One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 3/3/09


Episode # 10387 -- Lie Detectors

Provided By Laurie R. and Suzanne
Proofread By Kathy

Langston and Lola: [Laughing] What about this one? Yeah, I know, seriously.

Starr: Did you guys hear me?

Lola: How about this one?

Langston: Uh, no.

Starr: Hello, I said that I do not want to go.

Langston: I heard what you said, all right.

Starr: I'm not going to be much fun, anyway.

Lola: Cole might be there.

Starr: So?

Lola: So what if another girl tries to steal him from you?

[Alarm beeps]

Brody: Jessica, hey. How long have you been here?

[Rex breathing hard]

Rex: Ah.

Stacy: What is wrong with you?

Rex: Oh, I slept rotten. Now my back's all screwed up.

Stacy: Well, you came to the right girl. Get on the floor and grab your ankles.

Rex: Oh, yeah.

Nora: Congratulations, Mr. Montez, compliments of the Colombia government. You just sign it and you're out of here.

Ray: Okay, but I am completely cleared of anything to do with the killing of my wife. And there are no other charges?

Nora: They even threw in the prison break. You're free to go.

Ray: Thank you.

Téa: You're welcome, Ray. Nora, as usual, it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Rex: Oh, yeah.

Gigi: I'm home.

Rex: Hey, you didn't forget the coffee, did you?

Stacy: Oh, and the bagels?

Gigi: Nope. No, no. You didn't forget to invite me to Pilates, did you?

Stacy: You do Pilates?

Rex: I slept terrible. Stacy was fixing my back. It's killing me.

Gigi: It looked like she was killing you just now.

Stacy: Anyway, you should probably think about a waterbed.

Gigi: Is your back all better?

Rex: Yeah. You did great. My back was like, all stiff, and --

Stacy: Well, you know, if it happens again, let me know. I know all kinds of ways to make a man relax.

Jessica: Uh, I just got here. Sorry I barged in. I knocked and you didn't answer. And then I heard something going on in here, so I --

Brody: It's okay. I'm used to it. Barb strolls in all the time, once when I was coming out of the shower.

Jessica: Really? Well, at least you were finally clean enough for her. Did she try to jump your bones?

Brody: She ran out of here. Now in group she just stares at me like I don't have anything on.

[Jessica laughs]

Jessica: Well, at least you still have your sense of humor. I don't have to worry about you that much.

Brody: You worry about me?

Jessica: Is that weird?

Brody: Just -- you've got a lot going on in your life right now.

Jessica: Well, not so much that I can't, you know, think about my friends. You helped me out a lot when I was in here. And now it's my turn to do that for you.

Brody: So that's what you're doing here.

Jessica: I tried calling last night. But I just wanted to see if you were all right. I called after hours. And so I thought I would come over today and see for myself.

Brody: I'm better now. Thanks for talking me down about Wes last week.

Jessica: I didn't tell you anything you didn't already know.

Brody: I was a mess. If you hadn't put me straight I might still be thinking I killed him.

Jessica: Well, if there's any part of you that still wonders, you don't have to. They arrested someone for Wes' murder.

Ray: I'm glad to see you out of that cell.

Marty: I'm not quite out yet. But hopefully you are.

Ray: Yeah. Justice was a long time coming, but finally it came. Maybe your wait will end today.

Marty: I'm not going to hold my breath. But thank you for the pep talk.

Ray: Yeah.

Téa: Ray, we need to go.

Marty: Good luck.

Ray: The same to you. And if you need a good lawyer, I recommend mine.

Marty: Thank you, but I already have one.

Téa: Shouldn't he be here by now?

Nora: Officer, you can open the door for them. Goodbye, Mr. Montez.

Ray: Ms. Hanen.

Téa: Just in case your legal counsel didn't get the D.A.'s message about a meeting --

Nora: Good-bye, Ms. Delgado.

Téa: No hard feelings. Bye, Nora.

Nora: Officer, actually I'd like to speak to Dr. Saybrooke alone. And you can take the cuffs off.

Marty: Where is my attorney?

Nora: Your attorney's not coming.

Starr: Cole isn't mine, so no one can steal him from me.

Lola: But you want him to be yours, right?

Starr: You know what? It's over, okay? Too much has happened between us.

Lola: That doesn't mean you don't care. I know this friend back in Colombia. Okay, this other girl tried to steal her boyfriend and she had to take matters into her own hands.

