One Life to Live Transcript Friday 6/5/09


Episode # 10454 -- Rising from the Tumble

Provided By Laurie R.
Proofread By Kathy

Viki: Dr. Levin, good morning.

Dr. Levin: Ms. Davidson.

Viki: I, uh -- I just looked in on Jessie. She's still asleep.

Dr. Levin: Well, the sedative I gave her last night should wear off soon.

Clint: You think she'll remember what happened yesterday?

Dr. Levin: She should. It was a real breakthrough.

Viki: But so many hard, awful truths all at once. I mean, she knows now that her baby is dead, and that Tess was to blame for it. And she remembered that Bess stole Starr and Cole's child and let them believe that their baby was dead. And she knows that Bess made some damaging, selfish choices that caused months of pain to people who had already made their own hard choices. And she understands that she kept a child from a couple who have waited for their own child for too long. And she knows that today, she has to make that right.

Michael: Oh, God, we are never going to put this thing together.

Marcie: I didn't think it was going to be so hard.

Michael: I need another bolt that looks like this thing -- it's an Allen wrench.

Marcie: Here you go, right here.

[Michael sighs]

Michael: I should have been here, Marcie. I should have been here when you were waiting for Hope.

Marcie: Michael, I understood why you left. Don't dwell on it, okay?

Michael: Then, when Todd Manning comes looking for our baby this time, I'm going to be here.

Marcie: Oh, you don't know that that is going to happen. Will you stop borrowing trouble, please?

[Knock on door]

Marcie: There's the changing table.

Michael: There's the changing table, with some assembly required.

Marcie: All right, fine. I will do this one.

Michael: Yeah, the Allen wrenches and the bolts and the wheels and the -- oy.

Dr. Levin: Now, there's no question we released Jessica too soon.

Clint: She fooled you. But she didn't fool you. When we took Jess back up to the cottage, you said that we don't know the whole story.

Viki: But I wanted her back as much as you did. So I let myself believe it and I just ignored my instincts.

Clint: What are your instincts telling you now?

Viki: I think that Tess losing the baby was the last of the big secrets. Now it's out. And I know that when the last of my... Secrets came out, I was finally integrated, so I -- I think she's almost home.

Clint: Almost?

Dr. Levin: She needs to return the baby to her real parents. It's important for her to say goodbye.

Clint: What is the point of that except to cause more pain? She understands. Isn't that enough?

Viki: Clint, I think he's probably right.

Clint: Probably? Are you willing to risk the chance that we could lose Jessica again?

John: Hey.

Marty: Hey.

John: Good morning.

Marty: Good morning. Big day.

John: Yeah. Mike said you and Starr would have some time with the baby.

Cole: Yeah, for a while. Just to say goodbye.

Marty: Um... Yeah, big day -- so why don't we, uh -- a little coffee, perhaps, and a couple of Rodi's omelettes?

John: Sure.

Cole: No, just make it one. I'm not hungry.

Marty: Honey, you got to eat something, okay? And I'm going to, uh -- let me just call over to Dorian's and see what's going on, okay?

John: Hey, you got a minute? I have something for you.

Starr: Poor Jessica. Losing a baby is the worst thing a person can go through.

Blair: I know.

Starr: But I want to be happy. And every time I try to be happy, I think about Jessica. But my -- my baby is alive.

Blair: Sweetheart -- and you can be happy. It's all right --

Starr: I know -- I'm going to see her today. How amazing is that?

Blair: It's a miracle. And you know, Michael and Marcie, they want you and Cole to have some time with Hope, so -- so you can say your goodbyes, all right?

Starr: Yeah. Right.

Clint: Hey, Jessie.

Jessica: Hey.

Clint: Did you sleep?

Jessica: Uh, yeah, sort of.

Jessica: Is Chloe still here?

Viki: Of course she is. We would never let her go without telling you.

