One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 3/31/09


Episode # 10407 -- Lay Lady Lie

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Cole: Well, I would have to be pretty stupid to get loaded before checking into rehab.

Lauren: You'd be surprised how many smart people do that. Everything said within these walls is confidential, and no leaving the building without permission. Your counselor will be right in.

Schuyler: Hi, I'm your counselor. My name is --

Cole: Mr. J.?

Starr: That was dad, wasn't it?

Blair: Yeah.

Starr: What did he say?

Blair: Well, he doesn't like the idea of you having a new stepdad. And he likes it less that it's John. So tell me, how did he behave in court today?

Starr: Well, he thought that he was going to win. So when he found out that you and John got custody, he went ballistic.

Blair: He's probably not the only one who's a little bit upset that I'm Mrs. John McBain.

Marty: You and Blair got married?

John: I wanted to tell you this morning before the hearing.

Marty: But somehow it came out as "I care about you, Marty"?

Jessica: Hey, Marty, it's Jessica. I just wanted to tell you how great it was to talk to you again and also that you were right. The guy in my life -- I'm going to let him know how I feel. I'll let you know how it goes. Okay, bye. Did you hear all that?

Cristian: Sorry. I hear you talk about a guy, my little antennas go up. I'm always going to be protective about you, Jess.

Jessica: Well, I'd tell you that I can take care of myself, but we both know that I've blown that a couple of times. But I'm better. That's good.

Cristian: Good. Okay, so who is this guy? And he better be good enough for you.

Rex: Gigi, what the hell's going on here?

Shane: See that lightning coming out of him? That's radiation. It's how he gets his super powers.

Stacy: Wow, cool.

Shane: Next comic book I make, I'm going to put you in it.

Stacy: Do I get to be a superhero?

Shane: T-Rex is going to get in trouble and Super Stacy's going to come to the rescue.

Stacy: I'm sure looking forward to that.

Rex: Is this a joke? Because it's not funny at all.

Gigi: It's not a joke, Rex.

Brody: Listen, man, it's not what it looks like.

Gigi: Hey! Brody, don't. I'm sorry. What it looks like is what it is. Brody and I slept together.

Cristian: Am I out of line?

Jessica: You? Never. I was, you know, concerned when I heard you got married this last time. And when you and Sarah got together. And when --

Cristian: Yeah?

Jessica: You know, you fall for a guy in high school and you just never forget him. I'm sorry things didn't work out between you and Sarah.

Cristian: I should have seen it coming. She did, from the beginning. She didn't think I was over Evangeline and then I met Vanessa and --

Jessica: Hey, it doesn't make you a bad person, Cristian.

Cristian: Wait a minute. We were talking about you, here. So, who is this guy?

Jessica: He's someone that got me through a difficult time. He's a good friend.

Cristian: But you want more.

Jessica: I don't know. Okay, maybe I do. I've been trying to avoid it. I mean, I just didn't want to feel anything after Nash, you know? And I know you weren't his biggest fan.

Cristian: After he stole you from Antonio, not exactly. But I'm a big fan of yours. Now, look, if you have a chance to be happy again, I'm all for it.

Brody: You should go.

Rex: Well, this doesn't make any sense. How could the woman I love leave our sick child to hop in the sack with this guy? He kidnapped Shane. Gigi, he tried to kill me.

Brody: I'm going to put some pants on.

Rex: Morasco, please, what is all this?

Gigi: Uh, Brody came by the other day to tell me he was out of St. Ann's. I broke the news about Shane. I started crying, he started crying, and he put his arms around me.

Rex: Are you kidding me with this?

Gigi: I felt something for him again. And when we thought Shane had a donor today, I just had to come here and let Brody know.

Rex: That's why you took off like you did, why you didn't tell me where you were going?

Gigi: I was here when you called and said the donor fell through. And I couldn't believe it. And Brody was holding me again, and it just happened. And one thing led to another, okay?

Rex: Okay, you expect me to believe that? You felt something for the guy who shot me? Okay, you were so upset about Shane, you got sidetracked into sleeping with Brody? No. You're lying. Gigi, you would not do something like this unless you were forced to.

Stacy: So, who's the one with the shield?

Shane: Oh, that's the Australian lady who's giving me her bone marrow. That's just how she looks in my head.

Stacy: They didn't tell you?

Shane: Tell me what?

Stacy: Nothing.

Shane: Aunt Stacy?

Stacy: Look, they probably don't want you hearing it from me.