Langston: What did she do?

Lola: Let's just say there were some broken bones. I mean, this other girl, she had it coming to her. My friend and her boyfriend, they belonged together.

Langston: Hey, Lola, I think there's some more dresses in the guest room closet, next to my room.

Lola: I'll go check.

Starr: What kind of friends was your cousin hanging out with?

Langston: No, she gets her English mixed up sometimes. I don't think she really meant it like that.

Starr: I hope so, because I wouldn't want to be on her bad side.

Langston: So?

Starr: So what?

Langston: So admit it. The thought of Cole hooking up with some girl at the school dance really got to you.

Starr: We aren't together, Langston. He can be with whoever he wants.

Langston: He wants you.

Starr: Well, it's not happening, okay?

Langston: It could.

Starr: No.

Langston: All you have to do is try. I mean, you guys have a way of fixing things at school dances. Remember prom?

Starr: You know what? I do remember prom. And it was great because Cole wasn't wasted on drugs.

[Phone ringing]

Cole: Yeah?

Asher: Dude.

Cole: Asher?

Asher: What up, bro?

Cole: I'm sleeping.

Asher: Well, sleep when you're dead.

Cole: Could happen any minute, the way I'm feeling.

Asher: I can help you out with that. I just got something special for my platinum customer.

Cole: No, I'm okay.

Asher: No, I'm coming over.

Cole: No, no.

Asher: What's the matter? I'm good enough to get you high, but you don't want me dirtying up the mansion?

Cole: No, it's not that, okay?

Asher: Well, good. Alert Jeeves. I like my Téa with honey. I'll be there in 20.

Nora: That's right, Marty. Your lawyer isn't going to be here. Neither is John.

Marty: What's going on? What are you trying to do?

Nora: Your future, whether you're behind bars or you go free, depends on the decision that you make right now.

Brody: They caught the guy who killed Wes?

Jessica: Um, it's a woman, actually. Thank you. Marty Saybrooke.

Brody: The one they found in bed with him?

Jessica: Yeah. Yeah, that's her.

Brody: He told me he had a wild chick living with him. I didn't know she was that wild.

Jessica: Marty's not wild. She didn't use to be.

Brody: You know her?

Jessica: Yes, for a long time.

Brody: You don't think she did it?

Jessica: The Marty I know is incapable of that, but --

Brody: But?

Jessica: She's different now. She had a horrible accident. And she was violated by somebody she trusted. And although I don't think that she's capable of murdering someone, in the right situation, if she was pushed hard enough --

Brody: Is she still a friend?

Jessica: Yes. I mean, I haven't seen her in a long time, but I still consider her one, a very good one.

Brody: Then if you don't think she did it, that's good enough for me.

Jessica: But you --

Brody: But nothing. You believe in me. If you believe in this Marty, then so do I. But that leaves Wes' killer still out there and me without an alibi.

[Knock on door]

Marty: There's this thing called the constitution. It guarantees me the right to an attorney.

Nora: Yeah, well, you can make that call. But first, let's review your case, shall we? Let me see. According to the eyewitness accounts of your behavior at the ball -- was, uh, sloppy drunk, dressed like a slut, out of control. Any of that ring a bell?

Marty: You forgot the part where Blair called me a bitch on wheels.

Nora: I was actually trying to spare you the worst of it. And the medical examiner's report says Wes suffered a single stab wound to the thorax which caused his heart to stop and saved him the agony of drowning in his own blood.

Marty: The point is?

Nora: Forensic report, latent and patent fingerprints prove that markers left on the murder weapon are a match to suspect Marty Saybrooke.

Marty: Okay, okay. What do you want?

Nora: I want Wes Granger's murderer behind bars.

Marty: So do I. And it's not me.

Nora: Okay, so you're going to plead innocent and I, as the D.A., will say that I believe you're a flight risk and that you should stay in custody.

Marty: You think I'm going to run?

Nora: You've got nothing to lose. The evidence is stacked against you, and you have no ties to the community.

Marty: I have my son.

Nora: A son you've wanted nothing to do with, which is pretty much the same feeling you've given to the rest of your friends and loved ones. So you have no reason to stay and fight and every reason to jump bail, which is going to be the argument I make when I request remand.

Marty: Oh, boy. You must be pretty angry with me, huh?

