One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 5/27/09


Episode # 10447 -- What Happens in the Boiler Room ...

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Markko: Okay. Well, I'll see you.

Langston: Are you serious?

Markko: No -- sort of.

Langston: Come here.

Markko: I don't want to leave you, like, ever. But I don't think I can deal if Dorian starts trying to get the details. How do I say, it was amazing, mad-crazy, great?

Langston: Just like that.

Dorian: Welcome home, you two. I thought I was going to have to send out a search party.

Rex: A friend of yours stopped by.

Stacy: Who?

Rex: Stan -- the guy you said hit on you at Rodi’s. He swears he's your old boss and that you stole a pile of money from him. Any of that ring a bell? You said you didn't know the guy. Remember? He was just some random creep coming on to you. But you know him, don't you?

Stacy: Okay, Rex, look. I mean, it's not that simple.

Rex: You lied to me. Why?

Schuyler: Stacy was not the one who donated the stem cells that saved Shane.

Gigi: What? What the hell are you talking about?

Schuyler: I know it sounds crazy.

Gigi: Yeah, it does. It makes zero sense.

Schuyler: Just give me a sec -- give me a second, okay --

Gigi: It was done in a hospital. Dr. Michael McBain watched over the whole thing, okay? I trust him.  My son had that stem cell transplant right down the hall from where Stacy donated.

Schuyler: Yeah, I know, right. But I'm thinking after the stem cells were extracted, Stacy switched them with somebody else's.

John: Hey, Bo. I know you got a lot on your plate right now. Thank you for keeping me in the loop.

Marty: Any news on Jess or the baby?

John: Nothing yet. You okay?

Marty: No, no. Definitely not. I'm so worried about them. I can barely wrap my mind around all this. I mean, Jess -- she's my friend. And her baby -- not her baby. I mean, her baby -- actually my grandchild. Mine and Todd's.

Todd: No more emergency rooms for you. Go home. Hi, I need to see Ms. Delgado.

Dr. Jay: She's in ICU for a reason. She needs to rest and be closely monitored.

Todd: Well, can I just tell her that I'm here and that it's going to be okay and all that kind of stuff?

Dr. Jay: A quick visit -- I'm talking five minutes. I'll be back.

Todd: Thank you for waiting with me. You can go home now.

Blair: Oh, well, I'm not going anywhere.

Todd: You just got out of this place. Why do you want to stick around for?

Blair: Well, I -- I need to talk to Téa.

Todd: You don't even like Téa.

Blair: Well, you know, we kind of shared something, you know, kind of --

Todd: What?

Blair: Well, just go -- you just go see her and then I'll go in there. Go ahead.

Todd: No, I don't think that's a good idea.

Blair: Come on. Why do you argue with me all the time? Just go. Hurry up, go.

Todd: Hey, hey. You awake? Téa? It's Todd. Can you open your eyes? You know, you didn't have to blow yourself up to get my attention.

[Téa grunts]

Téa: Scared you, didn't I?

Todd: Yeah, you did. A little bit.

Téa: Good.

Marty: I can't stop thinking about Cole and how he's going to react when I tell him about the baby.

John: He wanted that kid. He took it real hard when he found out she didn't make it.

Marty: I know. Now I remember how hard he does take things. Like when I told him his father had died -- that look on his face. I actually have a memory of it. Not a great one -- not so good, but actually I wouldn't give it up for anything.

John: I'm glad you got your memory back.

Marty: Me, too. It's coming in waves now. Just -- waves of Cole and Patrick.

John: That's good.

Marty: It is. I -- I remember you, too.

Langston: Okay, but we -- we need to get something straight.

Dorian: And what is that?

Langston: You're not getting a play-by-play of last night.

Langston: No, no. This has nothing to do with last night. In fact, it's far more serious than that.

Langston: What is it?

Dorian: Why don't all three of us sit down, shall we?

Dorian: Langston, your cousin Lola is a very, very disturbed girl.

Langston: Is -- is she the reason you called last night about the condoms?

Dorian: Actually, she got a hold of the condoms and she punctured holes in them.

Markko: Are you serious?

Langston: I knew it. She's a straight-up psycho.

Dorian: It's far worse than that. You see, after she told us about the condoms, she -- this is really hard to believe, but --

Langston: What? Tell me.

Dorian: Lola confessed that she had killed her own mother.

