Marty: Thank you. Now, honey, tell me. What happened?

Cole: I was a little freaked -- freaked out after graduation, so I took off. I -- I told you that.

Marty: Right.

Cole: And I went down to the docks to clear my head and get some air. I ran into Asher there.

Marty: Who?

John: The kid who deals at school. How's that little weasel out on the street?

Cole: His dad's lawyer got him off. Now he's back in business.

John: How'd you end up with drugs, Cole?

Cole: He gave them to me. Yeah -- I know. I -- I didn't buy, but I took them.

Bo: You're getting married in a month? You just told Matthew that you're engaged.

Nora: Well, it's not like Clint’s a stranger.

Bo: No, but, you know, I'm just surprised that he would agree to move it up. You know, I mean -- you know, he's got every -- all this going on. He's got, uh, Jessica, the baby.

Nora: Well, actually, it was his idea.

Bo: Oh.

Nora: I mean, if it would have been up to me –

Matthew: I must sound like a little baby who want mommy and daddy back together.

Destiny: Not to me.

Matthew: I'm used to my parents being apart. I mean, don't get me wrong. I love my Uncle Clint. It's just, after my accident, I thought something was happening.

Destiny: Like the way your mom and dad look at each other.

Matthew: Yeah, right? See, I'm not making it up.

Destiny: No, there's something. I saw it.

Matthew: And they're together all the time now, but I guess it's just because they have a son who's in a wheelchair and they're nervous.

Destiny: And you hate that.

Matthew: Truth? It drives me crazy. I mean, someone's always watching me. And I'm always going to be right where they left me off, you know? I just -- I just feel like I'll never be able to get away with anything again in my life.

Destiny: You want to knock over a liquor store or something?

Matthew: Oh, yeah. I'd make a great thief, right? Don't worry, he won't get too far. Please laugh.

Destiny: If that's your act, it needs work.

Matthew: I need to think of new wheelchair jokes. I mean, I'm here for life.

Destiny: Maybe not.

Rachel: Did you hear back from your brother?

Shaun: Not a word.

Rachel: I thought he was coming into town.

Shaun: Destiny thinks he's coming into town, but I know better. There's nothing in Llanview that he wants and the only person that my brother cares about is himself.

Rachel: Then he is definitely the odd man out in your family.

Shaun: The rest of us are real sweet, aren't we?

Rachel: You are. Thanks again for seeing me home.

Shaun: It's my pleasure, especially since I don't have anyplace else that I have to be.

Rachel: I don't really think that Dorian fired you. She looked not serious to me.

Shaun: You mean that she looked hammered and out of her mind.

Rachel: Yeah. That, too. Dorian's going to wake up tomorrow and realize that she has nobody to bark orders at.

Shaun: I think that she'll be madder than hell with her heart broken and her pride hurt.

Rachel: Then maybe you'd prefer some time off.

Shaun: Maybe. It's always smart to stay clear of a woman who's been betrayed.

Téa: You taped a private conversation between us and used it against me in court.

Todd: Not against you, against Blair.

Téa: That doesn't make it okay.

Todd: Listen, I didn't want to. I just didn't think that Marty was going to cover for John and Blair. And I needed to prove that their marriage was bogus. I was cornered, I'm sorry.

Téa: Ah, where to start. Wait -- you didn't, uh, mean to record me? It just happened?

Todd: No, I tape everything at the house now.

Téa: Your entire house is wired for sound?

Todd: Yeah. When the police started harassing me, I figured it was a good idea to record everything. Just in case.

Téa: And you conveniently had that tape on you in court?

Todd: No, no, no. No. When things went south for me, I had you subpoenaed and then I had a messenger go get the tape.

Téa: You set me up.

Todd: Téa, listen to me. This is all going to blow over.

Téa: No, it's going to blow like a hurricane through the only part of my life that I thought I had to go back to.

Todd: Come on, I'll take you home.

Téa: What? You know what? It's just occurring to me now. You used me.