Nora: Actually, this is my job. I'm doing my job, Marty. And I will win. As I see it, you're looking at several months preparing for your trial in a 7 x 12 foot cell at Statesville prison, with a roommate who is not going to be Martha Stewart. Or --

Marty: Or what?

Nora: Or you can play ball with me and walk out of here today.

Gigi: Clothes first, bagels second.

Stacy: Thanks, sis.

Gigi: Is that Rex's T-shirt?

Stacy: Oh, yeah. He leant it to me because all my stuff was in the wash. It's really cute, isn't it?

[Knock on door]

Gigi: He didn't offer you pants, too?

Natalie: Um, is Rex here?

Stacy: Rex is taken. So I think you better shove off.

Gigi: Stacy, this is Rex's sister Natalie. Natalie -- I'm sorry, this is my sister Stacy.

Natalie: Oh.

Stacy: Sorry.

Téa: Carlotta, buenos dias. I wish we could stay for breakfast but my friend Ray is waiting in the car. A donde esta Lola? Ah.

Carlotta: She's at Dorian’s.

Téa: Ahora salga de mi ristorante, traidora.

Carlotta: I told you, she's at Dorian’s.

Téa: Carlotta --

Carlotta: How dare you walk into my restaurant and act as if you didn't put Cristian's life in danger. And just do you could win a case.

Téa: I was just doing my job, trying to free an innocent man.

Carlotta: My son is an innocent man. Thank God Vanessa didn't do to him what she did to all the others.

Téa: Listen, I didn't know what Vanessa was when I suggested Cristian marry her.

Carlotta: But you suspected it. I'm sure your friend Ray filled your head with it. How could you do that to Cristian, Téa? You used to baby-sit for him, for heaven's sake.

Téa: Listen, if I had thought that Cristian was in any kind of danger –

Carlotta: At least Cristian is a grown man. He can take care of himself, which is a lot more than I can say for Starr Manning. She used to be your stepdaughter once, Téa. Do you remember? But did that stop you from letting that loco father, Todd, loose? No. I don't even want to think about what the future holds for that poor young girl, all thanks to you.

Starr: Cole and I had another fight yesterday.

Langston: About what?

Starr: Mr. J. went up to him in the hallway and told him that he knew he was high.

Langston: You told a teacher Cole's using?

Starr: No. I didn't say that it was Cole.

Langston: Okay, so what exactly did you say?

Starr: I said that I had a friend with a problem.

Langston: What were you doing even talking about your friends and their problems to Mr. J.?

Starr: I'm not allowed to ask a teacher for advice?

Langston: Yeah, about school.

Starr: And I needed to vent, okay? And I trust Mr. J.

Langston: Okay, but if his first thoughts are to go straight to Cole, maybe Mr. J. isn't somebody that you should trust.

Asher: And my mom complains about my room.

Cole: What do you want?

Asher: Check out what I found in the manor mail.

Cole: So?

Asher: It looks pretty official. I thought you might want to crack it before your mom does.

Cole: You didn't drive all the way out here to go through my mail. So what do you want?

Asher: It's about what you want.

Asher: This just came on the market. I call it my party mix. For my best customer.

Starr: Mr. J. didn’t jump to Cole being on drugs because of what I said. Cole walks around school all day messed up. It's not that hard to figure out.

Langston: Well, I didn't, and I'm his friend.

Starr: Maybe you just didn't want to see it.

Langston: And Mr. J. does?

Starr: Anything he said to him was to help him, all right?

Langston: Okay, fine. So what happened? Cole wasn't hearing it?

Starr: No. He doesn't listen to anybody.

Langston: Yeah, he won't listen to his teacher or his ex-girlfriend.

Starr: And I know that you and Markko have tried talking to him and you haven't gotten anywhere, either.

Langston: I know. And what gets me is the one person who could do something about it is the one person who won't even try.

Marty: What, you're going to drop the charges against me?

Nora: No, I can't do that. But I am open to reducing the bail to something you can afford so that you can spend your time on the outside clearing your name.

Marty: What's the catch?

Nora: You come back to my house and live with your son, which is what you did before you walked out into this mess.

Marty: Seriously, is this your idea of some social engineering? You're going to force me to be with Cole so that these mother instincts might just reemerge?

Nora: Too much to hope for?

Marty: Yes, because I tried it, and I didn't feel it.