Gigi: Why -- okay, why -- why are you saying all this?

Schuyler: I'm saying this because the day that she was supposedly donating her stem cells to Shane, I went to visit her in the hospital in her room and I caught her throwing away a bag of blood with her name on it into the medical waste bin.

Rex: So you lied about knowing this guy Stan before seeing him at Rodi’s and he swears that you stole a pile of cash from him. I'd love finding that out about somebody I let stay here. You can either explain this or you can pack your stuff --

Stacy: Okay, okay, Rex. All right, I admit it. I lied. I lied about everything.

Gigi: You saw my sister throw away her stem cell donor bag?

Schuyler: Yes.

Gigi: Go on.

Schuyler: Okay. It was right after the procedure. It was the day that I met you. Do you remember that?

Gigi: Oh, yeah. Okay -- so anyway, did Stacy know that you saw her throw away her bag?

Schuyler: Yeah. Yeah, I called her out on it. I asked her what it was.

Gigi: And?

Schuyler: She -- well, at first, she had told me it was, like, a used tissue.

Gigi: And?

Schuyler: And I told her I didn't buy it and she tried to talk her way out of it and she left the room and I looked for her used tissue, and it was a bag of blood.

Gigi: Did you tell her you found it?

Schuyler: She said it was "extra."

Gigi: Extra what? Extra weird? Why would any hospital let someone just throw away their donated blood into the garbage?

Schuyler: That's -- that's exactly -- that's what I'm saying. That's why I think something was off.

Gigi: What did you do with it?

Schuyler: The bag of blood? I kept it.

Roxy: No way! How the hell did you get out of the can? I'm calling the cops. Maybe I'll get a reward.

Kyle: Put the phone down, Roxy. I'm out on bail.

Roxy: And you think you got the right to come to my hotel?

Kyle: Yeah. We have a deal.

Roxy: That was then --

Kyle: And this is now. Okay, give me a free room and I won't tell anybody about you stealing blood from your --

Roxy: Hey, just drop it. I did what I did for my kid's kid, so just drop it already.

Kyle: Yeah, I know. You're a saint.

Roxy: And you're an extortioner and a blackmailist.

Kyle: Well, after what you and your hot little friend, Stacy, are pulling on your precious little boy, Rex -- maybe I'm the saint.

Stacy: Wait, don't get so freaked out about this.

Rex: Why the hell not? You stole 20 grand from the guy and lied about it. You told me you were broke, which is one of the main reasons I let you stay here.

Stacy: And I totally appreciate it.

Rex: You have a messed up way of showing it. Some lowlife shows up at my door demanding money or else. My son could've been here.

Stacy: Okay, just listen to me, all right? I didn't steal money from that loser, Stan. I -- I just took back what was rightfully mine.

Rex: Not according to him.

Stacy: Yeah, well, he thinks whatever is someone else's is his.

Rex: I don't get it.

Stacy: He's my old boss from Vegas, and that's the truth. So if you don't believe me, you can give me a lie detector test.

Rex: Go on.

Stacy: My so-called boss treated us like dirt. He stole our tips. He even took a cut off our paycheck and told us he would fire us if we ratted him out and he'd make sure we weren't hired anywhere else. So I kept record of it and that little creep took $20,000 of mine.

Rex: So you figured you'd even the score.

Stacy: Damn right. When I decided I was leaving Vegas, there was no way I was leaving behind 20 grand. That's not the way I operate. I don't let go of what's mine without a fight.

Langston: That's way beyond disturbed.

Markko: Are you sure she wasn't high when she told you all of this because she came to prom with this drug dealer, Asher.

Langston: Yeah, maybe she was just messed up and making up stories.

Dorian: Oh, she was definitely, as you say, "messed up." But it's obvious that she was telling the truth about what she did to her mother.

Langston: I just thought she was really bitchy, but -- she actually killed her own mother? What is wrong with her?

Dorian: They haven't made a definite diagnosis yet, but it's obvious to me that she has absolutely no conception of other people's feelings.

Markko: I guess not. She let her dad take the rap for that murder for all this time.

Dorian: Mm-hmm. And then she tried to blame it on her stepmother.

Langston: Lola's going to jail, isn't she?

Dorian: At the moment, she's in St. Ann's for evaluation. Your Uncle Ray is with her. What's going to happen to her, nobody is sure.

