One Life to Live Transcript Friday 4/24/09


Episode # 10425 -- Stab Me Once, Shame on You

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Roxy: You're wasting your time. Johnny Mac is on the lam. You think he'd be a moron to come back to his old place?

Oliver: Look, I'm sorry. It's mayor's orders.

Roxy: Well, the mayor is full of crap. I never would have voted for him if he didn't have that killer hair. But I'll tell you one thing -- Johnny Mac didn't kill anybody.

Oliver: Look, John McBain is a suspect in a string of killings and he has to be treated as such.

Roxy: All right, drop the act. You don't really think that Johnny is going to do a Normy Bates on his wife, do you?

Oliver: No, you know, it doesn't really matter what I think, okay? I have my orders.

Kyle: Fish?

Oliver: Kyle, hey.

Kyle: Hey. You hear about the McBain guy? Heard he's the K.A.D. killer.

Oliver: Who's calling him that?

Kyle: Everybody. Don't you watch the news? Last thing our old frat needs after all that bad press from good ol' Marty Saybrooke.

Oliver: Look, John McBain is a good friend of mine. Okay, he's not a murderer.

Roxy: See, I knew it.

Kyle: Whoever it is, I just hope it's not a brother. Local chapter's already teetering on the brink of collapse as it is. Well, happy hunting.

Kyle: So I got your message. I thought that we had this thing all wrapped up. You know, transplant's a done deal. Your grandson got what he needed.

Roxy: I need to ask you something.

Kyle: Like I haven't done enough for you already? Pulling stem cells from an unresponsive donor.

Roxy: That's what I'm trying to tell you. "The patient" isn't so unresponsive.

Rex: What patient?

Stacy: Schuy, can you get me some ice cream? Oh, actually, no. Make it a root beer float. It's just -- donating all those cells really took it out of me.

Schuyler: Yeah? Want some of them back?

Gigi: Jessica.

Jessica: Hi. Uh, I... heard Shane's surgery went well.

Gigi: Yeah, so far. Fingers crossed. Look, I'm sorry about the other night --

Jessica: There's no need to apologize. Brody and I are just friends. I'm meeting someone here. Hey.

Jared: Hi.

Jessica: Uh, thanks for meeting me.

Jared: You all right? Look a little rattled.

Jessica: I'm fine, I'm fine. Where's Natalie? I have presents for the godparents.

Jared: Natalie.

Jessica: Yeah.

Jared: Uh --

Jessica: Your fiancée, my sister.

Jared: Well, she is running late.

Jessica: Is there something wrong?

Jared: You're not going to like this.

Jessica: Why?

Jared: We got to talking about you and Brody Lovett, about how he got your hopes up and it didn't work out. Natalie -- she got pretty mad about that, and... You know how she gets --

Jessica: Oh, no. Where's Natalie?

[Natalie grunts]

[Natalie groans]

Jessica: Tell me my sister didn't go over to Brody's.

Jared: I wish I could.

Jessica: Oh.

Jared: Really.

Jessica: Oh, my God.

Cole: Okay, how is a lock of our baby's hair going to tell us how she died?

Starr: They can run a DNA on it. You'd be surprised the kind of stuff you can find out from a DNA test.

Oliver: Hey, any sign of McBain?

Officer: Nothing. I'm just standing here like an idiot.

Oliver: This whole thing is completely bogus. There's no way that McBain would kill anybody.

Officer: He wouldn't come back here even if he did.

Officer: You hear that?

Roxy: Hey, are those for me? Oh, you shouldn't have. They'll go beautiful over there --

Rex: I didn't. What's this patient you're talking about?

Roxy: Shane.

Rex: Shane wasn't unresponsive. He had a reaction to the transfusion. There haven't been any signs that he's rejecting the transplant.

Roxy: Yeah, that's exactly what I'm saying. Any day now, Shaney's going to get a clean bill of health and all this nasty business is going to be behind us. Right?

Kyle: That's the plan.

Stacy: Ew, what is that?

Schuyler: Oh, what, you don't -- you don't recognize it?

Stacy: It looks like blood.

Schuyler: Well, it must be yours.

Stacy: Well, where did it come from?

Schuyler: The medical waste trash bin. The one you dumped it into.

Stacy: You stuck your hand in one of those things?

Schuyler: Oh, I've stuck my hand into a lot worse. Don't worry, I used gloves. The bigger question is, if this didn't get transfused into your nephew, whose blood did?