Shane: Come on, I'm not a baby. My mom and dad don't need to be around for everything.

Stacy: Okay, so they made a mistake when they were matching you with the woman. She can't be your donor.

Shane: Why not?

Stacy: I really don't know the details, but -- oh, honey, look -- I believe with all my heart and soul that everything's going to work out, just somehow.

Roxanne: Surprise, everybody. We're having a party. So, why so depresso? There's a lot to celebrate. Aussie bone marrow donor, and we're going to celebrate Shane --

Shane: Grandma, it's not going to happen. Aunt Stacy told me.

Roxanne: Well, Aunt Stacy's lying.

Stacy: No, I'm not. Look, I'm sorry, Roxy. I know this is upsetting.

Roxanne: And why are you the one who's breaking the news?

Shane: I made her tell me. I was going to find out anyway.

Roxanne: Hey, baby, it'll be okay. There's another donor.

Blair: So, do you like John?

Starr: Yeah.

Blair: Good, because, you know, I think he's a good guy. I mean, who knows? Maybe this is what real marriages are supposed to be like. You know, have a purpose with no unrealistic expectations or crazy emotions, you know?

Starr: But what's going to happen when you leave here and you're back on your feet? And you can take care of us. Are you and John going to stay married?

John: I meant what I said. I care about you.

Marty: Okay.

John: I wanted to tell you before it happened but you were very busy with Cole.

Marty: Now I know.

John: But you don't know why.

Marty: Does it matter?

John: Yeah. It does matter. Manning was going to take away the kids from Blair. He used her condition to try to get custody. Say something.

Marty: I don't know what to say.

John: You said you were looking for me before. What did you want to tell me? 

Marty: Huh.

John: Marty, what is it?

Marty: Oh, nothing, actually. Whatever it is, it just went away. I guess I'm losing my short-term memory, too.

John: Well, I'm sure it will come to you.

Marty: Did it work? Did she get her kids? You're a stepdaddy now.

John: On paper anyway.

Marty: Marrying her was the only way she could keep her children?

John: She had to prove that there would be someone there for the kids, somebody responsible. I guess Dorian and Addie didn't qualify. It wasn't Blair's idea. I think it was Téa's.

Marty: Of course. She should moonlight as a marriage broker now.

John: You're upset.

Marty: Marriage is a big deal, right? I mean, especially for you. Even if I was upset, I wouldn't have a right to be.

John: You would, considering what almost happened between us.

Blair: You know, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves, okay? John and I just have to do the happy couple dance until I'm strong enough to go home and take care of you guys so Dad can't challenge the custody thing, okay? It's not going to be hard to do. I mean, we like each other. That's good.

Starr: Mom, you still didn't answer my question about you and John.

Blair: Yes, I did.

Starr: No, you didn't.

Blair: Yes, I did.

Starr: No, you didn't.

Blair: I answered it the way I wanted to answer it, okay? So, let's talk about you.

Starr: There's nothing to say.

Blair: Sure there is.

Starr: I really don't want to talk about it.

Blair: Mama told me about Cole's accident. Is Matthew really paralyzed? Hey, you want to talk about it?

Starr: Cole could have gone to jail. Instead, they put him in a drug treatment program.

Blair: Well, that's a good thing, sweetheart.

Starr: Yeah, it's great.

Blair: I know it's really hard to see somebody you love go through that much pain.

Starr: I feel like I don't even know him anymore. I was talking to him at the courthouse, and I told him that I would always care about him, but the chances of us getting back together are zero.

Blair: Do you think it's because of the drugs, or --

Starr: That and a lot of other stuff.

Blair: What other stuff, sweetie?

Starr: Well, you've moved on with John, right? I moved on, too.

Blair: Are you holding back on me? Do you have a new boy in your life?

Schuyler: They didn't tell me who I was assigned to. I'm sorry. I'm going to get Lauren to find you another counselor.

Cole: You do that.

Schuyler: Actually, you know what? I think there's a few things you and I could clear up.

Cole: I have nothing to say to you, Mr.

Schuyler: Why don't you call me by my first name since we're not in school?

Cole: Like you care about that? Or did you call Starr "Miss Manning" before you kissed her?

Schuyler: That's one of the things I think we should talk about.

Roxanne: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Stacy: I just told the kid the truth.

Roxanne: Bull.

Stacy: The Australian woman didn't come through.

Roxanne: So what are we doing shooting the breeze? I said that you could pretend that you were the donor. You could be a big hero.

