One Life to Live Transcript Monday 12/15/08


Episode # 10336 -- Hard of Hearing

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Judge: Mr. Manning, I'll ask you again. How do you plead to the charges against you?

Todd: I plead --

Téa: Todd. Don't you say another word.

Blair: Téa Delgado?

Nora: What in the world are you doing here? Your Honor, this woman has no right to speak for Todd Manning.

Judge: Identify yourself or get out of my courtroom.

Vanessa: I mean it. Will you marry me, Cristian?

Cristian: Look, I know Téa told you to marry an American. And I want to keep you and Lola from being deported to Colombia --

Vanessa: Then you'll do it, then you'll marry me.

Cristian: I'm sorry, Vanessa. I can't do that.

Dr. Levin: Welcome to our new arrivals. Would one of you care to begin? Jessica? Group helped when you were here last time.

Jessica: I know, I just -- I don't feel like talking today.

Brody: I'll give it a go.

Rex: Hey, Shane. How was school?

Shane: Okay, I guess.

Rex: How was the math test?

Shane: Okay.

Rex: What's on your mind?

Shane: Nothing.

Rex: Something. Thinking about Brody? Wondering if he likes the Christmas card you made him?

Brody: I got this today. This boy here -- he made it for me, himself. I really loved him. I thought of him as my son.

Barb: I know you now. That's the boy you kidnapped, and you shot his father. Why isn't he in the locked ward? He could snap and kill us all.

Blair: No, I'll tell you she is, Your Honor. She's Todd's lapdog. He calls her whenever he's in trouble --

Todd: I didn't call anybody --

Judge: Silence, silence! Now if you'll please answer my question.

Téa: I apologize for being late, Your Honor. My name is Téa Delgado. I'm an attorney and I'm here to save Todd Manning from himself.

Todd: What the hell are you doing here? Go away.

Cole: Hey, who's that woman?

Starr: Her name was Téa, she used to be my stepmother. I can't believe this.

Judge: Mr. Manning has made it clear he's representing himself.

Todd: That's right, I am representing myself. You're too late. I did everything that the D.A. and Marty Saybrooke are accusing me of. I plead guilty.

Dr. Levin: We don't attack in group, Barb.

Brody: It's okay. I'm not going to shoot anybody. But you're right. I did. I was pretty messed up. I thought I was going to lose Shane to his real dad. I lost it. I had my service pistol. I mean, Shane's dad was just trying to protect him and Shane's mom from me. And I shot him. And as much as I miss Shane, I thank God I did not kill his father.

Rex: It's okay to think about Brody.

Shane: I just hope he got my card, that's all.

Rex: I know he did. I had a doctor's appointment near St. Ann's, and I dropped it off for Brody.

Shane: For real? Did you see him? Is Brody all right?

Brody: Look, I'm lucky to be here. I know that. I could be doing real time right now. But I never meant to hurt anybody. I just -- I couldn't stand to lose Shane. And not just because I loved him. I did. I still do. But when I pulled the trigger that day, I was seeing -- I was trying to change what happened to another little boy.

Dr. Levin: Are you sure you're ready to talk about this part?

Brody: Maybe if I talk about it to somebody besides you, maybe it'll get -- I don't know, easier. Or maybe just something I can live with. It won't keep me up all night and be with me every hour I'm awake.

Brody: When I was in combat in Iraq, I shot and killed a kid. Everybody told me I was right to do it but that boy's parents lost their son and they're suffering now because of me.

Rex: Well, I didn't get to see Brody. He's not allowed visitors. But they did say this, he's making progress.

Shane: You checked?

Rex: Sure.

Shane: Thanks.

Rex: So how about the math test?

Shane: I was saving it to show Mom first.

Rex: Is that good or bad?

Shane: I guess you could see it first.

Markko: Hey, you. I got your text. Are you all right?

Langston: How was the final?

Markko: All right. Hard to focus with everything that's going on today. What are you doing here?

Langston: My cousin wanted me to help her run away.

Lola: But I'm not. Langston talked me out of it.

Markko: Did you find out something about going back?

Lola: No, but I'd better pack my stuff in case.

Markko: When's the hearing?

Lola: Today.

