One Life to Live Transcript Friday 9/5/08


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Natalie: Jess, what are you doing in the safe?

Jessica: [As Tess] Um, I -- I was just looking for the home owner's policy. Doesn't Mom keep it in here somewhere?

Natalie: What've you got there? What you got?

Tess: I -- I don't know. I was moving stuff around looking for the policy and --

Natalie: Let me see.

[Natalie gasps]

Natalie: Oh, my God. These are the Mendorran crown jewels. I mean, I did the P.R. for the collection when I was working at B.E.

Tess: Really? I thought they looked familiar. I just wasn't sure.

Natalie: Where did you get it?

Tess: Uh, I -- in the safe. I don't know, Aunt Tina must've stashed them there.

Talia: It's so good to be back in a place where nobody wears a crown.

Sarah: No, Miss America wears a crown.

Talia: Okay, she wears a crown. She has some bling, but at least it's American bling.

Antonio: Yeah, well, talking about bling.

Sarah: Ooh, if I never hear the word "Mendorra" ever again.

Antonio: Hey, any idea what flight Cristian was getting on?

Sarah: No, I don't know. He just said the next available.

Rex: You all right?

Gigi: Yeah, I just never thought we'd see this place again.

Rex: But we're here because of you. Now we have a chance to have everything we've ever wanted. So what's scaring you?

[Music plays]

Blair: Don't tell me you want to dance?

John: No, no, I don't want to dance.

Blair: Okay. Uh-oh.

John: I think he's just blowing off a little steam.

Blair: Oh, I, you know --

[Blair chuckles]

Blair: I don't think it's going to work out for him tonight. 10:00.

Marty: I don't know how much help I can be, but if you want me to help with Starr's baby, I'd be honored.

Todd: Oh, God, I don't know what to say. I certainly don't deserve --

Marty: You don't deserve? Are you kidding me? You deserve my thanks. You deserve anything I can do for you, and in this condition I'm not sure what that's going to be. I'm sure most people would say it would not be enough.

Todd: Ah. Who cares what most people think? That's why I brought you here, to get away from most people. All that matters is what you and I want.

Gigi: I lied to Shane his whole life.

Rex: You were raising a kid all by yourself. Even I understand why you told him that Brody was his father. What else were you supposed to do?

Gigi: Yeah, but he's not 5 years old anymore. He's 10, and the man that he thinks is his father is taking him to baseball games and tucking him in at night.

Rex: I'll take him to baseball games. I'll tuck him in.

Gigi: Okay, well, you asked me what I was scared of.

Rex: You're right.

Gigi: And I'm scared of how he's going to react.

Rex: He'll react. He's a kid. I thought he liked me.

Gigi: He likes you, I mean -- at least he did.

Rex: Until Brody showed up.

Gigi: It's not Brody's fault. It's mine. I set it up this -- this picture-perfect family minus the war-hero dad who, miracle of miracles, came home and made it all perfect, according to Shane. I just -- I don't know what it's going to do to him to lose the one dream he's held on to ever since he was old enough to ask "Where's my Daddy?"

Rex: But no pressure.

Gigi: Yeah.

Sarah: Ah! Home sweet home.

Talia: And it's a mess.

Sarah: Oh, yeah, that's kind of my bad. I was in such a rush to get out of here. I told Layla not to stress.

Talia: Well, I can't even call a chambermaid to come and tidy it up, which is lovely.

Sarah: But I did tell her to pick up some beer. What do we got here? Leftover Thai, leftover Mexican --

Talia: Home sweet home.

Sarah: Beer!

Talia: Yay.

Sarah: Kids.

Talia: Thank you. How about cheers to you guys for literally saving my life.

Antonio: Salut.

[Bottles clink]

Talia: What?

Sarah: I don't know, man, I mean I -- I was just remembering how -- how it all happened. Me walking in here and that creep knocking me out, and -- I mean, I know we're home and we're okay and you're okay and Cris is on his way home, but we could've really died.

Talia: All because I didn't tell you who I really am.

Tess: [As Jessica] Come on, Natalie. Don't you want to take a look at them?

