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Episode # 10373 -- Teenage Wasteland

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Matthew: Look, I swear it wasn't me who smoked weed. It was Cole.

Cole: Nora -- whoa, what's going on?

Nora: We smelled marijuana when we left the house this morning.

Bo: We found a roach on the ground. Now, Matthew tells us that it was yours.

Nora: Cole? Is that true?

Rex: My leads on Vickers and Dorian are all tapped out. I don't know which way to go next.

Gigi: Think they're married already?

Rex: Well, they've had plenty of time to seal the deal.

Gigi: What if they were married? Don't you think David would have come forward by now to stake his claim on all that Buchanan money?

Rex: Dorian's cagey. She might be making him wait. She just told him for some reason, then there's the Beaver Calhoun problem.

Gigi: Excuse me?

Rex: Beaver Calhoun, Asa's lawyer. He's already in Llanview.

Gigi: How do you know?

Rex: Felicia.

Gigi: Who's Felicia?

Rex: Dispatcher at the limo company, a great lady. Beaver Calhoun's job is to give Vickers the good news. If I don't do something fast, the Buchanans are toast.

Roxy: Sorry, Mr. Calhoun, but I can't help you.

Calhoun: Now, I need to find Vickers and fast. There's even a reward in it.

Dorian: Listen, now, Roxy, no one, and I do mean no one, is to know that David is here. Do you understand me? No one.

Roxy: How big a reward?

Viki: Oh, that woman is infuriating.

Charlie: What did Dorian do now?

Viki: Oh, what did she do? Nothing, absolutely nothing -- and that's the whole point. We are co-chairing the Go Red ball, which is tonight, and I just found out this morning that she did not finalize any of the arrangements she was responsible for.

Jared: Oh, were you able to cover it?

Viki: Yeah, with a lot of cajoling and wheedling and a lot of arm-twisting. I swear, if that event were not literally dear to my heart, I would never have agreed to work with her again.

Charlie: Okay, okay, you did it because that's just the way you are.

Viki: Oh, you can keep telling me that.

Charlie: Yeah.

Viki: Hey, how's Chloe?

Natalie: She's getting hungry.

Viki: I think it would be a good idea to get both girls fed and bathed before we leave so that Jessie won't have quite so much to do while we're at the ball, okay?

Natalie: Wait a minute. You're not planning on leaving Jess alone with the girls, are you?

Jessica: I haven't said this to anyone else, but it's true. I don't feel like Chloe’s mother.

Brody: Well, maybe it's just because you've been away from her for so long.

Jessica: No, I was away from Bree right after I gave birth. I mean, Natalie likes to remind me that I let Tess do all my birthing for me, and she's right. And when I finally was me again, it was months after, and all I had to do was look at her -- was look at that little girl and all I see is Nash. And every time I look at Bree, I see Nash. But when I look at Chloe, I just -- I just don't.

Starr: Yesterday, I held my cousin's little girl. She was born on the same day that Hope was. And, I don't know, ever -- ever since that day, I haven't been able to stop thinking about my baby.

Schuyler: That must have been really hard, holding a baby.

Starr: When I held Chloe, I felt something so strong.

Jessica: My cousin, Starr, came over.

Brody: The one that lost her baby?

Jessica: Yeah, and she had her baby the same day that I had Chloe, and she asked to hold the baby. It was the strangest thing. She seemed more connected with her than I am.

Cole: You told your mom and dad I was smoking weed?

Bo: You know something, son? This isn't the first time that you tried to lay the blame on Cole for something you did.

Nora: Matthew, it's bad enough to defy us, but then to turn it on a friend --

Cole: Nora, don't -- don't blame Matthew for this.

Nora: Well, what am I supposed to do?

Bo: Are you just going to stand there flatfooted and lie to us? How serious a problem do you have?

Nora: Don't look to Cole to bail you out here, young man. You're in a lot of trouble.

Schuyler: What did you feel? Starr?

Starr: I don't know. There was just this connection. I guess because she is my second cousin, there is some type of connection, but it was more than that.

Schuyler: Well, you're still postpartum and the baby was born on the same day that yours was, so --

Starr: She could have been mine. Okay, I shouldn't even be thinking that.

Schuyler: Why? Why not? That's part of the grieving process.