Langston: Yeah, Dorian’s lawyers, they couldn't do anything.

Markko: Isn't there something somebody can do?

Vanessa: You don't want to marry me. I understand.

Cristian: I don't think you do. Look, Vanessa, like I said, I want to help you. But if I marry you, even if it's just to stay in the country, it would kill Sarah. And I can't do that to her, I love her too much.

Vanessa: I know you do. I'm sorry, Cristian, I don't know what I was thinking. I'm just so desperate.

Cristian: I'm still going to do anything I can to help you. If it wasn't for you, I'd still be in that prison.

Vanessa: Cristian, your debt to me is paid. Taking me in, letting me live with you. I can't ask anything else of you. I just wish I knew somebody else who I could marry. Your friend Téa seems to think that's the only way to keep Lola and I from being sent back there.

Téa: Your Honor, if I could just have five minutes with Mr. Manning --

Todd: No, no! That won't be necessary, I plead guilty. All charges. Including rape.

Téa: I'm sorry. Am I to understand that you're charging Todd with rape?

Nora: Yes.

Téa: That is absurd. That is a travesty.

Nora: Your Honor, the plea's already been entered and the time for arguing is over. Mr. Manning has made his decision. And this needs to end so that Dr. Saybrooke's suffering can be over. Please, we need to sentence Mr. Manning as soon as possible and put him in prison, so that Dr. Saybrooke can pick up the pieces of what's left --

Téa: Your Honor, no defendant should enter a plea without advice from an attorney. You can't be happy with Mr. Manning representing himself. You are begging for an appeal if you don't give him every opportunity to obtain counsel. I am here to provide that as Mr. Manning's attorney.

Todd: Your Honor, she is not my attorney.

Cristian: Look, Vanessa, Téa's a great friend and she's a great lawyer. But maybe she's wrong when she says your only choice is to marry an American.

Vanessa: I don't know what else there is, Cristian.

Cristian: Well, we can explain to the judge how dangerous it is for you and Lola to be shipped back to Colombia. And if we can convince immigration that ray is a danger to you, then maybe they can give you some sort of asylum or something.

Vanessa: You're so sweet to hope like that. That's one of the things that I like best about you. That and your loyalty to Sarah.

Lola: Hi, Sarah. Cristian's not here.

Sarah: What happened? Didn't you have to go to the hearing? Or is it over already?

Lola: It's later this afternoon. I just wanted to say goodbye to my cousin and her friend.

Sarah: Hey, Langston. Markko. Did Cristian say when he'd be back?

Lola: Probably soon to take me to the hearing.

Sarah: All right. Well, I'm just going to hang here.

Langston: Lola, I grabbed something from my room before we came over here. I wanted you to have it. I hope it helps. It was my mom’s. Your Tia Linda’s. And even though your father's a scary guy, my mom was the best. And she'll be looking out for you today during the hearing. She watched out for me and I'm still here.

Vanessa: Sarah was right. You can't fight immigration or appeal to its humanity. They're not like you. They have no heart.

Cristian: I'm really sorry, Vanessa.

Vanessa: I know. And I understand. We better get going and explain to Lola that we have to leave.

Gigi: You aced it? Oh, my God! You rock, man.

Rex: Way to go. I hated math.

Shane: I hate reading.

Rex: I hated that, too.

Gigi: You're supposed to set a good example.

Rex: I am, of what not to be. What's this?

Shane: Nothing.

Gigi: Then give it up.

Shane: I don't want anyone seeing it.

Rex: Why not?

Shane: It's my Christmas list. It only has one thing on it.

Gigi: A Z-box? No way.

Shane: But it's all I'm asking for. It's the only thing I want.

Gigi: I'm sorry, but it's really out of our price range. Besides, I don't think that we can even get our hands on one.

Shane: But Mom, there's a bunch of them at the store.

Gigi: I know, I know. But I think right now you just need to do your homework. And you can use my boss's office. I will bring you a snack.

Shane: But, Mom --

Gigi: No, now. Please.

Gigi: What are you doing?

Rex: What do you think? Getting our kid a Z-box for Christmas.

