One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 9/16/08


Tess, Lies, and Videotape
Written by Elizabeth Page, Ron Carlivati, Carolyn Culliton, Shelly Altman, Janet Iacobuzio, Chris Van Etten, & Anna Theresa Cascio

Provided By Suzanne
Proofread By Kathy

Cristian: Hesser?

Guard: No, it's your wife.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Yeah?

John: Hey.

Bo: Hey. You're back.

John: For now. I left half a dozen shields in the airport in New York to follow up. Antonio and Talia -- they're -- they're on their way over to Carlotta’s. They want to break the news to her before she reads it in the papers.

Bo: No luck finding Cristian? What's that?

John: I think we might have caught a break.

Guard: That's Ray Montez.

Ray: Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ray Montez. If I would know that you were having a celebration, I never would intrude, but I wanted to see my niece. I'm your Uncle Ray. You are Langston. I -- I would know you anywhere. I, uh -- I look at you now and I, uh -- I see your mother, my sister Linda. You look just like her. Wish to say con permiso it is my great pleasure finally to meet you.

Clint: Pa, don't you worry. I did what you would have done. I found Dorian’s Achilles' heel. So, it won't be long now before Cramer Enterprises -- that Godforsaken name will be off the big board and the company will be back where it belongs, the Buchanan family. And all that madness with Jared Banks ever since he arrived -- that will be behind us. That boy almost destroyed our legacy.

Nigel: Sir.

Clint: Nigel. Caught me having a little conversation with Asa.

Nigel: I'm terribly sorry to intrude, Sir, but I simply cannot allow you to heap blame on Jared Banks without confessing the truth -- that he had a partner in crime.

Jared: "Please don't try to find me. I won't come back. I need to do this and I'm begging you to understand. I'll love you forever -- Natalie." This doesn't make any sense.

Tess: [As Jessica] You know, it never does when you lose someone when you love.

[Jared sighs]

Jared: I mean, look. I know I was hard on her being on the outs with her dad, but he was going to come around in time.

Tess: Yeah, but Natalie's not patient, Jared. Maybe she thought that it was easier to cut all ties and start over new somewhere else.

Natalie: Liar! Liar! She made me write that note, Jared! I would never leave you!

Jared: But to leave without saying goodbye? I mean –

Natalie: Exactly! Exactly! See, look! Look at her! Look in her eyes! She's not Jess! She's Tess! Look!

Jared: Why not? I mean, we were together. Things were working out. It -- it --

Tess: Maybe it just wasn't enough for her.

Tina: Jared, it's not true. Natalie would never leave you.

Tina: I mean it, Jared. Natalie would never leave you. She loves you.

Natalie: Yeah, Tina. Yeah, Tina. Please just make him believe you. Make him find me.

Jared: Well, I thought she loved me. She told me she did.

Tina: And that's what I'd hang on to and not some silly note from nowhere.

Tess: [As Jessica] I know it's shocking. I know it's shocking for everybody. I mean, I -- I can't believe that my sister would do this. But then again, I never thought that I would lose Nash. Sometimes, life just pulls the rug out from underneath you.

Tina: Hmm. Well, trust your heart, Jared.

Tess: And Tina's right. You should trust your heart and right now, your heart's breaking and it's going to take some time for it to heal, because Lord knows nobody else needs any more bad news because with Cristian missing and Carlo Hesser on the loose, anything could happen.

Natalie: Don't believe her, Jared. Please don't believe her. You know me. You know I would never do this to you.

Clint: I know all too well that Natalie was involved in Jared's --

Nigel: Begging your pardon, Sir. I'm not referring to Miss Natalie. She wasn't aware of Mr. Jared's duplicity until after the fact.

Clint: Yeah, and then she decided to keep it from the family. Natalie betrayed each and every one of us.

Nigel: She certainly paid the price, which is why I feel I must come forward. Mr. Banks was determined to take this all on himself. He insisted that I remain silent. I'm ashamed to say that I accepted his offer. I let him take the full blame.

Clint: What are you getting at?

Nigel: I see where that decision led. You're determined to take back Buchanan Enterprises no matter the cost. I felt I had to speak up.

Clint: Why now?

Nigel: You brought this miscreant, this Ray Montez into our midst. You've thrust him on Dr. Lord's family. I can't stay silent any longer. Mr. Buchanan, Sir, Miss Natalie wasn't the only one privy to Jared Banks' plans. I, too, was his collaborator.

