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Episode # 10359 -- My Sister, My Daughter

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Gigi: Rex?

Gigi: What is all this?

Rex: This... this... this is what happens when the soccer team has a sleepover.

Gigi: Oh.

Téa: This is cheerful. Didn't you hear the doorbell?

[Téa sighs]

Téa: Good thing I have a key.

Todd: What do you want?

Téa: For starters, I'd like it if you called me back. I'm out there looking for Lee Halpern/Janet Ketring before Nora does, trying to find her to keep you out of prison. The least you could do is let me know you're still alive.

Todd: I was alive when you called earlier.

Téa: Yeah, you blew me off. You'd rather hole up here, pining over a picture of Marty. Fine, I'll tell Nora to get your cell all ready. Where, by the way, you won't be able to hang this. This is a picture of Blair. Blair? Blair, again?

John: You still mad?

Blair: I'm not a quick cooler-downer. Especially when I've just seen you kiss Marty Saybrooke.

John: Well, next time I'll toss her across the room.

Blair: Next time? If you want Marty, you know where to find her.

Marty: Oh, goodness.

Wes: Watch your step.

Marty: Thank you.

Wes: You want some?

Marty: Oh, no, no, no. I got a head start at Rodi’s, remember?

Wes: Beer does not count.

Marty: Yeah, well, it depends on who you're talking to. Not that I'm blaming the beer, but these days, pretty much all the time, I don't know what's driving me. Well, I kissed John. And I don't know if it's because I find him attractive or if part of me remembered him.

Wes: Do you always have to figure everything out?

Marty: Always? I don't know. These past few weeks? Yes, all of it.

Wes: Why?

Marty: So I can figure out who I am.

Wes: But don't you think you might be better off not knowing? I mean, you're a clean slate. You could be anything you want.

Marty: I know, but I have this feeling I need to remember him.

Marty: You okay?

Marty: Talk to me.

Jessica: Well, it was an interesting afternoon. I let Tess out to deal with my reality, and Bess and I had a heart to heart.

Brody: The one with the glasses?

Jessica: Yeah, the one that's supposed to take care of me, the one that's supposed to protect me from myself.

Brody: Whatever she said to you, it seems like it was serious.

Charlie: Hey, you're back.

Viki: Yeah, yeah. Thank you for looking after Chloe.

Charlie: Well, no problem. Gave her a bottle, changed her, and she's been asleep for over an hour. What -- what happened?

Viki: I'll tell you later.

Natalie: No, no, let's talk about it. Jessica had a breakthrough. Yeah, she remembered that she wanted Jared and me dead. Let the healing began.

Viki: Honey --

Natalie: Mom, if you defend her --

Viki: Why would I do that?

Natalie: Because that's what always happens. You always defend her. I mean, isn't that how it works here? Jessica does something terrible and you make excuses for her and I am sick of it.

Brody: You wanted to kill your own sister?

Jessica: So I let Tess out. That's my big breakthrough. I'm capable of murder.

Charlie: I'm sorry, but I thought that it was Tess who was the one that was causing all the trouble.

Natalie: She was, because Jessica wanted her to.

Charlie: But I thought that she had no control over these other personalities.

Viki: Oh, it's a -- it's a very complicated illness. I mean, the thing is, it is possible for the host to allow an alter to take over to handle a situation that is simply too difficult.

Natalie: Like killing your sister.

[Viki sighs]

Viki: Okay, I'm not going to disagree with you, however --

Natalie: You want me to understand. You want me to forgive Jessica because she's so sick. But this was deliberate.

Viki: Darling, that is not accurate.

Natalie: Yes, it is. She said it herself. I mean, you heard her, mom. She felt Tess coming and she said, "Go for it."

Jared: She could have called the cops. She could have told any one of us what was going on inside of her, but she chose not to.

Charlie: Well, why?

Natalie: Because she wanted Jared and me to pay for what happened to Nash. And can you think of a better way to finish us off? It's the perfect crime because she's sick.

Viki: I don't think she was trying to get away with anything, honey.

Natalie: Yes, Mom -- okay, fine. Yeah, she just didn't have the guts to do it herself. I'm glad that makes it better for you.

Brody: I admit, I don't know much about D.I.D., but I don't buy it. You are one of the kindest --

Jessica: When Nash died, I was in so much pain. I wanted Natalie to hurt as much as I was, more.

Brody: I'm sorry; the Jessica I know wouldn't --

Jessica: That's it. You don't know me. Nobody does. I mean, how could you? I don't even know myself.

Viki: Natalie, honey, I know it must seem like I'm always making excuses for Jessica.

