One Life to Live Transcript Monday 5/4/09


Episode # 10431 -- Love Hurts

Provided By Laurie R.
Proofread By Kathy

Todd: I don't know what you're talking about. What's wrong?

Starr: I can't tell you.

Todd: It's not about him, is it? You want me to let you out of here so you can go see that teacher of yours.

Starr: No, it wasn't Mr. J. On the phone. It was Cole. It's Cole who is in trouble and if you don't let me go to him right now, I'm afraid of what I'll find when I get there.

Matthew: It should be you in that chair instead of me. It should be you!

Cole: You're right. You all are. It should be me in that chair, not you.

Matthew: You know, there's an easy way you can make that happen. Jump.

Viki: You're Brody Lovett.

Brody: Ma'am --

Viki: Would one of you like to explain to me why you were hiding in the bushes? And you seem fully aware of that fact.

Stacy: Whoo! You must have pissed someone off in a former life to be out here sleeping all alone. Me, on the other hand -- with a little luck, I'll have a warm bed and a beautiful man waiting for me.

Gigi: Shane, you hardly touched the celebration cake Noelle baked for you. Don't worry; she packed it up to go for you so it's here when you want it.

Rex: And I recorded all your favorite shows while you were in the hospital in case you missed them.

Gigi: So, you know what that means. Chocolate cake and HDTV.

Rex: Two great tastes that taste great together.

Shane: Would you two just cut the crap?

Gigi: Excuse me?

Shane: I know I'm not supposed to talk that way, but you guys are making me sick pretending that everything is okay. Dad, if you're moving out, just go already.

John: You take the bed. I'll take the couch. It wouldn't be the first time.

Marty: It wouldn't be the first time we slept in a bed together, either.

Starr: Can't you see how important this is to me?

Todd: Getting away from me? Yes, I can see it. Couldn't miss it. I had to threaten to call the cops just to get you out of Dorian’s.

Starr: Dad, that's not what this is about.

Todd: No, it's about Cole dying, apparently -- unless I let you leave.

Starr: Yes, exactly.

Todd: And I should believe you why?

Starr: Because I'm your daughter and I'm asking you to trust me.

John: I'm not sure that's the --

Marty: I -- we're just going to sleep. You're a married man. I respect that. Sorry.

John: Don't worry about it.

Marty: No, it's just -- it was a little insensitive. I just feel -- I don't have any memory of us being together.

John: It's awkward. The whole thing is –

Marty: Is what?

John: Nothing. Forget I said anything.

Marty: Why don't you tell me? Tell me.

John: This night, this place -- it's similar to the night we did spend together.

Marty: The night we -- the night? As in one night? Wait, let me get this straight. You're saying that we were only together one night?  Was it that bad?

John: No. It was the opposite of bad.

Viki: Are you two, what, seeing each other?

Jessica: Yes. But, Mom, no one can know about it, okay? It has to stay really, really quiet.

Viki: Why? Are your doctors opposed to you being involved so soon after treatment?

Jessica: No. No, no, no.

Viki: Well, honey, why? Why do I have to keep it quiet?

Brody: Ms. Davidson, I don't want you to think for a second that I have anything but the best, you know, intentions. I really care about Jessica, ma’am -- a lot.

Natalie: You have one hell of a nerve showing up here at night trying to work my mother. You torpedoed my brother's life and now you want to do the same thing to my sister.

Shane: I mean it.  What's supposed to happen, here? You sleep upstairs, Dad sleeps on the couch, and when I wake up, both of you are making pancakes, pretending we're a family. Seriously, and I mean this, don't bother.

Gig: We just wanted your homecoming to be happy.

Shane: Happy? I'm still waiting to see if Aunt Stacy's cells are going to save me, and you two are splitting up.

Rex: I -- I promise you, that's not going to change anything between us.

Shane: On what planet?

Gigi: Shane --

Shane: I've been through this before, remember? When I didn't know Dad was my dad and I thought Brody was. Brody slept on the couch, and it was not cool then. This would be 10 times worse.

Rex: Your mom and I -- we just want to make this -- this -- well I don't know what to call it, but we want it to be as smooth as it can be for you. What can we do?

Shane: If you're going, I just wish you'd go, like, now.

Gigi: Shane, please don't talk to your father that way.

Rex: I just want you to be comfortable. Kid, I'll do whatever you need.

Shane: I want you to stay, but just not like this.

