One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 2/5/09


Episode # 10369 -- Guilty As Sin

Provided By Laurie R.
Proofread By Kathy

Téa: What are you going to do, arrest me?

Nora: No, not you. Her. Starr Manning. Bailiff, arrest Starr Manning.

Blair: Are you out of your mind? She's just a child, Nora.

Nora: Oh, but she's not. Starr herself insisted that she's not a child. She knows right from wrong, a lie from the truth. Well, she made that very clear when she gave an account of her father's confession. There was one version for the preliminary hearing and then a completely different version for the trial. Choosing to perjure yourself is a very sophisticated choice for a child.

Todd: Nora, you can't do this.

Nora: Oh, no, but see, I can. She lied under oath, and that's against the law. So, Bailiff, please, cuff her.

Gigi: What can I get you folks? Shane, hi, my son, hi. Why aren't you in school?

Shane: Ask Grandma.

Roxy: Because it's his lunch hour, and I thought maybe he needed a break from mystery meat and hydrogenated chicken tenders.

Gigi: Okay, well, I packed him lunch this morning.

Roxy: Yeah, I know that, but this is more of a treat. Rex told me that I was supposed to tell you, but I kind of, sort of forgot. Are you made at me?

Gigi: No. I think it's great that Shane has a grandma who can give him a treat out of the blue. Don't think you have the rest of the day off.

Roxy: Hey, listen -- I heard Rex has this big gig, but it's kind of hush-hush, on the t-q.

Gigi: Yeah.

Roxy: So, give me a little hint. Come on, throw me a bone.

[Gigi sighs]

Gigi: It has to do with the rich getting richer, but I can't name names.

Roxy: He's working for the Buchanans?

Gigi: Shh!

[Rex breathes deeply]

Clint: So, did you find David? Son, what's the matter with you? What's happening? Where is he?

Rex: He's, ahem, on a plane.

Clint: What?

Rex: With Dorian. They're headed for Vegas.                  

Dorian: Well, I'm certainly delighted that you insisted that we fly coach. It's so good to be surrounded by real people.

David: Those whose visions are not clouded by salted nuts nor free booze.

Dorian: Oh, David, I'm so ashamed of the way that I used to be. I just want you to be proud of your new bride.

David: Dorian, I already am proud of you.

Dorian: Good, because I'm really studying very hard. I -- I've been doing some research on the vows for spiritual partnership.

David: Ah.

Dorian: Hmm. For instance, "Towards my husband, I undertake to perform my household duties efficiently."

[David chuckles]

David: That's a little outdated.

Dorian: You think? It says it right here. The man is meant to "delegate domestic management."

David: "And provide gifts to please her." I certainly will. Though probably not of a monetary value.

Dorian: David, you are the only gift that I need. You are more precious to me than purest gold.

John: What's happening?

Blair: That's a question for Nora. Nora, why don't you tell your friend John here why you're arresting Starr?

Nora: It's really an issue for the court, Blair.

Blair: Oh, don't give me that.

Téa: Okay, you can't do this, Nora.

Nora: Oh, well, you've got some nerve telling me what I can and can't do. You silenced one witness and you murdered the other one?

Téa: It was self-defense.

Nora: And who were you defending, Téa? Yourself or Todd? Is there nothing that you won't do for your client?

Téa: I didn't break any law.

Nora: You just bend it beyond recognition. There's not one person in this room, in this whole town, that doesn't know that Todd Manning is guilty as sin.

Téa: You know, I get it. You want to make your closing argument. This is some kind of theater for you, is that it?

Nora: No, honey, this is what's called the criminal justice system, and what you've done here today is grotesque. That man is a rapist, a kidnapper, and very possibly a murderer, and the judge let him off scot-free, thanks to you.

Téa: Thank you, thank you very much. Now cut the grandstanding and make your point.

Nora: Well, since Todd's not going to jail, his daughter is.

