One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 4/23/09


Episode # 10424 -- Going Mobile

Provided By Laurie R.
Proofread By Kathy

Dorian: David! Why didn't you call?

David: Well, I got the photo of you in lip lock with lover boy over here, so I thought I'd surprise you.

Dorian: That was just a joke.

David: Oh. Then what's the punch line?

Oliver: It's not fair.

Bo: It never is. I got a lot of years on the job. You never get used to it.

Oliver: I just -- I just keep asking myself, why her? You know, why Talia?

[Knock on door]

Rachel: Come in.

Nora: Rachel?

Rachel: Hi, Mom.

Nora: Are you working here? What -- I mean, I know I'm out of the loop and stuff but am I missing something?

Rachel: It just happened. They needed a drug counselor fast, I needed a job.

Nora: What about your job in Chicago? I mean, I know you took a leave of absence but --

Rachel: An indefinite leave. I told you I'm staying in Llanview as long as you and Matthew need me. And I needed some money, and this is kind of the perfect fit.

Nora: Oh, you're so great. I wish I could stay longer. I really just came by to check on Cole's treatment status. Do you happen to know who his counselor is?

Rachel: Yeah, me.

Markko: Oh, hey, man. How's it going?

Cole: Fine, no thanks to you. I got busted for that drug test you helped me out with. Why did you rat me out to Lola?

Langston: It is going to be so weird living under the same roof with Lola.

Starr: Lang, why don't you...

[Starr mumbles]

Langston: Okay.

Starr: Hey, look at it this way. At least she knows now she can't hit on Markko anymore. Nothing is going to tear you two apart.

Téa: Come on. Come on!  Damn it! Get away from me, Todd.

[R.J. laughs]

R.J.: I know it's been a while but do I really look like Todd Manning to you?

Téa: R.J. Gannon. If you wouldn't mind --

R.J.: Certainly.

Téa: I heard you moved. What are you doing in Llanview?

R.J.: Oh, now, I'll answer yours if you'll answer mine. Why are you getting dressed in a courtroom?

Téa: Oh, right. I, uh, I was just --

R.J.: Does the fact that I saw him slime out of here with his shirt untucked, tie off, have anything to do with your assumption that it was Manning that was zipping you up?

Todd: Hey, Pepperman.

Guard: Whoa, hang on there.

Todd: Blair?

Blair: Look, it's all right. It's all right. Just let him in. He's not going to stop until he gets in here, anyway.

Todd: How you feeling?

Blair: What do you want?

Todd: Does it have to be this way? Can't we be civil to each other at least?

[Blair scoffs]

Blair: Really? You think we can? Hmm?

Todd: For our kids' sake. I mean, we both care about our kids, right?

Blair: No, you only care about yourself, Todd.

Todd: Well, ahem, can we discuss this custody thing, please?

Blair: There is nothing to discuss. John and I are the legal guardians of our children.

Todd: Well, apparently you don't read the news because John is behind bars at this point. He's been arrested for murder.

John: Hey, hey.

[Michael gasps]

John: Shh, easy. It's me, it's me. All right?

Michael: What -- what are you doing? You are supposed to be in jail.

John: I was, and now I'm not.

Michael: Oh, my God.

John: Yeah.

Michael: You didn't.

John: I did, and now I need your help.

Starr: Did Markko ask you to the prom yet?

Langston: Uh-uh.

Starr: You think he will?

Langston: Stop it.

[Starr and Langston laugh]

Langston: He keeps teasing me. He's like, "How do you know I won't ask somebody else?" I'm like, "Go for it. I'm fielding other offers."

Starr: Oh, please. There's only one guy for you and his name is Markko Rivera.

[Starr and Langston laugh]

Langston: You know, I used to think proms were so stupid, but now I'm kind of into it. Look. Isn't it awesome?

Starr: Yeah. I've seen it before. I mean, they have those posters all over school.