Stacy: Ha ha ha. As if you're not getting anything out of this. I helped Grandma by covering up who the real donor is. Rex's father, the one he thinks is dead --

Roxanne: Shh. Okay, honey, we're both scamming here. But the bottom line is my grandson needs a bone marrow transplant.

Stacy: And he'll get it.

Roxanne: How soon?

Stacy: Don't you worry about that. Look, everybody's going to walk out of this looking like a winner. Well, almost everyone.

Rex: Tell me the truth. It's Brody, right? He used the situation with Shane to get to you?

Gigi: No, no.

Brody: All right, calm down. Okay?

Gigi: Rex, Rex. He didn't force me. Rex, he didn't force me. If anything, I took advantage of him.

Rex: What?

Gigi: I -- I started it.

Rex: Okay, I can't believe what I'm hearing. You love me, right? Gigi, our son has leukemia. Are you telling me you left the hospital to get your rocks off?

Gigi: No, just the opposite. I couldn't think of anything else but Shane. That's why I did this. I did this for Shane.

Layla: What?

Cristian: Why do you keep coming back here? Are you that bent on getting up in my face?

Layla: Don't flatter yourself. I'm meeting a date.

Cristian: Listen, my mom owns this place. And believe me, I appreciate the business, but taking a girl to a diner on the first date? That's a little -- well, that's impressive.

Layla: How do you know it's a first date?

Cristian: Well, you're overdressed. And you're nervous. And you keep looking at the door. And this thing.

Layla: Give me that.

Cristian: Whoa, whoa. "Beautiful soul seeking sensual pleasures." Really? You're going on a date with a guy who calls himself fab foodie?

Jessica: I'll surprise him.

Rex: You slept with Brody for Shane's sake. What does that mean?

Gigi: I haven't been there for Shane in the way that he's needed me. I've been preoccupied.

Rex: Since when, an hour ago? Have you lost your mind?

Brody: Do you want me to throw him out?

Gigi: Can you just give us a little time?

Brody: I'll do whatever you want, Geeg.

Gigi: Okay, the truth?

Rex: Please.

Gigi: There are other reasons that I turned to Brody.

Rex: What other reasons?

Gigi: Uh, that I got a call from the lab. They found your test results from that night. You said Stacy slipped you a mickey, but the only thing in your system was alcohol.

Rex: The results were wrong.

Gigi: Blood tests don't lie, Rex. Nothing made you fall into bed with my sister, okay? You did it yourself.

Rex: I can't believe this is happening.

Gigi: Hey, you're a guy who can't help but cheat on the woman he's with. And that call from the lab -- it just drove it home.

Cole: Do you kiss all your female students?

Schuyler: That's not what happened.

Cole: I was there. I saw it.

Schuyler: Nothing is going on between Starr and me, Cole. The only thing you saw was a girl, who had no one else to turn to, make an impulsive mistake.

Cole: Yeah, I saw Starr this morning. She said it was her kissing you. But I didn't buy it then, either.

Schuyler: You saw Starr today?

Cole: Yeah. Are you jealous, huh? You're a pervert, you know that? Hmm?

Schuyler: All right, I get it. No, I know, man. You're angry, and I've made some mistakes of my own. You know, I tried to be friend when I should have been a teacher, and I'm paying for it, believe me. I'm suspended from school.

Cole: That works out great, huh? Huh? That works out great. Because now, you can see Starr anytime you want, right?

Schuyler: You know what, nothing I say to you is going to matter, is it? You want to hate me, Cole? You want to hate me? Fine. Fine, you go ahead. You have a blast, big boy. But don't take it out on Starr, because she only confided in me because she couldn't turn to the one person that she really wanted to, and that's you.

Blair: Okay, out with it, Starr. Who's the new boyfriend?

Starr: No one. I'm sorry that I even said anything.

Blair: Oh, come on, like I'm going to tell somebody. I'm here in the hospital. Come on, a guy from your school, anyway?

Starr: Yes.

Blair: Okay. Is he in your grade?

Starr: He's older.

Blair: In Cole's class? Okay, I mean, is that a problem?

Starr: Mom, please.

Blair: All right, Starr. I mean, you're a Cramer woman. When has that ever stopped you?

Starr: What do you mean?

Blair: Well, it shouldn't stop you. If you want something you've got to fight for it no matter how complicated it is.

Starr: So you're saying I should fight for this guy?

Blair: Worked for me.

Marty: What almost happened between us?

John: I think you know.

Marty: You mean when we almost kissed the night of Cole's accident? It was a momentary lapse. It went away.