Jessica: Okay, I made this list, um, for Marcie. Um, all the foods that she likes, what she hates, her bedtime routine. The thing about the kite scaring her -- it's just strange. Marcie wouldn't know that.

Clint: Jessie, it's okay --

Jessica: I wouldn't have known, either, if it hadn't been that incident at the park last month, and Marcie should know.

Viki: Honey, you've been such a good mother.

Jessica: How can you say that? After what I did to Starr, to Marcie? I have to make it right.

Michael: Now, Todd, go -- look, if you set foot in this apartment, okay, I'm calling the cops.

Todd: [Laughing] Relax.

Michael: No. No, no, I don't think I'm going to relax. I remember the last time you were here and all the threats you made and the blah blah, okay?

Todd: No --

Michael: Look, if you try to hurt our child, you try to take that baby away from us --

Todd: No, I'm going to deliver her to you.

Michael: You'll be sorry.

Marcie: Really? You are going to deliver her?

Todd: Really, yes. Blair and I are going to take Hope home from Viki's, and then Cole and Starr are going to hand her over to you.

Marcie: And you're okay with that?

Todd: Well --

Marcie: I know that you said you were after she was born, but that's --

Michael: Yeah, but that's always, maybe, a part of your act.

Todd: Uh-uh. I have something here for you guys.

Marcie: Really?

Todd: Yes, I think you're going to like it.

[Michael scoffs]

Michael: This wouldn't be -- you're not -- you're not trying to buy your granddaughter back from us, are you?

Blair: What's that, sweetheart?

Starr: The adoption papers.

Blair: You never signed it.

Starr: No. Well, you can't. The law is you have to wait 72 hours after the baby is born, and there has to be witnesses and stuff. We only thought that Hope was alive for one hour, so I never got a chance to sign it. But, um... because it's been months and months, I can now. And today, I'll make it official when... I give Hope to Michael and Marcie.

Blair: Sweetheart... are you sure this is what you really want?

Viki: Honey, you'll make things right.

Jessica: But what I did to Marcie and Starr --

Clint: They know it wasn't you.

Jessica: It was me. I'm responsible, and I have to make it right.

Viki: They also know that Chloe is happy and she's been very well cared for. You can make amends --

Jessica: But how?

Viki: Jessie --

Jessica: How do I make up for something this huge? So I made a list. So what? It doesn't make up for the damage -- what -- what I put them through.

Viki: You can say goodbye.

Jessica: What?

Viki: You -- you can't do anything until you've taken that step, honey. You have to say goodbye to the baby.

Todd: No, I'm not trying to buy anything except maybe some new clothes for Hope. And some new furniture for her room that isn't quite so ugly. She is going to have her own room --

Michael: You know, she's going to have -- we're good, thank you.

Todd: Not really. I mean, geez. Okay... I just want to make this clear. Starr's giving you her kid. I'm not thrilled about it, but I'm not going to fight it. But can we just try to make it a little less grimy in here?

Michael: Todd, I make a fine living, all right?

Todd: That's a fact you seem determined to hide.

Marcie: Yeah, okay, you're really not trying to buy us off?

Todd: No, I'm not. It's just that Hope was heir to a fortune, and I want the best for her. Plus, I owe you. Well, I owe you -- come on -- for what I put you through with Sam.

Marcie: Oh.

Todd: Take the money, please, for Hope.

Jessica: I can't say goodbye.

Dr. Levin: If you want to take some time to work through it with me first --

Jessica: No, it's not that. I have no right to say goodbye. I had no right to that baby in the first place.

Clint: That baby? She was Chloe every day of her life until yesterday. And you were her mother.

Viki: Honey, you've taken care of her. You've loved her as a daughter. You get to say goodbye.

Jessica: I don't know if I can.

Viki: Do it for Chloe. Your dad is right, you know? You're the only mother she's ever known.

Jessica: She's probably terrified of me. I -- I dragged that poor baby all over --

Viki: Sweetheart -- honey, that's all over. Over.