Rex: I am so sorry. I'll take what I can with me tonight and be back for the rest tomorrow.

Gigi: Shane –

Matthew: You know, you keep saying that -- well, that you're sorry and that you wish you could trade places with me. Well, you can't. But, you know, if you were in a chair, too, at least we'd be even, right? The fall won't kill you. I mean, it's only the second floor. But you know, if you angle yourself just right, if we're lucky, you can become paralyzed, a cripple, just like me.

Cole: You're right. I wrecked everything. You, Starr, our baby -- now I have to wreck me, too.

Starr: What's happening with Cole is private. You just have to trust me. Can't you do that?

Todd: No. You've lied to me before.

Starr: You've lied to us a million times -- over and over again, Dad. Okay, if I was ever in trouble -- right, or Jack, or Sam, or Mom -- you would drop everything and do anything to get to us, wouldn't you?

Todd: Yes, of course.

Starr: Okay. Give me that chance. You say you love me so much. This is what love is. What I'm doing right now is what love is all about. What I did for you when you needed me -- I lied in court so you wouldn't go to jail. It's about putting other people's needs ahead of your own. I need to walk out that door, dad. I'm going right now. You can chase me, you can tackle me, you can do whatever, but I will crawl if I have to to get to Cole. Just please let me go.

Todd: Starr -- here, take mine.

Todd: Hey, fill the tank up before you bring it back. 

Rex: You are going to be okay. We are going to be okay. I mean it. Your mom and I, we will work out a schedule and I will see you every single day. And sometimes, you can sleep over at my house with me if you want, too. I really need you to understand that I am not going anywhere, even though I'm going. I really need you to get that. You are not losing me. I am your father, and I always will be.

Shane: The whole time when I was in the hospital, when I was scared and I couldn't sleep, I'd think of the day that I'd come home, how awesome it would be when the three of us would be together. We were a family for, like, 5 minutes, Dad.

Gigi: We still are. We always will be. Your dad --

Shane: Don't, okay? Just don't.

Rex: Shane, wait. I love you more than anything.

Shane: But not enough to fix things with Mom.

Gigi: Rex –

Stacy: I don't know how you do it. My old boyfriend kicked me out and I've only been wandering the streets for a day and I already want to slit my wrists. Good thing the guy I really want is in some need of some TLC, and I'm just the girl to give it to him. You know, if you were awake, I'd ask you how I look. Good enough to eat?

Homeless woman: Tex-Mex is more my speed, but you'll do. I'm homeless, I'm not a cannibal. You want to know what you look like? It'll cost you a dollar. A whore. Corner of Fourth and Cambie is that way. You're painted bright enough to pull a john from 20 paces in the dark. You need to tone it down. Especially if you want to reel in some guy who just lost the love of his life.

Stacy: You heard all that?

Homeless woman: Nothing wrong with my ears.

Stacy: Okay, Gigi is not the love of his life, okay? And I can love him way better than she ever could.

Homeless woman: You want in? Desperate will work a whole lot better.

Stacy: Meaning?

[Stacy sighs]

Homeless woman: This guy's ego took a beating when this lady dumped him, so va-va-voom won't cut it. But damsel in distress, huh? He'll lap that right up.

Natalie: Just how much damage do you want to cause to my family?

Jessica: Natalie, it's okay.

Natalie: No, it's not okay.

Jessica: We were just talking. We were getting a few things straight.

Natalie: What do you have to get straight? This jackass wrecked my brother's family. He slept with Gigi.

Viki: What?

Natalie: Yes. Yes, it's true. Captain fantastic, here, hopped in the sack with mother of the year while my nephew is fighting leukemia.

Jessica: Natalie --

Natalie: What a hero.

Jessica: You don't know about the whole situation, okay?

Natalie: Jess -- Jess, please, please tell me you're not letting this guy get to you, are you?

Marty: I wish I could remember.

John: I know all this must be strange for you.

Marty: Can you fill in the blanks for me? If it was -- why didn't we go on if it was so "opposite of bad?"

John: The next morning, you were gone.

Marty: I walked out on you?

John: It was the morning you were kidnapped.

[Cole pants]

Cole: I can't take this anymore. The pain is killing me.

Matthew: Wait until you can't feel anything. That's worse.

Cole: Matthew, please -- please, I'll do whatever you want. Just please -- help me!

Matthew: How? With these? Do you want to get high again? You want to cripple another kid? Will that make you feel better?

