One Life to Live Transcript Friday 2/13/09


Episode # 10375 -- Cookie Delancey

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Blair: Ah. This is awkward.

Téa: Uh, no. This -- is awkward.

Marty: Well, you all can stand there feeling awkward, but I came to have some fun.

David: I'm sorry; you must be mistaken, new friend. I was born David Vickers, I became David Vickeroshi. I've never been David Buchanan.

Beaver: Well, I hate to break it to you, son, but in point of fact, you were born David Buchanan, because the truth is that Asa Buchanan is your biological father, which makes you the missing Buchanan heir.

Viki: Oh.

Gigi: Stacy? Stace?

Rex: Wait -- you're Stacy? Stacy Stacy?

[Stacy chuckles]

Stacy: Live and in living color.

Eunice: We have an imposter –

Marty: Hey, Blair Cramer and John McBain.

Eunice: Can't you see I'm in the middle of something? You're not properly dressed!

Marty: Oh, I'm wearing red!

John: Why'd you let her take our tickets?

Blair: Can you believe her?

Téa: I told you this was going to be fun.

Todd: Who's the guy with her?

Blair: Oh, that guy -- that's your girlfriend's new boy toy.

Marty: Okay, there's got to be a bar, right?

Dorian: My husband is Asa Buchanan's illegitimate son? Are you sure?

Beaver: Yes, ma'am, I am. Asa told me his own self.

Dorian: But we have been down this road before. Remember -- with your brother?

Beaver: Asa was clear as a bell. David Vickers is his biological son.

Viki: Well, now, if that's true, that means that Clint and Bo are his --

David: Are my brothers.

Rex: You sure?

Stacy: Huh. Okay, so it's been 10 years, but do you really think she'd forget her own sister?

Marty: Whoa, not so fast. Now we're talking. Hey. What's wrong? Relax, relax. What, you've never crashed a party before?

Wes: It's not that.

Marty: Well, what is it?

Wes: I'm just wondering how long you're going to keep putting on this show for John.

Blair: Well, are you going to do something about this, John?

John: What do you want me to do? You want me to go wrestle her for the tickets?

Téa: Ooh, I'd pay to see that. Hey, where you going?

Todd: I'm going home.

Téa: No way. I won you fair and square.

Todd: Téa, I don't want to stay here and watch Marty make a fool of herself with that guy.

Téa: Well, I don't want to pay taxes, but grownups do what we have to do. And unless you've become a welcher, you owe me the "Go Red" ball.

[Todd sighs]

Blair: Aw, look at Todd. This might actually almost be worth it.

[Blair chuckles]

John: Yeah, yeah. Two tickets, please.

David: This is amazing. I lost my brother Spencer, but I have gained two new brothers -- and Nora, an ex-sister-in-law, and Natalie, a niece.

Natalie: Yippee.

David: But -- how can this be possible?

Beaver: Well, it seems that your mama, Emma Bradley, had two different liaisons with Asa. One was before your brother was born and the second one was nine months before you were born.

David: So that means Spencer --

Beaver: Is Ned Truman’s child, but you are Asa's boy.

David: Asa's boy. I am a Buchanan. And I have a family.

Dorian: I'm just curious, Mr. Calhoun. Asa's been dead for a year, and if as you say he told you himself that David was his son, why have you waited so long to come forward and why now, Mr. Calhoun?

Beaver: Well, I think I'll let Asa explain that. Now, I believe this hotel has a conference room?

Dorian: Right down the hall. Come on, darling. Don't you want answers? Come.

Viki: You knew. Didn't you? You all knew. This is unbelievable. David is your brother. He's Ben’s brother. He's my brother-in-law.

Charlie: I know there's a lot to take in, but if I were you, I'd go see what that guy is up to.

Viki: Who, David?

Charlie: No, the lawyer. I mean, like Dorian said, he has got a reason for being here and my guess is that reason is money.

Viki: Of course it is -- the estate.

Charlie: Yeah, and with Joey and Kevin in London --

Viki: And Clint, who was obviously very well aware of the situation and still unable to control it. Thank you, darling. Thank you, Charlie. Aren't you coming?

Charlie: No, I really don't want to intrude.

Viki: Charlie, please. Please, I need you.

Gigi: So –

Guard: Ma'am?

Gigi: When did you get here?

Guard: The woman behind the desk says you didn't pay.