Nora: So fake it. You know? Who knows, maybe they'll come back. Marty, motherhood is stepping up even when you don't feel like it. Oh, God. You know, you were more than just Cole's mother in your former life. You were my friend, too. And I know you don't remember that, but I sure as hell can't forget it. And I can't forget the people that you and Cole were to each other, and to the community, and to me. I mean, I'm watching the two of you slipping away from me before my very eyes. And I'm not going to give up. I'm just not, not without a fight, certainly not without a fight. So you -- here's the deal. You can just sit in Statesville and wait for trial or you can take responsibility for your life and your son’s. Come home, Marty.

Stacy: Look, I'm sorry about the mix-up before. I just figured you had to be one of Rex's exes. I mean, he always did go for girls with big personalities. Didn't he, Geeg?

Rex: Yes, that's what I went for with you. Your personality.

Natalie: Uh, Rex, do you have a minute? I need to talk to you about something.

Gigi: Stacy, help me clean this stuff up.

Stacy: Since when does Rex have a sister?

Gigi: Since always. What are you going to do today?

Stacy: Oh, I was planning on shopping for a gym, maybe some dance classes. You know.

Gigi: I have to run some errands before work. Why don't I drop you off at the Buenos Dias so you can apply for that job?

Stacy: Oh, I already filled out an app. They're supposed to call me. But have fun with those errands.

Gigi: I've got to run. I'll see you later, Natalie.

Natalie: All right, see you.

Rex: So what's going on?

Natalie: I need to hire you to do some P.I. work for me.

Rex: Doing what?

Natalie: Well, I need to find out exactly what kind of trouble Tess was getting into when she was on the warpath.

Rex: Secret rooms and dynamite. That'll be a hundred bucks.

Natalie: No, there was more. There was a lot more, and I am pretty sure it involves Jessica's new baby.

Jessica: Why are you here, Antonio?

Brody: Something I can do for you?

Antonio: I'm here to ask you some questions about Wes Granger.

Jessica: I thought they arrested Marty.

Antonio: They did. But we're still investigating and it's led me right here.

Natalie: Well, from what Jared and I could piece together, Tess went to the hospital after Chloe was born. She was there about a half an hour, and then she booked it back to the cottage, just in time to turn into Jessica, and Mom and Dad found her. I mean, isn't that weird? Why was Tess at the hospital?

Rex: Uh, to get herself and her kid checked out?

Natalie: Okay, then why did she go back to the cottage with the baby?

Rex: Maybe she saw a cop or somebody who could turn her in. Didn't Starr have her baby the same night Jessica did? Maybe Todd was there. He knew she was Tess.

Natalie: Yeah, see, but Tess knew about Marty. She was blackmailing Todd. He wouldn't have blown her cover.

Rex: Why does this matter? Tess is bye-bye.

Natalie: And I want to make sure it stays that way, and the only way I can is to know everything that Tess did. That way I can just be on the lookout if anything happens again.

Rex: If this is important to you, why don't you just ask Jessica?

Antonio: Wes Granger, he visited you several times in the weeks leading up to the murder, is that right?

Brody: Yeah, we were friends. We served together in Iraq.

Antonio: All right, and these visits -- were they friendly?

Jessica: Wait, why are you questioning Brody if you've already arrested Marty?

Antonio: I told you, I'm gathering background information. Now, if you don't butt out, Jess, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

Jessica: But you're treating Brody like he's a potential suspect.

Antonio: That's because he is, Jess. Now, if you don't mind, I have a job to do. Your military records, they indicate that you and Granger were involved in the fatal shooting of an Iraqi civilian, a child. Is that true?

Jessica: Okay, you're not gathering information. You're grilling Brody as if he was the one that killed Wes, but he didn't, okay? Because he was here that night, all night long.

Brody: You already know that's not true, don't you?

Marty: You don't have a clue -- a clue what it's like to be me. To see people who care about me, and want me to be my old self, but I can't do it because I don't know who it is. And all I can do is disappoint them.

Nora: Yeah, well, I do know what that's like, believe me -- more than you know.

Marty: Yeah, what, because you had amnesia?

Nora: Yeah, I did, I didn't even remember the birth of my own child, you know? And then I had a stroke and was in a coma for the most part of a year. I was completely out of it, unable to communicate.

Marty: But you knew who you were.