Starr: I just -- I can't stop thinking about what she would have been like. I mean, she would be living with Marcie McBain right now, growing up doing -- doing everything that Chloe's doing. Smiling and -- I am so sorry.

Schuyler: No, don't be. I -- I can't even imagine what it would feel like to lose a kid.

Starr: Another kid died that day. I thought that after having this baby I could just go back to being a kid, but I can't. I don't feel like a kid anymore.

Brody: Sounds like you're trying to jump back in your old life. You've got to -- don't force it. Look what happened to me when I did that with Gigi and Shane.

Jessica: Except I really am Chloe's mother.

Brody: You're right, it's different.

Jessica: Oh, Brody, I'm sorry. Oh, God, I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking.

Brody: It's okay.

Jessica: How's it going?

Brody: I don't keep seeing that boy I shot.

Jessica: That's good. That's really good.

Brody: I still dream about him. I'm sorry; I don't want to lay my stuff on you.

Jessica: Really, are you kidding? No, please, I don't mind at all.

Brody: I miss talking to you.

Jessica: I miss talking to you, too. Especially now that I can't talk to my sister.

Natalie: You know what? Jared and I are going to stay home tonight, so we can take care of Bree and Chloe.

Viki: No, no, you will do nothing of the sort.

Charlie: What do you say we get dinner ready with the kids, huh?

Natalie: I was planning on making tortellini for Bree. The Prego heart and healthy sauce that she likes, it's on the counter.

Jared: We're on. Come here, come here.

Natalie: Bye, sweetie.

Viki: So you know all of Chloe's and Bree's likes and dislikes, don't you?

Natalie: Is that a problem?

Viki: I just wish you'd share that information with your sister.

Natalie: So are you going to tell me again how wrong I am for being concerned about leaving two little girls alone with someone who's capable of murder?

Viki: Well, I'm not saying that you don't need to worry about them.

Natalie: She tried to kill Jared and me, Mom.

Viki: And, darling, I am not minimizing what you went through.

Natalie: This isn't about me or forgiveness. This is about safety.

Viki: Honey, I've been through this, okay? You haven't. And believe me, I would not be here now if people had not been kind enough to be understanding and to forgive me, and that includes you.

Rex: Dorian's in Llanview.

Gigi: Who was that?

Rex: Eddie.

Gigi: Who's Eddie?

Rex: He shovels snow at Dorian's house. I get him Eagles' tickets once a year. He saw her driving up after I left. She's probably getting ready for the Go Red ball tonight, which should take six hours.

Gigi: If Dorian's there, I wonder where David is.

Rex: I've got to find him. I will try to meet up with you before the ball, okay? If worse comes to worse, we'll just meet there. I got my ticket. You got yours, right?

Gigi: It's at home with the beautiful dress you bought me.

Rex: I can't wait to see you in it.

Calhoun: Are you saying you know where Mr. Vickers is?

Roxy: Are you saying you could make it worth my while if I do?

[Cell phone rings]

Calhoun: I need to take this. Don't you go anywhere.

Roxy: Uh-uh.

Porcupine: That's not enough to keep your mouth shut? You promised Dorian you wouldn't tell anyone she and Vickers are here.

Roxy: I didn't even drink today. Look, Morris, I know we're in a repression right now and David Vickers is a major scammer and Dorian is --

Morris: What are you, Roxy?

Roxy: What are you, Mr. Goody two-paws?

Morris: Is money all that matters? What about loyalty? What about your word?

Roxy: I'll give you a word -- shut up.

[Bell rings]

Calhoun: Excuse me.

[Roxy laughs]

Roxy: Hi, there. I wasn't talking to you. I was -- I was just talking to myself.

Calhoun: Hmm, well, I am offering this as a finder's fee to anybody who can track down David Vickers.

Roxy: Well, I guess I'm your girl. I know exactly where Mr. Vickers is.

Viki: Jessie would never, ever hurt her children. Even when Tess was in control, she was a good mother.

Natalie: No, no, Mom. You weren't there. Tess was way too busy with her plans for Jared and me to spend any time with Bree. She dumped her at Todd’s house and then went off by herself to have Chloe at the cottage.

Viki: Okay, in any case, Jessie will not be alone with the children tonight. Lois will be here. And I want you to be with me at the ball. I want you to put on a gorgeous dress and walk into that room with your very handsome fiancée and enjoy yourself. I really want to share this with you, please.