Rex: I remember you from the hospital. What are you doing here?

Roxy: We were just, uh, you know --

Kyle: I need -- I need a room, okay? I had a place to stay but my roommate, uh --

Rex: You work in the lab, right?

Roxy: [Laughing] My son, he asks a million questions. Hey, listen, Mr. P.I.'s got to know what aisle I'm in in the supermarket and what it costs and what I'm buying --

Rex: T-t-t -- this isn't the first time that I've seen you two with your heads together. If this is about my son, tell me.

Roxy: Okay, we're busted. I mean, you figured it out. P.I. Joe, he'll figure everything out. So, we're having a little affair. A little horizontal mambo. Box spring boogie-woogie.

Rex: Roxy, I'm serious here.

Roxy: Well, what do think? Roxy can't get her groove on?

Kyle: Okay, look. I am not sleeping with your mother, okay? I just need a place to stay.

Roxy: Ha, ha, fooled you. Been yanking your chain. All right, now that we got all this nasty business behind us, who are the flowers for?

Rex: They're for Stacy.

Gigi: Well, that didn't take long.

Oliver: I definitely heard something.

Rex: What didn't take too long?

Gigi: Nothing. Forget I said it.

Rex: Too bad. Too late. I want to know what you're talking about.

Gigi: I just -- I -- I wish Stacy had been wrong about you.

Rex: She is. I didn't get into bed with her. Not without her dropping something in my beer first. I don't care what the lab says. I -- I can't believe we're back to this. Now, either you trusted me or you didn't. We both know the answer to that. They're from Shane. He wanted me to get these for Stacy. You know, for saving his life.

Gigi: I hope he gets it's her blood that saved him and not her.

Rex: She didn't have to do it. Gigi, nobody held a gun to her head. Maybe it's her stem cells that are doing the job, but she gave them to him without asking for anything in return.

Gigi: Yeah, that's right. Saint Stacy to the rescue.

Rex: You know, for somebody who slept with her old boyfriend, you almost sound... jealous.

[Phone rings]

Kyle: So your "non-responsive friend" -- what's the deal?

Roxy: Can't get into this right now. We'll talk later.

Kyle: Okay, but I still need a room. It wasn't a story about me not having a place to stay, okay? My roommate's booting me. His girlfriend's moving in, and I can't afford a place of my own. Know how expensive med school is? Free rent would go a long way to squaring things up for everything I did for you.

Roxy: You putting the squeeze on me?

Kyle: Call it whatever you want. I just heard you tell your son that you're not keeping any secrets from him, but I know you are. Big ones. I got to get back to work. Call me when my room's ready.

Stacy: My blood went into Shane's body. Duh. That's extra.

Schuyler: Oh, it's extra? Leftover blood? Yeah?

Stacy: Well, it doesn't always stick the first time they transfuse it. They got to give it another try, and instead of hauling me back in and putting me through hell, they just took twice as much blood.

Schuyler: Stacy, Stacy -- if any part of that were true, why would the doctors leave the blood in your room, number one? Number two, why would you throw it away? And three, why wouldn't you just tell me that instead of giving me this lame story about a tissue when I asked you what you threw away?

Stacy: Because it's none of your business.

Schuyler: Well, I got the evidence right here, honey. It's in the bag.

Rex: All right, thank you. Bye.

Gigi: Rex. I guess I am a little jealous.

Rex: After you slept with Brody?

Gigi: I'm just jealous that Stacy was able to do something I can't.

Rex: What difference does it make where the cells came from? You think Shane cares? He is going to live. That's what matters.

Gigi: You're right. That's the only thing that matters.

Rex: He's going to love you no matter what.

Gigi: Yeah, because I'm his mother.

Rex: He's going to love you because you're you. So don't let me keep you from Brody.

Gigi: Actually, I'm here because --

Rex: No -- no. None of my business. Forget it -- not anymore. Do whatever the hell you want.

Gigi: What I want is -- I don't want to see you hurt, Rex.

Rex: Like the man said, you don't always get what you want. I should take these up to your sister.

Roxy: Well, you know I was eavesdropping. But what the hell are you doing here?

Gigi: I'm here to see Stacy, too, and to thank her for saving Shane's life. But mostly to try to get her to understand that his life is now going to be miserable without his mom and dad together.

Roxy: Hey, listen, you can prostate yourself any way you want. But remember one thing, a bitch is a bitch and there's only one way to fight them, and that's with fire, baby.