Téa: The last thing I remember, I could barely keep my eyes open.

Todd: Yeah, a gas leak will do that, huh? But you should consider yourself lucky because Rebecca Lewis wanted to blow everyone to bits. She ended up killing herself instead.

Téa: Good. Wait, wait -- what about Blair? How -- how's Blair doing?

Todd: She's fine.

Téa: And Marty?

Todd: Marty's fine. They're fine. You got the worst of it, certainly.

Téa: I got to tell you, I thought that was it. I thought, "Delgado, this is the end of the line" --

Todd: Stop, stop. I don't want to hear that stuff. You're going to be fine.

Téa: Is that your professional medical opinion?

Todd: No, that's the doctor's. And I made him swear on it. What?

Téa: If I didn't know better --

[Téa chuckles]

Téa: I'd think you actually cared about me. Just a little bit.

Todd: Un poco? Un poco?

Téa: Ouch, don't -- don't make -- don't -- don't make me laugh. It hurts to laugh.

Todd: You know, for a second there, I thought you really wanted me dead. I thought you were actually going to pull that trigger.

Téa: You're a real bastard, Todd, but I could never hurt you. What did happened between you and Powell anyway?

Todd: John shot him. But I don't want to talk about that now. Just glad you're okay.

John: I don't know what to say.

Marty: You don't have to say anything.

John: You must be exhausted.

Marty: Yeah, I should be, huh? But I've got all these memories filtering down into my brain. I don't think I could sleep until they've completely downloaded. Guess it's a good problem to have, though.

John: It's nice to see you so positive. Looks like you could use some time on your own. I'll see you later.

Marty: John -- why didn't you tell me we folded paper airplanes together?

John: You gave me a book about it. It was all very scientific.

Marty: Yeah. Guess I thought you would think it was silly.

John: But I didn't.

Téa: I saw -- so, wait, Blair really is okay? She's okay?

Todd: Yeah, actually, she's just outside. She says she wants to talk to you.

Téa: Why?

Todd: I have no idea. All she said was that you guys went through something together, that she wasn't interested in discussing the details with me. She just said she wants to talk to you.

Téa: The truth is, no matter if I'm dead, Todd Manning is, was, and will always be the love of my life.

Blair: Mine, too.

Gigi: You kept it? A bag of blood? Who hangs on to something like that?

Schuyler: Well, I'm -- I'm a high school science teacher. I don't think it's that much of a stretch. Look, just hear me out for a second --

Gigi: You know what? I have and I think you're nuts.

Schuyler: Thanks. All right, fine. You know what? Whatever. Think whatever you want about me. I came here because I thought you should know and because I tried confronting Stacy already --

Gigi: I'm sure that went over well.

Schuyler: Yeah, she kind of had the same reaction you did when I told her I kept the blood.

Gigi: I bet.

Schuyler: And she denied it up and down, you know, that she did anything wrong. And then she tried to turn it around on me because, you know, that's what Stacy does and then she told Rex -- put a nice little spin on that. And now Rex thinks I'm some ex-boyfriend turned stalker, which is great.

Gigi: You say you're not?

Schuyler: Gigi, I don't have a grudge against your sister. Okay, yes, I was in love with her, but that was a long time ago and -- yeah, I did want to get back together. But that was before I realized that the girl I fell in love with is capable of terrible, terrible things.

Gigi: Prove to me you're not making all this up.

Schuyler: Okay, okay. Well, I had the blood tested at the lab. You could look at the results. That would show you.

Gigi: Show me what?

Schuyler: If -- if it matches Stacy, right, and not Shane, then Stacy's not the donor. She didn't save Shane's life.

Gigi: That can't be true. Can it? Okay, okay. Wait. So Stacy might not be the donor?

Schuyler: Right, because why else would she ditch a bag of stem cells that would save him?

Gigi: What do you think happened?

Schuyler: I -- I think -- I think she made a deal. I think she made a deal, just like she did with you.

Gigi: Oh, my God, Schuyler. If you're right, do you have any idea what that would mean?

Stacy: You do believe me, don't you?

Rex: Sure. Sure, I do. I get it. I grew up around guys like Stan.

Stacy: You know, I -- I would tell people that I used to be an exotic dancer. Hell, I even told myself that. But the truth is, I was shaking my ass for a bunch of creeps. I'd come off the stage and there would be Stan with his hand out.