Rex: Oh, that's -- that's my fault. I -- I left a ticket out for her, but her sister got here first. It's a -- it's a misunderstanding. Please tell the lady sorry and, well, this should cover the cost of the additional ticket. We good?

Guard: Enjoy your evening.

Gigi: Thank you.

Rex: Hey, it's not every day you get to party with the sister you haven't seen in 10 years. I can't believe I didn't recognize you.

[Stacy chuckles]

Stacy: Well, Gigi can vouch for me. I know -- no more braids.

Gigi: Or braces.

[Stacy chuckles]

Gigi: 10 years?

Stacy: Almost. You look great, by the way.

Gigi: So do you, especially in my dress.

Rex: I knew it was the same dress.

Gigi: Rex, it's not the same dress. It's my dress, the one that you bought for me to wear tonight.

Stacy: She always hated it when I borrowed her clothes.

Gigi: You never borrowed my clothes, you would just take them without asking and you're still doing it. I can't believe you stole my dress and my ticket. I -- I don't -- I don't get it. Don't get me wrong. I'm -- I'm happy to see you, but what is this?

Todd: Well --

[Téa chuckles]

Téa: Hmm.

Todd: I'm not going to do this sober.

Téa: Oh, whatever gets you through the night.

Stacy: I just wanted to surprise you.

Gigi: You could've surprised me at home. What did you do, break into my house?

Stacy: You have a key taped on the bottom of your mailbox just like Mom did.

Gigi: Why didn't you just wait for me?

Stacy: I did, but then when you didn't come home, I saw the dress and the ticket, so --

Gigi: And you thought you would just take them.

Stacy: Well, I figured I'd find you here, so let's just find some place a little less crowded and celebrate.

Rex: No clue, seriously. The last time I saw your sister was like --

Gigi: Braces and zits and -- she's all grown up now.

Rex: Listen, don't be ticked about the dress -- be happy.

Gigi: Okay. My sister -- my sister's here.

Eunice: Your names?

John: John McBain and Blair Cramer.

Eunice: But the woman in the red jacket and boots, she said --

Blair: She lied, okay? I don't know. John. You better keep me away from the window. With Téa and Marty in the same room, somebody is going to hit the street.

Gigi: So start from the beginning, please. How did you find me?

Stacy: I saw you guys in Vegas.

Gigi: In Vegas? Well, uh -- when? I -- I didn't see you.

Rex: I don't believe it -- you're Gigi.

Gigi: What?

Rex: The stripper on the poster in the lobby.

[Stacy chuckles]

Rex: In the casino, that was Stacy -- but with brown hair.

Stacy: It was a wig.

Gigi: You are not a stripper.

Stacy: An exotic dancer, and, yes, I was the best -- only I quit.

Gigi: Okay, so you were stripping. And you were using my name.

Gigi: Your stripper name is Gigi.

[Stacy chuckles]

Rex: Now, I thought your stripper name was the name of your first pet and the first street you lived on.

Gigi and Stacy: Cookie Delancey.

Stacy: You know, I couldn't do that one. You know, it's a tough world, so I wanted to pick a name that made me feel safe -- my sister, Gigi, and her big, beautiful brown hair. Hey, I've missed you.

Gigi: I missed you so much -- so much. Oh, God, that's why you're so skinny and gorgeous -- because of all that dancing. We'll talk about the exotic part later. Please tell me you kept most of your clothes on.

Stacy: Oh, please. I didn't meet the sucker that could afford these babies.

Rex: Not exactly the answer you were looking for.

Stacy: Relax, okay? No one got a peek.

Gigi: Right. So what happened, because I didn't see you.

Stacy: Well -- okay. So I was on my way to my first show that day and I saw you guys, but I figured it couldn't have been you -- what were the odds? So I stood there for a while and I realized it was you. But then, I turned around and then you guys were out the door, so I took off after you, but I was in spikes and I got on my coat, ran out the door, and you guys were already off in a cab. So I hopped in a cab, followed you to the airport, and I lost you again.

Gigi: We went straight to the gate.

Stacy: And I had no idea where you guys were going to go, so I found this helpful ticket agent who helped me track you down. I guess it didn't hurt that I had my costume on underneath my raincoat.

[Stacy chuckles]

Stacy: So, I booked a ticket on the next plane, found out your address online, checked out your love nest, dress, ticket -- here I am. Bottoms up.

