One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 4/15/09


Episode # 10418 -- Good Cop, John Cop

Provided By Laurie R.
Proofread By Kathy

Starr: Oh, my gosh. Where are you? Where are you?

[Phone rings]

Starr: Hello?

Todd: Hey, it's dad. Are you okay?

Starr: No, I lost something last night and I'm going crazy without it.

Lauren: Cole?

Cole: Hey, Lauren.

Lauren: Hey. That's pretty. Who's the lucky girl?

Cole: No, it's -- it's my ex's. I have to get it back to her.

Lauren: Oh. Okay, well, it doesn't look like we're going to get more done this morning so --

Cole: So, can I get out of here now?

Lauren: Not yet. You've got a check-up scheduled with the nurse, so stick around a while longer.

[Cole sighs]

Markko: Hey.

Cole: Hey.

Markko: I thought you could use a friend.

Cole: Are we still friends?

Rachel: I guess it's going to be a long day at work, huh?

Bo: Well, it all depends on how Rosen decides to play it. But he's going away again, no matter what.

Rachel: Good. Is Matthew up yet?

Bo: I heard him talking to his home care helper up there, so I didn't want to rush him.

Rachel: School starts in, what, an hour?

Bo: Yeah, but, you know, if he's late, I'll write him a note. After everything that's happened to him, I doubt that there's anything in that school that he's in a hurry to get back to.

Shaun's voice: Shaun here.

Destiny: Took you long enough.

Shaun: Do you realize that I'm at work?

Destiny: So? I'm in school. Doesn't stop me from handling my business.

Shaun: If it ain't school business --

Destiny: It's an emergency. Remember my friend with the wheelchair and how I've been trying to get in touch -- ?

Shaun: No.

Destiny: But --

Shaun: No means no, Destiny. Next time you call me on my phone, while I'm at work, I'm taking your phone from you. Shaun out.

Starr: So my locket's not at your house?

Todd: A locket? No, but my place is a mess upstairs, so -- I'll keep an eye out for it, though.

Todd's voice: How are you doing otherwise?

Shaun: Better, now that she's not being held hostage.

Téa: Todd.

Shaun: Next time you call Starr, I will break all of your calling fingers.

Todd: Add that to the stuff you owe me. One phone and one family.

Nora: If anyone asks, you're a special consultant.

John: Let's do this.

Nora: Wait, wait, where are you going? You've got to stay out here and observe. I'm going to handle the questioning.

John: You're sure you want to be alone in there with a guy that could be a serial killer?

[Nora chuckles]

Nora: I don't care if he reaches across the table, grabs me by the throat while he's eating fava beans with a fine bottle of Chianti, you're not going in there.

John: Aw, come on, Nora.

Nora: No, no, no, I can't risk contaminating this case. You've already been given a lot of latitude, okay? From now on, it's by the book.

John: Okay, look, I know you know Rosen from Marty's first trial.

Nora: Yeah, that's right, so I'm not going in there unarmed. John: I understand, but -- but you gotta know that this guy has probably spent the better part of his prison time planning all this.

Nora: I got it.

John: Hey, don't let him get in your head.

Nora: I won't.

Nora: Mr. Rosen.

Zach: And here I thought things couldn't get any worse.

Nora: Well, you don't have much of an imagination then, do you? Because things are about to get much, much worse.

Nora: This is district attorney Nora Hanen interrogating the suspect Zach Rosen. The date is Wednesday, April 15, 2009. The time is 9:25 A.M. The suspect has been Mirandized at the scene and thus far has not requested legal representation.

Zach: Well, why would I need a lawyer when I have you here? Oh, wait a minute, you don't represent people. That's right, that's right.

Nora: Oh, come on, you're still hung up on that, huh?

Zach: Should I be over it now? Spending years in prison because you turned on me and Powell and Todd?

Nora: You know, most inmates use their incarceration to reflect on their crimes, atone, evolve.

Zach: It's kind of hard to be Zen when you're trying to avoid becoming someone's bitch.