Langston: Hey. A lot can happen in six weeks, and you said that you and Cole were connecting again. So maybe --

Starr: Connect -- having a connection and being a prom date are two totally different things. Plus, I don't even want to go to that.

Langston: Does it have anything to do with Mr. J. getting suspended?

Starr: All of the kids at school still blame me for it. You know, um, I'm going to get going. I'll take these.

Langston: Oh, okay. Um, I'll see you later?

Starr: Yeah.

Lola: Hey, Langston. I wouldn't drop money on a prom dress if I were you. Not when your date is going to be going to jail.

Langston: What are you talking about?

Lola: I heard Markko tell you that he helped Cole pass a drug test. And now his drug counselor knows all about it.

Dorian: Ray, would you give us some time alone, please?

Ray: It would be my pleasure. Oh, you know, I saw you on TV.

David: Oh.

[Dorian sighs]

Dorian: Oh, darling. It's so good to have you home.

David: No, you be serious with me. Is there something between you and Don Juan?

Langston: You nasty, spiteful little bitch.

Lola: I told you I'd pay you and Markko back, and I did. It's so fun to watch you suffer, to see your little heart breaking.

Ray: Lola. What is going on here?

Markko: I didn't say anything to Lola, I swear.

Cole: Then why does she show up at the center and tell my drug counselor that you covered for me? That was between us, right?

[Markko sighs]

Markko: I told Langston.

Cole: You what?

Markko: I'm sorry, man. I had to. I can't keep any more secrets from her. Not after what happened with the whole mess with Lola coming on to me. Oh, man. Oh, man. Lola must have heard me telling Langston. When that girl says she wants payback -- so what's going to happen now? Are you going to jail? Am I?

Cole: Look, relax. No one's going to jail. Okay? For some reason, my counselor gave me a free pass.

Nora: Okay, we're talking about Cole Thornhart, right?

Rachel: Cole Thornhart. I was assigned his case.

Nora: But you told your supervisor that it was a conflict of interest, right? I mean, you have to do that, Rachel.

Rachel: I'm already --

Nora: You can't be his drug abuse counselor.

Rachel: I'm already working with him.

Nora: What? No, wait a minute. How can you do that? After everything that he did to your brother?

Rachel: I'm aware of the damage Cole has caused.

Nora: Damage? Well, that's a very, very polite euphemism for paralyzed Matthew.

Rachel: Mom, I know how you feel. But Cole needs help, and it's my job to give it to him. And that is exactly what I am going to do.

Nora: Oh, no, you're not.

Oliver: Well, if this is a serial killer targeting people associated with Marty Saybrooke, then it really just doesn't make sense. Talia hardly knew Marty.

Bo: Maybe Talia was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe the perp decided he was going to strike at Dorian's house next, saw a uniform, panicked. Maybe Talia recognized the guy.

Oliver: Yeah, well, that's a lot of maybes.

Bo: Yeah, you know what? I can't officially investigate a single one.

Oliver: Because the mayor likes John for it.

Bo: The mayor insists that we charge John with murder.

Oliver: Well, we have to prove that we're holding the wrong man in that cell --

Officer: Commissioner, I just came from holding. McBain escaped.

Michael: Okay, you know you're making this a million times worse.

John: I know. Then why don't you let me worry about that.

Michael: Yeah, okay. So, what do you need from me?

Blair: I may be stuck in this hospital, but I do know what's going on in the world. I know John's in jail.

Todd: Okay, then you know that the judge is likely to rule in my favor.

Blair: Are you out of your mind? In person and on paper, you look like an idiot, Todd.

[Todd laughs]

Blair: You do. John is a good man. He'll be vindicated.

Todd: I can't believe you are sticking up for the guy that tried to kill you.

Blair: Because it's ridiculous.

Todd: Well, the cops must have a case against him or they wouldn't have arrested him. I mean, you know there is something off about the guy, right? I just thank God it will be a long, long time before he sees the light of day.

John: I know I'm asking a lot.