Nora: I knew that I probably would never be that woman again. And I was really pretty damn sure that my family and friends would be better off without me there. So I literally got to the point where it was do or die. Give up or fight. And I chose to fight, and not just for myself or my friends or my loved ones -- mostly for my son. And even then -- even then I just -- I wasn't the mother that I used to be. I couldn't do the things with him that I used to do, like kicking a soccer ball around in the back yard, or dancing or jitterbugging or any of those things. I couldn't do that. Or having a pizza-eating contest, you know? Got to watch the cholesterol. So I started doing other things -- different things. We started to build a relationship around all these different things that we did. And it didn't happen overnight, and it wasn't even a matter of weeks or months. But it took time, but it happened, Marty, and I truly believe it could happen for you and Cole as well. It just -- but you've got to be there, you've got to be interested. You've got to try.

Marty: It's got to be against all the rules.

Nora: Well, I've certainly bent the rules for you in the past to do the right thing.

Nora: Never mind, go ahead -- make the call. Call your lawyer. I'm not going to stop you. Oh, but let's make one thing perfectly clear. This conversation stays between the two of us, or all bets are off. Is that understood?

Asher: This stuff is sick. Smoothes out all the rough edges, but it won't leave you brain dead.

Cole: I'm good to go.

Asher: You don't look so good. It's not like I'm on call 24/7 to run more over in the middle of the night when you're tripping about something and you're all tapped out.

Cole's voice: "This letter is to inform you that your son, Cole Thornhart, has been placed on student alert. Decline in grades -- his graduation is in jeopardy."

Asher: Don't come crying to me when you change your mind and I'm all out of product.

Asher: Oh, your mom's going to be pissed.

Cole: She doesn't give a crap, okay?

Asher: I'm trying to help you out, bro, but if you don't want it -- you don't know what you're missing out on.

Cole: Asher, wait.

Asher: Time's money, bro.

Cole: Just give me the whole bag.

Starr: Are you talking about telling Cole's mom that he's doing drugs?

Langston: I know, I'm not exactly the poster child for telling the truth, but look at how my life sucked before. I mean, my parents were gone and I was living all alone. I don't even know what would have happened to me if Dorian hadn't figured it all out.

Starr: Well, Cole's mom has completely checked out on him. I mean, she's in jail right now. What good is a parent if they don't even show up?

[Doorbell rings]

Lola: Yes?

Ray: Mija.

Natalie: How would you bring up the subject of Tess's dirty deeds to Jessica?

Rex: Right.

Natalie: You know, and Jess is still a little shaky, and I'm trying to work things out with her.

Rex: You are?

Natalie: Yeah, I mean, she is my sister. But I can't do that -- not until I know everything she did. Please, Rex, this is where you come in, and I'll pay you triple the going rate.

Rex: This is really important to you?

Natalie: Yes, I can't let this go, not until I know everything.

Rex: Okay. I'll do it, and I'll give you the family discount.

Natalie: Thank you, thank you so, so much. And if you find what I'm looking for, I will give you a bonus.

Rex: I never could turn you down.

Natalie: So -- Gigi has a sister? I didn't know that.

Rex: Yeah, I haven't seen her since she was a little kid.

Natalie: She's not little anymore.

Rex: I noticed.

Natalie: Yeah. How long is she in town for?

Rex: I hope it's a while. Shane loves her, and it's good for Gigi having family around. When she's happy, I'm happy.

Natalie: This place isn't that big. I mean, don't you think it might get a little overcrowded?

Stacy: Well, I have got to jet. It was so nice meeting you. Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more of each other. How's your back?

Rex: A lot better. Thank you.

Stacy: Hmm, well, we aim to please.

Téa: You know that I care about Cristian.

Carlotta: No, you don’t.

Téa: If I had honestly thought he was in any kind of danger --

Carlotta: What? You would have dropped your client, Ray Montez? I didn't think so.

Téa: Carlotta, you have to understand something. My job is my life.

Carlotta: Yes, yes, you said it. And for that, Téa, I am so sad for you. Oh, I hope you enjoy all the money and all the power that it brings you, because you're not going to have anyone to enjoy it with.

Ray: Te extrane tanto, Lola.

Ray: Oh, mija. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry I left you. I won't ever let anything or anyone take you away from me again, I promise, okay? Okay.

Langston: Okay, so maybe Cole's mom isn't the best one to get through to him.

Starr: She's more screwed up than he is.

