One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 9/17/08


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[Natalie gasps]

Natalie: Jared, I knew you'd come. I knew you'd find me.

Jared: I love her.

Natalie: Her?

Jared: Like I've never loved anyone in my life, more than I could have imagined.

[Natalie gasps]

Jared: Like I've never loved anyone before, more than I could have imagined. So I'll find her, whatever it takes.

Natalie: I love you too, Jared. Baby, I love you, too.

Tess: [As Jessica] Jared, my heart breaks for you. I mean, you risked everything to be with Natalie, and then she just leaves you.

Jared: Yeah, but it can't end. I won't let it.

Tess: Well, of course you feel that way, you're in denial.

Jared: I need to be alone.

Tess: No, no, you need to eat something. Look, I made you a nice healthy breakfast.

Jared: Sorry, I'm not hungry.

Tess: No, Jared, you need to keep up your strength. And if Natalie isn't here to take care of you, then I'll have to do it for her.

Natalie: Oh, Tess, what the hell are you trying to do to us?

John: Too early?

Blair: Are you kidding? Do you know what today is? It's the first day of school. I've been up since the crack of dawn. Come in, please.

John: Yeah, thanks.

Blair: Uh-oh, what's wrong?

John: Yeah, there's a couple of things going on. Cris Vega is missing.

Guard: No.

Cristian: You came back.

Vanessa: Of course, for a conjugal visit.

Cristian: Conjugal visit, what --

Vanessa: Shh, no more talk.

Blair: Well, Cris and Sarah took off from Capricorn, but I was expecting them back tonight.

John: Yeah, Bo said it's a priority case. I've got to get on a plane. So if you don't hear from me for a couple of days, that's why.

Blair: Well, finding Cris is the most important thing. I really appreciate you coming all the way over here to tell me. That's very sweet of you. You surprise me a little bit more every day.

John: In a good way?

Blair: In a very good way.

Clint: We have to keep this short and sweet because I don't want anybody to see us together except Nigel.

Ray: Yeah, your guest house, it is very nice but it is also, uh, lonely.

Clint: Well, don't feel lonely. There's a guard watching you 24 hours a day. But I want you to concentrate on establishing this relationship with your niece, Langston.

Ray: That will not be a problem. She and I are already simpatico.

Clint: That's good to hear.

Ray: Mm. It is interesting. When I look at her, I see my sister when she was young. They are very much alike.

Clint: I want you to keep reminding her of that, all right?

Ray: Uh, you know that woman? The one who wants to adopt her?

Clint: Dorian Lord.

Ray: That woman is trouble.

Clint: Major trouble, yes, but today trouble pays up. Today, we go in for the kill.

Dorian: All right, am I on speaker phone? And you're all there, right? Jerry, Steve, Randi?

[Dorian chuckles]

Dorian: Good. My adoption of Langston Wilde, I want you to expedite it. I'm -- excuse me, but the family court calendar is your problem. Make it a priority. This is urgent. Good. Oh, wait, secondly, but importantly, I want you to dig up every gory detail you can about someone named Ray Montez. M-O-N-T-E-Z. Right, Colombia. He says he's Langston's uncle.

Dorian: Get on that right away. Thank you. Okay, what were you doing outside?

Langston: Writing in my journal.

Dorian: Shouldn't you be on your way to school?

Langston: Should you be in here ordering your goons to attack my uncle?

Dorian: They aren't goons. They're my lawyers.

Langston: I rest my case.

Dorian: I am just being cautious. I want to protect you.

Langston: Protect me from what?

Dorian: Well, doesn't the arrival of your uncle seem rather fortuitous?

Langston: Coincidences do happen. I mean, maybe there was just something out there in the universe, you know?

Dorian: I see. And what could there possibly be out there in the universe that would suddenly impel your uncle to show up here? Ka-ching, ka-ching.

Langston: Well, no, I've been wondering about having family out there and you saw the letters that I wrote.

Dorian: And was one of them addressed to a Ray Montez?

Langston: No, but him showing up right after you asked to adopt me kind of all fits together. And Delphina said that I'm not alone, and I am not, not by any means. It's like synchronicity.

