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[Bells toll]

Man: Places, everyone. Her royal highness has arrived.

Man: Welcome, Your Highness. We trust that your visit to America was a pleasant one.

Tina: Yeah. It was swell.

John: You want to talk about it?

Blair: No.

John: Okay.

Blair: It's Todd. But what else is new, right? And I know how much you just love talking about Todd.

John: You got that right.

John: I guess I could listen.

Todd: I just can't believe it's over. She's really divorcing me.

Marty: I'm so sorry.

Todd: Oh, it's okay. It's not your fault. Nothing you can do about it anyway.

Marty: Well, I can listen.

Clint: I assume that you have been thinking about this for quite a while.

Bo: What, marrying Lindsay? Not really. But I just know that I've been so much happier since she came to live with me.

Clint: Uh-huh.

Bo: "Uh-huh" what? What is -- go ahead, say it.

Clint: I was just wondering if this is, uh, your way of sticking it to Pa.

Bo: Pa's gone, Clint.

Clint: Well, that hasn't stopped him from wheeling and dealing. Has it, Asa?

Bo: Hmm. You know, I am capable of, uh, making decisions that don't really concern him.

Clint: Bo, I just want you to be happy.

Bo: I love her, Clint. And I think we're going to make it.

Nora: She faked insanity to avoid doing time.

Clint: There you are. I was beginning to worry.

Nora: Oh. He can't marry her, Clint. Bo can't marry Lindsay.

Tina: Where's the prince? I thought he would be here to welcome me.

Man: His highness is posing for the official royal portrait.

Cristian: Where's Chamberlain?

Tina: Um, these gentlemen, Antonio and Cristian Vega, they are my guests.

Man: Shall I ask cook to prepare a liver treat for David Vickers?

Tina: Bitterman, I -- I'm very sad to have to tell you this, but David Vickers did not make the flight.

Bitterman: Is he ill, your highness?

Tina: He ran away. He's probably eating garbage in Llanview out of a dumpster as we speak.

Bitterman: My condolences. We shall prepare rooms in the south wing for our guest will that be all, your highness?

Tina: Yes, that will be all, Bitterman. Thank you.

Tina: I'm sure that was very novel for the two of you, the, uh, royal welcome.

Antonio: Do you really think we care about that?

Cristian: Why wasn't Chamberlain here to meet us?

Antonio: And where are Talia and Sarah?

Talia: Where is he? Where is he? I want to see him.

Jonas: All in good time. Guard?

Talia: Are you okay?

Sarah: Yeah. I'm a little nauseous.

Talia: That's the chloroform.

Sarah: What are we doing here? Who was the "he" that you wanted to see?

Jonas: Everything will be revealed very soon. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go announce your arrival.

Talia: Sarah, go sit down. Are you okay?

Sarah: Yeah. I feel like I've been asleep for days. Last thing I remember is walking into our apartment. I was going there to meet with an insurance guy about the burglary. No one was there. Only you. Wait a minute; you were the one who told me to go to the apartment. And when I walked in, you said you were sorry. Sorry about what?

Talia: For leading you into a trap.

Cristian: What are we supposed to do now?

Tina: Look, I am just as scared about Sarah as you are.

Antonio: What about Chamberlain? He was supposed to meet us at the airplane.

Tina: I don't know.

Bitterman: Your highness, Ambassador Chamberlain has arrived. He wishes an audience.

Tina: Uh, please, show him in. Thank you, Bitterman.

Jonas: Your Highness, gentlemen --

Tina: Jonas, where is she? Where's my daughter?

Antonio: And Officer Sahid.

Jonas: The women are safe, and they will stay safe as long as you all cooperate.

Starr: I had a feeling that you'd be here.

Cole: Starr, I want to be alone.

Starr: Oh, please, don't run away from me again. Just talk to me.

Cole: About what? Hmm? You want to give away our baby, and you don't care what it's doing to me.

Starr: I love you, Cole.

Cole: I love you, too. That's how we ended up having this baby together.

Starr: No, okay. We made love because we love each other. I mean, me getting pregnant, it wasn't fate or a miracle. It was an accident.

Cole: It's not how I see it.

Starr: Would you just please listen to me?

Cole: Why? Why? You're not going to say anything different.

Starr: Okay, I know you want this baby because it would be a part of your mom and dad and -- what about me, though? I mean, don't I count for any of that?

Cole: Sure, you do.

Starr: You're not alone in this world. We have each other. Isn't that enough?

Gigi: Uh, excuse me?

Markko: Uh, ahem. I'm sorry?