Michael: Yeah, you are asking a lot.

John: Listen, I need one more favor before I leave town.

Michael: And there's -- there's no other way? You can't call Bo?

John: The mayor is all over him, man, all right? I'm being set up, mike. There's a murderer out there, and I need to get this guy.

Michael: Okay, come here.

John: What --

Michael: Just come over here.

John: Aw, come on --

Michael: No, you can't stand here. People come in this room. You've got to hide. Just wait here and, uh, I'll do something. Okay, I'll get you -- I'll get you what you need. Stay! Stay here.

John: All right.

Michael: People come in here. Come on.  

Bo: What do you mean "McBain escaped"?

Officer: Antonio Vega was down there with him, and then --

Bo: Damn. Fill out a report.

[Cell phone rings]

Bo: This ought to throw some light on it.

Oliver: How do you know?

Bo: I'm getting a call from your cell phone. Clearly, it's not you that's calling me. Where the hell are you?

John: Come on, Bo. You know I can't answer that.

Bo: Well, you'd better say something.

John: I made things hard for you. I know that.

Bo: You're killing me here, John. You're not a detective anymore, all right? Let us handle this.

John: I can't. You and I both know the longer I sat in that cell, the longer this guy walks the streets.

Bo: That's not the way, John.

John: It's the only way, Bo. Take care of yourself. Tell Fish I'm sorry about the phone.

Oliver: Now what?

Bo: We put out an APB.

Cole: Look, dude, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have laid this on you.

Markko: It's okay. But just for the record, I would never say anything to Lola. That chick is nuts.

Cole: Yeah, but it wasn't cool of me to ask you to be my stand-in, okay? If I got sent to jail, it'd be my fault.

Markko: It's a one-shot deal. It's not like you're still using.

[Dishes clatter]

Markko: Hey, maybe now that you're clean, you and Starr can get back together.

Cole: I don't want to go there.

Markko: Why not? You told me you still loved her, didn't you?

Cole: Yeah, but still --

Markko: Speaking of.

Markko: It looks like she's meeting someone.

Cole: Yeah, she is. Me.

Markko: That's awesome.

Cole: No, it's not like that. Really, it isn't.

Cole: Hey.

Starr: Hi. You want to sit?

Cole: Uh, yeah. Of course. So, we're really going to do this?

Starr: We're going to find out what killed our baby.

Cole: Together.

Starr: Yeah, but before we do anything, I need to know what's going on with your recovery.

Lola: Papa, Langston was being really mean to me and I just couldn't take it anymore.

Langston: What? That's such a lie.

Ray: Let's go. [Speaks Spanish] Come with me.

Ray: I did not raise you to behave the way you have been behaving.

Lola: You didn't raise me at all, remember? You were in prison.

Ray: Yeah, I was gone a long time. I was a lousy father, but things are different now, and we are not going to use the past as an excuse.

Dorian: David, how many times do I have to tell you? There is nothing going on between me and Ray Montez. We most certainly are not, uh --

David: Shacking up?

Dorian: Certainly not in the biblical sense of the word.

David: And you don't want to.

Dorian: No. Though nobody would blame me if I did. Ray is a really attractive man.

David: Easy.

Dorian: And he's available, and you're not. You're not available, not ever. Not anymore.

David: Well, what if I were?

Dorian: Are you saying that you would move back to Llanview?

David: Is that what you want?

Blair: John is not going to end up in prison because he didn't do anything wrong, Todd.

Todd: Yeah. Are you aware that that cop was killed right around John's place?

Blair: Her name was Talia, and yes, I know.

Todd: And you also know his prints were found on the knife that lodged in your back.

Blair: John would never hurt a woman, unlike you.

Todd: Didn't you guys have a big fight that night?

Blair: You know what? I'm not even going to get into this with you. Guard!

Todd: You know what?

Blair: Guard! Okay, all right. It's fine.

Blair: What?