Dorian: Get Shaun.

Blair: Okay.

Langston: No, we don't need to -- whoa, Markko. Markko, what are you doing?

Ray: Hey. Okay, I will assume this brave young man is your novio. It's good to see you have someone to protect you.

Dorian: Yes, she does. She has me.

Langston: Dr. Lord is adopting me.

Dorian: And you, Sir -- whoever you are --

Ray: If the gentleman will allow me to reach into my pocket, I'd like to prove who I am.

Langston: Let him go.

Dorian: Absolutely not.

Sarah: You don't think Carlos is after me, do you, Mom?

Tina: No. And, Jessica, you stop scaring my daughter.

Tess: [As Jessica] Well, she should be scared. I mean, we should all be being careful.

Sarah: No, but we -- we probably should go to the station and check in with Uncle Bo and see if he has any more information about Cristian.

Natalie: They'd call you! She's just trying to get rid of you!

Tina: It wouldn't hurt to stop in the station.

Natalie: No!

Tess: Okay. You're right. You should take your little girl to the station and I will stay here with Jared.

Tina: And, Jared, I can't tell you how sorry I am about all this.

Natalie: You haven't won yet.

Jared: You know, I think Tina's right -- this letter's a fake.

Jared: No, there's just -- there's something off about this letter.

Natalie: I knew it! I knew it! You figured it out!

Tess: [As Jessica] You know, maybe she's just scared. Natalie is so torn up about Dad and Nash and after that fight that you had before you left.

Jared: Whoa, whoa, whoa. No, no, no, no. That is not it. I mean, yes, okay, we argued, but she came to the airport to see me off and it was fine.

Tess: Knowing Natalie, she had probably already made up her mind and she just wanted to see you one last time.

Jared: Hiding the way she feels? No, I'm sorry. That's -- that's not Natalie. She's in your face. And -- and to run away? If anything, she'd pick a fight. That's why I call her Sparky. She is a little spitfire and I love that about her, but -- you know, look, I'm not saying that she would never leave me. It's just that she would definitely have it out with me first.

[Jared chuckles]

Jared: All because she loves me.

Natalie: That's right, I do.

Jared: I know she does.

Natalie: Don't you forget it.

Tina: Why didn't you call us if you had a lead?

Sarah: Did you find him?

Cristian: Si.

Woman: I can tell by your accent.

Cristian: Ray Montez is -- he's your husband?

Woman: Looks like he put up quite a fight. You killed him?

Cristian: I didn't kill anybody, okay? I got dumped here by a guy named Carlo Hesser. I was forced to put this stuff on. I never saw your husband. I don't know what happened to him.

Dorian: Don't let him go. We have no idea if this man is armed and until we know, nobody is making a move. Okay?

Addie: He looks like Langston.

Dorian: Oh, don't be ridiculous, Addie.

Addie: He does, around the eyes, just like me and Sam. Me llamo Addie. Nosotros somos las mujeres Cramer.

Ray: El gusto es mio, Addie.

Dorian: Addie, thank you, but that's enough with the Spanish.

Addie: Spanish is a beautiful language.

Ray: Verdad.

Addie: It's on my list.

Dorian: Oh, thank goodness.

Shaun: Dr. Lord.

Dorian: Yes, please take charge of this gentleman.

Shaun: No problem. Come with me.

Dorian: He was about to leave. Good.

Langston: Wait, wait, wait. What if he's really my Uncle?

Blair: Look, it's -- it's okay, Shaun.

Ray: If I may. This is a picture of your mother when she was younger and the guy next to her is me.

Dorian: Anyone can Photoshop a photo.

Markko: Lang.

Langston: I've seen this picture before. A long time ago, I found it in the attic in some old trunk but my mother got really upset. She wouldn't tell me who the guy was.

Dorian: We don't know who this guy is. If you really are Langston's uncle, where were you when her parents died?

Woman: So, what are you? Are you a drug dealer?

Cristian: No. I'm innocent.

Woman: You're all innocent.

Cristian: Look. I was kidnapped.

Woman: And brought here to Colombia. Ridiculous. The Colombians don't want problems with the United States, your family shouting at the ambassador making speeches --

Cristian: My family doesn't even know I'm here. You know what? Maybe you can call them. My brother's a police detective in Pennsylvania. He -- he's got connections. Just one call could sort this whole thing out.