Langston: Yeah, well, I guess we've just got to let him get it together himself, then.

Starr: Like that'll work? No. You know what? I'm going to be in his face until he learns that all he is doing is screwing up his life.

Asher: So was I right or what?

Cole: Seriously.

Asher: I'll see myself out.

Cole: No, no, no. Look, hey, look, you need to take the back stairs so no one knows you're here, okay?

Nora: I really think that you've made the right decision.

Marty: We'll see.

Nora: There's no school today, and that usually means he's going to be holed up in there, okay?

Marty: I don't know what to say. I don't know what to do. I mean, I don't even know where to start.

Nora: Marty, is there anyplace inside of yourself that you find that you've missed Cole? A little bit? Then start there. Come here. You're going to be great.

Marty: Mm.

Nora: Good luck.

Brody: Well, so far you haven't asked one question you don't already know the answer to. Are you just waiting for me to lie?

Antonio: That's one technique.

Brody: Okay, so you tell me, where was I that night?

Antonio: You're the one that has a problem with the alibi. You tell me.

Brody: I went out.

Antonio: You escaped?

Brody: I just let myself out sometimes, take walks, and come back here before anybody knows I'm gone.

Antonio: And where did that night's walk take you?

Jessica: He came to see me. Um, I told him to come to Llanfair. He came around the back, I let him in, and we stayed up talking most of the night. I drove him back here in the morning before room check, and you can check the sign-in sheet for verification if you need it.

Antonio: Anyone else see you with Brody?

Jessica: No, I didn't want him to get in trouble.

Antonio: So you lied for him?

Jessica: Yes.

Antonio: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: So the night Wes granger was killed, I can vouch for where Brody was. He didn't kill his friend.

Brody: Except we don't know that. Because Jessica's lying.

Carlotta: Would you like a cup of coffee?

Gigi: No, thank you. I just popped in to say thank you for considering hiring my sister.

Carlotta: Oh, yeah, somebody said she was in asking for a job.

Gigi: Yeah, Stacy can kind of come off like a ditz, but she means well.

Carlotta: Good. Well, just have her fill out an application and pop in.

Gigi: She dropped one off yesterday.

Carlotta: No, she couldn't have.

Gigi: What do you mean?

Carlotta: Well, I just went through the applications this morning, and I would have certainly noticed if there was another Morasco in the pile.

Gigi: Are you sure?

Carlotta: Sure. That's okay, just tell her to fill it out, and I'll be happy to talk to her.

Gigi: Okay, no problem. Huh.

Jessica: Brody, why are you telling Antonio that I'm lying?

Brody: Because you are. I know you're just trying to protect me, and I -- and it means a lot, but I have to own up to it, the fact that I don't have an alibi. I left here the night Wes was killed, and I wound up sitting on a bench somewhere by myself. But I didn't go looking for him. I didn't climb in the window of his place, and I didn't kill him.

Antonio: And you've got nothing to back that up.

Brody: Just the truth.

Antonio: Okay.

Jessica: Antonio, what are you going to do?

Antonio: I'm going to file a report, Jess. No, I'm not going to say you lied, although it wasn't your smartest decision. And if, by the way, I were to speak to your doctor, would there be an appointment on the books for today? I didn't think so.

Antonio: Be careful, both of you.

Jessica: I don't know why Antonio is doing this.

Brody: How do you know him?

Jessica: We were married.

Brody: You're kidding me.

Jessica: No, it didn't end well. It was my fault.

Brody: You were just trying to protect me. That means a lot.

Marty: "Long time the manxome foe he sought. So rested he by the tumtum tree."

[Phone ringing]

Starr: Go ahead, Cole. Skip my calls and be mad at me. I don't care. Because you are going to have to talk to me eventually. I'm not going to stop caring about you.

Lola: Look who's here.

Ray: Hello, Langston. I have been given the opportunity to make amends for all the mistakes I made with my sister, your mother.

Langston: You had that chance, and you blew it.

Ray: I was just so desperate to get out of prison that I let Clint Buchanan use me. I hurt you very much, and I only hope that you can grant me another chance to earn your forgiveness. While I get to know my daughter again, I would very much like to get to know you as well.


[Phone beeps]

[Marty sighs]

Marty: Oh, my God.

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Lola: You killed him!

Layla: You're the biggest jackass on the planet.

Cole: You take your fake mother act and go straight to hell.

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