Cole: No! Get back here, you son of a bitch! Matthew, please. Matthew, please come back. Please come back and help me.

Matthew: I can help you, but you know what has to be done. I didn't do anything wrong! I didn't commit a crime! I didn't do drugs! So, if I have to be in a chair, so do you! Come on, Cole. You're almost there. You can't take back what you did, but you can even it out.

Cole: [Unintelligible]

Starr: Cole! Cole!

Jessica: You know, my sister's right. Pretending to be my friend, making me think we had a chance for something more -- what, didn't I act quick enough? You gave Gigi the same offer?

Brody: Oh, hey --

Jessica: Forget it. I'm tired of listening to you.

Brody: Fine. You know, I tried apologizing, a fat lot of good it did me.

Jessica: Well maybe because it's too unforgivable to apologize.

Brody: The worst mistake I ever made was even trying to hook up with you.

Jessica: The worst mistake I ever even made was trying to hook up with you. You're nothing but an ass.

Jared: Jessica, you all right?

Jessica: I -- I will be.

Natalie: Jess, listen. I'm really sorry -- sorry I got on to you about him. It's just you deserve so much better. You really do.

Jessica: Thank you.

Jessica: Thanks for playing along. You do know that--

Viki: Honey, I know nothing. But I'm starting to get an idea.

Jessica: Natalie and Jared think that Brody and Gigi are scum. But the truth is that he is a really great guy and Gigi is in the worst bind that a woman could ever possibly be in.

[Knock at door]

Stacy: Hey.

John: I went out to get some coffee and when I came back, you were gone.

Marty: Where were we?

John: A motel room in New Orleans.

Marty: What were we doing in New Orleans?

John: We were on a kind of a road trip.

Marty: Motel again? No B&B? Cheap date.

John: Our car had broken down. It was late and while we were waiting to get it fixed, we grabbed the only room we could.

Marty: So it was like an accident, us being -- we didn't plan anything.

John: No. No, but we'd been spending a lot of time together. But the trip wasn't about that. I was trying to track someone down.

Marty: And I was helping you. No wonder you are having a déja vu. And the room was like this?

John: Yeah. It wasn't the kind of place where you thought something deep would happen.

Marty: But something deep did happen?

John: Yeah, we had this very intense conversation beforehand.

Marty: About what?

John: You told me about your husband -- about the night he was killed. You okay?

Marty: Yeah. No, tell me.

John: You said you were on the phone with him when it happened. He was shot while you were talking with him. You heard the whole thing. You said you never told anyone before about that night. But you told me.

Marty: Then what?

John: Well, I guess you trusted me, so I trusted you. And I told you about someone I loved that was taken from me. And then --

Marty: What?

John: I said I didn't know what I'd do if I lost you. We were both scared about opening up to somebody else. But somewhere along the way we decided to take the chance.

Marty: And then we made love.

Starr: Cole, what's going on? Who were you talking to?

Cole: Matthew's right. I need to even it out.

Starr: Even what out? What do you mean "Matthew's right?"

Cole: You're not here, Starr. You're not here.

Starr: Cole, I am right here. I'm here. What are you talking about, Cole? I'm right here.

Cole: I deserve to be in that wheelchair, not Matthew.

Starr: What wheelchair? What are you talking about? I'm real. I'm real, Cole, okay? And I'm right here. I'm not going to leave you. You're not alone. You're safe. Come here You're safe now.

Todd: Hey, guys. It's time to brush your teeth, get ready for bed.

Blair: Where are they?!    

[Knock on door]

Viki: Gigi? Hi, hon, I came -- what's the matter?

Gigi: Rex.

Viki: What?

Gigi: He just moved out.

Viki: Oh, God, honey, I'm so sorry. Do you want to talk about it? I know Shane just came home from the hospital. Lois makes these. They're outrageously good.

Gigi: Thank you. He'll love them.

Viki: What's his prognosis?

Gigi: We don't know. He didn't reject the transplant but now we just have to wait and see if it's gonna do what it's supposed to do.

Viki: Thank God your sister was a match, huh?

Gigi: Yeah, yeah, and Shane’s strong. He's the best of his dad and me, so he just has to beat this. That's all that matters.

Viki: Well, it is the most important thing, yes, but, honey, it's not all that matters. [Sighs] Darling, you were so happy before your sister came to town. And then Shane got sick, and since then nothing you've done with your life, darling, has made any sense at all. So I have to ask you if Rex's leaving has anything to do with Stacy.