Natalie: No. Jessica, they're stolen.

Tess: Well, I didn't steal them.

Natalie: I didn't say that you stole them, but, I mean -- how did they get here? Aunt Tina told me that Cain stole them. And didn't he jump off a plane?

Tess: Well, I guess she pick-pocketed him before he jumped.

Natalie: Oh, God. I'm calling the police.

Tess: No.

Dallas: I've never known you to drink alone.

Clint: But, then, I'm not alone, am I?

[Dallas chuckles]

[Music plays]

Blair: You -- you know, this -- this was all my fault. I invited Marcie here tonight to have a drink with me.

John: You didn't know Mike was going to be here.

Blair: Ugh! Yes, I'm going -- I'm going to fix this. I'll be right back. Marcie -- wait, Marcie. Marcie, come here. Would you sit down? You want to have a drink? This table would be great. I -- what do you want? It's on me.

Marty: I still think you should hire a baby nurse. I'm not going to be much use like this, and Janet's got her hands full with me.

Todd: It's not as if the kid's going to be asking you to run the bases or anything.

Marty: I know, but what help am I going to be if I can't even get out of bed?

Todd: Starr's not due for a couple months. That gives you a lot of time to get better, yeah? I got an idea.

Gigi: I thought of something while we were on the plane.

Rex: Really? I thought you were already worried about almost everything.

[Gigi chuckles]

Gigi: What if Shane decides he hates you for leaving me all those years ago?

Rex: We'll tell him the truth. I didn't know you were pregnant. I didn't even know that you had a kid until I ran into you at the cafe. Shane can't blame me for not being involved or you for doing the best that you could. And, yeah, it took a while to sort things out, but it's all good. We love each other. We love him.

Gigi: He's a kid. Rum raisin, good as it is, isn't going to cut it if what he wants is rocky road.

Rex: Rum raisin?

Gigi: I love rum raisin.

Rex: Okay. We go home, we tell Brody to pack his bags, then we sit Shane --

Gigi: We can't do that.

Rex: Why not?

Gigi: It isn't his fault and he's been taking care of Shane this whole time we've been gone.

Rex: So you're going to keep living with the guy?

Gigi: No, no, no. I just -- I can't throw him out with no notice.

Rex: He answered your phone, told me you were in the shower, and that you two were doing it. I don't want to know --

Gigi: Because he's jealous, okay? Because he knows I love you. And this isn't even about him. This is about Shane and taking him through one of the biggest changes of his life. He loves Brody, and when I tell him that Brody's not his dad, it's not going to change how he feels. So we have to go about this really carefully, otherwise he's going to end up hating me.

Rex: You?

Gigi: Yes, because I'm the one who did this. I -- I'm the liar.

Rex: Nobody could ever hate you.

[Gigi sighs]

Shane: Mom!

Gigi: Baby!

Brody: Welcome home, Mom.

[Brody chuckles]

Gigi: Oh, God, you smell so good. You must have grown six inches at least. Whoop -- hey, no, you'll pull something.

Shane: No, I won't. Dad told me the right way to do it. We've been lifting.

Brody: You know, a little weight training.

Gigi: Uh, lift this. Uh, Moe and Noelle gave you your favorite. You'll write them a thank-you note.

Shane: As soon as we get home. Come on, let's get going. See you, Rex.

Gigi: Uh -- don't be rude.

Rex: Oh, hey, it's all right. It's nice to see you, Shane. Your mom really missed you.

Shane: How come Mom had to be the one to look for you?

Rex: I don't know, but I'm glad she did.

Brody: Yeah, we've been a little worried.

Gigi: I'm fine.

Shane: Can I tell her the news?

Gigi: What news?

Brody: Let's wait till we get home.

Shane: Right. We've got a really big surprise for you.

Gigi: Don't tell me you got that ferret.

Brody: No, we've tabled the ferret. We have been talking about a puppy.

Shane: But that's not the surprise. But come on, let's go home.

Gigi: Um, you know what I'm dying for, Shane? Some chips. They didn't have any food on the plane. Um, they probably have some at that counter over there.

