One Life to Live Transcript Friday 11/21/08


Episode #10322 ~ Forget-Me-Nots
Written by Shelly Altman, Janet Iacobuzio, Chris Van Etten, Ron Carlivati, Anna Theresa Cascio, Carolyn Culliton, & Elizabeth Page

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Proofread By Kathy

Jessica: There's another alter. Her name's Bess.

Viki: Bess? Well, what is she like?

Jessica: Well, I don't -- I don't know. If -- if Tess is all of my angry feelings, then she's me with no feelings, she said that she was the -- the gatekeeper.

Viki: The controller.

Jessica: Yeah. She said that she was here to protect me, but she scared the hell out of me.

Viki: Well, of course she did, honey. Of course she did -- that's the nature of this syndrome, you know? We create alters to avoid what's frightening us, so it's not really Bess who scared you. It's whatever brought her here.

Jessica: But, you know, if Tess came out to help me deal with Nashís death and she went after Jared and Natalie, then why is Bess here? What else am I avoiding?

Officer: Sorry, Doctor, but I've got to check everyone's I.D.

Dr. Joplin: No problem. I won't be long. I heard you were here. Who did this?

Todd: So what happened with my grandchild? You were supposed to take her back to Starr and Marcie.

Dr. Joplin: Oh. Well, when I went to do that, I discovered that she was gone.

Todd: Well, what went wrong?

Dr. Joplin: I wish to God I knew.

Marty: I'm not trying to put you on the spot, Cole. It's just that -- the last few months, I've had my head filled with so many lies, and especially about John. I just want to know the truth.

Cole: Yeah, okay. Well, you used to consult for the police department as a shrink and that's how you got to know John. And you were accused of something you didn't do. John found out the truth and fixed it for you.

Marty: So I trusted him?

Cole: Yeah, completely.

Marty: And we were friends?

Cole: You were -- well, you were more than friends.

Blair: No, I'm not going to discuss my relationship with John with you, Dorian.

Dorian: Blair.

Blair: No.

Dorian: Come on.

Blair: No.

Dorian: I was just making the point that John and Marty used to have a relationship, and now that she's back, you have to be wondering what she wants.

Blair: It's none of my business.

Dorian: What? Huh -- Blair, of course it's your business. You're sleeping with the man. Aren't you a little bit worried that maybe Marty will want to pick up where they left off?

John: Mayor?

Mayor Lowell: Yes, Detective?

John: Take your badge, take your job, and shove it.

Reporter: Mayor Lowell, why would a detective you just called a hero quit the police

Mayor Lowell: Detective McBain has my full support. He's been under a great deal of stress lately.

Reporter: So you're saying he quit because he's stressed out?

Mayor Lowell: That's all I have to say. I'm sure you can show yourselves out.

Reporter: Commissioner, what do you make of this?

Bo: Well, I'd say that this interview is over.

Reporter: D.A. Hanen, any response?

Antonio: You heard the commissioner. This way, please. Let's go -- you, too.

Mayor Lowell: You sandbag me again and I will bury you --

John: Back the hell up, Lowell. I don't want any part of you.

Mayor Lowell: And you be careful what you ask for.

John: Hey, being careful nearly cost Marty Saybrooke her life. I'm through being careful. I hereby resign from the Llanview Police Department.

Viki: See, Tess expresses your rage and the gatekeeper is there to control your fears.

Jessica: What am I afraid of?

Viki: Oh, honey -- the way you lost your husband, you know? It could be anything -- it could be being alone or death. The point is that Bess has probably been there all along.

Jessica: That's what she said. She said that she's been watching me.

Viki: Yeah, that's what they do. My gatekeeper was -- is Jean Randolph. I mean, I didn't know she was there. I wasn't aware of it, but she'd been there for all along. And that's what she was doing, watching over all the various facets of my personality.

Jessica: So -- uh -- Bess is a good alter?

Viki: Yes and no. If she's anything like Jean, she was created to keep order and to protect you, but that means she's completely pragmatic. She has no sense of right or wrong.

Jessica: Jean was the one that put Dorian in the secret room.

Viki: Yeah. Actually, that's what led me to find Natalie and Jared.

Jessica: So do you think that Tess remembered that Jean did that?

Viki: Well, somebody did, yeah. But look at it this way -- the fact that you remember a conversation that you had with Bess, that's unbelievably good.