Stacy: Give me my blood, damn it.

Schuyler: I don't think so.

[Knock on door]

Rex: Stacy, you in there?

[Stacy gasps]

Rex: It's me, Rex.

Stacy: If you say one word about this, I'll kill you.

Starr: There's this lab at the hospital that works on genetic testing. I worked on a bio project with Schuyler -- uh, Mr. J -- I'm sorry. You said that you wanted to leave Mr. J out of this.

Cole: Yeah, well, he's pretty much always in your head, isn't he?

Jessica: She's not answering. My God, this is so embarrassing. Why would she go over to Brody's?

Jared: Well, Rex told her that Gigi was the one Brody was --

Jessica: In bed with, yes.

Jared: Yes. And so she's upset about what he did to both of you, and thinks you are, too.

Jessica: I don't want Brody to know about that.

Jared: Well -- Natalie -- she's got a protective streak in her, and it's on overdrive since the christening.

Jessica: She's supposed to protect my children, not me.

Natalie: Oh, is that skin or body armor? I think I would have been better off hitting the wall.

Brody: What did you punch me for?

Natalie: Because I am Rex Balsom's sister and Jessica Brennan's sister, and you screwed them both over when you hopped into the sack with Gigi Morasco. My God, Rex went to bat for you after you shot him. I mean, you could've gone to prison, but you didn't, thanks to him. And don't even get me started on what you did to Jessica.

Brody: I never wanted to hurt Jessica.

Natalie: Really? Then why didn't you keep your pants on? She -- she just came out of St. Ann's, but she's not 100% better yet. And she couldn't get close to anyone after her husband died -- till you.

Brody: It was the same with me.

Natalie: Really? So how the hell could you hurt her like that?

Jared: Where are you going?

Jessica: I'm going to stop Natalie.

Jared: She's just looking out for you.

Jessica: I know, and I appreciate that, I really do. But sometimes Natalie takes looking out for me a little too far.

Jared: But –

Starr: This isn't about Mr. J, Cole. This is about our baby.

Cole: Yeah, but it always comes back to him. Even this, our baby, there's this Mr. J part.

Starr: Okay, I thought we said we weren't going to fight, that we were going to try to get along so that we could find out what happened to hope.

Cole: I'm sorry. I -- I'm... just a little on edge. Is it hot in here?

Starr: No, I thought they turned the air conditioning up. Are you getting sick or something?

Cole: No, I'm good. It's just --

Starr: Just what? I thought you said you weren't getting high anymore, Cole. Was I wrong?

Cole: I'm not high, okay?

Starr: Then what's wrong?

Cole: Nothing.

Starr: Is it withdrawal?

Cole: I'm not an addict!

Cole: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to go off on you like that. You're probably right. I'm just probably getting a cold or something.

Starr: Okay --

Cole: So you think the lock of Hope's hair is going to tell us what we need to know?

Starr: It could tell us that, you know, if what killed her was a genetic problem. Maybe you and I had the same recessive gene that was a bad thing. I don't know. It's worth a try. It's better than having her exhumed.

Cole: We should probably get to the hospital before the lab closes.

Gigi: I'm not going to tell Rex the truth.

Roxy: Why not? You were going to tell him yesterday. What the hell happened?

Gigi: I told God that I would sacrifice anything --

Roxy: Baby, I told you God don't work like that.

Gigi: That's why Shane's alive, okay? Before I made that deal, there was no match for Shane and he was getting worse by the minute.

Roxy: God didn't make Stacy a match. Stacy did that herself.

Gigi: What?

Roxy: Oh, you know, she did that by having herself tested. But you giving up Rex -- that wasn't part of the deal.

Gigi: Yeah, but the minute I started to tell Rex about the deal she'd made me, Shane had that reaction.

Roxy: That's why you didn't tell him?

Gigi: When I decided to not go back on my word, Shane got better.

Roxy: Wait -- pure coincidence.

Gigi: What if it wasn't?

Roxy: Well, what if it was? You going to give up the guy that's been the best thing for you and for Shane? Shane wants the two of you to be together. I know that the two of you want to be together.

Gigi: I don't know if Rex wants that now.

Roxy: How could you say that? Couldn't you see the way that he was looking at you? Come on, he would have you back in a second, especially if he knew it was all Stacy's scam. And you know that I'm telling you the truth. So I want you to march right up there, I want you to tell her what's what, and I want you to tell Rex that you weren't bumping units with the Lovett love machine.

