One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 4/29/09


Episode # 10428 -- It's All Wrong, But It's All Right

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Proofread By Kathy

Jack: Did you take my mp3 player?

Starr: What? No.

Jack: Let me in.

Starr: Jack, no! I'm not feeling well. I feel like I'm coming down with something.

Jack: You're faking. You just want to go to court so you can see what's going on with Dad.

Starr: I think I'm going to throw up again.

Jack: I'm out of here.

Starr: He's gone. He's gone. He's gone.

Marty: Hey, you want to take a nap? I got some sleep in the car, but you drove all night.

John: No, I'm not tired.

Marty: Want to tell me what's so fascinating in the parking lot?

John: It's nothing.

Marty: Okay. Chair propped up under the doorknob. You know, you're scaring me now.

John: I'm just being cautious.

Marty: We're in Rochester, New York. You really think the killer followed us all the way here?

John: No. But I'm wanted for three murders and the attempted murder of my wife. There will be an APB out for us. And with Rochester being so close to the Canadian border --

Marty: You think Bo alerted the border guards?

John: I hope so.

Marty: Okay, now you lost me.

John: While they're watching the border, I'm hoping to find the killer right here in town.

[Alarm buzzing]

[Téa gasps]

Téa: Oh, my God. I overslept. What happened to my wake-up call?

Todd: I told the front desk no calls.

Téa: Oh, Todd.

[Téa giggles]

Téa: I've got to go to court, Todd.

Todd: No. You're not going to court; you're not going to court. What, do you think they're going to start without us, huh? I'm not going anywhere. I'm not going anywhere. Not yet.

Dorian: I am Miss Delgado’s most important client. I can assure you, she will not mind if you ring through to her room. Have you got any idea who I am?

Dorian: Hmm. The operator hung up on me.

Ray: What's wrong?

Dorian: Our attorney, Téa Delgado, your good friend, refuses to answer her phone.

Dorian: Why would she refuse all calls?

Ray: She has a hearing to prepare for. Téa is probably just taking care of business.

[Todd moans]

Ray: Téa will get the upper hand. She always does.

[Dorian sighs]

Dorian: She damn well better win this case.

Ray: She will, she will. From what you told me about Todd Manning, there's no way we can let him get custody of those kids.

Starr: Okay. Come here. Come here.

Cole: When is this going to stop?

Starr: With pills, it could be up to 48 hours.

Cole: Says who?

Starr: The last four websites that I checked. They also said that you need to drink plenty of water. So start drinking. Okay? Come here.

[Cell phone rings]

Starr: Who's this? Who's Rachel?

Cole: She's my counselor.

Starr: Do you want me to pick it up?

Cole: No. I've got to talk to her.

Starr: Are you sure?

Cole: Hey, how's it going?

Rachel: Fine. You sound terrible.

Cole: No, I'm fine.

Rachel: Really? I went by the center earlier this morning. Your bed didn't seem slept in. Please tell me that you're at your mother's.

Marty: You really think that the killer followed us here to Rochester?

John: Well, the theory is the killer's connected to the rape. The victims were all connected to you.

Marty: But Talia?

John: Wrong place, wrong time. The killer was waiting for you and me.

Marty: But why Rochester?

John: Three distinct possibilities -- there's Todd, I don't think he has the guts. There's Rosen, but he was in lock-up when Talia was killed.

Marty: Powell Lord, right? He's Todd's cousin.

John: Right. And he's right here in Rochester.

John: Apparently, Powell Lord had some kind of breakdown. He tried to commit suicide. On the way, he committed a series of rapes. Could have led to him becoming a serial killer.

Marty: I thought he was finally locked up for good.

John: He's a resident in a place called the Sitwell Institute. It's located just outside Rochester. I called the staff, confirmed his status there, but I think I'd like to check it out for myself.

Marty: But if he's been there all along --

John: He still may know something. I'll tell you what; I'll give you a call when I know something.

Marty: You're not going to go anywhere without me.

John: Marty, give me back my keys.

Oliver: Surveillance cameras show Marty entering the room but never leaving.

