One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 1/7/09


Episode # 10349 -- Leave It To Beaver

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Rex: Did I thank you for getting Puddle of Mudd to play at Ultraviolet?

Gigi: About 12 times.

Rex: No, no, no. I -- I -- I mean properly.

Gigi: Oh. Um, well, we haven't exactly had the time or privacy.

Rex: Ahem. What time does Shane get home from school?

Gigi: Hours. We've got hours, Balsom.

Jessica: I'm not kidding.

Jessica: I'm not kidding. The girl that you said was as mean as a snake? That's me.

Brody: So are you Jessica, or are you Tess?

Viki: No. I absolutely will not allow you to subpoena Jessica. I can't imagine the defense would, either.

Nora: Well, the defense can't stop me from calling Jessica as a witness and -- and if Tess could just corroborate that Todd was going to steal Starr’s baby --

Clint: Nora, there's nothing I'd like to see than to get Todd prosecuted, but I -- I don't understand how a young woman with D.I.D. would even be allowed to testify, and at this moment, Jessie's very unstable.

Nora: I just -- I wouldn't ask if I had any other option. It's just -- Tess is my only shot at bringing your brother to justice.

Lola: Why are you asking me all these questions? You know what happened -- my father murdered my mother.

Téa: Lola, sit down, please. I know that's what you said.

Lola: Why are you making me talk about something so awful?

Téa: Because I want to help you.

Cristian: We've been reported? Who did that?

Agent Troy: I can't say. But I did some investigating after the complaint came in, and it's clear that this marriage was undertaken for one reason only -- to save Ms. Montez from being deported.

[Knock on door]

Rex: Oh, please tell me that's my imagination.

Gigi: Shh, they'll go away.

Natalie: Rex? Gigi, are you home? I have really good news!

Jared: We need to talk. Uh -- David?

David: I was thanking the divine universe, perfect in all ways, for bringing you to me.

Jared: Yeah?

[Jared chuckles]

Jared: Well, you think you're happy now, wait till you see what I got in the briefcase.

[Beaver moans]

Beaver: Oh.

Dorian: Good morning.

Beaver: Uh, somebody shoot me. Put me out of my misery.

Dorian: Oh, my, that's not what you said last night.

Beaver: Who are you?

Dorian: Dorian. Dorian Lord.

Beaver: Where am I?

Dorian: You're in my hotel room, at the St. Blaze's resort.

Beaver: As a lawyer, I'm usually not at a loss for words, but -- Dorian, did you say?

Dorian: Why don't you just call me "sugar"? That's what you called me last night.

Beaver: Sweet mother of God. Did we sleep together?

Dorian: All night long.

Beaver: Oh. Oh.

Beaver: Oh -- you -- you and me, all night long? Whoo! Whoo!

[Beaver and Dorian laugh]

Dorian: Come on in.

Beaver: Oh, God!

Dorian: Oh.

Beaver: You -- are you sure you don't want to go to my room?

Dorian: Your room is not ready, remember?

Beaver: Oh.

Dorian: Come on now. You help me lift this into --

Beaver: All right. You need help with that?

[Dorian cackles]

Beaver: Let me get the door here.

Dorian: Oh, I just love good room service. Don't you?

Beaver: Oh, my goodness here.

Dorian: They brought the champagne up.

Beaver: More champagne. I thought I told you that two was my limit.

Dorian: Oh, I don't think you know your limit yet.

Beaver: All right.

Dorian: Okay.

Beaver: See if I can get this open. Let's try it now -- you ready? Hold on -- ha!

Dorian: Whoo!

[Beaver and Dorian laugh]

Dorian: Let's just say we had an opportunity and we took it.

[Dorian chuckles]

Beaver: You are a woman of the world, Dorian.

Dorian: And you -- you are a man on a mission.

Beaver: What do you mean?

Dorian: Oh, for goodness sakes, you told me last night you're looking for David Vickers.

