One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 4/2/09


Episode # 10409 -- Elephants

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Layla: What do you mean we're stuck?

Cristian: We're stuck. We can't get out, again, because of you.

Layla: Because of me? How is this my fault?

Cristian: How? You came tearing in here on a mission to rip me a new one, and you slammed the damn door too hard. Now it's swollen or something.

Layla: The only thing swollen in here is your fat head.

Cristian: Fine, make jokes. It's not like we have to worry about freezing to death like when you locked us in that meat locker. No, now we are going to end up like two pieces of dim sum.

Layla: You know, I really don't care what happens to you, but I'm getting the hell out of here.

Oliver: Who are they?

John: The two other guys that raped Marty that night -- Powell Lord and Zach Rosen. I checked Rosen out. He did his time. He's back on the street.

Oliver: So you are specifically looking at Todd and these two guys for this, right?

John: Is this going to be a problem for you? Your old fraternity being at the center of this?

Oliver: No, no, no. It's my fraternity, not my church.

John: Good. So, these K.A.D. fraternity brothers all raped Marty Saybrooke?

John: One of them may also have murdered two people and tried to kill Blair.

Bartender: What can I get you?

John: Do you recognize him?

Oliver: No. No, I was there way after they were. Are you wearing a wedding ring, McBain?

Jessica: So you weren't joking on your message. John McBain --

Marty: Married!

Jessica: To Blair?

Marty: Yeah, yeah. Oh, and you'll be happy to know, I took your advice. I went straight to John, found him at the courthouse, went up to him, and I told him I had something really important to say. No, I was really going to tell him that I have these feelings for him and I'm willing to kind of explore them. But he insisted on going first because, of course, why not? He had the big news. Married. Three stepchildren. Todd's children.

Jessica: I, seriously -- I give up.

Marty: Yeah, well. Wait, wait, wait. On your message, you said you actually got to tell this guy how you feel.

Jessica: I think my timing was off.

Marty: And tell me, what does that mean?

Jessica: It means that he was just fresh from doing his ex.

Stacy: Yeah, this is Stacy Morasco. Is this -- is this the blood lab? Because I'm looking for Kyle Lewis. He'll know what it's about.

Brody: You're Stacy Morasco?

Stacy: And you are -- ?

Brody: I'm Brody Lovett, Gigi's friend.

Gigi's voice: Rex knows how much I love him. How am I supposed to do this?

Stacy: That's your problem. But let me know when you got it figured out. And now, I've got some unpacking to do.

Gigi: I need to tell you something.

Dorian: I don't want you to kill anyone. I want you to kiss me.

Jackie: Now I'm your guy.

Todd: I'm on it, Jack. I think I have the perfect way to get you kids away from McBain. Okay. I love you. Go to bed. Bye. What happened? Your date ditch you already?

Téa: What do you want, Todd?

Todd: You.

Dorian: Oh -- I am so sorry you had to see that.

Ray: I'll survive. But what about your husband? You keep telling me you're a married woman. So why, one wonders, would you be kissing another man? Unless --

Dorian: Unless what?

Jackie: Yeah, unless what?

Ray: Unless it's for my benefit.

John: Yeah, I got married to Blair Cramer.

Oliver: That's why we're meeting here. Congratulations.

John: Thanks. Can we focus on why you're here?

Oliver: Yeah. So you said Rosen is out. What else do you know about these two? Is Powell one of the rich and famous Lords?

John: Yeah, he is. He snapped after the rape, and he attacked some other women.

Oliver: I mean, guys like that should just be put down.

John: No argument here.

Oliver: So where is he now? Some cushy nut farm?

John: Actually, yeah. He was committed to a psychiatric facility.

Oliver: You got to be kidding me.

John: Yeah, well, at least he couldn't hurt anyone else, unlike this guy.

Téa: You want me? Oh, that's beautiful. No more Blair, no more Marty. Why not Téa? She's single. I feel so honored.

Todd: Yeah, you should.

Téa: Mm. What do you want? What is this really about, Todd?

Todd: I just got off the phone with my son. He's not too happy about the little plan you came up with to keep me away from him.