Téa: You heard the judge's verdict, Nora. Not guilty due to lack of evidence. You lost this case, believe it or not. Let it go.

Nora: Oh, the case was dismissed, but I'm not done yet.

Téa: So you're going to salvage your wounded ego by going after Todd's teenage daughter?

Nora: Hmm, yeah, I am. Bailiff, do I have to repeat myself?

Blair: My daughter is not going anywhere.

Téa: You're telling me you're going to stand here and watch a 16-year-old be carted off in handcuffs? Even you wouldn't do that, Nora.

Nora: Watch me.

Todd: Nora --

Téa: Todd, hold on.

Todd: What do you want?

Nora: I'm not going home empty-handed this time, Todd. I want a full admission of guilt, and I mean everything. What you did to Marty, what you did to Starr, the baby, all of it. All of it. Everybody you hurt deserves to get a little something.

Jessica: Pretty. Do you want to do the sky now, honey?

Natalie: Well, how about in red? We can do whatever color we want, right?

Jessica: Of course. Come on, sweetie pie.

Natalie: She likes to be fed in the sun room.

Jessica: Excuse me?

Natalie: Because the seats are more comfortable in there, and she can look out the window.

Jessica: I didn't know that. Thank you.

Natalie: There's a lot you don't know.

Maria: I'm done with the children's laundry.

Jessica: Thank you. Let me just get Chloe out, and if you wouldn't mind, give her her bottle in the sun room.

Maria: No problem.

Jessica: Okay, come here, sweet girl. Oh. And then when you're done with that, then maybe you could put Bree and Chloe down for their nap. Okay? Goodbye, sweetie pie. There you go.

Maria: Bree? Bree, you coming?

Natalie: Bye, sweetie. Bye sweetie, I'll see you later.

[Jessica sighs]

Natalie: You hired a nanny?

Jessica: Well, I have to go to therapy three times a week, so I thought --

Natalie: Jessica, I can take care of them.

Jessica: It's not your job, Natalie, it's mine.

Natalie: But you just handed it off to a stranger.

Jessica: I'm their mother, Natalie, remember?

Clint: Are you sure that Dorian and David are going to Vegas?

Rex: Positive. This Swedish guy working at Dorian's house told me.

Clint: There's a Swedish guy?

Rex: I didn't ask. But I called my guy at the airport.

Jared: You have a guy at the airport?

Rex: He's a baggage handler, but he's got good eyes. He saw a couple who matches their description.

Clint: Well, how do you know it was them?

Rex: He saw a man and a woman dressed in big orange sheets. His words, not mine.

Clint: All right. Give me the airline, the flight number.

Jared: What are you going to do, Clint, stop the plane?

Clint: If it'll keep Dorian from marrying into family money, yeah, that's exactly what I'm going to do.

David: A little chanting before takeoff?

Dorian: David, didn't we do that when we came in?

David: No, that was a greeting.

Dorian: I knew that.

David: A little Zen humor. I'm going to laugh of the humor you provided me. Feel free to join.

[David laughs]

[Dorian laughs]

David: Yours seemed forced.

Dorian: That's judgmental.

David: Let's fill the airplane with positive energy for a safe flight.

Dorian: Positive. Right.

David: Nom yoho rengay kyo. Nom yoho rengay kyo. Nom yoho rengay kyo. Nom yoho rengay kyo. Nom yoho rengay kyo.

Dorian: Clint -- say goodbye to life as you've known it.

Clint: Dorian, please, reconsider.

Dorian: I want you out of this mansion. And you can take all of these hideous family portraits with you. This mansion, B.E., and the Buchanan billions are mine -- and David's. And you, dear Nora, can just pack up your tacky little entourage. You've got 24 hours to get the hell out!

David: Nom yoho rengay kyo. Based on that smile, I would say that you like how I envision the future.

Dorian: David, I can just say that my future has never looked brighter.

Téa: You can't get my client to admit guilt. He was exonerated, Nora.

Nora: Oh, a minor technicality.