David: Whatever you have in the case means nothing to me. Objects are worthless. It's not what I seek from you.

Jared: What do you seek from me?

David: Absolution.

Natalie: It's about time. What, were you in bed?

Rex: Actually, no.

Natalie: Oh, my God. Oh, oh, guys, I'm so -- I'm so sorry. I'll go.

Rex: No, no, no, no, no. It's fine, no. We haven't seen you in a while.

Gigi: And look at the little pumpkin. Hi. May I?

Natalie: Oh, sure.

Gigi: Hi, sweetie. Oh, goodness.

Natalie: Oh, goodness.

Gigi: Oh! Wow. It has been too long. Hi, cutie.

Jessica: I'm Jessica. They wouldn't have let me out of my straitjacket if I was still Tess.

Wes: Good to know.

Brody: The guy here with the big mouth is my buddy Wes.

Jessica: Oh. Wes. You could be one of me. I'm Jessica but my two personalities are Tess and Bess. Who knows -- maybe there's a Wes in there. Oh, my God, that was a really bad joke, and you have company, so I'm going to go. I'll see you later.

Wes: No, no, no, it's okay. I was just leaving. Um -- it's good meeting you.

Jessica: No, it wasn’t. Look, I'm assuming that you called me mean because Brody filled you in on how awful Tess was to him, right?

Wes: Yeah, he might have mentioned something.

David: Although you walked the path of evil when you tried to pass yourself off as Asa's son, I should not have taken advantage of you when you were weak.

Jared: When you tried to blackmail me?

David: I am so ashamed.

Jared: Hey -- water under the bridge. Ahem.

David: Water under the bridge indeed, water that is littered with discarded boots and soda cans, used tires, wood paneling, patio furniture, rusted hubcaps, bunk beds, baby strollers, car batteries.

Jared: Got it, okay.

David: It is in the bowels of this river that I see my former self, a man like you are now -- duplicitous, greedy, and no more Asa's son than I was. What is it, new friend? Are you not at peace?

Beaver: How much did we drink?

Dorian: Let's just say I was astonished at your capacity. Ah.

Beaver: Here's a toast --

Dorian: To you.

Beaver: To you, sugar.

Dorian: Oh.

Beaver: Whoo!

Dorian: Mmm! Yee-ha!

Beaver: Whoo! Ha-ha! Whoa.

Dorian: There you go.

Beaver: Oh, oh.

Dorian: This is too good to leave it dry. Okay.

Beaver: Oh, a little bit of that there -- again?

Dorian: To you.

Beaver: Again. Here we go.

Dorian: Again, and again.

Beaver: Yee-ha! Hey, there, little filly.

Dorian: Ah!

[Beaver and Dorian laugh]

Beaver: It's roundup time.

Dorian: Oh, no.

Beaver: Let's go now.

Dorian: No, no. Whoa, cowboy.

Beaver: Come on now. Yee-ha! Yee-ha! Get up there now. Get up there now. Whoo-hoo! All right. I'm coming for you. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Ha-ha!

Dorian: I was just --

[Beaver laughs]

[Dorian chuckles]

Beaver: Ah. Dorian, you're a good-looking woman. I'd hate to think that I forgot something memorable, but the truth is I don't remember squat about what happened last night. Are you sure we did the deed?

Dorian: You were so exhausted from doing Asa's bidding that you succumbed to the effects of the champagne, and we never did close the deal.

Beaver: Hmm. Just what exactly did I tell you about Asa?

Dorian: You told me absolutely everything. You told me about how you're looking for Asa Buchanan's illegitimate son.

Beaver: I told you that?

Dorian: Yes.

[Beaver sighs]

Dorian: We have no secrets.

Beaver: Oh. I must've really tied one on.

Dorian: And who can blame you? I mean, you said that even in death, Asa Buchanan is just an S.O.B.