Nora: Yeah? Well, your odds were better than Marty Saybrooke's when the three of you trapped her and raped her all those years ago. You never expressed remorse for that, did you? Never once said to Marty, "Gee, I wish things had turned out differently," or, "Gee, I'm sorry I didn't have enough of a spine to stand up to Todd and let you go before I ruined everybody's life." Or maybe you just don't think that you have anything to apologize for, that if you had to do it all again, you wouldn't change a thing.

Téa: Coming here was a mistake.

Todd: I'm sorry to flip out like that, it wasn't you.

Téa: And?

Todd: And what?

Téa: And I called you a million times last night to check up on you and Starr. That was quite a stunt your buddy Zach pulled. You never called me back, Todd.

Todd: Yeah, I thought you were a telemarketer.

Téa: You have caller I.D.

Todd: Well, didn't you say you wanted nothing to do with me? Plus, I left you a message this morning, did I not?

Téa: Yeah, yeah, you sure did, to get my ambulance-chasing ass over here so we could discuss a custody deal.

Todd: Yes, that's right. Would your ambulance-chasing ass like some coffee?

Téa: Let's get this over with.

Todd: That's fine. You just have to admit that you engineered the marriage between John and Blair, and that it was a huge mistake.

Téa: Oh, is that all?

Todd: Eh, there's one caveat, of course. You have to admit it to a judge.

Téa: Listen, okay, let me get this straight. You really think that your kids are better off with you?

Starr: My phone.

Shaun: John specifically said your mama requested no communication with your father whatsoever.

Starr: But he called me.

Shaun: I'm going to have to take your phone.

Starr: But --

Shaun: You could have died in your father's house yesterday. You're going to do what she says until McBain says otherwise.

[Starr sighs]

Starr: I can't -- I can't live like this.

Langston: This is nothing compared to what it's going to be like when Dorian and Addie tell your mom what happened.

Starr: Look, Zach Rosen is in jail, and I am totally fine.

Langston: How can you be totally fine?

Starr: Because nothing bad happened, thanks to my dad.

Langston: And Cole.

Starr: Yes, and Cole.

Langston: It was a good thing he was there, huh? You know, it's weird how every time you get in trouble, Cole always steps up because he still loves you.

Markko: Are you breaking up with me or something?

Cole: Look, I just don't get why you're here.

Markko: To see how you're doing.

Cole: Yeah, after everything I did?

Markko: What happened happened. I don't hold it against you.

Cole: You know, it's not like we kept in touch or anything.

Markko: I figured you might want some space. I just -- I guess I didn't know what to say, all right? And I still don't, obviously. So, this is rehab, huh?

Cole: Or as I like to call it -- sober town. Pretty lame, right?

Markko: I don't know. Doesn't look so bad.

Cole: You see, I was hoping to keep this part of my life separate from everything else.

Markko: I'll go.

Cole: No, you don't have to go. You're already here, right?

Markko: You know, I hear about you from Starr sometimes, but I wanted to come see for myself. Starr's not exactly seeing 20/20 these days.

Cole: About her and Mr. Joplin? Well, that's over.

Markko: How do you know?

Cole: Well, because I told her dad. I'd be surprised if that jerk sees another sunrise.

Todd: You don't give a damn about my kids. You're just using them to stick it to me.

Téa: I know how much you care about your kids, Todd.

Todd: Yeah, well the court is going to give them back to me, guaranteed. They'll have to once I expose how bad McBain messed things up with Rosen.

Téa: Do you have a comprehension problem? I mean, I'm serious. The only reason Zach Rosen went after Starr was because of you. The judge will see you as the threat to your kids that you are.

Todd: So you honestly think that Starr, Jack, and Sam are better off with John?

Téa: The kids seem fine to me.

[Todd laughs]

Todd: See if you still feel the same way when Starr gets knocked up by her biology teacher. Oh, no, John didn't tell you about her latest crush? Yeah, I wouldn't think so. It's one of the two billion things he doesn't know about her or about parenting, for that matter.

Téa: Look, Todd, John McBain risked his life to save you and Starr. Frankly, I don't think you would do the same thing for him.

John: Nice shot.

Todd: Maybe I missed. It's a good thing the cops came when they did, I'll tell you that.

