One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 4/16/09


Episode # 10419 -- Renouncing Satan ... Or Not

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[Chloe coos]

Jessica: Yeah, guess what? It's your day, today. We're going to take you to the church, and the minister is going to baptize you. It's going to seem a little bit silly at first. She's going to put water on your head. But I'm going to be there, and your Aunt Natalie is going to be there, and your Uncle Jared is going to be there, and we're all going to promise to watch over you. Mm-hmm, it's going to be a new beginning. And I can't think of a better place to start it -- oh -- no, I can't -- than right here, near daddy.

Clint: Is this my granddaughter? I do believe it is my granddaughter. Bree, how are you?

Viki: I'm sorry.

Clint: Did you drive here, or --

Viki: I opened the door. She saw you and made a beeline for you.

Clint: Well, she's smart because she knows that oftentimes I have some of these in my pocket.

Viki: Oh. We call him the spoiler.

Clint: Yeah, it's my job and I'm rootin' tootin' good at it, aren't I? Charlie, I want to thank you for giving me the time to talk with Viki last night.

Charlie: No problem.

Viki: Did you and Nora work things out?

Clint: Well, we haven't had the chance. We're both kind of busy, you know. And then with Matthew back home, I don't know -- he calls for a lot of attention.

Charlie: Yeah, it's a pretty rough situation.

Viki: She has to put Matthew first, you know? We all do.

Clint: Yeah, that's right. We do. But Nora is coming to the service here, and I'm hoping that the joy will help us bridge some gaps.

Cole: How you doing?

Starr: I didn't get much sleep last night.

Cole: I wonder why. Nightmares?

Starr: Yeah.

Cole: Yeah, me, too. If you hadn't gotten away from Zach --

Starr: But I did. We both did.

Cole: When you came down those stairs, it was, like, the best moment of my life.

Langston: So, you went to see Cole in rehab and what happened?

Markko: Okay, it's not a big thing, and I told him I'd keep it quiet, so --

Langston: Keep what quiet? No. He wouldn't. Not after causing that accident and Matthew being paralyzed. Please tell me he's not using again.

Starr: When Zach started saying those weird things to me, like how grown up I was and looking at me like he wanted to -- I didn't know what to do, but then you were there. It was like a miracle.

Cole: It kind of was.

Starr: You know, I forgot to ask you -- what were you doing there?

Nora: They tore up the floorboards in Rosen’s room. Why?

Bo: Because one of the uniforms found a pry mark. Come on in.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Yeah? Fish, what do you got?

Oliver: Photos of the knife. The lab sent them over.

Nora: Ooh, did they get enough blood to run a panel?

Oliver: Yeah.

Bo: Were they able to pull any prints?

Oliver: Well, the techs think it was wiped clean but they're going over it.

Bo: Okay, thanks.

Oliver: Yeah.

Bo: This has got to be the knife that he used to stab Blair.

Nora: Oh, my God. If Rosen gives me Blair, then I can get him on Halpern and Granger.

Bo: So you still think that Zach Rosen is not our guy?

Téa: I can't do this. I can't do this. I can't, I really can't. You know what, I'm sorry, but just put that back on. Put it back on.

Todd: Téa?

Téa: Yes?

Todd: I want you to start taking your clothes off.

Téa: Are you kidding me? I am not -- I am not taking my clothes off.

Todd: Yes, you are.

Téa: No. Stop, stop it, just stop right there.

Todd: I want you.

[Téa giggles]

Téa: No, no, no. What -- what you want is for me to go to the judge and tell her that Blair and John committed fraud and that -- and that their marriage is an arrangement and that you should have temporary custody. And that is why you are coming on to me. That is the only reason that your shoes are off and your shirt is undone. Um, that's what you want. Todd, you don't want me.

Todd: You know, for a smart woman, you sure are stupid.

John: I'm surprised about the knife, but I'm not sure it proves anything.

Nora: Well, if this turns out to be the murder weapon and it's got Rosen's prints on it, then we kind of have to conclude that Rosen's our guy.

John: No, Nora. What happened at Manning's last night, that's not typical of a serial killer. See, the man who killed Lee and Wes and who stabbed Blair, he would have killed Starr and Cole, not taken them hostage.

Nora: Okay. What about the timing, though? I mean, Rosen just got out of prison. And the motive? He hates Todd.