[Téa laughs]

Téa: That is why you wanted me to come home with you and --

Todd: That's nonsense.

Téa: Take care of me. Oh, give me a break.

Todd: Because I care about you.

Téa: Like hell you care about me.

Todd: Hey. You care about me, too, right? Come on, I'm the love of your life.

Nora: I might have suggested to Clint that our wedding --

John: Hey, excuse me. I'm sorry to interrupt, Nora. Bo, you got a minute?

Nora: Yeah. He does. Absolutely. Come on in.

Bo: Okay, yeah. Come on in. But just tell me you're here to pick up your shield and gun.

John: Cole just got arrested.

Marty: You took drugs?

Cole: No, I didn't actually take them. The guy put the bag of pills in my pocket.

Marty: Why didn't you just give them back?

Cole: Because he just walked away. And, yeah, so -- so literally I was holding the pills in my hand. And for about 10 seconds, I thought about it. You know, I think about it even when I don't have drugs in my hand. You know, I -- I wonder what it -- what it feels like. I'm tempted. But, I didn't. I couldn't. Because I owe you, and I owe Matthew.

Nora: Yes, you do.

Cole: And I couldn't do it to Starr.

Marty: And you can't do it to yourself.

Cole: Yeah, but sometimes, you know, that's not enough. I just think about all the people that I owe and then I stop. Mom, I swear -- I swear on my baby's life that I didn't take the pills.

Blair: Starr, I'm sorry, but this is crazy. Marcie just dropped this baby right in your lap?

Starr: Oh, it wasn't like that.

Blair: Well, she tears up the adoption papers. She brings Hope over here. Did she even ask you if that's what you wanted?

Starr: Yes. And she already knew that it was.

Blair: I know how hard it was. I saw how hard it was for you to give her up. And then -- see, you insisted that that's what you wanted.

Starr: It wasn't. And Marcie knew that. I just -- I didn't want to break my promise to her, you know? And she could see how attached I was to Hope still. How much I love her.

Blair: I thought Marcie was desperate to be a mother.

Starr: Actually, um, she said that her and Michael, they realized that they would be happy whether they had a baby or not.

Blair: She's changed.

Starr: So have I. I'm really ready to do this.

Blair: You sure?

Starr: Positive. But I can't raise Hope alone. Will you still help? 

Shaun: Hard to believe the kids were better behaved than the adults.

Rachel: Yeah, it wasn't much of a party, huh?

Shaun: You want to know what the worse moment was? Watching all of Moe’s chicken go to waste on that grill.

Rachel: It did smell amazing.

Shaun: And that five-alarm barbecue sauce?

Rachel: Well, um, I can't guarantee anything that spectacular, but I'm sure I can scare up something in the kitchen if you're still hungry. Want to come in?

Shaun: I'd like that very much.

Matthew: Don't tell me to keep hoping. I'm paralyzed. I have to live with it.

Destiny: But there's new medicine every day. New surgeries.

Matthew: My parents have talked to every expert in the country.

Destiny: Not every expert.

Shaun: Destiny! What are you doing?

Destiny: Helping Matthew study for his math final.

Shaun: Stick to the numbers.

Rachel: Ah, have you guys eaten yet?

Matthew: No. Are you hungry?

Destiny: Sure.

Rachel: How about I see what's in the kitchen?

Matthew: I'll help.

Shaun: What were you saying to that boy?

Destiny: Nothing.

Shaun: Were you about to tell him that our brother's going to ride into town and get him out of that wheelchair?

Destiny: Greg is coming.

Shaun: How many times have we gone over this? Destiny, do not give Matthew false hope.

Destiny: I'm not going around with you again.

Shaun: Destiny, I know you want to believe, but Greg is not --

Destiny: Greg is coming and he will make Matthew walk again. But I won't say anything until he gets here.

Shaun: Fair enough.

Destiny: I just want to make things right for Matthew. Isn't that what you do for people you care about?