Nora: I think we need to take a moment and have a little talk.

Bo: No, if it's okay, I'd like to have an answer now.

Becca: O-m-g, what is that about?

Justin: Looks like Buchanan's getting busted by his parents again. Only dude I know that gets in trouble for doing nothing.

Cole: Nora, Bo, listen to me. Matthew is --

Matthew: Okay, you know what? Fine, I did it. I smoked weed in front of the house today. So what are you going to do, arrest me?

Viki: What happened?

Charlie: Uh, you ever had a kid give you the raspberry with a mouthful of spaghetti sauce?

[Viki chuckles]

Charlie: So, did you get Natalie to agree to go tonight?

Viki: Yeah, yeah, I put that fire out. Charlie?

Charlie: Hmm?

Viki: There's another fire burning, a major one, and it is out of control.

Charlie: Dorian.

Viki: Oh, yeah. Her behavior was so strange earlier. I smell a great big fat rat. And I'm convinced she's going to sink those pointy little teeth of hers into David.

Roxy: Do you think you could make that cash?

Calhoun: Oh, I don't have time for these games.

Roxy: Oh, no, hey, listen. That's okay. I'll take a check.

Calhoun: So where's David Vickers?

Roxy: Well, you're not going to believe this, but David Vickers is right --

Dorian: Beaver Calhoun.

Calhoun: Oh.

Roxy: Hey, I didn't know you two know each other.

Dorian: Don't tell me that you have forgotten the night we spent together on St. Blazes, though we both did have more than our share of champagne.

Calhoun: No, I haven't forgotten. You leave quite an impression, ma'am.

Dorian: Oh, still on your quest to find the missing Buchanan heir?

Calhoun: I told you that in confidence.

Dorian: Shh. And why are you here?

Calhoun: Well, I have reason to believe that David Vickers is back in Llanview.

Dorian: And I have reason to believe that you are right.

Gigi: Are you guys going to the Go Red ball tonight?

Marcie: No.

Michael: Yes. The chief of staff got a table. He wants us to go.

Gigi: This is great. We can all hang out. It will be so much better than last year, watching Rex and Adriana all night.

Marcie: Well, a lot sure has happened since then.

Gigi: I'm sorry, Marcie. I didn't mean to sound all excited and happy.

Marcie: No, I want you to be happy. Really, you should be happy. I'm happy that you're happy. I'm happy that things are working out for you and Rex, really.

Gigi: Well, things are going to work out with you guys, too. At least I didn't have to borrow a dress from the Buchanan girls this year. Rex got me the most gorgeous red dress I've ever seen.

Michael: The invitation's for two, you know.

Marcie: I'm not really up for partying right now, Michael.

Michael: Hey, don't let Todd ruin this night, too.

Marcie: He got away with everything.

Michael: I know, and I can't believe it.

Marcie: Starr lied for him, Michael. She lied.

Michael: After he told her that he was planning on kidnapping the baby.

Marcie: Poor kid, I mean, she's stuck with him for a father for the rest of her life.

Michael: And she must want to crawl into a cave and never come out.

Marcie: No, no, she cannot do that.

Michael: Okay, but apparently you can.

Schuyler: Things happen, they change people. And what you went through made you grow up real fast.

Starr: Too fast.

Schuyler: I know. You are more mature than any of my other students.

Starr: Translation, dork.

[Schuyler scoffs]

Schuyler: No, no, not to a teacher.

Starr: I'm definitely different. I can't relate to any of the other kids now.

Schuyler: Well, I think they have a lot of catching up to do.

Starr: But I miss being one of them. I miss -- I miss my friends. I feel like I'm losing all of them.

Schuyler: It can't be that bad. My best -- my best friend Langston, I mean, she is my best friend. My aunt, she even adopted her after her parents died. She lives in my house. She's like my sister. We got in a huge fight after I lied on the stand. And Cole, we loved each other. And now it's different.

Cole: Matthew, what are you doing?

Matthew: I got high, so what?

Nora: So what? What has gotten into you?

Bo: You're coming with me. Come on.

Nora: I'm really sorry, Cole.

Cole: No, it's okay, really. I don't know why Matthew did that just now.

Nora: I don't know why Matthew's doing anything that he's been doing recently. I just -- I don't even know Matthew anymore. It's throwing Bo and I for a loop, that's for sure. But that doesn't mean I don't know what's going on with you, too.

