One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 10/14/08


Episode # 10294 - "Parts of Labor"
Written by Ron Carlivati, Carolyn Culliton, Shelly Altman, Janet Iacobuzio, Chris Van Etten, Anna Theresa Cascio

Provided By Boo
Proofread By Kathy

Natalie: My mom, she went downstairs.

Jared: Quick, quick. Change the channel.

Viki: Hello? Is anyone down here?

Natalie: Jared, there she is, there she is. My mom's here. This is over, it's almost over. We're going to get out of here. We're going to be free. And Tess is going to get what she deserves.

Tina: Viki's back? Wait a minute here. Wait just a second.

Tess: Are the wheels turning, Tina?

Tina: You didnít know he'd be here. And you certainly didnít know just how much he loves dip.

Tess: Doesnít everybody love dip?

Tina: That was -- that was for me. You were trying to kill me and Jared.

Tess: As usual, you are missing a very big part of the story, Tina. Like for instance, he's still breathing, see?


Tina: Oh, Cain. Oh, Cain, honey. Oh, you've come back to me.

Tess: He never left, lady. It wasnít cyanide in the dip, it was knockout drops. I just really, really wanted you to shut up. You talk a lot, Tina. A whole lot.

Tina: Oh, Cain, talk to me. What? Oh, no, donít. No, because the minute he wakes up he's going to try to kill me.

Tess: Notice the effect you have on people, Tina?

Tina: Tess, please, you've got to help me.

Janet: I donít know what you're talking about.

John: Stop playing games with me! I know you've been taking care of someone at Manningís place. Her.

Janet: I've never seen her before in my life.

Marty's voice: We walk and we pick flowers. A perfect day. Maybe that's why it still feels unreal. Who has perfect days? Not me. And what is it about these flowers that I canít remember?

Marty: A-choo!

[Clears throat]

Marty: Allergies.

Dr. Joplin: Who's that?

Todd: It's my partner.

Dr. Joplin: Partner?

Todd: Yes. Isnít that the politically correct term nowadays?

Dr. Joplin: What kind of partnership do you two have? And does she know you're planning to make your daughter think her baby died?

Todd: What's that old saying? Those with drug-stealing sons shouldnít throw stones?

Dr. Joplin: Yeah, well, I had thought an appeal to your humanity might work. Obviously I was wrong. So let's take a look at your plan, shall we? You're going to make your daughter think her baby is dead.

Todd: Thank you for the sonogram, Doctor. You may leave now.

Dr. Joplin: And then your partner is going to see you with the baby and your daughter grieving. So this partner of yours, is she blind or stupid, or both?

Blair: What are you feeling here?

Starr: Cramps or something.

Blair: Okay, we're here in the hospital and everything's going to be okay.

Starr: I'm not ready for this.

Blair: No, just breathe.

Starr: It's too soon.

Blair: Breathe through it, like Wendy said. Just keep breathing. Breathe, breathe.

Marcie: I'm so sorry that I missed the class.

Blair: One. Come on.

Marcie: You're starting to get really good at those breathing exercises. It's like you're really in labor.

Starr: Because I think maybe I am.

Marcie: You're in labor?

Blair: Marcie, we donít know that yet. Now, is it over?

Starr: Mom --

Blair: Listen, can you go get a nurse for me?

Starr: It's too early for this to be happening. Marcie, please stop.

Blair: Starr, keep breathing. That was one contraction, all right?

Starr: Mom, I'm not ready.

Blair: We could go to the E.R.

Starr: Please donít take me there. I am not ready for this to happen now.

Blair: Shh, shh, shh. Just breathe.

Natalie: Noise, we've got to find something to make noise with. Jared, Jared. Mom!

Jared: Viki!

Viki: Okay, you're imagining things.

Natalie: Mom, no!

Tess: You want my help? For what?

Tina: I told you, when he wakes up he's going to try to kill me.

Tess: Oh, the sledgehammer again. He's as subtle as you are.

Tina: Yeah, unless I can open that safe for him. But you changed the combination.

