One Life to Live Transcript Friday 10/3/08


Episode #10287 - "The Full Story"
Written by Aida Croal, Ron Carlivati, Carolyn Culliton, Shelly Altman, Janet Iacobuzio, Chris Van Etten, and Anna Theresa Cascio

Provided By Boo
Proofread By Kathy

Todd: Hey, what are you doing? What are you looking at?

Marty: My rapists.

Todd: Marty, why would you do that? And what the hell are you doing out here by yourself? Did you come down the stairs? You could have fallen down those stairs and broken your neck.

Marty: Todd, I need you to explain this to me.

John: Hey, I need you to pull a file for me -- a cold case.

Officer: Sure, what's the name?

John: Saybrooke, Marty, and, Coleman, keep it on the down-low.

Ofc. Coleman: You got it.

John: Thanks.

Antonio: Hey, John.

John: Hey.

Antonio: Welcome back.

John: Thanks, it's good to be back.

Antonio: Listen, I -- I told Sarah she could be here when -- when we talked this through.

Sarah: Well, basically I wouldn't take no for an answer.

John: You have the right to know everything we know.

Sarah: Thank you.

John: But no investigating on your own.

Sarah: I know -- I know the drill -- Uncle Bo, Antonio told me. Look, I just want Cristian back.

Antonio: So what do you know?

John: The key to finding Cris is going to be a guy named Ray Montez.

[Keys jingle]

Nora: Nigel? Nigel? Nigel?

Dallas: Oh.

Nora: I'm sorry. , what are you doing here?

Dallas: I spent the night here.

Vanessa: Those clothes look better on you than on my husband every day. Even his prison jumpsuit looked better.

Cristian: How long are we going to be in the dark like this?

Vanessa: Who knows. Here!

Cristian: You know, you have no Internet connection and your phone is not working.

Vanessa: I know, electricity in this town is a bitch.

Cristian: There are people in the U.S. who are worried sick about me.

Vanessa: Tu mama, tu hermano, y tu novia, you keep saying.

Cristian: I have to let them know I'm okay.

Vanessa: You know, what do you want from me, a carrier pigeon? Everything is down. You might as well have a drink. The air here is still hot.

Cristian: Really?

Vanessa: Well, maybe you'd like the weather better in prison.

Cristian: I promised to help you find your husband if he helps me get home, and you have me here chilling. Why?

Vanessa: Because you're a fugitive. How are you going to help me if you get caught?

Cristian: What do you really want from me, Vanessa?

Vanessa: Okay, I lied. I don't want you to help me find Ray. What I want, what I need is for you to keep him from killing me.

Markko: You know this is love, right? 'Cause I'm so not a morning person.

Starr: Well, it's actually good that Aunt Dorian's hearing is in the morning, because as soon as we get everything out about Uncle Ray, the sooner we can make sure that you never, ever have to go with him.

Langston: I hope you're right.

Roxy: Boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Gigi: Shane is with Marcie. She's feeding him breakfast in the cafeteria, so I'm going to go and see him now.

Roxy: Oh, honey, you can't.

Gigi: Why? Why? Did something happen? Is Rex --

Bo: No, no, no. He's the same, but he's not alone.

Gigi: Oh. Well, who's in there? Is it a specialist, because his family is out here.

Layla: No, his whole family is not out here.

Adriana: Hey, baby, it's me! Everything is going to be ok now. I'm home.

Langston: Dorian, are you ok? You look exhausted.

Starr: We went to visit you, but they wouldn't let us in.

Dorian: No. I'm fine, kids. Don't worry about me. Where's Blair?

Starr: Oh, she had a meeting with Jack's teacher. I told her that we would be here, and she wanted me to call her as soon as I knew what was happening.

Dorian: Good. Please? Langston, I'm really very sorry that I messed up the custody hearing yesterday. I --

Langston: No, you didn't mess up --

Dorian: I did. I did, but I promise you you are my daughter, and there's no way I'm going to let that man take you away from me. You do believe me, don't you?

Langston: Yes, 'cause while you were in custody, Cole found out something huge about my Uncle Ray.

Dorian: Cole?

Cole: I walked in on him shaking hands with Clint last night.

Clint: Well, good morning, you two. Welcome home, Nora.

Nora: Clint, can you explain to me why your ex-girlfriend is lying on the couch in your bathrobe?

Dallas: I haven't had a chance to explain.