Téa: There's nothing "minor" about a total lack of evidence.

Nora: Oh, for God's sake, it doesn't matter how much evidence we have against Todd. It never does, don't you see? We had mountains of evidence against Todd on every single case and yet he always manages to beat the legal system. It's amazing. Look -- look at this. See this? Look at this. Look at that, Todd. That is your case file, and it's filled with testimony from people that you have destroyed. And it's only half of what you've done.

Téa: Okay, enough of the dog and pony show, Nora, okay?

Nora: All I did was I promise this woman retribution for everything that your client did to her, because she deserved that. And Starr? Her baby died alone in Dr. Joplin's office, and I don't care what you say, your father is the reason that baby wasn't in a nursery getting proper medical care. All I wanted was justice for Marty, and Starr, and the baby, and all you wanted was to win. You didn't give a damn about the truth. You just made a mockery of the legal system here, and left me no choice but to appeal to him directly. So, his case was dismissed. But you're not, Todd. You care about Marty? And you love Starr and if you're still grieving over this baby like you say you are, then you will do the right thing by them. Because they deserve it. For once in your life, have some guts. Look them in the eye and tell them what you did.

Nora: Bailiff?

Starr: No, this is my fault, it's my fault. It's all my fault!

Blair: My daughter's not going anywhere, Nora. If you want to blame somebody, you blame them.

Téa: Don't say a word, Todd. I'll walk you out of here a free man. You don't ever have to look back, okay?

Nora: Your victims are waiting here, Todd.

Téa: Come on, Todd, stay with me here. You're a free man. Come on, let's go.

Todd: What'd you say, "free"?

Téa: Yeah.

Todd: I'll never be free.

Téa: We'll discuss that over drinks, lots of drinks. Come on, let's go.

Todd: Wait a minute. Maybe we should discuss it now.

Clint: Yeah, this is Clint Buchanan. Your flight number 362? Well, 362 has to stay right where it is.

[Phone rings]

Clint: Hold on a minute. Dorian on my cell. Could you hold on for just a minute? I'm talking to the authorities. Yeah, hold on. Dorian.

Dorian: Surprised to hear from me?

Clint: Where are you?

Dorian: Wouldn't you like to know. You could use a little nirvana yourself. By the way, I thought you might like to know, I've fallen in love again.

Clint: Is that right?

Dorian: And considering how close we once were, I thought you'd be happy to know that I finally found someone who can give me everything I've ever wanted.

Clint: Who's the lucky fellow?

Dorian: You know, it's funny. He reminds me just a little bit of you. Yes, it is constantly surprising to me how much like you he is.

Clint: You think you've won, haven't you?

Dorian: I know I've won. Enjoy what you've got while you still got it.

David: Here you go. I already placed the Téa leaves in for you.

Dorian: That is so kind of you.

David: You're welcome. Oh, who were you talking to? Clint Buchanan. You're about to marry me, the man of your dreams. Why would you be speaking to your ex?

Natalie: Why would you hire someone else to take care of Bree and Chloe?

Jessica: I'm supposed to avoid stress. Having two little girls can stress you out, so I needed an extra pair of hands.

Natalie: I'm right here.

Jessica: Judging me. I know how to take care of a baby. I was a pretty good mother before Chloe was born, before Tess came back, okay? And now, I'm here. And I need to gain Bree's trust back, and I need Chloe to get to know me. I don't know why you're purposefully making this so difficult for me.

Natalie: I'm making this difficult? Let me tell you something. I have been taking care of those little girls since they broke me out of the cell.

Jessica: That's not fair, Natalie!

Natalie: Really, that's not fair? Let me tell you something. While you were off at St. Ann's getting "integrated," Jared and I fed them, bathed them, got up in the middle of the night, every single night that they were crying for their mommy.

Jessica: I know. And I appreciate that so much. I appreciate you and Jared. I know that you took care of them and loved them like they were your own.