Téa: And this is my problem how?

Todd: You made it your problem. Oh, by the way, there is no way John McBain is going to raise my kids.

Marty: Are you kidding me? Oh, my God. I thought at least one of us would have some good news.

Jessica: Guess not.

Marty: I'm sorry. And John's marriage is all about keeping Todd from getting custody of the children while his ex is in the hospital. At least, that's what John says.

Jessica: Well, it's a marriage of convenience, right? You should be able to work with that.

Marty: Blair is not just some coworker or buddy. I mean, she was his girlfriend, and now she's his wife, and he's taking care of her children. I can't get in the middle of that.

Jessica: Yeah.

Marty: Can you imagine what this town would say? Oh, now she's going after Blair's new husband after she just finished living with her ex-husband. It sounds ridiculous, even just saying it.

Jessica: I hear that.

Marty: Then stop me. Stop me. I really do want to hear about you and this guy.

Jessica: Brody.

Marty: Brody. Wait. Was this friend the one -- ?

Jessica: That was in St. Ann's with me. Yep, that's the one.

Marty: No, of course, that makes sense.

Jessica: I thought that we bonded in St. Ann's and there was a connection. But, apparently, it was just the loose screws talking.

Marty: Don't put yourself down, please. Not in front of me. What the hell? He slept with someone else?

Jessica: Not just someone else -- someone else's girl.

Stacy: Ouch. What the hell?

Brody: You are truly a disgusting person, you know that?

Stacy: Is that a fact?

Brody: Withholding your bone marrow from a little boy? Your own nephew? Making your sister trash her relationship with a guy she loves all so you can do the mattress dance with him? You're pathetic.

Stacy: Well, it's obvious Gigi told you everything.

Brody: Yeah, surprise. Somebody else knows what a skank you are.

Stacy: And who are you? Captain Courageous reporting for active duty on top of my sister. Yeah, Rex told me he walked in on you guys. I'm sure you were all eager beaver to hop on top of Gigi.

Brody: I didn't hop on top of Gigi. I was helping her put on a show for Rex because you made it clear that she had no other choice.

Stacy: Oh, yeah, right.

Brody: I know you're fresh from Vegas, but out here in the real world, we're not all strippers and sluts.

Stacy: Ooh, very original. Did you learn that being all you can be?

Brody: Some of us know a thing or two about duty, about loyalty, about real friendship. Gigi's my friend. I care about her, and I love Shane. That's another concept you clearly know nothing about.

Rex: Is it Shane? Is he okay?

Gigi: He's resting. I came to talk about what happened between Brody and me.

Rex: What is there to say? You slept with somebody else while our son was lying in a hospital bed fighting for his life.

Gigi: Rex, I never ever meant to hurt you that way. Never.

Rex: Well then, for God's sakes, Gigi, why'd you do it?

Gigi: I did it for Shane.

Layla: What good are those muscles if you can't open a door when it needs to be opened?

Cristian: I don't know. It must be my chicken legs.

Layla: Damn it.

Cristian: Chill. Somebody will come eventually.

Layla: How am I supposed to chill? I'm sweating to death.

Cristian: You're just worried I'll see your hair frizz out.

Layla: Excuse me?

Cristian: Stop being so melodramatic, all right?

Layla: For your information, you are not supposed to stay inside of a steam room for longer than 15 minutes, okay? It's dangerous, especially if you're staring at my ass.

Stacy: FYI, I know what love is.

Brody: Then prove it. Give your nephew the bone marrow he needs to survive, and don't make Gigi break up with Rex.

Stacy: I love Rex. I've loved him since the moment I met him. Gigi stole him from me.

Brody: This isn't high school. Grow up!

Stacy: Yeah, you're right. Sure, I may have been a kid when I first met Rex. But I am all woman now, and we finally can have our shot.

Brody: You really think you have a chance with Rex? What do you think he's going to do when he finds out you forced Gigi to break up with him?

Stacy: He's not going to find out. I'm not going to tell him. Gigi is sure not going to tell him.

Brody: What about me? Maybe I'll tell him.

Rex: You cheated on me with Brody for Shane.

Gigi: Yes.