Brody: All I can figure now is, after being here, that I was that desperate to hold on to Shane because of this other little boy. Thinking that -- I don't know. I could make this kid's life better instead of taking his life. When I was being good to Shane, I didn't have to think about what I did. But then, when I knew I was going to lose Shane, it all got jumbled up in my head. I was back in Iraq and -- and I -- the best catch phrase

Téa: Listen, Todd, listen

Téa: Listen, Todd, listen to me --

Todd: Your Honor, I don't want this woman as my lawyer. I don't want any lawyer. Nora's right, let's just get this thing over with so Marty can be done with it and done with me.

Téa: Your Honor, could I have five minutes --

Judge: Ms. Delgado, please. The defendant has made himself clear.

Téa: The D.A., who is a close friend of Ms. Saybrooke's, has obviously railroaded him.

Nora: I object to that --

Téa: The charge of rape is a serious one. If any watchdog organization gets hold of it, the guilty plea will be tossed --

Nora: That is not going to happen, Your Honor.

Téa: Mr. Manning will walk. Is that what you want, Your Honor? Are you willing to take that risk?

Judge: Escort Ms. Delgado and Mr. Manning to a witness room --

Todd: Wait a minute, do I get --

Téa: Thank you, Your Honor.

Judge: I sincerely hope, Mr. Manning, you choose to employ counsel. I call a 15-minute recess.

Bailiff: All rise.

Téa: God. You're growing up to be such a beautiful girl.

Starr: Tee, it's been such a long time.

Téa: Estrella, I'm so sorry about your baby.

Blair: You are not to touch my daughter.

Téa: I'm not looking for any trouble, Blair.

Blair: Oh, really? You live for trouble. Yeah. Remember the last time you tried to get in between me and Starr? You fell out a window.

Téa: Unfortunately for you, I survived.

John: You know who this Téa woman is?

Marty: I know Todd was married to her.

John: How do you remember that?

Marty: Todd must have told me. Should we be worried? Can this woman really do something to keep him from going to prison?

Lola: I don't know how to thank you.

Langston: Let's just hope it works like it did for me.

Markko: We all thought Langston was going away to Colombia with your old man. We even said our goodbyes. But everything turned out all right.

Langston: Yeah, because you and Vanessa showed up just at the right time. So, maybe the charm is good luck for you, too.

Lola: We'll know by this afternoon. I don't know what I'm going to do if we have to go back.

Cristian: Hey. I didn't know you'd be here.

Sarah: I wanted to see how the hearing went. I thought it'd be over by now.

Cristian: We're actually on our way there now. We just came by to pick up Lola.

Lola: Is there any hope at all for us staying?

Vanessa: Cristian's friend, a lawyer, she had an idea, but I don't think it's going to work.

Sarah: What is it?

Vanessa: She said I could always marry an American citizen.

Lola: Cristian's an American.

Sarah: Excuse me?

Vanessa: I already asked him. But of course, he can't marry me.

Gigi: So babe, how are you going to buy a Z-box? You haven't been able to work for a while.

Rex: Well, I own like the hottest club in Llanview.

Gigi: Ultraviolet? So, it's actually turning a profit?

Rex: Just let me do this, Morasco, please? It is my first Christmas with my son. I want to make it special.

Gigi: I just hope that you're not trying to buy Shane's love.

Rex: Like that ever works. Come on, I know I can't do that.

Gigi: Okay, good. Because Z-box or no Z-box, this Christmas is special because it's our first as a family.

Rex: And just think of all the family z-box tournaments we'll be having by the tree.

Gigi: God, you're not going to give up on this, are you?

Rex: After all the years I couldn't, all the years I missed out being Shane's dad? No way.

Dr. Levin: Brody? Are you all right? What do you see?

Brody: Sometimes I see a little boy who isn't really there.

Jessica: Maybe it's someone else's turn.

Brody: No. I want to talk about it. I need to.

Gigi: I don't know how you do it, Balsom. But you can always get me to cave.

Rex: Think of how much fun you'll have beating me at Z-box bowling.


Customer: Hey, can I get my check over here finally?