Michael: When you handed Starr the baby, were you sure?

Marcie: It was -- you know, it was just as hard as I thought it was going to be until I saw Starr's face. It was like every cell in her body, it just lit up as she reached for Hope.

Michael: Then you did the right thing.

Marcie: Are you sure?

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Marcie: Are you sure, because I know you were ready to be a dad?

Michael: Yes. But you know that look that you saw on Starr's face -- I think that that was my biggest fear. It wasn't Todd. It was that in six months or in a year or in two years or -- you know, she could change her mind.

Marcie: You never said that.

Michael: No. I don't know. I didn't want that fear to get in the way of what you wanted, what we wanted. It's -- we would have handled it.

Michael: What are you laughing at?

Marcie: I'm -- nothing. I'm just -- I'm the luckiest woman I know, really.

[Marcie sighs]

Marcie: I guess we're going to have to take this thing apart again. You know, maybe, maybe we should redecorate. What do you think?

Michael: Maybe we should get out of here.

Marcie: We'll go on vacation?

Michael: No, I want to move away from here. For good.

Blair: Sweetheart, of course, I will help. I told you from the start, if you wanted to keep Hope, I would do anything that you needed.

Starr: Still? Because the look on your face --

Blair: Well, I was in shock.

Starr: Yeah?

Blair: Yes. Weren't you?

Starr: Yeah. I mean, I don't even know where I'm going to put her down to sleep tonight.

Blair: Sweetheart, that's the easy part.

Starr: No --

Blair: We'll just get one of Sam’s old cribs and bring it down here. Yes, we will.

Starr: Mom, that's not what I mean.

Blair: What?

Starr: I'm supposed to be staying at Dad's right now, but I want you to help me. I want to be staying with you.

Blair: Well, you will because we kind of worked that out today in court.

Starr: You did? You won custody?

Blair: Well, sort of.

Starr: Sort of?

Blair: Yeah. Um, this crazy judge ordered that we all had to live together, including your father.

Starr: No way, he can't do that.

Blair: Well, I didn't think so either, but I guess he can because it's -- you know, it's family court and they have this, kind of, creative leeway that they take and he ordered your dad and me to live together and raise, you know, you kids together. We need to figure it out.

Starr: This is like some bad reality show.

Blair: No kidding.

Starr: So what roof? Where are we moving?

Blair: Well, that part hasn't been figured out yet.

Starr: I haven't even thought about Dad.

Blair: Yeah.

Starr: What is he going to think when he finds out that I'm keeping Hope?

Bo: Cole, you were caught with drugs. You don't have a prescription.

Cole: But the guy shoved them on me.

Bo: Then throw them on the ground. Every two-bit junkie knows that.

Cole: Do -- do you know why the cop could even see the drugs? Because I had my arm up, ready to throw them into the river.

Marty: Hey, I believe you. I believe you.

John: Me, too.

Cole: Look, I'll take a drug test right now. Whatever you want.

Bo: No, that's okay. If you're willing, I know you're clean.

Cole: I am. I swear.

John: Can you make this go away?

Bo: That's up to Nora.

Rachel: I heard you were a whiz at math.

Destiny: Math and science run in the family. Maybe not with Shaun here, but --

Shaun: Dest --

Destiny: But Shaun is our security expert. Didn't you have to work a party tonight?

Rachel: It ended early.

Destiny: Didn't you have to break it down?

Shaun: Not tonight.

Destiny: Shaun --

Shaun: Dorian Lord might have fired me tonight.

Destiny: I might have won a gold medal at the Olympics last summer, but I didn't. Did you get fired?

Rachel: Dorian was having a bad night.

Shaun: We'll see how it looks tomorrow.

Destiny: If you're fired, you better get a new job quick or you cannot date a woman as fine as my friend Matthew's sister.

Todd: Don't roll away angry.

Téa: I despise you, Todd. That's the truth.

Todd: That's not what you said.

