One Life to Live Transcript Monday 11/17/08


Episode #10318 ~ Cradle of Hope
Written by Shelly Altman, Janet Iacobuzio, Chris Van Etten, Ron Carlivati, Anna Theresa Cascio, Carolyn Culliton, & Michelle Poteet Lisanti

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Proofread By Kathy

Blair: I heard on the news that you broke out of jail. I didn't even know you were arrested. Are you okay?

John: I guess I've been worse.

Blair: You said that something big was going to come down tonight that was going to affect a lot of people.

John: It does.

Blair: Okay, you want to tell me?

John: Marty's alive.

Cole: Mom?

Doctor: What've we got?

EMT: Assault victim. Multiple bruises, lacerations over face, arms, and chest.

Second EMT: Pressure's 90 over 60, pulse 110. No L.O.C., pupils equal and reactive.

Antonio: His name is Todd Manning. I'm sure he's got some records on file here.

Doctor: Todd? Mr. Manning, can you hear me? What's that?

Todd: Let me die.

Starr: Dad? I need to talk to you, it's important. It's about the baby. Please call me back.

Langston: Feel like company?

Starr: Only if it's you.

Langston: I'm so sorry, Starr. I'm so sorry about your baby.

Michael: Roxy must have put all this stuff in here. It's from Eric, Ron, Jerry, and your dad.

Marcie: I called them after the delivery. Before, when we thought she was going to be all right, Mike. They don't know. They don't know that Hope died.

Cole: Mom, would -- are you real? Or is this a dream?

Marty: You're not dreaming. It's me.

Doctor: I know you're in a lot of pain, Mr. Manning, but we'll take care of that. Start a line. Demerol, 50 milligrams, and call x-ray. CT head, too. Take him to three. You know what happened?

Antonio: Yeah, I got an idea.

Doctor: He's in pretty bad shape. I hope whoever did this is behind bars.

Blair: Marty Saybrooke is alive?

Nora: So it's true? Marty really is alive?

John: I've seen her.

Blair: But John, the accident happened over a year ago. Where in the world has she been all this time?

John: For the most part, she's been right here.

Blair: What do you mean, right here?

John: She's been living at Todd’s.

Michael: I'll call your family, okay? You need to get some rest. You haven't slept in two days.

Marcie: Thanks, Mike.

Michael: God, it's freezing in here. I'm going to turn the heat on.

Langston: I'm sorry I didn't come earlier. Cole and your mom trumped me. Not like they shouldn't --

Starr: No, I was worried that you were going to think it was sensitive to wait until morning.

Langston: Have I ever been sensitive?

Starr: No, and that's why you're my best friend.

Langston: At least I can still make you smile.

Starr: I think it's the first time that I've smiled since -- since Hope... since she died. Oh, God, Langston. I'm so glad you're here.

Cole: I don't understand. I thought I'd lost you. And now you're here. You're standing here, and I can touch you.

Talia: Cole, this all just happened so fast. We were going to call you.

Cole: I can't believe it. I can't believe it. I missed you so much.

Marty: I missed you, too.

Cole: I wished for this every day. That somehow it was just a mistake, and that you weren't really gone. I thought that was crazy, though, because I saw that van blow up. And John and I, we came to save you. I just can't believe it.

Marty: You can believe it. I made it.

Cole: Are you okay? What...

Marty: Yeah, I'm fine.

Cole: No, you're not. No, something's wrong.

Doctor: We're going to stitch you up before we take you down to x-ray. You might want to step out.

Antonio: That's not going to happen.

Doctor: I understand you're worried about your friend.

Antonio: He's not a friend. I'm a cop. I'm here to make sure he doesn't cut and run.

Doctor: What did he do to deserve a beating like this?

Antonio: He held a woman captive for months, and then he raped her.

Blair: Marty has been living at Todd's?

John: You remember when he told us that there was a woman in his life?

Blair: That mystery woman was Marty Saybrooke?

Nora: Wait a minute; Todd's been holding her captive?

