One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 10/30/08


Episode # 10306 - "Babes Up In Arms"
Written by Katherine Schock, Ron Carlivati, Carolyn Culliton, Shelly Altman, Janet Iacobuzio, Chris Van Etten, & Anna Theresa Cascio

Provided By Boo
Proofread By Kathy

[Knock on door]

John: What took you so long?

Ofc. Fish: All right, I got a new hard drive. It's already installed. "Plus de-encrypt version 4.5."

John: That's great. What does that mean?

Ofc. Fish: Uh, that it's way better than version 3.5.

John: Okay. What are you going to do with it?

Ofc. Fish: Look up Manning's bank records.

John: I already asked the Feds to do that. They said it was a dead end.

Ofc. Fish: The feds can't do what I can do.

John: What, they don't have de-crypt version four point whatever?

Ofc. Fish: Oh, no, they do, but they can not operate it like I can.

John: Hey, Fish, I don't know. I -- I shouldn't be asking you to break any rules.

Ofc. Fish: John, you're not asking, I'm offering.

[Knock on door]

Blair: Well, not too many trick-or-treaters.

Starr: I don't know. I've been up here. Grandma's been answering the door.

Blair: Oh, well, more for us. Come on, you want to be bad?

Starr: I have a lot of homework to do, and packing took longer than I expected.

Blair: Oh, you're packed for the hospital already?

Starr: Yeah, I can't believe it. I feel like I just found out that I was pregnant. And now, I'm packing for the hospital.

Blair: Yeah. Look, gummy frogs.

Starr: Mom, you remembered?

Blair: Of course I remembered.

Starr: Aw.

Blair: They're good.

Starr: Mom, this is not how it's supposed to be.

Blair: I know, sweetie. I know.

Cole: Hey, Mom.

Marty: She's a princess. She's a princess.

[Baby babbles]

Marty: There's a baby? I'm looking for the baby. Oh, that's a big baby. That's supposed to be you.

[Marty laughs]

[Baby babbles]

Marty: What -- you are right. That is a cat.

[Baby babbles]

Marty: Oh, what do they say?

[Baby babbles]

Marty: Meow, you are right about that, too. Meow, can I try? How does he do it? Meow. Yes. Meow. Okay.

[Baby cries]

Marty: Oh, look at this.

Viki: Oh.

Todd: Viki, what the hell are you doing?

Viki: Oh, my God.

Natalie: Is that -- is that real?

Tess: Do you mean, am I as stupid as Uncle Todd and use fake dynamite? No, no, no, no. No, I'm not looking to catch a murderer, I've already caught them. They're right here.

Jared: You don't know anything about dynamite.

Tess: I know it's the quickest way to die.

Jared: It's not safe.

Tess: Oh, yeah, you're right. You know, one second you're here, and then, poof, you're gone.

Natalie: No, no, he -- he means -- he means for you and the baby.

Tess: Oh, thank you. Your concern is very touching.

Natalie: We'll do anything you want, Tess. Just -- we want to help.

Tess: Well, can you bring Nash back for me, Bree, and the baby? I didn't think so.

Natalie: If we could bring Nash back, we would.

Tess: You would? You'd do anything?

Jared: Of course.

Tess: Even die?

Natalie: Look, killing us is not going to bring Nash back.

Jared: This is crazy. You know this, right?

Tess: Okay. So, I am interested to hear what you would do.

Natalie: We could -- we could stay here.

Tess: You'd stay here, in this room, forever?

Jared: If it would bring Nash back, yes.

Tess: Yeah, but it wonít. And my children have to grow up without their father, don't they?

Natalie: Well, at the rate you're going, these children are going to grow up with a mother who's a murderer!

Tess: At least they'll have a mother.

Natalie: No, Jessica is their mother.

Tess: No. I'm her mother. Just like Niki Smith was mine.

Natalie: Really, and how well did that work out for you, huh, Tess? I mean, do you want to do to your kids what Niki Smith did to you?

Viki: Well, hello, my little sweetheart. You lied to me. Todd, you lied. You said she wasn't here.

Todd: Who?

Viki: Who? Bree.

Todd: Bree, right, right.

Viki: Has she been here all along?

Todd: I didn't know she was here.

[Todd chuckles]

Viki: Excuse me?

Todd: Yeah, Jessica must've left her here.

Viki: Are you telling me Jessica left, and left Bree here without telling you?