Rex: A guy like that, you got to cut off at the pass.

Stacy: Wait -- what are you doing?

Rex: Calling Bo Buchanan.

Stacy: The police commissioner?

Rex: He is my best friend. He will tell us the best way to handle this.

Stacy: No!

Todd: So what happened in that boiler room between you and Blair?

Téa: Look, Todd --

Blair: You know, the doctor wants to talk to you, Todd.

Todd: Really?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Todd: Be right back. I'm going to come back and I'll tell you what he says.

Blair: Hi.

Téa: Hey. How are you? You look good.

Blair: Thanks. Um, you look like crap.

Téa: Thanks.

Blair: But you're going to get better, you know? Um, what were you and Todd talking about just now?

Téa: Relax, Blair. I didn't tell him what you said to me about him.

Blair: What are you talking about?

Téa: You know exactly what I'm talking about. When you and I -- when we thought we were breathing our last bit of oxygen, I admitted that Todd is love of my life. And you admitted the same damn thing.

John: That day with the paper airplanes --

Marty: You kissed me.

John: To shut you up.

Marty: And it worked, too.

John: Don't point your finger at me.

Marty: I can point my finger at you if I want to --

John: You will not point your finger at me.

Marty: John –

Markko: Today, last night, every second with you is amazing no matter what else is going on.

Langston: You're what's amazing. Oh. Oh, I can't wait to be alone with you again.

Markko: You know what I wish?

Langston: What?

Markko: Tomorrow, I'd wake up next to you.

Langston: Me, too.

Gigi: Oh, my God! Oh, my God, you're kind of freaking me out here.

Schuyler: Yeah, I can see that.

Gigi: So, Stacy might not be the donor? For real? Wow, wow! Oh, my God, if this is true, then I don't have to lie to Rex anymore!

Schuyler: I can't imagine what she's putting you through at this point.

Gigi: Nobody can, nobody can. Rex, he's the love of my life.

Schuyler: Hey, I don't mean to, like, blame the victim here, but how come you didn't just bust Stacy right after the procedure? I have no idea what that means.

Gigi: Yeah, I -- I used to play it fast and loose with the church, horror movies on Good Fridays, confession like every five years and then all of a sudden, they tell me that my 10-year-old son might die. And so, I got me a whole new attitude. I made a promise to God, and I said I'd do anything, and I though that if I went back on that, that it would be Shane who'd pay.

Schuyler: But he's responding to the treatment, right?

Gigi: Well, a couple of times it seemed like he was rejecting the transplant.

Schuyler: Oh -- oh. Oh, and that was around the time that you were thinking about blowing the whistle on Stacy.

Gigi: Yeah, to tell you the truth, I'm always thinking about blowing the whistle on her. But, well, if my -- if my whole promise to God is based on all of Stacy's lies, then -- then I can whistle-blow from the top of the tallest building in Llanview and God is going to be just fine with that. And Rex -- I can tell Rex the truth. I can -- I can tell Rex the truth about everything.

Schuyler: Uh, hey, what -- what are you doing?

Gigi: What do you think? I'm calling Rex.

Stacy: No, no cops!

Rex: Yes, cops! This guy Stan is no joke, okay? He's not going to let it go until it catches up with you.

Stacy: Look, I can handle him.

Rex: He thinks you ripped him off for 20 grand. He's dangerous, Stacy.

Stacy: Yeah, I know he is, but he's also connected! And if you call the cops, he's not only going to be mad at me, he's going to be mad at you and he might even use your mom or Shane or --

Rex: Oh, oh, oh -- all right, all right, all right. I see where you're going.

Stacy: Thank you.

Rex: So, we give him back the money.

Stacy: I don't have the money.

Rex: None of it?

Kyle: Will you just shut up and listen? If you're not down here with my money by the time I'm arraigned, then your little friend Rex is going to find out you didn't really save his son.

Rex: Stacy? What happened to the money?

Stacy: It -- it was stolen.

Roxy: What, you want money?

Kyle: I want a key. Okay, you're stuck with me until I find another place to live which I promise you is anywhere but here.

[Kyle sighs]

Kyle: Look, Roxy? My sister died tonight, okay?

Roxy: Oh, and you want sympathy? She helped that nut Powell Lord murder a lot of people. They almost killed another bunch --

Kyle: Yeah, I don't know anything about that.

