One Life to Live Transcript Friday 10/24/08


Episode # 10302 - "The Moonrise Wakes the Nightingale"
Written by Sherry Altman, Fran Myers, Ron Carlivati, Carolyn Culliton, Janet Iacobuzio, Chris Van Etten, & Anna Theresa Cascio

Provided By Boo
Proofread By Kathy

John: I'm just following up on our little conversation, Janet. If you're worried about what your employer will do, donít. And once I get confirmation that the woman in the house is Marty Saybrooke, I'll handle Manning. I'm expecting your call.

[Phone rings]

John: Yeah?

Blair: Well, yeah to you, too.

John: Hey. How's it going?

Blair: Aside from stopping a hit man, witnessing a shooting, Dorian in jail again, and Adriana set up a hospital downstairs, everything's great.

John: So what are you doing right now?

Blair: Well, I am holed up in my bedroom sipping wine. What are you doing?

[John sighs]

John: Not a thing.

Todd: Hey, there you are. Janet said you were asleep.

Marty: Shh, shh, shh, shh. I just got Bree to sleep. I heard her fussing and -- and Jessica wasn't around. Do you have any idea where she is?

Roxy: Oh, you're back from your heart attack trip, back and looking better than ever.

Viki: Hey, Roxy. How are you, huh?

Roxy: Not good. I'm worried sick about my kid.

Viki: I know, I heard about Rex. I am so sorry.

Roxy: Uh, are you two back together again? Not that I'm surprised or nothing like that. Listen, this lug was mooning over you from the day you left.

Charlie: Roxy --

Viki: No, no, we're just kind of helping each other out.

Charlie: Yeah. No, we just came by to see if maybe Jared had left any messages for me.

Roxy: A message -- no, there's nothing here. Is something wrong?

Charlie: No, it's just that -- just that, you know, we haven't seen him for a while.

Roxy: That means you don't know where Natalie is either. You know, maybe they both went off to Atlantic City together.

Viki: No, Roxy. They would not do that with Rex in this condition.

Roxy: Oh, man.

Viki: Look, have you by any chance seen Jessica?

Roxy: Is she missing, too?

Viki: I don't know, but I haven't seen her or heard from her since last night and I'm really worried because I think she may be ill.

Roxy: So you got a kid who's sick, I got a kid who's missing. I think we're in the same boat.

Gigi: Rex?

[Gigi sighs]

Adriana: Why aren't you in with Rex? Why did you leave the room?

Michael: There isn't really anything I can do for him right now.

Adriana: Really?

Michael: Adriana, I really think that --

Adriana: I don't care what you think. I'm going in to be with my husband.

Tina: Well, why isn't anything happening?

Tess: Bang!

Tina: Oh!

Tess: You didn't hook it up right, dimwit.

Tina: Tess.

Tess: Surprised to see me, Wile E. Coyote? Well, beep-beep.

Tina: I was just trying to open the safe.

Tess: By blowing up the whole damn house?

Tina: No, by making a hole in the wall so I could get the jewels and save my dog who has been kidnapped. He's been kidnapped, remember? Look.

Tess: Oh, yeah. I -- I don't know how we've survived without him peeing all over everything and -- and his yapping all the time. God, I can barely handle the silence.

Tina: Look, Tess, please. Please, from -- from one mother to another, please help me save David Vickers.

Marty: I didn't know if I'd be able to comfort a fussy baby, but when I held Bree in my arms, it just felt right, so familiar.

Todd: Marty? You okay? What's wrong?

Marty: It happened again.

Blair: So let me guess -- you're still at work, hard at work because witnessing a shooting and stopping a hit man, making an arrest just wasn't enough excitement for you, huh?

[Knock on door]

John: Hey, someone's here. Can I call you back?

Blair: Oh. Oh, okay. Well, then I'll -- I'll let you go. Bye.

John: Good night. Hey, I'll be right there.

John: Hey.

Cole: Hey, John. Hey, can I come in?

John: Yeah, of course. Come on in.