Bo: If she's game, she probably went out the window.

Oliver: Witnesses actually say they saw a man and a woman matching Marty's description leave the parking lot.

Bo: Did anybody I.D. John?

Oliver: No.

Bo: No. No, of course not. He left this.

Oliver: Why would John leave a stabbed picture that implicates him?

Bo: Because he wanted us to find it and follow up. He wants us to know that whoever killed Talia is after Marty now.

Cole: I'm allowed to leave, right?

Rachel: With permission, yes.

Cole: So you must have missed me.

Rachel: Cole, I know that you're trying to work your way through this, but the whole idea is that you don't have to do it alone.

Cole: I know. Uh, and I've got your card.

Rachel: Don't forget, you have a drug test today. And it has to be supervised.

Cole: I know. Thanks.

Rachel: Bye.

Nora: He's making you into a liar, isn't he?

[Rachel sighs]

Starr: Did she buy it?

Cole: I think so. She just wanted to tell me that I have a drug test today.

Starr: Okay. You need to drink. You need to drink. Here, come on. Come on. Cole!

Cole: She knows that I didn't sleep there last night. She checked my room. I shouldn't have made the bed. I'm so stupid!

Starr: You're not stupid. It's okay.

Cole: It's not okay. If she reports me, they're going to lock me up.

Starr: Did she say she was going to report you?

Cole: No. No, just to come in to take the test.

Starr: Okay. We'll clean you up, and then once you're feeling a little better, you can go and get your test. Okay?

Cole: She takes one look at me, she's going to know.

Starr: You have plenty of time. Come on, why don't you try to lay down --

Cole: No, I can't sleep!

Starr: Lay down with me.

Cole: I can't! [Inhales deeply] She can't find out.

Starr: She won't.

Cole: She will if she sees me like this.

Starr: She won't. No, she won't.

Cole: Okay, I've got to calm down.

Starr: Okay.

Cole: I've got to calm down.

Starr: Why don't I make you some chamomile Téa. You want me to do that?

Cole: No, no, no. I need you to go to the Palace.

Starr: The Palace. Why?

Cole: Go to my mom's room, okay? I've got some stuff there that will take the edge off.

Starr: What are you talking about?

Cole: A pill, okay, a pill! I just need one pill.

[Cole pants]

Dorian: Really, she's still not answering her phone. I mean, why have a cell phone if you're not going to answer it?

Ray: Why don't we just blow this joint and go out and get something to eat? What do you say?

Dorian: I'm just sor -- I can't. I have to keep my wits about me. This hearing is bearing down on us.

Jack: Give it up, Aunt Dorian. You promised me you would help me with my Native-American diorama.

Dorian: Why aren't you at school?

Jack: You signed a note, remember? I got the day off.

Dorian: Right. Um -- I have errands to run, but I know somebody who can help you with the diorama.

Jack: Aunt Dorian, Grandma puts glitter on everything.

Dorian: Actually, I meant Mr. Montez.

Jack: Huh, him?

Dorian: Yes. Yes?

Ray: Yes. It so happens, Jack, I'm the world's greatest expert on all things Native-American, especially as it pertains to the colonists taking advantage of them.

Dorian: And if you don't study history, you're condemned to repeat it.

Jack: Yes, yes, yes, right, yes.

Dorian: Good luck, you two.

Jack: Thanks.

[Dorian chuckles]

[Todd and Téa pant heavily]

Téa: Just so you know, this doesn't change anything.

Todd: I wouldn't have it any other way.

Téa: I am serious, Todd. You better watch out today because I'm coming for you.

Todd: Are you serious?

Téa: Yeah.

Todd: Are you serious?

Téa: Yeah.

Todd: Okay, you do what you have to do. Do what you have to do.  Aren't you sweet? You have "The Sun" delivered to your door.

[Téa chuckles]

Téa: Yeah, I like to start my day with a little piece of trash.

Todd: That's very funny coming from a woman who's about to get her ass whooped.

Téa: Oh, yeah, by an attorney who got his J.D. from a law school he found on the back of a matchbook?

Todd: When you're done laughing, why don't you choke on this?