John: So what you're saying is he was lying about the K.A.D. killer?

Nora: We don't even know if there is a K.A.D. killer, for God's sake. I mean, Téa Delgado confessed to killing Halpern in self-defense.

John: Téa didn't kill Halpern.

Bo: Do you know that for a fact?

John: Yes.

Nora: Well, then I should be bringing Delgado in for obstruction of justice.

John: Look, Nora, all I'm saying here is the lawyer didn't kill anyone and there's a serial killer out there.

Bo: We'll know more when we get the test results back.

Nora: Yeah. Yeah, I think I'm just going to let Rosen stew for a little bit and then I'll go back in and hit him again. Did Fish give you any idea of how fast we are going to get these lab results because I -- oh, my God. I'm supposed to be at Chloe's christening right now with your brother.\

Jared: Here they come.

Natalie: Yep.

Jared: What's done is done.

Natalie: Look, I know that we have done the right thing. Jessica can't handle another loss right now. I just -- I pray that no one else gets hurt.

Jessica: I don't think I would have had the strength to come back and fight Tess if it hadn't been for you.

[Chloe babbles]

Jessica: You made me realize how beautiful life can be. I'm always going to miss your daddy, but I look at you, and I know I can have a future. Yeah.

[Chloe babbling]

Jessica: Yeah. You know, I even met a boy in St. Ann's of all places.

[Chloe blows bubbles]

Jessica: No, you would have liked him. Yeah, you would have. He was really nice. It didn't work out, though. At least I know it's out there, huh? At least I know love is out there.

Brody: Jessica?

Cole: Starr, you're not going to like what I have to say.

Starr: No, you know what? You don't even have to tell me. I'm just grateful that you were there.

Cole: No, I need to tell you. The truth is I was there because I wanted to talk to your dad about you.

Starr: Why?

Cole: You and Mr. Joplin. I saw you leave his room.

Starr: And you told my dad?

Cole: Starr, I was worried about you.

Starr: That's -- that's why my dad wasn't at his house. Oh, my gosh.

Cole: Yeah, he was heading over to talk to him.

Starr: Talk to him? He'd probably kill him.

Cole: Look, Mr. J. is fine, Starr, okay? I saw him heading to the drug treatment center this morning.

Starr: Well, now I have to call him.

Cole: Hey, you're really hooked on this guy, aren't you?

Todd: You better tell me to stop.

Téa: You know I hate you. Do you know that?

Todd: Oh, you better tell me to stop, then.

Téa: Stop it.

Markko: No, Cole isn't using. At least, I don't think he is.

Langston: So what's the problem? Okay, the last time you kept something from me, Lola coming on to you, remember what happened?

Markko: Yeah, but this isn't about me.

Langston: He's our friend, Markko. And we didn't say anything when we should have, and now Matthew Buchanan is sitting in a wheelchair. You really want to go there again?

Markko: Okay. Look, I will tell you, but you can't tell anyone, not even Starr.

Langston: Fine.

Markko: Cole was freaked out because rehab pulled a drug test on him this morning.

Langston: So? If he's not using, it shouldn't be a problem.

Markko: Only, last night, when Zach Rosen knocked him out, Cole got hurt so he took a painkiller. If that shows up on his drug test, they're sending him straight to the joint.

Langston: Can't he just explain what happened?

Markko: He said it's a zero tolerance program. You got a headache, you're supposed to gut it out.

Langston: So what did he do?

Markko: He asked me for a sample so he could substitute --

Langston: Which you did not do. Markko, tell me you didn't give that sample.

Markko: I can't.

Starr: I can't believe that you would do this to me again. You know what my father is like. Remember what happened when you told him that I was giving my baby to Marcie?

Cole: Okay, you're right. I shouldn't have told him about the baby, all right? But this, I had no choice. I tried everything I knew to stop you from going after Mr. J. I even went to his place to talk to him. But you already know that because you were there somewhere hiding, right? Starr, he's too old for you, okay? It would never work out. He would just be using you, and that's why I talked to your dad. Because I couldn't stand to see you get hurt. Look, I didn't come here to fight, all right? I just wanted to give you this.

Michael: You sure you want to do this?

Marcie: Be here at Chloe's christening? I'm not going to lie to you, I still have my moments. But Chloe and Hope were born on the same day and, I don't know, it makes me happy to watch Chloe grow up. And I'm really glad to be here for Jessica, too.