John: I don't think it went completely away.

Marty: Nothing happened, John. We were thrown together at a really difficult time but the worst is over. Cole's in rehab, the killings have stopped. You're a married man. No reason for us to be together anymore.

Cristian: You know, fab foodie really worked his profile -- "tall, successful businessman, good-looking, great abs." Yeah, right. Oh, come on -- everyone lies in these things. What did you say -- you were nice?

Layla: I am nice -- damned nice to people who deserve it. Why don't you get lost?

Cristian: I can't -- I'm filling in for my mom today, which means you get to place your order with me. Meanwhile, I'm just going to stick around to see how fast you turn this guy off.

Layla: How dare you -- acting all smug like you're God's gift while you keep using women and tossing relationships aside like they're nothing.

Cristian: At least the women I am with stick around for more than five minutes.

Layla: You arrogant, self-centered, son of a bitch!

Cristian: Oh, my God, you are nice!

Man: Um, "designing woman"?

Layla: "Fab foodie"? Hmm.

John: Marty, the person who got Lee and Wes and tried to get to Blair is still out there.

Marty: I know -- I try not to think about it.

John: You need to think about it. If the letters we found on the victim are the letters of Manning's fraternity --

Marty: You really think it's one of the men who raped me?

John: I think you're not safe until this person's caught.

Marty: What about Blair?

John: Her, too. But whether you like it or not, we're not going our separate ways until this is over.

Marty: John, you and I both know that when Wes was killed, I was passed out right there next to him. I don't think they're after me. I really appreciate everything you've done for me. But I can take care of myself and I think right now, your place is with your wife and mine is with my son.

Cole: Starr could've come to me. I didn't go anywhere.

Schuyler: No? How about the pills -- you went there? You loved those pills, didn't you? You loved the pills more than you loved Starr. Hey, I know that what happened to Matthew and all that, that's weighing pretty heavy on you about now and I want you to know I'm not judging you for that.

Cole: Well, I don't care if you do.

Schuyler: Oh, good -- that's good, okay. Fine, fine, but you should know, I know a little bit about what you're going through right now. The longer you're an addict, the further and further away you get from the friends, the family, the people that you care about and, by the way, the people you love most are the ones who suffer the most.

Cole: Thank you for the lecture there, teach, but, you know, I -- I can read. And I'm not an addict, okay?

Schuyler: Oh, no. No, no, no, no, of course not. No, that's crazy, nobody is -- no, especially not me. You know, I -- I wasn't messed up like them. I just did it to take the edge off, you know? It didn't matter that I was stealing to support my habit and lying to everyone that I know. Cole, there's only so many people you can hurt before there's no one left. And that's not something you want to regret in life. Believe me, I learned that mistake, and it cost me the woman I loved.

Roxanne: How does such a good-looking chick like you turn into such a rotten bitch?

[Stacy chuckles]

Stacy: Well, I'll take that as a compliment.

Roxanne: Don't you get smart with me, missy. This is my grandson we're talking about and I'm not going to stand around and let him die.

Stacy: Well, I did already tell you, it's not going to happen. All I need is some time to find out some info and then I'll come forward as a donor.

Roxanne: Okay, this info that you're talking about better come to light in 24 hours tops. You push it to 25, and I swear I'm going to start spilling the story.

Stacy: Oh, really? Including your dirty little secret about your invalid in the clinic? If Rex finds that out, he'll never forgive you.

Roxanne: Nothing is more important than my grandson's life, and don't forget that.

[Stacy chuckles]

Roxanne: So 24 hours, tops -- you got that, toots? How you doing, champ?

Stacy: Great balloons, Roxy.

Roxanne: Oh, yes, I guess it reminds you of your days as a stripper.

Stacy: Oh.

Shane: Aunt Stacy, should I change the end of the story now that the donor isn't coming?

Stacy: No, you know what? You don't need to change a word. I'll bet this story's going to have a happy ending.

Rex: Nothing happened between me and Stacy! Oh! I -- I can't wrap my mind around this. You get a test result, you don't call me, you assume it's accurate, and you hop in the sack with Lovett.

Brody: Uh, Jessica?

Jessica: Hi!

Brody: Uh, you looking for me?

Jessica: Yeah. Can we go inside and talk?

Gigi: Say what you want about Brody, but he's always been there for me.

Rex: And I haven't? That was over 10 years ago. I was a kid, an idiot. But I'm here now, and we love each other. Or has that changed, too?