Todd: Yeah, why not? Maybe she just, uh, left for a couple minutes, had to do some errands or something.

Viki: You honestly think that's what happened?

Todd: Yeah, well, why don't we go downstairs and check? She's probably back now.

Viki: What -- what is going on here?

Todd: What? What are you talking about?

Viki: You are lying, and you're hiding something. Why can't you tell me? Why can't you just tell me the truth?

John: Hey, Jack, thanks anyway. I'll call you.

Ofc. Fish: Who was that?

John: Guy I know in the D.A.'s office. Judge owes him a favor. I thought maybe we had another shot at a warrant.

Ofc. Fish: I thought you didn't have enough evidence.

John: Just -- maybe there's something else we can do.

Ofc. Fish: There is.

John: What do you got? You think he was actually dumb enough to write a check out to Reddick?

Ofc. Fish: Well, he had to pay him somehow.

John: And he made it out to "cash"?

Ofc. Fish: Okay, so we flag every suspicious check that we find.

John: And break a few dozen laws in the process.

Ofc. Fish: Look, if you want me to stop, I'll stop.

John: Fish, I tried to do this by the book.

Ofc. Fish: Yeah, well, warrants take a while, okay? What if somebody has a chance to tip off Manning? If he hid her the first time you searched the house, then he can do it a second time and better.

John: Go for it.

Blair: You remember last year? That was fun. You guys were sitting around, talking about all this junk food. You and Cole and Langston were watching scary movies. You remember?

Starr: Just without a clue that everything could go wrong.

Blair: Listen, I know that you're worried right now. Soon, all of this is going to be over, sweetheart, and your life is going to be back to normal. It will. What?

Starr: You know, thinking about Halloween last year. We're all sitting there watching a movie, and that guy in the mask was outside the door. You remember that, right?

Blair: Yeah, I do.

Starr: That guy was looking for Cole. And he took Cole and his mom away. And then that was the beginning of the end for Cole and his mom.

Cole: It's been almost a year, Mom. I can't believe I haven't seen you in a whole year. Remember when I used to stay up when you'd stay late at the hospital? Just so I could see you when you'd get home? Mom, I don't know how to say this.

Cole: I miss you so much.

Cole: But I have to let you go.

Todd: Viki, nothing is going on.

Viki: Well, then why are you so, I don't know, antsy, anxious?

Todd: Well, it's like you said. Something's wrong with Jessica.

Viki: Are you sure she didn't say anything to you about Natalie and Jared?

Todd: Not that I recall.

Viki: Todd, I --

Todd: She wouldn't tell me anything.

Viki: You really don't know where she is?

Todd: No. Cross my heart. Why'd you come up here anyway?

Viki: Because I heard the baby crying on the monitor, for heaven's sakes.

Todd: Is that all?

Viki: Is that all? What, that's not enough?

Todd: What do you think is wrong with her?

Viki: Well, I don't know. She's a baby, isn't she? She's in an unfamiliar room, she -- she's alone. She's probably hungry.

Todd: Well, downstairs there's milk, stuff like that.

Viki: Fine, I'll see if I can get her something.

Todd: Right.

Viki: Listen, you have to help me here. I want you to think very carefully. Everything that Tess said to you, anything that might help us find her.

Todd: Yes, sure.

Viki: Let's go downstairs, see if there's some of your favorites, okay? I know, I'm your favorite. Okay, come on. We're going to see if your favorites are there. Where are they? Where are the things?

Marty: I didn't know who that was. I -- I figured better safe than sorry.

Todd: It was my sister. She's taking Bree downstairs to give her something to eat. Don't worry about it.

Marty: What about Jessica?

Todd: What about her?

Marty: Well, what's wrong with her? Why did she leave Bree here without telling you? Why does everyone call her Tess?

Blair: So, did you pack yourself a pretty nightgown? Because as soon as the baby comes, you've delivered it, probably want to get out of that hospital gown, you know.

Starr: You know what?

Blair: What?

Starr: I'm fine. I can do this.

Blair: Sweetheart, it is okay if you canít.

Starr: No. Mom, I made the decision. Marcie is going to get this baby, and it's the best thing. I can do it.

Blair: I know you can, sweetie.

Starr: But, Cole, I -- I don't know. He -- he's trying to understand, but I don't think Cole -- he'll ever forgive me.

Blair: Well, maybe he will.