Tess: Well, I had to protect my investment.

Tina: Oh, you think you're so smart, donít you?

Tess: Well, I am a lot smarter than you are.

Tina: And you think you have the upper hand.

Tess: Well, as long as I have those jewels and you donít.

Tina: Hmm. Well, what are you going to do when your mother walks in here and she sees a body on the floor?

Tess: Well, he's your friend, not my friend. And with your history it wonít be hard to convince her that you've put the entire family in jeopardy, all to protect your ill-gotten gains.

Tina: And then it's all just going to blow up in my face.

Tess: Mm, something like that.

Tina: But then, when I have nothing left to lose, I'm going to tell your mother about the secret room in the basement and just who you have living there.

Tess: Oh, no. You wouldnít do that.

Tina: You see, it's the funny thing about blackmail. Once you play your trump card you've got nothing left. Except someone who's standing there who really, really wants to take you down.

Natalie: She's coming back. Jared, keep banging on the wall. Come on. Mom! Mom, it's Natalie!

Blair: Come on. Okay, okay, I got it. I got it.

Starr: Okay, those were too close together.

Blair: No.

Marcie: You know what? Michael is on duty, so I'll just go get him, okay?

Starr: No, I think we need to call Dr. Joplin. Now.

Todd: I think you should be more careful in dealing with me.

Dr. Joplin: You can ruin my son's life --

Todd: And I will.

Dr. Joplin: And until you do, you need me. Which means I get to point out not only how ugly, but how stupid, your little plan is.

Todd: Get out.

Dr. Joplin: You know I'm right. When your partner finds out what you're really like, that partnership is over. She doesnít have any idea what you're capable of, does she?

Marty: A-choo. Okay.

Todd: Keep your voice down.

Dr. Joplin: What's going to happen when she sees you with a baby, when she sees your daughter's grief? You'll lose her. You'll lose your daughter, you'll lose the baby.

Todd: No, no, no. I donít lose. I make other people lose.

[Phone ringing]

Dr. Joplin: Oh. Dr. Joplin. Okay, find a nurse and help her get her into maternity and I'll be right there. Yeah. No, just try and keep her calm.

Dr. Joplin: I have to go. I have a patient.

Todd: Did I hear you say, "Help her get into maternity"? Is that Starr going into labor?

Dr. Joplin: Maybe. So now you get to decide. Are you going to make this the worst night of her entire life?

John: Say it again.

Janet: I've never seen her before.

John: Your story and you're sticking with it, huh?

Janet: That's right.

John: It must mean a lot to you.

Janet: What?

John: Working for Manning, it must mean a lot to you.

Janet: I donít know what you mean.

John: It means you're willing to go to the mat for a guy, even though you could lose everything.

Janet: Are you threatening me?

John: When I threaten you, you'll know it. So, you havenít seen her. How about any of those aliases? Lee Halpern or Carol Dennison.

Janet: I told you, that was in the past.

John: Well, the past has a way of biting you in the ass. Especially when it involves prostitution rings.

Janet: You ever hear of the statute of limitations?

John: You ever hear of retribution, hmm? You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to find those people you scammed. And I think they're going to want their money back. I'm going to find the ones who want their money back, and I'm going to find the ones that break legs if they donít get their money back.

Janet: You donít scare me.

John: Yeah, then you're stupid. Because I can be a vindictive son of a bitch. The way I see it you've got two choices. You can tell me what's going on up at that house, or you can watch me make your life a living hell.

Todd: Hey.

Marty: Hi. I thought that might have been John McBain again.

Todd: Oh, no, no. That's just somebody asking for some money for charity.

Todd: Then why do you look so upset?

Todd: It's Starr.

Blair: Listen sweetheart, now, can you walk? Or should we get you a wheelchair?

Starr: Does Dr. Joplin think that I'm having this baby?

Blair: No, she doesnít think that you're having a baby now. All right? She thinks that she wants us to meet her at the maternity ward.