Rex: What does that even mean, Gigi?

Gigi: I just meant I didn't want Shane to get caught in the crossfire.

Rex: What? Crossfire? We were fine. We were fighting for Shane together, and then you do this. Tell me what I'm missing. How is wrecking us supposed to save our kid?

Stacy: I won't run out on Shane. I'll put the offer back on the table. You give up Rex, Shane will get what he needs.

Gigi: Rex, this has gone on long enough.

Oliver: All right, well, let's see where he is now. Ah, here we go. It looks like he has been out a few months.

John: Yeah? It was around the time that Marty was in the news for being kidnapped by Manning.

Téa: What are you up to, Todd?

Bartender: Your steak will be up shortly.

Téa: One minute, you're coming on to me, and the next, you're blaming me for the collapse of your family. And yet, you still want me.

Todd: That's right.

Téa: A little schizo, if you ask me.

Todd: Yeah, for a normal person, maybe, but you and me, we're not normal, are we?

Téa: Oh, flattery. It will get you everywhere.

Todd: I can still want you and still blame you for making John McBain stepfather to my kids. Those two things are connected.

Téa: How?

Todd: What if I was to tell you you could have me?

Dorian: I have no idea what you're talking about. Why would I be kissing this man for your benefit? First of all, I was not kissing him; he was kissing me. You are way out of line. I mean, really. I have told you time and time again I'm not available. I'm married, taken, I'm --

Jackie: You're nuts.

[Ray laughs]

Dorian: What's so funny?

Ray: You. You are so funny.

[Dorian laughs]

Téa: I can have you? Did I hear you right?

Todd: I know you want me. So, I'm telling you I want you, too. But it is going to cost you.               

Cristian: You think that at a time like this, I would be --

Layla: Yes, you were so staring at my butt.

Cristian: I wasn't.

Layla: Yes, you were.

Cristian: Okay, maybe my eyes drifted over a little. So what?

Layla: Right.

Cristian: Do you want to talk about your ass, Layla? Is that what you want? Is that what you need at this moment? For me to inspect your ass and tell you that it looks so --

Layla: Oh, so you're going to criticize me now or tell me that I have cellulite.

Cristian: I was going to say you look good. Your ass looks fine.

Layla: Oh, you expect me to buy that. All of sudden, you are complimenting me? You hate my guts.

Cristian: Buy it or don't buy it, I don't give a damn. Look, you have a good body. Get over it.

Marty: Let's look at the bright side, okay? At least I didn't get out my big speech to John before he told me that he'd married Blair. And at least you figured out what was going on with Brody -- oh, no.

Jessica: Oh. Oh, yes. You should have seen me. It was a proud moment, really. I went right up to him and told him. I told him that I was starting to have feelings for him, feelings that I haven't had since Nash died. And then all of sudden, there was Rex.

Marty: Who is Rex?

Jessica: Oh, sorry. I forgot you didn't know. Rex is Gigi's boyfriend. Gigi was in bed with Brody.

Marty: Oh, this gets better and better.

Jessica: And then, all of a sudden, Rex started yelling at Brody, saying that if he ever caught him anywhere near Gigi, let alone in bed with her --

Marty: Okay, you need a drink.

Jessica: So do you. And I can't and you shouldn't. So... Earl Grey shots. What do you say?

Marty: Straight up, no chaser.

Jessica: You got it.

Marty: You know, I could do real shots all night and still not wrap my brain around the fact that John is married to Blair.

Oliver: Okay, but if I'm this jackass Rosen, how am I going to feel if I did hard time for rape, while Manning, who did the same thing to the same woman, got a pardon, and inherited a gazillion bucks?

John: And found the woman years later with no memory of what happened or who he was or what he had done.

Oliver: And then spends six months romancing her and then got caught. Like I said, if I'm this jackass Rosen --

John: You'd have an ax to grind against Manning, too.

Téa: You really are off your nut.

Todd: All right, try to pay attention.

Téa: Uh-huh.

Todd: You don't think I noticed that you're on a date with "Fantasy Island" over there just after I accused you of being in love with me? And helping John McBain become stepfather to my kids? This is classic woman scorned stuff.