Starr: I don't know. I don't know if he'll ever get over losing this baby. Just like I don't know if he'll ever get over losing his mom.

Cole: Mom, I hope you haven't been worrying about me. I like Nora. She's cool. I mean, she can't make your special waffles. Then again, she can't really make anything. But, uh, if I can't live with you, I'm glad to live with Nora.

Cole: She, uh, she's been helping me with all my college stuff. We're, uh, we got a couple colleges in mind. I was -- I was thinking about maybe Notre Dame. I thought dad would appreciate that. But for -- for my college application, we have to -- we have to write an essay, and -- the -- the essay topic is write to someone who has influenced you. And, uh, I've been thinking about it a lot. I've been thinking about everyone who has meant something to me in my life. Thought about my second-grade teacher, Ms. Mednick. Gordie, my soccer coach.

Cole: I also, uh -- I also thought about dad. I just -- just that I wish I knew more about him.

Cole: But, there's -- there's only one person that I can really write to.

Cole: "Dear Mom --"

Todd: Tess is just a nickname for Jessica, like Marty for Margaret.

Marty: Oh, that's right. You told me, you told me. But what's wrong with Jessica? I mean, your sister seemed very worried about her.

Todd: No, no, she's fine. Viki tends to overreact, that's all.

Marty: Well, Jessica left her baby here without telling anyone. I'd be upset, too.

Todd: She did it last night, too. She knows that you and I and Janet are here.

Marty: Do you think Jessica's okay?

Todd: Oh, yeah, she's fine. She's had a rough patch lately, but she's good. How about you? You seem a little shook up.

Marty: Yeah. I got a little startled when that door started to open. But Viki, she seems like a nice woman.

Todd: Oh, yeah, she's a peach.

Marty: Well, it must be nice to have someone you can be close to.

Todd: You knew her actually.

Marty: I did?

Todd: Mm-hmm. And she liked you, too. Even though you don't remember.

Marty: Well, maybe we could tell her that I'm here.

Todd: That's not such a good idea. She also likes John McBain.

Marty: What? How is it possible he gets everyone on his side?

Todd: Well, like I said. Viki's a good person, but she's a sucker for those brooding types. She thinks he's misunderstood.

Marty: Hmm. I hate it.

Todd: What?

Marty: I think maybe I can trust someone, and then I find out I canít.

Todd: Yeah. But you know, we're going to have a new life soon. And we won't have to deal with anyone from our past.

Marty: That sounds wonderful.

Todd: Uh, I better go help Viki. You going to be all right?

Marty: I'm fine.

Todd: Thanks for helping with Bree. You knew exactly what to do, didn't you?

Marty: No big deal.

Todd: Yeah, it is. You're going to be a great mom.

Tess: You don't know anything about what Niki Smith did to me.

Natalie: I know enough. I know that Niki Smith used to take you to bars when you were a little girl. And I know what one of those men did to you. And I know it never should've happened.

Tess: Yeah. You want to try and fix that, too, Nattie?

Natalie: Can't change the past. Can change the future, Tess. You don't have to kill us. You don't have to ruin your kids' life.

Tess: I will never ruin my kids' life.

Jared: Natalie didn't mean --

Tess: You stay the hell out of this, Jared! It's between Natalie and me. Do you think that you have any idea what it was like being with Niki Smith all those years? You barely met her, Natalie. And she was my mother.

Natalie: I'm sorry.

Tess: Shut up! Shut up! It's my turn to talk, okay? But I'm not going to bore the two of you about, you know, my past, bedtime stories about my past, okay? I'm going to tell you something else, something more interesting, what it feels like to die.

Ofc. Fish: All right, here we go. Manning's last four months of bank statements, including this one.

John: That's a lot of accounts.

Ofc. Fish: Yeah, you don't want to know.

John: See if there's more than one check made out to the same person.

Ofc. Fish: Janet Ketring?

John: Not her. Try a different account.

Ofc. Fish: Uh, well, he's got a bunch of different ones. A few different money markets, trust funds for the kids, living trusts for himself and his wife, I guess. He hasn't canceled that one yet.

John: What else?

Ofc. Fish: Uh, let's see. He set up a limited liability company, Paradise Cove, Inc.

John: Paradise Cove, Inc. Anything paid out of it?

Ofc. Fish: Uh -- oh. Check written to Paradiso Condominium Company, Mazatlan, Mexico, August 21. That's a lot of dinero.

John: Not for a condo.