Michael: Okay.

Marcie: What about you? Do you want to do this?

Charlie: Hey, son.

Jared: Hey.

Charlie: So you worked out that problem you were having? That secret that you thought could cause some damage?

Jared: It's under control. I thought about what you said. "The greatest good for the greatest number." So I buried it.

Charlie: And you think there's no chance of it coming to light?

Jared: Nope. I made sure of that.

Viki: Jessie was saying how much it means to her that you and Jared have agreed to be Chloe's Godparents.

Natalie: Oh, we love Chloe. We're very happy to do it.

Viki: You kind of took your time to make up your minds, huh?

Natalie: Yeah. You know, we just had to settle some things.

Viki: What things?

Natalie: It's a big responsibility. We just had make sure we were up for it, you know?

Viki: Honey, something's been bothering you for quite some time now. Can you tell me what it is?

Jessica: Were you listening?

Brody: No, I was just passing by.

Jessica: No? You're just passing by a cemetery?

Brody: Relax. I'm no stalker. I stopped by to visit Wes. It's kind of something I do when I need to talk to a friend. Anyway, I don't want to bother you.

Jessica: No, no, it's okay. It's okay. We were just -- I just come here when I want to be close with Nash. You know, when I need to say things without filtering.

Brody: I understand. And I'm sorry if I startled you. Look, I'm not going to lie. I heard a little bit of what you were saying. The stuff about me. Jessica, I am so sorry you were hurt. I wish you'd forgive me. Can you do that? It's the last thing I wanted -- to wreck things for us.

Langston: You helped Cole fake a drug test?

Markko: No.

Langston: Then what would you call it?

Markko: He was trying to save Starr's life. She could have been killed. And so, yeah, he got hurt and he took a painkiller. He doesn't deserve to go to jail for that.

Langston: Okay, but those are the terms he agreed to. And I'm not saying it's fair, but the D.A. was mad enough when she found out we were helping him try to cover up his habit. If she finds out we are still helping him --

Markko: He needed a painkiller.

Langston: He can't have one. He's a junkie, Markko. Don't you get it? He's addicted. That's why he's in rehab -- because he's so far gone he put the D.A.'s son in a wheelchair, okay? And if she finds out that he's using again and you helped him fake a drug test, the two of you could end up in jail.

Markko: I don't care, Lang. I had to do it. He's my best friend, and you would have done the same thing for Starr.

Starr: I have been sick over losing this. My dad couldn't find it, the police couldn't find it. I thought that it was gone forever. Where did you find it?

Cole: It was on the floor. It must have fallen off when Zach dragged you off.

Starr: Oh, my gosh, Cole. Cole, this is the only thing we have left of her.

Cole: You think about her as much as I do?

Starr: Cole, I -- I don't think you know. I didn't tell you.

Cole: What?

Starr: When you got into your accident and you were at the hospital, Marcie accidentally saw your blood test. She was confused by it, so she asked Michael to double check it and... Cole, you're Rh negative and so am I. There is no way our baby died from Rh disease.

Brody: I know it may not make much sense right now, but I know I hurt you, so I'm just saying I'm sorry.

Jessica: It's Chloe's christening today.

Brody: Ah, that would explain the giant baby dress.

Jessica: Yeah, it would. Um, look, I don't want to go into that church with any bad feelings in my heart, so it's okay. I accept your apology.

Brody: Thank you. I know I have no right to ask, but that night -- the night it happened, you said we could still be friends. Did you mean it?

Natalie: We've had some year, Jess and I. You know, I just had to make sure that I'd forgiven her.

Viki: But honey, you made your peace.

Natalie: Yes, we have. Chloe -- Chloe really brought us together. And I have to give a lot of credit to Jess because she was so patient. You know, had it been me coming home and finding out that my children don't know me, don't trust me, I would have lost it, and she never pressured those kids.

Viki: She's a good mother. She puts her children first.

Natalie: She's a wonderful mother, and she deserves those kids and I've got her back. I will make sure she keeps them.

Viki: You'll make sure she keeps them? Why wouldn't she keep them?

Natalie: Uh, you know, if something happens, like she has a relapse.

Viki: Honey, Dr. Levin is very encouraged by her progress --

Natalie: Right, well, her shrink said that she was fine before and look what happened.