John: Not exactly. She thinks she's been living there of her own free will.

Marty: I'm fine, I'm fine.

Cole: I thought you were dead, but I never forgot anything about you. I can tell when something's wrong.

Talia: Cole, your mom needs a full medical work-up. That's why she's here. We're not really sure what happened to her. But we know that she's suffered a head injury.

Cole: Well, what kind of head injury?

Talia: I don't know, I'm not the doctor.

Cole: But it doesn't take a doctor to see that something's wrong. Mom, you're looking at me like you don't even know me. You do know me, don't you?

Nora: You're telling me that she was willingly living at Todd's and not telling anyone, not even her son she's alive?

John: She has some sort of amnesia, Nora. A head injury.

Blair: Amnesia? What?

John: Yeah, she doesn't remember anything of her life before the accident.

Nora: Did she remember Todd?

John: She didn't even know she had a son. And Manning never told her.

Marty: I am so sorry. I can't remember much.

Cole: Mom, it's me, Cole.

Marty: I know. I know, I saw your picture.

Cole: My picture? So you don't -- you really don't remember me?

Marty: Oh, God, I want to more than you know. I am so sorry.

Cole: Oh, it's -- no, it's okay. It's okay. You're alive. I got you back. That's all I care about. It will all come back to you, I know it will.

Talia: Maybe we should try to see the doctor.

Marty: No, not just yet.

Talia: Okay.

Marty: Oh, you're my son.

Cole: Yeah. And you're the best mom in the world. You don't remember that? You don't remember me?

Marty: I remember a little boy.

Nora: My God, she didn't even remember Cole?

Blair: You're telling me that Todd had her at that house the whole time, and he didn't once mention to her that she had a son? He is a sick bastard.

Nora: Did he tell her that he raped her?

John: He told her about the rape. Just not that he was one of the rapists.

Todd: Hey.

Marty: Hey, you. I was just writing about you.

Todd: Oh, yeah?

Marty: No, uh-uh.

Todd: That bad?

Marty: That good. I love you.

Todd: Yeah, I gathered that from earlier.

Marty: I gathered that from you, too.

Todd: I love you, too, Marty.

Marty: Mm.

Todd: I do, I really do. And earlier when we made love, I realized I can never let you go.

Marty: Oh, Starr. Starr. How's our baby?

Todd: Perfect. It's a girl.

Marty: It's a girl? My gosh, we have a daughter?

Todd: Marty.

Marty: What? Tell me, please. Tell me there's nothing wrong. What happened?

Todd: We can't have Starr's baby.

Marty: Why? Did she change her mind about giving it to us?

Todd: No, I did.

Nora: How did Marty end up at Todd's?

John: He found her at Ramsey’s, the night Ramsey was killed.

Nora: Ramsey had her?

John: Ramsey had her.

Nora: Why didn't he tell anyone?

John: I don't know. I think he thought that if he could get her well, he would look like some kind of hero or something. Obviously, the guys that whacked him had different ideas.

Blair: I know Todd was the first person there after the shooting. So he found Marty.

John: And then he took her to his new place.

Blair: And she was there the whole time. When I delivered the divorce papers, when I went to return that nightgown that he obviously bought for Marty.

Nora: Where is Marty now?

John: She's at the hospital. Talia took her. They wouldn't let me. Nora, maybe you would go to her. She could use a friend right now.

Nora: Please, don't say anything more. I'm on my way.

Cole: Well, what do you remember?

Marty: I remember a little boy. He was about two. I sang you a lullaby.

[Marty hums "Brahms’ Lullaby"]

Marty: And good night in the sky

[Cole continues humming]

Marty: It was real? It was a real memory. I wasn't just imagining.

Cole: No. You'd sing it to me before I went to bed. Right after you read "The Jabberwocky."

Marty: Oh! I remember that, too. Ah, yeah. "The Jabberwocky," it just came to me.

Cole: Well, do you remember anything else?

Marty: I'm sorry.