Téa: What I allegedly said. After I had been shot, gassed, was out of mind, and near death. According to your less than reliable ex-wife. The only thing I remember calling you is a son of a bitch.

Todd: I'm sure you said it with love.

Téa: I am not playing, Todd. Not in any way, shape, or form. You destroyed the one thing in my life that I made, the one thing that matters to me. Being a lawyer means everything to me.

Todd: I know. And I promise, I'm going to fix it.

Téa: You idiot. You can't. Not now. By tomorrow morning, the Pennsylvania Bar Association will have heard everything about this fiasco.

Todd: Then I'll buy the judge.

Téa: Don't even say that. They'll think that it was my idea.

Todd: Téa, do you think you're the only one on my staff that's capable of damage control? I'm going to fix this.

Téa: How can you be so sure?

Todd: Well, uh, Nora threw the case when she was defending me. And she's the D.A. now. Listen, the only thing you're guilty of is a little, um, what do you call it, ex parte communication in your hotel room. And on the defense table in the courtroom, but --

Téa: You're disgusting.

Todd: Which we could say -- which we could tell the bar that I talked you into. Or better yet, that I threatened you into. That's -- that's good. They'll eat that up with a spoon. I'll get a little fine and you get a little suspension, give you time to recover at my house.

[Téa laughs]

Téa: Wait a second. You actually think I'm coming home with you?

Todd: Where else you going to go?

Starr: Mom, thank you for everything.

Blair: Aw.

Starr: I mean, you've been so great about Hope ever since the beginning.

Blair: Sweetheart, that's one thing you're going to learn about being a mom is sometimes when your children need you, you can actually help.

[Starr laughs]

Blair: That's the best feeling in the whole wide world. Yes, it is. I love you.

Starr: Love you.

Blair: And I love you, punkinhead. Be right back.

Starr: Okay.

[Starr squeals]

Starr: I still can't believe it. We are going to have so many adventures together. I promise you that I am your last and final mom, okay? Is that a deal? You're probably used to being called Chloe, aren't you? But your name was always Hope. Marcie named you that, okay? Never forget it. You like that name? That's who you are. You're Hope Manning. And I'm your mom. And we are going to have an amazing life together. Starting now.

Marcie: You want to move away from Llanview? Why?

Michael: Do you remember the administrator I met last month at the conference? The one from Seattle Grace hospital?

Marcie: He's the one who quoted your paper on emergency room protocol, right?

Michael: Yeah. While you were gone, he called and -- he offered me a job.

Marcie: What?

Michael: Yeah. A spot opened up and he remembered that I said my residency was up in a few weeks. He wants to make me an attending in their E.R.

Marcie: Michael!

Michael: Yeah.

Marcie: Are you kidding?

Michael: It's -- it's -- it's huge. I mean, it'd be a major bump in pay. Cutting edge emergency room technology.

Marcie: Yeah, but it's in Seattle.

Michael: But the -- we could buy a house. You know? And you could -- you could get your teaching license in Washington State.

Marcie: Wow. You really -- you've thought this all through.

Michael: I -- I don't know. What do you -- what do you say?

Marcie: Seattle's really far.

Michael: I know, but it's -- it's a chance to start over. You know, I mean, some place new. Some place where it's about you and me.

Marcie: Are you just -- are you just afraid of what will happen every time I see Hope. Because I want you to know that I'm perfectly fine with seeing her, just like I am with Sam.

Michael: Yeah, I know that. But I wonder if it might be time for it to be okay not seeing them.

Starr: Cole?

Blair: No, sweetheart, he wasn't downstairs.

Starr: He left already?

Blair: He and everybody else.

Starr: Well -- that's so weird. The party's over?

Blair: I guess so. The house is completely dark and I think Dorian and Langston must have gone to bed, too.

Starr: I wonder what happened.

Blair: I don't know. You didn't talk to Langston or anything?

Starr: No, I've been up here talking to Marcie this whole time.

Blair: Hmm, well, I don't know. Cole's not here.