Gigi: Jessica looks at me the same way I look at Stacy, like she can't believe what a pile of trash I am. I had no idea that Jessica was into Brody. I have ruined their lives as much as ours.

Roxy: Hey, it's not you, sweetie. It's Stacy. It's all on her.

Stacy: Ah, for me? Rex, they're beautiful. Oh, you didn't have to do that.

Rex: They're from Shane. I'm just the delivery person.

Stacy: Oh. Okay, well then, come on in, delivery boy. How's Shane?

Rex: Uh, not bad. He's a little wiped out, but that's normal. There's no signs of rejection. They still don't know exactly what that was yesterday.

Stacy: Probably God reminding us it could be worse, but, um --

[Schuyler scoffs]

Stacy: It's going to be okay from here on out.

Schuyler: Excuse -- I'm sorry, excuse me, when -- when did you find religion, Stace?

Stacy: Ever since all this stuff happened with my nephew. I finally realized that there are miracles.

Rex: You're the miracle, Stacy. You made it happen.

Stacy: Well, I did it for Shane.

Schuyler: Oh, man.

Stacy: Schuyler, don't you have somewhere to be?

Schuyler: No, no, not really.

Stacy: I thought you had a meeting or something.

Schuyler: No, canceled. You, um -- you should put those in water. You wouldn't want your nephew's flowers to wilt and die.

Schuyler: It's really great that your son is making it through. I mean, it's a tough road after a transplant.

Rex: You a doctor?

Schuyler: No -- I'm a -- I'm a biology teacher, but I'm actually really into stem cell research. It's amazing how they get into the bone marrow, you know?

Rex: It's unbelievable.

Schuyler: So were you there when Stacy was donating her blood?

Rex: You saw me, remember?

Schuyler: No, I know. I'm just saying -- were you -- you were in the room when the doctors took her blood and transfused it into your son?

Rex: Why?

Schuyler: No, I'm just -- I'm just really interested in the subject. I mean, it's one thing to study. It's another to actually be there in the room when they, you know, harvest the blood from the donor and give it to your son. I mean, that's got to be something you wouldn't want to miss. Right?

Stacy: Schuy, can you give Rex and me some time alone, please?

Brody: I swear, Natalie, I never wanted to hurt Jessica, or Rex, either.

Natalie: Then why did you sleep with Gigi?

Brody: That was --

Natalie: A one-night stand? Is that what you were going to say?

Brody: Kind of.

Natalie: That makes it so much worse, because that just means that you were using Gigi, too. I mean, you're just like a one-man wrecking crew.

Brody: It's complicated.

Natalie: It's screwed up. And you're screwed up. You know, my sister really, really liked you, and you blew that. You blew that for some quick roll in the hay.

Brody: Look, I wish I could explain.

Natalie: Really? Save it. I don't want to hear it.

Brody: Man, I didn't even realize Jessica had feelings for me.

Natalie: And if you had known? If you'd known the truth, would you still have slept with Gigi? You really are scum. Jessica's hurting right now. But she is so lucky that she found out now when she did before she got in too deep with you. And thank God she has her kids, because without them, she would probably go right back to St. Ann's, thanks to you.

Brody: Glad she's got a sister like you who's got her back.

Natalie: You have no idea, no idea, what I have done to keep her going --

Jessica: Natalie.

Starr: You okay?

Cole: Yeah.

Starr: We're in the hospital. While we're here, maybe you should get checked out.

Kyle: Can I help you?

Starr: I hope so. We're hoping you can give us some answers.

Officer: Don't see anything. You?

Oliver: No, but we both definitely heard something. If John was here, he's not anymore.

Reporter: Suspect John McBain broke out of jail earlier. According to Mayor Lowell and commissioner of police Bo Buchanan, a full-scale search has been launched. The mayor is warning the public to be on alert. McBain should be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

[Marty gasps]

Marty: Oh, my God, John. What are you doing here?

John: I had to see you.

Marty: You're all over the news. There's an APB out on you.

John: I know, I heard.

Marty: Well, they're going to come looking for you here.

John: I need to warn you about something.

Marty: About what?

John: I found this in my room.

Marty: Ah. I'm next.

John: Whoever did that --

Marty: Is targeting me now.

John: Or maybe they're still trying to frame me.