Beaver: Well, Asa was my friend for most of my life. Damn, I can't believe he put me in this position -- to have to give news like this to that freeloading termite David Vickers. If I wasn't bound by law, I swear to God I'd walk away right now.

Cristian: And who's saying this garbage?

Vanessa: Querido --

Cristian: No, no. I think I have a right to know. I mean, who's saying that we got married for anything other than love?

Sarah: I am. I told him your marriage was a fake.

Lola: I hate remembering. I testified against my father, I sent him to prison. It's just I don't like talking about it.

Téa: I can't imagine how painful those memories must be for you. I have some pretty painful memories, too. But I've learned to share them with the people I trust. Keeping them bottled up inside -- it only makes things worse. You can't stop thinking about them. You dream about them. Don't you wish it would just go away?

Lola: I wish that my mother was still alive. And that my father -- that I still loved him.

Clint: Nora, there must've been someone else who knew what Todd was up to.

Nora: Well, we're assuming that the nurse that he hired to take care of Marty -- a Janet Ketring -- that she knew about it, but she's disappeared. And Starr’s doctor may have been in on it, but she committed suicide right after the baby died.

Clint: Well, didn't Todd tell Marty that they were going to raise Starr’s baby together?

Nora: Well, yes, but he told her that he had permission from Starr to do that. So I have Starr’s accusation, and Todd's not talking, and I -- I need corroboration. And since you told me that Tess knew that Todd was hiding Marty, I was hoping that she also knew that Todd was planning on stealing the baby and running off with it.

Viki: She may very well have known that, but, Nora, you cannot put Jessica on the stand, and believe me, you wouldn't want to, okay? She is extremely fragile right now. I -- I just came from seeing her at St. Ann's where I had the dubious pleasure of meeting her second alter, Bess. Knowing that there are at least two alters, can you risk putting her on the stand without knowing who's going to show up?

Jessica: I -- I know it's hard to understand. The simple truth is I have no idea what my other personalities are up to, and all I can do is tell Brody how sorry I am for whatever pain that Tess caused him.

Wes: Yeah, stuff happens. The point is, is that when you were you, you were good to my friend. And who knows, maybe you can understand what he's going through better than I can. Hurry up and get past this, bro, and you can get out of here, okay?

Brody: That's the plan.

Wes: I'll be back. Jessica.

Brody: I'm glad you're feeling better.

[Jessica sighs]

Jessica: Uh -- so, how bad was it?

David: You are lost -- I can tell. I was once trapped as you are now, but I shrugged off the shackles of guilt and I made amends. My life is now an unpolluted pond of peace.

Jared: I can see that. Ahem.

David: Can you?

Jared: Sure. You are -- peaceful.

David: Then celebrate with me, my brother. Make amends, seek out the fourth son.

[Jared chuckles]

Jared: Sun? Is that like up in the sky -- that "sun"?

David: The true heir to the Buchanan family fortune, Bo and Clint's blood brother. Make it right, new friend. Reunite a divided family, and karmic joy will be yours forever.

Dorian: Poor you, having to bring sad tidings like that and then coming all the way down here to St. Blaze's? For nothing?

Beaver: Well, I had no choice. Asa's will is clear -- I have to make every attempt to find David Vickers and tell him what's waiting for him back in Llanview.

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

Jared: I am happy for you, David.

David: Because I know true happiness.

Jared: Right. You are obviously on the path. And I got to admit, when I heard the rumor from my future father-in-law that you had changed, I was skeptical. But you have convinced me -- you are a new man, David Vickers.

David: Future father-in-law?

Jared: I'm marrying Natalie.

David: Namaste.

Jared: Yeah.

David: I knew you two were soul mates when you worked together as one to liberate me of my outer garments and harness me in the stables with no company other than Asa's prized stud, but that was just. I had recently tried to blackmail you.

Jared: We're good, okay?