Cole: Hey, it's okay. It's okay. I'm happy for that one memory. I have a mom again.

Marty: Yes, you do.

Nurse: The doctor's ready to see you, Dr. Saybrooke.

Marty: Okay, yes. I'll be right in. Thank you.

Cole: Hey, I hope... I hope you're okay. And I hope you know how much I love you.

Marty: I do. I do know that.

Marty: I do know that.

Michael: I'll get the rest of Hope's things out of here.

Marcie: No. No, you don't have to do that, Mike.

Michael: I want to do it, Marcie.

Marcie: I remember, Michael. I remember when you did it with Tommy’s things. I know what it did to you.

Michael: Yeah.

Marcie: Michael, I know that you're trying to help. I do. And you have, but... I just think that you probably should -- just go, okay? Just please go, Mike.

Michael: Is that what you want?

Marcie: No. I mean, I wish -- I wish we had done this together, but we didn’t. And we're not.

Michael: I know.

Marcie: I understand, Mike. I do. I understand that you were trying to protect yourself. You knew. You did. You knew something was going to happen.

Michael: No, I didn't think it was going to be anything like this.

Marcie: You know, you were smart though. You were. You were smart because you protected yourself. You shouldn't have to suffer over a loss that isn't yours.

Starr: You really got what this baby meant to me. Sometimes I think even more than Cole did.

Langston: I knew about it the first moment you did.

Starr: I wish you could have seen her. She was so beautiful.

Langston: She had to be. She was yours.

Starr: I thought at least I'd be able to watch her grow up with Marcie.

Langston: I know. Me, too.

Nora: Cole, is Starr okay?

Cole: Nora, Nora, I just saw my mom, and I didn't imagine it. I really saw her.

Nora: I know. I know, I know all about it. I tried calling you.

Cole: She's alive.

Nora: I know.

Cole: It's like all my prayers got answered.

Nora: I know. John said she doesn't have her memory.

Cole: Yeah. No, she didn't know who I was. I mean, I'm just some kid that she saw in a picture. I mean, she knows who I am, but she doesn't remember me.

Marty: You changed your mind about taking Starr's baby? Why?

Todd: I'm sorry. I know you were looking forward to raising this baby together. But Starr wants to give her to Marcie McBain.

Marty: The woman who took Sam from you?

Todd: It's Starr's decision, not mine. She's Starr's baby, so I have to respect and I have to live with her decision.

Marty: Can you?

Todd: I didn't think I could at first, but now I realize, maybe I wanted this child for the wrong reasons. Maybe I wanted her to make up for the fact that I had lost my own kids. Maybe I wanted her to make me feel okay again. Give my life meaning. But I don't want to take a child away from a woman who can't have any of her own, and who could love this child as much as you and I ever could.

Marty: What made you change your mind?

Todd: You. You did, Marty. It was you.

Nora: I'll let you know if I find out anything, okay?

Cole: Nora, wait.

Nora: Yeah?

Cole: Do you know what happened to my mom? I mean, did the police find her?

Nora: John found her.

Cole: Where was she?

John: When she saw me, she was terrified of me. Pointed a gun -- was going to put a bullet in me.

Blair: John, you told her the truth?

John: I tried. I tried. At first, she was pretty much on his side. Told me he had been good to her, what he meant to her.

Blair: They'd gotten that close?

John: She said she thought she was in love with him.

Blair: With Todd?

John: Manning said he loved her, too.

Blair: And she bought that?

John: She bought everything. She bought everything he told her. They were going to move away together, start a life together, have a family.

Blair: A family?

John: He slept with her. He slept with the woman he raped.

Langston: I woke up the therapist that ran the grief counseling Cole and I used to go to. I wanted to know the best thing that I could do for you.

Starr: You're doing it, okay? Being here and talking about the baby, it helps me.

Langston: Yeah, but the therapist said that you might want something to remember the baby by, since you won't have pictures or anything. So I tracked down Dr. Joplin, and I got her to get this for you.