Todd: I just want you to know, for the record, that I came here and I gave you a chance to do right by your kids, all right? Because now I'm going to go to the judge. So you better prepare yourself, sweetheart, for when he sides with me.

Todd: Get the hell out of the way.

Michael: I'm very sorry.

Blair: Michael, I mean, is there any word on John? Do we know if he's made bail? 

Nora: Have you even thought about how Matthew would feel about this?

Rachel: He's not the one blaming Cole for that accident. You are.

Nora: Oh, yeah. You're damn straight I am. If Cole hadn't decided to solve his problems by popping pills, Matthew would be walking right now. He'd be playing baseball. He'd be dancing.

Rachel: Mom, I hurt a lot of other people, too. And the parents of those people would have loved to see me locked up. But you had faith in me. You wanted me to have another chance, which is exactly why you gave that to Cole.

Nora: You know, why does my momentary feeling of generosity have to involve you?

Rachel: Mom, I really hope you're not asking me to make a choice, here.

Cole: Uh, recovery is good. I got a new counselor. She's cool.

Starr: That's great. Actually, I've been doing a lot of research.

Cole: Oh, wow.

Starr: Yeah, I read all about the stages of recovery, the detox, the meetings, all the random drug tests. I mean, how are you doing with all that stuff?

Cole: Uh, fine. I passed my last drug test with flying colors.

Starr: I'm really proud of you.

[Cell phone rings]

Markko: Hey, Lang.

Langston: Markko, we've got to do something. Lola knows that you helped Cole with his drug test.

Markko: It's okay. I know.

Langston: You do?

Markko: Lola already told his counselor, but everything's cool.

Langston: Are you sure?

Markko: If anything bad was going to happen, Cole wouldn't be sitting here right now.

Langston: Oh, my God. Thank God. I'm coming right away, okay?

Ray: You have great reason to be angry, but what you are doing here is not right. And you know it. Look --

Lola: I'm sorry, Langston. For everything. I was lonely and I envied you. Please, Langston -- please forgive me.

[Langston sighs]

Langston: I got to go.

Ray: Thank you. Thank you for that.

Lola: It's still not enough.

Ray: Well, it is not easy to apologize, but it's a start.

Lola: I feel bad. I need to do something -- something for Langston and Markko. A surprise -- I'll be back in a bit.

Ray: Wait, wait, wait, mija. Remember -- just try to remember you are so smart, you are so beautiful, you are capable of being a good cousin and a good friend, you know.

Ray: Okay, don't be gone long.

[Lola sighs]

Lola: Papi, you have no idea what I'm capable of.

Téa: I am not involved with Todd. I'm not -- I'm not anything with Todd. I am in complete control this time.

R.J.: Okay, fair enough. But is there anyone else on the horizon?

Téa: Um, I went on a date. Does that count? A former client of mine, Ray Montez.

R.J.: And?

Téa: He's smart, attractive, Latin, like me.

R.J.: Sounds appropriate.

Téa: It just -- it didn't work. He felt it, too. I think he likes your friend Dorian, anyway.

R.J.: Then it's a good thing it went nowhere. The most dangerous place on earth to be is between Dorian Lord and her man.

Dorian: Frankly, David, I'm a bit taken aback. Are you seriously saying you would consider moving back to Llanview?

David: That is not the point.

Dorian: Then what is the point?

David: You want out of this marriage.

Dorian: What?

David: Oh, I see what's going on here. You don't have the guts to break up with me, so you're trying to push me to do the dirty work for you. That's why you sent me the picture.

Dorian: Au contraire, mon chérie. It's you who wants out of this marriage. That's why you left Llanview and you went to L.A.

David: I have a professional acting career to attend to.

Dorian: You could have a professional acting career here.

David: Doing what? "Hamlet" with the Llanview players? No, thank you.

Dorian: On Broadway, by taking the train.

David: Even in a limo, I don't commute. You know, what happened to that support you had for me? You supported me at one time, and now that I'm actually living my dream, where is it?