Matthew: Hey.

Rachel: Hey, what's shakin'?

Bo: You hungry?

Matthew: I could eat.

Bo: All right, but you know what? It's getting kind of late, so we'll pick up something on the way.

Matthew: Actually, I don't think I should go to school. I think I'm coming down with something.

Bo: Really? It's not a problem, you know. Well, just stay home. I might even stick around with you.

Rachel: No, you've got a big day at work. I'll stay.

Bo: Are you sure?

Rachel: Yeah, I don't have any plans. Really, Bo, it's okay. We'll be good.

Matthew: Yeah, Dad, go catch the bad guys.

Bo: All right, I'm just a phone call away. I love you, son.

Matthew: I love you, too.

Bo: Okay, bye, Rachel.

Rachel: Hey, bro, I should probably take your temperature real quick. Let me go get a thermometer.

Matthew: It's okay, I'll just sleep it off.

Rachel: Wow, you just came down with something and you're already recovering? You must have one hell of an immune system. Or maybe you just don't want to deal with the jerks at school.

[Destiny sighs]

Destiny: Committee meeting in the library right after school. Be there.

Becca: What committee?

Destiny: The committee to plan Matthew Buchanan’s welcome back rally.

Becca: There isn't any committee because there isn't going to be any rally.

Justin: What, for Matthew? Give me a break. Just because he's in a wheelchair?

Destiny: I thought you'd be glad for Matthew to come back, because it gives you a chance to be nice to him.

Becca: Why?

Destiny: Because the nicer you are to Matthew, the less likely it is that he'll sue you.

Justin: Sue us? For what?

Destiny: You put him in that wheelchair.

Justin: No, his stoner friend did that.

Destiny: It's your fault he got into the car. You're guilty as sin, and that guilt is going to eat you alive.

Justin: Unless you did it first.

Destiny: Go ahead, yuk it up. See who gets the last laugh when both your families lose everything and the two of you are doing a dime in Statesville.

Zach: Why do you keep bringing up Marty? She doesn't have anything to do with what happened last night.

Nora: Last night? Who's talking about last night? That conviction's locked, with or without your confession.

Zach: So, then why are we here?

Nora: On a whole different matter.

Zach: Who are these people?

Nora: You don't recognize them? Hmm, these people hurt or were in a position to hurt Marty Saybrooke. Two of them paid for it with their lives. One barely escaped with her life. You were the one to make them pay, weren't you, Zach?

Justin: You're crazy. If anyone was going to jail it would have been Cole Thornhart for driving high and causing the accident. And he cut a deal.

Destiny: That's because there were extenuating circumstances. Know what that means? It means he had a reason. He was on drugs. The only reason you two have is being evil, and that's not going to get you off.

Becca: Off what?

Justin: We didn't do anything.

Destiny: Hello. Don't you watch TV? You're what they call an accessory. And no, I'm not talking about your ugly belt. You set Matthew up to get humiliated, and then you laughed in his face. The way the law sees it, Matthew would have never been in that car if it wasn't for you two. That's what the D.A., who happens to be Matthew's mom, will say when she drags both your butts in front of a judge. And I'll be the first in line to testify to that. Destiny out.

Becca: She's making that up, right?

Justin: We're not waiting around to find out. Come on.

Rachel: I wasn't that much older than you are now when I started messing around with drugs.

Matthew: You did drugs?

Rachel: Mom didn't tell you about that?

Matthew: No.

Rachel: Doesn't surprise me. Lots of families don't talk about it again.

Matthew: I wish you would have said something. I mean, maybe I could have called you.

Rachel: About Cole?

Matthew: Yeah.

Rachel: And you didn't feel like you could talk to mom or your dad about it.

Matthew: Come on, they found one joint in my bag, and they were all, "this is your brain on drugs and this stuff kills." I mean, nothing real.

Rachel: What do you think is real?

Matthew: You are. I mean, you are my sister and you did drugs, but you're still a good person. I mean, telling me about it, it's not like I'm going to catch it, you know. And maybe it would have helped to have better advice than "just say no."

Rachel: Maybe.

Matthew: Did you do bad things when you were messed up that hurt people?