Clint: Oh. Oh. Well, Dallas' hotel room -- well, actually, it's a couple of floors. They got flooded, and The Palace didn't have anything else to rent to her, so I told her that that she could stay here.

Dallas: I hope it's ok.

Clint: Yeah. I knew you wouldn't mind.

Dallas: And I do feel awful about imposing on you, but you know Clint. I mean, he just insisted.

Nora: Well, you know. With Clint insisting, you can hardly say no.

[Dallas laughs]

John: I'm headed for the prison. That's where Banks said he last saw Hesser. The warden there tried to stonewall me, but I got a guard to I.D. Cris' picture.

Antonio: And this guard was sure that it was my brother inside there, positive?

John: Yeah, except he knew him as Ray Montez.

Sarah: Why?

John: I'm not sure but when I got to Cris' room, it was empty except for a prison jumpsuit with the name Montez on the front.

Antonio: I hope my brother didn't leave that prison the hard way.

John: I didn't see any signs of violence.

Sarah: But as far as we know, anybody could have Cris now.

Cristian: Your husband wants to kill you?

Vanessa: Yes.

Cristian: Well, what does that mean? Has he tried?

Vanessa: You know, Ray was in that prison for murder. You know this. Why are you acting so suspicious?

Cristian: Because you told me you wanted to find your husband. Now, you're saying that if you find him, he's going to kill you.

Vanessa: Well, it's complicated.

Cristian: Or you're lying.

Vanessa: Why would I lie to you?

Cristian: Why wouldn't you? You don't know me from Adam.

Vanessa: But I bought you out of that prison.

Cristian: I didn't belong there. Ray did.

Vanessa: You still owe me.

Cristian: I don't owe you a damn thing until you start telling me the truth. How did your husband get out of prison? And why do you think he wants you dead?

Adriana: It's ok. Everything's going to be ok.

Gigi: How did -- So Adriana flew back from Paris?

Layla: I called her. She is the man's wife.

Gigi: They're separated. Everyone here knows that.

Roxy: Well, we were really thrown for a loop. She got here after you left with Shane and Marcie.

Bo: Well, we'll straighten all of this out. Right now, we just need Balsom to open his eyes and tell us that he's all right.

Adriana: Don't be scared, baby. I'm here now, and you're getting the very best care. You're going to be good as new. I promise. Addie and Layla called me last night, told me what happened. And I jumped on the first plane out here. I was so scared that I'd be too late. You'd be -- I kept thinking on the plane ride here, what if that last phone conversation is the last time I'm ever going to hear his voice. You asking me for a divorce -- telling me you loved Gigi -- we shared so much. And we loved each other so much. I still love you, you know. I'd die if I ever lost you. Hush, it's okay. I know. Let me do the talking for both of us.

Marty: Look at this and tell me what the hell I'm supposed to think.

Todd: What would you like me to explain?

Marty: You said there were three rapists -- one, two, three, four.

Todd: Right, four were accused but only three were convicted.

Marty: One of them got away with it?

Todd: No.

Marty: Something happened to him?

Todd: Yeah, he was innocent.

Marty: According to whom?

[Todd chuckles]

Todd: Trust me, he was innocent. He was at the party, but you just got his face mixed up with the other ones.

Marty: You're saying I was confused about one of the men who raped me?

Todd: Well, you were pretty wasted. I mean, yeah. When you finally realized what had happened, you -- you knew he didn't do anything, so you went to the cops, and you cleared his name. Yeah, he was innocent.

Marty: Which one was it?

Dallas: Milk, no sugar, right?

Clint: Yeah -- yeah, thank you.

Dallas: Mm-hmm. And, Nora, how do you take your coffee? I'd be happy to have Nigel bring in an extra cup.

Nora: I've had it. The coffee -- I've had -- I've -- plenty of coffee, plenty. Thank you, though.

Dallas: You know, I -- I think should go get dressed and let you get settled. And, Clint, I'm just going to put this bathrobe somewhere.

Clint: Yeah, wherever, wherever, thank you.

Nora: Couldn't pack her own bathrobe when she was coming for her endless stay?

Clint: You're mad?

Nora: Mad? At coming home at dawn after an eight-hour layover in OíHare to find my boyfriend's asked his ex-girlfriend to move in? Finding her on the couch -- on my couch, in your bathrobe? No, why should I be mad?