Téa: Cut to the chase.

Todd: You and I had something, right? Right? It wasn't nothing. It was real, it was -- I think we can get that back, don't you? I mean, I don't want Blair. I can't have Marty, so I might as well take you. You're about as twisted as I am, so --

Téa: You're a real Don Juan, Todd.

Todd: Come on. Look at me. Huh? Tell me you don't want this. You say the word, okay, I'll get out of your face. But you can have me, if, and only if, you march back to the judge that gave Blair and her new husband my kids, and you tell him it's a sham. You do that, and I'll give you a shot at the title.

Stacy: You're not going to tell Rex a damn thing. Because if you do, I'm not going to give Shane my bone marrow, and he'll die.

Brody: Or maybe you will.

Stacy: Maybe I will, what? Die? Are you threatening me?

Brody: Well, people are getting stabbed all over town. Haven't you heard?

Stacy: You're sick, you know that?

Brody: You're the one talking about letting an innocent kid die, your own nephew. What kind of a monster thinks like that?

Stacy: Don't judge me. You don't know me.

Brody: No, I don't. But I've been where you are right now.

Stacy: Oh, really, and where is that?

Brody: Obsessed and delusional.

Stacy: Go to hell.

Brody: You've convinced yourself you need Rex to make you happy, just like I convinced myself I needed Gigi and Shane in my life to be happy, to be sane. My shrink calls that obsession.

Stacy: Let go of me.

Brody: In the end, I lost Gigi, and I lost Shane and I damn near lost myself. And if you keep this up, the same thing is going to happen to you.

Rex: Talk to me, Gigi. I know you. You are in so much pain. Tell me what's wrong, and we'll fix it. You know, we can fix anything together, okay? There is nothing that we can't get through togeth --

Gigi: You're right. This is killing me. This is --

Rex: Gigi.

Gigi: Rex, it's over. We're over.

Layla: You really think I have a good body, huh?

Cristian: Well, yeah, I guess.

Layla: Well, thanks, I guess. Fine -- you don't have chicken legs.

Cristian: I know I don't.

Layla: And what I said earlier about your abs -- I didn't really mean that. You have a six-pack -- "ish" sort of thing going on. What I'm saying is you have a good body, too.

Dorian: Why would I follow you here? I don't care who you associate with or what your reasons are. I came to this establishment only because my niece happens to own it, and I promised I would look after her interests while she's indisposed.

Ray: No. No, no, no, no, no. You knew I was here on a date. Immediately, you show up, and some guy is kissing you directly in front of me.

Dorian: Dr. Freud has an expression for this -- it's "projection." I turn you down and, suddenly, you make a date with Téa?

Ray: That's because I'm available. You made it very clear you're not. Now, a beautiful woman asks me to come out with her, why -- why would I refuse? Now, it's true -- you and I had a moment. We both know it. But if you're truly in love with your husband, I will not pursue the matter further. I have respect for the institution of marriage. So, figure it out, Dorian. And when you do, let me know.

Téa: Are you just bored now that you don't have Marty or Blair to pine after?

Todd: No, I want my kids back.

Téa: Ah.

Todd: Ah, to hell with those other women. They don't want me, but you actually want me. I'm just trying to kill two birds with one stone.

Téa: Oh. The seductive Powers of Todd Manning -- how could any girl resist?

Todd: I don't know. I mean, you can have everything you want -- namely me. And I can get what I want -- my kids, plus a chick who wants me. It's in your hands.

Ray: Is everything all right here?

Brody: You can ruin Gigi and Rex, but you can't make Rex love you.

Stacy: You and Gigi might have flamed out, but that's not going to happen.

Brody: No, I wanted Gigi just as bad as you want Rex, but nothing I could do could make her love me back -- nothing. Give it up, Stacy. Let her have Rex, because you never will.

Rex: We can't break up. We love each other. Gigi?

Gigi: But I can't trust you, Rex. You cheated on Adriana with me and you were ready to cheat on me with Stacy.

Rex: So you cheated on me with Brody, is that it?

Gigi: Brody hasn't ever wanted anyone but me.