Jessica: Natalie and I had this horrible fight. She -- she thinks I am a danger to my own children.

Brody: Your own sister said that?

Jessica: I don't blame her. Tess put her through hell. I put her through hell.

Brody: Okay, that's tough, but your husband got killed. I mean, you -- you were losing it.

Jessica: Before that, you know, I was a good mom. I really was. And then I just let Tess come out. I wonder what my little girl -- I wonder what my little girl thought when she looked at me.

Brody: Listen, Tess was a good mother, too. She was all about wanting to see her baby when she was in here.

Jessica: Yeah, I've been starting to have some Tess memories.

Brody: Like what?

Jessica: Like, I remember being at the cottage in labor, and there was this time at my Uncle Todd’s. I remember that, too.

Brody: That's good, right?

Jessica: Yeah, Dr. Levin says that I'm starting to become integrated.

Brody: Well, your family's got to be glad.

Jessica: I haven't told them. I've only told you. Natalie's furious at me and my mom is -- she walks on eggshells every time she's around me. And the only people that I can talk to are Dr. Levin and you.

Natalie: You know what? Maybe Mom's right. I should really try to give Jess another chance.

Jared: Sweetie, look, I get it, okay? You're worried about the kids. I worry about them to, but I think it might be best for all of us to try and look ahead, like this wedding that we need to start planning.

Rex: Don't you people answer phones? I've been calling since I left Dorian's.

Jared: You found her and Vickers.

Rex: Not yet, but Viki might be able to help. Is she here?

Natalie: Yeah, she's in there. Mom, Rex needs to see you.

Rex: I just came from La Boulaie. Moe and Noelle told me that you were there when Dorian showed. Where did she go after that, do you know?

Viki: No, I don't know. But, Rex, what is going on? Every time I see you, you are chasing David and Dorian. Do you know what she's up to?

Calhoun: I have been to Tibet and back. Heard Vickers was on some sort of a spiritual journey.

Dorian: Oh.

Calhoun: And he's right here where my whole search began? Where is he?

Dorian: Oh, well, I really couldn't say.

Calhoun: Oh, you know, first, this woman over here toys with me, and now you?

Dorian: I can't tell you where he is right at this moment, but I can tell you where he is going to be tonight. And then you can tell him the good news, that he is the missing Buchanan heir and entitled to inherit every cent of Asa Buchanan's money.

Gigi: Roxy, this is totally confidential, I never should have opened my big mouth.

Roxy: Don't worry, I'm confident.

Dorian: There is a charity function tonight, the Go Red ball.

Calhoun: I saw signs for it around town.

Dorian: Everybody who's anybody is going to be there, including David, so you can tell him the good news there.

Calhoun: I thought I saw it was invitation only.

Dorian: Well, you are in luck, cowboy, because I just happen to have an extra ticket, hmm?

Calhoun: Mm-hmm.

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

Calhoun: So how can you be so sure he's going to be there? I thought you said you didn't even know him.

Dorian: Well, I know him now. And I can personally guarantee he's going to be there.

Rex: Sorry, Viki. I'd like to tell you, but I can't.

Viki: Oh. Oh, great. Oh, great. She is up to something. That's just wonderful. I don't know where she is.

Rex: Thanks, anyway.

Jared: Keep at it. Too many people know the truth now. Somebody is bound to tell Vickers, and we're running out of time.

Rex: Think I don't know that?

Natalie: Uh, can I help you?

Man: Hi, hey. I'm looking for a Jessica Brennan.

Jared: She's not in right now.

Man: Oh, well I work construction at the vineyard site. I found this while we were clearing the cottage today.

Natalie: Oh, thanks. She must've left it there when she had the baby.

Man: I thought she might want it back, you know, with all the family pictures and all.

Natalie: Yeah. Thank you so much.

Man: No, thank you.

Natalie: Thank you. Look, I mean, everything is in here -- credit cards, cash. What's this?

Jared: It looks like a parking pass from Llanview Hospital.

Natalie: Oh, my God. This is the day that Chloe was born.

Starr: When I held Jessica's baby in my arms and she looked into my eyes, I -- it was like she didn't care that I helped my dad. She didn't care about any of the mistakes that I made. It's like she knew me somehow. She liked me.

Schuyler: My mom used to say that babies love unconditionally.