Rachel: I -- I was out of control. And sometimes I think it might not have gotten so bad if I had someone that I could trust and talk to. How about I make you a deal? If you feel like you can trust me, I will always listen to anything that you have to say. And I promise I'll keep it between us. Okay?

Matthew: We're starting baseball in gym now. I've been looking forward to it all year, and now I can't even walk to the field. It's just another thing I can't do.

Markko: Dude, you told Starr's dad about her and Mr. Joplin?

Cole: Someone had to. Starr wasn't going to do it.

Markko: But Starr's dad?

Cole: You know, he obviously wasn't my first choice, Markko, but Starr's mom is still in the hospital.

Markko: Did you forget what happened the last time you narced on Starr to her dad?

Cole: It's not the same.

Markko: You told Mr. Manning that his daughter was pregnant, and the next thing you know, the guy is plotting to steal the kid.

Cole: I know.

Markko: Your kid.

Cole: I know.

Markko: And then the baby ends up dead.

Cole: Do you think I don't remember that? Do you think I don't think about that every single day?

Markko: Look, dude, I don't mean to piss you off, all right? I really don't. But what were you thinking? Do you want Starr to hate you?

Cole: No.

Markko: Then what?

Cole: Starr wouldn't listen to me and I was thinking she was going to get really hurt and I couldn't let that happen.

Markko: Why? Because what?

Cole: Because I love her too much.

Starr: All I know is that if Cole hadn't have gotten in touch with John, I might be dead by now. But just because he did that does not mean that he still -- that he still loves me.

Langston: Okay, fine. So he saves you, and then what happened?

Starr: Well, we were waiting to hear whether, you know, John and my dad were safe and, I don't know, we hugged and --

Langston: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who hugged who?

Starr: We hugged each other.

Langston: Ah, see?

Starr: See what? It doesn't change anything.

Langston: You mean it doesn't change the fact that you're still hung up on Mr. J? Have you even heard from him since you sent him that letter?

Starr: No, but --

Langston: Wait, wait, wait. You mean he hasn't even called since the whole Zach Rosen story hit the news.

Starr: He's just trying to be careful.

Langston: Or your dad ran him out of town.

Starr: No, my dad doesn't know about us because I took the letter that the school sent him before he could see it.

Langston: Good. That means Mr. J's still alive. But, Starr, if he felt the same way about you as you feel about him, he would have come running.

Starr: That's not true.

Langston: He's trying to send you a message, and you've got to hear it. The guy's not into you.

Markko: Did you tell Starr how you feel?

Cole: No.

Markko: All right, well, I won't tell anyone. You have my word. And besides, I have my own issues anyway.

Cole: What's up?

Markko: Langston's cousin, Lola. Turns out she's nuts, maybe even a little psycho.

Lauren: Cole, you're late. The nurse is waiting for your sample.

Cole: What sample?

Lauren: You're scheduled for a drug test.

Cole: What? No one told me about that.

Lauren: That's the point.

Lauren: You need to get going.

Markko: Well, I guess I'd better jet. Later, Cole.

Cole: Markko, wait. Dude, I need your help.

Bo: What did I miss?

John: Nothing. Rosen hasn't admitted to anything.

Bo: We just have to be patient. He'll give it up.

Zach: You think I did this?

Nora: Well, you certainly had the opportunity. You've been in Llanview long enough, and we've got the receipts from the motel you were staying at to prove it.

Zach: All that does is put me in a city with a million other suspects.

Nora: Really? And how many of those people were former K.A.D. members with a connection to Marty Saybrooke? Look at these.

Nora: K. A. D. You were sending us a message, weren't you, Zach?

Zach: Those letters could stand for anything. Why would I kill these people?

Nora: Well, you know, that's a very interesting question. And there are a couple of schools of thought to that one. One -- it is your twisted way of making up to Marty for hurting her.

Zach: Like I care.

Nora: Well, you do care. You're just not one of those people who likes to show it, so it's probably far more likely that you were released with a score to settle.

Zach: Against who?

Nora: Oh, well, who else? Todd Manning.