Ofc. Fish: He's probably just putting his money into real estate, then, instead of the stock market. Do you want me to check the trust funds?

John: No. Look at this here. The date on that check. That's around the time that Reddick disappeared. I'm thinking that either Manning paid someone to kill him or --

Ofc. Fish: Shipped him off to a tropical island?

John: Exactly.

[Bree fusses]

[Bree cries]

Viki: Come on, we're going to go see Mr. Turtle. Yes, we are. Where's Mr. Turtle? Where's Mr. Turtle?

Todd: You find everything okay?

Viki: Yeah, everything's fine, thank you. Here we go. Here we go. What a good girl.

Starr: Do the Cramer women have anything that chills them out when they're stressed?

Blair: Just other Cramer women. Hmm.

Starr: Cole doesn't have anyone.

Blair: Starr, he still has his mom. I mean, even though she's gone, he still has her.

Starr: Come on, Mom, you know that's not the same.

Blair: Why don't you call him?

Starr: What? I can't talk to him.

Blair: Well, why not?

Starr: Mom -- okay, I'm going to talk to him about him losing his mom when I'm the one taking away his child? He won't talk to me about it.

Blair: You know, the last time I checked, this little apparatus here was good for other things other than just homework.

Starr: You want me to e-mail him?

Blair: Yeah, why not?

Starr: And what would I say?

Blair: Anything you want. Oh.

Starr: Hey, Mom?

Blair: Yeah?

Starr: Promise me that everything's going to be okay?

Blair: Everything's going to be okay.

Starr: "Starr, I wrote my college essay, and I'd like you to read it. Cole."

Starr: "Dear Mom -- I was trying to think of the first time you influenced me. Remember when I was 4, and I caught that frog we named Seamus? You were so scared and grossed out by him, but you let me keep him. Then he hopped off the front porch, and you helped me look for him. And when we couldn't find him, you said -- you said we had to respect Seamus' wishes. And that even if we wanted to keep him, we had to let him go. You taught me how even if we love something, we can't always keep it --"

Cole: "Can't always keep it wish us. I'm going to be a father, Mom. Can you believe it? I've imagined telling you about this a million times. And I know what you would say. That I wasn't ready for this. As much as I would like to help my kid catch frogs, I canít. Just like even though I love him or her, I have to let him go. But I don't know how to do that. I don't know how to let him go. I just wish someone could tell me. I wish you could tell me. And why do I have a feeling that the only person who can help me is you?"

Todd: Was she hungry?

Viki: No, she was not.

Todd: I see. Now that she has you, everything's good, huh?

Viki: Oh, everything's great. Jessica is Tess, she left Bree here, and she didn't tell you?

Todd: Sure she told somebody. You know how many people I have working here. It's like Grand Central Station.

Viki: Oh, and you think grand central station is a good place to leave a baby?

Todd: Maybe not. But Bree's fine. She's fed, she's got clean clothes on. Compared to Peter Manning, Tess is mother of the year.

Viki: For the love of God, will you take this seriously?

Todd: I'm just saying, she's seems fine to me.

Viki: But Tess is not fine, is she? And if this is any indication, Tess is coming apart at the seams.

Tess: Just one moment. One moment, Nash was my husband. He was the father of my children. And then, one moment, there was breaking glass. Do you remember the sound? Like champagne glasses clinking at the vineyard --

Natalie: Stop, please.

Tess: And then, one moment, he was -- he was falling.


Tess: He was flying. I wonder if he knew. You know, I wonder if -- if he had enough time. And then --

Natalie: Tess, please, stop.

Tess: He was on the ground. There was broken bones and bleeding. It must have felt like forever. Do you know what forever feels like? Huh? Can you guess? Well, you better start thinking, because, uh -- the clock started ticking.

Cole: "I'm so scared about everything, like you said you were when I was born. And when Dad brought your metronome to the hospital, you said there was something about the sound that -- that made you feel like everything was going to be okay. And after Dad died and I was sad, you turned it on. You said it was like Dad was talking to me, and if I counted along with it, I could say something back. I'd sit by the piano, listening and counting. And I'd always feel better. I haven't told anyone this but I found your metronome. I was looking through a box of stuff from our apartment and there it was, next to some of your sheet music. And lately at night, I've been putting it next to my bed and turning it on. It makes me feel like you're close by. Sometimes before I fall asleep, I count along with it. I don't know what I'm trying to tell you -- maybe that I love you? And I know you love me. And that even though you're gone, I still feel how much."