Dorian: Your dream? Of becoming the Have-a-Seat man? You are the poster boy for a hemorrhoid remedy.

David: It is the number two hemorrhoid remedy, I'll have you know. Second only to -- you are taking me off track. I did not come here to defend my success.

Dorian: Then why did you come here?

David: To get an answer. Do you want to stay married to me or not?

Michael: All right, Doctor. I'll leave you to it. So, that doctor is going to change Mrs. McBain's dressing and we need a completely, completely sterile environment, so no one is to go in there until he's done, okay? No one goes in there. Okay.

Blair: It is so good to see you.

John: I'm sorry about all this mess.

Blair: I'm sorry about Talia. It must have been really tough to be the one to find her.

John: It was bad.

Blair: And they arrested you.

John: The mayor made Bo bring me in.

Blair: I mean, well, at least they came to their senses. I mean, they let you out.

John: Not exactly.

Blair: What do you mean "not exactly"?

John: I sort of escaped. That's why I'm -- I'm in the funny getup.

Blair: John, no. This is dangerous. You can't --

John: I don't have much time, and I need to say goodbye.   

Starr: It's huge that you're passing your drug test. I know if you screw up on one, Nora will send you to jail or --

Cole: And throw the key away for what I did to Matthew -- yeah, I know.

Starr: But you were going through your own stuff when Matthew got hurt and --

Cole: Doesn't matter. The guy is paralyzed, all right? Nothing's going to change that.

Starr: But it means something that you've stopped doing drugs and that you're getting help.

Cole: Yeah, it's a start, I guess.

Starr: And eventually, maybe you can make it up to Matthew and his family.

Rachel: I became a drug counselor because I want to help people who have made the same mistakes that I did. Nobody is on to Cole the way that I am, Mom. He's not going to have it easy.

Nora: Good! Oh, I -- this is just -- it's really hard for me, that's all.

Rachel: I get that, I do.

Nora: But I suppose if all of this is all right with the rehab center, then I'll -- I'll try to go along with it.

Rachel: Thank you.

Nora: Okay. So, I'm going to have to do periodic checkups to make sure that he's sticking with the program and just -- I mean, it's like -- is it kosher if I come and talk to you?

Rachel: I think so, and he is.

Nora: Good. I'm glad.

Rachel: Come here.

Nora: Oh, sweetie.

Rachel: Oh. You okay?

Nora: Yeah, I'm okay. I'm okay.

[Knock on door]

Lola: I told you Cole got his friend Markko to take a drug test for him. Why didn't you do anything?

Dorian: I have always been committed to making this marriage work.

David: How?  By playing tonsil hockey with your new houseguest?

Dorian: Oh, and I suppose you haven't looked at anybody else in L.A.

David: I have been 100% faithful to you.

Dorian: Ah, ah!

David: It's true.  Maybe there's a little Buddhism left in me. I've kept my vow -- I love you, Dorian.

Dorian: I love you, too.

David: But you have feelings for that -- Ray, don't you? Otherwise, you'd stick to me like glue -- if for no other reason, to stick it to the Buchanans.

Dorian: Hmm.

Bo: I've got units covering all of McBain's contacts. You know what? Maybe if you hadn't bulldozed me into arresting him, none of this would've happened! Well, same to you!

Oliver: Mayor seems pretty steamed, huh?

[Bo sighs]

Bo: "Innocent until proven guilty" doesn't carry a lot of weight for the mayor where John's concerned.

Oliver: Well, luckily it does for you.

Bo: I just don't want to see an innocent man behind bars.

Oliver: So you're okay with John escaping?

Bo: Fish, what I'm saying is that we all have to do what we have to do.

Blair: Oh -- where are you going?

John: To find the person that did this to you.

Blair: Come on, John. I mean, can I at least try to talk you out of this?

John: I turn myself in, the real murderer stays on the streets.