Todd: It's very big of you to save me the trouble of going all the way to court just to get shot down.

Téa: I'm not interested in seeing you hurt, Todd.

Todd: Oh, really? Since when?

Téa: Since always.

Todd: Then take me up on my offer. Come on, it will ease your guilty conscience if you admit to a judge that Blair and John pulled a fast one in court.

[Téa scoffs]

Todd: And you get to have me as your love slave. And we both know what that will ease.

Téa: Lose my number.

Todd: Come on, you're tempted, and you know it.

Téa: You disgust me.

Todd: Well, then what are you doing here?

Téa: You said you wanted to discuss the kids' custody.

Todd: Well, I could have called my lawyer for that. Come on, you came here to make sure I was okay.

Téa: Well, and I can see how moved you are by my concern.

Todd: Yeah, you wanted me to call first because your wounded pride wouldn't let you make the first move. Which says to me, you don't just care about me, you want me.

Cole: Look, I'm going to fail my drug test.

Markko: You're high right now?

Cole: No, no. I swear. I just hit my head last night when me and Rosen got into it. I just took a little something for the pain, that's all.

Markko: So they should be okay with something like that, right?

Cole: No, no. They're not okay with it. This place is like the frickin' sobriety Olympics here. You know, one aspirin and you're done, unless you're in the supervision of a doctor.

Markko: I don't know. How'd you get ahold of whatever you took, anyway?

Cole: Markko, I thought you said that I was your friend.

Markko: Yeah, but --

Cole: Okay, then listen. If I get caught, it's a violation of my deal with the court, all right? I'm going to jail. Okay, it was just a one-time deal only. It's not going to happen again, I swear.

Markko: I can't believe this. What do you want me to do?

Cole: Just pee in a cup.

Starr: Thanks for the support.

Langston: I have been here for you since the beginning, but --

Starr: But what? You've had it with me?

Langston: You almost got yourself killed last night because you were running around trying to protect a grown man, your teacher, from your father. Well, that's what it looks like from here. I'm not going to apologize for being your friend and finally telling you what I think. I mean, I know you're going through a lot, but that doesn't mean you have to hold on to this messed-up situation that's done nothing but cause you grief. You miss Cole, and you want him back.

Starr: You're right, we -- Cole and I were really good for each other.

Langston: And at least you felt the same way about each other.

[Doorbell rings]

Langston: I mean, I don't care what you say, I know you still do.

Shaun: I know you did not just break out of school to come here. Have you lost your natural mind?

Destiny: No. But my friend Matt's lost the use of his legs forever.

Shaun: And you're going to lose the use of your behind if you don't get your tail back to school before mama hears about this.

Destiny: As soon as you hand over your phone.

Shaun: Forget it. I know who you want me to call, and it's not going to happen.

Destiny: What's your problem? All I'm trying to do is help a friend.

Shaun: He ain't no friend, Des. You're crushing on him.

Matthew: Forget baseball, I'd settle on being able to dress myself or go to the bathroom when I want.

Rachel: You will be able to do all of that again.

Matthew: I can't drink more than four ounces an hour, otherwise I'd wet my pants. Can you imagine the names they'd call me at school?

Rachel: Who cares what they think?

Matthew: I do.

Rachel: Yeah, isn't that the attitude that got you in this chair in the first place? You caught a bad break, Matt, no question.

Matthew: A bad break? My life is shattered.

Rachel: And nobody blames you for being angry. But don't let that keep you from seeing that you still have a life, a good life.

Matthew: So, what? I should be jumping up and down that I'm paralyzed? Oh, wait, I can't.

Rachel: Do you want to stay focused on the things you can't do, or do you want to move on?

Matthew: To what?

Rachel: Maybe you can start by learning to dress yourself again. People with your injury do it every day. Mom had to learn to do it again after her stroke. And I bet anything she could do, you can do. You have to learn to live with your new reality. It's as simple as that.

Matthew: I don't know how, Rachel. Tell me how.

Rachel: With all of us who love you right by your side. And as far as those jerks at school, you have an ace up your sleeve. They get in your way, just run them right over.