Brody: It all happened so fast. An I.E.D., an improvised explosive device killed some guys in our convoy. I was in the tank right behind them. I saw the whole thing. And somebody started shouting that the guys who planted it were in a house right off the road. We moved in. We discovered three insurgents and subdued them. We thought the area was secure. And I was the last one left and I heard a noise behind me. I fired. He fell. I realized I shot him. I didn't hear any other sounds. No shouts, no guns. I moved in. And that's when I realized who it was. A little boy maybe 10 years old, like Shane. And he was lying there silent.

Tess: Why aren't you crying, baby? Why aren't you crying?

Rex: In stock, one left, list price. How lucky am I? I must have the Z-box magic working. What the –

Todd: I told you I did not want your help. Now get the hell out of here.

Téa: So you're just going to roll over?

Todd: I want it over with! I made a deal.

Téa: What deal?

Todd: Plead guilty to all of it, and I get 25.

Blair: Téa is like a recurring nightmare.

Nora: Blair, it doesn't matter. Todd pled guilty in front of the judge. He heard it. Not even Téa can undo that.

Téa: When you made this deal with Nora, was there an attorney present?

Todd: I don't have an attorney, I don't want an attorney.

Téa: Okay, right. Then tell me this. When you made this deal without an attorney present --

Todd: Guard. Guard!

Téa: Did you know that in addition to the other charges, she was also accusing you of rape?

Cole: So you say this Téa lady was your stepmom? She and your dad were married?

Starr: Yeah, when I was little.

Cole: And now she's back here to help him. After what he did to my mom -- is she as sick as he is?

Blair: Téa is definitely as bad as Todd, and Nora better watch her back.

Todd: No, I didn't see the rape charge coming, but so what?

Téa: So what? Do you have any idea what this means? Rape is a capital offense.

Todd: Yes, Téa. I understand that and I don't care. As long as Marty doesn't have to testify, I don't care.

Nora: Marty, don't worry about this, all right? I know that Todd said over and over again, the last thing he wants to do is cause you any more pain.

Marty: And you believe him?

Nora: Well, I know he realizes that a trial would make you relive all the pain he caused you, and I know he certainly doesn't want to take his chances with a jury.

John: At the end of the day, Manning doesn't give a damn about anybody but himself.

Téa: You think you're being noble, don't you, trying not to hurt Marty?

Todd: Is that so bad?

Téa: No, but what about you, Todd? What about your life?

Todd: My life isn't worth crap right now.

Téa: Right, right, because without Marty, you're nothing.

Todd: That's right. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with that woman. I mean, I was willing to give up my family, my own kids.

Téa: So you could be this better man you think she turned you into.

Todd: It's better than what I was.

Téa: Was. Was. See, that's the operative term here. You're not that man anymore, right?

Todd: I don't know. Look what I did to her.

Téa: What did you do to her? Love her, try to give her everything she wants, give her a wonderful life.

Todd: Nobody's going to buy that.

Téa: No. No, they're not buying that. They're charging you with rape. And if you plead guilty to these charges, you're admitting to raping Marty Saybrooke yet again. Are you ready to do that, Todd?

Blair: Just be prepared for Téa. That's all I'm saying.

Nora: I've got it.

Marty: But what can she do? Nora said that Todd already pled guilty.

Blair: Well then, why isn't it over? The judge has allowed Todd and Téa together to spend time talking.

Nora: Well, that's because the judge is just trying to cover his bases.

Blair: Oh, and that's supposed to make us feel better.

John: Look, it's going to be okay.

Blair: We don't know that, John. Téa helped Todd take Starr away from me before.

Téa: If you'd kept your pants on, it wouldn't be so bad.

Todd: I made love to her. How often have you heard me use that phrase?

Téa: So, you admit that it was an act of love not rape. Why do you believe that, Todd? Do you believe somewhere deep down that you really raped Marty Saybrooke? Again?

Lola: There's a way for us to stay, and it's as easy as marrying Cristian?

Sarah: Vanessa, aren't you still married?

Vanessa: Well, I thought of that, too, but Ms. Delgado was kind enough to find out that my divorce from Ray is official.

Lola: Then what's stopping you?

Vanessa: Lola, Cristian is in love with Sarah.

Lola: It's not like you have to stay married forever.