Shane: And then we'll go?

Gigi: Absolutely.

Brody: What's going on, Geeg?

Gigi: We'll talk about it when we get home.

Brody: He's coming with us?

Rex: Yeah, I'm coming with you. What's his problem?

Gigi: He knows.

Michael: What's wrong?

Blair: Nothing. You know what, I invited her here tonight to have a drink with me and to hear me sing.

Michael: And I can't do that, too?

Marcie: You were dancing. Michael, you hate dancing. You never dance.

Layla: It's my fault. I forced him onto the dance floor and he was just trying to cheer me up.

Blair: Oh, you know what, let's go get that drink, okay? What would you like?

Layla: I am so sorry, Michael.

Michael: No, it's not your fault.

Layla: I'm going to go.

Michael: No, you don't have to leave just because --

Layla: I like Marcie. I like the both of you. Anyway, I have to get up early in the morning. I'll see you around.

Michael: Okay. Ah. Shut up.

Talia: It's my fault.

Antonio: No.

Talia: It is. I mean, Antonio, I'm a cop. I know you don't let a perp take control.

Antonio: Jonas had a gun.

Talia: Yeah, but he wasn't going to shoot me. I mean, my father would have killed him. And I think I knew that. I don't -- I don't know why I let him take us away.

Sarah: Hey, Talia, the only mistake that you made was thinking that you could handle the situation by doing what your father wanted. It never would have happened. The guy is a maniac.

Antonio: She's right. Okay? That guy thrives on anger and getting even.

Talia: I'm so sorry.

Sarah: Talia, we're not holding what your father did against you. For your own sake, I think you need to accept what he is. I had to do the same thing with Tina.

Antonio: Yeah, and watch your back. And now that I know, I can help you watch your back.

Talia: You guys. You risked everything for me.

Sarah: I can't live without you. Who would clean up my mess?

Todd: Time to get you up on your feet.

Marty: Ooh.

Todd: All that P.T. you and Janet have been doing? You might be a lot stronger -- careful.

Marty: Okay.

Todd: You're a lot stronger than you think you are.

Marty: I don't know, I'm pretty weak.

Todd: All right, here we go.

Marty: Okay.

Todd: Oh, all right. Okay, I've got you.

Marty: Just don't let me fall.

Todd: I'm not going to let you fall. Ah.

Marty: Ah.

Todd: Very good.

Tess: [As Jessica] We can't call the police on Mom's sister. She'll never forgive us.

Natalie: Are you kidding me? If Mom were here she'd be speed dialing the precinct.

Tess: No -- not before talking to Tina first and finding out the whole story. I mean, how do we know these aren't fake? You know, the Mendorran government could have asked Tina to watch them for --

Natalie: Jessica, if you were a government, would you ask her to watch cat food, much less the crown jewels?

Tess: I know, you have a point.

Natalie: Okay, you know, Uncle Bo, he's the commissioner again and you know, B.E. was the sponsor for the exhibit.

Tess: Okay, I understand. I understand. We're up to our necks in it, but -- but we have to give Auntie Tina the benefit of the doubt.

Natalie: Okay, fine, where is she?

Tess: She's asleep.

Natalie: Okay.

Tess: No, Natalie. You can't wake her up.

Natalie: Jessica, the police, Interpol, everyone is looking for this.

Tess: I understand, but look. They're safe. We have them, okay? That's the good news. And in the morning --

Natalie: No, no, no. I cannot sleep in this house knowing that they're here. I have to wake her up.

Tess: Oh, Natalie, wait, no. Oh.

Natalie: Jess? You okay?

[Tess sighs]

Tess: I'm just a little dizzy.

Natalie: Okay, I'm going to call the doctor.

Tess: No, no. It's okay. It's just, um, uh, when I get stressed I just -- I get a little queasy. Um, chamomile tea sometimes helps. It's above the -- in the cupboard above the stove. If you don't mind.

[Tess sighs]

Natalie: Okay, fine. Just, please, put the jewels back in the safe.

Tess: Whew.