Todd: Okay, you're right. Maybe there's something wrong with Jessica, but that doesn't necessarily mean she's D.I.D., does it? I mean, don't pregnant women forget stuff all the time?

Viki: Like their children? No, not as a rule.

Todd: Yeah -- yes, they do because I saw something the other day. I was watching, um -- and it was about how pregnant women's hormones go haywire and they forget their kids in the produce section.

Viki: This is not about hormones, okay? Tess is not a whole person. She's just a manifestation of Jessica's anger and her only tether to normalcy is this child.

Todd: Well, I'm just saying she seemed -- okay to me.

Viki: Really? That may very well be, but her behavior is not okay. Her behavior is seriously messed up. If she can neglect her child, there's no telling what else she could do.

Todd: What are you saying?

Viki: Todd, if I'm right that Tess is responsible for Natalie and Jared's disappearance, those two could be in very deep trouble.

Jared: Baby, sit down, sit down, sit down, sit down. Okay, Tess. So you have tortured us with your revenge fantasies and now you stand there ready to blow us up. But think about what --

Tess: All I do is think about it, Jared!

Jared: No, all you do is think about what you're going to do to us, okay? But try thinking about being outside somewhere and hearing this big boom and knowing that Natalie, your sister, and I are dead. How are you going to feel then?

Tess: Great.

Jared: Really?

Tess: Yeah.

Jared: Yeah? Well, Nash will still be dead, and you won't have us to torture anymore, so what are you going to do with yourself?

Tess: Wow. I -- I never thought about that. I -- I should just let you go.

[Jared chuckles]

Jared: You -- you know, when I was in prison, um, I did a lot of thinking.

Tess: About how much you hated me?

Jared: Yes. And all that time didn't change my mind. I hated you just as much when I got out as when I got in.

Tess: This is all your fault.

Jared: You're right. If I hadn't have come to town, none of this would've happened.

Tess: Nash would still be alive.

Jared: Exactly. So this is between me and you. So kill me -- let Natalie go.

Tess: You want me to kill just you?

Jared: That's right.

Natalie: Jared, no.

Jared: It's what you wanted.

Tess: What I want is not to waste half my dynamite.

Jared: It is what you were going to do, remember? Split us up?

Tess: Yeah, but you ruined my plan.

Jared: Oh, but this one is so much better.

Natalie: Jared, please. You don't -- you don't have to do this, okay?

Jared: You want Natalie and I to suffer just as you and Nash did, and this is the perfect way. I will be dead, and Natalie will live the rest of her life without me. All you have to do is let her go and relock the door before I stop you.

Natalie: Don't do this.

Jared: You weren't around when I first got to Llanview, Tess. Natalie hated me and she hated what I was doing to Jessica and Nash. And she did everything she could to get rid of me. Nash's death is on me.

Natalie: Tess, please, you don't have to do this. This is crazy, okay?

Jared: No, it's not.

Tess: Shut up, just shut up!

Natalie: Please, Tess.

Tess: No, she kept your lies. She is as bad as you are. No, no, no -- you both have to die. The question is, how long am I going to give you?

John: Here you go, Fish.

Ofc. Fish: Thanks.

John: Why don't you go through that corporate account, see what other checks he's written or wire transfers he's made.

Ofc. Fish: Okay, well, what am I looking for?

John: Anything that you'd need to set up a new condo, okay -- furniture or checks to a moving company, stuff like that.

Ofc. Fish: No, there's not even any plane tickets.

John: Yeah, well, I think Manning has a private jet.

Ofc. Fish: Well, lucky him. You know, I -- I don't see anything. You know, maybe he just wanted to get away?

John: His daughter's pregnant. He didn't buy this place for himself. What's that -- Paradise Island Association?

Ofc. Fish: Uh -- it's utilities, it's condo fees. Okay, he probably had his finance people pay for those, too -- nothing that can link it to Keys.

John: Okay, what about booze?

Ofc. Fish: Booze?

John: Yeah, booze. There's a check there -- Sunshine Liquor in Paradise Island.

Ofc. Fish: Yeah, yeah, yeah, and here's something else -- Pink Pussycat, Inc.? Sounds like an escort service.

John: Hmm.

Ofc. Fish: Todd's trying to keep someone liquored up and laid.

John: Keys. What about cash transfers?

