One Life to Live Transcript Friday 8/22/08


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Bo: Did you hear from Balsom yet? Well, then put out bulletins, all right? Check every hospital and hotel in the area. Then plaster his picture all over the place, everywhere from El Paso to Brownsville. Just keep looking until you find him and his friend Gigi.

Singer: Hey girl I want you to know I'm gonna miss you

Rex: You are one hot hippie.

Gigi: Noelle gave me some clean clothes. I mean, Rosa. It's real confusing here, Balsom. Everybody is somebody else. Including me.

Rex: Gigi, I am so sorry.

Gigi: It's okay. I understand about you and Emma. You thought you'd never see me again.

Rex: I never thought you'd travel back 40 years for me.

Gigi: I would go farther than that. I love you.

Rex: I love you, too. All I wanted was a chance to tell you that before all this --

Gigi: I don't -- I don't want to talk about that.

Rex: Okay, no, we -- we have to. If something doesn't happen, I'm being shipped out today.

Brody: Gigi, for the millionth time, where are you? Shane's worried sick about you, and so am I. Just call us, okay? Please?

Brody: Here you go. Get you anything else?

Judge Runyon: I'm fine.

John: I don't think the food here is as good as it is at Carlotta’s.

Judge Runyon: It better not be you, McBain.

John: That's what you get when you don't return my calls. It won't take long.

Judge Runyon: What do you want?

John: Same thing as last time. I want to search Manning's house.

Tess: [As Jessica] What the hell's the hold up?

Nurse: If you don't sit down and relax --

Tess: You'll what? You'll kick me out? Lady, I freaking dare you. I will pitch a fit like you've never seen before.

Todd: Hi, Jessica.

Starr: How are you?

Cole: I was doing better before I saw a sonogram that your mom and Marcie were looking at. You doing okay?

Starr: Do you really care?

Cole: How can you ask that?

Starr: Because I know how mad you are at me for giving our baby away.

Cole: It doesn't mean that I don't still care about you. I miss you.

Starr: I miss you, too. I miss you so much.

Gigi: I can still hear Delphina. Oh, it'll be a snap. Just hold the phone, touch the fence, get electrocuted, go through the portal, grab Rex, come back to 2008, go home, unpack. If I had known that I would get stuck here --

Rex: Is Brody taking care of Shane?

Gigi: Yeah.

Rex: He a good dad?

Brody: Should I line up a couple shots?

Layla: At lunch? I don't think so.

Brody: Feeling better?

Layla: I'm working on it. But it's hard when a man you believed in plays you for a fool. I don't sleep very well.

Brody: Coffee?

Layla: Please.

Brody: Coffee it is. Hope you're not still itching for a fight with me.

Layla: Well, not at the moment, but I do have a question for you.

Brody: Look, if it's about Shane, just don't butt in where you don't belong.

Layla: I'm not here to get in your face about you pretending to be Shane’s father, but I am here to butt in.

Judge Runyon: So you're still after that warrant.

John: You told me you wanted probable cause. I have it.

Judge Runyon: Let's hear it.

John: Witness says the woman who was staying with Ramsey at the time of his murder, who may have witnessed it, is now living with Manning.

Tess: [As Jessica] Uncle Todd, what are you doing here?

Todd: Are you okay?

Tess: Uh, yeah. I'm just a little on edge these days, you know. I -- look, forgive me. I was pregnant before, and my husband came to all my doctor's appointments with me, and he just passed away recently.

Nurse: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Tess: No, this happens every time I come, and it's so embarrassing.

Nurse: I'll go talk to the doctor.

Tess: Thank you. God, I hate being like this.

Todd: Yeah, you really went off on her, didn't you?

Tess: I -- I know. I just haven't been myself these days.

Todd: No, you really haven’t.

Starr: I miss not talking everything over with you.

Cole: Mrs. McBain said that I could be part of her baby's life.

Starr: She did?

Cole: The first thing I thought was, I needed to talk to you about it.

Starr: Okay, well, then let's talk about it.