Blair: Well, why didn't somebody ask me? I mean, I know you didn't try to kill me! I mean, I even told Todd that.

John: What was Todd doing here?

Blair: Oh, well, Todd was being Todd. He was trying to scare me into giving him custody. I swear that man never misses a beat with me!

John: I knew he'd do that when I got arrested.

Blair: Oh, I don't care about Todd. Now I'm worried about you, John.

John: I'm going to be okay.

Blair: They're calling you a serial killer. I mean -- I don't like that.

John: I need to clear my name. I need to get this psycho off the street before he stabs someone else.

R.J.: You know, anything is better than Todd Manning. You are a smart, attractive woman. Look around.

Téa: Remember how jealous he was when he found out you and I were together?

R.J.: Yeah. Wasn't man enough to face me -- bastard took a shot at me.

Téa: God -- it's sick.

R.J.: Which part?

[Téa sighs]

Téa: The Todd part --

R.J.: Hmm.

Téa: And my way of getting pulled right back in there with him. Do you think there's a 12-step for this? I'm serious. I am in dire need of a meeting of some sort.

R.J.: What -- Manning anonymous?

Téa: Uh-huh.

R.J.: I don't know, but I still know people. They'll cure him for you.

Téa: Hmm.

R.J.: Hmm.

Todd: What have we here? Randall James? Really? Man, I thought you were dead.

R.J.: Very much alive.

Todd: Well.

[Todd sighs]

Todd: Well, this is awfully cozy, isn't it? You and me and Téa in the middle.

Starr: Are you sure you still want to do this?

Cole: What, find out why our baby died?

Starr: Yeah.

Cole: Yeah. You?

Starr: Of course, but this is just between us, right?

Cole: Right.

Starr: No telling Marcie because she's been through enough already.

Cole: All right, so that means going through Dr. McBain is out. So where do we start?

Starr: I was thinking maybe we could ask Schuyler for help.

Cole: No -- no way!

Starr: Okay, okay. I'm -- I was just asking. I don't know what else you want to do, though.

Cole: I don't know. I don't know -- we don't have anything.

Starr: We have this.

Langston: Oh, hey. Oh. Starr and Cole are here -- together.

Markko: Yeah, and if I were you, I wouldn't interrupt them. They -- they look like they're into something pretty heavy.

Langston: You don't think it has anything to do with the drug test, do you?

Markko: No, no. Trust me, that's handled.

Langston: Oh, thank God. I can't believe Lola narced on you and Cole. Oh, and get this -- she actually apologized to me for being such a bitch.

Markko: Huh -- you're kidding?

Langston: No -- well, her father was standing right there. She didn't have a choice. She put on quite a performance, actually.

Markko: Maybe she meant it?

Langston: Not a chance.

Lola: I heard Markko Rivera tell my cousin Langston that he took a drug test for Cole -- I mean, that's illegal, right?

Rachel: The matter has already been dealt with to  my satisfaction.

Lola: So that's it?

Rachel: That's it. Thank you for checking in.

[Lola sighs]

Nora: Cole's using drugs again, and you're covering for him?

Rachel: That is what you would call hearsay. She has no proof.

Nora: Okay, which obviously you've talked to Cole about this, so what did he -- what did he tell you?

Rachel: Mom, you know clients and counselors have a confidentiality agreement.

Nora: Oh, no, no, not in this case! You see, Cole was released to the rehab center under very specific terms. He uses again, he goes to prison, and if he's admitted it to you, you have a legal obligation to report it.

Dorian: Oh, there's always been a connection between us.  I think there always will be.

David: But we've grown apart.

Dorian: Hmm.

David: And it's not like either one of us is really bi-coastal.

Dorian: You have your new life in L.A. and my life is here in Llanview.

David: Wait, but what about everything you said on the telephone, that you'd move to Los Angeles to save our marriage?

Dorian: I meant it at the time.

David: You do have a sincerity that subsides quickly. I've always admired that. Will Ray Montez appreciate that in you?