[Téa scoffs]

Todd: Lost our sense of humor, have we?

John: Open the door. Give me my keys back.

Marty: What if the cops pull you over, John? Oh, no, that's right. I forgot. You're invisible.

John: I don't want you getting caught up in my problems.

Marty: You know what? You made it pretty clear that I wasn't safe in Llanview if I wasn't in a safehouse and now you're going to leave me alone in a motel room?

John: The killer didn't follow us here.

Marty: Yeah, you sure about that?

John: You really sure you want to face this guy?

Téa: You're disgusting. Do you know that, Todd?

Todd: Well, that's not what you said a minute ago.

Téa: You're parading your kids on the front page of the paper. And you're trading off the murder of young police officer.

Todd: Hey, I'm just stealing a page from your book, cookie. Remember, it was your idea to trash Lee Halpern in "The Sun" and she buckled.

Téa: Yeah, she also died.

Todd: Well, that wasn't my fault.

Téa: No, because nothing is ever your fault, is it Todd?

Todd: Except what's going to happen to --

[Knock on door]

Woman's voice: Téa? Téa Delgado, I know you're in there.

Todd: I'll get it.

Dorian: Hello?

Téa: Dorian, what a surprise.

Dorian: Téa, what is going on? You're not dressed. You're due in court in 30 minutes.

Téa: I will be there.

Dorian: Okay, well, while you're getting ready, I think we better go over your plan of attack.

Téa: You know what? Now is not a great time.

Dorian: Really?

Téa: No.

Dorian: Why not? Oh, I see. And just who has been compromising you and our case at the same time? Hmm?

[Téa chuckles]

Cole: I just need one pill, all right? That's it. Just one pill and then I can cut back. I'll be okay.

Starr: You want me to go to your mom's room and get you drugs?

Cole: Okay, your Aunt Dorian -- your Aunt Dorian’s a doctor. She's got to have meds in the house.

Starr: You want me to steal from my Aunt Dorian?

Cole: It's just one pill. She won't know.

Starr: And what happens when that one pill wears off?

Cole: I'll take half. I'll take half. I'll wean off. It'll be okay.

Starr: And the drug test?

Cole: Rachel, she'll see that I have the shakes, she'll know.

Starr: No.

Cole: She'll -- she'll know that I was using when I said I wasn't.

Starr: Cole, you have to go through this, and you can. I promise you. You can do this. Where are you going?

Cole: To my mom's.

Starr: Cole, no.

Cole: Starr, get away from the door.

Starr: No, stop, no.

Cole: Starr, I don't want to hurt you.

Starr: You already are hurting me by doing drugs.

Cole: You don't get it.

Starr: Cole --

Cole: I can't do this.

Starr: Cole, do you want to go to prison? That's the decision that you have to make. It's either you go through all of this or you go through in jail being a junkie. Is that what you want?

[Cole pants]

Rachel: You were eavesdropping?

Nora: This is my house. If you wanted privacy, you should go to your room and shut the door.

Rachel: Well, listen to you.

Nora: What is that supposed to mean?

Rachel: Forget it.

Nora: No, no, no, no. You don't say something and then not explain it.

Rachel: Mom, look, I know you are under a lot of stress.

Nora: But?

Rachel: Ease up, would you? This poor kid, he's trying --

Nora: This poor kid you're referring to is your brother, who's in a wheelchair and not the kid who put him in the wheelchair.

Rachel: He's sick, mom. Cole is an addict. He didn't want to hurt Matthew, and it's killing him that he did. And the woman who raised me would know that.

Nora: What I know is that my very lovely daughter is being taken for a ride by this addict.

Rachel: I am not going anywhere I don't want to go.

Nora: Oh, come on, Rachel. He's making a fool out of you.

Rachel: He is reaching out for help, just like I did with you.

Nora: I know that you want to believe that.

Rachel: No, it's what I know.

Nora: It's not what he's doing.

Clint: Time out. Do you ladies want to take this outside?

Oliver: So, how do you want to proceed, sir?