Starr: Yeah, I know. I felt that. It made me feel good about something. That hasn't happened in a really long time. I just wish that there was something else that could do that, even if it's just sometimes.

Schuyler: You know what? If you're looking for something to obsess over, I think I have an idea. I'm working on my master's thesis, okay? And it's on genetic mutations and mechanisms. I know it sounds boring --

Starr: No, are you kidding me? It doesn't at all. I love evolution. I did a report in junior high on prehistoric development.

Schuyler: Well, I'm looking for an assistant. I mean, it's grunt work, mostly, but --

Starr: Are you asking me to help you?

Schuyler: It's a lot of work after school, but what do you say?

Marcie: Those are two totally different things. Starr's young and she has a lot of things going for her and she has a million friends, and --

Michael: This is not true. Don't do this, okay? You got your volunteering. You got your teaching. Your book fans are still clamoring for your second novel. And you've got people. You've got Gigi. You've got Rex. You've got Moe. You've got Noelle. You have John. You got me, hello.

Natalie: You have to care. You're my husband.

Michael: And I do. I care enough that I'm still sleeping on the couch.

Marcie: I'm really, really sorry about that, Michael. I just -- I haven't felt --

Michael: Marcie, I love you, okay? I'm not pushing it, okay? When I heard about Moe and Noelle, it just made me think about how we were, all right? About how we felt when we first got married, you know? We always looked to the future. We looked forward to the future. I want to go back to that.

Marcie: I don't know how. I don't know how to go back there, Michael, not after everything that's happened.

Michael: Okay, then we start over. Give me your hand. Miss Walsh, I would really, really like it if you came with me to this dance tonight.

Marcie: Are you asking me out on a date, Michael Thomas McBain?

Michael: Yeah. Yes, I am. And I happen to know how smoking hot you look in red.

Bo: Okay, start talking.

Matthew: What's there to talk about?

Bo: What is going on with you, Matthew?

Matthew: You tell me. You know everything.

Bo: Okay, okay. Maybe I came on a little strong, but this isn't you. Drugs?

Matthew: You know what, Dad? I'm not a little kid anymore, all right? And I don't have a problem.

Bo: Oh, yeah, yeah, because kids your age, they all think they're bulletproof. Now, we've talked time and again about how dangerous illegal drugs are. I just want to talk to you.

Matthew: Why should I want to talk to you? Every time I talk to you, you don't believe a word I say anyway.

Cole: What do you think's going on with me?

Nora: Oh, come on, Cole. It had to have been difficult for you to watch Todd walk away, and then find out that Starr was lying for her father? You know, having your mother back, but not really.

Cole: Yeah, right, it hasn't been easy.

Nora: Okay, well, if you need someone, then, you know, come talk to me, okay?

Cole: Nora, you've been great. You all have been.

Nora: Well, Matthew, not so much. And I'm really sorry about that.

Cole: It's not his fault. It's --

Nora: Well, no, he's young. But that doesn't give him a free pass to turn on his friend who's been like a big brother to him. Just don't give up on him yet. I think he just really needs us all right now, okay? I have to go. Matthew and Bo are going to be waiting for me. I'll see you at home, okay?

Asher: What's the D.A. hassling you about?

Cole: Nothing.

Asher: My hookup came through on those pharmaceuticals you've been wanting. Still do?

Cole: Yeah, still do.

Jared: What, so Tess went to the hospital the day Chloe was born?

Natalie: No, that doesn't make any sense. I mean, if she went to the hospital, why in the world would she leave and then go have the baby at the cottage?

Jared: I don't know, maybe she thought she was okay.

Natalie: This is for short-term parking. I mean, if she went there, why in the world would she park in short-term? Why wouldn't she go to the emergency room parking?

Jared: What time was she there?

Natalie: I don't know. I can't read it. It's too light.

Natalie: What was she thinking? Chloe could have died.

Jared: Natalie, chill. For tonight anyway, okay? Chloe is fine, and nothing that Tess did that night matters now.

Jessica: I have to remember everything Tess did during that time.

Brody: It sounds like you're on the right track.

Jessica: Yeah. You know, I start to remember, but then I think about when Chloe was born and I just hit a wall.

Brody: It probably isn't that much fun to remember having a kid all by yourself.

Jessica: As terrible as it was, I want to know.

Brody: If some of it's coming back to you, it probably won't be long before the rest of it does and you'll have the answers you want.