Jessica: Oh, uh, Bess didn't really tell me anything. All she said was that she took control of the situation.

Viki: I wonder what that meant.

Marty: I had a picture of myself with John. I don't -- I don't know where it is now and I don't know how I had it, but Todd told me that I was involved with him but he said that John had left me there after the crash to die and that he was still trying to kill me.

Cole: That is total crap.

Marty: So when he came crashing through the window, I --

Cole: You know why he did that? Because he couldn't get you any other way, right? And no one else suspected that you were there -- I mean, I sure didnít.

Marty: So he really does care for me?

Cole: Yeah.

Marty: And I care about him?

Cole: Well, yeah -- for a long time after Dad died, you said you wouldn't love anybody but him, and then John came along.

Marty: And you said he helped me.

Cole: Yeah, well, it started out that way. And then it started turning into something more.

Marty: And you're okay with that?

Cole: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I really like him and I saw that he made you happy and, I mean, I -- you know, it -- I thought that it could really turn into something, but you guys just never had the chance.

Bo: You don't have to do this, John.

John: Marty was confined in Manning's house for months because this jerk was afraid Manning would destroy his chances for re-election.

Mayor Lowell: If you'd give me something concrete --

John: I brought an eyewitness before Judge Runyon.

Mayor Lowell: A convicted felon.

John: It was enough for the warrant. But on your orders, you denied me and then you put me in jail.

Mayor Lowell: Where you -- where you assaulted an officer.

John: And if I hadn't, Manning would've got away with Marty. We never would've found her.

Nora: But you did find her and we're all grateful for that and I know that in the future, Mayor Lowell will be much more trusting of your instinct --

John: Don't -- don't bother, Nora, all right? This guy, he's never going to change, all right? And the next time he impounds evidence or he denies a warrant or he throws a good cop in jail, there may not be an alternative. There won't be an alternative and somebody will wind up suffering, or worse, they'll end up dead. I'm done with it. I quit!

Mayor Lowell: I've offered you an opportunity, Detective, and you've rejected it. I have no other option but to accept your resignation. I want the charges reinstated against Mr. McBain. I want him prosecuted for escape, breaking and entering, and aggravated assault. You won't see the light of day for a very long time.

[Blair sighs]

Blair: My love life is the least of my worries right now.

Dorian: I just think you should face what happened.

Blair: What happened is Todd lost his mind yet again. And not only do I have to raise three kids on my own, I have to deal with the fact that everybody in the world knows that my ex-husband held a woman hostage -- a woman that he raped.

Dorian: In that newspaper article, Todd is quoted as saying they're in love.

Blair: Oh, Todd loves the man in the mirror.

Dorian: That's true. He also says that they were happy, blissfully happy.

Blair: Well, you know what? I saw Marty with Todd today, and there's nothing blissful about it. In fact, she hates his guts now. John put Todd in the hospital and John's in jail.

Dorian: So, you're really not worried about what's going to happen between Marty and --

Blair: Listen to me. Even if I had the time to worry about it, it's not an issue. Marty has amnesia. She doesn't even remember John, okay?

Dorian: Honey, there's nothing wrong with John's memory.

Jessica: I feel like there's something going on inside of me, something that I -- I don't want to know about, I don't want to face, and that's why Tess was able to re-emerge.

Viki: She was only here for about an hour, darling, which means you're stronger than you were.

Jessica: Bess said that she let Tess out because of the baby.

Viki: Yeah, yeah. She was adamant about seeing her.

Jessica: You talked to her?

Viki: Oh, yes, yes. She doesn't like me at all, you know? But I -- I totally understand that.

Jessica: Well, did -- did she see the baby?

Viki: Yeah, she did.

Jessica: She didn't hurt her or --

Viki: No, darling, no. Baby's fine. No, she never even touched her. She just looked, looked at her, that's all.

Jessica: Well, what -- what is it? What's wrong? What aren't you telling me?

Viki: There's nothing wrong, okay? Nothing wrong. Uh -- the only thing is Tess was credibly upset and she kept saying that the nurse had brought her the wrong baby, which she had not. She kept saying that the baby wasn't hers.

Dr. Joplin: Janet and I went back to get the baby. We were so relieved that you'd changed your mind.

Todd: And the baby?