Bo: Well, the mayor really hasn't given us much of a choice. We continue to assemble a case against John McBain and we track down John and Marty.

Oliver: Well, I can talk to Marty's son.

Bo: Hmm. First, why don't you tell me what you and John were working on.

Marty: If Powell Lord is locked up in Sitwell Institution, then he is no threat to me, and I have amnesia, so I can't remember him.

John: What if seeing him brings back memories you'd rather not have?

Marty: I've come to realize that as awful as those memories probably will be, I survived so they can't hurt me. I can't sit here in a motel room while you're risking everything to help me. Three people are dead. Blair's still in the hospital. I need to do what I can to make this right.

John: Okay. But, you know --

Marty: Your way, I know. What's your plan?

John: I'll tell you in the car.

Ray: This one reminds me of a Joshua tree reaching toward heaven, don't you think?

Jack: Yeah.

Ray: Boy, that looks good. I'm glad that despite our vast differences we were able to get the job done.

Jack: It's not done yet. It needs more blood.

Ray: Yeah. That's a bloody story. Why'd you choose it?

Jack: Everybody thought that the Sitting Bull and Sioux were finished, but Sitting Bull set a trap and Custer walked right into it.

Ray: Yes, he did.

Jake: My dad can set traps, too. He'll show everybody, and they'll all pay.

Téa: Dorian, what I choose to do in my private time is none of your business, okay?

Dorian: Says the woman who isn't even dressed yet.

Téa: Oh.

Dorian: I am paying you to represent my family, not to get it on with R.J. Gannon.

Téa: R.J.?

Dorian: Oh, yes. I saw the two of you together last night. Please. R.J., hi, honey. I mean, if you choose to reopen a rather empty affair with someone who threw you over for Todd Manning. I mean, have you no pride?

Téa: Okay, say goodbye, Dorian. Okay?

Dorian: No, just tell me this isn't going to affect your performance in court today.

Téa: No, trust me. I am all fired up.

Dorian: Great.

Téa: Okay?

Dorian: Great. Go in there, bruise him, pummel him. That's right. Grind him, grind him.

Téa: I'm going to grind him.

Dorian: To the ground.

Téa: Done. Into the ground. All right, I will call you when the judge gives his verdict.

Dorian: That's right.

Téa: Okay.

Dorian: Call me with the good news.

Téa: I will.

[Téa laughs]

Todd: Nice save.

Téa: Oh, you like that? You will really like what I'm going to do to you in court today.

Todd: Aww, that's scary.

Téa: Oh, come on, Todd. Don't tell me you're not shaking in your boxers.

Todd: What are you shaking in?

Téa: See you in court.

Oliver: Sir, I -- I don't want to add to Detective McBain’s problems.

Bo: Former Detective McBain. Fish, I know all about John's theory regarding the K.A.D. killer.

Oliver: Uh, you -- you do?

Bo: Yeah, I do. I'm on his side. I want you to remember that, and I want you to remember this. We never had this conversation.

Oliver: No -- no, sir.

Bo: No, no. I never told you to keep working the angle that you're working right now by yourself without a word to anybody else because if the mayor caught wind of this --

Oliver: Caught wind of what, sir?

Bo: That's exactly right, Fish, and you report to me and me only. Do you understand that? We will sift through whatever you come up with and, hopefully, we will find something to exonerate John before someone else gets killed.

[Knock on door]

Woman: May I help you?

John: Yeah, we're looking for Ellen Kwon.

Ellen: That would be me.

John: Oh, great. Um, you coordinate family relations.

Ellen: Among other things. What can I help you with?

Marty: Oh, we're here to visit one of your patients -- Powell Lord.

Nora: So, are you ready for your first day of school?

Matthew: So, what were you and Mom arguing about?

Nora: Oh, honey, we weren't arguing.

Rachel: Matthew and I have no secrets. Right? The truth is that I'm doing some counseling while I'm here, and I was assigned Cole's case.

Matthew: Okay.

Rachel: Mom wants me to get off the case.

Matthew: Why?

Nora: Sweetheart, a counselor should be objective. I mean, that -- if a counselor is too close to the situation, then they could let things slide that shouldn't.