Gigi: No, no! Rex, I love you! I love you so much. Oh, God, I -- I can't do this!

Rex: What? What can't you do?

Cole: Come on, give me a break. I don't want to hear your dumb sob story.

Schuyler: Oh, sure -- yeah, no. Yeah, because it has nothing to do with you, right? Because you're so unique -- you know, you have it all under control. You can quit anytime you want.

Cole: Don't --

Schuyler: Ah -- what?

Cole: Don't mock me, don't --

Schuyler: Cole, you are high right now! One more for the road -- yeah, I know. I told myself the same thing a million times.

Cole: Hey, shut up, you -- shut up! You don't know anything about me!

Schuyler: I know when I see someone hitting rock bottom -- because I've been there. All right, and when I heard about what happened to Matthew and him being paralyzed, I really -- I thought that you had hit yours.

Cole: I said shut up.

Schuyler: But you -- you keep using. Man, you know your life is spinning out of control, and you're not even trying to step on the brakes?

Cole: Shut the hell up!

[Cole sighs]

Cole: Now -- you see, if I wasn't in control, I would've laid you out.

Starr: I like this guy. I just doubt that anything will happen between us.

Blair: No, sweetheart, why would you say that? Look at you -- you are beautiful, you're talented --

Starr: Okay, okay, okay --

Blair: You're smart.

Starr: Okay. Thank you.

Blair: Okay. Come on, I said it before -- you're a Cramer woman. If you want something, you fight for it. I mean, I wasn't expecting to marry John -- huh, so wasn't expecting it. And you know what? I certainly wasn't going to let Marty have him, either.

Starr: So that's why you bad-mouthed her in "The Intruder"?

Blair: No, Starr, I bad-mouthed her in "The Intruder" because I saw what I saw and I told the truth. I really thought she had committed that murder.

Starr: But it just seems like the person who has stabbed all of those other people did the same thing to you. I don't think Cole's mom would do that.

Blair: Maybe not. But I bet you she's thought about it once or twice.

John: You know, I think we both know what kind of marriage it is and what it isn't.

Marty: It's really just about Blair's kids? Because I know -- I know you have feelings for her.

John: Yes, and I wanted to help her. That doesn't stop me from caring about you.

Marty: Don't. I think you need to get back to your new bride.

John: You need a ride somewhere?

Marty: No. I will be fine here, thank you. John, I --

Marty: Never mind.

[Marty sighs]

John: See you around.

Layla: This place is busted. Let's go somewhere else.

Cristian: Good luck tonight, bro. You're going to need it.

Layla: Cristian Vega, get the hell out of my life!

Cristian: Right back at you, sweetheart.

Fab foodie: Maybe this was a bad idea.

Layla: No.

Fab foodie: You and your ex obviously still have feelings.

Layla: He is not my ex.

Fab foodie: You definitely have something going on. Anyway, it's been real.

Layla: Huh -- "going on?"

Cristian: He doesn't know what he's talking about.

Layla: Look -- is he blind?

Cristian: No, like we would ever have -- ever have, like, feelings for each other or something like that.

[Layla scoffs]

Cristian: Right. No way.

Brody: You want to talk to me inside? It sounds serious.

Jessica: I can just say it out here. I -- um, I better say it quick before I chicken out. Uh --

[Jessica chuckles]

Jessica: I can't stop thinking about that kiss that we had.

Brody: I've thought about it, too -- a lot. Uh, I should -- I should probably tell you --

Jessica: And -- no, you don't have to. We've said it all, you know? We're both in very strange places right now, we're both really, really vulnerable but -- I like you, Brody -- um, more than just a friend. There, I said it -- oh! Wasn't so bad. You see, I -- I haven't liked anyone like this since Nash, and it's scary and I thought if I didn't say something, then I might be missing out on something really wonderful and -- I don't even know how you feel.

Rex: Well? What is it, Gigi? What can't you do?

Gigi: Uh -- I can't -- I can't be with someone I don't trust, and -- and I don't trust you, Balsom.

Rex: I don't get where this is coming from.

Gigi: You cheated on Adriana.

Rex: Yeah, with you because I loved you.

Gigi: I know your history now -- you've been with a lot of women. You even slept with one of your girlfriend's mothers.

Rex: That was, like, 100 years ago.

Gigi: You're just not a commitment kind of guy.

Rex: You really think that?

Gigi: Yes, I really do.