Cole: Listen, I know it's late and everything, but I just had this thought that I can't get out my head. It's about my mom.

Michael: No. You can't go in there.

Adriana: Why the hell not?

Michael: The nurses have been weaning him off the vent for a while now and I want to check his respiratory status to make sure he's been tolerating it well.

[Adriana sighs]

Michael: Thank you. Yeah.

Gigi: Balsom? It's me -- Morasco.

Michael: What happened?

Gigi: Look -- he opened his eyes.

Michael: Step back.

Gigi: Okay.

[Knock on door]

Blair: Come in.

Starr: Mom, I can't sleep.

Blair: Well, you know what? I can't either. Come on.

Starr: I guess it's because of all the stuff that happened today.

Blair: Yeah. It's kind of hard to wind down, isn't it?

Starr: Yeah. I'm glad that Langston doesn't have to go back to Colombia, though, at least for now. But to see her uncle get shot --

Blair: You know, sweetie, I'm so sorry you had to witness that. It's awful.

Starr: So what's up with the hospital that Adriana's running in the living room?

Blair: Well, I think, you know, she wants to make sure that Rex has care 24 hours a day, but I don't know. More than anything, I think she's staking her claim.

Starr: I'm glad that there's a doctor in the house because I feel like I'm about to have this baby any second now.

Gigi: How is he, Michael?

Michael: He's awake. His vitals are improving. Why don't you go ask him yourself?

Gigi: Okay. Oh, Rex. Baby? Baby, you did it for me. You're going to make it.

Rex: Hey.

Gigi: You look like hell, Balsom.

Rex: You, Morasco, are the most beautiful sight I've ever seen.

Adriana: I just want Rex to get better. That's all I want. I love him so much.

Marcie: How much?

Adriana: Oh. How can you even ask that? Rex is -- he's everything to me.

Marcie: Would you -- would you really do anything for him? You know, when you love someone, when you really love someone, you have to do what's right for them.

Adriana: Marcie, have you not noticed that I have turned my mother's house into a damn hospital? I've devoted every waking minute to making sure that he's well cared for. I would do anything for him.

Marcie: Really?

Michael: You really scared us, man.

Rex: Throat hurts.

Gigi: Well, then don't talk.

Rex: I need to know what happened. I -- I remember -- me being on a mountain. Brody -- he had a gun. Oh, my God, Shane.

Gigi: Our son is fine, all thanks to you.

Rex: Me?

Gigi: You jumped in the way of the bullet.

Rex: How -- how long have I been out of it?

Gigi: Too long.

Michael: I'm going to go tell Adriana how well you're doing.

Gigi: No. No, not yet.

Rex: What -- Adriana?

Michael: I mean, you know, she's still your wife and she's out there really worrying.

Gigi: Can't you just -- can't you buy us a little more time, please?

Michael: Okay. I'll do my best.

Rex: This -- this isn't the hospital?

Gigi: Adriana took you to her mother's house, so I couldn't see you. She wouldn't let me come anywhere near you.

Rex: And you --

Gigi: Snuck in. And if she finds me in here, she's going to have me tossed in jail and then God only knows when I'll see you again.

Adriana: How's Rex? What's going on in there?

Roxy: You know, you two are scaring me. I mean, I thought Natalie just went away like she said in the letter to Jared.

Viki: Yeah, well, that's what we all thought at first.

Roxy: So what are you saying -- you think something happened?

Viki: Frankly, I'm trying very hard not to speculate. I just know I have to find my girls.

Roxy: Well, I don't think Jessie's going to get too far. She looks like she's just about ready to pop.

Tina: Well? Will you help me because I have to turn over those jewels in less than 24 hours.

Tess: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, or your nasty mutt is a goner. You told me already.

Tina: Don't you have any feelings at all?

Tess: Can it, lady. Don't you dare play the mother card with me. You care more about that mutt than you do about your own kids.