Dorian: Right. You know, I am a student of human behavior. And your uncle showing up just as you are about to be adopted by a rather wealthy woman does not seem fortuitous to me. No, it seems disturbing, highly disturbing to me.

Ray: Dorian Lord is, uh, is like a, uh, como se dice -- um, a spring that is wound up too tight.

Clint: Close enough.

Ray: Uh, I am very polite, but she doesn't like me.

Clint: That's because she's very possessive of Langston and she sees you as a threat, which of course, is part of our plan. That's what we wanted.

Ray: The moment I walk in, like a hatred, I feel it.

Clint: Well, that shows our plan is working.

Ray: That -- that is a woman who will not intimidate to me.

Clint: Good, good, now we must pit Dorian's affection for this girl against her desire to mess with my family's business. Ray, one thing, I don't want you to underestimate Dorian. She has her faults, but no one can question her loyalty to family, especially the female members. Dorian is smart, she's powerful.

Ray: I have conquered worse adversarios, Mr. Buchanan, male and female.

Clint: Good. Now, you should know that I'm sure she's already looking into your past. Oh, God, somebody's here. You know what to do with Langston now, right?

Blair: Call me when you get any word on Cristian, okay?

John: I will.

Blair: I've got to go wake up my daughter. She goes back to school today.

John: She's going to be okay.

Blair: I don't know, John, you think? I mean, she's going to walk through those doors, seven -- seven months pregnant.

John: She's tough like her mom.

Blair: Maybe I passed down one thing to her, you know, tough genes.

John: She's lucky to have you. I'll call you.

Blair: Hey, you be safe.

Blair: Well, look at you. I was just heading up there to wake you up.

Starr: Are you kidding me? I've been up for hours.

Blair: Well, you look pretty.

Starr: You mean, pretty big house?

Blair: Would you stop it. Come on.

Starr: You know it's true.

Blair: I'll tell you what I know. Look at me. I'm so proud of you.

Starr: For what? Getting pregnant, wishing I could hide under the covers for the next two months?

Blair: No, for being scared and not hiding under the covers. Sweetie, you've handled all of this with courage and grace.

Starr: That's because I've been okay lately, you know, getting used to how I look and how I feel. But going back to school, it's -- it's scary. I'm going to be seeing old friends that have had normal summers, and then I'm going to see creeps who aren't my friends. It's going to be really tough.

Blair: I know, I know, I know, I know.

Tess: [As Jessica] Come on, you need to eat something.

Jared: What is it?

Tess: It's, uh, eggs. Maybe you can just have a bite of toast or something. Did you sleep last night?

Jared: I was online all night, and on the phone calling airlines, train stations, car rental agencies.

Tess: No luck, huh?

Jared: No, it's like she vanished off the face of the earth. It makes no sense.

Tess: Or maybe it does.

Jared: What do you mean?

Tess: Well, you know, Natalie's clever. You know that, and she's street smart, too.

Jared: So?

[Tess sighs]

Tess: Jared, I don't want to be hurtful, but maybe you should take a hint.

Jared: Don't start.

Tess: No, I'm doing this for you, Jared. I mean, if there's no trace of Natalie, I believe that's how she wanted it to be. And she knew you were going to go and try and find her, she just didn't want to be found.

[Jared scoffs]

Natalie: Damn you, Tess!

Cristian: This is a joke, right?

Vanessa: Why do you ask? Do you find me not at all beautiful? La idea del sexo conmigo is funny to you.

Cristian: No, I think you're very attractive, Vanessa, but I'm not sure that's what this is about.

Vanessa: Es verdad.

[Vanessa sighs]

Vanessa: Sin embargo -- it has been a very long time.

Cristian: Then help me. Help me get out of here, and we can find the real Ray Montez and you can have as many conjugal visits -- como su corazon desea.

Vanessa: Mi corazon?

Cristian: That's what you want, isn't it, to find your husband?

Bo: Am I interrupting something?

Clint: No, not at all. This is a consultant I just hired to help me with B.E., but he just got a call. He's on his way out.

Ray: Excuse me.

Bo: You never introduced me to the guy.

Clint: Bo, I'm sorry, but it was an emergency call. He's got to -- are you here to see me?