Langston: It's a lock of Hope's hair.

Starr: Thank you. Thank you.

Cole: Okay, where was she when John found her?

Nora: Well, I -- I don't really know the details.

Cole: Nora, you came here knowing that she was alive. You have to know something. Or was she in the hospital somewhere, or was it because the amnesia -- she couldn't tell anybody who she was?

Nora: Well, it wasn't that exactly.

Cole: Nora, this is my mom. Stop holding out on me.

Nora: I know, Cole.

Cole: Where was she this whole time?

Nora: I don't know much. Just that John found your mother at Todd Manning’s.

Blair: Todd slept with Marty. And you're the one here at the police station in handcuffs? And he's not?

John: Manning needed a little medical attention before he could be booked.

Blair: How bad did you make him pay?

John: I've been charged with assault and battery. Should've been attempted murder.

Blair: John, if you wanted him dead, he'd be dead. But, no, that would be too easy for Todd. He needs to answer for everybody that he's hurt.

Cole: My mom was with Mr. Manning. For how long? For how long?

Nora: Apparently she was rescued by Lee Ramsey and she stayed with him until he was killed. And then Todd took her in.

Cole: Yeah, that was months ago.

Nora: I know.

Cole: I was there in his house. He didn't tell me, he didn't say a word.

Nora: He will be made to pay for what he did. I will see to it personally. You just concentrate on the fact that your mother is alive.

Cole: Yeah, you're right. I know you want to go see my mom, so go ahead.

Nora: I'll stay by her side. I promise, okay?

Cole: Hey, Nora.

Nora: Yeah?

Cole: Thank you for everything.

Doctor: I'll be back as soon as I order those tests.

Talia: How are you holding up?

Marty: I'm okay. Thank you for being here, Officer.

Talia: You can call me Talia.

Marty: I'm sorry. I don't remember.

Talia: It's okay.

[Knock on door]

Talia: Well, here's somebody you knew really well.

Nora: Oh, Marty.

Marty: Nora Gannon.

Nora: You remember me?

Marty: Yeah, I saw your picture. You defended the man who raped me. You defended Todd Manning.

Todd: I did so many bad things, Marty. Things I haven't even told you about.

Marty: You don't have to.

Todd: But now I realize if you can love me, maybe I'm not so bad. Not that it wipes out what I've done, but maybe now I can change. Now I can be a better man because of you.

Marty: I do believe it. I believe in you. You didn't force your will on Starr. You gave up raising your grandchild. I love you even more for that.

Blair: How long did you suspect that it was Marty that Todd had at his house?

John: A while now. I'm sorry. I couldn't say anything until I was sure. I didn't want to get Cole's hopes up. Because all this is connected to Ramsey, the mayor kept throwing up roadblocks, wouldn't let me get near it.

Blair: So that's when you just decided to -- to go at it on your own.

John: I put keys up before the judge and he made a positive I.D. Judge still wouldn't give me a warrant, booked me for contempt. I had to break out of jail to get to her. And when I got there, I got there just in time. They were about to leave town together with Starr's baby.

Nora: Yes, it's true. I was Todd Manning's defense attorney. But I came to discover that he was guilty, and then I did everything that I could do to make sure that he went to prison for what he did to you.

Marty: And that's documented somewhere?

Nora: Yes. I -- I know you don't remember me. And I'm sure after everything you've been through, you don't really trust anyone. But we are friends.

Talia: It's true. Marty, you and Nora were really close.

Nora: I -- I'm Cole's guardian. Your son, Cole. You asked me to take care of him if anything should happen to you.

Marty: I did?

Nora: And I did. He lives with me. And he's -- he's such a remarkable young man. He loves his mother so much. Lieutenant Talia, if you have to be somewhere, I'm more than happy to stay.

Talia: Oh, yes, ma'am. Are you comfortable with that, Marty?

Marty: Yes, thank you. Thank you for everything.

Talia: Sure.

