One Life to Live Transcript Monday 6/15/09


Episode # 10460 -- Mother and Child Reunion

Provided By Laurie R.
Proofread By Kathy

Marcie: Hi. I'm sorry I didn't call first.

Starr: What?

Marcie: I know that you're having Markko's graduation party. I don't mean to disturb you.

Starr: Oh, right, you came to see Markko?

Marcie: No. No, I came to see you. I was hoping that we could talk.

Cole: What are you doing here?

Asher: What, you think you're the only one who can't handle graduation?

Cole: Heard you got busted at prom.

Asher: Yeah, your counselor and her sidekick called the cops on me.

Cole: So, what, you're like out on bail or something?

Asher: Oh, please. My father's lawyers made mincemeat out of the cops. They couldn't make it stick. I didn't have anything on me.

Cole: You know your date was acting like she was on something.

Asher: Lola? Yeah, she was daring to dream all right.

Cole: So what'd you give her?

Asher: Why? You interested?

[Glass shatters]

Langston: Dorian --

Shaun: Dorian, are you all right?

Dorian: No, no --

Moe: I got bandages in the kitchen.

Dorian: Please, stop fussing over me, everybody! I'm just fine. Why are you standing there? I am paying you to take care of my guests. That is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Take care of it, thank you.

Staff person: Yes, ma'am.

Dorian: God.

Noelle: You really think she's okay?

Moe: You heard her, she's fine.

Noelle: We both know what this is about.

Moe: Don't you mean, "who?"

Noelle: Do you think Ray knows how much he hurt her?

Moe: Hell hath no fury like Dorian scorned.

[Dorian sighs]

Aurelia: Dr. Lord --

Dorian: One moment, please. Thank you very much. You can just take that -- the house is straight in there.

Aurelia: I'm sorry?

Dorian: The kitchen. Can't anybody follow simple --

Langston: Dorian, this is Mr. and Mrs. Rivera, Markko's parents.

Dorian: Oh, of course. Bienvenidos. Mi casa es su casa.

Judge Walters: Mr. Manning's case for custody rests on his claim that the McBain marriage is a sham. He has, however, offered no credible proof, leaving the court no choice but to grant custody --

Todd: Wait, I have one more witness.

Judy: Your Honor, please.

Judge Walters: Mr. Manning, I am ruling, and you are shutting up.

Todd: There's my witness right there, Your Honor.

[Téa coughs]

Téa: What is this, huh?

Todd: You know what this is. Your Honor, you're familiar with Téa Delgado, right?

Téa: You're actually going to make me testify?

Todd: Yeah, I don't have a choice at this point. Blair's winning.

Téa: I will be disbarred.

Todd: I'm sorry; I'm not going to lose my kids.

Judge Walters: Come join us, Ms. Delgado. Bailiff, please swear in Ms. Delgado.

Judy: Your Honor, this goes directly to procedure.

Starr: I'm sorry, come in.

Marcie: Thank you.

Starr: We can talk in the living room.

Marcie: Is there anywhere more private maybe?

Starr: Don't worry about it. Everyone's near the pool. Are you okay?

Marcie: Yeah, it's just, I don't want us to be disturbed.

Starr: What is this about?

Marcie: I really think that we should talk alone, if that's okay.

Starr: Okay. We can talk in my bedroom. Will that be all right?

Marcie: Perfect, yeah.

Starr: Okay.

Aurelia: Dr. Lord, it's so kind of you to host this party for our son.

Dorian: Oh, nonsense. Markko's practically like one of the family.

Aurelia: But still, we wanted to bring something as a thank-you.

Ernesto: The kids love Aurelia's churros.

Dorian: You brought churros.

Markko: Yeah, they're like doughnuts.

Dorian: I know what a churro is. In fact, I'm sure you know Carlotta Vega. She owns the Buenos Dias cafe in Angel Square, the best flan in town. When she worked here for me, I practically raised her sons. This is so kind of you.

Aurelia: It's no trouble.

Moe: Let me take those for you.

Dorian: Good, put them in the kitchen.

Moe: Don't you want them out here?