Viki: Yeah, but she was traumatized by Nash's death. That's a loss that could undo anyone, and that's not likely to happen again. Is that what's been bothering you? You think your sister might relapse?

Natalie: Mom, I will do anything to keep my sister healthy -- anything.

Viki: Well, of course you will. She's your sister, and one day Chloe is going to thank you for taking such good care of her mother.

Clint: Voila. There's your beautiful mommy.

[Phone rings]

Clint: Oh, and there's the problem when you have a phone that does more than one thing. Hold on. Hello?

Nora: Oh, Clint, I'm so sorry.

Clint: Well, not to worry, the service hasn't started yet.

Nora: I'm not going to be able to make it.

Clint: Why not?

Nora: We just had a break in this serial killer case, and Bo and I can't leave. So, please give my apologies if you will to Jessica and to Viki and tell them I'll call them later. Oh, and will you apologize for your brother, also? I -- I'm sorry, it's just that we are at a critical point in this interrogation --

Clint: Yeah, whatever. I got to go.

Nora: I'm just going to go down to the lab and see if I can rush those results.

Bo: Clint understood?

Nora: Um, let's just say that that knife better be the murder weapon and Rosen better give us a confession.

John: What are those?

Bo: These are blow-ups of Blair's stab wounds. The M.E. compared it to the size and the shape of the blade on that knife that we found at Rosen's. So it looks like we got our weapon. How's Blair?

John: Well, it's going to take a while, but the doctors tell me she's going to be 100%.

Bo: Good. That's good.

John: You might have heard that we, uh, got married.

Bo: Yeah, I did hear that. John McBain, a married man. You know, it's a good thing you did, though, making sure that Manning couldn't get custody of her kids.

Téa: Ah, wow.

Todd: Yep.

[Téa chuckles]

Téa: That was better than I remembered.

Todd: Yeah. What did I do now?

Téa: You're smiling.

Todd: All right. Now that the deed is done, you need to track down that judge and tell them about the bogus marriage and get my kids back to me. And for God's sake, put something on. It's disgraceful. If you hurry, you'll be able to catch the judge. It's early.

Téa: I'm not going anywhere with you, Todd. Especially not to the judge. I'm not going to tell her the marriage is a fake. I'm not going to lift one finger to get you your kids back.

[Téa sighs]

Todd: I seem to recall we had a deal. And it went something like this -- I agreed to give you another chance and, in exchange, you were going to help me get my kids back.

Téa: What we had was an offer.

Todd: Oh.

Téa: You offered to be my love slave.

Todd: Done.

Téa: I never agreed to anything.

Todd: Oh, man.

[Téa chuckles]

Todd: It was implied.

Téa: You -- you have a contract? It -- oh, you have a signature?

Todd: I just took you downtown!

Téa: Oh, oh, oh. You feeling used, sweetheart?

Todd: You know, you're the one being used.

Téa: Oh.

Todd: That marriage is a fake, and they're using you to commit fraud!

Téa: Yeah. Oh, oh, oh, oh. Toddy's angry. Listen, I know it's impossible for you to believe that Blair could ever be in love with anyone else.

Todd: She doesn't love John McBain, that's for sure.

Téa: I don't know that.

Todd: Téa, come on. Look at the timing. I mean, the only reason they got married was to keep me from getting custody -- yes?

Téa: Whatever it takes. I don't think you should be allowed anywhere near your kids, Todd. I know you love them, but there's a big difference between loving your kids and being a good father.

[Clears throat]

Todd: So you're not going to help me, then?

Téa: Nope. Guess you gave yourself away for nothing. Hmm.

Cole: What are you saying -- Hope didn't have to die?

Starr: I don't know. She didn't die from Rh disease -- that's all we know right now.

Cole: Okay, then what happened? What happened, hmm? Joplin said that she was healthy, you were healthy, all the prenatal stuff was normal. Why did she die?

Starr: Michael triple-checked the autopsy. He doesn't know why it said that she died from Rh disease.

Cole: And that's it? And then you -- you just left it at that?

Starr: Well, they said that they could have her exhumed. And I thought about that, but Marcie and I both agreed that it would be -- it would be gruesome to do something like that to her. And it's not like it's going to bring her back.

Jessica: Look, I know I said that we could still be friends, and I -- I wish I was that big of a person, I really do, but I can't just pal around with you when you're with Gigi.