Rex: To hell with this. I am not going to stick around here and get trashed by the woman I love. You think Brody's such a standup guy? Fine. Be with him. I'm going to go back to the hospital -- to see our son. You remember our son, right -- the one who has leukemia? Shane?

Brody: I was -- I was planning on stopping by to see you today.

Jessica: Oh, really?

Brody: Yeah, I wanted to tell you --

Rex: I don't know how you got my girlfriend into bed with you, but you stay away from her! You stay away from our son!

Starr: Mom?

Blair: Hmm?

Starr: Can I ask you something?

Blair: Sure.

Starr: Did you hear me talking to you when you were in a coma?

Blair: You were talking to me?

Starr: Yeah, about a lot of things.

Blair: Oh.

Starr: It just made me feel better.

Blair: Good. Hmm.

Starr: Oh --

John: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.

Starr: No, it's okay. I was just leaving.

Blair: I heard about the hearing.

John: I figured.

Blair: Thank you. Thank you so much for what you did. I couldn't have gone on if I lost my kids.

John: Hey, look at me. You're too tough to let him win.

Blair: Huh! I keep telling Starr, you know, Cramer women -- we fight for what we want.

Schuyler: Well, if you're not interested in what I have to say, then maybe you'll listen to someone else, but Cole, the way this whole thing works, this program, you have to be honest, and not just with the people here -- with yourself.

[Cell phone rings]

Cole: Hey, buddy, your phone.



Starr: Schuyler, I'm glad you picked up. I need to see you.

Cole: This isn't Schuyler. Can I take a message?

Starr: Cole? Uh, I -- I must've dialed wrong.

Cole: No, no, you're good. You dialed your boyfriend.

Starr: Wait -- what's going on?

Cole: Obviously way more than that lying creep Joplin is telling anyone.

Blair: So, you ready for Jack and Sam? You think you can handle them? They're pretty tough at that age, you know?

John: Yeah, well, after 15 years in law enforcement, I deal with a lot of violent criminals.

Blair: Yeah?

John: I imagine kids are worse.

[Blair chuckles]

Blair: Well, you got mine, you know? Maybe you'll have to wear a little woody badge, you know?

John: Then again, when I was a kid, I was a handful, so --

Blair: You know.

John: Hmm. The important thing is they're going to be safe, and you can concentrate on getting better.

Blair: I'm scared. I'm scared, John. I'm scared that whoever tried to kill me is going to come back and -- and hurt the kids.

John: I'm never going to let anything happen to you again.

Marty: So, yeah, Jess -- I guess I'll just have to get over it, which, you know, it's probably for the best because I -- I don't think I was really ready for a relationship. And if I keep saying that out loud, then perhaps I'll believe it. Anyway, I'm rambling, and I, um -- so just -- I'm sorry. Just call me when you get a chance. Bye.

Jessica: I'm sorry. I -- I had no idea. I should've called before --

Brody: No, it's okay. This is --

Jessica: No, it's not. It's -- it's not. Um -- we're just friends. It's none of my business who you sleep with. Uh -- can you just do me a favor? Can you just forget everything that I said? Friendship is definitely the way to go.

[Gigi sobs]

Gigi: I just ruined the best thing that ever happened to me.


Stacy: Hey. Shane's asleep, and Roxy's in there with him. You look upset.

Rex: Uh, yeah. I don't want to talk about it and definitely not with you.

Stacy: Are you sure you don't want to get it off your chest, because I don't think it'd be good for Shane to see you upset.

Rex: I'm fine!

Stacy: Well, you don't look it. Couldn't you find Gigi?

Rex: Oh, oh, oh, I found her -- in bed with Brody Lovett.

[Door closes]

[Stacy chuckles]

Stacy: Nice move, Gigi. You work fast.

Gigi: I came so close to telling Rex the truth.

Brody: Maybe you still can.

Gigi: God, not if I want to save my son.

Brody: How can your sister mess with Shane's life like this?

Gigi: She won't let it go. Shane gets the bone marrow, she gets Rex. God, I'm just so sorry that I had to drag you into this.

Brody: No, it's okay.

Gigi: No, it's not -- Rex almost belted you!

Brody: I don't blame you, or Rex. I blame your sister.

[Phone rings]

Gigi: What?

Stacy: Good news. Rex told me you slept with Brody -- that's hot.

Gigi: We didn't sleep together -- we pretended to.

Stacy: Yeah, well, I really don't care as long as you live up to your end of the agreement. Look, you want to save Shane, using Brody as booty call is great. All you have to do is convince Rex that it's all over. 

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