John: You've got to be kidding me. My life just keeps weirder and weirder.

Bo: What do you mean? What?

John: Nothing. Go on, Bo. This is more important.

Sarah: What -- what is this -- what is this footage? Where -- where is Cris?

Bo: This D.V.D. is from airport security in New York. It was recorded about a half-hour after your flight took off.

Sarah: Who's the guy with him?

Tina: Well, he looks like an airport employee. He's got a uniform.

Bo: Security can't identify this person yet. We're going to have this image enhanced.

Sarah: Okay. Well, is -- is there more to the D.V.D.?

Bo: We think that Cris was taken to a part of the airport where there are no cameras.

Sarah: And then what? He's -- he's not still there. I'm assuming they searched, right?

Bo: We found a rag in one of the loading docks. It was soaked with chloroform.

Tina: What? They -- they kidnapped him?

Bo: That's what it looks like.

Sarah: Is he --

Bo: We don't think so, no. That's not Hesser's M.O.

Sarah: So, you're sure that Carlo's behind this.

Bo: Well, this is the way that he works and he's -- he's not locked up anymore.

[Sarah sighs]

Sarah: So, where is he?

Ray: Your mother and I, we -- we had an argument. We, uh -- angry. I didn't want her to marry this Americano, but she left. She went to America before we had a chance to forgive each other. Time went by -- years passing and I -- I lost my connection to her. I should have written to her, but I was stubborn. And your mother, you know, she was a very proud woman, verdad.

Langston: Yeah, she was.

Ray: I didn't even know I had a niece until recently.

Dorian: And how is it that you happened to find out about Langston?

Nigel: This is my letter of resignation.

Clint: It's dated last year.

Nigel: I've been carrying it around for months. I've let you down, Mr. Buchanan, and I regret it more than I can say. It won't take me long to pack. I should be gone within the hour.

Clint: What did he offer you?

Nigel: I beg your pardon?

Clint: Jared Banks -- how did he get to you?

Nigel: The truth is, I've kept a secret -- a family secret -- for many years.

Clint: So, Jared Banks blackmailed you?

Nigel: Oh, no, nothing like that. You see, I've known for quite some time that David Vickers was the missing heir. And knowing Mr. Vickers' character and how you regard him, let's just say I thought it in the family's best interest to keep mum. And then Mr. Banks arrived. I knew he was an impostor, but he seemed a better candidate. His business school background, his adoration of your father -- but in any event, I had no right to keep the truth from you. And now everything that's followed -- the loss of the company, the death of poor Mr. Brennan -- it's all my fault. I brought irreparable harm to the family it's been my honor to serve. If you would like me to clean and load your gun, just say the word.

Ray: I learned about Langston because of you, Dr. Lord. I read an article in a magazine that was all about you taking over the Buchanan Enterprises.

Blair: I believe that was your interview in "American Business Weekly."

Ray: It was very, very interesting. You talk about your foster child, Langston Wilde.

Dorian: And how did you know that Langston was your niece?

Ray: I knew that Linda had married a man named Wilde and Langston Hughes was her favorite poet. She discovered him when she was 13, 14. She was always quoting that line about life not being a crystal stair.

Langston: She used to say that to me, too.

Dorian: And after you read the article?

Ray: I looked for my sister on the internet and I was sad to read that she had passed away. It was a terrible day. But I made a vow to myself that I would find you.

Dorian: Don't listen to a word he says, Langston. He's a con man. He's after your money.

Ray: That is not true. I don't want money. I came here to see her. I wanted to see her face. You will blame me, Dr. Lord? You and -- with these mujeres Cramer? You will blame me because I want to know my niece?

Tess: [As Jessica] Maybe, um, you are a constant reminder of how guilty she feels. She felt responsible for Nash's death and I mean, she felt like a murderer.

Jared: Okay, that's another thing. Natalie feels horrible about what happened to Nash -- we both do -- but we know it was an accident.

Tess: Well, whatever the reason, you know, she obviously felt that she needed to go. Maybe when you went away on your business trip, she realized that life without you was -- was easier.

Jared: I don't think so. What I think -- I think this letter's a fake.

Tess: Well, it has her handwriting, Jared.