Rachel: Do you have a problem with me being Cole's counselor?

Matthew: Not at all. He needs someone like you.

Starr: It's up to you, Cole. What do you want?

Cole: I want this to stop.

Starr: Okay.

Cole: Starr -- Starr, listen to me. Look, I just need one pill. That's it. Just one --

[Cole breathes heavily]

Starr: What's wrong?

Cole: I feel -- I feel like -- like the -- Starr, do I have bugs on me?

Starr: What? You have no bugs on you. What are you talking about? There are no bugs. Cole, there are no bugs. Are you okay?

Cole: I want -- I want to -- I don't want to --

Starr: You what?

Cole: I don't want to feel this anymore. I don't want to feel anything.

Starr: What?

Cole: I just want to hit my head against the wall.

Starr: Stop. Please stop doing that, Cole. Are you okay? Let me --

Cole: I'm on fire.

Starr: You're what?

Cole: I'm on fire.

Starr: You're not on fire. What are you doing, Cole? You're fine. Come here.

Cole: Get back. Don't come any closer.

Starr: Cole, it's just me. It's just me.

Cole: I know what you want, and you can't have it.

Starr: What -- what? What are you talking about? Just breathe. Please, just breathe. Cole, breathe.

Cole: There's no air in here.

Starr: What do you mean there's no air? There's plenty.

Cole: I've got to get out.

Starr: Cole, no, you can't. Just lie down with me.

Cole: I can't.

Starr: Lie down. You can. Cole?

Cole: Oh, God.

Starr: Cole? Oh, my -- okay. Here we are.

[Cole vomits]

Starr: Okay, all right. Just breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Come on, breathe. Breathe, Cole.

Cole: It hurts.

Starr: What hurts? To breathe?

Cole: Everywhere. I deserve it.

Starr: You don't deserve it, what are you talking about? Don't say that.

Cole: Yes, I do.

Starr: No, you don't.

Cole: I hurt you, I hurt my mom, Nora, Matthew -- what's Matthew going to do now?

Starr: Matthew is dealing with everything fine. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Cole: So I guess I killed half of him.

Starr: There's nothing you could do about it now.

Cole: I know.

Starr: There's nothing --

Cole: I know!

Starr: Please stop. The only person you are hurting is yourself. Stop thinking about it. Nobody wants you to do that, okay?

Cole: I can't stop thinking -- it's always in my head.

Starr: All right, let's think about something else. Come on. Shh, come on, let's think about something else. Let's think about when we were on the beach, right? When you were on the beach, and I had morning sickness, and you were taking care of me. Do you remember that?

Cole: Yeah.

Starr: Yeah.

Cole: You were really sick.

Starr: I know. And you were taking care of me. Just like I'm taking care of you right now. Okay?

Cole: You were pregnant. I just want to die.

Starr: Please don't say that. You don't want to die. You don't. And I won't let you. Because you mean too much to me, okay? You're too important to me.

Cole: I'm no good to anyone.

Starr: Are you kidding me? You're the first person that ever really understood me. Do you remember when we were at that party with Brittany, and she spilled that drink all over me, and that really hot guy lent me his sweats to change into? That's when the football player and the geeky girl became friends. At first, it started out that they were just friends. Then it turned out that they were much, much more. They loved each other. They had some major problems. But whenever they were together, it felt right. It was good. They loved each other so, so much. And then the geeky girl's father did a terrible thing. He told them that they were never going to see each other again. So they made love. It was beautiful.

Cole: Then it wasn't.

Bailiff: All rise.

Todd: You didn't know, did you? Judge Henson had to recuse herself last minute.

Téa: Why wasn't I informed?

Todd: They called my guy. They were supposed to call you. Oh, God, that's right. I had them hold your calls.

Bailiff: Be seated.

Judge Walters: Mr. Manning, you've asked the court to revisit the custody arrangements for your children. I've only just been given the case file.

Téa: In which case, Your Honor, may I suggest that we reconvene at a later date?