[Safe beeps]

Tess: [As herself] Nighty-night, Nattie.

Gigi: Wow, this place looks great. You must have done some cleaning.

Shane: Why is Rex here?

Brody: Your mom and I need to have a talk with Rex.

Gigi: Grown-up talk.

Shane: But Dad and I have something really important to show you.

Brody: There'll be time for that later, son.

Shane: When?

Gigi: Look, pal, I just got home and I'm thrilled to be here. And I promise, we'll have lots of time after Rex and I have a chance to talk to -- to Brody.

Shane: He's my dad, and there's nothing you can ever do to change that.

Brody: Shane --

Shane: We took a D.N.A. test, Mom.

Gigi: You did what?

Shane: It's a test that proves he's my dad. Nobody can ever split us up, no matter what.

Natalie: I think we're out of honey. Although, you know what, maybe you shouldn't even have honey.

Tess: [As Jessica] Oh, no, that's babies that can't have honey. There's some in the pantry.

Natalie: Oh, okay.

Tess: [As herself] Okay.

Tess: Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. God -- okay.

Natalie: Let me help you with that.

Tess: [As Jessica] Oh, all done.

Natalie: Oh, all right.

Tess: Do you have spoons?

Natalie: Oh, look, right here.

Tess: You remembered. That's great. How was your day?

Natalie: Oh, my God. I had a run-in with Dad.

[Phone rings]

Tess: Well, maybe that's him apologizing right there.

Natalie: To me? Not a chance. Oh, it's Jared.

Tess: Oh, well, you'd better get that. Yeah.

Natalie: Hey, Jared. Are you okay? Oh, God, yeah, I hate it when that happens. He's stuck on the tarmac.

[Natalie chuckles]

Natalie: Yeah.

[Natalie laughs]

Natalie: Okay. Oh, just having some tea with my sister.

Dallas: You feel like talking yet? I mean, so, now, what did you and Nora fight about?

[Dallas chuckles]

Dallas: I know that look. It's the same as when we'd fight.

Clint: Well, we never fought, Dallas.

Dallas: Oh.

Clint: Except maybe once or twice.

Dallas: Well, yeah.

Marcie: Am I wrong here? Okay, we're separated, right? But he's dancing -- with another woman. He never dances. He hates dancing.

Blair: You know, Marcie, Todd bought another woman a nightgown. I mean, it wasn't like a sexy nightgown or a negligee or whatever. I just know that it bugged the hell out of me.

John: Slow down, Mike.

Michael: You slow down.

John: Okay.

Blair: He is so damned good-looking.

Marcie: Michael?

Blair: John.

Marcie: Are you two --

Blair: Kind of.

Marcie: Oh. It must be nice.

Todd: You all right?

Marty: Yeah.

Todd: Okay, all right. Okay. Is it okay if I let go?

Marty: No!

Todd: All right, I won't let go. I won't let go. Okay. Are you all right?

Marty: I think so.

Todd: Okay. Okay. All right. Ahem. You ready? You ready?

Marty: Yeah.

Brody: Maybe we should've waited to tell your mom when we were alone.

Shane: We've been waiting for days.

Gigi: Why would you -- why would you do something like this?

Shane: Dad was afraid you weren't coming back and that I'd get put in foster care if we didn't prove I was his.

Gigi: Well, that was very thoughtful of you, Brody.

Brody: I did it for Shane.

Gigi: Shane, um, I need to talk to Brody. Could you please go out to the car?

Shane: You're trying to get rid of me?

Gigi: There's a bag in the backseat.

Shane: Mom.

Gigi: Inside that back is a new game for your little player. You're going to love it.

Shane: What about him?

Gigi: Shane, I love you, but if you don't stop pushing me like this --

Shane: Fine! I'll go to the car, but I'm coming back.

[Door shuts]

Gigi: You faked a D.N.A. test with my son?

Rex: So he faked it.

Gigi: Of course he faked it. I never slept with him. I didn't even meet him until my second trimester.

Rex: So, that was your play, Lovett? Morasco leaves town, you hustle up a D.N.A. test, try and take my son away from me?