Cole: And for the first three seconds, I was, like, you know, this is great. Then it hit me. How am I supposed to just play with my kid, and then just give him back? It's not possible.

Starr: Oh, I get it. I mean, I said pretty much the same thing.

Cole: I think about calling you all the time, just to hear your voice.

Starr: Then why don't you?

Cole: Because it always hits me that I'll never, ever forgive you for doing this, for giving our kid away.

Rex: That thing work?

Delphina: [As Prof. Fina] Well, in theory, yes, which is to say it's, uh, in the experimental stages.

Rex: This is Gigi. She's from 2008.

Prof. Fina: Mm-hmm. She looks like -- well, that other woman.

Gigi: And you're a ringer for that woman -- person that helped me get here.

Rex: What's the verdict, Fina? Can you get us back to 2008 before I end up in the army?

Bo: The last time I saw Balsom, we were struck by lightning at my father's ranch. No, I'm fine. I'm just fine now. In fact, I'm back home.

Clint: Are you clear about what I need you to do?

Jared: Yes. I'm just not sure how comfortable I am with it.

Clint: If you're sincere about wanting to make up for the devastation that you caused this family, you will get it done. Can I count on you or not?

Jared: I owe you. So, yes. And I want Natalie to have her father back.

Clint: Excellent. Oh, my God, I don't believe it. Bo?

Bo: Hey.

Singer: Don't, don't draw the line hey

[Music on television blares]

Nigel: [As Chuck Sr.] Turn that off.

Chuck: Uhh. Why'd we sleep out here?

Jared: [As Clint] Oh, we gave up our rooms, remember? The storm, people couldn't leave?

Chuck Sr.: It's all coming back now.

Clint: Well, I'm going to go see if anyone's rustling up some breakfast.

Chuck Sr.: You feel like eating?

Clint: No, but this may the last breakfast with you and my little brother for some time.

Prof. Fina: You know, I'm, uh, a scientist, not a poet, but seeing you two together makes me want to say that love is, well, it's timeless. Hmm. And it's a tribute to your love that it was able to transcend space and time. Now having said that, I feel the need to mention that you're going to have to find a way to love each other in 1968, because, uh, you won't be able to go back to 2008. The portal's closed.

Gigi: No. That -- that can't be true. I have a little boy.

Rex: There has to be a way for us to get back.

Prof. Fina: You know, I told you that if you didn't make it through last night, it would be another, what, twenty years before you'd be able to jump through again.

Gigi: Okay, I can't wait 'cause not seeing my son for a few days kills me. If I have to wait another twenty years, I -- I will die. I swear to God, I'll die. I will die.

Gigi: This can't be happening.

Rex: There has to be another way.

Delphina: [As Prof. Fina] I, uh, well, I wish there were.

Gigi: You do something. Anything, okay? You can't tell us that there's no hope.

Prof. Fina: Well, there was this --

Rex: What, what? For God's sakes, can't you see what this is doing to her?

Prof. Fina: Well, it was a conversation I had with some colleagues about, well, it was a remarkable S.P.O.

Rex: What the hell is an S.P.O.?

Prof. Fina: You see, it's scientific terminology. Spontaneous portal opening. What I like to call an anomaly. Well, everyone calls it that. When the portal, it just suddenly opened.

Rex: It has to happen again. How do we do it? How do we make it happen?

Prof. Fina: Well, it would take a force that is, well, greater than physics and nature.

Gigi: Okay, what kind of force?

Prof. Fina: I don't know.

Rex: No, see, you have to know. Think.

Prof. Fina: I -- it's not about thinking, is it? It's, uh --

Rex: Is there any hope?

Prof. Fina: Well, I could -- I'd be -- well, maybe this much.

Gigi: Oh, God. Shane.

Jared: [As Clint] Oh, hey, little brother. Everything okay?

Rex: [As Bo] No!

Clint: Well, what's the problem?

Bo: Okay, just -- just leave us alone.

Clint: Sorry. I'm just looking for Pa. No one's seen him since last night.

Clint: Bo, it's about time. I was going to send a posse out for you. You okay?

Bo: Yeah.