Rex: How did you know I'd be here tonight?

Stacy: I didn't. I just took a shot. I mean, I figured you wouldn't be at my sister's place.

Rex: You figured right. What's with the suitcase? Did something happen with you and Schuyler?

Stacy: Yeah, something happened, but, you know, you've got your own stuff. Yeah, I should go somewhere else.

Rex: No -- no, uh, stay, please. It looks like we could both use somebody to talk to.

Stacy: Sure, if that's what you really want.

Cole: Are you real?

Starr: Yeah.

Cole: Are you real?

Starr: Of course I'm real. I told you I would come back, and I came back.

Cole: Your dad?

Starr: My dad was not going to keep you and me apart, okay? And no one's going to, and I'm not going to leave you, all right? Now, come in here. I'm going to shut the window. Come here.

Cole: They told me I was no good.

Starr: Who said that?

Cole: Your dad, Markko, Matt, Nora, my mom -- they were all here.

Starr: No, they weren't. They weren't here, Cole. You are seeing things. They weren't here. They were doing what we read about, remember? You were hallucinating.

Cole: What they said was true.

Starr: No, you were hallucinating.

Cole: I saw Matt -- I saw Matt sitting in the wheelchair! He was sitting right there.

Starr: Okay --

Cole: He stood up -- he stood up, he walked. He stood up, he walked that way. He told me that I had to jump out.

Starr: No --

Cole: Then I'd be just like he is.

Starr: Cole, he would never say something like that to you ever. He would never want that to happen -- never.

Cole: I know. I know. So, it was me -- I wanted it.

Starr: Oh, no.

Cole: I wanted to do to myself what I did to him.

Starr: No, you didn't.

Cole: But you came back. You came back and you stopped me and you saved me.

Starr: Hold me.

Blair: Okay, you called me. Now, where are my kids?

Todd: The boys are upstairs.

Blair: Where's Starr?

Todd: Starr went out.

Blair: She went out? Where did she go at this hour?

Todd: She had something to take care of.

Blair: Fine, you laugh all you want. I'm going to get the boys and then I'm going to be on my way. Jack, Sam, come on down here!

Todd: When did you get out of the hospital?

Blair: I didn't get out of the hospital -- I left, all right? I left when I found out that you even tried to steal my kids from me.

Todd: So you just walked out?

Blair: I'm here, aren't I?

Todd: You think that was a good idea?

Blair: You know what? It wasn't good for you, now, was it? Because you would have loved it if I'd been stuck in that hospital bed forever, wouldn't you? What were you going to do? You going to try to take my kids away from me forever? Maybe run off with them, like you and Marty were going to do with my grandbabies?

Todd: Oh, hold on.

Blair: Don't -- I'm fine. I just want you to go upstairs and get the boys. Get the boys and you're going to help me put them in a taxicab that's waiting out -- just go do it, Todd!

Todd: Blair, first of all, you're not going to take the boys anywhere. I've got custody. Secondly, look at you. It's terrible. You're very weak. I'm going to call you an ambulance.

Blair: No, you're not calling anybody. I'm here and I'm their mother, Todd. I am their mother!

Todd: Okay, take it easy.

Blair: Don't tell me to take it easy. You go to court, you try to take my kids away from me -- when I couldn't fight back. That's low.

Todd: Lower than marrying John McBain?

Blair: Oh --

Todd: Making him the kids' stepfather.

Blair: John didn't kill anybody, okay? But he didn't stick around either. So I'm going to take matters into my own hands. I'm going to get the boys and I'm going to go. Sam! Jack! It's Mom!

Todd: Hold it -- whoa.

[Blair moans]

Marty: Did we really just have one night together?

John: Yeah.

Marty: Ever wonder what would have happened if we had more than one night together?

John: Every day.

Viki: Honey, I know you. I knew you before Rex came into your life and I've known you since. And none of this adds up.

Gigi: With all due respect, Viki, there's a lot you don't know about me.

Viki: That is very true. What I do know is what you told me, honey. That you've had a lot of trouble with Stacy ever since she came here. Like her parading around half naked in front of Rex.

Gigi: It's not Stacy -- it's me, okay? I slept with someone else. I cheated on Rex. That's all there is to it.

Viki: Yeah, so you said. Honey, I don't believe it. I didn't then and I don't now.

Gigi: It's true. And it wasn't just someone, it was Brody.

Viki: Yeah, I just heard that.

Gigi: You did? Who from?