Starr: The maternity ward?

Blair: Yes.

Starr: That means that she thinks that I'm having this baby now.

Blair: No, she doesnít. Look, you're in your ninth month. Sweetheart, the baby is fine.

Marcie: I just think that it, you know, it caught you by surprise. Didnít it? Really, it did.

Starr: Yeah, it did.

Marcie: Yeah, because you thought you'd have more warning. But it doesnít mean that there's anything wrong with the baby. The baby is really fine. Maybe he or she -- they're just impatient. That's it.

Blair: Like you. Like me. Like your dad. Yeah. I'll get the wheel --

[Phone ringing]

Blair: Oh, you know what, it's Dr. Joplin.

Marty: What's wrong with Starr?

Todd: I just got a call from the hospital. She might be in labor.

Marty: Oh, my gosh, is she okay? It's too early, isnít it?

Todd: Uh, I donít know. Yes, it's too early. But I donít know what it means. I donít know.

Marty: Well, go. Go, you need to be with her. I'll be fine.

Todd: Yeah. Yeah, okay. Gosh. I guess we need to be ready to go, right? I mean --

Marty: Yeah, okay.

Todd: Okay, I'll call you from the hospital and keep you posted.

Marty: All right. Everything's going to be fine.

Todd: All right.

Tess: So you donít give Cain the jewels and you're dead. You tell Mom about Natalie in the basement, and I get the Buchanan cover-up and spend three weeks in a rest home.

Tina: Where you're strapped to a bed with nothing to do but lie there and think about how happy and free Natalie and Jared are.

Tess: Shut up, Tina.

Tina: Oh, how they'll be waking up in each others' arms and feeding breakfast to your kid.

Tess: I said shut up.

Tina: Fine. But you help me and I will help you, all right? No matter how much I hate what you're doing.

Tess: Oh, you being so moral and everything.

Tina: Would you just stay focused? It's not like you're in the driver's seat here.

Tess: How do you figure that?

Tina: Oh, because any minute now the --

Tess: What?

Tina: Nothing.

Tess: Jared's going to come in here with Natalie? Is that what you were going to say, Tina?

Tina: Why on earth would I think that?

Tess: Because you spilled the beans, Tina. I know all about it. You left Jared to go and slay the dragon and rescue the fair maiden. Well, it didnít work. They are both down there now and they are not getting out, ever.

Natalie: Do you think she heard me?

Jared: She canít.

Natalie: But she knows something's wrong. She senses it.

Viki: Oh, hello. You woke up in Johannesburg this morning. I think what you really need is some sleep.

Natalie: She's leaving. Just like you did.

Jared: And just like me she will be back.

Natalie: Why, Jared? Why would she come back?

Jared: Because, well, because Tina knows we're down here. Do you really think she's not going to tell your mother?

Tess: So you have two choices. You agree to keep your mouth shut about Natalie, or I leave you alone here so you can explain to mom why there is a guy out cold on her library floor.

Tina: So you're going to keep this up with Natalie and Jared, even with your mother in the house?

Tess: You better make up your mind. Viki could be walking through that door any minute.

Jared: Your mom is back. She's going to find us. She's going to take care of Jessica and get her the help she needs, and this will be over. Okay?

Natalie: I'm really glad you're here.

Jared: Oh baby, we are together now and that's all that really matters, okay?

Natalie: You know, when I saw you were reading that letter --

Jared: No, no, no. We donít -- we donít really need to talk about that.

Natalie: I wanted to talk to you. I wanted to touch you. I wanted to scream

Jared: Part of me knew even then you wouldnít do that to me.

Natalie: I would never leave you, ever.

Jared: We are together now. And there is nothing that is going to change that.

Natalie: You know, if we're down here forever, if we stay down here, I'm okay now because you're here with me.

Jared: I thought about you, a lot.

Viki: Jessie, who are you talking -- to? Curiouser and curiouser. Sweetheart?

Tess: [As Jessica] Mom.

Viki: Honey, what are you doing outside? It's freezing.