Jared: You look kind of funny.

Bo: Well, I had a dream, and you were in it. And so were you, sort of.

Clint: It seems to have upset you.

Bo: No, no. No. I'm all right.

Clint: Listen, you had us all worried, of course, but especially Matthew.

Bo: I know. I feel bad about that. I called him last night, and I told him that I just -- I needed some time to think things over.

Clint: Well, we understand that, but just wish you had let us know where you were.

Bo: What's he doing here? Did you decide to just forgive and forget?

Clint: No, far from it.

Jared: That's my cue to leave. Um, Bo, take care. Natalie's going to be real glad to hear you're back.

Bo: What was that all about?

Nigel: Mr. Buchanan, what a relief. Are you all right?

Bo: Yeah, yeah. Sure, I'm fine. It's good to see you, too, Nigel.

Nigel: Everyone missed you terribly, Sir.

Nigel: [As Chuck Sr.] Going to miss you, kid. You know I'm proud of you, right?

Chuck: Yeah. Thanks, Dad. Gonna miss you, too.

Rex: [As Bo] No, I, uh, I haven't seen Pa, not since last night.

Jared: [As Clint] Did you even see him come in?

Rex: No.

Gigi: Bo was busy.

Clint: Busy?

Gigi: With Emma.

Clint: But you're Emma, aren't you?

Gigi: Me? Heck, no, Emma’s --

Rex: Her twin sister.

Clint: Her twin sister? She didn't say that last night.

Gigi: Well, I -- I --

Clint: Oh! It all makes sense. You didn't recognize me or Renee.

Gigi: I guess that explains it all right.

Clint: Yeah.

Chuck Sr.: Anyone seen Asa?

Clint: No, maybe he's doing us all a favor and staying gone for good.

Chuck Sr.: Don't talk about your daddy like that, Clint.

Clint: After what he did to Maria, why the hell not?

Chuck Sr.: Look, Asa's got his own way of doing things.

Clint: Well, Pa's way is not my way and never will be.

Nigel: Sir, you're looking at me rather strangely. Food between my teeth?

Bo: No, no, no, no. You just -- you're fine. Nigel, is Matthew around?

Nigel: Freshman orientation. He's expected home soon.

Bo: Ah.

Clint: There's that look again.

Bo: Well... Nigel was in the same dream that Jared was in, only Nigel -- Nigel was Chuck Sr.

Clint: Nigel was a hell raising old cowboy?

Bo: Mm-hmm. Yeah, he played the part real well.

Nigel: Sometimes dreams do contain a soupcon of truth, so perhaps it's that both Chuck and I were extremely loyal to your father, often to the detriment to those around us.

Bo: You know, Nigel, you just hit the nail right on the head.

Judge Runyon: Who exactly is this witness?

John: Manning's former bodyguard. Guy's name is Keyshawn Reddick.

Judge Runyon: Keys Reddick? I see him more than I see my wife, he's in my courtroom so much. Let's see his statement.

John: He refused to swear to anything. Said he's afraid of Manning.

Judge Runyon: Knowing Todd Manning, I can't say I blame him.

Todd: Listen, I know that you've been going through a rough time lately, but the Jessica I know and love would never call a nurse, or anyone for that matter, a lazy bitch.

Tess: [As Jessica] Yeah, well, the Jessica that you know and love has never been widowed before, pregnant without her mom in town, so --

[Tess sighs] What are you doing at an obstetrician's office, Todd?

Todd: I'm here for Starr. Joplin's her doctor, too.

Tess: Oh, yeah, I heard Starr's pregnant. Sorry about that.

Todd: Yeah, me, too.

Tess: Mm. So are you taking her to an appointment? Is that why you're here?

Todd: No.

Tess: Oh, yeah. You're not allowed anywhere near your kids these days.

Todd: That's nice of you to remind me about that.

Tess: Huh. But you were coming out of an examination room. Are you the reason I'm standing out here with a full bladder? Oh! You were in there trying to get information out of Dr. Joplin about Starr's pregnancy, because -- that's it. Right. 'Cause no one else will tell you what's going on.