Tina: Oh, please. You of all people know better than that. But David Vickers is the one in trouble right now, all right? He is the one that's been kidnapped, and Cain tells me he won't eat, he won't sleep, he won't go for a walk. I can't sleep I'm so worried about him, and if I don't get the jewels to Cain, David Vickers is going to die. I need those jewels.

Tess: Well, what a coincidence -- so do I. Fact is, I came back here to get them.

Blair: Well -- well, you're not having real contractions now, are you?

Starr: No, no. It's just the baby moved to a different place.

Blair: You think he dropped?

Starr: Mom, but every time I hiccup, I feel like I'm going into labor.

Blair: Oh, sweetie. I can guarantee you, you will know the difference when it happens, okay?

Starr: Yeah. I'm sure, I hope so.

Blair: I left you and Cole together and you guys were talking. Does that mean you guys are getting along better these days?

Starr: If where you're going is that me and Cole are getting back together -- no, but we're getting closer to being friends.

Blair: Well, that's good. I'm glad.

Starr: Yeah. Me, too, because that's exactly what we both need right now.

Cole: So it's been almost a year now since my mom died.

John: Yeah, I know.

Cole: And you're the only person I can really talk to about her. I'm not sure why that is exactly but, anyway, I want to do something special for her, something to keep her alive.

Marty: It was the exact same thing that happened earlier when I was holding Bree. I -- I thought of a little boy the same age.

Todd: Yeah. Well, like I said, you must have had friends with kids.

Marty: I wonder.

Todd: Hmm?

Marty: Well, I remember you telling me that -- that we lost touch for a while, that I had moved away from here, and I was just wondering that maybe -- is it possible while I was gone, I had a baby?

Michael: I am happy to report a miracle.

Adriana: A miracle?

Michael: He regained consciousness.

Adriana: What?

Michael: Yeah.

Adriana: Oh, my God. Did you hear that? Oh, my goodness!

Marcie: I'm so happy for you.

Adriana: So he's conscious? He can talk to me?

Michael: He is conscious, yes.

Adriana: Oh, my God. I have to go see him.

Michael: No.

Adriana: Why? What now?

Gigi: Adriana came back to town, just took over, so I couldn't see you.

Rex: You're all in white, like an angel.

Gigi: Your mom and Marcie dressed me up so I could sneak in. And Adriana is going to flip her lid and I'm going to be booted out of here any minute, so let's not waste time talking about her, okay?

Rex: Brody -- why?

Gigi: He just snapped. He's in custody now, V.A. hospital. I was so scared, Balsom. Oh, I thought you were going to leave us.

Rex: I remember. It must've been a dream.

Gigi: What did you remember?

Rex: A game I had -- I had to play this game. I had to win or I'd never come back.

Gigi: Well, you must've won, huh?

Rex: Oh, I was highly motivated.

Gigi: Oh, yeah?

Rex: I had to come back to you. I had to be Shane Morasco's dad.

Gigi: Well, you are his dad. And he knows it now.

Tina: Hey -- well -- well, what are you doing?

Tess: I am taking these rocks and turning them into cold, hard cash. So Bree, I, and this little bun in my oven can say "so long, suckers."

Tina: Yeah, I'd think twice before I touched that safe if I were you.

Tess: You were so hot for me to open it before.

Tina: If you take those jewels, you are going to be responsible for the death of a sweet, innocent little animal, and I for one will have absolutely no reason not to blow the whistle on you.

Todd: A baby?

Marty: Oh, I know. It's ridiculous, isn't it? I mean, you would've found out if I'd had a child.

Todd: Yes.

Marty: Yeah.

Todd: Yeah.

Marty: And I would never have gone to another country with John McBain and left a -- a son behind.

Cole: I keep having these nightmares about the way she died. I'm running to the van and then it explodes.

John: Yeah, I have that one myself.

Cole: Anyway, I want to remember the way she lived, not the way she died, so I came across this -- this website where you can post a picture of someone who's passed away and all their friends and family can go on the website and write something about them. Now, I'm not sure what happens to people after they die, but if my mom is out there somewhere, I want her to know that -- that we'll never forget her.

