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Episode # 10347 -- It's Raining Men

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Dorian: What do you mean David Vickers isn't really David Vickers? Are you talking about Tina Roberts' dog David Vickers?

Alex: She did not name her dog after David, did she?

Dorian: Don't sidetrack me. I had you on the ropes. You promised me information. So what have you got on David?

Alex: Nothing. I don't have anything on David for you.

Dorian: Oh, I see. Well, since you don't have anything on David, I guess I'll be in touch with my team of lawyers. Yes, and we will sue you for running me over.

Alex: I said I didn't know it was you.

Dorian: Or what? You would have backed up? But please, oh, goodness, I'm going to so enjoy owning this whole island. Nice yacht.

Alex: It's mine.

Dorian: Not for long.

[Alex chuckles]

Dorian: But I'll see to it that you have a nice little dinghy. You're not going to need anything very big because the court will award me all of your possessions, including the clothes off your back. Though, what I'll do with them --

Alex: David Buchanan.

Dorian: Excuse me?

Alex: David Vickers is really David Buchanan, Asa's long lost son.

Clint: So you're David Vickeroshi?

Nora: He may be back in town, but he ain't from this planet.

Clint: David, we have heard about your remarkable transformation or the claim that you underwent.

David: I make no claim. I simply am. Namaste.

Nora: What does that mean, exactly?

Clint: It means "load of bull." David, what's going on here? Now, what's this really about?

Jared: You cold?

Natalie: No, actually, it's beautiful out tonight. Although, I might be feeling warm because of you.

Jared: Oh, well, good because that's the way I want to keep you forever. Safe and secure.

Natalie: Are you dying?

Jared: What?

Natalie: Because, in the movies when guys say things like that, it's -- they're either going off to war or coming down with flu-like symptoms or something.

Jared: No, I'm fine. As far as I know, anyway.

Natalie: Okay, good, just checking.

Jared: But there is something important that I want to talk to you about, a big decision that I have to make. And since I plan to spend the rest of my life with you, I want to know what you think.

John: Marty?

John: Yeah, give me the front desk. What the hell is going on here?

Todd: I can make you happy by doing this.

Marty: You will.

Téa: What the hell was that?

Blair: What was what?

Téa: I just heard something out there.

Blair: Well, I'm glad your ears are working, because you're about to get an earful from me.

[Marty gasps]

Marty: It's over.

Dorian: David Vickers is Asa Buchanan's son. How desperate are you to avoid being sued? Do you honestly think I'm going to believe that?

Alex: I don't care if you believe it or not. Nigel told Max Holden at Asa's funeral, and Max was sworn to secrecy.

Dorian: But Max told you?

Alex: I overheard and then I thought it was my duty to tell David.

Dorian: You told David the truth.

Alex: Well, more or less. Oh, seriously, Dorian, don't we know each other better than that?

Dorian: Go on.

Alex: So I tracked David down at Dreamland.

Dorian: Dare I ask what that is?

Alex: It's a rehab that passes itself off as, like, a spa. And that's where I found him.

Dorian: David was in rehab?

Alex: No, he was working there. And I pretended I was a client and I seduced him.

Dorian: Oh, he must have been down on his luck.

Alex: I told him that I was a rich divorcee and I was there for my sex addiction.

Alex: I have this hideous addiction to --

David: The deed?

Alex: I just couldn't stay away from his personal trainer.

David: If you're looking for the gym, it's right over there.

Alex: Well, um, Dickie's heart couldn't take it.

David: Oh, so he died and left you everything?

Alex: No, he dumped me. I broke his heart. He divorced me. But thank heavens we had that iron clad prenuptial agreement, you know, the one that's completely in sync with the California property laws that are just so wonderful. So even though I was hitting an emotional bottom, I ended up a very wealthy woman.

Alex: David being David, he wanted to marry me as soon as he could, which I knew that he would. The only thing that David Vickers loves more than himself is money.

David: Namaste, in fact, means "I bow to you." It's from the Sanskrit.

Clint: Well, David, you certainly do talk the talk. And in this outfit you kind of walk the walk. But then again, anybody can buy a costume.

Nora: You know, you're not -- you're not the new David Vickers or David Vickeroshi or whatever you're calling yourselves. You're just the same old same old.