Vanessa: Look, it's not going to happen, so put it out of your mind right now. Look, I'm sorry, mi hija. But we're just going to have to accept whatever happens at the hearing. We have to have faith. God's going to watch over us.

Lola: What's going to happen if we go back? My father will find us and he will kill us. I have friends here. I can live here and go to the same school here. I'm so lonely. Please, please, Sarah, let Vanessa marry Cristian.

Rex: My card was cancelled. Why? No, I haven't sent in a payment because I got shot. Well, I really did get shot. Look, I have insurance but everybody knows they don't cover everything. Yeah, okay, fine. Yes, I have another card. Can you check it? Great. Okay. One, eight, one, eight –

Brody: After I shot that boy, I couldn't hear anything. No shouting, no guns, my buddies -- nothing. It was like everything else disappeared. It was just me and this little kid who didn't yell or scream or cry any more.

Tess: Why aren't you crying, baby?

Brody: I wanted that kid to cry so I'd know I didn't kill him. But he didn’t.

Tess: Why aren't you crying, baby?

Brody: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Dr. Levin: It's all right, Brody.

Brody: No.

Dr. Levin: You're okay here.

Brody: No. I took a child from his mother. I took someone's child.

Cole: Well, is Téa still into your dad?

Starr: How could she be? After what my dad did to your mom, how could anyone think that that's okay? Even though Téa's not really wired like everyone else.

Cole: What does -- what does that mean?

Starr: I don't know. She's just not -- her mind doesn't work the same way.

Cole: So, is that why she showed up to help him even after he said he didn't want it?

Starr: I really don't know what's up with that.

Cole: Well, you know if she defends him, that means this thing is going to trial. If that happens, that's going to kill my mom.

Nora: Don't stress, Marty. I can handle Téa Delgado.

Blair: But can Todd? Téa can talk Todd into anything.

Téa: Do you, Todd? Do you believe you raped Marty Saybrooke for a second time?

Todd: I never wanted a lawyer. I still don’t. I'm not going to fight this. I don't have anything left. Please leave me alone.

Marty: What if Blair is right?

Nora: I tried to convince Todd to get an attorney and he flatly refused.

Blair: Yeah, that's because it wasn't Téa.

Nora: Did you hear him refusing her as she dragged him out of here?

Blair: It doesn't make any difference. She can get to him.

Marty: What if she gets him to change his mind?

John: Then we go to plan B, right, Nora?

Téa: So, you are ready to plead guilty to raping Marty Saybrooke yet again. That deal wasn't on the table when you made your deal with Nora. You're going to have to elocute, you know. Describe what you did. The judge might throw out your deal, decide it was null and void. You could go straight to prison. You're honestly all right with that?

Todd: Why are you doing this?

Téa: You need my help.

Todd: No, I don’t. There's something else going on here. You show up in town and you're all hot to defend me. What? I mean, after everything I've done to you, why do you care if I go to jail for this? What's in it for you?

Blair: Téa's going to use every underhanded trick she knows to get what she wants. And if for some reason she wants Todd to walk, she'll make it happen.

Téa: What's in it for me? It matters.

Todd: Yes, it matters.

Téa: Okay, I need the publicity. I could also use the money. I know you pay the big bucks.

Todd: I'm sure you're doing okay.

Téa: Maybe, even after everything you've done to me and vice versa, I can't stand to see you give up. I can't stomach it, Todd. That's not the Todd I know and love.

Bailiff: Judge wants to get going.

Téa: We need another minute.

Bailiff: Another minute.

Téa: So you're ready to plead guilty to raping Marty Saybrooke yet again, go straight to prison for it without defending yourself, without explaining yourself, without telling your side of the story. That's all your kids will ever know. That's all anyone will ever know, that you raped Marty Saybrooke yet again. And I thought you were a new man.

Todd: I am.

Téa: So, don't you deserve a chance of proving that? That you are a better person?

Todd: That's why I'm doing this.

Téa: No, what you're doing is pleading guilty to raping her. You must really believe that that's what happened. And if that is what you believe, then go ahead. Stick with your guilty plea. But if you don't, then fight, Todd. Fight for your kids. Fight for yourself. Hell, fight for Marty if that's what floats your boat. Make her believe that it wasn't rape, that you really do love her. If you wanted to prove it to her, that's the way. What's it going to be, Todd? Are you ready to branded as a rapist yet again?