Brody: What -- I'm not with Gigi.

Jessica: Whatever. You know, I just -- I can't, okay, not right now. It's -- maybe in time, but it's just -- it's too hard right now.

Brody: I miss you.

Jessica: I miss you, too. We have to go to the church. Sorry. Um -- hey, baby girl. Say goodbye to your dad.

[Jessica gasps]

Jessica: Did you feel that? Did you feel that wind just blow? That was your dad saying he loves you, too.

Michael: Whew. You know, as much as we say that we're moving on -- and we are, we're so much better. But on days like today, I cannot help but think of Tommy and how we lost him.

Marcie: I know. Me, too, honey.

Jessica: Hey.

Marcie: Hey! Oh, look who's here. She's so adorable!

Jessica: I really hope she doesn't spit up on this dress. It's been in the family forever.

Marcie: It's beautiful.

Jessica: Marcie, would you mind? I just have to --

Marcie: Oh, oh!

Jessica: Give that back to Mommy!

Marcie: No, that's Mommy's, yes! Come here.

Jessica: I just have to run a comb through my hair.

Marcie: Oh, yeah, sure. Come here, sweetie pie.

Michael: Hi.

Priest: Love is eternal. Love is stronger than the currents of the deepest water. Love is stronger than death. Amen.

Natalie: Amen.

Priest: Are you ready to help Jessica in her duty as a compassionate parent?

Natalie and Jared: We are.

Priest: Now give Chloe to her godmother.

Natalie: Come here, baby. Hi.

Jared: Got her?

Natalie: Yeah.

Priest: Jared, Natalie, do you renounce Satan and all of his angels and all of his evil works?

Jared and Natalie: We do.

Cole: I know it won't bring her back. It just seems -- I mean, we're her parents. Uh -- you thought that it was because of us, that it was our blood, but it wasn't. I mean, don't we have the responsibility to find out what happened to her? Starr, she was our daughter. I mean, how -- how can we live with not knowing? Doesn't she deserve better?

Starr: She deserves a life. She should be -- she should be learning how to sit up like -- like Chloe. She should -- she should have her first teeth, her first words, her first day of school, her -- her first kiss. But I've made peace with it. Cole, could you help me with this? Uh -- I'm late for Chloe's christening. I should -- I have to go.

Priest: I baptize thee Chloe Victoria -- in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit. You have been entrusted with the spiritual well-being of this child. It is your duty to guide her to goodness and to protect her from evil.

[Chloe fusses]

Cole: What happened to you, Hope? And what took you away from us?

Starr: I am sorry I was so late.

Jessica: Oh, what, are you kidding me? After what happened to you at your dad's place, I'm surprised you even showed up at all. Are you okay?

Starr: Oh, yeah, I'm okay. She's getting so big.

Jessica: Yeah, she certainly is. Would -- would you mind holding her? I just have to go and say goodbye to my folks.

Starr: Yeah, I would love to.

Jessica: Yeah, she's sleeping, though --

Starr: Oh!

Jessica: Kind of or she's trying.

Starr: Come here, big girl!

Jessica: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

Starr: Okay, okay, okay.

Jessica: Oh, there you go.

Starr: Oh. I --

Jessica: You got her?

Starr: Yeah.

Jessica: Okay, good.

Starr: Oh. Come here. Sweet dreams. It must be because we're related -- is that why you're so familiar? We've known each other forever.

Langston: Starr's like a sister to me, and I'd do anything for her -- I get that, I do. But Cole's an addict, and addicts lie.

Markko: So -- so he was lying to me?

Langston: An addict would do anything to keep using -- you know that.

Lola: Hey! Um -- I'm glad I ran into you guys.

Markko: Yeah?

Lola: Just wanted to clear up everything about the misunderstanding at the Buenos Dias.

Langston: "Misunderstanding?" You were slobbering over my boyfriend.

Lola: Langston, but I -- I wasn't --

Langston: Oh, save it, Lola! This little miss innocent act --

Markko: Bogus.

Langston: Yeah, and I trust Markko, not you.

Lola: Langston, please don't hate me.

Langston: Okay, look. You're my cousin, we live under the same roof, so I have to put up with you -- I don't have a choice. Pero, prima, you will never get between me and my man -- you got that?

Lola: I'm going to destroy you, prima -- you and your man.

Todd: Well, if that wasn't to help me, what was it?