Dorian: It's too early to bring out dessert. Put them in the kitchen next to the gateau.

Moe: Of course.

Langston: Okay, Dorian, can I talk to you for a --

Dorian: In a moment, darling. Mr. and Mrs. Rivera, you must be so proud of your son.

Aurelia: He's a good boy.

Dorian: You're too modest. Valedictorian.

Ernesto: All the credit goes to Aurelia. How many hours did you spend studying with Geraldo?

Dorian: Who?

Markko: Dad, I told you, people call me "Markko."

Ernesto: When will you learn to be proud of who you are?

Dorian: Geraldo Rivera? Oh -- no, no, it's a fine name.

Aurelia: It was my father's name.

Dorian: Of course. I cannot wait to toast Geraldo Rivera and the mark that he is going to make on the world. Oh, my goodness, where are my manners? You don't have any champagne.

Aurelia: Oh, it won't be necessary.

Dorian: Oh, absolutely necessary. This is a party and --

Ernesto: My wife and I, we don't drink.

Dorian: Oh, no problem. I'll get you some sparkling water. Shaun, for goodness sakes, can you see why the waiters are not circulating?

Shaun: Coming right up.

Dorian: Thank you. Lime or lemon?

Aurelia and Ernesto: Lime.

Dorian: Make sure they bring lime and lemon at the same time, thank you. I can't wait to propose a toast to Geraldo Rivera.

Morgan: Ms. Delgado, can you confirm that you were Mrs. McBain's legal representation the last time this case was heard?

Téa: I was.

Morgan: And would you say you did everything in your power to win that case?

Téa: I did the job to the best of my ability.

Morgan: Hmm. Now, what exactly did that entail?

Téa: I'm not sure I understand the question.

Morgan: Let me be more specific. Did you advise your client that she'd have a better chance of securing custody of her children if she was in a committed relationship?

Téa: I informed Ms. McBain as to the vulnerabilities in her case.

Morgan: And did you advise her to remedy that vulnerability by marrying John McBain in a hastily arranged wedding ceremony in Llanview hospital?

Téa: If you are insinuating that I played some sort of matchmaker --

Morgan: I'm asking if you aided and abetted the perpetration of a fraud, Ms. Delgado. Is that clear enough for you?

Cole: I don't want anything.

Asher: Yeah, right, you're one of my best customers.

Cole: Not lately. I'm off that stuff. I'm trying to get my life back together.

[Phone rings]

Asher: Sorry about your diploma.

Cole: What?

Asher: All this talk about going out in the real world, and you can't even get out of high school.

Cole: I'm only a couple credits shy, okay? I'll make it up in summer school.

Asher: Hey, I almost forgot. Congrats, man.

Cole: About what? I didn't graduate, remember?

Asher: No, no, not that. About your kid. I heard they found her.

Cole: Yeah, they did.

Asher: Well, where is she now?

Cole: Starr and I gave her up for adoption.

Asher: Oh, yeah? 'Cause I remember when you thought she bit it. What a bummer. It must suck to get her back just to have to give her up again. I'm sorry, am I bringing you down?

Starr: It's a really cute outfit.

Marcie: Yeah, she didn't fuss at all when I put it on her. I think she's going to be one of those girly-girls who loves to get dressed in the morning.

Starr: Maybe. You said she had a good night?

Marcie: Yeah. I was worried she'd be scared. New room, new crib. New parents.

Starr: Yeah.

Marcie: She did fine. But I'm the one having the problem.

Dorian: And that is why I named the house "La Boulaie," because it means "Grove of Birch Trees."

Ernesto: It's lovely, as is your daughter.

Dorian: My daughter is more than lovely. She's beautiful, inside and out.

Langston: Please.

Aurelia: She's just proud of you, and she should be.

Ernesto: We're very fond of Langston.

Aurelia: We were thrilled when she told us she was going to stay in the United States with her uncle.

Ernesto: Senor Montez.

Aurelia: He was going to take her back with him to Colombia and then decided not to, right?

Dorian: He has a talent for changing his mind.

Aurelia: Sounds like a fine man.

Ernesto: And we can't wait to meet him.