Tess: Oh, Bree woke up and I had to get her back to sleep, and then I realized you werenít in your room.

Viki: Who were you talking to?

Tess: And then I was supposed to fix you something to eat, so how does a sandwich and a cup of herb tea --

Viki: Okay, stop. Why donít you just tell me what's going on, okay? And tell me what you know about Natalie and tell me why you were out on the terrace.

Tina: Because we were looking for you. Jessica told me you were here.

Viki: Tina?

Natalie: Wait.

Jared: Wha -- what?

Natalie: Is that your cell phone?

Jared: My cell phone?

Viki: What are you doing here?

Tess: Tina has been staying here ever since you left. She has been a big help.

Tina: Well, when I saw you at the airport you never said you were planning to stay here, honey.

Tina: Well, you know the idea came to me as I was watching you board. I mean, you were so worried about Jessica. And I thought I could stay here and bring a little stability. Um, an experienced point of view.

Viki: Stability? God help us when you're providing the stability.

Tina: Viki!

Viki: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. You know there are times, and this is one of them, I would like to have a drink.

Tina: Well, I thought you'd be happy to see me.

Viki: Oh, honey, I am happy to see you. I'd be a lot happier if I knew where Natalie was and why everything here is -- I donít know -- so, so --

Tess: So what?

Tina: You know, a lot has happened, Viki. But now that you're here things are just going to be so much better.

John: You're not the first person taken in by Manning. And for the record, he's never stood by any one of them. I'm not sure he's worthy of your loyalty.

Janet: Look, I am his housekeeper, that's it.

John: That's not it. Janet, that's not it. What you're doing is called aiding and abetting. It's a federal offense.

Janet: Are you charging me with something? Do I need a lawyer?

John: Janet, after we've been getting along so well.

Janet: I am going to tell you one time, and that's it. Everyone at Mr. Manning's is there because they want to be.

John: Who's everyone?

Marty's voice: Todd says his daughter's baby could be born tonight. There is something about Todd, the way he cares so passionately about his family, and for some reason, about me. I am pulled towards him. I think about holding that baby in my arms, of that brand new, innocent life, and for reasons I donít fully understand, it feels right.


Marty's voice: He wants us to leave here for a new life and as a new family. And I want that, too. I should feel complete, so why do I feel like I'd be leaving something behind?

Dr. Joplin: Oh, sorry I'm late. Starr, how are you doing?

Starr: I'm sorry, it was a false alarm. They stopped.

Dr. Joplin: Well, how about I examine you and we'll just make sure.

Starr: Okay. Oh, and one more thing.

Dr. Joplin: What is it, honey?

Starr: I'm really young. I donít know much about this and I just want to make sure that nothing's wrong.

Dr. Joplin: Oh, honey, contractions are perfectly normal at this stage of pregnancy.

Starr: Okay, it's just really important to me that I know that there is nothing wrong with this baby.

Dr. Joplin: Okay, you're not effaced or dilated, so that was Braxton-Hicks, not labor.

Starr: And the baby is fine?

Dr. Joplin: The baby is just fine.

Blair: Told you.

Starr: Thank you, Mom, you've been so great.

Blair: I know.

[Blair laughs]

Dr. Joplin: I do think we are going to have to push that due date, though. This little one is ready to come out and greet the world.

Starr: Already?

Dr. Joplin: It's not going to be long now.

Starr: Are you ready for this?

Marcie: Are you kidding? I've been ready my whole life.

Dr. Joplin: So, I'm going to go see a couple of patients.

Starr: Can I go home now?

Dr. Joplin: Not just yet. I'm going to put you on a fetal monitor, make sure those contractions have stopped. So the nurse will be right in.

Starr: Oh, Dr. Joplin?

Dr. Joplin: Yes?

Starr: I just wanted to thank you. I really trust you, and you make me believe that everything's going to be all right.

Dr. Joplin: Well, good. That's my job.

Todd: How is she? Is she having the baby?

Dr. Joplin: It's not labor.