Blair: Oh, would you look at Noelle? She looks so happy -- having so much fun. Oh, I think I'm going to go get a drink.

Todd: Excuse me. I think I ordered a double. This doesn't look like even a single.

Blair: What's going on, Todd?

Todd: You don't care, huh?

Blair: Celebrating your freedom or is this just a new way to relieve stress?

Todd: What stress?

Blair: I don't know. Watching Marty over there with that little --

Todd: Thank you.

Blair: Rough piece of trade she picked up? Oh, thank you. What gets to you more -- John and me together or Marty and her little boy toy?

Todd: What about you, Blair?

Blair: Hmm.

Todd: What gets under your skin? The fact that John can't take his eyes off Marty -- thank you -- or the fact that Téa's with me?

 [Glasses clink]

Michael: Ooh, there's some good stuff in here.

Marcie: Let me see. Ooh, Select Harvest Healthy Request -- I love this soup. You know, it's really good for you. You should be eating this instead of those cheeseburgers you're eating at the hospital all the time.

Michael: See, you're having a good time tonight, aren't you?

Marcie: So? Are you?

Michael: I'm happy when you're happy.

Marcie: You were right, you know? Dressing up, getting out of the house, seeing people -- I'm having fun. I mean, I know I'm never going to get over losing Hope, but at least I'm starting to have little moments, right? Like right now, I'm happy. I'm happy being here with you. You know, it reminds me that life can be good and I can look forward -- to what, I don't really know exactly just yet, but forward.

Man: Michael?

Michael: Leon! Hey, Marcie, this -- Leon, this is Marcie. Marcie, this is Dr. Leon Baptiste. He's the first-year surgical resident.

Marcie: Oh, yes. Oh, it's so nice to meet you. Michael keeps telling me he's finally met someone at the hospital who has a sense of humor.

Leon: Well, it helps to keep you sane when you can laugh at the nitwits.


Leon: This is my wife, Hope.

Marcie: Hi.

Hope: Hi, nice to meet you.

Marcie: You, too.

Blair: Can you handle it? You can't even –

Téa: Hola. Oy, que linda que estas. How are the newlyweds, huh?

Beaver: And that's all she wrote. Your daddy left this D.V.D. as a codicil to his last will and testament, and before you ask, it's the real McCoy -- bonded and accredited. Now, as to the terms, due to last year's downturn and the losses incurred by B.E., Asa has cut his family out of the will and left his entire estate -- his house, his money, and his company, all of it -- to you, David.

Viki: Okay. Now this all makes sense.

Talia: Don't you look lovely for a murder suspect.

Téa: Oh. Come on, Talia. You and I both know that Lee Halpern was violent and dangerous. She came at me, gorgeous, the same way she came at you. Luckily, I was tough enough to be able to disarm her and defend myself. Someday, you'll learn how to do that, too.

[Talia chuckles]

Téa: Where's Lola?

Vanessa: At home with her cousin, Langston.

Téa: Oh. I was hoping we could all have dinner together. Hmm?

[New song plays]

Cristian: Sure.

Vanessa: Oh, Cristian, I love this song. Why don't we dance?

Cristian: Good.

Téa: So what, Talia? Don't tell me your man convinced you that I'm a liar.

Talia: Téa, I don't need any convincing. Excuse me.

[Téa chuckles]

Téa: Hi, John.

John: Hi.

Téa: Do me a favor -- dance with me?

John: Yeah, why the hell not? Just don't try to lead.

Téa: Oh.

Wes: Whoa, hey, hey, hey. Go easy, huh?

Marty: Why?

Wes: Because you're already half in the bag.

Marty: Oh. Whoo, and here's to the other half.

Wes: Oh, thank you very much.

Marty: Oh, God -- spoilsport.

Wes: Don't do that unless you mean it.

[Marty chuckles]

Marty: What?

Blair: I am not jealous of Marty, Téa, or anybody else, Todd.

Todd: Sure.

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Todd: That's why you're drinking with me.

Blair: You're convenient.

Todd: You should've seen your face when Marty took those tickets.

Blair: Ooh, that conniving little bitch.

Blair: Shut up.

Dorian: David, are you all right? Huh. This is quite a lot to take in. You have found your family and inherited a huge fortune. But it's all good. You're going to get the company, the house, all the assets -- everything is yours.

