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Episode # 10362 -- Thank Buddha for Little Girls

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Starr: Yes, Your Honor, it's true. My dad was going to make me believe that my baby died so that he could take her and raise her on his own.

Blair: Starr, are you okay, sweetie?

Starr: I was just rehearsing my testimony.

Blair: Pretty complicated story.

Starr: And I'd better get it straight. Nora called me. Dad's trial starts tomorrow.

David: Namaste, Todd.

Todd: Bite me.

Téa: I'm so sorry I had to leave you, Lola, and I really want to finish our conversation, so -- excuse you.

Todd: I want good news from you. I want you to tell me that, what's her name, Janet "Kitren" --

Téa: No, Lee Halpern.

Todd: I don't care what she calls herself. I want her gone.

Téa: You heard her last night. She has immunity. She's going to testify.

Todd: Not if I kill her first.

Jared: You okay? You were sound asleep when I left.

Natalie: Thank you for letting me sleep in.

Jared: I knew you were up late with Chloe. How's she doing?

Natalie: She just misses you. Isn't that right, miss trouble, miss stay up all night?

Jared: Well, she takes after her aunt. Tell her I'll be home soon.

Natalie: You found David?

Jared: Yeah, and since a suitcase full of money can't convince him to leave town, I'm going to plan B.

Jack: Aunt Dorian, you're joking, right?

Dorian: Well, actually, this book is quite enlightening.

Jack: Not the book, the glow in the dark outfit.

Dorian: Really, you sound just like your father.

Jack: And that's a bad thing?

Dorian: For your information, this is the attire of humility.

Jack: Oh, really?

Dorian: Something you could learn something about.

[Doorbells rings]

Dorian: I suggest you try it. Please, go to the kitchen and get yourself some breakfast.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dorian: Yeah, yeah, yeah?

Dorian: Oh, Namaste.

Lawyer: Yeah, can we dispense with all that? I'm your lawyer. I know what you're up to.

Dorian: Yes, of course. And, I'm sorry, your name was?

Lawyer: Greg Bartlett.

Dorian: Right, right. So, where are the papers?

Greg: In triplicate.

Dorian: Oh.

[Dorian giggles]

Dorian: Thank goodness. Really, I don't know how much longer I can keep this up.

Greg: You understand you need to make this happen before he finds out he's heir to the Buchanan fortune.

Dorian: Oh, we're very close. No worries.

David: Jared?

Jared: Show me the way, David. Enlighten me.

Jessica: Hi, thanks for coming by so early.

Dr. Levin: I got your message. Are you all right?

Jessica: That's just it. I feel great. You know, like it's just me, no Tess, no Bess.

Dr. Levin: After our session at the cottage, I was hoping we'd made some progress.

Jessica: No, no, no -- it's more than that. You know, I haven't felt this way since before Nash died. I feel like a whole person again. It's finally over. And I want to go home to my baby.

Bess: And you'll never know she's really Starr Manning’s child. I made certain of it.

Natalie: Look, Chloe, Uncle Rex and Aunt Gigi brought you a present.

Rex: Actually it's for you.

Natalie: For me?

Gigi: You did just get engaged, girlfriend.

[Natalie laughs]

Natalie: Thank you, thank you. It's really sweet. Do you mind if I wait until Jared gets home to open it? I was just about to feed this little one here.

Gigi: Can I feed her again? Have you made the bottle?

Natalie: No, we're actually out of formula.

Rex: Do you want me to run out and get some?

Natalie: No, no, no -- we have more. It's just, you know, downstairs in the basement.

Rex: And you don't want to go down there.

Gigi: Which I totally get.

Natalie: No, I'm fine. Really, it's fine.

Gigi: I'll go get it.

Natalie: It's on the bottom shelf. Thank you. It's dumb, right? I mean --

Rex: Hey --

Natalie: I mean, nothing's going to happen.

Rex: If it was me, I'd move. Tess locked you up, almost killed you.

Natalie: And then I find out that it's not just Tess. It was Jessica, too.

Jessica: I want to go home to my kids.

Dr. Levin: Well, we all want that, Jessica, but we have to make sure that you're no longer a danger to yourself or anyone else.

Jessica: How do we find that out?

Dr. Levin: I'd like to put you under hypnosis and ask to speak to Tess. If she's around, she won't be able to resist an invitation to make an appearance.

Starr: I ran into Dad at Hope's grave.

Blair: Yeah, he told me.