Todd: And the baby's okay?

Dr. Joplin: Everything's fine.

Todd: It wasnít labor -- does that mean it was a false labor?

[Dr. Joplin sighs]

Dr. Joplin: Look, the baby might show up a little sooner than we thought. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd just as soon nobody see me talking to you.

Todd: Well, hold on a sec. Hold on, hold on. Did you call Marcie McBain?

Dr. Joplin: No, she was here when I got there.

Todd: That better be true, because, you know you work for me.

Dr. Joplin: You know, I just canít tell you how sick I am of you. Just now, your daughter was in there feeling guilty and scared, thinking she might have done something to hurt her baby. Already she's a better parent than you're going to ever be. Maybe you need to rethink this plan, huh?

John: Janet, you just said there's someone else living at Manningís.

Janet: No, you're putting words into my mouth. I didnít say that, and I wonít.

John: You've been through this before, havenít you?

John: That's Marty Saybrooke. Her son, Cole, thinks she's dead. He misses her. And if she's alive, and living with Manning, that also means she's living with a man who raped her. Having known her, I find it hard to believe that she would choose to let her son suffer and stay with the man who raped her.

Janet: Well, one thing I do remember from my former life -- cops lie. You'll say anything to get what you want.

John: Do you want to see the files? Why would I lie about something so easy to prove?

Janet: Oh, what -- do you think I'm stupid?

John: I havenít made up my mind yet. I'm still trying to figure out if you're the kind of person who would actually care about what happened to a woman who may be in serious danger.

Janet: Oh, I would, if I knew one. But I donít. Are we done?

John: For now.

Viki: Are you okay, Tina? You seem even more overwrought than usual.

Tina: I -- I'm just worried about Sarah.

Viki: Why?

Tina: Well, Cristian has disappeared, and they think that Carlo Hesser may have had something to do with it.

Viki: Good Lord, what brought Carlo Hesser back into Cristian's life?

Tess: Yeah, Tina, what did?

Tina: Um -- I really donít know, but Sarah loves him, so I'm -- I'm really worried about her.

Viki: Well, I certainly know what it is to worry.

Tess: Mom, you've been flying for, like, 24 hours. You should be sleeping, not worrying.

Viki: I do not believe that Natalie would just take off and not say a word to me.

Tess: Well, she probably just didnít want to burden you. Right, Tina?

Tina: Yeah, I'm -- I'm sure that's it, you know. And I agree, I really think you need some rest.

Viki: Oh, will you two stop trying to send me to bed? For heaven's sakes, it's breakfast time for me. That's what's wrong -- I'm hungry. Oh.

Tina: Step away from the dip!

Natalie: No bars. You know, she probably lined this place with lead when she made it.

Jared: No, no -- this -- this is going to work. There's got to be a hot spot in here somewhere.

Viki: "Step away from the dip"? What is wrong with you?

Tina: Oh, no, donít eat that!

Viki: Why not?

Tina: Uh, because, uh -- it's -- oh, because it's poisoned.

Viki: It's poisoned? My goodness, and do we know who poisoned it, or why?

Tess: It's been out too long. I mentioned to Tina that perhaps the sour cream had turned.

Tina: Uh, yeah, that -- that's it, I just -- I'm sorry. I overreacted, I guess I'm just so upset, you know, about Sarah and Natalie.

Viki: I really wish you had told me about Natalie as soon as you found out. You know I would have come straight home.

Tess: I know, I just didnít want to worry you. Mom, you should really be getting some rest.

Viki: Oh, for heaven's sakes, why are you trying to get rid of me?

Tess: I'm not trying to -- what are you doing?

Viki: Well, I just remembered that I have Jared's number in my cell. Maybe he's heard something more.

Tess: Isnít it a little late to be calling?

Viki: Jessica, I'm going to call Jared.

Tess: Okay.

Jared: I got it -- I got a bar, I got a bar.

Natalie: Okay, call Bo, call Bo.

Jared: Good idea. He already knows something's wrong.