Starr: That's really weird. He said that he would meet up with me. I wonder what happened.

Nora: Cole, you know the drill. You violated your probation. I mean, that's an automatic remand and a full term.

Marty: What does that mean?

John: Cole would go to prison.

Nora: And serve the full sentence for reckless endangerment in Matthew's accident.

Marty: Nora, please.

Nora: I --

[Nora exhales]

Nora: Bo? Can we -- are you okay?

Bo: Yeah.

Nora: I mean, you really -- you can look the other way now?

Bo: Well, Matthew is healing. He doesn't blame Cole. Cole's trying to heal. And I believe the kid.

Nora: Well -- I believe him, too. But if the judge hears of this, it's automatic remand. And you really want to stop this now --

[Cell phone rings]

Nora: Hang on a second. Oh, I got to take this. Nora Hanen.

Marty: Thank you for being here.

John: Hmm?

Marty: Well, Bo, he really trusts you.

John: I just hope it's enough.

Cole: Mom, it's okay. All right. No matter what, don't worry about me.

Marty: Bo? Is there anything we can do?

Bo: Well, Nora and I talked about this and we both feel --

Nora: And it doesn't really matter anymore, Bo. That was the judge who sat on Cole's case the first time. The arresting officer, he put the charges through on his computer in the unit and it went right to the judge, so Cole's charges of possession of illegal substances have raised a flag and everything's out of our hands now.

Cole: So that's it? I have to go to prison.

Marty: The facts haven't changed. I mean, Cole can't go to prison just because some other kid found him and harassed him.

John: All right, let's --

Marty: Come on!

John: All right, one -- one step at a time.

Cole: Is -- is there anything that I can do?

Nora: Well, were there any witnesses?

Cole: Not that I know of.

Nora: Okay, well, maybe there's someone that you didn't focus on, but maybe someone who could've seen this guy pushing the drugs at you?

Cole: No.

Nora: Okay, well, can you at least prove that you didn't buy the drugs? I mean, can you give us the guy's name who was harassing you?

Cole: Yeah, his name is Asher Garnett, but he's not going to help me.

Marty: Oh, well, there you go. You got his name -- that's got to do something.

Bo: Yeah, but he still had the drugs. Marty, I think that we really should do that drug test now.

Nora: Well, as the prosecution, I would argue that he didn't have a chance to take the drugs, but you know what? What the heck. Go ahead, let's get the drug test on the record.

Bo: Okay, we'll do it before lockup.

Marty: No, no, no -- I'll post bail.

John: You can't. It's a probation violation.

Bo: Automatic detention.

Marty: You've got to be kidding me. This is ridiculous!

Bo: Marty, I'm sorry. Uh, Nora and I will keep trying to figure out a way around this, but the arresting officer already put Cole in the system, so he's going to have to spend tonight in jail.

Starr: Cole didn't leave any messages.

Blair: Well, when was the last time you saw him?

Starr: Graduation.

Blair: What?

Starr: Well, uh, he said that he was feeling a little frazzled so he wanted to get some air for, like, 15 minutes, and then he said he would meet up with me.

Blair: Well, how long ago was that?

Starr: Like hours. I don't know -- he felt weird that he was getting an empty diploma folder, felt like he shouldn't be there.

Blair: Wow, and he was also kind of upset about saying goodbye to Hope, too.

Starr: Well, yeah.

Blair: Well, you don't think that --

Starr: What -- no!

Blair: No, look, that's a fair question. You said that he was under pressure. I just, you know --

Starr: No! Mom, he would not go back to getting high! He knows how long and how much it took for him to get clean -- he wouldn't mess up like that. Could you hold her for a second?

Blair: Sure, sure, you come here. I thought she would never ask -- yes. How are you, sweet pea? I love you even though you turned me into an old grandma. Yes, you did. Yes, you did. Oh, yeah. You like my necklace?

Starr: Hey. Cole, uh -- it's me. I have gigantic, important news.