Bo: Matthew, first day of high school.

Clint: That's right. Matthew's big day.

Matthew: Hey, Dad.

Bo: Looking sharp there, man.

Matthew: I don't know. Mom thought my shirt was too big, so she tucked my shirt in.

Nora: You look fine. It just was -- you know, you don't have to do that. You look great. I shouldn't have said anything. You look terrific.

Bo: Absolutely.

Matthew: Yeah, right.

Bo: No, hey, you do. Look at you. Look, if it's any consolation, I was nervous my first day of high school.

Matthew: You were not.

Clint: Oh, God, he was a wreck. He couldn't even get out the door because he broke down in tears.

[Nora laughs]

Bo: I didn't break down in tears.

Clint: "Please, please, don't make me go. People will pick on me, please."

Matthew: He actually said that?

Clint: Yeah.

Bo: No, of course, your Uncle Clint is trying to get a laugh at my expense.

Clint: And succeeding.

Bo: Yeah, yeah. No, I'll tell you I did not cry, all right? I was, uh, apprehensive.

Matthew: Yeah, but you had an older brother, so I'm sure that helped.

Clint: Oh, yeah, yeah, I gave him advice. I just paved the way.

Bo: He did nothing at all. Actually, let me tell you, you're going to be just fine because you're a lot cooler than I was in high school.

Matthew: Cole said I was cooler than him, too, but I think it was a lie.

Nora: You talked to Cole about this?

Cole: All right, Matt, you ready?

Matthew: Yeah.

Bo: Hey, looks like you got a big brother, too, huh?

Matthew: Yeah, I guess I do.

Cole: You guess? Dude, I told you I've got your back. Anybody messes with you, they have to deal with me.

[Blair chuckles]

Blair: Sweetie, do you want me to drive you to school?

Starr: No, Mom.

Blair: You know, I can talk to the principal and the principal can talk to your teachers. And if anybody's giving you a hard time, then, you know, I'll just make sure --

Starr: Then what? The principal's going to tell them not to stare at me and not to talk behind my back? No, that will just make it worse.

Blair: Okay, I guess.

Starr: I guess, you know, just the best thing for us to do is to not make a very big deal out of it. Langston will run interference for me.

Blair: You know she will. Bless her heart.

Starr: I know what the worst part about it's going to be.

Blair: Seeing Cole?

Starr: You know, I just don't want to talk about it.

Blair: Okay, we won’t. What?

Starr: I got a text from Dad this morning.

Blair: Well, did Dad upset you?

Starr: I'll let you read it.

Blair: If you want me to.

Starr: Mom.

Blair: "Good luck, today. You will always be "short man" to me, love, Dad."

Dorian: Is that the picture your uncle gave you yesterday?

Langston: I kept waking up in the middle of the night and looking at it.

Dorian: I'm sorry you couldn't sleep.

Langston: Why didn't my mother tell me she had a brother?

Dorian: That's what I'd like to know. That's what you heard me talking about just now on the phone. I want to have your uncle investigated. I want to make sure that he's for real and not a danger to you.

Langston: What kind of danger could he be? He was totally polite and sweet. And he is for real. He knew things about my mother, and he spoke the same dialect. Do you know what that was like for me? It was like being with my mother again.

Dorian: I'm adopting you. That means that I am always going to protect you.

Langston: Oh, like you protected Adrianna from Rex? I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that. I just -- you don't seem happy at all that I have my uncle in my life now.

Dorian: I'm just being cautious.

Langston: Why? Why can't you just accept the fact that this man is here because his sister died and he wanted to see his only niece?

Jared: I know Natalie is not hiding from me, okay?

Tess: [As Jessica] Do you have a better theory?

Jared: We were in love. We are in love. And the last thing she said to me before I left for South America was make sure I came home safe to her. Something else is going on here.

Tess: Okay, Jared, for days after they buried Nash, I talked to him. I spoke to him all the time. You know, I just really wasn't willing to accept that he was never coming back. And, you know, I just finally had to just let go.

Jared: I'm sorry, this is not like that. I am not just going to let go of her because I can't find her for a day. How would I do that? Why would I do that? I'm never going to let her go, you hear me?