Dorian: I'm afraid that's going to be impossible.

Aurelia: Why is that?

Langston: My uncle had to leave the state.

Dorian: He didn't have to leave. He decided to leave.

Langston: His daughter, she had a lot of problems.

Dorian: A lot of problems. And she could've been treated right here in Llanview, or near Llanview. But, oh, no, Mr. Montez decided that there was nothing to keep him here in Llanview.

Langston: Okay, can we talk about something else?

Dorian: Mr. Montez's daughter, Lola, Langston's cousin, stabbed her own mother to death.

Aurelia: She murdered her?

Ernesto: Is that true?

Dorian: Oh, yes. Not only that, but she blamed her father for it. Yes, he rotted in a hellhole of a prison for a crime which he did not commit. And yet, he chose to be with her instead of here with a woman who was caring and passionate --

Langston: Dorian, Dorian, please, stop, okay? Don't do this, please?

Téa: You honestly think I instructed my client to marry John McBain.

Morgan: May I remind you of a case from several years ago? A custody case, such as this one. It, too, involved a wealthy newspaper publisher. He determined the only way he could secure custody of his child was to give her a stable family with a father and a mother. So, he offered his lawyer $5 million to marry him.

Téa: Rings a distant bell.

Morgan: Ah, yes, I hear it, too. It should, seeing as that lawyer was you. In fact, in legal circles, that tactic is still what is known as "pulling a Delgado."

Téa: Your Honor, may we take a recess?

Morgan: You're joking.

Téa: I am choking, not joking. As you can probably tell, I'm not in the best physical condition.

Morgan: Your Honor, if the witness would like to speed things up, all she has to do is answer the question.

Judge Walters: Restate the question.

Morgan: Did you advise your client to marry John McBain, yes or no? And I remind you, you are still under oath.

Téa: I refuse to answer the question on the grounds that I was serving as Ms. McBain's legal counsel at the time of her marriage. Any conversation we may have had, therefore, during that time is privileged.

Judge Walters: She's right.

Morgan: I withdraw the question.

Téa: Am I free to go?

Morgan: No, Ms. Delgado. You are not. I was hoping we could do this the easy way.

Judy: Your Honor, haven't we had enough theatrics?

Morgan: I think you and your client might be interested in what I have to show the court.

Judy: What is that?

Morgan: A recording that should settle this once and for all. May I, Your Honor?

Judge Walters: The recording is admitted.

Marcie: You know, when you asked me to adopt your baby, it was -- it was the miracle I was praying for. At the same time though, I've never been more scared in my life.

Starr: That's because you didn't want my dad to take another baby away from me.

Marcie: You know, Michael was convinced that he would make our lives a living hell. That's why he left. He just didn't want to see me hurt again.

Starr: Is that why you're here? You're afraid that my dad's going to challenge the adoption?

Marcie: Starr, I am here --

Starr: Because he won't. I signed the papers. It's done. She's your baby, just like I promised, and you have nothing to worry about, okay?

Dorian: Oh, my goodness, I'm so sorry. I certainly did not mean to make anybody feel uncomfortable.

Ernesto: Please, this is your home.

Dorian: Oh, but this is Markko's --

Markko: Geraldo.

Dorian: Geraldo's party, and I certainly do not mean to be insensitive, especially after everything that he went through with Lola.

Aurelia: This Lola, how did she hurt my son?

Dorian: Oh, I thought you knew.

Langston: No, nobody needs to know.

Dorian: Oh, my goodness, Lola knew that your son was my daughter's boyfriend, but that didn't matter to her. She wanted him anyway.

Ernesto: This is the girl that's in the institution?

Markko: Okay, how about a tour of the house?

Aurelia: No, no, no, just a moment. Did this Lola ever do anything?

Dorian: She is -- she is crazy. She tried to ruin your son's life and Langston's.

Aurelia: Why didn't you ever say anything?

Markko: It wasn't ever that big of a deal.

Dorian: Not a big deal? What about prom night?

Ernesto: What happened on prom night?

Langston: Lola got high.