Natalie: You know, I am sure Uncle David is extremely overwhelmed -- I know I am. I mean, you've just become a Buddhist, which is totally cool. But Buddhists -- they aren't interested in money or corporations. You know, if Grandpa were alive, I know he would be so proud of you.

Jared: Yes, Asa was a -- a generous man -- ahem. I'm sure he knew he could count on you to do the right thing.

Dorian: All right, can we just stop this right here? Thank you very much. I really think it's inappropriate to try and get David to divest of something he hasn't even had the time to itemize.

Clint: No, he's got you for that, doesn't he?

Dorian: Yes, he most certainly does, because I am his wife. Frankly, I think we should all be applauding David. He's just been told that he's inherited a huge fortune and he's accepting it with grace and humility. So I think it's really inappropriate for you to pressure him to give up something that you lost due to your own inadequacy.

Bo: And what are you pressuring him to do, Dorian?

Gigi: I can't believe you're here.

Stacy: You've said that. Although, I'm starting to get the feeling you're not happy to see me.

Gigi: Oh, no, no. I'm thrilled to see you. Are you kidding? I've missed you, like, so much. After I had the baby, I thought that I could finally come home, that once Mom and Dad saw Shane, they'd -- you know, they'd forgive me. But when I came back to Michigan, you guys -- guys were gone. You had moved and no one -- no one even tried to find me and let me know. It was the worst moment of my life.

Stacy: Yeah, well, believe me, Dad was no picnic to live with after you took off.

Gigi: I didn't take off. Stacy, they threw me out on the street because I got pregnant.

Michael: It was wonderful to meet you, Hope.

Hope: Nice to meet you, too.

Michael: And I would really love to get together with you guys sometime, but we -- I have an early call tomorrow, so --

Leon: Understood. I'll see you in the morning?

Michael: All right. Good to see you.

Leon: Nice to meet you, Marcie.

Marcie: Oh, yes. Nice to meet you -- both of you, yeah.

Marcie: I thought you had tomorrow morning off, Michael.

Michael: I do.

Marcie: You saw how I reacted, didn't you? I'm sorry. I -- I didn't mean to react that way, Michael.

Michael: No, sweetie, sweetie --

Marcie: It's just that I didn't expect --

Michael: It's fine, it's fine.

Marcie: I just kept looking at her, staring at her, thinking "Here's this grown woman. Her name is Hope, she's living her life." My baby never got that chance.

Michael: Let's get out of here.

Marty: I thought you understood.

Wes: What, that you had a thing for Manning? And now you have a thing for McBain or you might not or you don't know?

Marty: You know what? Don't be mean.

Wes: Look -- hey. I know you, probably better than anybody else in this room, okay, at least who you are now. I see it every day. Look, I care about you, Marty. I think you know that. And whatever it is that you and I have, it -- it works for us. But I'm not going to stand here and let you embarrass yourself or me.

Marty: Oh -- I wasn't trying to embarrass you.

Wes: Look, I know you weren't, okay, but this little game you're playing -- using me to torture Manning and provoke McBain -- it's getting old.

Marty: And I'm getting a drink.

Wes: Wait, wait –

Téa: You're a good dancer.

John: You want to tell me what this is all about?

[Téa chuckles]

Téa: Well, can't a lady ask a gentleman to dance? Oh, you don't believe me, John? Well, you're right -- I'm not making a play for you. You're not my type. But since I have your attention, I want to know something.

John: Hmm?

Téa: You were there on the day that Vanessa shot Ray Montez at the airport. Right? And there she is laughing and smiling and dancing while Ray is in prison in Colombia. Do you think that's fair?

John: Huh.

Téa: Hmm?

John: Hey, you know, you want someone to waltz you over there so you don't have to read lips? Why me?

Téa: Because Todd is doing shots.

John: Hey, you know what? Just corner Vanessa in the bathroom and ask her what you want to know.

Téa: It's complicated.

John: Yeah?

Téa: Hmm.

John: What'd she do to you?

Téa: Not a thing, but she did something to one of my clients. And as you know, I'm passionate when it comes to defending my clients.

John: Hmm.

Téa: This is the part where you ask me if I'm covering for Todd, hmm? Was I lying when I claimed that I killed Lee Halpern in self-defense?

John: Were you?

Todd: I wouldn't worry about it. He's not her type.

Blair: And you are?

Todd: I'm not seeing Téa.

Blair: Huh. Yeah, that's right -- yet. Just wondering what she's doing with my date.