Natalie: You tell her, Jared, put that bitch in her place.

Tess: I was just trying to help.

Jared: Well, you're not.

Tess: I'm sorry, I just -- you know, I keep thinking of that old saying, if you love someone, set them free. If they come back, they're yours. If they don't --

Jared: What? They never were? You know damn well that's a load of crap.

Tess: Of course, of course, you and Natalie were. That's why you haven't gotten over it -- yet.

Jared: I'm never going to let her go. I'm out of here.

Tess: Well, what about your breakfast?

Jared: Throw it away.

Tess: Good idea.

[Tess whistling]

[Natalie screams]

Tess: Ooh, here we go, breakfast of losers.

Matthew: You're all acting like I'm two years old. I'm fine, okay?

Cole: You're awesome. It's just some of the juniors and seniors think it's cool to give the freshmen a hard time.

Bo: You know, I never understood that. You know, everybody goes through it. They hate it, but then they turn around and do it to somebody else.

Clint: Well, most days the world is divided into two groups -- those who want to fix the situation and those who just want to take their shot.

Nora: What group are you in, big guy?

Bo: You're going to be just fine, bud.

Matthew: Yeah, as long as Cole’s there, bring it on.

Cole: Hey, man, you're good, all right? And you'll make a great wingman for me, too.

Matthew: Like a cool senior needs a wingman.

Nora: Okay, you know what? How about let's just focus on positive things like what a great education you're going to get and how you're going to make all these new friends, and -- and I made you your lunch.

Matthew: What for?

Nora: Because you're a little picky about the food that you like.

Matthew: Mom, I'm not brown bagging it in high school, okay?

Cole: Yeah, actually, the cafeteria food is pretty good, and you can sit with me and my friends.

Matthew: Really?

Cole: Yeah, sure.

Clint: Listen, uh, I had this put aside for your first day, all right? I want you to have lunch on me.

Matthew: Thanks, Uncle Clint.

Clint: And I want you to enjoy your first day of high school, huh?

Matthew: I'll try.

Clint: All right.

Bo: Come on, we better get going. I'll walk you guys out.

Matthew: Don't cry, Mom.

Nora: Okay, okay, I'm not going to.

Bo: Come on, let's go.

Matthew: See you, Mom.

Nora: You were really sweet to Matthew, thank you.

Clint: He's my nephew. I love him. He's a good kid. And he is going to have a great day.

Nora: See, this is the you that I really love.

Clint: Nora, this is the me I still am.

Dorian: If your uncle is the paragon that you think he is, then how can it hurt to check out his background?

Langston: What's to protect me from? He just wants to get to know me.

Dorian: I see, you've known him for 15 minutes and now you think you understand his entire agenda.

Langston: What else could he want?

[Dorian sighs]

Dorian: Okay, a lot of things.

Langston: Why can't you just give him the benefit of the doubt?

Dorian: Langston, I'm want to adopt you because I love you. And my decision was not frivolous.

Langston: What if he finds out what you're doing?

Dorian: So he finds out.

Langston: What if he takes off and I never see him again?

Dorian: I'm going to do whatever it takes to keep you safe.

Langston: Is it so terrible if I have a blood relative in my life? I mean, that doesn't take away from my love for you.

Dorian: I know that.

Langston: Then why do you act all threatened by him?

Dorian: I'm not threatened by him, honestly. If he wants to be in your life, fine. Let him keep in touch. Letters from Colombia, cards on your birthday, Christmas --

Starr: Langston.

Langston: Oh, my God, I'm so sorry, Starr. We're going to be late for school.

Starr: Yeah, and now we're going to be really late because someone special came to visit you.

Langston: Tio, buenos dias.

Ray: Buenos dias, mi hermosa.

Cristian: You do want to find your husband, right?

Vanessa: I do. Por supuesto.

Cristian: Then you'll help me get out of here?

Vanessa: I will see what I can do.

Cristian: Thank God. Listen, do you have an international cell phone, 'cause I can give you my brother's --

Vanessa: Not so fast, amante. I cannot help you unless you help me.

John: You're gonna get me the surveillance tapes from Vega’s apartment building, right?

Officer: Right.