[Jessica sighs]

Jessica: You're right. You're right. I have to... start to make amends. I have to start to make things right. I have to -- I have to help Chloe -- Hope... go home.

Starr: When did Aunt Viki say that you could go and get the baby?

Blair: Well, she said that the baby was, you know, still asleep. But when your dad gets here, we'll -- we'll go. Hey, I think we need to talk about this adoption.

Starr: Why?

Blair: Um, because you're digging at your wrists.

Starr: No, I'm not.

Blair: Yes, you are. And you've always done that. Ever since you were 2 years old and you were worried, or the world wasn't going your way. It's what you did. It's what you're doing now.

Starr: Are you the profiler?

Blair: Hmm. I'm a mom. And so are you. Sweetheart, listen to me. I also know the law, and if you have changed your mind about keeping Hope, you're under no legal obligation to give her away.

Starr: What about a person's obligation? I promised Marcie. And Marcie promised me. When I felt like I wasn't ready to be a mother, Marcie was there. And I knew that she would be a great mother. You think -- you think she'll be a great mother, right?

Blair: I think that she will be a great mother, yes.

Starr: Look at all the things that she did so she could be Hope's mother. Michael left her and she still wanted to raise that baby. That's real commitment. How could I go back on my word?

Blair: That's not an answer, Starr.

Starr: Cole wants to keep the baby. He always has, and he still does.

Cole: Still can't believe our baby's alive.

John: Yeah, it's pretty amazing.

Cole: It is. Now we have to give her up all over again. I mean, it's amazing, but then I'm bummed. Then I remember that Hope's alive, and that can only be good. Only she will never be mine. Ever.

John: You made her, Cole. She's always be with you. Michael and Marcie, they're not going to shut you out.

Cole: I just don't how I'm going to get through this day.

John: I have something for you.

Cole: Dad's poems?

John: Yeah, I found it in your old apartment. It's how I tracked you two to Ireland. I -- I've been meaning to give it back to you. I guess today is the day.

Cole: Thanks.

John: You know, your mom had marked page 22. "Rising from the tumble." Do you remember it? Your dad wrote that for you.

Marty: From what I hear, you're the reason Jessica was found.

Brody: Ah, I just remembered something she said. Pure luck.

Marty: Yeah. How is she?

Brody: By the time we got her home, she was wiped. Cried out, wasn't saying a word. The shrink was there, but otherwise, it was a family thing, so I took off.

Marty: Did you want to leave?

Brody: Hell, no. But I didn't know how to help Jessica either.

Clint: Bree, you see that? Over in the oak tree, that bird, that piece of red over there? Do you hear the sound that he's making? That means that bird is a woodpecker. Look at him go.

[Clint laughs]

Viki: Shall we go up to the nursery together?

Jessica: No, I -- I -- I haven't packed it up yet. It's just how I left it, and -- the chair that I rocked her in -- I can't -- I can't go in there yet.

Viki: Okay. Shall I get her then?

Jessica: Thank you.

Viki: Okay.

Clint: Look at the bark flying all over the place. Can you say "woodpecker"?

Bree: Woodpecker.

Clint: Woodpecker -- good. Can you say "ornithologist"?

Bree: Ornithogolist.

Clint: Good! That's what you're going to be.

Jessica: Grandpa's girl.

Viki: Every day of her life. Honey, Bree's been asking for you, you know? But if you're not ready, that's --

Jessica: No, no, I want to. I want to. Where's my big girl?

Clint: Oh, Bree. Look who's here.

Jessica: Hi, sweetie. Come here. Oh, I missed you. Look at you. I think you grew an inch. I can tell.

Bree: Where were you?

Jessica: I took a little trip, sweetie. But I'm back now.

Bree: Let's take Chloe to see the woodpecker.