Natalie: So what, now you're back and we're just supposed to shove off?

Jessica: No, of course not. But I am well enough now to take care of my children. Dr. Levin would not have released me if he didn't think that I was --

Natalie: Safe? Well, you want to know what's really funny? I thought you were "safe" when you poisoned my dinner and when you cut the brakes on my car, and when you were lying to our mother --

Jessica: That wasn't me!

Natalie: Bottom line, Jared and I are not going anywhere. So you're going to have to learn to deal with us. By the way, we sleep with the door locked now from the inside because we're never going to let our guards down with you again. And if you think we will, you're dead wrong.

Téa: Nora's bluffing. She's not going to prosecute a girl who just lost a baby. She has nothing on you. Don't let her intimidate you. Come on, let's go, let's go.

Todd: No, wait. Wait, Téa.

Téa: Todd, what are you doing?

Todd: I --

Todd: I swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me, God.

Nora: Why don't you just start at the beginning, Todd?

Todd: Marty, what I did to you was wrong. And I knew it. When I found you at Ramsey’s, that night I -- I got an idea in my head. I told myself that -- I can wipe the slate clean now. And, uh, it's just that -- I don't know. I've thought about you every day of my life since we were in college. And I have hated myself every day of my life since then. Because of what I did to you. They told me you were dead, and I thought to myself, "Gosh -- that's too bad. The only thing people are going to remember about this poor woman is what I did to her. Not the good mother she was. Not the good doctor." And then here you were alive, and I said, "Oh, gosh, I can start over." But, of course, all I thought about was myself and what I wanted. I didn't tell you about your son. I didn't tell you about the fact that you fell in love with his father. And that you made a good, decent life for yourself after what I had done to you. I wanted your life to be about me. And while you were with me, I said to myself, I lied to myself that you were free to go anytime, but it wasn't true, of course. I had manipulated you. I had made you believe that you weren't safe to go out. And so, of course, you didn't want to. I've lied to you about everything. Except how I felt about you. But I never gave you enough information to make a decision on your own.

Todd: So many things I didn't tell you. I didn't tell you --

[Todd sighs]

Todd: I didn't tell you the real reason you had a picture of John and you. But I love you. And I know that you said you love me, but I knew that even as you said it, that it wasn't real. It couldn't be because if you knew who I really was, you wouldn't touch me. And no matter how much I loved you, and no matter how much I, uh, I claimed that you had changed me, I knew that you weren't giving me your full consent when we -- and, uh, that's why I know now that it was rape.

Jessica: I know you hate me.

Natalie: Really, do we have to do this again?

Jessica: What do you want me to do, Natalie? Should we just not talk anymore? Look, I know what I did was unforgivable, and there's nothing I can do about that. All I can do is move on with my life.

Natalie: Which is forget that any of this ever happened?

Jessica: No, of course not.

Natalie: Because I don't know that I can do that. Because I still get anxiety attacks every time I pass that basement door. I wake up two, three times in the middle of the night screaming because I think that I'm trapped in that room. I don't know if I'm going to be the same again.

Jessica: I know, and I'm sorry. I wish I could erase it, Natalie, but I can't. All I can do is apologize to you over and over and over again, but that's not good enough for you.

Natalie: And I can't imagine why.

Jessica: You want me to suffer? Fine. But find another way. I will not let you use my children to punish me.

Natalie: Is that what you think I'm doing?

Jessica: Aren't you? Bree clings to you every moment, and Chloe lights up every time you enter a room.

Natalie: Because I love them --

Jessica: And it's like a knife through my heart, Natalie, and you know it! Sorry. Look, I need to reconnect with my babies, okay? And I can't do it here. I need space, just the three of us.

Natalie: I am not going anywhere until I know those girls are safe.

Jessica: How dare you. They're not your children.

Natalie: And they're not yours either. Not anymore.

Dorian: Why, David, you're not jealous because I called Clint, are you?

David: I no longer have room for negative emotions.