Dorian: Whoa, it was much worse than that. I never thought anybody could be so vindictive that they would use Langston's cousin Starr's unwanted teenage pregnancy as the inspiration for revenge.

Aurelia: What are you talking about?

Dorian: She tried to create the same problem. For Langston.

Markko: Langston, do something.

Langston: Okay, Dorian, how about we go inside? Let's just, come on, go inside.

Markko: Yeah, yeah.

Aurelia: Just a moment. What exactly do you mean?

Dorian: Lola poked holes in the condoms that I gave Langston.

Ernesto: On prom night?

Aurelia: Is this true? You and Langston?

Dorian: But don't worry, Geraldo brought his own.

Aurelia: Excuse me.

Langston: No, no, Mrs. Rivera, wait, please.

Dorian: My goodness, I am so sorry, really. I did -- I did not mean to upset your wife.

Ernesto: I don't think it was you who upset her.

Markko: Dad, can we please just talk about this --

Ernesto: Quiet!

Dorian: I thought you knew.

Ernesto: Thank you for inviting us to your party, but we can't stay.

Markko: Dad, I got to get my jacket.

Langston: No, Mr. Rivera, please, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, Markko. I cannot believe you.

Todd's voice: She's pretty banged up.

Téa's voice: But not too banged up to tell a judge that Blair and John's marriage is a fraud. Or that the whole thing was my idea.

Todd's voice: Well, yeah.

Morgan: Ms. Delgado, was that your voice on the recording?

Téa: You bastard. You taped me.

Morgan: I'll take that as a yes. We'd like this tape entered into evidence as exhibit A.

Judge Walters: So noted. You may continue.

Morgan: I think that pretty much settles it, Your Honor. No further questions.

Judge Walters: Ms. Shulman-Brown, do you have any questions for Ms. Delgado?

Judge: Yes, Your Honor, we do. Isn't it true, Ms. Delgado, that while you were representing my client, Blair McBain, you were involved in a sexual relationship with Mr. Manning? Ms. Delgado?

Téa: I don't see how that's relevant.

Judy: It's relevant if, at the time of her last custody hearing, Mrs. McBain's attorney was literally sleeping with the enemy.

Judge Walters: The witness will answer the question. Were you engaged in a sexual relationship with Mr. Manning while you were representing Mrs. McBain?

Téa: No.

Blair: Oh, she is lying!

Judge Walters: Counsel, control your client.

Blair: She told me that she had made love to him. That was right before she said he was the love of her life.

[Gavel bangs]

Judge Walters: Order!

Téa: We made a deal, Blair. What happens in the boiler room stays in the boiler room.

Blair: Deal's off, Téa. We're talking about my kids here.

Téa: Oh, yeah?

Blair: Uh-huh.

Téa: Deal's off? Then why don't you tell everyone in this courtroom that after I said that Todd was the love of my life, you said he was the love of your life, too.

[Gavel bangs]

Judge Walters: Order. I'll have order here.

Cole: The McBain's are good people. They're going to be great parents.

Asher: I hope so, you know, for the kid's sake, right?

Cole: What do you care about my kid?

Asher: Easy there, Thornhart. You're starting to sound like a dad.

Cole: I'm not. She has a mom and dad that loves her. Giving her to them was the best thing to do.

Asher: It's too bad it still hurts like a son of a bitch.

Cole: What do you know about it?

Asher: I know what'll make you feel better.

Cole: Just leave me alone, okay?

Asher: Hey, man, I'm just trying to help. What do you say, dude? Take the suck away.

Marcie: I'm not worried that your dad will challenge the adoption, Starr.

Starr: But I would understand if you were. My dad admitted to planning on stealing the baby.

Marcie: I know, and I know that sounds crazy. But, Starr, he did that because he loves you. He didn't want you to regret giving this baby away.

Starr: I wanted what was best for her. That's why I wanted you to be her mom.

Marcie: Back then. I mean, you know, back then, there were -- there were a lot of people in this town who wouldn't have trusted me with a pet rock. But you trusted me. You trusted me with your baby, even when I wasn't sure if I deserved another chance. You were. You believed I could be a good mom.

Starr: I believed that you were the best possible mother for my baby.