Marty: If you really thought that's all it was, you wouldn't have risked coming here to warn me. You told me before, you thought I could be on the killer's list.

John: And you told me the killer had plenty of opportunity to get to you.

Marty: Maybe those other times just weren't the right time.

John: I'm going to get you someplace safe while I hunt this animal down.

Marty: How are you going to do that when you're being hunted yourself?

John: I learned a thing or two while I was on the job. I'm going to see if I can lift a print off this. Maybe someone can run a check for me.

Marty: How are you -- you're not going to be able to do that by yourself with all these people after you. You're going to need some help. I'm going with you.

John: Not a chance.

Marty: Yes. John, listen to me --

John: No, you listen. There's cops all over me, and there's a serial killer out there. I'm putting you somewhere safe until all this is over. Now, come on.

Marty: I'm not going.

John: Hey, listen, I don't have time to fight with you over this.

Marty: Well, agree with me and you won't have to.

Starr: We have a lock of our baby's hair in here. We're hoping you can run a DNA test on it.

Kyle: For what?

Cole: No, I'm the father, so it's not a paternity thing.

Starr: Our baby -- she died right after she was born. We're wondering if maybe you could find out if it was for some genetic reason.

Kyle: There was no autopsy?

Starr: There was, but we believe that there was a mistake. Could you find that out from just a lock of hair?

Kyle: I can do a genetic profile. The best that'll tell you is whether or not there was a genetic predisposition to a problem or a disorder.

Starr: Okay. Well, that's something. Right? You probably don't get a lot of people asking for this.

Kyle: Actually, there was this couple in here not that long ago asking the same kind of thing.

Natalie: Did Jared tell you I was here?

Jessica: You didn't have to do this.

Natalie: I did it for Rex, too. And I don't take back anything I said.

Jared: Natalie. Let's go.

Natalie: That's a great idea. Come on, Jess.

Jessica: I -- um, I'm going to meet you guys back at the cafe.

Natalie: You're not going to stay with this jerk, are you?

Jessica: We'll talk later, okay?

Jared: You heard her, Natalie. Let's go.

Jessica: Um, I just want you to know that I had nothing to do with that. I didn't even know that Natalie was coming here.

Brody: She was just doing the stand-up thing.

Jessica: Unbelievable, huh, after what she and I have been through?

Brody: It was Tess.

Jessica: I'm -- I'm sorry, Brody.

Brody: No. I'm the one who's sorry.

Roxy: Look, just 'cause you gave Rex up doesn't mean that it's a lock that he's going to go after Stacy. I mean, that was the sexy Rexy of old. But now, he doesn't just think from the neck down. So what's the deal then? You think that God is going to make Shane sick just because the deal didn't go down the way that Stacy wanted it to?

Gigi: I don't know. I'm very confused.

Roxy: Well, I know, we're all confused. But you and Rex and your slutty sister -- you're all going to be alone, then nobody's going to be happy -- least of all, Shane.

Gigi: I know, but --

Roxy: But nothing. You're going to go up there, you're going to see Stacy, and you're going to tell her how it's going to be, that you're not going to tell your kid that you and Rex are bailing out on him. And then you're going to tell Rex exactly what Stacy pulled, and then he's going to grab you and he's going to kiss your brains out. Boom, happily ever after.

Gigi: If only.

Roxy: If only nothing. Do it. Come on, before you lose your nerve.

Gigi: I will.

Stacy: Schuyler?

Schuyler: No, fine, I'm -- I'm out of here.

Rex: Stay -- I'm the one who needs to go. I want to get back to the hospital.

Stacy: Thank you so much for coming by to see me. I've just been a little down lately, which the doctor said is normal. It takes a lot out of you.

Rex: I hope you're feeling better soon.

Stacy: Thanks for the flowers.

Rex: Like I said, they're from Shane.

Stacy: Right. Well, tell Shane thank you for me. And give him this.

Stacy's voice: Man, it'd be a shame if he needed another transplant and I wasn't here to give it to him. See what happens when you mess with God? If Shane died, it would be your fault.

John: We can argue about it in the car.

Marty: No, I mean it. John, I'm sorry, but I'm part of this. It's a pretty clear message. The killer's after me, and I want to help you find him first.

John: What about Cole?

Marty: Hopefully, we won't be that long. And at least I'd know he's safe in rehab. It's better than being with me right now.

John: What if something happens to you?