Starr: He is so sad, Mom.

Blair: Well, he should be sad, Starr. He's ruined his life.

Starr: When did you talk to him?

Blair: Well, he came by and wanted to see the boys.

Starr: And you let him?

Blair: Yeah.

Starr: What's wrong with you?

Téa: Murder, brilliant idea. Why didn't I think of that? Trust me; you don't want them to add murder to the indictment.

Todd: Then again, if I take her out there is no indictment, is there?

Téa: It's your word against hers, and with her past, she has zero credibility.

Todd: And what about when Starr gets up there?

Téa: I make her out to be a furious teenager who's angry at her father.

Todd: No, no -- I told you to leave Starr alone.

Jared: I have thought about what you said, David. You were right.

David: Are you going to atone for your sins by seeking out the true Buchanan heir?

Jared: No, the part about how my soul is sullied. I'm a sinner. I've done time. I have coveted and lusted. I am a big steak eater. And I look at you, all full of bliss, and I want that, David. I want what you have. So, I am throwing myself on your mercy. Téach me, David Vickeroshi. Please.

David: I suspect, new friend, that your motives are less than pure.

Dorian: And you're sure there is no way that the holding company can't be traced back to me?

Greg: The Buddha himself couldn't follow this path. With the exception of the house and its contents, which you've ostensibly given to Maurice Stubbs, these papers make it look as if you're signing over all of your remaining assets to the "Llanview Clouds-In-River Zen Center" and the –

Dorian and Greg: "Sunshine-On-Meadow Mind Temple."

Dorian: I love those names. I just -- now, if I get David to sign these documents –

Greg: Then anything David inherits, including Buchanan Enterprises, will belong to you.

Dorian: Oh!

Dorian: If this works –

Greg: Oh, it will work. You get David's signature on these papers and he inherits Buchanan Enterprises, what's his is yours.

Dorian: Oh! You are good, really, and you are going to be richly rewarded.

Greg: I've already picked out the yacht.

Dorian: Ooh -- ha ha.

Greg: Bye now.

Blair: Your dad was in a really bad way, and I just couldn't say no.

Starr: I guess I know what you mean. He was that way to me at the cemetery, too. He kept promising me that he was going to do whatever it takes for me to be proud of him again.

Blair: Yeah, except stand up and tell the jury everything you said was true.

[Doorbell rings]

Dorian: Nora.

Nora: Good morning.

Dorian: I wasn't expecting you.

Nora: Well, I'm here to talk to Starr. What are you doing with a mink and some sandals? Are you making a fashion statement?

Dorian: I just had a pedicure.

Nora: Oh.

Dorian: And what is it you really want to say to me?

Nora: What?

Dorian: That you stole Clint from me? That you helped Clint steal B.E. from me? That you've won?

Nora: Whatever, Dorian.

Dorian: Indeed.

Téa: Todd, be reasonable. You have to let me discredit Starr's testimony.

Todd: No, I can't hurt her.

Téa: Sending her dad to prison, now that will hurt her. Look, all I'm going to do is point out that maybe her motives are questionable, that she jumped up and accused you because she's trying to punish you for what you did to Marty.

Todd: She's got every right to be angry at me.

Téa: Do you really want go to prison for planning something that never happened?

Todd: Of course I don’t. You know that.

Téa: Well, that's where you're headed if you don't let me do my job. And if you think it's tough to see your kids now, wait until you land back in prison.

Jared: I understand your doubts, David. I've had them myself. I mean, who am I to seek salvation? I turned my back on my father, and I tried to pass myself off as a Buchanan. I hurt my fiancé, her family. But when you are so far down that all you can do is look up, isn't that the best time to ask for help? So, I am asking, please, David. Take pity on a fellow traveler. Téach me the way.

David: I know why you're doing this.

Jared: Why?

David: For Natalie.

Rex: Jessica let the other one out on purpose to kill you.

Natalie: Mm-hmm, she admitted it. Jessica was just too chicken to do it herself.

Rex: And now you can't go down to the basement without remembering being locked up.

Natalie: It's so much worse than that. I mean, we took Chloe to the doctor yesterday, and I made Jared take the stairs because I didn't want to be in an elevator. I wake up every night with nightmares, thinking I'm still trapped in that room, that I'm screaming.

Rex: Man, Natalie.

Gigi: I brought all of it up, and if you ever need anything else from down there, we're right across the lawn. Just give us a holler.