 [Knock on door]

Téa: I should have listened to Viki. I should have --

Todd: Hold on, hold on, wait. You went to Viki about this?

Téa: Well, I had to tell someone about your charming offer. And I figured it should be your sister, the only person on the planet who might vaguely sympathize with you.

Todd: That was a lot of words to justify one conversation.

Téa: I'm not justifying anything.

Todd: Sorry, explaining it.

Téa: I went to Viki because I wanted to know if I was overreacting. Because I was disgusted, and I was offended, and it was unbearable what you offered me. It was unbearable, Todd.

Todd: Okay. I don't know, it seems to me like you're just looking for an excuse to come see me again. Let me guess. I had to just hear it. Viki praised the Lord that you had finally seen the light. And finally I had done something so despicable that not even you could justify it. And finally, you could be rid of me. You're free and you can move on and Todd will only have himself to blame. Am I getting warm?

Téa: Maybe.

Todd: Then what are you doing here?

Nora: You were released from prison --

Officer: CSI needs to talk to you.

Bo: Okay. Let me know what you think.

Nora: You went straight to Manning.

Zach: Todd's my friend. Why would I want to frame him?

Nora: If Todd’s your friend, why did you break into his house? I'll tell you why, Zach. Because Todd’s not your friend. And he never was.

Zach: You don't think I know what you're trying to do here?

Nora: When exactly did it dawn on you that he didn't care about you, that he had never cared about you? That you were nothing more than the scum on the bottom of his shoe? When did it dawn on you that you actually bored him?

Zach: No.

Nora: Yeah, it must have hit you hard. I bet it hit you really, really hard. Because that's when the trouble started, wasn't it? You got mad. You got angry. And you got in trouble. And then you were sentenced to a maximum security facility and never granted parole. You had to spend every day of your sentence in that jail while Todd was out gallivanting around Llanview, free as a bird, never even thinking about you. He did that to you. He never paid the way you had to pay. So the whole time you were there, you survived because you used every minute to plan out your revenge.

Zach: That is not true. I didn't kill these people.

Nora: You didn't? Well then, who did, Zach?

Zach: Maybe Todd.

Nora: You think?

Zach: How should I know? I've been locked up. All I know is, it wasn't me, okay? And you will, too, when I'm stuck in here and another body drops.

Becca: Your butler guy told us to come in. I hope it's okay.

Rachel: Oh, come on in. Make yourselves comfortable. I'll be back, okay?

Justin: Was that your nurse?

Matthew: My sister. What do you guys want?

Justin: We got you a new video game.

Becca: So, how have you been?

Matthew: How do you think?

Becca: We both think this sucks.

Matthew: For you or for me?

Becca: For you.

Justin: Bet you're going to sue Cole's family for everything they're worth.

Matthew: Now, why would I do that?

Justin: It's his fault you're in that chair. What loser gets behind the wheel when they're blasted?

Matthew: Cole's my friend. Unlike you two. Now get out.

Justin: Take it easy.

Matthew: I said get out.

Justin: He's totally going to get even. We have to do something.

Becca: Like what?

Justin: I have an idea.

Destiny: I'll tell you anything you want to know about Matt if you give me the number.

Shaun: I know everything I need to know about Matt, and you're not going to get that number.

Destiny: Please. I tried e-mail, but I never got an answer.

Shaun: You need to clear out of here before I get fired.

Destiny: He's my brother, too, you know.

Shaun: He ain't no brother of yours or mine. Trust me.

Langston: Look, wait, no. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to come down on you so hard. It's just -- I got scared after what you went through last night.

Starr: Yeah, I don't even think it's hit me yet.

Langston: Plus, I'm stressing anyway, because this whole Lola thing going on --

Starr: What happened with Lola?

Langston: I have to go. I'm already missing one class. But I promise to tell you everything as soon as I get home, okay?

Starr: Okay.

Langston: Are we good?

Starr: What? Of course we're good. Thank you.

Langston: For what?

Starr: For just telling me exactly what I didn't want to hear. I'll really think about what you said about Cole.

Markko: For the record, I am never doing that switcheroo thing ever again.

Cole: I owe you big time.