Dr. Joplin: In the crib where we left her. Only her color was bad -- she wasn't breathing. She was gone, no apparent reason. All the tests were fine. My first thought was that it was SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome.

Todd: I know what it is.

Dr. Joplin: Anyway, the family insisted on an autopsy -- well, Dr. Lord did.

Todd: That was my fault. That's what I do. I destroy things.

Dr. Joplin: Why did you do it? Why did you change your mind? Was it because of that woman, the one in your house? It's all over the news.

Todd: What did they say?

Dr. Joplin: That you held that poor woman hostage.

Todd: I loved her.

Marty: Todd lied to me for months. I mean, do you know how good it feels to hear what I know is the truth?

Cole: Does any of it seem familiar?

Marty: It makes me happy knowing that -- that I had a good life and that I had you. Oh, my God, you are my biggest joy. And -- and friends and love all around me, that makes me feel so much better about myself.

Cole: You were a happy person, and a great shrink that people trusted. I mean, everybody loved you -- loves you. So did -- did anything ring a bell for you?

Marty: I'm sorry.

Cole: Hey, it's okay. You know, until this morning, I thought you were dead, so it's a miracle.

Marty: I know, but still.

Cole: Do I wish that you remembered everything? Well, yeah, of course, but it will come in time. I mean, you -- you already remembered bringing me The Jabberwocky and singing me that song.

Marty: The only things I remember are about you.

Cole: Which makes me believe that this whole memory loss thing is just temporary and that eventually, you'll remember the rest, right?

Blair: Why are you hounding me about John and Marty?

Dorian: I don't care about John and Marty --

Blair: Really?

Dorian: Except the impact they make on my family because my family has been through way too much already and there will probably be more. The police will probably charge Todd -- whoa, right -- who will, uh, hurl insults, make accusations, hire an expensive team of lawyers until somebody finally shoots him and then we can have some peace. Honey? It's not going to be easy. I just don't want you to have any problems with John.

Blair: John is the only one that doesn't cause me problems, Dorian.

Dorian: Well, still, with Marty Saybrooke being back --

Blair: Okay, okay. Let me just make things really, really clear for you right now.

Dorian: Okay.

Blair: I enjoy John's company, but we're really not an item. I mean, we've never even been out on a real date. I've just practically shared a beer with him and that's it.

Dorian: Never breakfast in bed?

Blair: Dorian.

Dorian: I'm not making a judgment here.

Blair: No, you know what you're doing? You're hassling me, you really are. And I don't even know if I want to get into a serious relationship with John. I mean, he is a nice guy, we talk, we can -- we have a good time together, but that is it.

Dorian: That's more than most couples have after years of marriage.

Blair: I definitely don't want to get married. I just got a divorce.

Dorian: Well, of course you donít. I -- I don't want to get married either. Of course, it's nice to have romance, good sex, and nice presents.

Blair: Oh, would you -- you can stop right there because John is definitely not going to buy me presents because that's certainly not him.

Dorian: He seems to make you happy. I'd like that to continue.

Blair: Well, you know what? So would I. What are you looking at me like that for?

Dorian: You like him.

[Dorian chuckles]

Dorian: Admit it.

Blair: Oh, okay. [As Dorian] I like him.

[Dorian chuckles]

Blair: [Normal voice] Make you happy?

Dorian: Are you happy?

John: You threatening me, Lowell?

Nora: Nobody is threatening anyone.

John: You want to put me away, go ahead and take your best shot. I'd rather be inside with the crooks than on the outside with the likes of you.

Michael: John, John, John, John. Just come on, dude, just shut up, all right? Now your lawyer's going to be here as soon as he's out of court.

Bo: I don't think that John needs a lawyer. Do you, Mr. Mayor? All those reporters that just left -- I don't know. What do you think, Nora? How long would it take for that footage to hit the air?

Nora: Oh. Oh, well, it's probably on the air right now -- on the internet, too, so --

Bo: Ah, so -- so all the footage of you exonerating John, calling him a hero, that's already out there, you know? You do a 180 now, they're going to call you a flip-flopper. Not that the public opinion really means all that much, but the voters will believe that John did a very heroic, very noble thing for a helpless woman.

Mayor Lowell: You make a good point, Commissioner. I am willing to put the matter to rest. But I warn you, McBain -- you so much as jaywalk Ė

Jessica: Bess said that, uh, Tess was the -- she held the memories of my baby's birth.