Natalie: Mom, when Jared and I -- we fell in love. And then after that, you found out that he had lied to the entire family about who he was. You crucified us, you and Dad. You know, and I had only known for a little while, and we were just trying to wait so that Charlie could tell you first. I mean, come on. I did not kill Nash, okay? His death was an accident, all right? I mean, and not for nothing, Dorian taking over the company, I mean, that caused almost all of the problems, but, no, no, let's just punish Natalie. Let's just blame her for killing Nash.

Viki: Honey, I don't blame you.

Natalie: Come on! You know, I heard every word that you and Dad said. I will never forget it.

Viki: Darling, Jessica's husband had just died and she was pregnant. She needed my support.

Natalie: She always needs your support. I mean, now more than ever, right Mom? Because she just confessed to trying to kill us. I mean, do you even hear that? She tried to kill us -- Jessica, not Tess. Your beloved Jessica dragged me down into a basement and kept me there for weeks and tortured me and tried to kill me. But, yeah, you're right. She needs your support, not me, right?

[Gigi moans]

Gigi: Oh, God, Balsom, where did you learn how to do that?

Rex: Roxy taught me.

Gigi: Your mother?

Rex: She gives free foot massages at the salon if you order the deluxe.

Gigi: Oh, well, I'll have to send her a thank you note because this is exactly what I needed. What did I do to deserve all this, huh?

Rex: You don't have to do anything. You're my girl. Crab cake?

[Gigi laughs]

Gigi: You're kidding me. Where did you get these?

Rex: I made them.

Gigi: What?

Rex: Well, no, they're frozen, but I put them in the oven. And there's salad in the fridge and there's steak. And after dinner --

Gigi: Dessert?

Rex: And then some.

John: Mind if I, um -- thanks. It's a little cold out there. I mean, not as cold as it is in here.

Blair: If you're here to apologize --

John: For what?

Blair: You stood there while Marty treated me like crap.

John: I didn't think you needed any help.

Blair: I don’t. She said that I was still in love with Todd.

John: Why do you care what she says?

Blair: Well, it's not true.

John: I believe you. So what are you so afraid of?

Brody: All right, you're right. We haven't known each other very long, but still, I can't see you doing what you say you did.

Jessica: I remember how I felt when Nash died, and I held my sister and her boyfriend responsible for what happened and I wanted them dead.

Brody: And I remember an Iraqi kid holding a gun. Only it wasn't a gun. It was a flashlight.

Jessica: What?

Brody: My buddy, Wes, stopped by. And he told me -- I guess you could say he confessed that he covered for me. There was no gun. I shot an unarmed kid.

Jessica: Why would Wes --

Brody: Get creative with the facts? Because he thought I couldn't handle the truth, so he told me what he thought I needed to hear to survive.

Marty: You look better.

Wes: Yeah.

Marty: So why don't you talk to me. You need that to talk to me?

Wes: It's not about you.

Marty: Just taking the edge off?

Wes: The edge is pretty much always there, but I don't mind. It keeps me sharp.

Marty: The war's over though, isn't it? I mean, at least for you.

Wes: It's never over.

Marty: You went and saw your friend. Did something happen?

Wes: I told Brody that the kid he shot in Iraq was unarmed, that what he thought was a gun was a flashlight, and that I planted a gun on the kid to make it look justified.

Marty: Okay, just so I'm clear with this. Brody, when he shot the child, he thought he had a gun and he didn’t.

Wes: No.

Marty: How did he react when you told him?

[Wes scoffs]

Wes: He thanked me.

Marty: And this is upsetting you? Why?

Wes: He was grateful, Marty.

Marty: Well, what did you expect him to do, get angry with you? Yell at you?

Wes: Look, I kept the truth from him. I mean, I lied to him about his own life. Isn't that what you said Manning did to you?

Todd: Hey, how long do you figure you have to hang upside down before you develop a brain clot?

Téa: Are you listening to me? Are you listening to me?

Todd: Oh, God, now that hurt.

Téa: You know what else hurts, Todd? Finding you in a dark room mooning over a picture of Blair.

Todd: I wasn't mooning over Blair. I was looking at a picture of my kids.

Téa: You were looking at your kids. Okay, okay, that's understandable. She's taken out an order of protection. You haven't been able to see them in weeks --

Todd: I saw them earlier tonight.

Téa: You violated the order of protection? Wait, you are about to go on trial for kidnapping. You can't be --

Todd: I got Blair’s permission. That's where I was when you called earlier.

Blair: I keep telling you and Marty that Todd is just the father of my children.

John: I get that. It doesn't answer my question, but I get it.

Blair: He was here earlier, begging to see the children.