Clint: I didn't ask her to move in. An old friend needed a place to stay.

Nora: Yeah, and, God forbid, so long as it's got some place connected to you.

Clint: Yeah, well, I assumed that you meant what you said when you said this was still my house.

Nora: Oh, got it. So now this is on me, huh?

Clint: Okay, so do you want me to kick her out right now, right into the street?

Nora: Oh, cut the crap, Clint. You're not going to kick her out into the street or to the other five-star hotel in town or to the myriad of bed-and-breakfasts that she could have booked had she cared to.

Clint: You know something, maybe now I can get a proper kiss hello.

Nora: No, because while I'm still in the mood, I want to ask you. How's operation Langston going?

Langston: And it's not like they just ran into each other. I mean, my uncle was at Clint Buchananís house.

Markko: And no way was that a coincidence.

Cole: Yeah, he -- he pretty much admitted that he was trying to get back at you for taking over his company.

Langston: I still can't believe it. It seems so crazy.

Dorian: How did Clint react when he found out you had seen him with Mr. Montez?

Cole: Well, he got rid of Mr. Montez pretty quick and then he tried to intimidate me into keeping my mouth shut.

Dorian: I took his company and now he's trying to get his revenge by taking away the one thing in the world that means the most to me.

Langston: How can he do this? Doesn't he care about my life?

Dorian: Oh, that's the Buchanan mentality. Money is always first, everything else second.

Markko: Hmm, guess that's how the rich stay rich.

Starr: What we need to focus on right now is you making nice with that judge so that you can really help us fight for Langston.

Dorian: Right. Yeah, I know exactly what I'm going to say to -- yeah. I'll handle Clint. You know, Cole, you have not been high on my list the last few months, but I want to thank you very, very much for coming forward and telling us about Clint and Mr. Montez.

Starr: It wasn't very easy for him at all. Clint basically told him that he would kick Cole out of the house.

Cole: That's -- no, it -- it doesn't matter. You guys are all that matters to me.

Woman: Dr. Lord, so sorry I'm late. Now remember, act repentant.

Dorian: Yeah, yeah, let's do this.

Bailiff: All rise. The court is now in session, the Honorable Judge Jenkins presiding.

Judge: Please, take your seats. Dr. Lord, tell me why I should even consider letting you go free.

Bo: Gigi, I understand what you're going through, but Layla's right. Adriana is still Balsom's wife.

Gigi: In name only, you know that.

Bo: Yeah, but do you want to get into all that right now, here?

Gigi: No -- not with Rex in there fighting for his life. But Adriana is the reason that Brody came to town. She's the reason that he's in the I.C.U.

Adriana: Rex is awake.

Roxy: Oh, thank God. I'll go get the doctor.

Layla: Was it when he heard your voice?

Bo: Was he responsive? I mean, did he know you?

Adriana: I talked to him and he definitely heard me. He even tried to talk but he couldn't with the tube. I'm 100% sure he knew who I was.

Layla: That's amazing.

Bo: It's what we've been waiting for.

Gigi: I'm going to go in and see him.

Adriana: I don't think so, Gigi.

John: Whoever this Montez is, the warden wanted people to believe he was in prison. So he made a deal with Hesser, Cris became Montez.

Antonio: Well, this can't just be some kind of bureaucratic error. I mean, they didn't just put Cris in the wrong jumpsuit.

Sarah: And -- and Cristian would have told everyone that he's innocent and that he's an American citizen.

John: Which may explain why he's still not in that prison.

Sarah: I never should have left his side.

Antonio: Sarah --

John: Hey, look, the good thing is Cris is out of that place. And with a little luck, he's going to get in contact with us.

Vanessa: You're judging me.

Cristian: Yeah.

Vanessa: Well, you think I'm some kind of messed-up chick with a persecution complex?

Cristian: Vanessa, excuse my French, but I don't give a rat's ass if you're a neat freak with a Madonna complex. I just want to get home to my family.

Vanessa: And to hell with the woman who saved you from a foreign prison, huh?

Cristian: Is that what you do?

Vanessa: What are you talking about?

Cristian: Slice and dice other people's words to get them into doing what you want? Will you stop with the candles already? This is a blackout, not our honeymoon.

Vanessa: You don't like my choice of words. You don't like my efforts to make you feel more comfortable.

Cristian: You know what's going to make me feel comfortable right now? Start telling me something that I can believe.