Brody: So, you finally told him, huh?

Gigi: Yeah, I did.

Brody: And I guess that little bit of news was the only way you could get this son of a bitch to come back to you.

Sarah: Why did your father do this?

Talia: Well, he sure as hell didn't do it for me. Oh, my God!

Layla: You're home and you're safe! Are you all right? Well, you look all right.

Talia: Well, I'm fine.

Layla: Hi, Sarah.

Talia: Thanks to Sarah and Cristian and this guy, who I kind of like -- a little bit.

Layla: Where's Cristian?

Sarah: Oh, he had to take a later flight.

Antonio: Did you try and get ahold of him?

Sarah: Yeah, I left him a couple of messages. He must be in the air.

Talia: We got bumped from our flight and Cristian volunteered to stay behind so that we could go.

Sarah: I think they need some privacy.

Layla: Yeah, I'm getting that.

Talia: No, no. Grab a beer.

Layla: No, no. No, no, no. I'll see you in the A.M. Bye.

Sarah: I got to call my family.

Talia: No, wait.

Sarah: Sleep tight.

Antonio: Ahem.

Talia: Uh -- okay. That's what I call friendship.

Gigi: Rex --

Rex: No, I'm even going to try to pretend to understand why you faked a D.N.A. test, which is a felony, by the way.

Brody: You heard Shane. I did it for him in case Gigi didn't come back.

Gigi: I would never abandon my son.

Brody: But what if you had no choice? What if you were hurt, or worse? That psychic you hired, she told me that you were in trouble, that you might not make it back. She's the one who went with you. What was I supposed to think? I've only been here a few months. What if somebody had challenged my paternity? They'd have made me take a real test and then Shane could have been taken away from me.

Rex: Oh, and you're such a big-hearted guy, you decided to run off and commit a felony.

Brody: I'd do anything for Shane.

Rex: Well, not to worry. We're both back safe and sound and you can go.

Brody: And leave her with you? You walked out on her, a pregnant teenage girl, and never looked back. You don't deserve to be Shane's father.

Gigi: Okay, everybody, calm down.

Natalie: Okay, baby, call me when you land. I love you, too. Oh, the flight's finally ready for takeoff.

Tess: [As Jessica] Your tea's getting cold.

Natalie: Hmm?

Tess: Your tea?

Natalie: Oh, right.

Tess: So, Jared's doing that thing for Dad?

Natalie: Yep, yeah. He is. He thinks that he has to do anything that Dad asks him to do, because he thinks that he owes him. And Dad is just -- well, he's just -- he's using Jared. He's playing on his guilt and he's asking him to do something that's really not so great.

Tess: Well, if it'll help us get B.E. back and this thing with you, Jared, and the family will be over -- would you like some honey?

Natalie: Oh, no. No, thank you. No, I mean, we made up, which is why he called me.

Tess: You love each other. You'll get through this. What?

Natalie: You just -- you really have no idea how grateful I am that we're actually doing this. That we're talking and that you -- you've forgiven me after everything that you've lost. I mean, and after everything that's happened, you -- you've taken me back. You know, we're -- you've been comforting me. This is --

[Natalie sighs]

Natalie: I'm just glad that we're sisters again and that we're friends.

Tess: Natalie, it's okay. It's -- no need to get upset. Just drink your tea, okay?

Natalie: Jess, you don't understand. I -- I was totally afraid I was going to lose you.

Tess: Not going anywhere. Drink up, though, okay? Finish it. It will make you feel better. That's a good girl.

Talia: To take a shower without being worried that a royal snoop was spying on me was so nice.

Antonio: They were spying on you in the shower?

Talia: They spied on me everywhere. And I couldn't lock my door, so I had to sleep with all of my clothes on.

Antonio: Well, you're home.

Talia: "Home" -- what a beautiful word. Did you talk to your mom and Jamie?

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, my mom was pretty excited about some new design for the diner.

Talia: Yeah? What about Jamie?

Antonio: Jamie painted you a picture and made me a pot holder.

Talia: Oh, shows you what she thinks of my cooking.