Natalie: Thank you. No, it's all right. I mean, there's always somebody here, you know, usually.

Gigi: I'm just saying.

Natalie: No, I know. And I really appreciate it. You know what? When Jessica comes home, she can just go down to the basement herself.

Rex: You're still dealing with this and she's coming home?

Dr. Levin: And now you're completely relaxed. Can you hear me, Jessica? I'd like to speak to Tess, please. Tess, are you there?

Dr. Levin: Tess?

Tess: What?

Bess: Go back to sleep.

Tess: He's calling to me.

Bess: You have to stay here and keep quiet, remember? The secret stays with us.

Dr. Levin: I need to speak to you.

Tess: He's calling me again.

Bess: Listen to me. Dr. Levin has no control. I'm in charge now.

Tess: But I need to tell him about the baby.

Starr: The sooner this trial is over, the better.

Nora: I know. I know this can't be easy testifying against your dad. I'm sorry. I really am, but the good news is I've got a witness who will corroborate your testimony.

Blair: Well, who?

Nora: She's been using the name Janet Ketring. She was Marty Saybrooke's nurse. She also had a record, and your father was using that against her to blackmail her into helping him with the kidnapping.

Starr: What was she supposed to do?

Nora: She was the nurse in the delivery room when you gave birth.

Blair: Are you kidding me?

Nora: The plan was that she was to take the baby into Dr. Joplin's office. Todd assumed the office would be empty since Dr. Joplin would be assisting Starr, and that's where Todd was planning on picking her up.

Blair: Oh, my God.

Starr: Cole and I said good-bye to Hope in Dr. Joplin's office, and when that nurse took her, that is the last time that I saw Hope alive.

Blair: So much for Todd's change of heart.

Nora: Well, actually, he did intend to change the plan, according to Ketring.

Starr: Wait a minute. So, if the nurse hadn't have taken Hope out of that delivery room, then Dr. Joplin could have seen that there was something wrong with the baby and she could have helped Hope. Dr. Joplin could have saved Hope.

Blair: Are you saying that Todd may have contributed to Hope's death?

Nora: I'm afraid I am.

Todd: When Nora calls Starr to the stand, just let her testify. No objections, no cross-examinations.

Téa: You can't be serious.

Todd: Yes, I am serious. You do it my way or you're fired.

Téa: Todd, this is suicide.

Todd: I already tried that. It didn't work.

Téa: Listen to me. I applaud your desire to spare your daughter's feelings, but isn't it a little late for that? You conspired to kidnap her child, after all.

Todd: I know, and I'm trying to make it up to her.

Téa: Todd, this is your life. I am not going to let you spend the rest of it in prison.

Todd: No, if you go hard on Starr, I'm going to stand up in court and I'm going to stop the trial and I'm going to change my plea.

Jared: Everything I do is for Natalie. I love her. I'm going to marry her.

Dorian: Quick, Richard. Right here, okay. Take this and wait for me in the car. Quick, give me that. All right, yes, thank you. Good-bye. Oh, and given this neighborhood and that coat, make sure you lock up.

David: You cannot change for someone else. It will not work. You must change for yourself.

Jared: Oh, I am. Believe me, I want enlightenment as much as the next man.

Dorian: Oh, David, how wonderful of you to invite a fellow spiritual seeker for me to meet.

Natalie: Yes, apparently Jessica had a breakthrough, and she's coming home.

[Chloe cries]

Natalie: Oh, honey, I know that you're starving. All right, well, she absolutely loves the chair in the sunroom if you want to feed her in there.

Gigi: Okay, come on, little pumpkin. She's getting so big. Are you ready?

Rex: It's not going to be easy giving her up.

Natalie: What do you mean?

Rex: If Jessica comes home, aren't you going to have to step aside? I mean, she's the girl's mother. If she's well enough to come home...

Natalie: I hope that bitch stays in St. Ann's for the rest of her life.

Dr. Levin: Tess, I need to speak to you. Tess?

Tess: I have to go.

Bess: You don't have to do anything. Just close your eyes and go to sleep.

Dr. Levin: Jessica?

Jessica: Yes?

Dr. Levin: Tess is not responding. Now I'd like to speak to Bess. Bess, if you're still there, come forward now.

Jared: Dorian Lord?

Dorian: Jared Banks. Namaste.

David: Hmm -- some store in Llanview is running low on these robes.

Jared: I'm seeking enlightenment from David.

Dorian: What a coincidence -- that's also what I am seeking.