Viki: Yes. Oh, honey, all that pain and anger and all alone, I can't even imagine how traumatic it was.

Jessica: You know, I -- I think I know what happened. Uh -- Tess had been through so much, you know? And -- and of course she wanted to see the baby, but I -- I think that, you know, as soon as she saw her, she realized that -- that she was mine, you know, that -- that Nash and I made her together.

Viki: Well, she was very angry. But, honey, she's gone.

[Jessica scoffs]

Jessica: Well, it doesn't matter. The damage is already done, you know? I -- I can't -- I can't nurse my baby; I won't even dare hold her.

Dr. Joplin: Yeah, well, I've got patients.

Todd: Dr. Joplin? I was trying to do the right thing. Yeah, at first I wanted the baby because, uh -- well, just because I didn't want Marcie to have it. And then it was about something I could give Marty so we could be a family. And then this thing happened and I -- and I realized that I couldn't do it. I couldn't go through with it, not if I wanted to be the man she said she loves. I was just trying to do the right thing. You understand?

Dr. Joplin: The media is saying that you kept her son from her, that you told her she'd never had a child. You're sick, Todd. You need help.

Todd: No, it's too late.

Marty: I keep wondering if the fact that Todd kept telling me lies has -- that's interfered with my ability to remember.

Cole: Yeah, but now you're away from him.

Marty: I know, but there's no guarantee with that kind of injury.

Cole: Well, you're -- you're already starting to remember things -- like that there are palm trees in California.

Marty: Yeah, the general stuff I can access, but the personal stuff --

Cole: Mom, you were living in a weird guy's house where everyone was lying to you. I mean, just think about it. If Todd told you the truth about every question you asked, you would've started building bridges to those memories a long time ago.

Marty: God, I hope you're right, honey. I really do. What?

Cole: Well, you -- you called me "honey."

Marty: Oh. Did I used to do that?

Cole: Yeah.

Marty: I love that. Hey, Cole, I -- I -- I get this. I -- this is -- I am so sorry that I can't remember what we had but -- but, you know, we can make new memories like we are right now, like -- like with this talk.

Cole: Yeah, but it's not the same.

Marty: No, it isn't, but it's what we have and it's a lot more than we had a few days ago.

Cole: That's exactly what you would say. Here -- you should look at this every day.

Marty: Where are you going?

Cole: To get something. I'll -- I'll be right back.

Bo: I need you, John.

[John sighs]

Bo: I can't make this office work; I can't clear enough cases without you.

John: Bo, I was at Manning's house months ago -- months ago. And instead of kicking down doors, I had to do it by the book. And you know what that did? That meant -- meant Manning could abuse her all over again. Do you know what that did to her?

Bo: I understand. And believe me, I do understand. But how is any of this going to improve if you're not here?

John: I can't fix it, Bo. I can't fix this anymore!

Bo: John, look, you're a cop. This job is your life. This was your dad's life. It's your life, too. What are you going to do?

Viki: Do you want me to have the nurse bring you the baby?

Jessica: Yes, I would love that. I'd love to hold her. I'd love to be with her, I'd love to be with Bree, but I canít. I canít. You know? The children are Tess' only connection to Nash, and I can't risk it. They're a trigger. How's Bree? Is she okay?

Viki: She's fine. She misses you.

Jessica: What kind of mother am I? And what -- I barely see my newborn baby. I can't even keep it together for my children.

Dr. Joplin: You want to feel sorry for yourself, go right ahead. I got bigger problems. Dorian Lord is breathing down my neck, wants to know why the baby wasn't in the NICU when I said it was. She's demanding to see the autopsy report.

Todd: She talk to Janet?

Dr. Joplin: I'm hoping Janet left town. I told her to.

Todd: Well, don't worry. They won't be able to prove anything.

Dr. Joplin: No, just that I'm a liar and that I took a perfectly healthy baby away from its mother, and now it's dead. Maybe someday I'll be able to look in a mirror and remember what I was before I ever met you. Oh -- I -- I hope you get the help you need. I really do.

Dorian: From the sound of things on the news, it seems as though John has suspected that Marty was alive for a long time.

Blair: Well, he's a detective.