[Baby cooing]

Starr: Call me the minute you get this, okay?

Téa: You already got what you wanted from me. Why do you want me to stay in your house?

Todd: The boys miss you.

Téa: The boys miss me?

Todd: Yeah. Jack likes the way you look. And he likes that you like professional wrestling and you're -- smart and tough and sweet when you think no one's watching.

Téa: He likes all that?

Todd: He's a very astute kid. Come home.

Téa: It's not my home.

Todd: I need you.

Téa: I can't take care of your kids for you.

Todd: No, of course you can't. I'm going to take care of them, and you.

Téa: Oh, yeah, I bet you will, like the way you just took care of me just now? I'm getting out of here.

Todd: Where you going?

Téa: I am going downstairs, I am going to get in a cab, and I'm going to the Palace hotel. Please remove your hands. Thank you.

[Téa clears throat]

[Téa sighs]

Todd: Yes, hello. Uh -- my name is Todd Manning. I would like to secure the entire hotel for the night, please. Yes, I would like to book every room. That's right -- Todd Manning. You have my credit card on file. Thank you. You know what I just found out? The Palace hotel's totally booked for the night -- they don't have any vacancies. That sucks. It's a good thing plan B is sitting here, ready, willing, and able.

Téa: No, Roxy, that -- that's okay. I'll find -- I'll find someplace else to stay.

[Todd chuckles]

Todd: You were really going to stay at the Angel Square Hotel? People get stabbed at that flea bag.

Téa: People get stabbed at your house.

Todd: Yeah, that's true -- not my friends. My friends get special benefits at my house.

Téa: Don't talk to me about "benefits" or "friendship."

Todd: Téa? Let the love of your life take care of you.

Téa: You need to never say that again, starting right now!

Todd: Hey, you need to be practical. Where the hell are you going to stay? Answer me that.

[Téa sighs]

Todd: You don't know, do you? Some motel out by the highway? How are you going to get around? How are you going to take a shower? Come on, let me take care of you. You can curse my name while I do it.

Téa: You must be feeling guilty, huh?

Todd: I do. I'm racked with guilt there.

Téa: Oh, oh, gee.

Todd: Come, punish me in the comfort of my own home. Delgado? Delgado!

Téa: I can't believe this is my life.

Todd: What?

[Téa sighs]

Téa: Okay! I will come to your house, but we will not be speaking to each other, and the whole sound system creeps me out. That will be deactivated while I am there.

Todd: Do you mean the tape surveillance?

Téa: Yes.

Todd: Ah. Deal -- ahem. The boys will be very pleased.

Téa: Hmm. Speaking of which, did you ever get custody? You never said.

Todd: You never gave me a chance.

Téa: So?

Todd: The kids will be living with me. And so will Blair.

Marcie: So when do they want an answer?

Michael: I mean, they want me to start right away but, I mean, you know, I can -- I can stall them. I can try to put them off.

Marcie: Yes, and miss an opportunity of a lifetime? I don't think so. Forget about it.

Michael: Okay. I mean, I could even go out there for a few months and -- you know, and if you're not feeling it, then we can --

Marcie: You're -- you're not going anywhere without me. Look, if we're going to start over, I want to do it together. And this is your time, Michael, and you know, I want to be there, for you.

Michael: I want you.

Marcie: Well, you're in luck because you got me.

[Marcie chuckles]

Rachel: Anybody want dessert?

Matthew: Does anyone ever say no to that question?

Destiny: Don't worry -- my brother will get another job. He's good at what he does.

Shaun: Cool. That's enough, okay?

Destiny: He's very responsible.

Rachel: Destiny, your brother and I are just friends.

Destiny: Didn't he take you to the concert the other night? He paid, right?

Shaun: You will stop now. I had an extra ticket. Time to go.

Destiny: I can't. Matthew has one more problem on the practice quiz.

Shaun: Then you and Aunt Sally stick to the numbers and get it done. You hear me?