[Phone rings]

Jared: Hello?

Viki: Jared, hi, it's Viki Davidson.

Jared: Ms. Davidson, thank God!

Natalie: It's Mom?

Jared: Viki, listen up. I could lose you any sec, but please listen up, it is urgent.

Jared: Natalie and I are trapped in the basement of your house behind that shelf that you were looking at. Jessica is Tess, and she put us here.

Natalie: Okay, and warn her -- donít let Tess know. She's dangerous.

Jared: Ms. Davidson, be careful of Tess, please. Ms. -- Ms. Davidson?

Viki: Jared, you're breaking up. I canít understand you. What did you say?

Jared: Damn it, I lost her. Do you think she heard me?

Natalie: There's one way to find out.

Viki: Hello, Jared?

Tina: What did he say?

Viki: I donít know.

Jared: Damn it!

Viki: It was breaking up.

Natalie: And there's Tina --

Viki: I heard him say something about "urgent."

Jared: Okay, let me try this again.

Viki: And then it was just all garbled.

Tina: Try him again.

Viki: Oh, great, now it goes straight to voice mail.

Jared: Damn it, I'm not getting anything.

Tess: And you're not going to. The party's over. Put the phone in the slot, Jared.

Jared: Oh, yeah, Tess -- let's see. How do I put this? Go to hell!

Marty: Janet.

Janet: Oh, I didnít know you were up.

Marty: Yeah, I'm waiting for Todd. His daughter might be in labor.

Janet: Oh, already?

Marty: Yeah, I know it's early, but he was very worried about her.

Janet: Well, I'm sure she and the baby will be fine.

Marty: Yes, and I'm sure if there's a problem, he will get the best doctors to take care of her.

Janet: Right.

Marty: I'm just a little taken aback, thinking this child might arrive tonight. You know, I'm just getting my strength back, and I thought I might have a month or so to get prepared for a newborn.

Janet: Really?

Marty: Yeah, I just hope I'm up for it. And that's where you tell me that I'm going to be just fine and do a great job, like you always do.

Janet: Oh, I'm sorry.

Marty: No, I'm sorry -- are you okay? You seem so distracted. Did something happen while you were out?

Dr. Joplin: The contractions have stopped. The baby's heart rate has gone down, and you have an appetite, which tells me everything is going to be just fine.

Starr: I canít believe how hungry I am.

[All laugh]

Blair: That's all part of it.

Marcie: So you really canít be any more specific about the due date?

Dr. Joplin: All I can say is be prepared.

Starr: [Exhales] Oh. Dr. Joplin, I think you should be prepared, too. You are going to be the one going through this with me.

Dr. Joplin: Oh, I'm going to be right here, I promise. I'm going to deliver you a healthy, happy baby.

[Dr. Joplin sighs]

Dr. Joplin: I promise.

Janet: Marty? You're all right, arenít you? You're not scared or anything, are you?

Marty: No, I'm worried about you. Did something happen tonight? I thought you just went to the drugstore.

Janet: No, I just want to make sure you're all right.

Todd: Is there any reason she shouldnít be?

Marty: Tell me how Starr is.

Todd: Oh, Starr is fine. It was a false alarm. Starr and the baby are just fine.

Marty: Oh, thank God. You were so worried when you left tonight.

Todd: Yeah, nothing can prepare you for the idea that your daughter is in labor.

Marty: Well, it was very sweet that she had someone call you, that she wanted you there.

Todd: Yes, yes. Anyway, you know, this kid could come any second, so we need to get in gear. And by the way, Janet, I donít know if Marty has told you, but we're planning on moving when this baby is born, so --

Janet: Really?

Todd: Yes, and we'd love to have you with us, to help us out.

Janet: I'm sorry, could we talk about this in the morning? I -- I have a terrible headache. I think I'm going to turn in early.

Todd: Oh, what about the prescription?

Janet: What?

Todd: You said you were going to get a prescription earlier.

Janet: Oh, yes, it's still in my purse. I'll put it with the others tomorrow.