David: I can not blame people for perceiving me as the man I was rather than the man that I am now, but I am not here to convince you of that. I sought you out for another purpose, Clint.

Nora: You sought out Clint?

David: I would like to discuss the Buchanan family fortune.

Asa: I, Asa Buchanan, leave everything I own, lock, stock and barrel to the son I never acknowledged, David Vickers.

Nigel: Madame, are you all right?

Renee: Yes, yes. I just can't get over this. David Vickers, Asa's son, of all people. And I knew that Asa had an affair with David's mother. I just never knew that it went on for so long. I wanted Jared to be his son. I so wanted that. How have I gotten it so wrong?

Nigel: That's why I kept the secret, to avoid seeing you like this. I'm so sorry.

Renee: Oh, Nigel, darling, it's not your fault. David Vickers is such a loser, a con man. And yet I can't help thinking, how might he have turned out if Asa had embraced him? If he had known his real family?

Clint: Why am I not surprised. I knew it was about the money.

David: Please, Clint, I merely ask that you listen to what I have to say. We are, after all, brothers, are we not?

Téa: Hold on, Blair, I'm serious. Sounded like something big hit the water out there.

Blair: Téa, it's probably just a shark. You know, they can sense when their own kind is near.

[Téa chuckles]

Téa: Very funny. But listen, if you want to pick a fight, I am not in the mood.

Blair: I am not here to fight you. I'm going to warn you. If you go after Starr like you did Marty Saybrooke up on the stand, I'm going to tear you from limb to limb. Got it?

Téa: I love Starr. I don't want to do anything to hurt her.

Blair: Well, then you get Todd to confirm everything Starr said was true.

Téa: I can't do that, Blair.

Blair: Why not? He was going to steal her baby.

Téa: Well, he claims that wasn't true.

Blair: That's because when he got to the hospital, her baby was dead. He was going to take the baby. He should be put away for the rest of his life.

Téa: What happened to you, Blair?

Blair: Me?

Téa: Yes, you. Todd was the love of your life.

Blair: Well, Téa, you of all people should know loving Todd fills your life with misery.

John: Her name is on the reservation for room 703. No, I'm not a cop. I've reason to believe that something -- never mind.

Marty: What are you doing here?

John: Looking for you.

Marty: Why?

John: What you wrote in your journal.

Marty: You went through my stuff? You read that?

John: Not like that. Cole called me, all right? He couldn't find you and he was worried. And, frankly, so was I when I realized that you had arranged for Todd to meet you here. Where is he?

Marty: He's gone.

Jared: Your dad has offered me my job back at B.E.

Natalie: He really did?

Jared: I know, I was surprised, too.

Natalie: Jared, do you know what this means? It means that he's over what happened.

Jared: Well, you know, I don't know about that, but he does want you back in the family. That's for sure. And he wants me to be able to take care of you.

Natalie: Well, that's a little old school, but that's great. Isn't it?

Jared: I love my job at B.E., you know that.

Natalie: Okay, the problem is?

Jared: Is your dad offering me the job back just because I'm marrying his daughter?

Natalie: Jared, my dad loves me, but he also loves B.E. and he's not going to just hand out an upper management position as charity, unless he's got you slotted for the mailroom.

Jared: I don't think so.

Natalie: Honey, you were amazing at B.E. You brought in clients and you could solve problems. That's why Nigel was so willing to pass you off as Grandpa's son. God, could you imagine the damage that David Vickers would have caused had he known he was a Buchanan?

Nigel: David Vickers would have been a bad seed no matter where he put roots down.

Renee: Maybe. His mother, Emma Bradley, worked for me. She was with Ned Truman. They had a little baby boy and still she fell head over heels for Asa. And Asa wasn't in love with her.

Nigel: How could he be when you were very much a part of the equation?

Renee: And then Ned came back from Vietnam and I advised her to forget Asa, to start a real life with Ned, let him be a father to their child.

Nigel: Spencer Truman, who grew up believing he was Mr. Buchanan's heir.