Markko: Yeah. You want a chance to make it up?

Cole: Name it.

Markko: Tell Starr how you feel. Your chances of getting through this are a lot better if she's on your side. And I bet she'd be here right now if she knew that's what you wanted. Take care of yourself.

Nora: Well, so much for that.

John: It's just your first shot at him.

Nora: Oh, God. I didn't get anything. I got nothing.

[Knock on mirror]

Nora: Lovely man.

John: Maybe there was nothing to get.

Nora: What does that mean?

John: I don't know. There's something about this that reeks. Rosen showing up at Manning's house, it was a reckless move, you know? This killer is methodical.

Nora: You don't think Rosen's our guy?

John: I just don't think the revenge scenario matches up with the evidence. If Rosen wanted to frame Manning, there's a lot of things he could have done to point suspicion at him.

Nora: So what are you saying?

John: I think we have to consider the possibility that Rosen's actions last night were completely unrelated to the killings. And that the real killer is still out there.

Téa: Maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment.

Todd: Maybe you look at me and you see the guy you fell in love with the first time.

Téa: You have no idea what I see.

Todd: I think you see that I love my kids. And I think that deep down, you think that I'm not such a bad guy after all. And maybe you can fix me. I know you love a good project.

Téa: You are so vain, you know --

Todd: Oh, I'm so vain. I'm so vain. I'm unpredictable, despicable, mean-spirited. And you love it. You want it. Come on, you fixed me once before. Let's try it again. Help me get my kids back. Let the healing begin.

Matthew: I remember telling you to get out.

Becca: I just wanted to let you know that we never meant for anything bad to happen. I still like you, no matter what I said at the dance.

Matthew: What about Justin?

Becca: He's so immature. I wish I'd seen that before everything went wrong.

Matthew: I'm not a dork?

Becca: Come back to school, okay? I kind of miss you.

Markko: Any sign of Lola?

Langston: I was going to ask you. I just got here.

Markko: Where were you?

Langston: I skipped first period. Starr issues.

Markko: I skipped, too. Went to see Cole.

Langston: How is he?

Markko: He's fine.

Langston: Fine?

Markko: Could be better.

Langston: Just say it, Markko. How bad is he?

Markko: Look, it's complicated. But don't worry. Everything's going to be okay. I took care of it.

Langston: Took care of what?

Lauren: I can't tell you how grateful we are you could help out. We're so understaffed. It'll really help to have someone with your experience.

Rachel: I'm just glad to have the chance to do something good while I'm in town.

Lauren: I hope you're up to a challenge. We'd like you to take the lead on a case which requires some extra sensitivity. The patient was admitted to the program after causing an accident that paralyzed his friend. You think you can handle it?

Rachel: Absolutely.

Shaun: You have a visitor.

Starr: Really? I thought I wasn't supposed to have any contact with the outside world.

Shaun: Just not your father. Come on in.

Bo: How did it end?

Nora: He lawyered up. He claims that he had nothing to do with these murders, and I don't have a shred of evidence to put him at the scene of any one of them.

John: We may have the wrong guy.

Bo: Call his public defender. Set up another session.

Nora: Well, I plan to, but I can't go in there and bring nothing.

Bo: No, you'll have something. CSI found this under one of the floorboards in Rosen's motel room. The lab's testing the blood on it right now against Blair’s. They're also trying to match her wounds against that blade. But the tech -- he already thinks that's our weapon. So it looks like Rosen's our killer after all.

Téa: You're not worth the effort anymore.

Todd: You don't believe that. Wait a minute. Hey, you've had a string of losers since we broke up.

Téa: Oh, yeah. Keep telling yourself that.

Todd: Hey, you remember when we were married? You used to throw yourself at me, and I'd say, "No, Téa, I'm sorry, I'm not in the mood." Is that what you need? Is that what you need, Téa?

Téa: Oh --

Todd: Want me to refuse you? I'm game. Beg me. Beg me! Get on your knees, Téa.

Téa: Oh, ho ho --

Todd: Beg me and you shall receive.

[Téa screams]

Téa: Get away from me. Get away from me!

Todd: Shh. Shh.

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