Vanessa: How many times do I have to tell you? Ray wants to kill me.

Cristian: That's right, he wants to kill you -- just because? I'm supposed to believe that.

Vanessa: Ray said that if he ever got out of prison, he would kill me.

Cristian: Why?

Vanessa: Because he kills people who displease him. That's why he was in prison. And now he's free.

Cristian: And how'd he manage that?

Vanessa: I don't know.

Cristian: You don't seem to know anything, but you want me to protect you from this guy.

Vanessa: Yes.

Cristian: How am I supposed to do that?

Vanessa: I need to get as far away from that bastard as possible.

Cristian: Great, I'm already here longer than I want. Just get me to a phone and I can call my people.

Vanessa: No, no, I don't want you to call anybody.

Cristian: Why not?

Vanessa: Look, Ray was a convicted murderer who managed to get out of prison. You don't think he has connections? We need to do this quietly and efficiently without outside interference.

Cristian: Okay, fine. Where exactly do you want me to drop you off before I get to go home?

Vanessa: Now, I should think that would be obvious.

Judge: Dr. Lord.

Dorian: Your Honor, yesterday, in your courtroom, I was so concerned about the safety of this young lady that I turned into a mother lion and I pounced. That does not in any way excuse my actions. I have had ample time in that jail cell to consider my actions, and I want to say that I take full responsibility for them. They were regrettable and I humbly ask the court to please accept my apologies.

Judge: I did not throw you in jail simply to make a point. This is a court of law. It is my responsibility to ensure proper procedure.

Dorian: Yes, I understand that now.

Judge: You're free to go.

[Langston sighs]

Judge: A word of warning. Find a way to accept my ruling with regard to the placement of your foster child. The decision is final.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: This court is adjourned. Bailiff, please remove the handcuffs.

Bailiff: All rise.

Lawyer: I'll be in touch.

Langston: Great -- you were so great.

Gigi: If Rex is awake, I would like to see him.

Adriana: I'm sure you would, but the doctor needs to examine him first.

Roxy: He hates needles, so when you're drawing blood, you got to do something to distract him. Maybe you should use one of those little itty-bitty little butterfly ones because Rex hates pain.

Adriana: Rex opened his eyes about five minutes ago. I think it was knowing that I was there.

Doctor: Well, that's a hopeful sign, Ms. --

Adriana: Mrs. Balsom. I'm his wife.

Doctor: Oh. Well, you should know, though, that spontaneous eye movements don't necessarily mean consciousness. It could have been involuntary.

Adriana: He definitely responded to me.

Doctor: All right, well, why don't I go examine him and we'll see what we're dealing with.

Adriana: Thank you.

Bo: Ahem. This is a difficult situation, I understand that. But Gigi was with Balsom when all this happened, so was I. Now if he's awake --

Adriana: You're more than welcome to see Rex when the doctor clears it. But Gigi is not getting into that room.

Bo: Do you really think that's fair?

Adriana: What's not fair is Rex lying in there on a ventilator because Gigi's psycho boyfriend shot him.

Marty: Which one was it?

Marty: Which one of these guys didn't rape me?

Clint: The situation with Langston is going very well.

Nora: Meaning what?

Clint: Meaning Ray won guardianship in family court. And after he did that, he told Langston and Dorian that he was taking his niece and they're going back to Colombia.

Nora: Oh, Clint.

Clint: No, it was absolutely brilliant. I mean, Dorian pitched a fit and the judge threw her in jail for contempt, and as far as I know, she's still in a holding cell somewhere, which is the bing cherry on top of my ice cream sundae.

Nora: You know, if this was just about Dorian, it'd be one thing, but there's an innocent kid here at stake. I mean, are you really comfortable having Langston be the collateral damage in your war with Dorian?

Clint: I'm just trying to gain control over Dorian by using a language she understands.

Nora: What, wrecking havoc is now a language?

Clint: Nora, don't --

Nora: No, this is what Dorian does, Clint. Whenever she gets hurt or she gets humiliated or gets a hang nail, she -- she destroys people, and you're just following her right into the abyss.

Clint: The abyss? It's a little melodramatic, don't you think?

Nora: Oh, God. You know, this may be just some strategic little game for you, but there is an innocent kid here, you know, who's probably terrified right now.

Clint: All Dorian has to do is give me back the company. Then she gets custody of Langston, Ray disappears, and everybody lives happily ever after.