Antonio: Yeah? Don't tell my mom, but you know those stuffed grape leaves?

Talia: Mm-hmm.

Antonio: Heaven.

Talia: Oh, it's my father's recipe. My stepfather's recipe. I'm so glad that I had him growing up. You know, he taught me what a good man was so that I'd know him if I ever found one. I'm sorry that you had to come after me. If something had gone wrong, Jamie wouldn't have a daddy.

Antonio: Well, now she has the both of us.

Talia: You saved my life.

Antonio: Just returning the favor.

Talia: Make love to me.

Todd: Oh, oh, come on. Oh, that's fantastic!

[Marty shrieks]

Todd: You're doing great. You're doing great.

Marty: Oh. Okay.

Todd: Another one, another one. Just a couple more. Just a couple more. That's fantastic. Good.

Marty: I'm walking, I'm --

Todd: That's good, I know. That's fantastic.

[Marty shrieks]

Todd: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Marty: Okay, thank you.

Todd: Okay.

Marty: Thank you.

Todd: Yeah.

[Marty pants]

Michael: I was having a drink at the bar and Layla just happened to be there.

Marcie: I told you, Michael, that you don't owe me any explanation.

Michael: But you were upset.

Marcie: Well, I -- I'm still your wife, Michael, and I love you and I'm not going to pretend to be happy about the fact that you were -- that you're dating.

Michael: What, I'm not dating.

Marcie: You will. And eventually you'll start seeing someone else and I don't like that any more than you like the fact that I'm starting a family.

Michael: There is nothing more in the world that I want than to start a family with you, Marcie.

Marcie: Yes, I know. I know that, okay? And I know that this is Todd's grandchild and that it comes with problems, but you know what, Michael? This is the best that I can do and you know that.

Michael: And I wish that I could do it with you, but I can't. You know, I don't -- maybe it's the work I do, you know? What it does to me, what it puts in my life. I had to tell a 38-year-old guy who'd never even thought of a cigarette that he had lung cancer today. I need my home, I need my life to be peaceful. How was birthing class?

Marcie: It was good. Letting me be a part of everything. Starr is amazing. She's very brave.

Michael: It must be terrible for her.

Marcie: Yeah, it is, but she's trying to make the best out of it. She's trying to make something good come from it.

Michael: All right, it's not supposed to be this way.

Marcie: Yeah? How do you know, Michael? What are you, God or something? Maybe this is what perfect looks like. It's people just trying to make the best of it, you know?

Blair: Uh, well, but, you know, look, they're talking, at least.

John: They love each other. They still can't make it work.

Blair: Well, what they have is complicated. Thank God we're not complicated. Yet.

John: That's the way I like it.

Blair: Me, too.

Dallas: You know, in my experience, if you want a relationship to work, sometimes you've got to agree to disagree. I mean, we sure did.

Clint: And it ended, remember? I want to make a go of it with Nora.

Dallas: Does she know that?

Clint: I thought she did.

Dallas: Because that is half the battle. Now, does she really understand what's happened here? I mean, your father dying, losing the company.

Clint: She was there throughout all of that, yeah.

Dallas: And still, she can't cut you a little slack?

Clint: Look, she has been district attorney for a long time, so she's steeped in ethics and the law. There are not many gray areas for Nora. What I hate the most is that she's right most of the time. And maybe she's right this time. Maybe I went too far.

Dallas: What, against Dorian Lord? Oh, honey, there is no such animal.

Clint: Dorian's not the only part of it, you know? I told you about Natalie and this young man that she's with who, you know, deceived the family and made the company vulnerable to a takeover.

Dallas: Jared Banks, right?

Clint: Jared Banks. I want my daughter back, and that's not going to happen unless I take her away from this con man who she thinks she loves.

Dallas: And how are you going to do that?

Clint: Oh, I've already done it. I put him through the test. I just hope I haven't gone too far.

Tess: [As Jessica] You want another cup?

Natalie: No, thank you. You were -- you were right. This tea really calms you.

Tess: Mm-hmm. You'll fell better in the morning.