Dorian: Of course. That is so wise. I remember how devastated I felt when I caught Clint kissing Nora. Oh, it was all consuming.

David: Negativity clogs the plumbing of the spirit.

Dorian: That is so true. However, there was one positive thing that came out of that whole mess.

David: The way of dharma?

Dorian: The best rebound sex you and I ever had. I'm sorry, David. When you caught me smiling like that, I was remembering it.

David: Carnal pleasures.

Dorian: No. It did reveal to me how -- how truly lucky I am, that we found our way back to each other.

David: Dorian, I am a self-actualized man and harbor no spark to ignite jealously, but out of curiosity, why did you call Clint?

Dorian: I was inspired by you, truly. I have seen how hard you've worked to reach out to people, to make amends for having done them harm, so I decided to call Clint and apologize for having harmed him.

David: Dorian, I am so proud of you.

Dorian: Oh. It felt good.

David: He accepted your apology, then?

Dorian: He not only accepted it, he was most gracious about it.

Clint: That witch is playing with me. She knows I'm on to her.

Jared: Dorian's on her way to Las Vegas. She's really going to marry David Vickers?

Clint: She's waving it under my nose, Jared. She's daring me to come after her.

Rex: If I'd just gotten to Dorian's house like a half-hour earlier, I would've been able to stop them.

Clint: Maybe you still can.

Rex: They're already on the plane, they boarded. It's probably taken off. If I could use the B.E. jet --

Clint: No, that's already being used to look for Beaver Calhoun, but I could put you on a commercial airline.

Rex: Well, they got a huge head start.

Clint: Not up to the task?

Rex: I'm not saying that.

Clint: That's good, because I'm betting $100,000 that you can deliver.

Rex: Do you mind clarifying that?

Clint: If you can prevent Dorian from marrying David using any method you have to, I'll give you $100,000 in cash. Do we have a deal?

Gigi: Did I say anything about the Buchanans?

Roxy: You don't have to. What other rich people would he be working for?

Gigi: In this town, take your pick.

Roxy: Uh-huh, it's them.

Gigi: Roxy, this is totally confidential. I never should've opened my big mouth.

Roxy: Don't worry, I'm confident.

Shane: If it's such a big secret, how come you know, Mom?

Roxy: Yeah, how come?

Gigi: Because. Rex tells me everything. I'm his --

Roxy: You were going to say "his wife." Because you kind of feel like you are, right?

Gigi: Can we not talk about this, please?

Shane: It's okay. I want to know, too. When are you getting married?

Téa: Heard enough?

Nora: No. Nope, not nearly enough.

Téa: Judge Thompson found him innocent. This does -- none of this matters now!

Nora: Oh, for God's sake, it matters to them!

Blair: God, this is unbearable.

John: You don't have to listen to this.

Cole: Yeah, I do.

Todd: Marty, I thought just because I didn't -- I thought because I didn't force you this time, I didn't hold you down, that I thought that maybe it would be different this time. But that's just how I justified it for myself.

Todd: I'm sorry.

Cole: Should I go after her?

John: Let me.

Nora: We're not done here, Todd, no. I said a full admission of guilt.

Jessica: How can you be so cruel?

Natalie: You think I'm being cruel? I guess I should've videotaped our little sessions downstairs because, honey, I don't hold a candle to you.

Jessica: You know what? My doctor said that maybe we should do a few sessions together so we can work through all of this.

Natalie: Right, and how is that going to help?

Jessica: So that maybe you could work through your feelings so you didn't have to lob these pot shots at me like implying my children are not my own.

Natalie: I didn't really mean that literally.

Jessica: Then why did you say it, Natalie?

Natalie: Because Bree and Chloe don't just need a mother -- they need mothering.

Jessica: I'm giving them that. I'm trying.

Natalie: Yeah, Tess sucked as a mother and then you went absentee.

Jessica: I committed myself to get better so I could take proper care of my kids.