John: I think she knows already, Cole.

Marty: Well, you must be right. I -- I'm thinking about a child I really cared for, someone else's son. Or maybe I'm just imagining the child that we're going to be raising together.

Todd: Now that must be it.

Marty: Yeah. I mean, I -- I have to believe that you -- you'd never forget the birth of your own child, right, no matter what. I -- I'm sure you remember every moment of your children's births.

Todd: Actually, no, I donít. I wasn't there for two of them.

Rex: Shane -- he knows?

Gigi: You saved his life. I had to tell him.

Rex: How did he take it?

Gigi: It's going to be all right. You're back now, okay? Everything is going to be all right.

Michael: It's very difficult to predict how long the recovery period will be, but because Rex is so young and because he --

Adriana: Oh, that's enough, that's enough. Look, Michael, I am so grateful to you for all that you have done, but if I don't see my husband right this second, I'm going to put my fists through the wall. I have to see this miracle for myself.

Michael: Okay, yes, and you will, but if you just --

Adriana: No, I am not going to wait another second.

Rex: It was over. My life was over. But I swore that I could be the father Shane needs, the man you deserve. I wouldn't leave you.

Gigi: Oh, Rex.

Rex: I knew that you would bring me back. You did. I came back for you, Morasco. It was for you.

Michael: I knew you were up to something when I let you wrangle it out of me, where Rex was.

Marcie: Well, is that why you showed up?

Michael: I came to check on Rex.

Marcie: Oh.

Michael: But I also wanted to make sure that you and Gigi were okay.

Marcie: We were very bad. I made you compromise your ethics, didn't I?

Michael: My job is to save lives. That's the bottom line.

Marcie: I just hope that Adriana won't get in Rex and Gigi's way anymore.

Michael: Even when you love someone with all your heart, sometimes you can't hold on to them. Sometimes the obstacles in your way are just too big.

Starr: Ooh, whoa, there she goes.

Blair: She?

Starr: I don't know. Here, feel.

Blair: Oh. Oh-oh-oh. Well, if it is a she, she takes after her mother. You know, I can remember lying asleep, you would kick me so hard, you would wake me right up. I mean, you were vicious.

Starr: Dad said that I was like him.

Blair: Look, I didn't mean to make a comparison.

Starr: No, no, no, it's okay. I was -- I was joking, too. Kind of.

Blair: Your dad hasn't been around much lately.

Starr: I hope it's because he's changing.

Blair: Hmm. I used to hope that he would change. You know, just hope. You know, and sometimes he did for a while. Everything was kind of normal, then, I don't know, somebody would rile him up and -- oh, like I have to explain all this to you.

Starr: All of those times, Mom, he -- he wanted to change.

Blair: But he just never could make it work, sweetie.

Starr: That's really sad. The thing that Dad wanted most is a family. That's the thing he always ends up destroying in the end.

Marty: Oh, you weren't there when Starr was born?

Todd: No, I was out of the country trying to help a friend.

Marty: And you weren't there when Jack was born either?

Todd: Blair was in Mexico at the time she went into labor and I got there just in time to -- to help her give birth.

Marty: So, you were a hero.

Todd: I wouldn't say that. There were some complications. Anyway, I'm just glad that I was there to deliver a healthy baby into Blairís arms.

Marty: Well, you -- you said that you missed the births of two of your children, so you weren't there when Sam was born?

Todd: No, Blair isn't Samís birth mother. I didn't want to leave Blair, so Samís mother let me believe that Sam was dead. So I wasn't there for him at all, not at the beginning, anyway.

Marty: Wow, um, probably carrying around a little bit of guilt, huh?

Todd: For good reason.

Marty: Well, you won't have to worry about that this time, right? Starr is going to be able to lead a normal life, live up to her full potential, and we'll make sure that her baby does the same thing. And you'll have nothing to feel guilty about.