Marty: Nothing is going to happen to me. Cole lost me once already. I'm not going to put him through that again.

Starr: How long until we get the results?

Kyle: It usually takes about 72 hours.

Starr: Okay. And this is all confidential, right?

Kyle: Yeah.

Starr: Our baby's death affected a lot of people, and we wouldn't want to upset them.

Natalie: Yeah, I was so mad, I sucker punched him.

Jared: What, you hit the guy?

Natalie: Yeah, well, it's not like he really felt anything. Talk about a six-pack.

Jared: Oh -- are you okay?

Natalie: Yeah, I'm great. He had it coming.

Jared: Well, Jess wasn't too thrilled about what happened.

Natalie: I don't care, you know? It beats sitting around just festering and stewing.

Jared: Right, but sparring with Brody Lovett isn't going to change what we did, Natalie.

Natalie: You know, you're becoming a little bit of a drag.

Jared: Think you did it because maybe you feel a little guilty?

Natalie: About what?

Jared: Keeping the secret that Chloe is really Starr’s baby. It's getting to you, isn't it?

Kyle: Everything we do here is completely confidential. Just fill out this paperwork, and we're good to go.

Starr: Okay.

Cole: Hey, can you handle that? I got to get some water.

Starr: Okay. Are you sure you're all right?

Cole: Yeah -- no, don't worry about me.

Rex: I really need to get back to Shane.

Stacy: Sure. Thanks again for stopping by.

Schuyler: Hey, Rex -- before you go, I think there's something you should take a look at.

Roxy: Our grandson now has your blood running through his veins. God help him, but I just know he's going to be okay. Coming here, looking at you, it totally makes me sick. But I got what I needed, and I never have to look at your ugly mug again.

[Roxy coughs and gags]

Roxy: I got to get that lab guy Kyle to come over here, Morris, because I have a feeling he's going to know exactly what to do. 'Cause if that thing comes out of bed and tries to do that again –

Morris: Pull the plug.

Roxy: What did you say?

Morris: You got what you wanted. Your grandkid's fine now. Pull the stinkin' plug.

Jessica: And... don't worry about Natalie going off on you again. I'll make sure that she backs off, okay?

Brody: It's okay. She didn't even put a dent in me.

Jessica: She tried?

Brody: She loves you a lot.

Jessica: I'm so embarrassed.

Brody: Oh, come on, you love knowing she's got your back. I saw it at the christening.

Jessica: You were there?

Brody: I poked my head in the church for a second.

Jessica: Why?

Brody: You don't know? I care about you, Jessica. If I could just explain what happened between Gigi and me --

Gigi: Oh, God, Brody, just tell her. Please, tell her. Tell her everything, Brody, and don't hold back. Don't let my problems ruin your life.

Jessica: I'm going -- I'm going to go and let you guys --

Brody: No, stay, please. Just for a minute. What's going on, Gigi?

Gigi: My sister may have trashed my life, but I'll be damned if she ruins your chance with Jessica, okay? So I'm giving you permission or whatever, but please, tell Jessica that we never slept together.

Natalie: How long before we get the results back?

Starr: How long until we get the results?

Natalie: We can't tell Jessica the truth. We made a decision, and we were right about the decision we made. And I saw the way she looked at Brody. And he broke her heart, all right? If she were to find out that Chloe’s not her baby right now, I just -- I don't know what would happen to her.

Jared: You're still not answering my question.

[Natalie sighs]

Natalie: Yes. I feel guilty. You, too?

Jared: Every day of my life.

Natalie: We can't second-guess ourselves, though. It'll drive us crazy.

Jared: You think you can stop?

Natalie: I don't know. Marcie and Michael -- they've moved on. They have made peace. And -- and Starr and Cole -- they -- they were going to give up their baby. They had to let go of that baby a long time ago.

Starr: That guy seems to think we might find something out.

Cole: Yeah, 72 hours, right? It's not so bad. It's like three days, right?

Starr: But three days can feel like forever when you want it to go fast.

Cole: Hey, do me a favor. Order me a soda. I'll be right back.

Starr: Okay.

Starr: Back already?

Cole: Yeah, someone was already in there.

Marty: So, what do you say, McBain -- do it my way?

John: Okay.

Marty: Okay, okay.

John: Okay. I'm not leaving you here, and if you're not going to let the department put you somewhere safe, then... I guess you're coming with me. Let's go.

John: Not that way.

[Door beeps and unlocks]

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