David: No, my friend. Goodness cannot be measured. It is a feeling deep, deep in the groin. It is rooted in the nether chakras and it rises --

Jared: It's a miracle, yes. But, ahem -- I got to tell you. Clint, he's -- he is not too thrilled about you being back here, so if you are serious about this happiness thing, sharing in the bliss, you -- you take your shiny new soul and you high-tail it back to Tibet.

David: But I told Clint I only intend to stay as long as it takes to make amends to those that I have harmed.

Jared: Right, but we're talking about the old you, Dave. It's kind of a long list.

David: I must make a pilgrimage to Clint's home, let him know that I mean no harm.

Jared: No. No, no, no, no, no. Going to see Clint will cause anger.

David: Anger is conflict.

Jared: Acceptance -- that is the path of all good. Accept his rejection and find peace.

David: Are you saying that Clint hates me?

Jared: "Hate" is a strong word, but accurate.

David: But why? Why does Clint hate me?

Viki: I'm really sorry, okay? I mean, I wish I could help you. I cannot believe that Todd would be so desperate as to actually try and steal a baby.

Clint: I guess that we should count ourselves lucky that it didn't come into his head to steal Jessie's baby after Hope died. They were born on the same night.

Gigi: You're such a good girl, yes, you are.

Rex: So, Nattie, you said you had good news.

Natalie: Um -- Jared asked me to marry him.

Gigi: Oh!

Rex: That's great, Nattie!

Gigi: Oh!

Natalie: Oh-oh-oh! Okay, so now, you're going to be his brother-in-law and, you know, you got -- got to be nice.

Rex: I'll be nice.

Gigi: After all the garbage you two went through, I am so happy for you.

Rex: So, you set a date?

Natalie: Thank you, Gigi. Um, well, no. We want to wait for Jessica to come home. You know, I can't get married without my sister.

Jessica: We were in bed together?

Brody: I'm sorry about that. Look, it was the only way I knew to make sure you were Tess.

Jessica: You couldn't tell?

Brody: Well, I haven't known you that long, and she does a pretty good you. But I knew from before that Tess was --

Jessica: Willing to barter?

Brody: Yeah. So I told her I'd help her escape if she slept with me first.

Jessica: And she went for it, didn't she?

Brody: Yeah. But I didn't let it go too far. I hit the call button and Dr. Levin came running and --

Jessica: She laced into you.

Brody: Yeah, she did.

Jessica: What did she say?

Brody: It was just all this stuff about me, stuff I said in group. She threw it back in my face. And she said I'd never get better.

Jessica: I'm sorry, Brody. I can't do what your friend wanted me to do. I can't help you move on. I can't even talk to you anymore.

Cristian: You reported me to immigration?

Sarah: No -- I reported Vanessa. You're just collateral damage.

Agent Troy: Ms. Roberts, you shouldn't be here.

Cristian: She's getting back at me for dumping her because she's a jealous, vindictive bitch who would do anything to hurt me.

Vanessa: Baby, no.

Agent Troy: Be that as it may --

Cristian: And you believe her? Hey, come on, man -- look. This -- this is for real. She saw it. That's why she turned me in.

Jared: See, Clint hasn't seen the light like we have. He's stuck.

David: Being stuck can bring enlightenment.

Jared: Not for Clint. You see, karma is living out the bad stuff from before.

David: In the shell of a nut -- that's true.

Jared: Right, so Clint is Asa's karma. I know it's a drag, but we can all see it. He is more like Asa every day.

David: He must let go the sins of the father, escape his birthright as I escaped mine.

Jared: I'm with you, buddy, but there it is.

David: To hate another human being -- he is doing harm to his soul.

Jared: And his blood pressure. But -- but that's another conversation.

David: But does Clint not see that I hate the old David myself? He repulses me. If Jessica were to come to me now and ask for another vital organ, I would give it to her freely. I am very embarrassed that I asked for cash for a chunk of my liver. That would never happen again.

Jared: That is a good thing, and Jessica has more than enough organs at the moment.

David: So I am forgiven.