John: Did you throw him out?

Blair: Like you threw Marty out of Rodi’s? I guess that makes us even.

Téa: Oh, Blair gave you permission? To hang yourself, you idiot! She lured you into her house, and took pictures, no doubt, which I'm going to have to deal with in court when Nora adds that to the list of charges.

Todd: She's not that devious.

Téa: Nora? You can --

Todd: Blair.

Téa: Oh, Blair, she got her daughter to testify against you, Todd.

Todd: Her daughter?

Téa: If I remember correctly, and I always do, Starr made it very clear at her last appearance that she is no longer daddy's little girl.

Todd: We're working through that.

Téa: Oh, so you saw her, too, huh?

Todd: Yeah.

Téa: Oh.

Todd: Cemetery. Don't worry, nobody saw us. She was there visiting her baby.

Téa: And you just happened to follow her there, huh?

Todd: No, I went there on my own.

Téa: Please tell me that you did not tell her that you feel responsible for the death of her child.

Todd: I am responsible for the death of her child, Téa. That child would still be alive right now if it weren't for me.

Viki: Oh, honey, I realize that things are so unfair at times. You know, when Jessica has a relapse, all the attention has to go to her.

Natalie: No, it's not about attention, Mom. I'm not five. Do you even realize what she did to me?

Viki: Yes, I think I do.

Natalie: She lured me back into this house because she told me that she forgave me. And I was so anxious for her to forgive me that I bought it. And then she drugged me, and she and Tina dragged me down into that room she had built in the basement and locked me in there and laughed in my face, told me that Rex had died, that Jared had moved on, that nobody cared about me anymore, that everyone hated me.

Viki: Sweetheart, it was not Jessica.

Natalie: But it was, Mom. That's the point. She said she knew exactly what she was doing.

Viki: No, she did not, okay? Yes, I know she allowed Tess to take --

Natalie: Tess was the gun, but Jessica pulled the trigger.

Viki: You know, when -- just before you arrived at the cottage earlier, Tess was there and she -- she told us that she had changed her mind that night. She was actually on her way back to the house to let you two out of the basement, and then she went into labor. And the contractions were so strong, she couldn't move.

Natalie: I don't believe this. Now even Tess gets forgiveness? How long did it take before you and Dad forgave me? I mean, let's get real. If Tess hadn't tried to kill me, would Dad even be talking to me right now? And you know what's really, really sad? That if Jess had succeeded in blowing Jared and me up, you'd still feel sorry for her.

Viki: You're right. I would.

Brody: I shot an unarmed kid. I killed him.

Jessica: You said you fired at a shadow.

Brody: The shadow was too small and I knew it. And I guess I always knew he was unarmed, deep down, and that's why I kept seeing him. So it's progress, I mean, knowing the truth.

[Brody sighs]

Brody: But I feel so guilty.

Jessica: I know exactly what you mean.

Viki: Oh, Natalie, look at you. I mean, you're livid and you can yell at me. And the fact that you can do that, it's wonderful.

Natalie: You're happy that I'm furious?

Viki: No, you just don't understand how lucky you are to be able to express your feelings and do something productive with them. Your sister --

Natalie: Okay, I don't want to hear about my sister right now.

Viki: Oh, fine, then me, because it's really all my fault.

Natalie: Mom, I don't want to hear about that, either. What happened to you and what happened to Jessica, it was awful. And I know that you didn't choose to have D.I.D., and I know that it's a struggle every day for you.

[Natalie exhales]

Natalie: It's just -- it's so hard sometimes to be the one who has to be strong and always understand, who has to suck it up.

Viki: Do you want to change places with your sister?

Natalie: No.

Rex: More steak?

Gigi: I can't eat another bite.

[Gigi sighs]

Gigi: I can't believe you went to all this trouble for me.

Rex: When are you going to get it, Morasco? I love you. I am so grateful that Shane is mine and that we found each other, that we're together. I will do anything for you.

Gigi: Even clean the bathroom.

[Gigi chuckles]

Gigi: Balsom.

Rex: Yeah.

Gigi: This... and this... and this.

Viki: Life is not fair, okay? It's not fair that Jessie was raped and that she is mentally ill. It is not fair that you grew up the way you did, that you had to fight your way into this family, that you have to suck it up and bear the brunt of everybody's problems. I wish I could change it, honey, all of it. I can’t. You know, that's just the way it is. Life is not fair. All I can say to you is that I love you. I love you with all my heart and soul. You are my very precious child. I would do anything in the world for you.

Natalie: I know, Mom. I'm just --

Viki: Oh, baby, me, too. Oh, come here.