Dorian: Exactly. And his career is very important to him. So for him to risk it by being thrown in jail, protecting Marty?

Blair: It's the kind of guy he is.

[Dorian sighs]

Blair: You know, he told me that he was working on a case, something that might affect us, but he also told me that whatever happened, it would be okay.

Dorian: That was thoughtful of him.

Blair: And I know he cares about me. It's just --

Dorian: Just what?

Blair: It's just, I'm not going to analyze this with you. What --

Reporter: There are no further details, but as we reported exclusively earlier, Lieutenant John McBain of the Llanview Police Department surprised everyone here, following the mayor's announcement that all charges against McBain were dismissed.

Dorian: Good for you, John.

Reporter: After his badge was returned by Mayor Lowell who called him a hero --

Blair: You go, John.

Reporter: Lieutenant McBain abruptly resigned from the police department.

Blair: What?

John: Mayor?

Mayor Lowell: Yes, Detective?

John: Take your badge, take your job, and shove it.

Dorian: Wow.

John: You know what; I'm going to be all right. Don't worry about me. I appreciate everything you've done for me.

Bo: Hey, John -- John. I'm going to ask you again. What are you going to do?

John: I don't know. I got a little money put away.

Bo: Even after you spent so much on clothes? Hey, come on. This'll all die down.

John: I can't come back here, Bo. I need to be on my own. Make my own rules for a while. It's been an honor to work with you.

Bo: Same here. Don't be a stranger.

Michael: John.

Antonio: What the hell just happened in here?

Bo: This department just lost one of the best cops I've ever known.

Viki: I was actually going to give this to Bree so that she could see her baby sister.

Jessica: Oh, she's so beautiful.

Viki: Yes, she is, darling. And she's beautiful because she's yours.

Jessica: Oh. Is she healthy?

Viki: Perfectly. Nurses said that she -- she eats like a horse, and she has lungs like a warrior.

[Jessica chuckles]

Jessica: Oh. Nash has two beautiful baby girls to carry his name. I haven't even named her yet.

Viki: But you will, you will. For now, she's Baby Brennan. You will get through this, I promise you. You will take her home, and you will name her.

Jessica: I can't take her home, I'm broken.

Viki: No, honey, you just had a relapse.

Jessica: No, Mom, I nearly killed four people. I can't be trusted with a new baby. I can't be trusted with Bree. I just met a new alter. Who knows how many more are waiting in the wings?

Viki: Darling, I know you can do this.

Jessica: I know I can, too. I can. But I have to go away. I have to, you know? Physically, I'm okay to leave. But I -- I can't -- I can't go out in the real world, not yet.

Nora: He resigned? He really resigned?

Bo: I couldn't talk him out of it.

Antonio: I don't want to knock the system -- I mean, it's right more than it's wrong, but he saved a woman's life.

Bo: But it wasn't the system that failed him. It was that mayor and his pals. John just went up against him one too many times.

Nora: No, it's because of Marty. She's lost. And if you know her and you love her, it's just really hard to take. I'm going to go to my office now.

Bo: Nora --

Nora: No, I just want to make these charges go away before the mayor changes his mind.

Bo: Close the door, will you, please? You know, John leaving like this, it leaves a hole, a big one.

Antonio: Well, I could take over some of John's cases.

Bo: But I'm going to need a new chief of detectives.

Antonio: All right, you want me to help you interview candidates?

Bo: Not necessary. You're my man.

Michael: You sure you know what you're doing?

John: No.

Michael: Because before you walk out, you do realize that you won, right? The mayor backed down.

John: This time, Mike. Oh, come on, bro, you know me. If I can't do something, I just can't do it.

Michael: Maybe you just take a vacation.

John: Why is that?

Michael: It's just time to think about whether you really want to do this.

John: Because of me, Mike, because I was forced to toe the line, she got raped -- again. I appreciate you coming down here trying to help, I do. I got to get out of here. Bro, I just -- I got to get out of here. I'll see you later.

Michael: Where are you going?

Cole: You, uh, you and John made that.

Marty: Really? He doesn't seem the type.

Cole: Yeah, he's not, but he was going through a rough time, and you were trying to pull him out of it. Oh, this one, it's my favorite.

Marty: Whoa, look at that dress.