John: You're going to interview the neighbors and you're going to get me everything you can on the trail that Hesser left behind.

Officer: I'm waiting on Interpol to get that to me now.

John: Okay, good. Track him from the moment he left that Mendorra place.

Officer: Mm-hmm, I'm on it.

John: All right, then I want to know the name that he used. I want to know all his known aliases. Just -- just get me everything that you can, thanks.

[John exhales]

Jared: John, I'm here to see you.

John: About?

Jared: Natalie, she is missing and I think she may have been kidnapped.

Tess: Full disclosure -- these are Jared's leftovers. But he didn't touch them, so why let the food go to waste, right? You know, I really do wish that he had eaten breakfast because he needs to keep up his strength. You know, he's got a lot of stuff to do in the near future.

Natalie: Yeah, yeah, I know. I heard the whole thing.

Tess: Yeah, because of my little monitor. Considerate of me to keep you in the loop, huh?

Natalie: Jared doesn't believe that I ran off. And thank God he doesn't believe that corny letter is real. And he will search for me forever if that's what it takes.

Tess: You know, forever is a tricky thing to define. Take my situation, for instance. I lose the love of my life. The man I'm supposed to be with "forever" was killed -- well, murdered by you and Jared. So forever is not quite as long --

Natalie: Nash's death was an accident.

Tess: He'd still be here if it weren't for Jared's lies, Natalie.

Natalie: No, Nash fell because he lost it when he --

Tess: Because of you and Jared.

Natalie: No, because he didn't borrow money from Dad and Jess like he should have. No, instead, he borrows it from a crook who stole the vineyard out right from underneath him. Why don't you understand that?

Tess: Natalie, death is the only forever, okay? Now, eat your breakfast. It's good for you.

Natalie: Jess, Jess, please, I know -- I know you're in there. Please, you've got to come out. You got -- you got to fight. Jess, please make Tess go away. Just -- please.

Tess: Natalie, I can hear every word you're saying. You're kind of being insulting. I mean, I'm standing right here.

Natalie: I love you. Bree loves you. Tess doesn't love anyone.

[Tess scoffs]

Tess: Why do I bother?

Natalie: What?

Tess: Going to all this trouble when I should just kill you right now.

Natalie: You don't mean that, right? I mean, you don't really want to kill me.

Tess: I wasn't planning on it, Natalie, but if you don't stop shrieking your head off about Jessica, I'm going to have to.

Natalie: Jess, please!

Tess: This is what I'm talking about. Jessica isn't here. She's not home. She's gone for good. Left the planet -- gone. No forwarding address, nothing.

Natalie: You're not going to win this one, Tess.

Tess: Oh, I don't know, Natalie. The way I see it, the odds are kind of in my favor.

Natalie: Yeah, but Jared's never going to believe anything you say about me because he knows me and he knows better.

Tess: Well, now, maybe, but you know, little by little he'll realize that he doesn't know you and never did. You just watch.

Natalie: No, no. He knows better.

Tess: You know what, Natalie? It just occurred to me. As much as Nash’s death was a nightmare -- it was awful -- at least I had some closure, you know? But you -- you know, with Jared being around still and you not being able to be with him, and then you're going to be able to watch him, you know, get over you and kind of move on, that's going to be torture. My God.

Natalie: What do you mean, I'll have to watch him move on?

Tess: Figure it out, Sparky.

John: Kidnapped? Was there a ransom note or something?

Jared: Uh, no, but --

John: Was there a witness?

Jared: No, it's just that --

John: Just what?

Jared: Okay, I don't know that she has been kidnapped, but I can't come up with a better explanation. She just disappeared.

John: Since when?

Jared: I don't know, a day or two.

John: A day or two? All right, well, did you check her closet or did she pack a bag?

Jared: Some of her clothes are missing, and yes, it appears one bag is gone, but I don't think she left on her own.

John: Why is that?

Jared: Oh, well, here. Read this.

John: It's from Natalie. It's her handwriting.

Jared: Yeah, I know, but it's the content. It's not her. Look, I swear, this doesn't make any sense. Natalie and I were good.

John: What's this -- what's this mean here, she couldn't live with what you were doing?