John: Uh -- there are three here made to some other bank, just an account number to trace it.

John: How much?

Ofc. Fish: 10 grand each.

John: Sounds like hush money.

Ofc. Fish: Yeah, you want me to hack into the bank and see if we can attach a name to the account?

John: Mm-hmm. If Keys put any of that money into his own account in his own name, he's dumber than I thought he was. What's that? What do you got?

Ofc. Fish: Um -- this is the condo security camera system.

John: This is live?

Ofc. Fish: Sometimes I scare myself. Yeah, you want to take a look around the property?

John: You're a smart Fish.

Cole's voice: "You didn't get to know Starr very well. She's fearless. No, she wouldn't have been afraid of the frog. She's not afraid of anything. She's not even afraid to give our baby away. And I used to hate her for that. But I don't anymore. If anything, I love her now more than I did before."

Starr: Oh, Cole.

Cole's voice: "I'm so afraid to give the baby away. But then I thought, it's okay to be afraid. Just because you're afraid of something doesn't mean you can't do it. Just like you and the frog. Even though you were afraid, you let me keep it."

Cole: "So maybe I can be afraid and still let this baby go. I don't have to stop loving the baby, but maybe I have to let it go. I'll never stop loving you either, Mom. I'll never forget you, just like I'll never forget my baby. And he's so lucky. He's part of Starr, so he'll be fearless. And if he's not, he's part of you, too. He'll do things even if he's afraid of them, just like you. Just like me."

Cole: Thanks, Mom. Rest well. I love you.

Blair: Oh, rats -- voicemail. Hey, John, it's Blair. And I just got back from trick-or-treating with the boys and we have tons of gummy bears over here so -- well, anyway, I hope you're not working too hard and if you get a chance, can you give me a buzz? Okay, night.

[John sighs]

John: So what have we got, Fish?

Ofc. Fish: Well, I've checked everywhere that I'd want to be in paradise -- the sunset deck, the beach, the 18th hole.

John: And?

Ofc. Fish: Nothing, but we've got one more shot.

John: What's that, the pool?

Ofc. Fish: Yeah. Let's see if we can find the man who knows who the woman is in Manning's house.

Ofc. Fish: No, I -- I don't understand this.

John: Yeah, well, it's pretty empty.

Ofc. Fish: Well, you're in an island paradise. What, no one wants to use the pool? Ah, you know, let me try something. They usually archive the security footage at these fancy places, right?

John: You can do that?

Ofc. Fish: Mm-hmm. If Keyshawn Reddick was there any earlier today --

John: Great.

Ofc. Fish: What do you know?

John: What's that? Hey, can you zoom in there?

Ofc. Fish: Yeah. Busted.

Viki: Char-- oh, Charlie, hi. It's Viki. Um -- I was just wondering if you had heard anything. Please just call me back on my cell, okay? Thanks.

Todd: Yeah, I was about to say that since we don't know when Jessica's coming back and I don't have much baby stuff here, maybe it would be best if you took Bree home with you.

Viki: No, that's not a good idea.

Todd: All right.

[Todd chuckles]

Todd: It's fine with me, she can stay but -- yeah -- don't say I didn't warn you when I find us eating junk food later.

Viki: You're not going to feed her any junk food.

Todd: Okay, then you're going to take her home.

Viki: No, I'm not. Tess hasn't been home for two days so she's not going back there, but Tess will come back here for Bree. And when she does, I will be waiting for her.

Natalie: Okay, okay, okay. Could you just be a little more careful before you blow yourself up, too?

Tess: Stop trying to ruin my fun.

Natalie: Okay, fine. If you don't care about yourself, worry about that baby.

[Tess chuckles]

Tess: I told you I know what I'm doing. I am going to be long gone before this place blows.

Natalie: You really want to blow this whole house up just to kill us?

Tess: Do you really think that I care about Victor Lord's house? He's the reason that we're all in this mess.

Natalie: Well, what about the people who live here?

Tess: Viki?

[Tess scoffs]

Tess: Tina? Are -- are you kidding me? Come on. Okay, I think that we're all set here. Go -- do you want to know how much time you have? Well, too bad. You could have a lifetime, like my kids without their father. You could have a couple of years like I had with Niki, or you could have just a moment -- like Nash.

Jared: Wait.

Natalie: Tess -- Tess.

Jared: Wait.

Natalie: Wait, Tess!

Tess: Oh.

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