Natalie: Yeah, well, all I'm saying is that while you were off doing that, Bree and Chloe have no clue who you are.

Jessica: Because you are driving a wedge between us, Natalie -- if you would just stay out of this! Why are you looking at me like that?

Natalie: Because you had that look.

Jessica: What look?

Natalie: The look you had when you told me that you wanted to kill me.

Rex: Did I hear you right? Did I hear you say that you'll pay me $100,000 to stop Dorian's wedding?

Clint: It'll be money well spent.

Rex: That's on top of my regular fee?

Clint: Rex, consider it a bonus.

Rex: You know, with that kind of money, I could put a down payment on a house, I could send Shane to that basketball camp that he wants to go to.

Clint: Yeah, you could do a lot of things. Do we have a deal?

Rex: Yes. Yes, we do.

Clint: Well, then what are you waiting for? Get up, get out, and stop the wedding.

David: Clint and I have not always seen eye-to-eye, perhaps because he is a great deal shorter than me, but he is a good man. I've decided I like him.

Dorian: That's very generous of you, David.

David: It must be stressful running a multibillion-dollar company, a lot of pressure. Now, there is a man who could stand to lose his worldly riches.

Dorian: Perhaps someday, you will be able to impart that wisdom to him. Perhaps you will be able to explain to him the relief one can feel when one has absolutely nothing.

David: Hmm. His spirit is not open to it. He wouldn't be interested.

Dorian: Hmm. I don't know. Clint just might surprise you.

Starr: Mom, I want to go! I don't want to have to listen to this anymore!

Todd: Starr, hey! You need to hear this. I tried to steal your baby.

Blair: Oh.

Todd: You know that. What you don't know is why. When I found out that you were going to give the baby away, I was convinced that you'd regret it later on, because that baby was a part of us, both of us, and I couldn't stand the thought of either one of us losing her.

Blair: It wasn't yours to lose.

Todd: And I was going to give her back. And I know that's -- but I was going to give it back when I thought you were ready to raise a child.

Blair: How generous.

Todd: But I called the whole thing off. I couldn't go through with it, but it was too late. Janet was in the delivery room taking the baby already. She did everything I asked her to do. I had everything worked out -- except I just never expected the baby might get sick, might need help. If I hadn't been so stubborn, if I hadn't forced things to go my way, she might be alive today. And I am going to live with that for the rest of my life.

Nora: You disgust me.

Todd: I have said everything I have to say.

Blair: Okay, so are we done? Can I take my daughter home now?

Nora: I won't be charging you with perjury, sweetheart. You can go home.

Blair: Great. Uncuff her.

Blair: Here you go, sweetie. Now, are you ready to go?

Starr: I need to be alone.

Blair: No, sweetie, I don't think that's a good idea --

Starr: Mom, I'm not going to do anything stupid, okay? I promise.

Blair: Well, you call me if you need me. Call me.

Natalie: You should've seen that look on your face. It was totally Tess.

Jessica: So is this what you're going to throw at me now every time we fight?

Natalie: You brought it on yourself.

Jessica: I don't know how many times I have to tell you, Natalie -- Tess is gone.

Natalie: You're really not that convincing.

Jessica: If you don't want to see me angry, then don't get in my face every time I turn around.

Natalie: You don't get it. This isn't about you -- this is about Bree and Chloe!

Jessica: Enough already, Natalie! They're my daughters, I would die for them.

Natalie: Well, you almost did, you and Chloe -- oh, that's right. That's right, you don't remember giving birth to Chloe, going to the cottage instead of the hospital. You know, I don't even think you went to a single obstetrician's appointment that entire time because you were too busy plotting against me. You are lucky she's alive.

Jessica: You don't think I know that? I have never been more grateful for anything in my entire life, to look at her and know that she's alive, to know that she's mine and Nash’s? Not yours, Natalie -- mine.

Natalie: We'll see.

Gigi: Are you two here to eat or just to give me the third degree?