Jared: Even so.

Tess: Are you telling me that somebody forced her to write that letter?

Jared: That's exactly what I'm thinking -- someone forced her to write this letter.

Natalie: Yes.

Langston: Are you really my uncle?

Ray: I am.

Dorian: You've come a long way to find Langston. Would you like to tell me what it is exactly you want from her?

Woman: You want me to call the police in Pennsylvania?

Cristian: They won't let me use the phone. The guy I told you about, Carlo Hesser, he paid them off. Please, just -- just one phone call. Just tell my brother where I am.

Woman: And what about my husband? You're wearing his uniform. I'm supposed to do you a favor while he's still missing? Never.

Tess: [As Jessica] Jared, I know how tough it is to get a letter like this. You -- you don't want to believe that it's true. I mean, I didn't want to believe that Nash was dead. He was lying there right in front of me. It's normal. It's denial. The brain can only absorb so much.

Natalie: Maybe your brain, you twisted bitch.

Tess: Maybe after a day or two it will all make sense.

Jared: No, I don't think so. I mean, okay, listen to this. "If I've learned anything from this family I've come to love, it's that they put the needs of others before them"? That's not the way Natalie talks, it's not how she thinks. Somebody forced her to write this.

Tess: Who?

Natalie: Tess! Tess is back!

Jared: Your father.

Natalie: No.

Tess: My father? My father would make his daughter write a letter to break up with her boyfriend and then force her to leave town? Come on.

Jared: No, I know that she went to see him while I was gone, and I'm thinking he did a number on her.

Tess: He made her feel guilty, you mean.

Jared: Every time he saw her. He would go on and on about how she ruined the family, how she'd destroyed what your grandfather built, how she pushed Nash over the edge. He made her feel like she didn't have the right to be happy, which is something she's been struggling with her whole life, and he knew it. That son of a bitch. He had this whole thing planned out. That's why he sent me off. Well, he is going to answer to me.

Tess: Whoa, Jared, wait.

Jared: What?

Tess: My dad didn't force Natalie to write this letter. I did.

Natalie: Tess, are you coming clean?

John: By the way, I think your shoe's still in the evidence room.

Tina: My shoe?

John: Hmm. The one you dropped when you ran away from the bloodbath at Ramsey’s.

Tina: Oh, my God. That -- that was you. Look, I -- I'm so sorry. I had no idea that Jonas had a gun. I tried to stop him --

John: Save it. For Cris' sake, for Sarah’s sake, I'll let it go for now.

Bo: "For now" what?

John: Nothing. Just having a little chat, Bo.

Bo: Hmm.

Tina: It's been a long time, handsome.

Bo: Whoa, you still need glasses, don't you?

Tina: Ooh, you have always been the best-looking man in Llanview.

Bo: Ugh, do you see what I'm talking about? You know what, I stopped by Llanfair the other day. I thought I might catch you there.

Tina: Oh, you know me. I'm always in and out, and -- you know, Viki asked me to keep an eye on Jessica.

Bo: How's she doing?

Tina: Fine.

Bo: Do you really mean that?

Jared: You made Natalie write this?

Tess: [As Jessica] No. What I meant was, I -- I made her feel guilty. You know, I knew Natalie felt bad, and in a way, I guess I felt like she deserved it.

Jared: Yeah, I know.

Tess: Jared, that's not -- that's not how it was. I'd forgiven her. I'd forgiven both of you. But, you know, I'd feel the baby kick, and Natalie would see how sad I was. And -- oh, God. It's my fault she left town.

Jared: No, I don't think that's it.

Tess: No, you don't understand.

Jared: No matter how bad Natalie felt, she wouldn't have left you. So whatever's happening here, there's got to be a better explanation.

Tess: Oh, my gosh.

Jared: What?

Tess: I was hoping I didn't have to tell you this, I --

Jared: Whatever you know, you have to tell me.

Tess: Natalie told me, um, she hated what you were doing with my dad to get B.E. back. She thought it was awful, Jared. And she said that she couldn't live with herself, but maybe what she meant was, she couldn't live with you.

Ray: I wanted to find Langston, so I could apologize to say, "I am so sorry for not mending my relationship with your mother, for not knowing about your birth, or being a part of your life. For not being there when your parents died." I, uh -- that must've been terrible for you to feel so alone. But I'm here now, and I'm so grateful to have found you.