Natalie: Okay. You know, if I, um -- if I sleep in, please don't wake me.

Tess: Oh. That's a promise.

Brody: Is this why you wanted to get me alone? So you could tell me that you and Rex had found each other on your little field trip? "Thanks a lot, Brody, but I don't need you anymore? You can pack your bags and go."

Rex: Sounds about right.

Brody: If you take me away from him, you'll lose him.

Rex: Gigi's his mother. She's not going to lose him.

Brody: He'll never forgive you.

Rex: You're a real prince, Lovett. First, you scare Shane to death by telling him his mother could die and that he's headed for foster care. Great parenting, by the way. A-plus. Now you're scaring the hell out of Gigi.

Brody: I'm the only father that kid has ever known.

Rex: Well, you've only been here for a few months.

Brody: He grew up idolizing me, and now I'm here. And I'm doing my level best to live up to what he expects and you know that. So if you think you can waltz in here and take over, you can forget it. And if you care about him at all, you'll turn around, walk out of here, and never come back.

Rex: I'm not going anywhere. Shane is my son. Gigi is with me. So you can get the hell out.

Talia: Are you okay?

Antonio: Yeah. I thought I'd lost you.

Talia: Oh. But you didn't.

Antonio: Oh, man, you know --

Antonio: I love you more than you'll ever know.

Talia: I think I have an idea, because the way that you love me, I love you the same way.

Tess: [As Jessica] Natalie?

Natalie: I didn't want to --

Tess: You didn't want to what?

Natalie: Choose between you and --

Tess: Jared?

Natalie: I didn't want to.

Tess: Oh, it's okay. You don't have to. We're sisters, remember?

Natalie: Jess? Jess?

Tess: What? Natalie? Natalie?

[Tess chuckles]

Tess: [As herself] Sleep tight, sucker.

Sarah: Hey, Jess, is my mom around?

Brody: You never answered my question, Geeg. Why'd you finally tell him the truth? He knew how you felt about him. How you stood up in church and told the whole world. When that didn't work, what, you figured you'd throw your kid in the bargain?

Gigi: Rex is Shane's father, Brody. I did the right thing by telling him, and now you've gone and screwed it all up by faking this damn test.

Brody: You're worried I've screwed things up for Rex? For Rex? Hey, where you been all these years, Rex? While your girlfriend here, the mother of your child, was trying to support herself and your kid as a waitress.

Gigi: It's not his fault.

Rex: Yeah, it is. So I'm going to make it up to her, to both of them. So I would appreciate it if you would do the right thing, Brody, and back off.

Brody: Do you ever wonder why she didn't come looking for you? Why she didn't hire a P.I.? You wouldn't have been that hard to find. It probably wouldn't have taken more than a few phone calls. She didn't make them. Why is that? You think maybe she didn't want to find you?

Gigi: That's not how it was and you know it.

Brody: You know, when I first met her, I asked her about the father of her child. She told me she was glad you were gone. She didn't want you raising her kid. Oh!

Shane: Dad, are you okay?

Brody: Yeah, I'm fine, son.

Shane: You hit my dad!

Rex: He's not your dad!

Dallas: You know, I don't know who you see in the shaving mirror every morning, but I am looking at the same sweet guy that used to get up, go to the farmer's market in Notting Hill every Sunday morning, and come home with fresh pastries and coffee.

Clint: Times were simpler then.

Dallas: We knew what was important. And, Clint, we could get back there. Just say the word.

Blair: Here comes your brother.

John: How's he looking?

Blair: Grim.

John: Okay.

Michael: Good night.

John: Take a cab, okay?

Michael: Yeah.

Marcie: I'm going to go.

Blair: Are you sure?

Marcie: Yeah, you know, I'm tired, and thank you for being there for me. I'm sorry that I missed your set.

Blair: It's okay. Next time, all right?

Marcie: Okay. Night.

John: Good night, Marcie.

Blair: Well, here is to keeping it simple for as long as we can.

Marty: I've been hoping this would happen.

Todd: That you'd walk?

Marty: That we'd find ourselves right here.

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