Tess: Wow. I knew you were an airhead, but are you -- are you threatening me? Because, you know, with Carlo Hesser on the loose, I'm sure he wishes he had those jewels, too. And he kidnapped Sarah before --

Tina: Look, do not even go there.

Tess: You actually really do care more about that dog than you do your own flesh and blood.

Tina: Oh, shut the hell up. All right, I am sick to death of you. I cannot wait to tell the whole world what an ugly little beast you are.

Tess: Oh, no. Oh, I'm so scared. Oh, please don't tell anybody.

Tina: Yeah, you should be scared, because you know your mother is on to you.

Tess: Yeah, I know. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go far, far away from here where no one will ever find me.

Viki: I had no idea that Jessica was in this kind of trouble. And because of that, Natalie is missing, I think. And Jared, too. And the point is, we are really, really worried about both of them.

Roxy: You got to think positive. I mean, that's what I'm doing.

Charlie: We're praying for Rex.

Roxy: Well, praying is good. I mean, praying is great, but it's got to be something a little bit extra. I got it. I got just the thing to bring them all back.

Rex: I opened my eyes once.

Gigi: You did.

Rex: I thought that I'd see you. I wanted you.

Gigi: Oh. I'm here now and we're about out of time. Adriana is going to be in here any second.

Rex: She can't stop us. No one can.

Gigi: Rex, please, now you be quiet and listen to me, okay? I loved you 10 years ago, and I love you now, and I will love you forever.

Rex: 10 years ago I was a damn fool. It's not too late for forever.

Gigi: No, it can't be.

Rex: You're the one, Morasco, love of my life

Roxy: Fortune flames, the ancient art of fire.

Charlie: What does that say?

Roxy: I have absolutely no idea. I just know that they work. I got them at the boardwalk, Atlantic City.

Viki: Roxy, that's a very sweet idea, but you know what --

Roxy: Listen, my son is the best P.I. in the business. We got to bring him back. Okay? So, here, light a match. Here, light a match.

Charlie: Couldn't hurt, could it?

Viki: No, it couldn't hurt.

Roxy: Okay. You got to concentrate on what you want and then you light a match. Okay. Here's to making Rexy get better and for Natalie coming back and Jessica and Jared, too.

Charlie: Bring our kids back safely.

Viki: Rex, get well. Natalie and Jared, come home, please. Oh, God, Jessie, come back to me.

[Safe beeps]

Tess: Do you know what the cops would do to you if they found out that you beat up poor, pregnant Jessica? So, I wouldn't dream of using that fireplace poker, Tina.

Tina: Come on, Tess, did you have to take all of them? Couldn't you just share?

Tess: Afraid not. You see, I'm going to have to keep a low profile for a little while, and with two babies at home, I'm not going to be able to work. So, thanks a lot, now.

Tina: But -- do you really want the death of a sweet, innocent dog on your conscience?

Tess: Oh, shut up already! Jeez. Ugh. Here you go. Knock yourself out.

Tina: Well, but Cain said I had to bring them all.

Tess: Well, you've learned to work with what you've got.

Tina: Look, I know that you didn't mean that. You don't mean any of this. I know that deep down you are really, really Jessica, and she's the one with the heart.

Tess: Oh, no. I have a heart. I just don't let people stomp on it.

Tina: Well, I really do have a heart, Tess. And as soon as I save David Vickers, I'm going to save Jared and Natalie, too.

Marty: You delivered your own baby and now you can't even see him? No wonder Starrís child means so much to you.

Todd: Yeah, it's a new beginning for me. A new chance. And I'm going to do it right this time.

Marty: Well, no one gets everything right.

Todd: You'll be perfect.

Marty: I don't know about that. I've never raised a child before. And maybe those flashes of memory I had, when I was holding Bree, maybe that's just my way of preparing myself.

Todd: Yes, maybe that's it.

Marty: And if I'm lucky, maybe one day I'll have a baby of my own.

Cole: This is -- this is the picture that I want to post on the memory site.

Cole: So, will you write something?

John: I don't know, Cole. I'm not really good at stuff like that.