Todd: Okay, you can shut up now.

Tess: Oh, it's okay. I realize you're grumpy. I would be, too, if, you know, somebody was giving away my grandbaby up for adoption. Make me a little angry.

Todd: Okay. Nice to see you. Gotta go.

Tess: Oh, no, it's all making sense to me now, Todd. You were in there talking to Dr. Joplin, 'cause the Todd that I know wouldn't give up his grandbaby to strangers without a fight. So you were there giving her an earful of something. What happened in there, Todd?

Todd: Listen, uh, Jessica, I wouldn't press me on this. Because I'll press right back.

Starr: I'm sorry. I wish there were something I could say to make this better.

Cole: You can. Say you changed your mind.

Starr: I can't do that.

Cole: Okay, then, there's not a whole lot more for us to say.

Starr: You know what? I'm just going to go, okay?

Karen: Hey, Starr and Cole.

Darryl: We missed you guys on the school trip.

Starr: Oh, yeah. Sorry. We couldn't make it.

Liz: We haven't seen you all summer. Where have you been?

Cole: Just hanging out.

Liz: Together? Karen: Starr, you look different. Have you gained some weight?

Starr: Oh, yeah. Definitely.

Liz: I guess we know why you didn't want to ride the roller coaster.

Karen: Oh, my God. You're right, Liz. Starr's not getting fat. Starr has a baby bump.

Tess: [As Jessica] You threatening me, Uncle Todd?

Todd: Just advising you not to press me.

Tess: Or what? You'll tell everybody I'm stressed out? Everybody already knows, and I have good reason to be. You see, Nash is dead. Jared and Natalie are living at Llanfair, so every morning I get to wake up with a reminder that Nash is gone, and it's Jared and Natalie’s fault. And they're just fine.

Todd: I thought Nash’s death was an accident.

Tess: It was an accident. It was -- it was because of Jared’s lies. And even better, now Llanfair's got a little bit jollier because Auntie Tina has stopped by to live with us.

Todd: Tina is here?

Tess: You didn't know?

Todd: I wasn't -- I wasn't sure. I thought I saw her the other day, but --

Tess: Yeah. She's at Llanfair, and... hey. Why should she stay somewhere that she's not wanted when she can stay with her favorite brother and his big house?

John: All I have is what I heard from Reddick.

Judge Runyon: You know that's not enough.

John: He helped Manning move the woman from Ramsey’s to Manning’s.

Judge Runyon: I need a sworn statement to issue you that warrant.

John: So what? Manning wrote that.

Judge Runyon: I know that. And you know that, McBain. But the good citizens of Llanview tend to believe what they see in a newspaper.

Todd: I don't even want to have a drink with my sister, let alone share a house with her.

Tess: Oh, come on. You have that big, huge house, and it's gotta be lonely now that your wife and kids went bye-bye.

Todd: Forget it.

[Tess sighs]

Tess: Todd, please? She's, like, the closest relative that you have besides your kids. She might even speak to you.

Todd: No. End of discussion.

Tess: Unbelievable. You are so selfish, Todd. So I'm saddled up with that cow and her disgusting little mutt? Thanks a lot. You know, all you ever think about it is yourself. This is why you lost your entire family, you arrogant little bastard.

Clint: I'm going to go inform the rest of the family so they can stop worrying.

Bo: Okay. Think I'll see if any one has heard from Balsom.

Nigel: Oh, just a moment, Sir. It's fortunate that you returned at this moment.

Bo: Why?

Nigel: Well, Mrs. Buchanan asked me to find something in the attic, and I stumbled on these. Letters you wrote from Vietnam to your father. I thought you might like to have them.

Matthew: Dad!

Bo: Oh, Matthew. Oh, I missed you so much.

Matthew: I'm so glad you're back.

Bo: I missed you every minute I was gone.

Matthew: Then why didn't you ever call me?

Bo: I know. I know. I'm so sorry.

Matthew: It's okay. It's weird. I just thought maybe you were mad.

Bo: What, at you? Never. No, son. I'm going to try to do better from now on, okay? I'm going to try to be a better father.