Rex: Okay, look. I -- I get things seem pretty messed up right now.

Gigi: It's not -- it's just not working, okay?

Rex: I -- I know the thing with Stacy got to you, and no matter how many times I tell you I don't remember it happening -- look, I swear I was drugged. But you know what? What if I wasn't? What if I got drunk, and I was stupid and, in a fog, I came on to her? That's not me. Me is the guy standing here right now in front of the woman he loves, the woman he wants -- the mother of his child, his dream girl. Gigi, I -- I don't care that you slept with Brody. I -- I mean, I care, but we can get through it. We can get past anything together -- please, stay with me. You know me. You know us. Marry me.  

Layla: What's good about having a good body if you're so miserable that no one wants to be with you?

Cristian: That's not what I meant.

Layla: Yeah, it is.

Cristian: There's someone for everyone, Layla.

Layla: Even a bitch like me, right?

Cristian: Are you trying to start something with me again?

Layla: You think I'm trying to start something with you?

Cristian: Well, aren't you?

Layla: Why, do you want me to?

Layla: You know, sometimes I think, after Vincent and all those internet dates, that sometimes I think I'm meant to be alone.

Cristian: You're not.

Layla: That'd be okay, because settling is a huge mistake.

Cristian: Look, Layla, you're not going to have to settle.

[Door opens]

Man: This steam room isn't co-ed.

Layla: It is now.

Jessica: Oh. Wow. We are sexy -- doing Earl Grey Téa shots in my mommy's kitchen?

[Marty chuckles]

Marty: Oh, but it's a school night.

Jessica: Yeah.

Marty: Oh, and they've -- they've done research. Yeah, the -- the high Téa? It's a gateway to spring break debauchery.

Jessica: Really?

Marty: Yeah.

Jessica: I hadn't heard.

Marty: Oh, no, no -- Earl Grey's the worst of them.

Jessica: Well, I won't tell if you won't.

Marty: God, no. Ruin my reputation as Marty the party girl. No -- you know what? It serves me right for what happened or what didn't happen with John.

Jessica: Oh, Marty, stop crying in your Téa.

Marty: Okay. Yeah, well, I deserve that. I deserve it, but really, maybe it's better off this way.

Jessica: What does that mean?

Marty: It means I should be focusing on Cole and what he's going through. I didn't do it before when I could have, and he got into a world of trouble and I almost lost him. I shouldn't be worrying about John McBain right now, you know? Whew. What happens in this kitchen stays in this kitchen, right?

[Both chuckle]

Jessica: You know, don't hate me but it kind of makes me like John a little bit that he -- he stepped out for Blair so she could keep her kids away from my Uncle Todd.

Marty: Me, too.

John: The first thing we do is make sure Powell is accounted for in the psychiatric facility.

Oliver: Well, you think we could track Rosen through his P.O.?

John: He served his full sentence so he's not on parole.

Oliver: Well, you sure put a lot together, even for a bar owner.

John: Yeah, well, you know, everybody needs a hobby, right?

Oliver: You're still one of the best cops I ever knew, McBain.

John: Thanks, Fish. Hey, you all right?

Oliver: What do you mean?

John: I don't know. You just -- you seem a little off.

Oliver: No, I -- I ran into someone today, a guy I went to college with. We pledged K.A.D. together.

John: And?

Oliver: Um -- well, you know what? I was just remembering hanging out, acting like frat guys in a place where something so bad happened, even if it was years before we were there. It just got me thinking, that's all.

John: Yeah.

Oliver: See you.

John: See you, Fish.

Zach: Well, you could put that on my friend's tab -- Todd Manning. I'm giving him space because he's over there working on getting lucky tonight. We go way back.

Jackie: Tell me something, hot lips -- wasn't that the guy you hired me to whack last year? Now you're kissing me to make him jealous?

[Jackie chuckles]

Jackie: And I thought Viki Davidson was the one with the multiple personalities. Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh.

Téa: Everything's fine, Ray. Todd was just leaving.

Todd: Gotcha. Well, think about what I said.

Téa: Hmm. I need another drink. How about you?

Ray: You read my mind.