Cole: It's all right to just -- a couple of sentences, you know? Maybe just that, that you won't forget her.

John: I won't, never.

Cole: I want to post it in a couple of months on the anniversary. But, hey, it's okay if it's not your thing.

John: No, I'll come up with something, okay?

Cole: Thanks, I really appreciate it.

John: So, how are you doing after everything today?

Cole: You mean, seeing Ray Montez get shot? Not my favorite thing, but at least Langstonís still here and I actually got to spend some time with Starr tonight.

John: Yeah, that's good.

Cole: Yeah, we can actually talk now. We're not fighting anymore.

John: You know, in a world of boys, you've been a man through this whole thing.

Cole: Well, the baby can come any time now. I'm really trying hard to accept the adoption, but I'm really not sure how I'm going to feel once the baby's actually born.

John: I'm here if you need me.

Cole: I know. I may take you up on that some time.

Starr: It's funny.

Blair: What is?

Starr: My dad is practically out of the picture, maybe forever. I'm having a baby. His dad won't really be in its life. I'm giving my baby to a woman who doesn't have a guy in her life. It seems like there's a lesson to learn.

Blair: Hmm.

Starr: Maybe we should just write off men.

Blair: Oh. Sweetie, I think the lesson here is to choose the right man. The lesson is to find a man who respects you, who will stand beside you and stand up for you when things are wrong. And until that right man comes along, I'm going to be right there beside you.

Starr: Thank God.

Blair: Starr, I'm going to be there for you when you give birth to this baby. And I'm going to be there for you when you hand this baby over to Marcie. I'm also going to be there for you a little bit further down the line when you can start thinking about things that make you happy like -- like the senior prom.

Starr: Really.

Blair: And graduating from college. And maybe someday even getting married yourself. Listen to me. Because the lesson is that I love you, sweet angel. I love you so much. So, whatever you get into next, I am going to be right there beside you, okay? Okay.

Starr: Thank you.

Marcie: You're right. Sometimes when you love someone more than anything, letting go is the most generous thing that you can do. You know, mike, I should go.

Michael: Marcie. I hear Starr is due really soon.

Marcie: Yeah, she's due any day now.

Michael: I'm really happy for you. I know that having a baby is what you want more than anything in the world.

Marcie: It's not the only thing I want more than anything in the world, Michael.

Michael: Right, no, I know. I'm -- I'm -- no, of course.

Marcie: You just -- you meant that I got what I wanted. You know, the thing is that I, well, I kind of wanted it all. Greedy me, right? It's a nice dream, though. You know, maybe -- maybe it can come true for some people.

Gigi: You can't throw me out. Not now, Rex needs me.

Adriana: Shut up.

Rex: Adriana --

Adriana: You, too. I have some things to say and you're both going to listen. I made a mess of us, Rex. I didn't trust us enough. So in my own unique way, I screwed it all up. I did want a marriage with you, a future. But you may not believe this, I'm not a complete fool. I know it could never work if you want something else. Someone else. And because I love you so much, and I always will, I want to give you what you need. I won't stand in your way anymore. I don't like you, Gigi. I guess I made that pretty obvious. And I'll always believe that Rex and I would have stayed together if you hadn't come along. But you did something I couldnít. You brought Rex back to us. I said I would do anything if only Rex would be all right and I meant it. So, now I have to put my money where my mouth is. I have to say goodbye to him.

[Music plays]

Singer: Brave blessings all around softening the sounds draws us close again stay stay down, watch the cool till they seize the gloom like empty promises

Singer: Why why did you go why did you go away? Why? Why did you go why did you go away? Hey

Singer: Hey

Singer: There's nothing I can say nothing I can do bring you back again this a life I know is true is only fallen through and so I reach for you why? Why did you go why did you go away? Why? Why did you go away?

Tess: Hello, baby girl. Momma's back, and I got you a present. See? Now I have a way to take care of you and your new little brother or sister. And I also have a way to take care of Natalie and Jared, first thing tomorrow.

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