Marcie: You don't believe that anymore, do you?

Langston: How could you? Why would you do something like that?

Dorian: I think that you're blowing this thing out of proportion.

Langston: No, I don't think that I am, because you just drove my boyfriend and his parents away from his own graduation party.

Dorian: Oh, is it my fault that he didn't tell his parents that the two of you were having sex?

Langston: No, I told you that they are very old school and very religious.

Dorian: Well, sex is nothing to be ashamed of.

Langston: Oh, please. Look, I know that my uncle dumped you, but that does not give you the right to make everybody else as miserable as you are.

Noelle: Do something.

Dorian: What are you saying? That I ruined the party intentionally?

Langston: Yeah, that's exactly what I'm saying.

Moe: Why don't I get you ladies something to eat?

Dorian: Maurice, butt out.

Moe: Well, that'd kind of a tall order with the way you've been acting.

Dorian: Oh, how have I been acting?

Moe: Like a two-year-old. You trashed my terrace.

Dorian: My terrace. La Boulaie is my house.

Noelle: You signed it over to us.

Dorian: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, I temporarily allowed you to run amok in the place until my lawyers could get me out of this mess.

Moe: What are you talking about?

Dorian: I -- am happy to tell you that it's taken awhile, but my lawyers have now dismantled every single document that I signed. And this house is now mine!

Noelle: But we live here.

Dorian: Not anymore!

Shaun: You're kicking them out? Just wait a minute.

Dorian: No, no, no, no, no, no, you stay out of this, Shaun.

Shaun: Moe's my friend. And what happens to him is definitely my business.

Dorian: Oh, really? Well, then you can take him and your other little friend, and just get out of here.

Rachel: Little friend?

Dorian: And get the hell off my property! Shaun, you're fired. Little friend, buh-bye. Maurice and Noelle, start packing. You are evicted!

Moe: Now, you hold on just a minute.

Noelle: Forget it, Moe. We never belonged here in the first place.

Langston: Who are you?

Blair: You bitch!

Téa: You idiot, you started it.

Blair: Yeah, well, I'm going to finish it.

Judge Walters: Order, ladies, please.

Blair: Todd, why won't you ask Téa about that deep dark secret she's never told a living soul?

Judge Walters: Order!

[Bangs gavel]

Judge Walters: Order! Ms. Delgado, I will be reporting your actions to the bar. You may step down. In light of this new evidence, we'll adjourn for a brief recess while I reconsider my decision. Counsel, approach the bench.

Téa: You son of a bitch.

Todd: Relax, we'll figure something out.

Téa: No, no, we won't. You just got me disbarred.

Todd: Well, I told you I wasn't going to lose my kids. They're all I've got left.

Téa: Yeah, you're right about that.

Todd: Hey, did you really say that I was the love of your life?

Téa: Yeah, emphasis on was.

Starr: Marcie, I don't understand what's going on here. I never stopped believing that you were a good mother.

Marcie: I know that.

Starr: You love her.

Marcie: So do you.

Starr: I know that. I always will. And some day when she gets older, I'll tell her that that's why I gave her up -- because I love her.

Marcie: What else will you tell her, Starr?

Starr: What do you mean?

Marcie: About the adoption. You were trying so hard to be very brave. But you could barely even sign those papers. And the look on your face when you put her in my arms -- Starr, it broke my heart.

Starr: It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.

Marcie: I know.

Starr: It's because she's real now. She has things that she likes, things that she doesn't.

Marcie: Yeah, she has her own personality. Kind of like you.

Starr: Why are you doing this?

Marcie: I'm doing this --

Starr: I made my decision. And someday I'll be all right.

Marcie: Someday you'll regret this decision, Starr. You're not the same girl you were six months ago. You've changed.

Starr: No, I haven't.

Marcie: Yes, you have. You've suffered a loss most people don't even want to think about, and you got through it. Starr, you've grown up.

Starr: What are you getting at?

Marcie: When you asked me to raise your baby, you weren't ready to be a mom, but you are now. You are. And if you want to raise this baby, then I want you to raise this baby.

Langston: I have never seen you like this.