Todd: Did it ever occur to you not everything in the world is about you?

Blair: Oh, Todd, thank you so much for that enlightenment. You know what I'm going to do?

Todd: What are you going to do?

Blair: I'm going to take your little lawyer friend there, I'm going to back her up against a window and see if she falls out.

Todd: Wait, wait a minute. I got a better idea.

Blair: And what would that be?

Todd: Want to dance?

[Blair chuckles]

Blair: We could do the horizontal mambo right here on the dance floor, and pretty little Marty Saybrooke wouldn't notice because she's all hooked up with that Wes guy.

Todd: His name's Wes?

Blair: His name's Wes, Wesley Granger. Former Navy Seal. Nice little hot body.

Todd: Oh, he does have a nice body.

Blair: And let me tell you something. When I walked past their room, yep, from the sound of it, he's tireless.

[Blair chuckles]

Marty: What?

Wes: I'm not going to fight with you. You're forgiven.

Marty: I just got all wound up listening to Roxy talk about John and me.

Wes: Babe, you're always wound up.

Marty: That's true. I'm sorry.

Wes: It's cool. We're friends, remember?

Marty: Right, and friends don't let friends make asses of themselves.

Wes: Not when they can help it.

Téa: Are you working for Antonio, trying to nail Todd?

John: Did he kill Lee Halpern?

Téa: No.

John: You know this for a fact?

Téa: I killed Lee Halpern and it was in self-defense.

John: You stabbed a woman in the heart with a kitchen knife with enough force to go through her sternum. You know, most people, that'd set them back for a while, but here you are, apparently the life of the party.

Téa: I'm not most people.

Stacy: Right, I knew you had gotten knocked up because Dad was just, like, beyond furious.

Gigi: He told me to get the hell out. He didn't even give me any time to figure out what to do or -- or pack or anything. Mom came running out into the yard, and she gave me all the money in her purse, 40 bucks and that was it.

Stacy: So then you came back, and we weren't there. Is that when you came here?

Gigi: No, I -- I ended up in Texas, and I got a job, and I started raising my kid.

Rex: Who's the best, by the way.

Stacy: Yeah, he's totally adorable.

Gigi: How would you know that? You've never even met him.

Dorian: I would never pressure my husband.

Bo: And how long have you and the Buchanan heir been married, Dorian?

Dorian: Soul mates don't have a timeline.

Nora: So then why bother to make it legal now? I mean, he'd just become a Buddhist. You had to sign over all of your things just to persuade him so -- well, unless of course you had a vested interest.

Dorian: Of course I have a vested interest. I'm his wife. I'm very interested in making sure my husband's interests are protected. And obviously, all of you were trying to hide the truth about his paternity from him so that you could steal his inheritance.

Clint: Dorian, nobody stole anything.

Dorian: Oh, really? Then why is he only finding out the news now?

Viki: Well, now, that's a very good question, Dorian.

David: I have made a decision.

Marcie: Michael, I am so sorry. I -- we really could've stayed at that party. You know, I'm really okay, it just threw me. I mean, her name threw me --

Michael: I didn't bring you home because you were upset.

Marcie: Not that I mind, but where did that come from?

Michael: It's good to know that I can still surprise you.

Marcie: Mike -- what is it?

Michael: For Valentine’s Day.

Marcie: Michael, it's beautiful. What kind of stone is that? I've never seen it before.

Michael: It's yellow topaz. It's Hope's birthstone.

Michael: I know that you and I -- we had different ideas about this baby. But I want you to know that I honor her, and I know how much you loved her. And I don't want you to feel like you have to hide how you feel about her, because it's a part of you. And I want to share that part of you. Because I want to be close to you, Marcie. I miss you.

Vanessa: What is that woman doing here?

Cristian: Téa?

Vanessa: Look, I know she's your friend, but I don't trust her.

Cristian: Nobody does. She's a lawyer. And she's a little complicated. Which is what I like about you.

Vanessa: That I'm complicated?

Cristian: That you're not. Except for a little drama with your ex-husband, everything's been nice and even.

Téa: So, you don't think Todd killed Lee Halpern. And you don't think I did. So who's the culprit, John?

John: Beats me.

[Téa chuckles]

Téa: Well, obviously, you have a theory.

John: Hey, you know I left -- I left a job because the system doesn't work. You don't seem to have that problem.

Téa: Everyone has a problem with the system, John.