Jared: Oh.

Dorian: Enlightenment.

[Jared chuckles]

Jared: You surprise me, Dorian, considering your history -- going after Buchanan Enterprises. You've always had such a high premium on wealth and power.

Dorian: To my shame. But you should talk, as you went to the extreme of pretending that you were the true Buchanan heir.

[Dorian laughs]

Dorian: Oh, my goodness. So much subterfuge, when we had the answer sitting right here.

Jared: Oh, so you know the answer?

Dorian: David Vickeroshi -- yes, David Vickeroshi is the answer. He is the one who will lead us to spiritual enlightenment. Though I wouldn't strain too much, if I were you, because you are marrying into the Buchanan family, right? You're just totally taken care of. Unless, of course, the true, long lost Buchanan heir should happen to show up.

David: Oh, who cares about the Buchanan money? Let's go chant. They have the best cookies at morning satsang.

Jared: Yeah, darn, I'm going to have to miss that. I just remembered I have something to do. I'll be back.

Dorian: Namaste.

Jared: Yeah, right.

Jared: She knows.

Téa: I am more than willing to fight for you, but you cannot tie my hands.

Todd: Téa, Blair let me see my kids the other day -- my boys. And they were so thrilled to see me. Now, I know I can win Starr back, but not if you go after her. So please find another way. You're just not going to use my kid.

Blair: Nora, you spoke to this Ketring woman, right? I mean, do you think she's telling the truth?

Nora: She swears that Todd coerced her into helping him with the kidnapping, and that she took the baby from the delivery room and put her in the office of Dr. Joplin’s. But she also swears that the baby was healthy and responsive.

Starr: How could that be? Dr. Joplin said that she thought that there was something wrong with Hope. That's why she had the nurse bring her in the NICU.

Blair: Yeah, but Aunt Dorian already checked, sweetheart, and she was never admitted there.

Nora: I have no way of knowing why Dr. Joplin said what she did. All I know is that Ketring swears that she took a healthy baby and laid it in the crib in Joplin’s office, and then she went and had a short conversation with Todd, who told her he was no longer interested in kidnapping the baby. And when she and Joplin went back into the office to get the baby to bring her to you, she had died.

Starr: My poor little baby.

Blair: Oh, sweetheart.

Nora: The point is, Todd paid Ketring to take Hope from the delivery room, take her out of the delivery room to Joplin’s office, take her away from medical help -- take her away from doctors who could have helped her. Todd's actions led to Hope's death, and if I can convince a jury of that satisfactorily, that's -- that's felony murder. That's life.

Téa: If Starr's testimony goes unchallenged, you will go to prison.

Todd: Maybe if I pay some dues, it will bring us back together. You know, we could write each other letters and talk on the phone.

Téa: Who are you kidding, huh?

Todd: Téa, if I lose my kids, I might as well jump off another roof.

Téa: You want me to find another way? Fine. I'll find another way.

Blair: You're going to charge Todd with murder?

Nora: Hope's death was in direct relation to Todd's actions. Yes, I'm going to up the charges to murder.

Starr: Wait, but my dad did not know that she was sick.

Blair: Starr, Todd's going to fight that. You know he will. Look, I don't want Téa to go after Starr up on the stand.

Nora: She's going to. She's going to try and discredit Starr's testimony. And she's tough. We've seen her in action. She's going to say some really hurtful and upsetting things -- rude things. And then I'll get to redirect, and I'll try to protect you, but are you going to be able to keep your cool and not let her get to you?

Starr: I am not afraid of Téa Delgado. It is the thought of having to testify against my father for something like murder.

Nora: Honey, it's not something like murder -- it is murder. Your baby is dead -- yours and Cole's child. She's gone, she can't defend herself, and she only has you to stand up for her. Your father can't keep going through life, doing the things that he does, and keep getting away with it. I know this is tough because he's your dad, but he has brought this on himself.

Starr: I know.

Nora: If you need me, you call me, okay? Otherwise, I'll see you in court.

Blair: We'll be there.

Nora: Okay. I'll see myself out.

Blair: Thank you, Nora.

Blair: Look, honey --

Starr: Mom, you don't have to say anything. I know that he deserves it.

Blair: But you shouldn't have to be the one to put him away.

Starr: I have to. I'm Hope's mother.

Blair: Yes, you are.

Jack: Starr? I heard you and Mom. Are you really going to put Dad in jail?