Rex: If Bo is Asa in 1968, and Bo's gone back to 2008, does that mean that Asa Buchanan is gone? For good?

Delphina: [As Prof. Fina] I don't know.

Rex: You know something, Fina? You're working my last nerve here.

Gigi: Mine, too. Rex is about to go to war maybe, and you're standing here shrugging your shoulders.

Prof. Fina: Well, uh, maybe he won't have to serve his full two years. I mean, how long does this war last?

Gigi: Till April 30, 1975.

Prof. Fina: 1975? By Neptune’s trident. Who wins?

Rex: Nobody.

Prof. Fina: Well, uh, keep your head down. And look me up in twenty years when the portal opens again. Try not to change history more than you, well, already have.

Gigi: Thanks for the advice.

Prof. Fina: Well, I wish you both the best of luck.

Gigi: Well, we're stuck here. I'm never going to see my baby again, so that's great.

Rex: I am so sorry.

Gigi: You're all I've got, Balsom. I can't lose you, too.

Rex: Gigi --

Gigi: Let's run away. Now.

Todd: What is up with you?

Tess: [As Jessica] Nothing's up with me. I'm just expressing my opinion.

Todd: I'm not hearing any opinions there; I just hear hostility and aggression.

Todd: It's rather Tess-like.

Tess: It's hormones. And grief. And if you'll excuse me, I'm going to see if Dr. Joplin's ready.

Todd: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Viki's in Africa, right?

Tess: Yeah.

Todd: Do you know how to get hold of her?

Tess: Why?

Todd: I don't know. I -- it just came to me. I thought maybe I'd give her a call about something. Do you know where she's staying?

Tess: Not offhand. I'll have to check her itinerary when I get home. I'll send you an email.

Todd: Would you, Jessica, please? That would be lovely. I must say it's been nice chatting with you, Jessica. Goodbye.

Todd: Bye, Jessica.

Tess: [Normal voice] Oh, man, he's on to us. Can't have that.

Nurse: Mrs. Brennan? The doctor's ready for you now.

Tess: [As Jessica] You can tell her she can take her speculum and shove it.

Layla: Adriana asked me to see if Gigi received a package from her.

Brody: "Gigi, in case you change your mind about making Brody officially Shane’s father, here's some of Rex's DNA."

Brody: I'm not sure if anything came for Gigi.

Layla: Could you call and ask her?

Brody: I wish I could. She's not back yet.

Layla: She's still looking for Rex, huh? That doesn't sound like good news for Adriana. Or you.

Gigi: Just hear me out, okay?

Rex: Gigi, please.

Gigi: No, what about Canada?

Rex: No, I can't run away.

Gigi: We can at least be together.

Rex: Not like this.

Gigi: So I don't matter in this. I've just lost my son and now I might lose you, too. How is that fair, Rex?

Rex: I want to be with you more than anything else in this world. But like I said before, I can't run away.

Gigi: Why not?

Rex: You heard Fina. I can't change history. I have to make it through this. Bo has to meet Nora. Matthew has to be born. I have to make it through this war for Bo. I'm sorry, Morasco.

Gigi: So you're just gonna -- you're just gonna leave me here all alone.

Rex: I don't see any other way around it. I'll be back. Two years. I swear I'll be back.

Lindsay: [As Olympia] Is Asa still busy with one of his whores? Is that why he didn't come home last night?

Dallas: [As Renee] Breaking news. Asa did not sleep with either one of these two whores. We slept in the guest room. And we didn't see hide nor hair of Asa.

Nigel: [As chuck Sr.] You sure about that, Renee?

Renee: Yeah. And maybe you don't give a damn about him, Olympia, but I'm worried about the man.

Renee: Oh, Bo, let me look at you. I haven't been this relieved since you came back from Vietnam.

Bo: Oh, well, it's good to be home.

Renee: I know what happened with Lindsey was a terrible shock. I'm just hoping that this trip will help you put it all in the past.

Matthew: Hey, Dad.

Bo: Hm?