Destiny: Yes, sir.

Shaun: I'll be in the car.

[Rachel chuckles]

Rachel: I'll walk you out.

Shaun: I'm so sorry about Destiny, man. She opens up her mouth and anything that's on her mind just falls on out.

Rachel: It's okay -- we know we're just friends.

Destiny: Evaluate b + x2 where b = -2 and x = p + 1.

Matthew: P2 - 2p - 1?

Destiny: You got it. You're the man, Matthew.

Matthew: I guess I am ready for the final.

Destiny: You'll blow it wide open.

Matthew: Thanks for all the help.

Destiny: Bet you get an A.

Matthew: If I get an A in Math, my mom and dad will probably buy you a car.

Destiny: Tell them I like midnight blue convertibles. You're not a little kid because you want your parents to be together.

Matthew: Feels weird to even say that. They're not thinking that way.

Destiny: Who knows? Maybe they'll wake up and see what's right in front of their noses.

Marty: Nora, please, there has to be something you can do.

Cole: Mom, it's okay.

Marty: No, it's not!

Bo: Marty, he's going to be in his own cell. He'll be away from the other prisoners. Bova? Would you go ahead and process Mr. Thornhart? He's going to need a drug test, too. I want him in cell three, isolation. No one else goes inside that cell tonight.

Officer Bova: Yes, sir. Empty your pockets.

John: It'll be okay, Cole.

Cole: Mom, it's just tonight.

[Coins jingle]

Cole: The phone's off. And Starr called.

Bo: Call her back. Go on.

Blair: Okay, I think this baby girl is getting sleepy.

[Baby fusses]

Blair: Mm-hmm. Yes -- you hear her? She said, "Yes, yes."

Starr: Hmm.

Blair: "Go find me my bed, Grandma." Is that what you want me to do? All right.

Starr: Okay.

Blair: Here, you take her. She wants my necklace.

Starr: Thank you.

Blair: There you go. Be right back with the bed!

Starr: Sounds good.

[Phone rings]

Starr: Cole! Why -- why didn't you come to the party? Where are you?

Cole: Um -- I'm with my mom and John.

Starr: Did you guys go out and celebrate?

Cole: No, we're -- we're kind of low key. Uh, so you said you had huge news.

Starr: I do, but I have to tell you in person. How quick can you get here?

Cole: Well, tonight is -- well, I can't get away.

Starr: Uh -- really?

Cole: I'm sorry. Um -- you sure you can't tell me?

Starr: No. Cole, this is a visual. It's so incredible, you have to see it to believe it.

Cole: Huh. Tell me.

Starr: It'll still be here in the morning. Just promise that I'm your first stop tomorrow.

Cole: The minute I get away. Not even a hint?

Starr: Cole, what happened tonight -- it's going to change your life.

Blair: There you go.

Starr: Hmm.

Blair: Look at her -- isn't she just beautiful, little sweet little pea pod?

Starr: Got her right to sleep.

Blair: Got the touch.

Starr: Good thing Marcie left all of those bottles and food and --

Blair: Sweetheart, sweetheart, just relax. We'll take care of all that tomorrow. This baby is going to be just fine tonight.

Starr: Hmm.

Blair: I want you to focus on this beautiful miracle, okay?

Starr: She is, right?

Blair: Yes, she is.

Starr: When I thought that I had to give her away, there was just this ache inside me.

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Starr: When you want someone so much and you can't have them -- or when you think that you can't.

Starr: You know, you can get surprised and things happen out of nowhere. And --

Starr: And suddenly, you're on this whole different road in your life.

Starr: Someplace you never thought you'd be, with someone you never imagined would be there with you. Did you ever think, you know, that we would have her like this?

Blair: No, no, I didn't.

[Starr and Blair chuckle]

Starr: Tomorrow, you will start your new life. So will I. Daddy's going to have a new life, too. And he doesn't even know it yet.

Starr: Good night, Hope. Sweet dreams.

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