Nora: So, um, when does Dorian find out that you're the mastermind behind this evil plot?

Clint: Well, maybe I don't need to tell her. Cole's probably doing that right now, as we speak.

Nora: What? You involved Cole in this?

Ray: Wow. It's good to see he let you go, Dr. Lord. I -- I never wanted all of this to get so --

Markko: So what? So jacked up?

Ray: Yeah.

Starr: You're a liar, and you know how we know?

Dorian: No, no, no. Starr and Markko, thank you, all of you for coming here to support me. I really appreciate it, but I don't want any of you to be late for school. That is, if it's all right with you, Mr. Montez, for Langston to go to school. I want to defer to you as Langston's legal guardian.

Gigi: You want to talk about psycho? Who's the one who brought my ex-boyfriend to town?

Bo: All right, all right, this is getting out of hand. Adriana, trust me, this is not Gigi's fault, and as for what Brody did, this is a very troubled young man.

Adriana: Obviously. He shot my husband.

Doctor: Mrs. Balsom.

Adriana: Yeah.

Doctor: Rex has regained consciousness. Now, this is a good sign, but we're not out of the woods yet. He's still critical and we need to keep him on the ventilator for now.

Roxy: But he's going to get better, right?

Doctor: Well, he's stable, but the true test will come when we remove the ventilator to see if he can breathe on his own.

Bo: Is there anything we can do?

Doctor: Just keep him calm, don't upset him. He really needs to recover now.

Gigi: I want to see him.

Adriana: You heard what the doctor said.

Gigi: I'm not going to upset him.

Adriana: Excuse me, but as his wife, it's up to me to say who can and cannot see my husband, right?

Doctor: Technically, that's right.

Adriana: Then I don't want her anywhere near that hospital bed.

Doctor: I'll note it in his chart.

Adriana: Thank you.

Roxy: I'd like to see my son. Am I on your guest list?

Adriana: Of course you are, Roxy.

Roxy: That's big of you, I'm sure.

Layla: Adriana, listen to me. Just think about it, please. Couldn't you just let Gigi in to see Rex?

Adriana: No. Because every time he looks at her, he's going to remember getting shot.

Gigi: Every time he looks at you, he's going to remember all the things you did to keep him and me away from each other. But you can't keep us apart forever.

Adriana: Want to bet?

Todd: That's him.

Marty: And you're sure he was innocent?

Todd: I'm sure you were sure. That's why you recanted your accusation.

Marty: Who was he?

Todd: Just a guy.

Marty: Did I know him?

Todd: Marty, why are you doing this to yourself? Why are we digging up --

Marty: Because it's my life.

Marty: Just tell me what I want to know. Who was he and why did I think he raped me?

Todd: He was one of the fraternity brothers at the house where the party happened.

Marty: And?

Todd: And, as I say, you were really drunk, and so he took you upstairs to let you sleep it off.

Marty: Then he said, "Hey, guys, drunk chick in my bed. Have at it."

Todd: No.

Marty: I'm supposed to believe he was the one gentleman in a room full of rapists?

Todd: No, he wasn't in the room. He had no idea what happened.

Marty: How do I know that? How do I know he didn't pressure me --

Todd: Because I'm telling you -- I'm telling you that's what happened. He just wouldn't do it. He's a --

[Todd chuckles]

Todd: He's a choir boy type. You know? Comes from money and two parents. Love and all that crap. No, he wouldn't do it. But I can tell you this -- he suffered a lot trying to protect you.

Marty: Because I accused him. Accused an innocent man, great.

Todd: No, you made a mistake.

Marty: Yeah, well, it wasn't a multiple-choice test. I almost ruined a man's life just like these -- three.

Todd: You didn't ruin anyone's life. You didn't ruin anyone's life.

[Marty sighs]

Todd: He's fine, and you took a hit for what you did. You fixed things. You moved on.

Marty: It just seems like I hurt a lot of people back then.

Todd: Let's let it go. You're not that person anymore.

Cristian: You're jerking me around, Vanessa. I'm out of here.

Vanessa: Cristian, Cristian, Cristian, wait! How far are you going to get with no power, no lights, and no money?

Cristian: Away from here.

Vanessa: I'm scared! Is that what you need to hear? I have nobody, and my husband wants me dead. I got you out of that prison because you're an American and you can help me. You owe me something.