Bo: How am I supposed to believe you? All you've been doing lately is lying to your mom and me.

Matthew: Great. Good cop, bad cop.

Nora: Matthew, this is not an interrogation.

Matthew: Isn't it?

Bo: I'm just trying to talk to you.

Matthew: Like a kid.

Bo: You are a kid.

Matthew: See? That's what I'm talking about.

Bo: You want to act like an adult? You want to deal with adult problems, huh? Try this one on for size. Because of your grandfather's will, this family may lose everything. Your mom may lose this house. But you don't see us going out and getting stoned, do you? Trying to avoid all the problems? Because we know that's not going to make them go away.

Matthew: Oh, don't try to guilt me.

Bo: That's not what I'm doing. Everything is not about you, Matthew.

Matthew: Great, then I can go.

Nora: Hey, don't you be disrespectful. Listen, we understand you're rebelling or whatever it is that you're doing.

Bo: That look. You don't disrespect your mother.

Matthew: Don't tell me what to do.

Bo: Let him go.

Roxy: Something tells me those beautiful zero's are going right down the old drain.

Morris: Yeah, but you've got your integration intact.

Roxy: You know, Morris, sometimes I have no idea what the hell you're talking about.

Morris: Right back at you, Rox.

Dorian: The time and the location are written right there on the ticket. And by the way, that night we spent together on St. Blazes in that hotel room? When you had so much to drink you spilled all the Buchanan's secrets to me? Well, we'll just make that entre nous.

Calhoun: If that means keeping our trap shut, then I'm in. All I care about is finding Vickers, telling him who he really is, and high-tailing it back to Texas.

Dorian: Oh, I can not wait to see the look on David's face when he learns of his good fortune.

Calhoun: Au revoir, ma'am.

Dorian: And my good fortune, too.

Nora: Who the hell is that kid? I don't even know him.

Bo: He's still our son. He's hit a rough patch, that's all.

Nora: Bo, what do we do about it?

Bo: Well, after that first incident, I did a little research.

Nora: Research about what? Valley Creek Military Academy?

Dorian: Give me back my money.

Roxy: I didn't tell anyone where David is.

Dorian: Because I stopped you, you turncoat. Hand it over.

Dorian: Oh, never mind. Keep it. It's chump change compared to what I've got coming to me. Chump change!

Roxy: Something tells me she's keeping a deep, dark secret, Morris.

Morris: Hello, like we're not?

Gigi: I got to move if I'm going to get ready in time. Where's my ticket? I thought I left it right here. Oh.

Gigi: Where's my dress?

Rex: Hey, Rox.

[Rex groans]

Roxy: What's the problem?

Rex: I had this job for the Buchanans and I blew it.

Roxy: How bad?

Rex: A boat load of money. Bad. I let it slip right through my fingers.

Roxy: Oh, you, too?

Rex: All I had to do was find David Vickers.

Roxy: Oh, you, too?

Rex: What are you talking about?

Roxy: Uh, nothing. I'm not talking about nothing.

Rex: Yes, you are. Give it up. Roxy -- Mom, tell me. I'll cut you in on the action.

Roxy: I know where David Vickers is.

Rex: What? Where? Come on, I don't have a lot of time.

Roxy: It's not going to take a lot of time. He's right upstairs.

Starr: I would love to do your project with you. When do I start?

Schuyler: How's tomorrow?

Starr: Yeah. The sooner, the better.

Schuyler: Okay. Thank you, Starr.

Starr: No, thank you, really.

Starr: Cole, guess what project I'm going to be --

Asher: Dude, you still want it, right?

Jessica: Uh, thanks for listening to me.

Brody: Yeah, well, I had a really busy schedule.

[Jessica laughs]

Brody: But next time you're in to see Dr. Levin, look me up.

Jessica: I don't need an appointment. I might just come by to see you.

Natalie: Well, I guess you're right. I mean, Tess should've stayed at the hospital, but she didn't and everything turned out all right. So what's the big deal, right?

Charlie: Hey, there you two are.

Viki: We're going to go get ready.

Charlie: I need her to help me tie my tie.

Natalie: All right, we're going to go get ready, too.

Jared: Yeah. You coming?

Natalie: You know what? I'm going to grab a water out of the fridge, you want one?

Jared: Uh, sure.

Natalie: Okay.

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