[Renee laughs]

Renee: And I thought that when she had a baby nine months later that it was Ned’s. Nigel, I actually held David Vickers in my arms as a baby. Yes, yes, I was wearing a necklace, another gift from Asa, just like the one I had on the other day. And sweet, kind, darling, dear little David kept tugging on it and nearly choked me to death.

Nigel: Let me guess, platinum?

Renee: With many, many, many, many more diamonds.

Nigel: As I said, Madame, nature over nurture.

Clint: What do you mean by, "we're brothers"?

David: All men are brothers. It is only thought that separates us. What we think, what we become.

Nora: Okay, let's just cut to the chase, here. You said you wanted to talk about the Buchanan fortune?

David: Ah, yes, Namaste, Nora.

Nora: Namaste.

David: I left this town with nothing but a mantra. "There's a sucker born every minute." But a near death experience helped me realize I did not want to leave this life being remembered as a money hungry swindler who tried to con your family out of $10 million.

Nora: Twice.

Clint: I hope you don't think the third times a charm.

David: I'm only grateful I was not successful the first two times. Otherwise, I may never have seen the light.

Clint: What light is that, exactly?

David: The light that revealed I was a man who coveted what others owned. That is who I was.

Nora: Was?

David: I am no longer interested in money, or any other material possession, for that matter. I ask only one thing of you, Clint.

Clint: Ah, hold on, here it comes.

David: I must apologize for my misdeeds and ask you for your forgiveness.

Dorian: David is Clint's brother, Asa's son?

Alex: If you don't believe me, ask Nigel. Nigel has the proof.

Dorian: So your plan was to marry David before he found out he was a Buchanan and then divorce him once he got his inheritance.

Alex: Yes. He would have his inheritance and his birthright, and I would have California community property laws. Everybody wins.

Dorian: Except David doesn't know he's a Buchanan, if indeed he is.

Alex: Well, I dragged him down to Texas so he could claim his inheritance, and then I found out that Asa didn't leave him anything.

Dorian: Aw, shucks.

Alex: So I intended to talk about that with Clint.

Dorian: You mean you intended to blackmail him.

Alex: Well, not exactly. But that didn't happen.

Dorian: Why not?

Alex: Nigel. Nigel was so desperate to keep me from telling anyone what I found out about David that he was willing to give me his entire inheritance from Asa.

Alex: He left his long lost son an island and a boat?

Nigel: Actually, no. He left them to me, but I will sign them over to you newlyweds this very moment in exchange for your eternal silence about Mr. Vickers' paternity.

Alex: That's how much he wanted to protect his beloved Buchanans.

Dorian: I can not believe Nigel would just give away his inheritance.

Alex: He was desperate. You know what they say. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Dorian: Indeed.

John: Manning was here, wasn't he?

Marty: Yeah, he was here. We talked.

John: Talked about what?

Marty: He said he still loved me. I ran away from him. He followed me up onto the roof. He said he couldn't live without me.

John: Did he hurt you?

Marty: He jumped.

John: What?

Marty: He jumped off the roof. He jumped. When I told him that I hated him, he jumped.

Blair: Téa, Téa, look, I know that you're just thinking of Todd, but I'm just thinking of my daughter here. Please, do you have any idea what she has gone through?

Téa: I can't imagine how horrible it must have been for Starr to lose her baby.

Blair: No, it was a baby that Todd was going to steal. Now, I don't care what he told you. He was there at the hospital the day that she was born, and he was going to take her baby.

Téa: Blair, I can't have this conversation with you anymore --

Blair: Please, please, if you care about Starr the way that you always say that you do, then you will think about --

Téa: I do -- what?

Blair: John, what's he doing? John! John!

Blair: John!

Téa: Oh, my God!

Blair: I don't see him.

Téa: I should have called 911 when I heard that sound. I would have if you hadn't picked a fight with me!

Blair: Yeah, you're such a damn Good Samaritan.

Téa: Someone is out there, Blair. Someone needs our help. Where did John even come from?

Blair: He said he was going to look for Marty. John!

Téa: Marty? You don't think she's --

Blair: I don't know. But if anybody's out there in that cold water, they could be dead by now. John!

Téa: John!

Jared: Still, your dad's offer is tricky.

Natalie: Why?

Jared: Because I don't have such a great reputation in this town, honey.