Jessica: I don't think Natalie’s ever going to be able to forgive me. I don't blame her.

Brody: I have to believe that things are going to get better for both of us.

Gigi: One question.

Rex: I got the crab cakes in the gourmet section.

Gigi: What are you wearing?

Rex: This? This is a smoking jacket.

Gigi: You don't smoke.

Rex: Well, it's not for smoking. Well, maybe it was at one time. I don't know. I got it dry cleaned, so you can't tell.

Gigi: Where did you get it?

Rex: The flea market. I thought it was very 007 meets Bruce Lord.

Gigi: Mm-hmm.

Rex: What, you don't like it? I like it.

Gigi: I just think it would work better on the floor.

Rex: On the floor?

Gigi: In front of the fire.

Rex: The floor in front of the fire.

Gigi: Yeah.

Marty: No, what you did for Brody, you were just protecting him. Todd was protecting himself.

Wes: You know, I'm sorry that I brought it up. I know what he put you through.

Marty: You don't have to apologize to me, are you kidding? You're like the best friend a person could ask for. And I didn't even have to ask, you just showed up. You're my guardian angel.

Wes: Oh, yeah, that's me.

Marty: Well, that's how I see it. You let me stay at your place. You ask for nothing in return. And what you did for your friend? Oh, my gosh. You're a good person.

Wes: You know, a kid died because of us, Marty. There's nothing good about it.

Marty: You were in a war zone. Brody -- there's nothing he could have done. He made an honest mistake. And you, there's nothing you could've done for that child. But what you did for your friend, that was heroic.

Wes: Okay, no more beer for you, sister, all right?

Marty: Hey. Your first instinct was to save a man's soul. And if that's not heroic, I don't know what is.

Blair: Would it be too much to ask that you're on my side?

John: I'm always on your side.

Blair: No, she was kissing you, John. I mean, I get it. You know, it's Marty. She's like, "Oh, poor pitiful me, I have amnesia." I get that. But you know what I don't get? I don't get why you put up with it.

John: Hmm. Well, it's complicated. It's kind of like you going to all the trouble of getting a restraining order against Manning, and every time he shows up here with some sob story, you let him in. I don't know why you put up with that.

Téa: Did you tell Starr that you feel responsible?

Todd: Listen, Téa. If I hadn't pressured Dr. Joplin to hand that baby to me, then she might have noticed that there was something wrong with the child and saved its life.

Téa: Even you do not have the power to will a doctor into malpractice or a baby into a life threatening condition. You do, however, have the poor judgment to confess to something that you might have thought of doing, you might have even planned on doing, but what you did not do. You did not kidnap that baby.

Todd: That's right, but Starr isn't saying I kidnapped the baby. She's saying I intended to, which is true.

Téa: I'm trying to save you from yourself, Todd. You want to wallow in guilt, be my guest. But do not intentionally screw up your chances in court! That is all that I ask.

[Todd laughs]

Todd: Okay, I'll think about it.

[Téa laughs]

Téa: Is this funny to you? I am begging you. I know that you tried to kill yourself. And this seems to me like you're trying to punish yourself by ending up in jail again. But I am telling you, 10 to 15 years in a federal prison will get real old, real fast.

Todd: I agree.

Téa: Good. Now, what did Starr say to you, if anything?

Todd: She said that I make it hard for her to hate me.

[Téa chuckles]

Téa: I know what she means. I should go. I've got a meeting in the morning.

Todd: Téa?

Téa: What?

Todd: Don't go, please.

Todd: I just don't want to be alone.

Téa: Who would? With the lights off and what you have on your conscience?

[Téa sighs]

Téa: I guess I can stay for a second. What do you want to do?

Todd: We have to do something?

Téa: I'm not going to sit here in the dark. What are you -- what do you want to do? We could watch TV, play poker -- money honey. The last time we played that, I won.

Todd: I don't think so.

Téa: You don't think so?

Todd: No.

Téa: You still have the game?

Todd: Yeah, it's downstairs.

Téa: Rematch?

Blair: So I'm not supposed to have any feelings for the father of my children?

John: He forfeited a lot of those rights.

Blair: And that's why I have a restraining order.

John: Exactly. Which only works if you enforce it.

Blair: What am I supposed to do? My son comes to me and says he misses his father.

John: I don't know. It's sad.

Blair: And Marty's story is always sadder.

John: Marty's in this situation because of other people. Todd did this to himself.

Blair: Yeah, and, you know, I guess I'm supposed to call the cops on Todd, but it's okay for Marty to be a bitch? And she was. And you kissed her.

John: Technically, she kissed me.