Langston: Can we all sit down, please?

Ray: Gracias.

Langston: Thank you. My mother -- how old was she when she left Colombia?

Langston: Si.

Cristian: Look, I know you want to find out what happened to your husband. And I can help you do that. But not until you contact my brother.

Woman: The policeman in Pennsylvania?

Cristian: He works closely with the F.B.I. Trust me, Mrs. Montez, he can blow this thing wide open. All you have to do is call him. My name is Cristian Vega. His name is Antonio -- Antonio Vega. He works with the Llanview Pennsylvania police department. All you have to do is call him. He can help you. Please.

Tina: You know, it's -- it's not easy, uh, losing your husband so -- so young. I mean, so Jessica has her, uh, good days and her, um, bad days.

Bo: Mm-hmm. Her bad days, huh? What are they like?

[Tina chuckles]

Tina: They are bad. I mean, she lost her husband and the vineyard. And then she has to explain it all to Bree. Plus, she's pregnant. I mean, all those hormones. I mean, it is no wonder she's --

Bo: She's what?

Tina: Stressed. Not herself.

Bo: So you noticed that, too?

Tina: What?

Bo: That she's not herself.

Jared: Natalie didn't approve of what I was doing for your father, but she understood.

Tess: [As Jessica] No, honey, she didn’t. I guess she thought it through harder after you left, but she told me -- she told me that it was all happening all over again. You were telling her to keep secrets, secrets that she knew were going to hurt people that she loved, and she just couldn't go through it again.

Natalie: That's a lie! Please, Jared, see through her. She's lying!

Tess: She knew that you were doing it for her. You were getting B.E. back so everybody would forgive her, but she saw you getting in deeper and deeper, and she knew the only way to solve it was to take herself out of the equation.

Jared: It's just not her style to run.

Tess: Well, all I'm saying is what she told me.

Jared: Well, I guess I'm going to have to hear it from her myself. I'm going to find her.

Natalie: I'm right here, Jared. I'm right here. Please, please, find me, Jared, please.

Bo: You've been gone a long time. Um, you know Jess' history.

Tina: Um, what do you mean?

Bo: Like Viki, she suffers from D.I.D.

Tina: Yeah, yeah, I -- I know that.

Bo: She had a real bad episode. Viki couldn't find her for weeks. She got help, but she hasn't been integrated for that long. And then seeing Nash fall through that skylight --

Tina: Yeah, poor -- poor thing.

Bo: You can understand why I'm worried. Viki's had her relapses. I just wonder if maybe Nash's death might've triggered one for Jess.

Tina: Um -- yeah, well, you know, I don't -- I don't know Jessica that well. You know, I was out of town a long time, and, um -- you know, it's a little hard for me to tell if -- if my niece is just, you know, grieving or if it's something else.

Bo: She's self-destructive when her alter takes over. I wouldn't want to see that happen.

Tina: No, no, of course not.

Bo: She has a daughter now. She has a baby on the way. I wouldn't want anything to happen to those kids. Would you?

Tess: Who do you care about more, Sarah or Natalie?

Tina: What is that supposed to mean?

Tess: Well, it's supposed to mean that if you even mumble the word "Tess," even in your sleep, I am going to spread the word about your little scam.

Tina: You wouldn’t.

Tess: You know, it seems to me that Carlo went to an awful lot of trouble to get back at you. And it's a good thing that Sarah’s a good swimmer, because I don't think she would've survived Carlo's little, you know, water park ride. I wonder what he will do to her when he finds out that you walked off with the jewels.

Bo: Tina?

Tina: Uh -- yeah, Bo, all I know is that my niece is really grieving, and, uh, other than that, she's fine. Absolutely fine.

Clint: So you decided all by yourself without pressure from anybody to go along with Jared's scheme and hide everything you knew about David Vickers?

Nigel: Yes, Sir. And after Mr. Banks was arrested, I learned that Miss Natalie finally told you the truth.

Clint: The truth, yeah. You know, that's something that's always bothered me. Because I don't know where Natalie and Jared ever got that information.