Natalie: Jared, that's over now.

Jared: Oh, yeah? Look, I take the job and I am the guy who married the boss's daughter. I don't take the job, then I'm the deadbeat son-in-law that can't support his wife.

Natalie: Whoa, back up a minute, okay? I don't need you or anybody else to support me.

Jared: Your money is yours. I'm not living off of you, okay?

Natalie: Okay, Jared, then if you don't want to take the job, don't -- don't take the job or any job because of me. I just want you to do what you like. I want you to do something that makes you feel good about yourself.

Jared: Besides you?

Natalie: Look, we're -- we're going to be fine. You know, people like us, we -- we always are. But if you do want to take the job, I say go for it. And I have a little hunch that you really do want to take the job because that's what you always wanted. You always wanted to work at B.E.

Jared: I almost lost you because I was overly ambitious. I'm wiser now. Yes, I loved working at B.E., but I will pass on it in a heartbeat if that's what you want.

Natalie: And why in the world would you have to do that when you could have it all?

Jared: I love you, you know that? I'm going to prove myself to your dad.

Natalie: B.E. needs you right now. The stock's not where it was when Dorian took over the company.

Jared: Well, then I guess we're just going to have to put it back on top. And I'm not going to let anybody take it away again.

Clint: You want my forgiveness. That's all?

David: I have learned from my master that words have the power to heal, and I believe that the words "I forgive you" will bring peace to both you and myself. Oh, would you excuse me for a moment? May I help you, old woman?

Nora: Is he for real?

Clint: Well, if it's a scam, I can't for the life of me figure out how David's going to gain from it.

Nora: Well, I don't know his angle either, but he's not asking for any money.

Clint: Do you think he'd be so devout if he knew he was worth a fortune?

Nora: Thank God he doesn't know. Everybody who does know is certainly not going to tell him.

Dorian: What I don't understand is, why would Asa announce to the whole world that he has a long lost son and then leave him nothing in the will?

Alex: Would you trust your fortune to David Vickers?

Dorian: Most certainly not. Now, while this story of yours does defy credulity, it makes a certain amount of sense. Hmm. I think Jared Banks must have known the truth about David.

Alex: I know he did. I heard him make the deal with Nigel.

Dorian: And of course he'd have no trouble getting hold of the DNA.

Alex: Right. There's plenty of it at your house. So I found out that David was the true heir, that it wasn't worth anything, went back to Nigel, took him up on his offer, dumped David and high tailed it out of Texas as soon as I could.

Dorian: Running me over in the process.

Alex: I already apologized for that. Now, this has been very valuable information, and I think we're even.

Dorian: Not quite.

Téa: I can't see anything.

Blair: I don't see anything, either. But, you know, John can't stay in the water much longer.

Téa: I'm going to call for help.

Blair: Wait -- wait, there's John. John, are you all right?

Téa: That's Todd!

Blair: My God, it's Todd. Come on.

[John coughs]

Téa: Todd, Todd! He's got a pulse, but he's not breathing.

Blair: Oh!

Blair: Can you hear me?

Téa: Todd!

Blair: Are you sure he's not breathing?

Téa: Yes, I'm sure he's not breathing. Todd.

John: He may have water in his lungs. He may need --

Blair: Move out of the way, Téa.

Téa: Anything?

Blair: Come on, you son of a bitch. I'm not going to explain this to your kids. Now, breathe.

Dorian: We are not even at all. If everything you're telling me is true, and I'm starting to believe that it is --

Alex: It is.

Dorian: Well, then -- David is Asa's son in name only. It does not matter if he is Clint or Bo's brother, because he is poor as a church mouse. Which means, my dear, that your information is of absolutely no value to me.

Alex: It was very valuable to Nigel.

Dorian: But he doesn't have any more islands or yachts to give away, does he?

Woman: I don't need any help.

David: Yes, you do -- you're old.

Woman: No!

Clint: If we can just get David out of town and keep Asa's lawyer from finding him, we can buy ourselves some time, meet Asa's challenge, and get the company back.

Nora: Okay, I don't know much about estate law, it's not my forte. But why don't we just contest the will?

Clint: Because eventually the public would find out that it was us and so would David.

Nora: But he said he didn't want any money.