Roxy: Yeah, right, a likely story!

Kyle: Okay, Rebecca and I weren't close, but she's dead. Okay? Police have been grilling me for hours. All I want to do is go upstairs, take a shower, and go to bed and not talk about this anymore with anyone -- including you.

Roxy: I shouldn't have asked you to help me.

Kyle: Yeah, and I shouldn't have said yes, but I did, and we're both stuck together here, right? Last thing I need is for somebody to link me with a crazy blood donor switch --

Roxy: The donor is dead! And so is the topic.

Roxy: Just drop it, okay? Just drop it!

Marty: Huh.


Marty: Now what?

Blair: Oh, I think all the gas has given you a little brain damage, Téa, because I never said anything like that.

Téa: Cut the crap, Blair. It's just you and me here anyway.

Blair: Well, see, what I remember -- and I think I remember correctly -- is that you had this big, dark secret, a secret that you'd never told a single soul. So you want to tell me what that secret is?

Blair: Why does that question make you feel so uncomfortable, Téa?

Téa: What's making me uncomfortable, Blair, is six hours of surgery. I have no idea what you're talking about.

Blair: Why do you want to play it like this? You really want to do that?

Téa: I think it's in both of our best interests to just drop everything we talked about in that basement. Don't you?

Blair: Right.

Téa: Let's just keep our mouths shut and pretend like none of it ever happened. Deal?

Blair: Deal.

Todd: What deal?

Langston: Helado?

Dorian: Why, honey, that's so sweet of you. Thanks.

Langston: You know, if Lola actually did what you said she did, she must've wanted to ruin my life.

Dorian: It would seem that way. May I ask you a question?

Langston: No -- Markko and I used the condoms that he bought instead. And that's pretty much all I'm going to say about my personal life.

Dorian: Markko is a very sweet, dear young man and it's obvious that he cares about you very, very much.

Langston: Thank you for saying that.

Dorian: In certain ways, he reminds me of your Uncle Ray.

Langston: Oh. He must be such a wreck over Lola.

[Langston sighs]

Dorian: He was devastated but, you know, he just took control and really was quite remarkable.

Langston: You're calling my Uncle Ray "remarkable"? What happened?

Dorian: Let's just say that he's turned out to be a very pleasant surprise.

Langston: Did this whole nightmare with Lola make you see him in a new way?

Dorian: Actually, it started before that.

Langston: Really?

Dorian: Really. And that's all I'm going to say about my personal life.

Schuyler: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- wait, wait, wait, wait. You -- you can't call Rex.

Gigi: Why not?

Schuyler: Because even when I tried to tell him, he just, like -- he wouldn't hear it.

Gigi: Yeah, because Stacy probably has him thinking that you're a big jerk.

Schuyler: Right, right. Wouldn't you want to go to him with proof?

Gigi: Totally! Let's go to the lab!

Schuyler: Right, right. It's closed right now, though.

Gigi: Well, then, first thing tomorrow morning. Oh, God, I just -- I want my life back. Please, please, please let this be true!

Schuyler: I'm pretty sure it is but, look, let me just -- let me tell you something. When Stacy wants something, I mean, she'll do anything she can to get it.

Gigi: Thank you. Thank you for hating that witch as much as I do.

Schuyler: I don't hate her.

Gigi: Huh?

Schuyler: I don't hate her. I mean, I -- I know that sounds crazy to you, but I do care about her and I think this -- I think this obsession with Rex is bad for her and I think exposing her will help her.

Gigi: No offense, but screw her. If she lied about this, then she's a complete whack job. So we are going to that lab first thing in the morning and we are going to get the proof that she wasn't the donor and then I am going straight to Rex, and that bitch is history.

Rex: Somebody ripped off 20 grand from you and you didn't tell me?

Stacy: I was afraid you'd get mad and do something crazy.

Rex: Just tell me what happened.

Stacy: Okay. I had the money -- all of it -- when I was living with sky, and now I don't.

Rex: So he took it?

Stacy: Yeah, but I don't have any proof. I just know that one day it wasn't there, and the next day, he kicked me out.

Rex: Can we get it back from him?

Stacy: He probably spent it already.

[Rex chuckles]

Rex: Well, that -- that's a lot of money.

Stacy: Not when you have a drug problem.

Rex: He does?