Jared: Look, we had a fight -- a disagreement. We made up, and then I was going on a business trip. She came to the airport to tell me that everything was fine. And then I come home, and I find this waiting for me. What? You disagree.

John: I don't know. You know, a girl breaks up with you with what amounts to a Dear John letter. Why is that so hard to believe?

Clint: Nora, I know how you feel about what I'm doing.

Nora: I just don't want this mess with B.E. to -- to turn you into someone I don't recognize.

Clint: Well, you don't have to explain anymore. Believe me, I get it.

[Nora sighs]

Nora: You're back. What happened?

Cole: Uh -- uh, Matthew lost his wallet. Him and his dad are upstairs looking for it now. I said I'd look here for him.

Nora: Oh, that poor kid. He's so nervous.

Cole: You could tell, huh?

Nora: Well, how about you? I mean, this can't be an easy day for you, either.

Cole: I'll be fine.

Nora: Of course you will be. Thank you very much for taking care of Matthew. Really, I appreciate it. Your mom would be very proud.

Cole: Really? I walked out on my pregnant girlfriend. I -- I don't think she would approve of that.

Nora: You didn't walk out on Starr.

Cole: Well, you were right before. This day is going to be hard for me, but it's going to be a whole lot harder for Starr.

Ray: I am sorry to come here so early.

Langston: No, it's fine, really.

Ray: But this is your first day of school, no?

Langston: Yeah.

Dorian: Yes, and she's going to be late if she doesn't leave right away.

Ray: I understand, but first, I want to -- to give her something. For luck on your first day -- this belonged to your mother.

Langston: Oh, my God. It did?

Ray: Your grandmother gave it to her on her quinceanera. I thought that you should have it.

Langston: It's so beautiful. It means so much to me. Gracias, tio.

Cristian: What do you want from me? I will help you in any way that I can.

Vanessa: I need you to promise that you'll help find my husband. And if you do not agree, you will be here in this prison for a very long time with a murderer's name on your back.

Ray: There we are. Let me see. It's perfect.

Dorian: Excuse me, but can you explain how it is that you have your sister's necklace?

Ray: When Linda left Colombia, she left some things behind. This was one of them. I have always treasured it.

Langston: And now I will. I can't believe I'm going to my first day of school wearing something of hers, something I never even knew existed.

Ray: You are the living image of her.

Langston: You think so?

Ray: There is no doubt. Your eyes, your face, and your heart. You have your mother's good heart.

Blair: Are you buying any of this?

Dorian: Not one bit.

Nora: You got your phone, you got your wallet, you got your books --

Matthew: Yeah, yeah.

Nora: All set.

Bo: You two both have a great day.

Nora: I can't believe you're going to be a freshman in high school. Oh, my God.

Matthew: I know what you're going to say next. "It seems like just yesterday when you were starting kindergarten."

Nora: I'm not going to say that because that would be a really lame thing to say, and I don't say lame things because I am a cool mom, right? Give me a hug. Cool mom. All right. Later, dude.

Matthew: Oh, my -- Mom.

Bo: All right, let's go. Let's go, guys.

Nora: What? What is wrong with "dude"?

Bo: Dude.

Jared: Don't you dare condescend to me about this.

John: Oh, what, you're saying it's not possible she could --

Jared: This is not about my ego, damn it.

John: Okay. All right, I'll check it out. I'm just -- I'm not sure this amounts to police business this time.

Jared: Why not?

John: Well, she's been gone, what, a couple of days? She -- she left a note in her handwriting. There's no sign of foul play.

Jared: Read it again.

John: I agree. It's not exactly Natalie's style.

Jared: Thank you. See?

John: So what you did to Natalie's family, is that behind this?

Jared: Maybe. But what if you're dead wrong? What if what you just said right there is a load of crap? What if she needs help? How are you going to live with that?

Natalie: What is it that I'm supposed to be figuring out here, Tess? I mean, yeah, I figured out that you tried to kill me and Jared and I figured out that you've got me locked in Mom's basement and I figured out that you tried to gaslight Jared into believing that I ran off.

Tess: You're a quick study, Natalie.