John: But you found a way to work it.

Téa: Why would I want to do that?

Marty: Whoo! Excuse me.

[Téa chuckles]

Téa: Well, you bumped into us.

Marty: Oh, come on, you skidded right into me. Trying to cut in?

David: Mr. Calhoun, thank you for telling me the truth. Clint, Bo, my brothers, thank you for your concern. I know you only have my best interests at heart. Viki, my best friend, you've been watching out for me. I appreciate that. And everyone else, thank you for your support. This has been -- well, this has been overwhelming. That's why I need to speak with my wife. So if you will excuse us.

Jared: Don't call us, we'll call you. Ahem.

Clint: We should be so lucky.

Dorian: David, my darling --

David: Dorian, did you marry me for love?

Dorian: Yes, of course I did. I love you, David. I always have, you know that.

David: Did you really give your home to Moe and Noelle?

Dorian: That's not so simple.

David: Do you wish to follow the path of the Buddha?

Dorian: To be perfectly honest with you, I'm not as fond of all of that as you are. However, I have found it to be very, very peaceful, and tranquil, and I'm really quite grateful to you for all of that.

David: Did you know I was Asa Buchanan's son when you asked me to marry you?

Clint: Look, we need to get a plan in place, because if David decides to ditch the robes and lay claim to everything that we own, we're going to have to move and we're going to have to move fast. What?

Viki: I find it remarkable. David is your brother. Why didn't you tell me?

Clint: Why in God's name would we tell you?

Bo: Easy, Clint, come on.

Viki: Oh, I don't know, maybe for the children. He is their uncle now.

Clint: And your good friend.

Viki: All the more reason.

Clint: What, to tell you so you can tell him? Viki, do you not understand what's going on here? Those children you just talked about? Your good friend David could take everything that they own.

Stacy: I was in your house. Remember when I "stole" your dress? You only have, like, eight million pictures of you and your son.

Rex: It's true, Gigi.

[Gigi laughs]

Stacy: Could you stop questioning everything I say and just pretend like you're actually happy to see me?

Gigi: You're right, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It's just, I have so many questions. Like how are Mom and Dad? I'm sure the whole exotic dancer thing went over real big with them, huh? Oh, they must not know.

Stacy: No, no, they don't -- they don't know.

Gigi: I can't say that I blame you. I mean, after what happened with me, it's pretty obvious that Dad is pretty unforgiving and stubborn and --

Stacy: He's gone, Gigi. They both are.

Gigi: What?

Stacy: I'm -- I'm sorry. I -- I really thought you knew. He died.

Rex: Gigi, wait.

Clint: It's a codicil! When did he write it? How the hell would I know when he wrote it? But yeah, Asa was crazy. Pa was crazy his whole life. I don't know. David says he's now a -- what do you -- he's a Buddhist. How the hell would I know what he's thinking? Hey, hey –

Natalie: There's nothing you can do about it now, Dad, except drink.

Nora: All right. To Asa.

Clint: The world's biggest son of a bitch.

David: It's all a lie, isn't it?

Dorian: No, David --

David: You don't love me at all.

Dorian: But, David, darling, I do love you, and you love me. We're soul mates.

David: You never intended to give Moe and Noelle your home or your money, did you?

Dorian: Well, I said that wasn't simple.

David: I think it is. When you had control of Buchanan Enterprises, you didn't want any part of me. And then you lost it. Did you marry me just so you could get your hands back on the Buchanan estate?

Dorian: Okay, you know I did. But so what? David, you need me now more than ever.

Rex: Gigi -- Morasco.

Gigi: My parents.

Rex: I know.

Gigi: Oh, God, I'm just -- I left home, and I never even tried to find them. And now they're gone? God.

John: You know, uh, thanks for asking, but I'm not much of a dancer.

Marty: You look like you've got a few good moves there.

Wes: Come on.

Marty: No, no --

Wes: We're going home.

Marty: No.

John: Hey, get your hands off the lady.

Wes: Back off, McBain.

Blair: Hey, no -- John! Todd, no! Todd! Todd, no!

Téa: Great, unbelievable. Todd!

Marty: Stay out of it.

Téa: Get your hands off of me.

Marty: Or what? Not so tough outside the courtroom, huh? Huh?

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David: Why would I share it with you?

Cristian: I would come clean now.

Gigi: Do you know how Mom and Dad died?

Wes: Maybe this will shut you up!

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