Jared: Well, there is that business with Dorian -- that you slept with her.

David: That will not happen again.

Jared: What about Nora?

David: That will not happ-- I beg your pardon?

Jared: Clint thinks you were flirting with her the other night.

David: Nora?

Jared: I know. It's ridiculous, but Clint is convinced and he is furious. He has been stomping around the house making all kinds of threats and I'm afraid he might actually try to kill you, David.

David: Death is a part of life.

Jared: Oh, but life can be really, really good.

Beaver: I got to push off, Dorian.

Dorian: So soon?

Beaver: Now, honey, you know how important it is for me to find David Vickers.

Dorian: It's vital.

Beaver: I still can't believe it -- Asa putting the screws to his family from the grave?

Dorian: Who would do such a thing to their own flesh and blood?

Beaver: Well, Asa. They should've seen it coming. But he gave them a whole year, I'll give him that.

Dorian: A whole year -- imagine.

Beaver: Well, I have no choice. I got to -- I've got to carry out his orders.

Dorian: Mm-hmm. So you told me -- last night.

Beaver: I did?

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

Beaver: Hmm. Maybe that's why I got so drunk. Ah, I'm the one who has to strip every red cent from the family and give it all, his entire fortune, to David Vickers.

Cristian: I want you to write down in that report that Sarah Roberts has an ax to grind. She's getting back at me for dumping her.

Agent Troy: Mr. Vega, I don't care who filed the report or why. It's clear there are irregularities here, and I'm opening an investigation. You'll be hearing from my department.

Cristian: Vanessa, I need to talk to Sarah alone.

Vanessa: Of course. Look, Sarah, I know that --

Sarah: Save it.

Cristian: How could you rat us out? I thought you understood.

Sarah: And I thought I knew you.

Cristian: Look, I'm sorry I said that, but you left me no choice.

Sarah: Like you left me anything.

Cristian: There is nothing going on between Vanessa and me.

Sarah: And New Year’s Eve? What about that?

Cristian: What about what? I told you to come with me.

Sarah: I saw you, Cristian, on the live feed? You kissed her.

Cristian: Look, Sarah, I don't know what that was about.

Sarah: Stop lying to me!

Cristian: I -- I've never lied to you! I am not lying to you.

Sarah: Maybe you didn't see it coming, but I know you. And you have feelings for her.

Brody: I don't get a say here? Because I don't want to stop talking to you. You're the only friend I've got here.

Jessica: Tess used what you said in group against you, which means that I must've blanked out for a while and she was there.

Brody: You can't help that.

Jessica: I also don't want to expose you to what she does, okay? And obviously, I'm not in control.

Brody: Look, I think it's my choice, and I say, let's keep talking. Because the truth is, Tess helped me realize that I can't just push this kid away. I have to dig in there and figure out why he's always there. Unless I'm just misreading you, and this is your way of telling me I'm too much trouble.

Jared: I'm afraid Clint is not going to let this Nora thing go, and if he kills you, I am going to have to tell Natalie that her father is going to prison. So help me, David. Help me help you. Let me underwrite your trip back to Tibet. Think of all the good you can do, all the children you can feed. David, think of all the sandals you could buy.

Dorian: Not one red cent?

Beaver: I thought you said I told you.

Dorian: You did. But I was kind of hoping that, due to the lateness of the hour and the amount of champagne that we drank, that I might've misheard. My goodness, all those other family members get nothing.

Beaver: I don't know what Asa was thinking. It's one thing to punish performance, but with the way the world economy is going now, it's hard to fault a family.

Dorian: Yeah, for someone to try and control from the grave --

Beaver: Well, they did the best they could. And to turn his company over to a ne'er-do-well like Vickers, that's just inviting disaster.

Dorian: Yes, he'll need help running the company. No doubt about that.

Beaver: I got to find him first.

Dorian: Yeah.

Beaver: You mind if I take a shower?