Marty: Good night, and I hope you feel better.

Janet: Yes, thank you. Good night.

Todd: What's with her?

Marty: I donít know -- she seems upset.

Todd: I donít know, seems like more than a headache, though.

Marty: I hope not. Okay, let's talk about Starr. Was she really fine?

Todd: Uh, yeah, yeah. She's great.

Marty: Okay, because how does she feel about the baby maybe coming a little early? At her age, she must be a little scared.

Todd: Actually, I didnít get a chance to talk to her at all. I just had a talk with the doctor, he filled me in.

Marty: Oh, I see. You know, Todd --

Todd: Hmm?

Marty: Do you want to rethink this moving away? I mean, maybe there's some way that you and I and Starr can all do this together.

Todd: Now, where is that coming from?

Marty: I was just thinking about the way she wanted you to be with her.

Todd: You know what? Can we talk about this some other time? Just -- it's been a long night.

Marty: Yeah, of course.

Todd: Sorry, I donít mean to be short with you. It's just that tonight, in particular -- I'm having a real hard time believing this baby is for real.

Marty: Yeah, I know, I've been thinking about that, too. The baby is for real, and it's on its way. Which makes me think that perhaps we should start thinking about baby names.

Marcie: So, I was thinking about "Eric" if it's a boy. It's my brother's name, and he was really amazing when I ran -- oh, never mind.

Blair: Marcie, listen, that was a long time ago.

Marcie: Right.

Blair: You know what? Maybe this -- that was all just leading to this moment. You're finally going to have a baby that no one's going to take away from you.

Tina: Viki, try him again. You've got to talk to Jared.

Viki: Why are you so worried about Natalie?

Tina: Because I got to know her, and I -- well, I grew to love her.

Viki: And you -- you were really a big help to Jessie, really?

Tina: I -- I tried.

Viki: But darling, that's wonderful. I mean, you really have changed for the better.

Tina: Oh. Gosh, I sure hope so.

Viki: I think so. And you know what? I'm actually very glad you're here.

Jared: Come in and get it, Tess.

Tess: [Mocking] No, I'm afraid you might hurt me.

Jared: Oh, are you afraid you're going to get what you deserve?

Tess: Oh, who's going to give it to me -- are you? Remember when I cut the brake line on your car, Natty?

Natalie: Vaguely.

Tess: Yeah, those were good times. Now think hard. Do you remember what I did when I found out that Mommy was driving the car? What did I do?

Natalie: Nothing.

Tess: I know, nothing. Nothing! Because I donít care. You know, Viki -- she came back from the dead that time, but this time, I donít know if she's going to be so lucky. Do you hear me now?

Jared: Nothing!

Natalie: Jared, she'll do it, she'll kill Mom. Please, just give her the phone.

[Jared sighs]

Tess: You know what's funny?

Jared: Huh?

Tess: The reception's perfect out here.

[Jared laughs mockingly]

[Tess laughs]

Singer: No one told me what to expect no one showed me how to react I seem to wander through what they say indecisive incomplete

Singer: No one told me what to expect no one showed me how to react donít promise

Viki: It's still just going to voice mail.

Tess: Did you hear from Jared?

Viki: Yes, I did, actually, but it was no good. I mean, it was all breaking up. He said something was urgent, and then he was gone.

Tess: Well, did you call him back?

Viki: Yes, I tried, but it just goes straight to voice mail now.

Tess: Proving even more that it is not urgent. Now please, will you get some rest?

Viki: He sounded really emphatic.

Tess: Listen, if he comes home and I'm still awake, I'll come get you, okay?

Viki: Okay. I'm so glad you're doing so much better, honey.

Tess: And I am glad that you're back. Now, hit the sheets.

Viki: Okay. Good night, darling. Good night, sweetheart.

Tess: Good night. I thought she'd never leave. Now let's go check on your friend with the sledgehammer.

Tina: Oh, I hope he's all right. You know, we really should have put a blanket on him.

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