Dr. Levin: Bess, come forward. You are the gatekeeper, Bess. You hold all the secrets. If there's something you're keeping from Jessica, you need to tell me now. Is there something you feel you have to face because Jessica can't? Tell us, Bess.

Starr: Jack, Dad has done some really terrible things.

Jack: But he's sorry -- he told me so. It was so great having him here, just hanging out -- me, Sam, and Dad. It was just like how we used to watch horror movies and fall asleep on the couch. And if he goes in jail, well, we'll never see him again.

Starr: We'll have visiting days.

Jack: I visited him, and it sucks. He says he's fine, but he's really not. It stinks, it's dark -- come on, he's our dad.

Starr: But like Nora said, Jack, he keeps doing these horrible things. He cannot keep getting away with them, okay?

Jack: I don't care what she said. Nora hates Dad. I can't believe you're helping her.

[Knock on door]

Téa: Estella, how are you?

Starr: And what are you doing here?

Téa: I need to talk to you about your father.

Dorian: Blair, hi. I mean, Namaste.

David: Namaste, Blair.

Blair: Oh, David, when are you going to stop this?

Todd: How are the kids?

Blair: Just peachy, Todd. Starr found out you paid that woman to be in the delivery room when she was giving birth.

Todd: You mean the nurse? Yeah, she was a good nurse.

Blair: Mm-hmm, and if that nurse hadn't taken Starr's baby out of that delivery room, Hope might still be alive.

Jared: Dorian knows, and she's just trying to sink those claws into David before he finds out that he is Asa's son.

Gigi: David Vickers is Asa's son?

Rex: And what the hell are you wearing?

Natalie: Well, looks like they heard you sing, so better give them an explanation. Okay, so everyone knows that Grandpa had an affair with David and Spencer’s mother, Emma Bradley.

Gigi: Emma Bradley. Why does that name sound so familiar?

Rex: Yeah, to me, too.

Natalie: Well, anyway, Spencer turned out not to be grandpa's son, and David actually is. So, please -- you cannot tell anybody you know this information, because if David finds out that he is a Buchanan, my entire family will lose everything.

Rex: Why?

Natalie: Because Grandpa put a codicil in the will that David would inherit everything if the B.E. stock went down, and with the economy --

Rex: David inherits everything.

Jared: Yes, and somehow Dorian found out, and now she's cozying up to David.

Dorian: David, now that I've signed over my house and possessions to Moe and his fiancée, I feel so liberated.

David: All those stocks and bonds?

Dorian: Those? The stocks and the bonds are going to be signed over to the Llanview Clouds-In-River Zen Center and the Sunshine-On-Meadow Mind Temple.

Jared: I think Dorian knows that I'm on to her. And trust me, orange -- not her color.

Rex: It doesn't do much for you, either, pal.

Natalie: You know, Dorian's got to be faking this whole conversion to Buddhism, you know, just to suck up to him, or marry him.

Gigi: Dorian Lord and the guy who washed dishes at the Bon-Jour?

Rex: Don't ask.

Natalie: And if I'm right --

Jared: Dorian gets her hands on B.E. again.

David: Well done. You are well on your way to acquiring the four immeasurables. Kindness, compassion, joy --

Dorian: And equanimity.

David: I knew it wasn't a mistake to come back here. The look on your face --

Dorian: Describe it to me. Is it joy, rapture, bliss?

Gigi: He's a monk, right? I mean, do they get married?

Jared: They might not have to get married.

Natalie: What do you mean?

Jared: Well, if she can somehow get herself appointed as David's guardian, then --

Natalie: No, tell me, he wouldn't let that happen, would he?

Rex: Trust me, Dorian used to be my mother-in-law. She's got more lawyers than teeth. She'll find a way.

Dorian: I want you to be proud of me. I am your first student.

David: You certainly will be, once you sign those papers.

Jared: I think Dorian knows that I am on to her as well, so I'm going to have to find another way to keep tabs on her. Oh, can you remember the name of that firm that your dad uses?

Natalie: The P.I.?

Jared: Yes.

Gigi: You need a P.I.?

Jared: Uh, well, not just any P.I. I need someone that I can trust.

Gigi: Like your future brother-in-law?

Dorian: You know, I want to feel at one with you. I want us to share this bliss.

David: Dorian, you know we can't have S-E-X.

Dorian: Why, yes. But there are other ways, David, that we can share bliss -- much better ways.

David: Really?