Cole: Yeah. Yeah, it -- it was your birthday. I remember, I busted open my piggy bank, collected all the change, and went down to the drugstore and got you some perfume. It smelled like those flowers that used to grow underneath the apple tree in the park. So, whenever I would smell those flowers or anybody that was wearing that perfume, I would always think of you.

Marty: It's amazing. You can smell something and remember me, and my brain just doesn't make that connection.

Cole: Here. Try this. Might be hot, so be careful.

Marty: Okay. What is this? Mmm, hot chocolate.

Cole: Mm-hmm. Yeah, do -- do you smell the cinnamon?

Marty: And vanilla.

Cole: Ah, just the way you like it.

Marty: Mmm, I do like it. I don't remember liking it.

Cole: I tell you what, I'll run down to the drugstore and get that perfume, okay?

Marty: No, no, no, don't, you don't have to.

Cole: Mom, it'll just take a minute, all right?

Marty: No, just stay here. We'll -- we'll just do -- we'll just talk some more.

Cole: Okay, music -- there was this beautiful song that you always liked to listen to.

Marty: Please, donít.

Cole: You have to start trying.

Marty: No, I donít. I don't have to. Just stop pushing me.

[Marty plays "Heart and Soul"]

Todd: Look at you. Amnesia, shmamnesia, baby. Jeez.

Marty: Ah, this is so wonderful. God, I feel so free. You raped me, didn't you?

Viki: Honey, are you really sure you want to do this? You want to commit yourself?

Jessica: I have to, Mom. I can't go out into the real world yet. Natalie, um -- Natalie said that she'd help me take care of the girls.

Viki: Oh, darling, you're so strong.

Jessica: No, I'm not. I'm terrified. But, I have to do this, you know? I have to commit myself, if I'm going to be able to face life without Nash. And if I can't do that, if I -- if I can't do what it takes to become a decent parent, then I don't deserve to raise those children.

Viki: Oh, sweetheart. You know what? We're going to see that you get the best help there is, and we'll get you anything you need, and you never, ever need to worry about the children, all right?

Jessica: I know, I know. I know I can trust you. And I want to be that kind of person. I want to be the kind of person that my children can trust.

Viki: You will be. I promise you, you will.

Jessica: Okay.

[Jessica sighs]

Jessica: I'm really tired.

Viki: I'll bet you are. You rest. I'll be outside, okay?

Jessica: Okay.

Dorian: Hello, this is Dr. Dorian Lord. I am checking on Starr Manning's baby's autopsy report. And, Dr. Joplin, if you are playing games with me, you're going to regret it.

Marty's voice: Was it good for you, reliving that night? Did you get off seeing me have to experience that again? You raped me, didn't you? You did that, you changed your face?

Marty: I, uh -- I'm so sorry, Cole, I -- I -- you've been through hell today. You lost your baby, and I keep snapping at you.

Cole: Mom, it's -- it's okay.

Marty: No, it's not.

Cole: Well, you've been through hell, too.

Marty: It's just, I've been under Todd's control for so many months. He told me everything that I was supposed to do. And I want so desperately to be the mother that you remember. I -- I just need a little -- I don't know, some space, some time.

Cole: Okay. All right, well, do you want me to go?

Marty: No, I just -- I just -- I want you to be a little patient with me. You understand? I mean, I just need to -- to, you know, to be by myself for a while, not do what Todd wants or what you want.

Cole: I'm nothing like Todd.

Marty: No. God, that's not at all what I meant. That's not what I meant. I need -- I need to find myself, I need to see where I am. You understand?

Cole: Yeah. I'm sorry. It's just -- I just want you back.

Marty: I know.

Cole: All right, well, I'll see you later.

Antonio: I appreciate the faith that you have in me to do the job. I'll step up. But if it were up to me, John would still be here.

Bo: John made his choice. We still have a job to do, and I'm -- I'm just glad that you're here to do it with me.

Antonio: Thanks, Bo.

Bo: Sure.

Blair: Nora?

Nora: Oh, Blair -- oh, my God. I -- I'm so sorry about Starr's baby.

Blair: Thank you. How's Cole doing?

Nora: Uh -- well, he's at least got Marty.

Blair: Yeah. It's been one hell of a time.

Nora: Yeah, it sure has.

Blair: I just saw on the television that John was with the mayor. Is -- is he all right?

Nora: He's gone, Blair. He walked out.

[Doorbell rings]

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