Judge Walters: That won't be necessary, Ms. Delgado. I'm up to speed, but thank you for your concern. Now, Mr. Guthrie, let's hear it. Why should Mr. Manning be given custody of his children?

Morgan: Well, Your Honor, the circumstances surrounding this case --

Todd: Yes, yes.

Morgan: Drastically changed.

Todd: Yes, they have. The guy who was awarded custody has been arrested as a serial killer.

Ellen: Powell doesn't get many visitors.

Marty: Well, we'd like to change that.

Ellen: And you are?

John: Kevin Buchanan. This is my sister, Jessica. Powell's our cousin.

Ray: Is that the dancer? Hmm? Is that the cat there? Is that the one that says "meow" there?

Sam: No, that's the cat.

Ray: It is the one. I thought that was the one. Any luck?

Dorian: I made my point.

Ray: So you're going to go to the hearing?

Dorian: It's a closed hearing. So I just think that I'll spend some time with the boys, and with you.

Téa: Objection, Your Honor. The state has not proved that John McBain is a serial killer.

Todd: That's what all the papers are saying.

Téa: The paper you publish? What a shock.

Todd: He's been accused of three murders, Your Honor. Not to mention attacking my kids' mother.

Téa: You've been on trial twice for equally heinous crimes.

Morgan: And found innocent, Your Honor.

Todd: It's okay. Your Honor, I love my children very much.

Téa: Love? What do you know about love, Mr. Manning? Your children hadn't seen you from May of 2008 to January of 2009.

Todd: Yes, that's true. Whose fault is that?

Téa: Yours. Oh, no, that's right. Because nothing is ever your fault, is it?

Todd: What's your fault is that a serial killer has custody of my children. Your Honor, this woman arranged a bogus marriage between John McBain and my ex-wife --

Téa: No, no, no. Ms. Cramer and Mr. McBain had a long relationship before they married. And the fact that you are responsible for your pregnant daughter falling down a flight of stairs. The fact that you involved your toddler in an automobile accident while he was in the front seat of your car, not in a car seat. Oh, that didn't prove you unfit and lose you custody, no. No, it's never your fault. It was that Blair married another man –

Judge Walters: Ms. Delgado. Ms. Delgado.

Téa: Yes.

Judge Walters: We are here to settle custody. Keep your personal issues out of my courtroom.  

Starr: Come here, drink. Drink. Come on, you have to drink or else I'm not going to tell you the rest of what happens.

Cole: To the smart, funny girl and the dumb jock football player?

Starr: He was not dumb. He was sweet. And he treated the geeky girl better than any boy had ever treated her. But her messed-up father couldn't see that. He thought that all boys were like him when he was young. So he did awful things to the boy the geeky girl loved. Please, dad, you're going to kill him.

Cole: The goofy football player didn't care what happened to him. He loved the girl.

Starr: And then they found out that they were having a baby together. The football player then asked the girl to take some time to think before she got an abortion. And that's when they ran away together.

Starr: Then the girl missed her messed-up family. She was so scared. She knew she wasn't ready to be a mother. But she didn't know how to tell him. She knew he wanted to keep the baby. She didn't want to disappoint him.

Cole: The girl could never disappoint him.

Starr: And then her father showed up.

Cole: Just listen to us --

[Starr screams]

Todd: Stay away from her.

Starr: She decided to give the baby up. Even though she was hurting the boy, she didn't know what else to do. She wasn't ready to be a mom. Not even for him. They tried to stay together, but it was too hard. They could barely even be friends. And then they lost the baby. And that was just the worst.

Starr: They thought that that was it for them. But then it wasn't. The girl tried to hook up with someone she shouldn't have.

Cole: And the boy got hooked on drugs.

Starr: But now he's going to get better. And she's going to make sure of it. And she will never let anything bad happen to him ever again. She promises.

Bo: Nigel gave me this. It's for you, Matthew.

Matthew: It's from David?

Clint: What does he want?

Matthew: "Dear Matthew, I heard about your problem, little bro. As your older brother, I thought this might come in handy. As long as I'm the spokesman for "Have-a-Seat," you've got a lifetime supply. I don't know much about being a big brother, but I'd like to learn. David." What's "Have-a-Seat?"