Matthew: Did you hear Lindsey went to prison?

Bo: What?

Renee: Yeah. She pleaded guilty. She's serving a sentence for murdering Spencer Truman.

Gigi: [As Emma] Spencer Truman. Stop it right now. I'm so sorry, Mrs. Buchanan.

Olympia: You give me that gun, you little brat. Oh.

Renee: That's one way to handle him.

Rex: Bo survived 'Nam. I will, too.

Shane: [As Spencer] I wanna watch TV.

Emma: We are leaving right now, Spencer.

Renee: What in the world?

Spencer: That's mom's evil twin. I saw her last night.

Renee: So... you're Bo's girlfriend? Oh, Emma, we've got a lot of talking to do on that trip back to Reno.

Emma: Oh, it'll be a real gab-fest, all right. Look, um, I know that you were awful mad about walking in on Bo and me last night.

Renee: Oh, boy, do we have some talking to do.

Emma: But just so you know, the thought of coming back to you is what's going to keep Bo alive in 'Nam. You invite me to your wedding when you come home, soldier. And stay safe over there, you hear?

Renee: Now. You take care, darling. And just always remember how precious you are to us. And what a good man you are. This world needs you, Bo Buchanan. Now. Let's go. Because if I start crying for real, I'm never going to stop.

Emma: All right. Let's get a move on, Spencer, huh?

Gigi: Spencer?

Spencer: What do you want?

Layla: Poor Shane. He's probably going out of his mind.

Brody: Gigi never even calls. He's having a real hard time.

Layla: You think she's with Rex?

Delphina: Hi.

Brody: Hey. You're back. Where's Gigi?

Delphina: This is for you. It's a total refund for the trip I took with her.

Brody: It's my five grand. Why are you giving it back to me?

Delphina: Because it's over, Brody. I lost her. She's not coming back.

Spencer: Stop it. Get off of me. You're weird.

Gigi: You just -- you just look so much like my son and I miss him so much.

Spencer: That's your problem.

Emma: Come on, Spencer, enough.

Brody: You lost Gigi?

Layla: How?

Delphina: We got separated. I thought she'd be able to get back but, um, she didn’t.

Brody: When did you last see her?

Delphina: She was in Texas. But she's not there at all.

Brody: Did Gigi find Balsom?

Delphina: I believe she did.

Brody: Are you telling me she ran off with Rex?

Delphina: She didn't mean to.

Brody: Didn't mean to? Is she hurt? Is she dead? What did you do to her?

Delphina: Nothing. Nothing. She's very much alive. She just... can't come back. If I find something else out, I'll let you know, yeah?

Brody: Stop. Sorry. You can't just say that. Okay? You can't just say that and then leave. I have to find Gigi, do you understand?

Delphina: Don't you think if I could help you, I would?

Brody: No. Gigi would never leave Shane. Never.

Layla: Not even for Rex?

Lindsay: [As Olympia] I know how you feel, honey.

Nigel: [As Chuck Sr.] You boys got your gear together?

Chuck: Bo. Gotta get a move on.

Jared: [As Clint] Gotta get you boys to the bus station.

Clint: What are you looking at?

Bo: It's just some letters I wrote to pa from Vietnam. You know what? It's exactly forty years ago today that I left.

Clint: Well, that means it was forty years ago last night that I decked you instead of pa?

Bo: Well, you know what, after he made Maria disappear the way he did, I think you had every right to go after him.

Clint: My Lord, he was one of a kind.

Bo: After Lindsay duped me, I thought I should head down to the ranch and thought maybe I should toughen up, try to be a little bit more like him but, no. As much as I loved him, I don't want to be like that.

Clint: Uh-huh. Sometimes you just don't have a choice.

Bo: What are you getting at?

Clint: Just making an observation.

Bo: You know, I picked up on a weird vibe with you and Jared a while ago. What's the deal?

Clint: Well, there's no deal. But it was -- obviously it's tense over, you know, what happened to Nash and everything, but Natalie loves him.

Bo: Mm.

Clint: I want to do the right thing so we're just working it out.

Bo: How?