Jessica: No, honey, we can't, um, because Chloe’s going to take a trip, too. And we have to tell her goodbye. Come here.

Viki: Hello, precious.

Clint: Hello, sunshine.

Viki: Hey. Hi, baby. I tell you, Clint, she wakes up like this every single day. Yes, she does. She never cries. I hear her on the baby monitor before I come in. She grabs her toes and starts talking. And she likes to run through all the sounds she knows as if she's just getting ready for the day. Yeah. And then she always ends by blowing a big raspberry.

Clint: I taught her that.

Viki: I figured you did. That would be something you'd do.

[Clint chuckles]

Clint: I still say she looks like you.

Viki: Oh, God, Clint. How is Jessie going to say goodbye to her when we can't even do that ourselves?

Cole: "My heart somersaults when I swing open the door. You teeter between your crib and the floor. Hair full of static, new tooth piercing your smile. You unfold your arms like wings and try to fly. You fall into a pile of stuffed bears and toy kings. I run to you, expecting your cry. Instead, you rise from the tumble, your tiny sharp fingers clutching my shin. Hand over hand, back to your runway you stumble. Try to defy gravity again and again. Someday, I'll have flown this world maybe wearing wings of my own. But probably not. And I'll see your crown piercing the stars as you teeter between the soft and the hard."

Jessica: Pretty, huh?

Cole: "My heart will somersault, afraid to see you up so high."

Jessica: Okay.

Cole: "But then I'll remember the courage of a child who knows he can't fly but never stops trying. Then I'll remember the strength of your hands, the knuckles whitening. The fierce way you always, always rise from the tumble."

Jessica: Here's the thing I didn't know. Chloe... has another mother, and she's really, really lonely, and she misses Chloe so much -- like how I would miss you, you know? I couldn't stand it if you were living with somebody else. So, um -- so Chloe’s going to go and live with her other mother now.

Bree: For how long?

Jessica: Forever, honey. But you know, it's okay, because she's going to be real close, and she's going to be very, very happy --

[Jessica sighs]

Jessica: Because, um, her new mother loves her so much.

Bree: But Chloe will miss us.

Jessica: Yeah, she might miss us. So you know what? You and I are going to have to help her. We're going to have to be happy for Chloe, okay, so she won't be sad, okay? And, um, because things are going to be different for her. She's going to have a whole new house with new toys, and she's going to even have a new name, okay? From now on, she's going to be "Hope." Come here, sweetie.

Michael: We don't need your charity.

Todd: It's not charity. No, no, no. I owe you. Really, I owe you. Just take the money, please.

Marcie: All right, all right. Fine. We'll take the money.

Todd: Thank you.

Marcie: For now.

Michael: We're not cashing it.

Todd: [Laughing] Okay. Just hold it. I --

Marcie: Okay, Todd. You know what? You don't have to worry. You don't. Hope is going to have everything she wants and everything that she needs.

Michael: She's going to be completely loved and she's going to completely safe.

Todd: Well, I'll call you when we have the baby.

Michael: Great.

Blair: So far, we've heard what Marcie wants, what Cole wants. But, hey, where is Starr in all this?

Starr: Present.

Blair: Okay.

Starr: Do you think I should keep the baby?

Blair: Sweetheart, I think you need to be sure. And honest to goodness, if you're having any doubts, now is the time. You can talk to me. You can talk to me -- nobody's here in this room. It won't go anywhere. Come on.

Starr: When I found out that I was pregnant, I was so scared. I felt like I had this constant claw in my throat. And it didn't go away -- not until I talked to Marcie. That's when I knew -- I knew that it was the right thing to do.

Blair: I remember, you were sure.

Starr: I was so sure. And even though it was hard, it wasn't. Because I could fight anyone on it -- Aunt Dorian, Cole, and Dad. I wouldn't give up, because it felt right.

Blair: Well, sweetheart, does it still feel right to you?