Nigel: Knowing how you felt about Mr. Vickers, having fetched your rifle on more than one occasion when Mr. Vickers crossed your path, I see now I should've said something. Forewarned is forearmed. And perhaps, if you knew Mr. Banks' true identity, you might've been able to save the company. But please, understand, Sir, Mr. Banks truly respected your father. And neither he nor miss Natalie was aware of what dr. Lord was planning. But, that doesn't excuse my actions. I betrayed your trust. There's no way around it. And that's, uh, why I'm leaving your employ, saying goodbye to you and your family. Forever.

[Dorian speaks Spanish]

Dorian: Sorry, you're talking too fast for me.

Ray: Oh, lo siento.

Langston: We were just talking about my mother and what she was like at my age. He knows so much about her.

Dorian: How nice. But tomorrow, dear girl, is your first day back at school, and I'm sure that you will understand, Senor Montez, that she needs her rest.

Langston: Well, where are you staying? Could he stay here with us?

Ray: Thank you for the invitation, Langston, but I've made arrangement already for my stay. And I'm sure Dr. Lord is not eager to have a strange man under her roof with all the lovely mujeres Cramer.

Dorian: Another time.

Ray: It warms my heart to see how much you love my niece.

Starr: Well, we all love her. Langston's like my sister.

Blair: She's part of the family.

Dorian: So you can see she's very well taken care of. You have no worries. But thank you so much for stopping by. Buenas noches.

Ray: Y te. I will see you soon, Langston. No, no, the picture is for you.

Langston: Gracias, tio.

[Ray speaks Spanish]

Clint: I wish you would've come to me when Jared first hatched this scheme, but I guess I understand why you didn’t. You thought Jared was the lesser of two evils. And you wanted to protect us. And in a way, I guess you did because David Vickers still doesn't know the truth. And, by God, that's a blessing. And with that in mind, Nigel, I'm going to give you another chance.

Nigel: Really, Sir? Are you sure?

Clint: Absolutely.

Nigel: Thank you, Sir. I won't let you down.

Clint: No, you won’t. Because from this day forward, you are going to give me the same loyalty that you gave to my father. What you know, I will know. Understood?

Nigel: Absolutely, Sir. It's as if Mr. Asa himself had just spoken.

Mrs. Montez: If what you're saying is true, that you were kidnapped, that you've done nothing wrong --

Cristian: I swear to you on my life.

Mrs. Montez: Then I feel sorry for you. A terrible injustice has been done.

Cristian: So you're going to call my brother?

Mrs. Montez: And if you're lying, if this is some kind of trick, it could cost my husband his life. Guard!

Cristian: Just look him up. Call the F.B.I., they know him, please.

Mrs. Montez: I can't trust you, I'm sorry.

Cristian: Mrs. Montez --

Mrs. Montez: Guard!

Cristian: Don't do that. All you have to do is make one phone call, just one phone call.

Sarah: I -- I need to get out of here. Can we go home?

Tina: Oh, of course, honey, of course. Uh, Bo, now that we know that Carlo Hesser has escaped and he's, you know, part of all this, can -- I'm sure you're going to have some kind of protection for Sarah.

Sarah: No, Mom, I don't -- I don't need protection. Don't listen to Jessica. She got you all worked up over nothing.

Tina: Honey, that man sent you over a waterfall.

Sarah: He was just using me as bait. He knew Cristian would go after me.

Bo: I will assign someone to keep an eye on her.

Tina: Thank you, Bo.

Bo: And I want you to let me know if you notice anything out of the ordinary about Jess.

Tina: Yeah, of course. Come on, honey, let's get you home.

John: You believe her about Jessica?

Tess: [As Jessica] Jared, she doesn't want to be found. I mean, she says so in this letter. She needs privacy and space and time. I mean, she says it right there. "Please, don't try to find me." And if there's one thing that we both know about Natalie, when she says something, she means it. And she means it when she says "goodbye."

Natalie: Oh, when I get out of here, I'm going to dump you right into St. Ann’s.

Tess: So -- it's just us now, Jared. We've got to take care of each other.

[Natalie screams]

Singer: Lines to the skin that have seen neither sun or sin tubes to the mouth cannot laugh or sigh or even cry a drop in the ocean a second and all time one stop in the endless sky but you mean the whole world to me you're an island of light so please last this day stay one more day please last this day stay one more day stay one more stay one more stay one more day just one more just one more just one more day

Singer: All this madness around us you are knowing and so still you were made in love grew in hope were born in pain you have them running 'round trying to make you breathe again one tiny link in an endless chain

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