Clint: Oh, something happened when you were gone that you should know about. Llanview got a new police commissioner.

Bo: Anybody I know?

John: I didn't kill Ramsey. That's kind of a sad commentary on this town that we accept our news being made up by a guy like Todd Manning.

Judge Runyon: Some people think if it's in a newspaper, then it's a fact.

John: Well, that's their problem, not mine.

Judge Runyon: Now imagine what the headlines are going to be after you show up at Manning's with a warrant and without just cause.

John: I don't care what he writes about me.

Judge Runyon: I'm warning you, McBain. If you don't find anything at Manning's, you back off. Leave him alone. Or he'll find out I'm giving you this warrant with only the flimsiest of evidence and then he'll come after me, too.

John: Does that mean I got it?

Judge Runyon: Only if you promise me to get out of my sight.

John: I'm gone. Thanks, Judge.

Judge Runyon: It's your one big shot, McBain. If you don't find anything at Manning's, that's it. Game over.

Todd: From Alan Needleman? Hmm. And what the hell are you doing here? I thought you had a doctor's appointment.

Tess: [As Jessica] Aw, it can wait. Whoo, nice digs. Mind if I take a look around?

Todd: Yeah, I do mind, actually.

Tess: Oh, well...

Todd: I said I do mind.

Tess: Why? Is there something upstairs you don't want me to see?

Todd: What the hell is up with you?

Tess: Nothing. I'm just trying to figure out why you don't want your charming sister to stay here. It's not like she's a slob or anything.

Todd: Get out of my --

Tess: Oh, what? You're starting to creep me out.

Todd: Right back at you, sister.

Tess: What are you talking about?

Todd: I'm talking about the fact that you're Tess.

Starr: Yeah, it's true. I'm having a baby.

Karen: I guess I shouldn't have -- I didn't mean to sort of --

Starr: What? Be a bitch or be mean?

Karen: All we said is that we --

Starr: No, really. It doesn't matter. I don't care what any of you guys think. I only care what my true friends think.

Karen: We'll be at the pool. Come on, guys.

Starr: Okay, I thought that they already knew. Cole? Well, what, do you want to go with them? No, really. You know what? Go. I have to get back to my mom and Mrs. McBain anyway.

Tess: [As Jessica] Todd, Tess is a part of me. Okay, it's me. I'm Jessica. So the sweet charming Jessica that you've known and I'm just a little pissed off that you won't have your sister stay here. What are you doing?

Todd: I'm calling "The Banner." I don't have your mom's number.

Tess: No, no, don't call Viki. Todd, Todd, give me the cell phone. Don't call Viki.

[Doorbell rings]

Tess: Who's that?

Brody: I don't know what's going on. If something did happen to Gigi -- I'm not Shane’s real father. He could end up in foster care.

Layla: Come on. I'll bet she or Gigi will call you very soon and have a good explanation about why she's been gone so long. Hang in there.

Nigel: [As Chuck Sr.] I was sure Asa would be here in time for this.

Lindsay: [As Olympia] Asa's got no problem sending his son off to war, but he's too much of a coward to come and say good \bye to him.

Asa: Who are you calling a coward, woman?

Chuck Sr.: Asa, where you been?

Asa: I was out breaking in that new filly. Olympia: Is that what they're calling it now? Why didn't you just stay with whoever she was and not come back?

Asa: You going to give me the cold shoulder the rest of your life, boy?

Jared: [As Clint] No, Pa. I'm going to take off and never come back and you're gonna lose both your boys.

Bo: You know, I'm glad that John is the new police commissioner.

Clint: You are?

Bo: Yeah. Because he's a good man and he can use his official channels to help me find Balsom.

Clint: Now wait a minute. Rex went down there to find you. Why didn't he come back with you?

Bo: I wish I knew.

Clint: Okay, Bo. What the hell happened down there?

Rex: If Asa's here, could that mean that Bo's back in 2008?

Gigi: If he made it, maybe we can, too.

Asa: Hey. Better get you and Chuck, Jr. here to the bus station before the army counts you AWOL.

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