Dorian: Oh, not at all. Just make yourself at home. I'll call downstairs and get some more towels. Hmm! Clint Buchanan out on the street. All the Buchanans left without a penny, yes!

[Knock on door]

Dorian: Who is it?

Woman: More towels.

Mel: More towels?

Dorian: Mel? What are you doing here?

Mel: I might ask you that very same question.

Jared: Now that you're pure, I'm sure you'll know what to do with this money.

Jared: So do we have a deal? You take the money and ride your little magic carpet right back to Tibet.

David: Nam rahn yo rengay kyow. Nam rahn yo rengay kyow. Nam rahn yo rengay kyow. Nam rahn yo rengay kyow.

Téa: What happened that night, Lola? The night your mother was murdered? I read the testimony but --

Lola: So why are you asking me all these questions? You know what I said.

Téa: I just thought there might be something more to it.

Lola: Look, I don't even know you.

Téa: Sometimes, that helps. That's why people talk to counselors and priests, because they feel safer talking to someone they don't know so well.

Lola: Look, I'm not supposed to say anything.

Téa: Why not? Did your stepmother tell you not to?

Vanessa: What are you telling her?

Téa: I certainly hope you warned her not to talk about your marriage. Immigration officials are going to be talking to her teachers and friends and -- why aren't you back at the studio? I thought you and Cris were supposed to be getting to know each other in case immigration shows up.

Vanessa: Too late. Sarah reported us.

Sarah: I don't trust you.

Cristian: You don't trust me?

Sarah: How could I? I loved you. I loved you, and you just threw me away. You couldn't even do it fast enough. Well, welcome to my world. Because immigration is going to ship her out, and you're going to be alone. Just like me.

David: Nam rahn yo rengay kyow. Nam rahn yo rengay kyow. Nam rahn --

Jared: So do we have a deal?

David: And I'm fine, and peaceful, and full of joy, that I want for nothing.

David: This paper means nothing to me.

Dorian: I repeat, what are you doing here?

Mel: Working. Thought I'd skip winter in Llanview and spend a couple months in the sun. What's all this? You forcing another innocent man to drink?

Dorian: This man is happy to imbibe.

Mel: Hmm. Was he happy to tell you Asa's secrets?

Dorian: Well, I had to do a little work to get that out of him. ‘

Mel: Mm-hmm, and what are you going to do with what you learned? Dorian, you blow this, you're on your own.

Dorian: Fair's fair. I have a chance to get B.E. back. I mean, it's in reach. Don't rain on my parade.

Mel: Oh, you do this, honey? You're going to need a mighty big umbrella.

Dorian: Wait a minute! Wait, wait, wait, what happened to "you love something, let it go," and "if it's meant to be, it will come back to you?"

Mel: That's what a man says when he's looking to date another woman.

Dorian: Oh, would you knock it off? I -- I can make B.E. flourish. I just have to find David.

Beaver: Dorian? Who you talking to?

Dorian: No one. No one at all.

Jared: So you don't want the money?

David: I pity the man who sells his soul for a pile of paper the color of gingko leaves in the summer sunlight.

Jared: That would be a no.

David: Please tell Clint that in order to maintain the blissful self, chi must be coaxed from the lower sanctum each and every day.

[Jared sighs]

Rex: Tell Jared we all need to go out and celebrate.

Natalie: Okay.

Gigi: Yes, and congratulations.

Natalie: Thank you so much. Come on, trouble. Bye, guys.

Rex: Bye.

Gigi: I love that. That I'm Aunt Gigi.

Rex: You still know what to do with babies?

Gigi: It's like riding a bicycle, I guess. Besides, I love babies.

Rex: Geeg, I'm really sorry that I wasn't around when you had Shane.

Gigi: You would've loved it. He was such a character. He'd always make these funny faces, and he insisted on wearing a hat to bed. He'd always make me laugh.

Rex: Yeah, some of those pictures.

Gigi: Now, if you play your cards right, I might be willing to give the baby thing another shot.