Stacy: He did. And it was a pretty big one, too -- it wasn't just recreational. Maybe he had a relapse -- I mean, he did get fired from his teaching job.

Rex: He tell you why?

Stacy: Inappropriate contact with a student.

Rex: How could you stand this guy?

Stacy: I can't, but I can't go after him. I don't have any proof, but even if I did, I'd still have to hand over the money to Stan.

Rex: Who knew $20,000 would be such a buzz kill?

Stacy: Yeah, you're telling me. If I don't get that money to him, he said he's going to rearrange my face.

Rex: Okay, now we get the cops involved.

Stacy: Rex, no! Please.

Rex: He threatened you!

Stacy: What about Shane? If you call the cops, he's just going to come after the both of you!

Rex: Okay, then there's only one thing I can do -- I got to get my hands on 20 grand.

Stacy: But you don't have that kind of money.

Rex: Don't worry about it. I'll get it.

Stacy: Thank you.

Téa: Blair and I just made a deal not to call each other names.

Blair: Yes, or talk behind the other's back.

Todd: You agreed to that?

Blair: Well, a near-death experience -- well, you know, makes you see things differently.

Téa: Exactly.

Todd: I think the gas went to your heads.

Blair: Uh, what -- what did the doctor say?

Todd: The doctor said a couple of things. First, he said you're lucky to be alive and secondly, he said, and I quote, "Téa must be made of some pretty sturdy stuff if she survived that blast." Those were his exact words. But he said you're going to be just fine -- you just need to stay flat on your back.

Blair: Well, that's a position she's used to. Um -- sorry. Old habits.

Téa: I'm not staying here. I hate hospitals.

Todd: Yeah, you're going to be just fine.

Téa: Oh, as soon as I can walk, I am out of here.

Todd: You are not going to be able to take care of yourself for some time now.

Blair: You know what? You're probably going to have to have a nurse take care of you. That's what people have to do when they don't have any family or friends.

Todd: Oh, jeez. Well, this deal has held up well, hasn't it?

Blair: Hmm.

Téa: Boiler room.

Todd: What did you say?

Blair: Nothing.

Téa: Oh, Blair’s right -- I don't know who's going to take care of me.

Todd: Well, I can do it.

John: Marty, I'm -- I'm --

Marty: Sorry.

John: No, not at all. But I'm with someone else. I'm married to someone else. That has to mean something.

Marty: No, of course it does.

Marty: And I have a son to take care of. Actually, by tomorrow, I may have a grandchild to take care of, too. In less than 12 hours, I might be telling Cole and Starr that their baby's alive. Cole's going to really need me then.

John: Yeah. And Blair’s just getting out of the hospital.

Marty: Right.

Marty: Just so you know, you're still a really good kisser.

John: May not want to mention that to the wife.

Téa: You really want to take care of me?

Todd: Well, what the hell? You're just going to be laying there, aren't you?

Téa: Oh. And where am I supposed to stay while you're playing nursemaid to me?

Todd: Don't worry about it. We'll take care of it.

Blair: You know, maybe we should let Téa get some rest. Come on.

Todd: Okay.

Blair: Sure you don't want to tell me what that secret is?

Téa: We shook on it, remember?

Blair: Oh, that.

Téa: Yeah, that. What happened in the boiler room stays in the boiler room.

Blair: Well, I can keep up my end of the deal as long as you keep up yours.

John: Cole will be happy to have you with him tomorrow.

Marty: Starr will have Blair and Blair will have you.

John: I'm sure Bo will have tracked down Jessica and the baby by morning.

Marty: God, I hope so.

John: Welcome back.

Rex: Good night.

Stacy: Good night, Rex. Hey? Thank you.

Gigi: Some day, huh?

Schuyler: Yeah, I know. I'm beat.

Gigi: I was, but now I got all kinds of energy.

Schuyler: Huh. Well, I'll pick you up in the morning and we'll go to the lab, okay?

Gigi: Okay, it sounds like a plan. Wait! So if Stacy wasn't the donor, then who was?

Schuyler: Well, I don't know. I mean, that's a big question. I think we should, like, take this one step at a time.

Gigi: Okay.

Roxy: Thought this big, fat mess was over, Morris -- you know, when the nurse called me and told me that you know who was dead? But I'm beginning to wonder -- when is this thing gonna end?

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