Dorian: Ray has nothing to do with this.

David: Why is it -- our timing is always just off?

Dorian: I don't know.

David: So what happens now, baby?

Dorian: Well -- well, I don't want to be the one to say what we're both thinking.

David: Hmm. Then I will. I'm dumping you.

[Cell phone rings]

Michael: Oh, come on. What's up, Bo?

Bo: Heard from your brother?

Michael: Uh, no. Why?

Bo: He broke out of jail.

Michael: Ah -- you're kidding.

Bo: Yeah, I just thought that he might have wanted to contact you.

Michael: No, no. But, you know, if I hear from him, I'll definitely -- I'll give you a call.

Bo: Thank you, Michael. Talk to you later.

Michael: Yeah.

Bo: He's already heard from him. Fish! Let's roll.

John: I'm sorry I couldn't be here for you and the kids.

Blair: It's not your fault.

John: They're good kids. It's going to be all right.

Blair: You go. You clear your good name, find out whoever's doing this awful stuff, and -- and then you come back to me. I mean, I know our marriage is, you know --      

Rachel: I'm aware of the legal issues, and I am handling Cole's case as I see fit.

Nora: As you see fit. You put yourself in a position to choose between Cole and your brother.

Rachel: Mom, what happened to Matthew is done. We can't change that. I wish I could. What I can do, hopefully, is have some kind of positive impact on Cole's future.

Nora: And you're planning on doing that how? By letting Cole ruin someone else's life? Sweetheart, next time, he could kill someone. Think about that.

[Rachel sighs]

Cole: What, your locket? What about it?

Starr: I have a lock of hope's hair in here. Maybe this could help tell us something about what happened to her.

Markko: Forget about Lola. Don't waste your energy. Save it for this.

Langston: Prom tickets? Finally -- I thought you'd never ask!

Markko: Oh, give me a break. You knew I would.

Langston: Yeah, I did.

Markko: So you going to buy a hot dress?

Langston: I didn't say yes. Yes.

[Langston laughs]

Lola: "Make your dreams come true." You bet I will.

David: Shall you file it or shall I?

Dorian: Let me handle it.

David: Ah. So this is goodbye.

Dorian: It's only our marriage that's ending. We'll still be David and Dorian.

Ray: Excuse me.

David: Wait. I was just leaving.

David: You take good care of her, Montez, or I'll break your legs. Might call Shaun to do that for me.

[Door closes]

David: La Boulaie -- 1984. Good year.

Ray: Wow.

[Dorian chuckles]

Ray: You want to have dinner with me?

Dorian: Are you asking me out on a date?

Ray: Yes, I am.

Dorian: I'd like very much to have dinner with you.

Todd: So, Randall, what are you doing back in Llanview? The bank foreclose on the hole you crawled out of?

R.J.: Huh.

[R.J. chuckles]

R.J.: Téa, it has been great seeing you again.

Téa: You, too.

R.J.: Hey, you know, we should get together sometime soon.

Todd: Yeah, we should.

Téa: I'd like that -- hey. We have a lot to catch up on. I am going to give you my private number.

Todd: You're not actually going to hook up with that bozo, are you?

Téa: You want me to go another round with you? Not going to happen --

Todd: Oh!

Téa: Ever again!

Todd: Don't flatter yourself, sweetheart. I'm just here because the judge agreed to see me.

Téa: Why?

Todd: I'm going to get my kids back -- that's why. Turns out their new stepdad's on the lam -- just heard it on the news. John McBain, ex-cop, murder suspect, escaped -- escaped jail.

Téa: What?

Todd: Yes. It's all falling into place, my friend. I'm going to get those kids back very soon.

Blair: You could get in a lot of trouble for this.

Guard: Ms. Cramer's in the middle of a sterile procedure.

Second guard: Hey, no one's allowed in.

Bo: John?

[Bo sighs]

Officer: No sign of McBain here. Standing by in case he shows.

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