Rex: Really?

Gigi: Well, not right away.

Rex: No, no, of course not. We'd have to save and make sure Shane's okay with it. But I promise you, I would be there with every burp and gurgle. I meant what I said to Natalie. I love you, Morasco. I'm not going anywhere.

Gigi: Good, because if you did, I'd just have to hunt you down and drag you back home. Now, ahem, where were we?

Rex: Uh, we were over by the wall.

Gigi: Oh.

Cristian: Look, I know how this --

Sarah: You -- you have no clue how I feel. Anyway, it's over. I'm leaving Llanview.

Cristian: What are you talking about?

Sarah: I'm leaving. Puddle of Mudd asked me to be their manager for their tour. I fly out to L.A. in two hours.

Lola: Immigration knows?

Vanessa: Don't worry; it's going to be okay. Cristian took care of it. But we have to go home. Wait for me in the lobby; I need to speak to Téa for a minute.

[Téa speaks Spanish]

Téa: I thought Sarah was onboard.

Vanessa: Look, I appreciate you helping me with my court case.

Téa: Oh, yeah.

Vanessa: But Lola is my stepdaughter. You have no business with her.

Téa: Oh, I was just trying to be her friend.

Vanessa: Well, she doesn't need your friendship. She has me.

Cristian: You can't leave. I won't let you.

Sarah: How are you going to stop me? You going to marry me? Oh, oh, I forgot, you're already married.

Cristian: Sarah, come on, there's got to be a way we can work this out.

Sarah: What's the point?

Cristian: Well, because we love each other? Because we've been through a lot together? Because -- because we're good together?

Sarah: Yeah, I thought so, too. And then Vanessa shows up, the woman who saved your life who looks exactly like every other person you've been with. I guess you just couldn't help yourself, huh? Anyway, lesson learned. I'm out of here.

Cristian: Sarah, let's --

Sarah: You can't have us both, Cristian. Watch out, maybe you'll end up with nobody. Goodbye, Cris.

Viki: Thank you for being so understanding, Nora. You know, it would be one thing if Jessica could testify as to what Todd was up to, but she does not have access to what Tess knows. Bess does not allow it.

Clint: Why is this happening to her?

Viki: Because Bess admitted to me that there is something else. There's a secret. A terrible secret that Jessica can't handle, and only Bess knows what it is.

Jessica: I'm not afraid of you, Brody. Nor am I turned off by the fact that you are almost as screwed up as I am. Misery loves company, right?

Brody: Well, if we're being honest, the only time I'm not miserable these days is when I'm with you.

Jessica: I just, I -- I know how you feel. And it's almost like you can't trust yourself. It's like at any moment, you could be back, trapped in Baghdad again, and it's terrible. But I -- I'm poison. Like, that's why I'm here, to protect people that I care about from what I become, and I -- I care about you and so --

Brody: Look, okay -- I'm not saying Tess is a picnic. But I think I took pretty good care of both of us last time she came out. And we got plenty of backup, help's only a yell away. We can handle it. And I'm willing -- in fact, I'm asking -- I need a friend.

[Wes sighs]

Wes: Let it go, man. Let it go.

Brody: Maybe Wes is right. Maybe you can help me figure out why I keep seeing that kid.

Jessica: Yeah, and maybe you can help me figure out why Tess keeps coming back.

Brody: Deal.

Natalie: Did the plan work? Is David on his way back to Tibet?

Jared: Not quite.

Beaver: I wish I could stay but --

Dorian: But David Vickers calls.

Beaver: Now, don't you tell a soul that Vickers is Asa's son.

Dorian: Don't you worry. Your secret is safe with me.

Beaver: Till next time, sugar.

[Dorian chuckles]

[Dorian sighs]

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Viki: What are you doing? Why are you helping Todd?

Blair: You're always going to be the man that raped Marty Saybrooke.

Marty: Want to have sex?

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