Viki: Natalie.

Gigi: Oh, she hates me now.

Viki: Well, she grew up with Rex as her brother, so she's furious with you and Brody.

Gigi: I'm sorry about that.

Viki: She loves Rex. You love Rex. You didn't sleep with Brody. I don't believe it. What I can't figure out is since it didn't happen, why are you saying it did, darling? What is really going on?

Stacy: Yeah, Schuyler and I had this big blowout after all that crazy stuff he tried pulling at the hospital. It's weird.

Rex: Lifting some stranger's blood sample, dangling it in front of me, saying it was yours? Yeah, I'd say weird doesn't really cover it.

Stacy: Yeah.

Rex: What's that guy's problem, anyway?

Stacy: I told him he would never have a chance with me.

Rex: Well, people can act crazy when they feel that way about someone.

Stacy: I know, you're right. I guess I was actually pretty lucky he kicked me out when he did.

Rex: Yeah, it's for the best.

Stacy: Yeah.

Rex: Well, I'm sorry you had to spend all that time wandering around upset. What are you going to do?

Stacy: Look, Rex, I have no money. I have no place to go. Can I stay here with you?

John: I couldn't stop looking until I found you. I was too late. Cole and I thought we saw you die.

Marty: Oh, my God.

John: And then I found out that Manning had someone living in his house, and my gut told me that you were there.

Marty: That connection you felt was still there.

John: But I know everything is different now.

Marty: It is and it isn't. We've kind of come full circle. Here we are alone in a room together. Someone out there trying to kill me just like that other night.

John: I'm never going to lose you again.

Todd: You're a mess. You've got no business being out of that hospital. What are you thinking? You think you're going to be any good to the kids?

Blair: Where's Starr? I can't believe you let her out of your sight.

Todd: She made a pretty good case about something, and I trusted her.

Blair: Wow, wonders never cease.

Todd: She's pretty willful. Wonder where she got that.

Blair: Here we go, here we go.

Todd: Of course I blame that on you.

Cole: I feel like such a loser.

Starr: You're not a loser. Do you hear me? You are not a loser at all. You are going to get through this, and losers could not get this, all right? You're so much stronger than you think you are. Yes, you are, okay?

Cole: So how long until your dad comes looking for you?

Starr: I don't know -- tomorrow, maybe, but he's not going to take me away from you, and I am not leaving you. We are a team, okay? We're going to get through this together. You'll see. You'll see.    

[Phone rings]

Brody: Ahem.

Jessica: Did you have to get into ripping me so much?

Brody: Did you have to call me an ass?

Jessica: Sorry.

Brody: Yeah, me, too. But you're kind of hot when you're pretending to be pissed.

Jessica: Right back at you, Lieutenant.

Brody: Are you sure your mom's okay with this?

Jessica: Are you sure you're okay with it?

Brody: Get over here.

Shane: Someone here?

Gigi: Mrs. Davidson.

Shane: Sorry I was such a brat.

Gigi: You weren't a brat. Come here. You were just upset. Because we all are. But you're my guy and I would die for you.

Rex: Sure, yeah, of course you can stay. You probably saved my son's life. The least I could do is let you stay here a night or two.

Stacy: Thank you.

Rex: I'll go get some blankets and a pillow.

Stacy: You'll never even know I was here. Wow, this is easier than I thought, sissy.

Rex: Towels are in the cupboard next to the bathroom.

Stacy: You are a lifesaver.

Rex: No, that'd be you.

Stacy: Really, thank you for letting me stay here.

Rex: Don't mention it.

Stacy: Is there anything that I can do? I mean, you just seem so sad.

Rex: I am. I've been all over the map since all this went down with Shane and then with Gigi. I mean, I've had problems before -- big ones -- but I don't think anything's ever felt as bad as this.

Stacy: Rex, I'm really sorry.

Marty: Thank you for telling me about us.

Blair: Fine, Todd, fine. You blame me for Starr having a will of her own. Go right ahead, but go upstairs and get the boys and bring them down.

Todd: I'm not going to get the boys.

Blair: Get them, Todd!

Todd: You're not getting the boys! Even if you were a picture of health, I wouldn't let you do that.

Blair: Really?

Todd: Really.

Blair: Fine.

Todd: Oh, come on.

Blair: Oh, come -- okay, you know what? If the kids are going to be under this roof, then so am I.

Cole: I love you so much, Starr.

Starr: I love you, too, Cole. 

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