Cristian: What do you want from me?

Vanessa: I want you to take me back to America with you, to this Llanview that you keep talking about, where the three of us will be safe from Ray.

Cristian: What three of us?

Sarah: So, how does a convicted murderer just waltz right in to this country?

John: If he's not a known terrorist, he may not be on a watch list.

Sarah: But didn't he need to get a visa?

Antonio: He's connected. I mean, listen, did you ever find out what Jared Banks was doing at Plato Prison when he saw Hesser?

John: Uh-uh, some kind of business deal. More importantly, now that we know he's here, I think we should run Montez through lein, see if we can't get a hit. Excuse me for a sec. That's it? This is everything?

Ofc. Coleman: Everything I could find on the van accident in Ireland that killed Saybrooke.

John: Okay. Thanks. Remember, keep quiet.

Ofc. Coleman: Keep what quiet?

Antonio: No, this can't be. Can it?

Ray: Of course, Langston may go to school.

Langston: Dorian, are you sure you want us to go to school?

Dorian: Of course. Of course, kids. I'll be fine. You go on ahead and I will see you at home later.

Langston: Be careful.

Dorian: Don't worry, I'll be just fine.

Ray: Have a wonderful day.

Ray: So, was there something you wanted to ask me privately?

Dorian: I have nothing to say to you, Mr. Montez. Nothing at all. But I have a great deal to say to the man who put you up to this.

Marty: So he's okay, this one?

Todd: Yeah, as far as I know. He lives in London now.

Marty: Good, I'm glad.

Todd: Yeah, me, too. So, we can just --

[Marty sighs]

Marty: I can't believe I'm looking at their faces. They look like kids.

Todd: Yeah, they were.

Marty: I want to know everything about them. I want to know what they were like, where they were from, and their names.

Cristian: You keep not telling me the truth, Vanessa.

[Vanessa sighs]

Vanessa: Lola, ven aca.

[Phone rings]

Clint: What's happening, Ray?

Ray: Dr. Lord is out of jail. She knows about our connection.

Clint: Thanks for the heads-up. I'll take care of Dorian.

Dorian: Not if I take care of you first.

Sarah: There was seriously a hearing just yesterday in family court with a petitioner named Ray Montez?

Antonio: There seriously was.

Sarah: He's in Llanview?

Cole: Jeez, hey, I'm -- hey, I'm sorry about that.

John: Don't worry about it. You all right?

Cole: John, what are you doing?

Todd: Marty, here's the thing. We talked about this before, right? I thought we both agreed that we weren't going to look into the past anymore. We were just going to look into the future. And I thought you wanted a fresh start.

Marty: I do.

Todd: Well, but you want to look up the names of these people who hurt you? I understand why you'd want to do that, of course, but I know from experience that if you start down that path, you just can't get off. I mean, you'll start to get all crazy with -- with anger and no matter how good your life is and how many good things that are in it, you just won't be able to appreciate them anymore. You'll just be obsessed. Does that make sense? I'm not trying to tell you what to do, and I don't want to tell you what to do, but --

[Todd sighs]

Todd: Do you want to -- to -- to relive so much pain right now in your life? I mean, you're just starting to look forward to things. But, you know, the choice is yours.

Bo: Adriana, a lot has happened since you and Balsom separated.

Adriana: I know. My husband was shot by Gigi's boyfriend.

Gigi: The one you bribed into coming to Llanview. The one you helped doctor a D.N.A. test.

Adriana: I want you to go now.

Gigi: You and what army?

Adriana: I may not be able to kick you out of here, but I decide who can and cannot see my husband, and you can't, so you have no reason to be here.

Gigi: I am not leaving Rex alone with you calling the shots.

Adriana: Then I'm calling security.

Gigi: Go for it.

Bo: No, Gigi. Shane is going to be back pretty soon. Now, he's already been through a lot. You want him to walk into the middle of this?

Adriana: Go get your son and get the hell out of here.

Bo: Go get Shane. I'll call you as soon as I hear anything.

Gigi: You're weak, and you're petty, and that's why Rex left you.

Bo: Gigi --

Gigi: And when Rex can finally talk, he will throw you out and ask for me.

Adriana: I doubt it.

Roxy: He's trying so hard to talk, but he canít. I don't know what he wants.

Adriana: He wants his wife.

Gigi: I won't let her keep me away from you, Rex -- I wonít.

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