Starr: When I was pregnant, it was like... There -- there wasn't a baby there. I mean, there was. I know that it was real, but I just figured that I would have the baby, I would give her to Marcie, she would have a happy life, and then I would go back to my life before I was pregnant. It didn't turn out that way at all. Even after we found out that Hope was dead, it was like everything changed. And I know that there will always be a piece of me that's gone. A missing part to my heart that's always out there. And no matter what happens, I will always be connected to Hope.

Jessica: Chloe's other mother has been waiting and waiting for her. We have to let her go. We have to share, okay? Bree?

Clint: Whoa, Nelly. Whoa, where are you going? It's okay, I've got her, all right? How's my favorite ornithologist?

Dr. Levin: You're doing beautifully.

Jessica: It doesn't feel very beautiful.

Viki: Okay, we're all dressed and ready.

Jessica: Ready to go? It's time, isn't it?

Marty: You know, after what happened to me with Todd, my friends were desperate to help me. I couldn't accept it. In fact, it was your friend Wes. He was the only one that I wanted around me.

Brody: He was a good man.

Marty: He was. And from what I know, you are, too. I think you're exactly what Jessica needs right now.

John: Your dad knew you.

Cole: I was just a baby.

John: You were already you. You've overcome a lot, kid. In this past year, you defied gravity. So, today, when Starr gives up the baby, you'll rise from the tumble and you'll go on.

Brody: Wes could help because he was, like, a stranger on the train for you. That used to be me and Jess. But not anymore.

Marty: You two helped each other at St. Ann's, right? You barely knew each other. Just let each other be, no expectations.

Brody: Yeah.

Marty: Why don't you be that person again? I just have this feeling that he's -- he's the one that she would love to see.

Cole: Okay, let's do it.

Marty: Really?

Cole: Yeah. I'm ready. I can do this, Mom.

Blair: I know how you feel, sweetheart. No matter where you or your brothers go, a piece of me will always go with you. And that, dear one, is very, very real. It's real.

Starr: Mom -- I know that I'm luckier than a lot of parents who just had to give up their babies. I know that Hope will have great parents. And I'll even be able to see her.

Blair: How's that make you feel?

Blair: Sweetheart -- you know, you've grown up so much this last year. You are not the same girl who decided she couldn't be a mother last summer. You are a strong, loving young woman, and if you've changed your mind and you want to keep that baby, you'd be a good mom.

Starr: Do you really believe that?

Blair: Oh, yes, I do. Yes, I do. But, Starr, listen to me. This has got to be your decision. And we're getting down to the wire, all right? So I want you, right now -- just forget about all the promises that you made and what other people are feeling. I want you to think about what you are feeling and what you want. Do you really want to keep this baby?

[Door opens]

Todd: Hey. What's wrong?

Bree: This is Marvin. I'll still be your big sister forever.

Starr: I'm -- I'm fine. It's just, you know, I'm going to see my baby. A lot of emotions with that -- I'm sure you understand. You had a lot of plans for her.

Todd: No, no, that's over with. It's not about me.

Blair: Well, hallelujah.

Todd: Hope is your baby. And she's alive, no thanks to me, so if you want to give her to Marcie or Michael or whoever, I'm not going to fight you on it, okay? Are you ready to go?

Blair: Yeah.

Blair: Listen, this is -- this is your decision. Whatever you decide, sweetheart, I am there for you. If you want to raise Hope, I'll be there to help you. But if you want to give her away, I'll be there for you, too, okay?

Marcie: Oh, Michael, look at it. It's just -- I mean, it's beautiful. Look at it.

Michael: I'm actually kind of disappointed that Todd’s not here to see this schmancy ol' crib.

[Marcie laughs]

Marcie: Yeah, well, just be grateful I didn't put it together, because that really would've scared him.

Michael: Oh, no, you will never assemble alone. Never again.

Marcie: I will never assemble alone?

Michael: You will never assemble alone ever again. I'm here to stay.