Clint: This is Vickers that we're talking about.

Nora: Ah, Vickeroshi. He's renounced wealth, remember?

Clint: I think he only said that because he doesn't know that he has any money. If he were a Buchanan, believe me, that robe would be in the garbage, and that little old lady would be picking herself up off the ground.

Woman: Leave me alone!

Clint: Whenever I look at him, I can't believe that I'm looking in the face of my brother. I mean, I know it is -- I know he is. I've accepted that, but I'm not feeling it.

Nora: Well, you've hated him for so long that blood is not going to change that overnight.

Clint: Well, maybe not ever. I mean, of all the people in the world, why did it have to be David Vickers? I know he may be a member of the family, but if he makes a claim for the fortune, it could be the end of the family.

David: Namaste, Namaste.

Nora: Namaste.

David: I did not wish to be rude, but I, who have the gift of health, have a duty to take care of those who are older and weaker than myself. Clint, can I get you a chair or perhaps something soft to sit on?

Nora: Okay.

Clint: Namaste.

David: I believe we were speaking of forgiveness. And I must say, it would give me great solace if I could return to Tibet with that comfort.

Clint: Did you say Tibet? Tibet is nice this time of year.

Nora: Tibet is lovely this time of year, very lovely.

Clint: David, this change in you -- it's remarkable. It is deeply inspiring. And if you truly regret using my daughter's illness to extort money from my family, using a tragedy for your own personal gain, well, how can I refuse you?

David: Then you forgive me?

Clint: Yes, David, absolutely.

Nora: You know, you are right, David. Money was corrupting you. You're a much better person now.

David: Nora, that warms me inside. I only hope one day that I can warm you inside. Namaste.

Nora: Namaste.

Clint: Good.

Nora: So now that you've gotten what you came here for, I imagine that you will be leaving Llanview and go back on your spiritual path to --

Clint: In Tibet.

Nora: Yeah. So when will you be leaving?

Blair: Come on, damn it, come on.

Téa: Any luck? Is he breathing? Here.

Blair: Wait. Come on. Help me get him on his side.

Téa: Todd, come on. Good, good.

[Todd coughs]

Téa: What were you doing in the damn water?

Todd: I tried.

Blair: What -- you tried? What do you mean by that? What do you mean, you tried?

John: Are you all right?

Marty: Why did you do it? Why did you save him? I was finally rid of him. Why did you -- why didn't you let him die?

[Todd coughs]

Marty: How could you let him live after everything he's done to me?

Téa: What's she talking about? What happened between you two?

Blair: That's what I want to know.

Marty: He should have died when he went off the roof. He should be in the bottom of that river right now.

Blair: You pushed him off the roof?

Todd: No, she didn't do it.

John: Marty, wait.

Marty: Leave me alone. Haven't you already done enough?

Blair: Let's sit you up.

Téa: Come on, we're going to get you to the hospital.

Todd: No, no hospital.

Blair: Come on.

Téa: Come on, of course we're going. You almost drowned.

Todd: I didn’t.

Blair: You know more than you're saying, don't you?

John: It doesn't matter. It's over now.

Jared: So after I accept the offer, your dad's probably going to offer you your job back, too.

Natalie: I'm going to have to turn him down.

Jared: Why? I thought we made a pretty awesome team, especially when we were alone.

Natalie: We do, we do. But until Jessica comes home and she can take care of her babies, I really want to be there for Bree and Chloe. You understand, right?

Jared: They are pretty cute.

Natalie: Yeah, every time Bree sticks her little arms around my neck, I know I'm doing the right thing.

David: I do look forward to continuing my studies in Tibet, but my work here is far from over.

Clint: You're not going to Tibet?

David: I'll be staying at the Krishnarama Center here in Llanview until I have completed all that I am charged to do.

Nora: Which is?

David: As I told Viki, my mission is to make amends to all those I have wronged in my life.

Clint: How long is that going to take?

David: I have committed many sins. It could take some time.

Clint: Or not. I mean, look how quickly I forgave you -- and Viki, too.

David: And Addie, bless her soul.

Clint: And Addie, bless her soul. See, you could have this wrapped up in a day and a half.

David: I have many people that I must see. My next stop is Dorian. Namaste.