Roxy: Hmm, a little of both. Shane will have the mac and cheese and a side of wedding bells.

[Gigi gasps]

Gigi: Oh.

Rex: Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi.

Gigi: Hi. Hey, what's with the bag?

Rex: I'm going to the airport, but I'll call you when I land. I got to go.

Gigi: Wait. When will you back?

Rex: I don't know, but it's all good, as in I just went up a tax bracket.

Roxy: Really? How much money are we talking about?

Rex: 100,000.

Gigi: Dollars? Seriously?

Rex: Yeah, I know.

Roxy: This better be legal, baby.

Gigi: Of course it is.

Rex: It's sort of a search and rescue mission -- top secret.

Shane: Is it going to be a secret after it's done?

Rex: If it's not, you'll be the first to know.

Shane: Cool.

Gigi: Can you at least tell me where you're going?

Rex: Vegas. What? Why aren't you excited?

Gigi: I don't know, I just got a bad feeling -- déja vu. You know, the last time you went on a Buchanan mission, Roxy figured it out all by herself.

Roxy: I think you got to go to Vegas. You got to stand by your man. I'll take care of the kid.

Shane: Really?

Roxy: Yeah, baby! We're going to have a blast. And don't worry -- I'll talk to old Johnny boy. Your job will be here when you get back.

Rex: Yeah, I -- really, I don't know --

Gigi: All right, you be good for Grandma Roxy, okay?

Shane: Yep. I like hanging out with her.

[Roxy chuckles]

Rex: You behave, too.

Roxy: Oh, I'll be a real nun.

Gigi: Ready?

Rex: I don't have time to argue.

Gigi: Then don't. I love you.

Shane: Love you, too.

Gigi: Well, well. Vegas, here we come.

John: You okay?

Nora: Well, congratulations, Mr. Manning. You have beat the system yet again.

Téa: For God's sake, Nora. What do you want the man to do, open a vein? You got what you wanted.

Nora: Not even close.

[Téa sighs]

Téa: I got some paperwork to take care of, filing, but it shouldn't take too long and then I can -- I can drive you home, okay?

Todd: No, that's okay. I can get myself home.

Téa: Well, that's the beauty of it.

[Téa chuckles]

Téa: You actually can, you're a free man now.

Todd: Yeah.

Todd: Thank you.

Téa: You're welcome. Todd, are you okay?

Todd: Oh, yeah, I was -- I'll see you later.

Roxy: Vegas, that's so romantic. Think they're going to get hitched?

Shane: I don't know.

Roxy: Well, if you were to place a bet on that, what would you put down?

Shane: I'd check, until Dad comes home with the 100,000.

Roxy: Very good. Wonder where you get your smarts from.

Shane: Probably from you.

Roxy: I like that.

Gigi: So, how's this going to work?

Rex: Simple -- we find David and Dorian, stop the wedding, and then think of ways to spend 100 grand.

Gigi: Vegas is kind of big.

Rex: It's in the middle of the desert. There's, like, three big streets and everything's lit up. We'll find them.

Gigi: Yeah, but there's got to be, like, a gazillion chapels there. Do you even know which one they're going to?

Rex: Not a clue.

Gigi: And you're not worried about that?

Rex: I have my lucky charm with me.

Gigi: You do?

Rex: Sure do.

David: In a few hours, you will be Mrs. David Vickeroshi.

Dorian: Oh.

Woman: You're getting married. Congratulations.

David: Namaste. Oh, would you chant for us? Here, this is a short one -- only takes about 90 minutes. Come, Mrs. David Vickeroshi.

Dorian: Mrs. David Buchanan.

[Dorian chuckles]

Jessica: Chloe's my baby, Natalie. Nothing you can say can change that -- she's mine. And no one can take her away from me.

Téa: Oh!

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Rex: You never told me you were moonlighting. Stop the wedding!

Marty: I don't want John.

Téa: I dare you -- hit me.

Blair: Ah!

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