Blair: Well you allowed it. Why -- why are you here?

John: Call me crazy, but you're the one I want to kiss.

Blair: Oh. No, now -- no, you can not come over here -- don't even look at me with those -- John, you can't do this because I need to say -- all right, you know what? I'm just going to say this right now. I'm a jealous person. I am so jealous of Marty Saybrooke, I can not stand it. I can't stand the fact that you may have had feelings for her in the past. I can not stand the fact that you possibly have feelings for her now. And I can not stand that you -- that she touched you, even. I just want to push her out a window.

John: You're cute when you're angry. But, you know, if you get tossed in jail, I won't be able to do this.

Blair: Oh, don't do this. Now, that's not right.

John: And I won't be able to do this.

Blair: Okay.

Wes: I'm kind of talked out if you need to go.

Marty: Go?

Wes: Home.

Marty: Uh, you know, you stuck by me New Year’s Eve. I'd kind of like to return the favor -- unless, of course, you want to be alone.

Wes: No, I -- I'd appreciate the company.

Marty: Me, too.

Jared: You know, if Jessica wants to blame me for Nash’s death, fine. I'm sorry he is gone, but it was not my fault, okay? It was an accident.

Charlie: I know, I know. That's right. And you have done everything a man could possibly do to make it up to this family.

Jared: I know, but it's Natalie I'm worried about. This is her sister saying these things.

Charlie: Yeah.

Viki: For a redhead, you know, you are remarkably forgiving. Look how you took Jared back and how you're looking after Jessica's children.

Natalie: She was really surprised when I showed up at the hospital and said I'd do that.

Viki: You see, sweetheart, you are so much more evolved than she is.

[Natalie scoffs]

Viki: It's true, it's true. You are so adept, you don't even see it anymore. You are able to blow up and get angry and yell at us and tell us what it is we've done to you, and then you forgive us. You are the role model here.

Natalie: Okay.

Viki: I think once you can understand how ill Jessie is and that she is not responsible for what she does, I think maybe, hopefully, then you can forgive her.

Natalie: I want to, but I'm not so sure, not this time.

Charlie: Okay, you ladies ready for a little fire?

Natalie: Uh, not me. I'm sorry. I think I'm going to head out.

Viki: I'll put Chloe to bed, darling.

Natalie: Thanks.

Viki: Good night.

Natalie: Good night. Good night, Charlie.

Charlie: Good night. Good night, son. Natalie. You know, she will find a way to get over this.

Viki: Will she?

Charlie: In time, yeah. You want to call St. Ann's, just check in on Jessica?

Viki: No. I expect she's asleep anyway. You know, Charlie, this breakthrough that Jessie had tonight, this may very well help her to complete the integration. But at what cost, you know? Why on earth did she have to say all those things to Natalie? It's going to cost her her sister.

Téa: No cheating and no lame rules when you start losing.

Todd: What lame rules?

Téa: The magic "do-over" card?

Todd: Oh. You mean the "substitute emergency" card?

Téa: There is no such thing.

Todd: Is that a subtle commentary on the last six months of my life?

Téa: You mean, you holed up here with Marty and mooning over Blair?

Todd: I wasn't mooning over Blair.

Téa: Whatever. No one gets a do-over, Todd, nobody.

Todd: What about you and me?

Téa: We're friends. And I'm your attorney -- again. You know, you should just put me on retainer.

Todd: I thought that's what the $5 million was for.

Téa: No, the $5 million was for marrying me. And if you want me to be your attorney, you're going to have to pay the going rate.

Todd: Or I could stop breaking the law.

[Téa laughs]

Téa: Sorry.

[Todd chuckles]

Todd: You think I'm some kind of harsh criminal, don't you?

Téa: You are. But with any luck and no Lee Halpern, you might just get away with it this time.

Todd: How about we play for your fee?

Téa: Fat chance. Deal.

Singer: Come on come on you have got to move on this is not the you I know this isn't real it's just all you can feel and that's the way that feelings go and whether or not it's right or wrong you'll do what you will do but when the cloud in the sky starts to pour and your life is just a storm you're braving well don't tell yourself you can't lean on someone else 'cause we need saving sometimes

Singer: Say what you will but the time that we fill while we're on the earth should not be alone we were meant to be known you make me what I'm worth but I can't keep you from yourself you'll do what you will do when the cloud in the sky starts to pour and your life is just a storm you're braving well don't tell yourself you can't lean on someone else 'cause we all need saving I don't know why it has to be this way and I don't know the cure but please believe someone else has felt this before well don't tell yourself you can't lean on someone else 'cause we all need saving we all need saving sometimes sometimes

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