Dorian: Oh, you've certainly seen me fire employees before.

Langston: Moe, Noelle, and Shaun were more than employees, they were friends who took care of us. What did my uncle do to you?

Dorian: Ray? I hardly remember him.

Langston: You purposely told Markko's parents that we had sex, and they're going to hate me now. You're behaving like a monster.

Dorian: Oh, and what about how you're behaving? You know, you better stop copping an attitude with me, young lady.

Langston: Attitude? I'm trying to get through to you because you're hurting people who care about you.

Dorian: Moe and Noelle?

Langston: Okay, what about Shaun? He would die for you. And what about Markko? I care about him.

Dorian: I -- I didn't do anything to Markko.

Langston: Oh, no? This was supposed to be one of the happiest days of his life and you ruined that. No, you've had about enough of this.

Dorian: Wait a minute! You give that back to me.

Dorian: Well, good for you. Have you got any idea how much this stuff costs?

Langston: Oh, yeah? You like it so much? Swim in it!

[Dorian screams]

Markko: Dad, just let me explain.

Ernesto: Explain what? Why you lied to us?

Markko: I told you Langston and I were going out after prom.

Ernesto: You said you were taking her to a party.

Aurelia: At a friend's house with adult supervision.

Ernesto: And then spend the rest of the night camping with your cousin.

Markko: Look, I didn't tell you guys the truth because I knew you'd freak out.

Ernesto: Oh, I see. Perhaps you'd like us to be more like Langston's mother.

Aurelia: Who gives her daughter condoms.

Markko: At least she doesn't treat her like a kid.

Ernesto: You are a kid.

Markko: I'm 18!

Ernesto: So you don't have to respect your parents?

Markko: I do respect you. I love you, but I love Langston, too. Doesn't that count for anything?

Aurelia: You know how we feel intimacy before marriage.

Markko: Well, maybe someday we will get married.

Ernesto: Not if we have anything to say about that.

Aurelia: You're forbidden to see that girl again, or her dreadful mother.

Langston: What?

Todd: Gee, Blair, I wonder what's taking the judge so long. It seems to me it's a slam dunk.

Blair: You think?

Todd: [Laughing] Yes, I do. When they found out that you and John got married just to get custody --

Blair: Not as bad as you sleeping with my lawyer so she'd blow the case.

Todd: Did you really say that I was the love of your life?

Bailiff: Court is now in session.

Judge Walters: Mr. Manning, Mrs. McBain, I'm curious. Just how long do you intend to fight this custody battle? Clearly you both have the means to drag this out as long as possible. I think you both love your children. However, I also think you're so concerned with besting each other that you don't see what that is doing to those children. Frankly, if I could put them in foster care right now I'd do it, because maybe it would wake up the two of you. So we're going to try things a little differently. My ruling is to give both of you custody. Don't misunderstand me. I don't mean a week with Mr. Manning and a week with Mrs. McBain. I don't trust either one of you in that situation. I'm talking about the five of you together under one roof. I'm forcing the two of you to get along.

Blair: You can't do that. Can he do that?

Judy: It's a unique ruling, that's for sure.

Judge Walters: From now on, you're going to put the needs of your children ahead of your own. Because if you can't, they will go to foster care. The choice is yours. Counsel, I'll see you both in chambers.

Bailiff: All rise.

Blair: [Stuttering] Well, what do we do now?

Todd: Well, I guess you pack.

Blair: I'm not moving in with you.

Todd: Well, I'm not moving to Dorian's. Okay? Bye-bye. I'll leave the light on for you.

Cole: I told you I'm off the stuff.

Asher: I know what you said, but I know how'd I'd feel if I had a fake diploma, no future, and a kid being raised by somebody else.

Cole: That's what makes us different.

Asher: Oh, really?

Cole: I'm not saying everything's perfect, but I don't feel like a loser anymore. I know that I can do whatever I want with the rest of my life.

Asher: Oh, is that what they feed you at the treatment center?

Cole: You don't know anything about the treatment center.

Asher: I met your counselor. She seems to think that feeling like crap is a good thing.

Cole: It's not going to be easy, but I can do it.