Bartender: I'm going to need you to settle up your tab.

Todd: Oh, no, I paid you for the drink.

Bartender: Your friend said to put his dinner on your tab.

Todd: I don't have any friends.

Bartender: He was just here.

Gigi: You want to get married?

Rex: We both want it. We -- we should have done it a while ago. We -- we should have grabbed a J.P. in Vegas and made it happen. We love each other, Gigi, and we -- we could tell Shane that his parents are getting married. It'll give him -- give him something else to fight for.

Gigi: I'm sorry.

Rex: Stop saying that!

Gigi: I'm really sorry, Rex.

Rex: Why is everything that comes out of your mouth the opposite of what you mean? I can see it, Gigi. This is me -- Rex -- you're talking to. You love me. You want to marry me. What is all this other stuff?

Gigi: Hmm. I can't trust you. I -- I can't be with someone I don't trust when my son is fighting for his life.

Rex: Don't do this. We're Rex and Gigi. We're forever, and we always have been. That's why we found each other again. I don't want to lose you.

[Gigi sobs]

Rex: You are my world. You and Shane are my life.

Gigi: I can't!

Rex: That's your fear talking. This is not you and me. This is.

Brody: I know what it's like to think you can't go on without somebody else, that you can't be happy without that one person you think was meant just for you. But the thing is, you won't win Rex over, Stacy -- ever. You have to get that. Is it worth risking the life of your own flesh and blood to try for something you will never have?

Stacy: But you don't know that.

Brody: Here's what I do know. Shane's sick. With every second you waste, you're risking that amazing kid's life.

Stacy: Shane's going to be fine because Rex and Gigi -- they're going to be done. She's going to let go of him.

Brody: You're trying to wreck her family! Gigi, Shane, and Rex are a family! I had to get that and so do you! I mean, here you are, high off your high school crush, thinking, "Oh, it's okay to take advantage of Shane's cancer to break them up." How do you live with yourself? I -- do you want to be responsible for the death of a child?

Stacy: I won't, because Gigi's going to do the right thing, okay? She's going to give up Rex, and then I'll come forward. I'll be his donor.

Brody: And destroy that family when they need each other the most?

Stacy: Gigi can't have it all!

Brody: Neither can you.

Stacy: Huh.

Gigi: No. No, Rex, I can't. I -- I just can't.

Rex: So you want to tell Shane while he's in there waiting for a bone marrow transplant, feeling as sick as he is -- you want to tell him now while he's going through all that that his parents are breaking up? After everything we went through to be a family?

[Gigi weeps]

Gigi: We'll wait. We'll wait until after he's better, and then we'll tell him.

Rex: We don't have a donor.

Gigi: We will. We have to -- I have faith.

Rex: You don't have faith in us?

Gigi: This is it for us.

[Music plays]

Rachael Yamagata:   If the elephants have past lives yet are destined to always remember it's no wonder how they scream like you and I they must have some temper and I am dreaming of them on the plains dirtying up their beds searching for some sign of rain to cool their hot heads and how dare that you send me that card when I'm doing all that I can do you are forcing me to remember when all I want is to just forget you  

Rachael Yamagata:    And if the tiger shall protect her young then tell me how did you slip by? All my instincts have failed me for once I must have somehow slept the whole night and I am dreaming of them with their kill tearing it all apart blood dripping from their lips teeth sinking into heart and how dare that you say you will call when you know I need some peace of mind if you had to take sides with the animals won't you do it with one who is kind?  

Rachael Yamagata:    If the hawks in the trees need the dead if you're living you don't stand a chance for a time though you share the same bed there are only two ends to this dance you can flee with your wounds just in time or lie there as he feeds watching yourself ripped to shreds laughing as you bleed so for those of you falling in love keep it kind, keep it good keep it right throw yourself in the midst of danger but keep one eye open at night  

[Music ends]


[Gigi sniffles]

Stacy: Is something wrong?

Rex: What do you want, Stacy?

Gigi: We broke up.

Stacy: I -- I'm sorry to hear that. But I've got some good news -- for Shane. I just heard back from the lab. I'm a match. I could save your son's life. 

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