Viki: You want some time alone?

Jessica: No, no, don't leave me. Just -- in case.

Clint: Jess, we're right here for you.

Viki: Here we go. Mommy.

Jessica: Hi.

Viki: You got her?

[Chloe coos]

John: You know, finding Jessica and the baby -- that was -- that was good detective work.

Brody: I used my razor-sharp bartending skills.

John: Listening then keeping your mouth shut?

Brody: Pretty much.

John: You're doing good here, Brody. Keep your job as long as you want it.

Brody: Good. I like the customers. At least today.

John: You mean Marty?

Brody: She's -- she's different than I expected. You know, when I first heard about her, when she was with Wes, I thought she was trouble.

John: She knows who she is now.

Brody: She gave me some advice.

John: You can probably trust what she says.

Brody: Yeah? You mind if I take off for a while?

John: Yeah, go ahead.

Brody: Thanks. Hey, can I give you some advice? Don't let that woman get away.

[Door opens]

Cole: Hey.

Starr: Hey.

Cole: You ready?

Starr: Can't wait.

Cole: Oh, man, you're sweating as much as me.

Starr: Yeah.

Blair: Marty, I think you need to give Cole and Starr some time alone.

Marty: What's going on?

Blair: I just -- I just think they need some time.

Marty: Sure.

Todd: Blair, let's go.

Marty: Give Jessica my love. I hope she's okay.

Blair: How could she be?

Jessica: You look so pretty. Yes, you do. You look so pretty, my sweet little girl. My sweet little angel girl. Thank you so much.

[Chloe coos]

Jessica: Yes, mommy has to -- I have to thank you. You've been... such a gift for me. You helped me get better. Yes, you did. But now you get to go home. Your new mommy and daddy -- they love you so, so much. I love you so much.

[Phone rings]

Marty: Hey.

John: How's it going?

Marty: Um, it's okay. Cole's with Starr. And Blair thought they needed a little time, so I'm just sitting in the foyer. Blair and Todd went to go pick up Hope.

John: So it's almost over.

Marty: Yes. John, listen, thank you. Whatever you -- whatever you said to Cole, you really brought him around.

John: It wasn't me. His dad did most of the talking.

Marty: What?

John: I had a book of Patrick’s poems. I gave it to Cole.

Marty: Really?

John: Remember "Rising from the Tumble"?

Marty: Yeah, I know that by heart. Cole wanted one of us to read it to him every night.

John: Are you okay?

Marty: Well, I'm better now that you called.

Cole: What's up? What's that behind you? Okay, now you're freaking me out. What?

Starr: Cole... I have something to tell you.

Marcie: This is the first present that I ever bought for Hope. The first time I really thought I was going to have a daughter. You want to do the honors?

Michael: Afterwards.

Marcie: After what?

Michael: Marcie McBain, will you marry me?

Viki: Honey, Todd and Blair are here.

Clint: Jess, we'll take it from here if you want.

Jessica: No, no. No, I want to do this for Chloe -- for Hope.

Blair: It's so good to see you, Jessica.

Jessica: Thank you for saying that. Could you please tell Starr that I'm so --

Blair: Sweetheart, it's okay. She knows, all right? She knows.

Jessica: Okay.

[Chloe and Jessica laugh]

[Jessica cries]

Viki: Jessie?

Jessica: Wait, actually, um -- this is, uh -- things that she likes, things that she doesn't like. Squash you should probably stay away from. Her bath time stuff. She likes to play with her duck but she doesn't like --

Todd: Okay.

Jessica: She doesn't like the water splashing her face.

Todd: Thank you.

Jessica: Okay. Goodbye, sweetie.

Singer: Please don't go I want you so I can't let go for I lose control all those arrows, you threw you threw them away you kept falling in love and then one day when you fell you fell towards me when you crashed in the clouds you found me oh, please don't go I want you so I can't let go for I lose control

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