Nora: You may not remember me, or our friendship, or how much we cared about each other, but, well, you may not even believe anything anyone says. But I want you -- I need you to please listen. Todd Manning will never hurt you again.

Todd: We can still have everything we want, everything we planned. We can still have a family, you know.

Marty: Without Starr's baby?

Todd: I bet I can make a baby of our own.

Talia: How's Manning?

Antonio: He's bad off.

Talia: Yeah. So what are you going to do? Are you sticking around?

Antonio: No, no, Kevin just got here. I'm out of here. Listen, um, he's all yours, all right?

Kevin: Good night, Detective.

Antonio: Good night.

Talia: So, um... are you going to go home?

Blair: Todd and Marty were planning on raising Starr's baby?

John: He told her that Starr had decided to give him the baby.

Blair: What?

John: That he and Marty were going to raise the baby together. Either he was living some kind of psychotic fantasy, or his plan was to take Starr's baby from Marcie.

Blair: Todd was at the hospital tonight right after Starr gave birth.

John: Starr had her baby? Congratulations.

Blair: John.

John: That's great. What?

Blair: Starr. Her baby didn't make it.

Marty: I was thinking maybe we could start working on that baby right now.

Marty: Todd. Is he dead?

Nora: No. But he's in no shape to hurt you or anyone else right now.

Marty: Did anyone tell you what happened when I was at his house?

Nora: John didn't say very much. He's very concerned about you, but... listen, Marty, I'm not a defense attorney any longer. I'm the district attorney, so I have to ask you some questions. Did Todd hurt you? Did he touch you? Did he... he didn't rape you, did he? Again?

Marty: No.

Nora: Okay.

Marty: But I feel like he did. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. How could I have been such an idiot?

Nora: Oh, why would you say that? You're not an idiot.

Marty: I slept with him! Willingly!

Marty: Like he was the most wonderful man in the whole world.

Marty: I told him I loved him. And I...

Michael: You know, it is my loss to suffer, Marcie. Your loss is my loss, your suffering is my suffering. Okay, don't you know that?

Marcie: Oh, Mike. You know, at least I had some joy. I did. I got to buy all these things, and I had all this anticipation. I got all this planning. But, Michael, you didn't get any of it.

Michael: Because I didn't step up. You know, I did everything that I could to make sure that I didn't get hurt. And you know what? It didn't work. Marcie, I walked out on you. You're still my wife. I will not walk out on you now. I love you. You know? As long as I am alive on this planet, you will not be alone.

John: I'm sorry. I got so caught up in this, I didn't -- what happened?

Blair: Oh, John, we don't know. The baby was born. She was beautiful. She was fine. And then she was just gone.

Starr: Marcie got this for me. She got it so I would have something to remind me of hope to keep close to me. But after... she wasn't going to give it to me because she didn't have anything to put in it.

Langston: Well, now you do.

Michael: You want something to help you sleep?

Marcie: No.

John: What about you?

Blair: John, I'm tough.

Blair: It's hard. That little baby, Starr, Cole, Marcie. And now Marty, and what Todd did to her?

Todd: I love you so much, Marty. I really do.

Marty: I love you, too.

Marty: I took him into my bed.

Marty: How could I have done that?

Nora: You didn't do anything. You didn't do anything, honey. You just didn't remember Todd. Who he was, what he'd done to you. You were so terribly injured, and he fooled you into trusting. You just -- you just can't blame yourself.

Marty: But I wanted him.

Nora: You wanted the man he said he was. He lied to you. He did this. But now it's over. It's over. It's all over.

Marty: You don't understand. It might not be over.

Nora: What do you mean? What do you mean?

Marty: I slept with him and I didn't use protection.

Nora: Marty, could you be pregnant?

Marty: Todd?

Todd: Hmm.

Marty: You know what I think?

Todd: That I hope this isn't a dream?

Marty: Maybe between the two times we made love tonight, maybe, just maybe, we made a baby.

Cole: Wake up, you son of a bitch. Wake up.

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