Asher: All by yourself?

Cole: No, I've got Starr now. She helped me get off the stuff in the first place. I'm not going back.

Asher: So that's what this is about. You feel like you owe her.

Cole: Owing her has got nothing to do with it. I don't want it anymore.

Asher: Nice try. You're practically drooling.

Cole: I'm not buying.

Asher: No problem. I can make an exception for my best customer. Call me when you want some more. And I know you will. You look better already.

Starr: I didn't want you to think it was hard for me to give her up.

Marcie: But it was hard for you.

Starr: Oh, I have to get past it.

Marcie: I don't think that you will get past this.

Starr: I have to! I promised you.

Marcie: Do you think I'm going to hold you to that? Starr, you love her.

Starr: You love her, too.

Marcie: Yes, I do love her, but I love her because I love you. And if you don't think that she belongs with you, then Michael and I will raise her and love her for the rest of our lives. But if you want to keep her --

Starr: Marcie, I could never do something like that to you. That would make me a horrible person!

Marcie: No, no it wouldn't. Listen to me, I want you to listen to me. When we thought that Hope died, you know, I had to face the fact that I might never be a mom again.

Starr: Right.

Marcie: And you know what? I realized that all that time I just spent focusing on the things that I didn't have, it just made me forget about all the things that I do have. You know, I have a wonderful husband, and I have a job that really does mean something, and can make a difference. And I have my health and I have my family and I have my friends. And you know what? I have everything I already need.

Starr: That's great, but --

Marcie: But you know what? If a child did come our way, then I will love him or her with all of my heart. But if that doesn't happen, it'll be okay. You do not have to make it up to me for losing Tommy to your dad.

Starr: That's not what I was trying to do.

Marcie: Wasn't it?

Starr: Marcie, I can't ask you to do this.

Marcie: You're not asking, I'm offering.

Hope: [Makes noise]

Starr: She looks like me.

Marcie: She does.

Starr: All last night I just couldn't stop thinking --

Marcie: I know, honey. I know.

Starr: I carried her for so many months, and then when I held her finally, it was just like she belonged.

Marcie: Yes. Yes, she does.

Starr: It just didn't seem right for her to go.

Marcie: Here. There you go. Go on. Go on. Your mommy's been waiting a very long time for this.

Marcie: You're her mom now, and forever.

Starr: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Marcie: I love you both so much, you know? I do. And I want to thank you.

Starr: For what?

Marcie: You gave me my life back.

Starr: Well -- I guess we're even.

Cole: Starr, I've lost enough. I don't want to lose this.

 Police officer: What do you got there? Huh?

[Todd groaning]

Téa: Not so fast.

Langston: Please, Mr. and Mrs. Rivera, I am so sorry about Dorian. She does not usually act like this.

Ernesto: I find that hard to believe.

Langston: No, she's just really hurt right now and she doesn't know what she's saying.

Ernesto: So she didn't give you permission to have sex with my son on prom night?

Langston: Okay, I wouldn't exactly call it permission. I mean, trust me, she was not happy about it.

Aurelia: Dr. Lord's behavior is not what concerns us.

Ernesto: This is about Geraldo.

Aurelia: We thought we raised him to honor our values, and then he betrays us.

Markko: Mom, look, I'm sorry I disappointed you.

Ernesto: We'll talk about this at home.

Markko: No, I'm staying.

Aurelia: Don't argue, Geraldo.

Markko: My name is Markko, and I'm not a kid anymore.

Ernesto: As long as you live under our roof, you will do what we say. Vamos!

Langston: Markko, go with them, okay? I'll talk to you later, okay?

Aurelia: No, you will not talk later. Stay away from my son.

Police officer: You got a prescription for these?

Cole: They're not mine.

Police officer: So what are you doing with them?

Cole: I was throwing them away.

Police officer: Yeah, right. You're under arrest for possession.

Cole: No, come on.

Police officer: You have the right to remain silent.

Blair: Starr?

Starr: [Laughs] Hi, Mom.

Blair: What's going on here? What's Hope doing here?

Starr: She's mine, Mom. Hope is home.

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