Téa: Spontaneous combustion?

Todd: Go to hell.

Téa: Aw, don't be sore, Todd. Look, we have history, we both wanted each other. This happens all the time between people -- trust me.

Todd: And you knew what I wanted.

Téa: I don't have to make deals for sex, Todd. I field offers all day.

Todd: Yeah, but I'm the one you actually -- oh.

Téa: What?

Todd: I thought I was the one you wanted.

Téa: One roll in the hay, and you think I'll do your bidding? Don't be ridiculous.

Todd: Well, I'll tell you what, sweetheart -- that was it. One roll in the hay, and that's it. We're done, brother.

Téa: Okay, sister, that's fine with me. My question is -- is it fine with you?

Jessica: Oh, my goodness. She's sound asleep. She loves you.

Starr: Oh, I know. I love her, and I love that baby smell.

[Jessica and Starr chuckle]

Jessica: So, I'll just -- okay.

Starr: Oh –

Both: Whoo!


[Chloe cries]

Jessica: Oh! Honey, I know, I know. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Are you doing any babysitting these days?

Starr: Yeah -- anytime.

Jessica: Okay.

Starr: Bye.

Jessica: Bye-bye.

[Chloe cries]

Jessica: Oh, I know. Shh, shh, shh.

Marcie: Starr? Hi, how are you?

Starr: Hi. It's really weird, you know?

Michael and Marcie: Yeah.

Marcie: I know.

Starr: The last time we were here --

Marcie: Oh, right, was for Hope's funeral. I -- I heard about what happened to you last night, Starr. I'm so sorry.

Starr: Oh, I -- I'm all right.

Marcie: Do you want to go to lunch with us? I mean, Michael has to head back to work soon, but we could catch up.

Starr: Actually, I -- I have to go and do something, but -- maybe soon.

Marcie: Okay.

Jessica: Oh, look at you, honey -- you're zonked. So sorry you had to get wet today, but that's what happens when you get baptized. Right, Bree? Hmm? You know, even though your daddy's not here with us, you guys have all kinds of people that will look after you forever and ever. And your Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jared -- they promised to take care of you forever and ever. So they'll take care of you when mommy can't.

Natalie: We're trying to take care of Jess. She's just too fragile, and we can't -- we can't risk it. She will never know that your baby died. She'll never know.

Jared: Nash, we swear on our love for each other that we will take this secret to the grave.

Natalie: She'll never find out that her baby is right here in this cemetery with you. We promise.

Jessica: You know, your Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jared will always be there, even when I'm not. And when you get hurt, because that's just life -- sometimes you get hurt, huh?

Jessica: I thought someone was there. Maybe it was your daddy again, huh -- watching over us?

Jared: We're sorry, Nash. We couldn't save you, we couldn't save Jessica from the pain of losing you, but we can protect her from losing the baby she loves so much.

Natalie: She'll never find out that her baby belongs to Starr -- and Cole.

Cole: I swear to you, Hope. I'm going to find out what happened to you, why you died. I -- I owe you that much. And I promise I won't give up -- not just because of you, but because I'm your dad and I have to know.

Starr: So do I.

John: I should -- I should probably go check on the kids. Maybe you'll let me know if anything comes back from the labs.

Bo: Yeah, right away.

John: Okay.

Bo: And John?

John: Hmm?

Bo: Manning can't be happy about you taking care of his kids, so -- watch your back.

Todd: I think you're bluffing.

Téa: Try me.

Todd: You said yourself you thought the sex was excellent.

Téa: It was excellent.

Todd: And it was for me, too. You really just want to throw it away?

Téa: No. But apparently, you do.

Oliver: Breaking into Rosen's motel room so that we can search for evidence without a warrant? God -- John, it was pure genius.

John: Fish -- hey, keep it down.

Oliver: Yeah, but it broke this case wide open, okay? We would've never found that knife if it wasn't for you.

Bo: Hey.

Nora: Hey.

Bo: They got the lab results already?

Nora: Yes, the blood on the knife is Blair's.

Bo: Good. Were they able to pull any prints?

Nora: Yes, a partial.

Bo: Rosen?

Nora: Nope.

Bo: Nope? Could they I.D. it?

Nora: Yep.

Bo: Yep. Well?

Nora: It's John's.

Bo: John McBain?

Nora: The fingerprint on the knife is John McBain’s.

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