Bo: It's -- well, they had a commercial on.

Nora: You know, I think he did this because -- it's just, when you --

Matthew: Oh, because I sit on my butt all day?

Nora: Yeah. Actually, you know what? It's a very good product. So I've heard.

Bo: The van's outside to take you to school, you ready?

Matthew: Yeah, let's go.

Nora: We can still talk about home-schooling, you know.

Matthew: Yeah, in all your spare time, Mom?

Nora: Well --

Matthew: Yeah, I don't think so. Let's go, Dad.

Ellen: May I ask the nature of your visit?

John: He's our cousin?

Marty: You have to understand, what Powell did was horrible. And it was horrible for our family. And it wasn't until our grandfather passed away that we actually brought up his name again. So I need to apologize that we abandoned him. It was the wrong thing, but we would like to make a fresh start.

Ellen: I understand. It's not always easy for the family.  Whether Powell reciprocates --

John: We need to try.

Ellen: I'll see what I can do. But first I'll need to see some I.D.

Judge Walters: It's clear to me that Mr. Manning, while far from an ideal parent, has a valid argument.

Téa: So does my client, who is unable to be here today --

Judge Walters: Or to care for her three children, is that correct?

Téa: Temporarily. Which is why her aunt and her mother have agreed to care for the children.

Judge Walters: I read the transcript from the previous hearing. Blair Cramer’s mother was only recently released from a long stay in a mental institution.

Téa: Yes, but she is fully recovered, Your Honor.

Judge Walters: And the aunt is Dorian Lord, whose history is as checkered as Mr. Manning's. You've met the criteria that the court laid out last year, Mr. Manning?

Todd: Oh, yes. You mean the anger management and the therapy, yes.

Judge Walters: How was all that?

Todd: Well, I learned quite a bit about myself. I'm a passionate man. And I've had to really learn to control my impulses --

Téa: Your Honor, if I may --

Judge Walters: No you may not. Now, my predecessor decided in favor of your client because of the stabilizing presence of her husband, John McBain. Now, whether Mr. McBain is guilty is moot. He's fled the jurisdiction, which gives me no choice but to grant temporary custody of the manning children to their father, Todd Manning.

Todd: Yeah!

Bailiff: All rise.

Téa: Did you sleep with the judge, too?

Todd: Wouldn't you like to know? Should have taken the deal, Delgado.   

Nora: You have everything, right? Why don't I just help you to the van, I can do that.

Matthew: Mom. I got it.

Nora: Okay.

Bo: Call us if you need us.

Nora: Have a good day. This is so hard. Nobody gets it.

Bo: I do.

Starr: Think you can graduate to ginger ale?

Cole: Don't leave.

Starr: I won't, I'll be right back, okay? Hey. I promise.

Dorian: You know, a part of me wants to just grab those kids, jump in the car, and make a run for it.

Ray: I understand. But I know you know that that would not be in their best interest.

Dorian: But what if Todd wins custody of them?

Ray: Then you will do everything in your power to win them back.

Dorian: How do you know that?

Ray: Because you and me are two of a kind. When it comes to those we love, we will fight until the cows come home.

Téa: Dorian.

Dorian: Oh, Téa, you better have good news for me.

Todd: Sorry, Dorian.

Jack: Dad? I knew it, I knew you'd come.

Todd: Do you want to tell her or shall I?

Téa: I am so sorry, Dorian.

Dorian: No.

Téa: There was nothing I could do. With John being arrested and then breaking out of prison --

Todd: Sam, it's time to come to Daddy. Let's go.

Dorian: You harm these children, and I will destroy you.

Todd: Yeah, right. I'm shaking. Are you shaking, Jack?

Starr: Aunt Dorian. Aunt Dorian, what is going on?

Todd: I got custody, Starr. It's time to pack up and move out.

Jack: We're going to be a family again.

Ellen: Driver's license, passport --

John: We okay?

Ellen: I'll need to check with security, Mr. Buchanan. Be right back.

Marty: Are we okay?

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