Nora: Namaste. Well, if David is waiting for forgiveness from Dorian, he could be here forever.

Dorian: Have you spilled this information about David to anyone else?

Alex: No, not a word. I only told you under duress.

Dorian: So that leaves you, me, Nigel, Max Holden --

Alex: And that Jared Banks person.

Dorian: Right -- who probably told the other Buchanans, and that means they're not talking.

Alex: So that must be worth something to you.

Dorian: Perhaps.

Alex: Great. So if you figure out how to use this valuable information, leave me out of it.

Dorian: Why? Don't want to lose this beautiful island paradise of yours?

Alex: Don't even think about it, Dorian.

Dorian: I think that I would rather have you ensconced here and far, far away from Llanview.

Alex: Smart. I have an island to run, if you'll excuse me.

Dorian: Of course. Ah, Alex, this champagne is superb. It is on you?

Alex: Of course, absolutely.

Beaver: Excuse me, I'm looking for Alex Olanov.

Bartender: You just missed her.

Beaver: Aw. I'm here on behalf of Asa Buchanan, the guy who used to own St. Blaze's here. Have you seen this fellow? His name is David Vickers.

Dorian: Excuse me, I couldn't help overhearing. Perhaps I can be of assistance.

Beaver: Oh, do you know where I might find David Vickers?

Dorian: Oh, hmm. Bartender, would you bring another glass to my table? This gentleman is going to join me for a drink, I hope. Please, sit down.

Beaver: Thank you.

Dorian: We'll have a nice drink, and some good conversation.

Monk: If we do not learn a lot in a day, we surely learn a little. Rely on real wisdom.

David: Wisdom did come to me today, master. I've begun to see things in this town I was never able to see before. We are rich when we are born. We lose only what we cling to.

Renee: David Vickers is back in Llanview.

Clint: Mm-hmm. And get a load of this -- he claims to be some sort of Buddhist monk-in-training.

Nora: Complete, dressed in the full regalia -- what there is of it.

Nigel: Good heavens, what is he up to?

Clint: Well, you never know with Vickers. But don't forget, there was one point in time when he had Viki and everybody else convinced that he was Viki’s brother.

Renee: And he also convinced poor Addie Cramer to marry him.

Clint: Well, whatever the case, it looks like he's going to be sticking around for awhile.

Renee: We cannot let him know that he is Asa's son.

Nigel: Or about the new codicil to the will where he gets everything.

Nora: I've been trying to wrack my brain coming up with an idea, and it just keeps coming up empty.

Clint: Well, I have an idea that may work.

David: I know now it is unwise to dwell in the past or to dream of the future. One must concentrate one's mind on the present moment. As my soul was saved, so perhaps I might be able to help others save their own, even those who appear to have no soul at all.

Beaver: Two is generally my limit, but this really is mighty fine champagne.

Dorian: I'm a very simple woman to please. The best will always do.

Beaver: Well, I guess I could use another glass.

Dorian: Oh, had a hard day?

Beaver: Ah, just a lot of pressure.

Dorian: Looking for this man?

Beaver: And taking issue with what my employer has asked me to do.

Dorian: Oh? And what is that?

Beaver: I'm afraid I can't tell you.

Dorian: Come on. You seem to have a lot of stuff you need to get off your chest. So don't worry, you can trust me.

David: I have come to learn that some souls are destined to be entwined until they can unravel the knot that binds them together.

John: Hey, it's okay. I'm all right.

Blair: Are you sure?

John: Yeah. Come on, I'll take you home.

Blair: John, I still don't know what happened. I mean, did he fall? Did he jump? Was he pushed? I mean, how did you know to go look in the water?

John: You know, you did real good saving him.

Blair: Well, he wasn't breathing. It was just instinct, I guess.

John: Must be.

Blair: And you, too, jumping in the water. It didn't matter that it was Todd, you just saw somebody who needed saving.

John: Yeah, somebody needed saving.

David: I have also come to see that anger cannot disappear, so long as one entertains revenge in the mind.

Man: Need a ride somewhere?

David: And I have learned from personal experience that until one faces death, one can never truly be reborn.

David: Namaste.

Monk: Namaste.

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