Lola: It wouldn't be a real marriage. It's not like Cristian and Vanessa love each other.

Vanessa: Lola, stop it.

Markko: Hey, if I thought immigration would buy it, I'd marry your stepmom.

Langston: What?

Vanessa: See, Lola? Nobody wants the person they love to marry somebody else, no matter what the reason.

Langston: Yeah, there has to be somebody.

Markko: Aren't there people who do that for money?

Cristian: Oh, we don't have the money or the time to make it happen fast enough.

Vanessa: And Téa says that immigration knows all about these kinds of things. The marriage would have to appear real and the only person that I know well enough to make them believe it is Cristian.

Lola: I can't believe the answer's right here and Sarah won't let Cristian do it.

Cristian: Whoa, wait a minute. Lola, this isn't Sarah's problem. It's mine. I'm the one that made the decision, not Sarah.

Rex: But, wait, wait. No, no. See, my club needed new A.C. and heating. Well, I thought I thought I had a bigger line of credit. Okay, okay. So basically my credit -- my business card is maxed out, too? Okay, okay, yeah. Merry Christmas to you, too.

Gigi: Did you get it? Sorry, I know I shouldn't be so excited after I lectured you about the whole thing, but I've just have never been able to get Shane a great Christmas gift, you know?

Dr. Levin: Are you all right, Brody?

Brody: Except for you and my buddies, I've never told anybody about it like that. I think -- I think it helped.

Dr. Levin: Well, it took a lot of guts, telling everyone like this. You're doing great, Brody. Keep it up. All right, I think that's enough for now. Maybe you'll feel like sharing next time, Jessica. Jessica? What's going on?

Judge: Ms. Delgado, are you now Mr. Manning's counselor?

Téa: Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Manning has engaged my services.

Nora: Okay, now that that's cleared up, we can proceed to sentencing.

Téa: Not so fast. My client has decided to change his plea.

Gigi: Shane Morasco, are you sulking because of the Z-box?

Shane: I didn't want you to see my Christmas list, okay? I just wanted to dream about getting a Z-box for a little bit before you said no.

Gigi: He is going to be so stoked when he gets his Z-box.

Dr. Levin: Are you all right, Jessica?

Tess: Liar! You stole my baby from me. [As Jessica] Just hearing Brody's story, it was so sad.

Dr. Levin: Would you like to talk about it?

Tess: No, I'm fine. I just -- I feel really sorry for Brody.

Dr. Levin: I'm available if you change your mind.

Tess: What?

Brody: It's just me now. How are you really? My story got to you, not just because you feel sorry for me.

Tess: I need to see my baby.

Sarah: I love you, too, Cris. And the fact that you turned Vanessa down for something so important, because you didn't want to hurt me, means so much to me.

Cristian: Because you mean so much to me. I won't hurt you ever.

Sarah: But you said it yourself. Vanessa saved your life. She got you out of prison and she brought you back to Llanview, to me. This is -- is your chance to help her. So, I just need to know how you feel. I love you for saying that you can't do this to me, but do you want to? Do you want to marry Vanessa?

Cole: Can he do that?

Starr: Mom, what is he doing?

Blair: It's Téa. I knew she was trouble the minute she walked in here.

Nora: Your Honor, this is absurd. His plea has already been entered and recorded.

Téa: I'll tell you what's absurd. D.A. Hanen trying to coerce my client into accepting a 25-year sentence with no attorney present.

Nora: He waived his right to an attorney, Your Honor.

Téa: And then adding the charge of rape after the deal was done.

Judge: Is this true what ms. Delgado is saying?

Nora: I was merely --

Judge: Circumventing justice.

Nora: I was --

Judge: No, Ms. Hanen. I'm giving Mr. Manning another chance to enter a plea. How do you plead?

Todd: Not guilty, Your Honor. I am not guilty.

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Sarah: I thought you were actually going to say you would marry Vanessa.

Vanessa: It's going to be all right.

Marty: I don't know what I'll do if Todd gets off.

Téa: Trust me. I know exactly what I'm doing.

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