Natalie: Does this make you happy? Plotting revenge on me and Jared? I mean, my God, when was the last time you sat with Bree in your lap or read her a book? Are you even taking care of yourself and that baby? Or is plotting revenge against me and Jared way more important to you than Nash’s kids?

Tess: Bree and I are just fine. I'm very mellow. Things are going according to plan. Jared got your letter, he read it, and in time he will learn to accept the things that you wrote.

Natalie: Jared doesn't believe I wrote the letter, Tess. You heard him. And he's not going to give up on me.

Tess: Oh, yeah. Yeah, he will.

Natalie: Okay. Okay, let's say for argument's sake that he does decide to believe it was me, believes that I left him. Then what, Tess?

Clint: Is mom having a hard time?

Nora: Why, because my kid is going off for his first year of high school? That's exciting, right? I mean, he can't be a baby forever. He's got to grow up sometime. And, you know, that's -- that's good. It just makes me very -- makes me very sad.

[Nora cries]

Nora: Because as much as I love that high school boy, I miss my little boy.

Langston: I'll never take it off.

Blair: You know, I hate to break up the moment here, but, Langston, you and Starr better get to school or you're going to be late.

Starr: Yeah, come on, Langston. We've got to go.

Blair: Listen, you call me if you need me, okay?

Starr: I'll be fine, okay?

Blair: All right.

Dorian: Yes, you will, and you look beautiful in that sweater.

Blair: Come on, girls.

Starr: Thank you. Come on.

Langston: Okay. When will I see you again?

Ray: Perhaps you and I could have dinner one night this week?

Langston: I would love that. And thank you for coming by and for the necklace. It was really sweet of you.

Ray: It was my pleasure.

Dorian: Time to go, Langston.

Langston: Right, right, right. Be nice to him, please.

Dorian: Yes. Blair?

Blair: Hmm?

Dorian: I wonder if you wouldn't give me a few moments alone with Mr. Montez?

Blair: Sure. Yell if you need me.

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

Dorian: All right, we're alone now. So why don't you just cut the crap and tell me what it is you want from me and what exactly you want from my daughter.

Cristian: No matter who your husband is or what he's done, if you help me get out of here, I'll help you track him down.

Vanessa: I'm not one to trust people, but you look like a man of honor, a man of his word.

Cristian: I swear I won't let you down.

Vanessa: I hope that is true.

Cristian: Wait, wait. You need my brother's number.

Vanessa: It's not necessary. I can find him. The name is Vega, is that right?

Cristian: Yeah, that's right, Vega. And please hurry. This place is --

Vanessa: What? Are you afraid that you'll be beaten? Killed?

Cristian: I think that's a possibility.

Vanessa: Guard. If my husband can survive in this place as long as he did, I'm sure that you can, too. Guard.

John: I don't know if there's officially anything I can do with this. If you get something else, come to me and we'll go from there.

Officer: Sorry for interrupting, Lieutenant.

John: What is it?

Officer: A hit on Hesser. He left Mendorra on a phony passport by the name of Mortimer Bern.

John: Thanks.

Jared: Mortimer Bern?

John: Yeah.

Jared: I saw him.

John: Where? Cris Vega’s life could be at stake. I think Natalie would want you to help him.

Jared: I was in Plato prison, Colombia.

John: South America?

Jared: Right.

John: What were you doing there?

Jared: It was a potential business venture.

John: Oh, yeah? And what business are you in?

Jared: Look, I saw this guy, okay? So he asked me what my name was. I gave him a phony one.

John: Was he an inmate?

Jared: No. In fact, he was sucking up to the warden pretty good.

John: Okay, thanks. Look, I will do what I can with the Natalie thing. Let's just hope it's nothing. If you hear from her, please call me.

Jared: Yeah. Right.

John: Hey, boss.

Bo: Hey.

John: Did Natalie say anything to you about going out of town or anything for awhile?

Bo: No, why?

John: Ah, it's probably nothing. Look, on another note, I think we got a lead on Cris, and it all leads back to Hesser.

Jared: It's Jared Banks. I need to see you. It's about Natalie.

Natalie: Then what, Tess? What -- what happens if Jared does accept that I left him? What happens if he stops looking for me?

Tess: Then you get to watch Jared fall out of love with you and in love with me.

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