Dorian: Really, it's quite simple. All you need to do is sign over all your worldly possessions, too.

Starr: I am through talking about my dad, and you shouldn't even be here right now.

Téa: I'm here as a friend.

Starr: You're not my friend. You're my dad's lawyer, and I am the main witness against him.

Téa: Starr, there's something you need to know. Your family hasn't wanted to tell you, but I think you're mature enough to be told what's really going on.

Todd: I didn't do anything to hurt Hope. It was the doctor -- she missed the diagnosis, the RH thing. She admitted that.

Blair: Todd, if that baby hadn't been left alone in Dr. Joplin's office, if somebody had seen her and seen that she was in trouble, she may have gotten a transfusion, and the baby might have lived.

Todd: No, that can't be true.

Blair: Well, you know what? Nora seems to think that the jury is going to see it completely different. If you cared at all about your daughter, you wouldn't let her testify, Todd. You would make a deal with Nora.

Todd: I've talked to Téa. She's not going to go after --

Blair: Make a deal. You trust Téa? I mean, come on, even you can't be that stupid.

Todd: I promise you -- I promise you, I got Téa under control. She's not going to even cross-examine her.

Starr: Oh, so this is about my dad?

Téa: Yes.

Starr: What did he do now?

Téa: Starr -- your father tried to commit suicide.

[Starr gasps]

Dr. Levin: Bess? If you're still there, you must come forward.

Bess: You have no idea who you're dealing with, Dr. Levin. Jessica will never find out Chloe isn't hers. Not on my watch.

Dr. Levin: All right, Jessica, I want you to come back now.

Jessica: What happened?

Dr. Levin: I asked them to come forward.

Jessica: What did they say?

Dr. Levin: Nothing -- they never emerged.

Jessica: They're gone? Does that mean that I'm integrated?

Dr. Levin: Well, I'm hopeful that because you took responsibility for what happened to Natalie, you no longer have any need for your alters. But we have one more test to do.

Jared: Are you willing to take on Dorian?

Rex: She did do me a solid at Christmas -- got a Z-box for Shane. But I'm not about to let her steal from my sister, or Bo. So whatever you need.

Natalie: Thank you. Oh, thank you so much, and thank you for listening.

Rex: Anytime. I should get going on this. Bless you.

Gigi: Oh, I need a ride to work. Bye, pumpkin.

Natalie: Come here, baby.

Gigi: Listen, Natalie, we're right there, so anytime you need anything, just give us a call.

Natalie: Okay, I'm going to call you even if I don't need anything. I'd like to do lunch.

Gigi: Oh, I'd really like that.

Natalie: Me, too.

Rex: Hug her and let's go, Morasco.

Gigi: Keep your shirt on.

Natalie: Bye.

Gigi: Bye.

Jared: Sweetie, how are you doing? I know you had a rough night.

Natalie: I didn't mind that at all. I'm just really going to miss her when Jessica comes home.

Jared: Me, too.

David: Oh, I'm with you, Dorian. But I suppose only in spirit, for I have nothing to sign away.

Dorian: Perhaps not now. But -- who can tell where life may lead you?

David: That's right, we only have today.

Dorian: And we need to learn from the past. Remember how you felt when you lost Viki's lottery ticket? Oh, and -- and -- right now, with your consciousness being so very elevated, who knows? You could come up with some brilliant invention that could bring in millions. And then what would happen to you? It might corrupt your soul. You've got to protect yourself, David. Oh, yes, you must. You cannot take that chance. So, join me in this gesture, even if, for you, it is merely symbolic. Okay? Just put your little David Vickeroshi on that.

[Phone rings]

Jared: Hello, this is Chloe. Ha, that was funny.

Natalie: Hello?

Dr. Levin: This is Dr. Levin from St. Ann’s. May I speak with Ms. Davidson?

Natalie: I'm sorry, she's not in right now, but this is Natalie. We met at the cottage. Is everything okay?

Dr. Levin: Yes, your sister is doing very well since that session.

Natalie: Really?

Dr. Levin: Her breakthrough the other day appears to have resolved certain issues, but I need to make sure. As you know, her alters have been very concerned about the baby. I'd like Jessica to have a supervised visit with Chloe. Could you bring the baby over to St. Ann's? Natalie?

Natalie: I don't think that's a very good idea.

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Téa: Shh!

John: You said you wanted to talk -- I'm listening.

Cole: You're the son of a bitch that's been using my mom, huh? Want to talk about my mom?

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