Gigi: Sorry, uh, is Carlotta in?

Markko: No, but she should be back pretty soon.

Gigi: Okay. I just wanted to talk to her about the job application I dropped off.

Markko: Uh, you worked in a restaurant before?

Gigi: Oh, yeah. Not in Llanview, though. I got an office job when I moved here, had benefits and everything, but I would rather waitress than work for Dorian Lord.

Langston: Why is everyone so down on Dorian?

Gigi: You know her?

Langston: She's my guardian. And she's been really good to me.

Gigi: I -- I won't argue with you. I just hope she doesn't stand in the way of you and your boyfriend here.

Langston: She likes Markko.

Markko: She does?

Gigi: Let's hope that doesn't change.

Rex: You look happy, Bo.

Bo: I am happy, Balsom. I think marrying Lindsay is about the best knee-jerk reaction that I ever had. Uh, you talked to Adriana?

Rex: Uh, we text. We're very modern.

Bo: Hmm. You know, these things have a way of working themselves out. Lindsay and I, we tried to do this one time before, then the whole thing blew up in our face. And now, look at this. Here we are, we're trying it again.

Rex: You're past trying. You guys have nailed it, man.

Bo: I think you're right. This time, we're going to make it.

Nora: This is the proof of exactly what I've known all along.

Clint: You want to prevent Bo from marrying the woman that he loves?

Nora: The woman that he loves is a two-timing, murdering liar. And if he marries her, my son will be spending every other weekend and a month in the summer with her.

Clint: Okay, you and Bo have had a long and complicated --

Nora: Okay, this isn't about me and Bo.

Clint: Are you sure?

Nora: Oh, for God's sake, Clint.

Clint: Nora, you got physically ill when you found out that he was getting married, and now you want to prevent it.

Nora: Because she's evil.

Clint: You don't want Bo to marry anybody, do you?

Clint: Nora, there will be a wedding in this house today, so whatever you're thinking, just let it go.

Matthew: Hey, Uncle Clint, could you help me get this tie?

Clint: Yeah, sure, yeah.

Matthew: Are you upset, Mom?

Nora: No, I'm fine.

Matthew: What, are you worried because Lindsay's going to be my stepmom?

Nora: Listen, I'm your mother and I'll always be your mother. And Lindsay --

Matthew: Will always be Lindsay.

Nora: How right you are.

Clint: Okay, handsome, you're good to go.

Matthew: Thank you.

Clint: Yeah.

Marcie: Are you sure it's okay for the bride and groom to be in the same room?

Lindsay: Oh, yes. The rules don't apply when you've been engaged only a day.

Rex: Well, since we're all into breaking tradition, how about a pre-wedding toast?

Lindsay: Absolutely.

Bo: Yes. Whoa, whoa, there, little muchacho. You're what they would call "on the wagon."

Matthew: Come on, Dad --

Bo: No, come on. We got some nice sparkling cider here.

Rex: Ahem. To Bo and Lindsay. May they have many years of happiness, good health -- most important, laughs. Lots of laughs.

Matthew: Yeah -- what Rex said.

Bo: Lots of laughs.

[Lindsay giggles]

Bo: And -- here's to us finally finding our way back to the beginning, and being able to see what's been right in front of our eyes.

Markko: Okay, so what's really up with you?

Gigi: Nothing.

Markko: All that talk about being young and in love. Seems to me like you weren't talking about me and Langston. You were talking about you and somebody.

Blair: All right, no more. No more.

John: No more what?

Blair: No more of this, no more we're falling apart over Todd. I'm through with it.

John: Well, you know, some may say he doesn't deserve you.

Blair: Thank you for offering to listen, because I do have a few things that I want to get off my chest. Most people don't understand my relationship with Todd, and half the time, I don't think I did, either. I went to see him today.

John: You know, a restraining order usually means you don't do that.

Blair: I know, but then this Delphina got me all fired up.

John: What's Delphina?

Blair: She's a psychic.

John: Oh, come on now.

Blair: No, I know. I mean, look, she's a total, total fake. She saw my divorce papers and told me that Todd was seeing another woman. I blew it off. Then I had to go see for myself.

John: And, uh, was there any sign of another woman?

Blair: I don't -- you know something?

John: No, no. Go on.

Blair: You know, when Todd finally brought Sam home, I thought that we had a chance. I thought that maybe we had a chance this time to make it work.

Todd: I really thought it would work out this time, Blair and me.

Marty: "This time"?

Todd: Yeah, we've been around and around in this thing for many years. Ahem. Every time we got back together, I thought it was really going to last. But then I would discover that Blair never changed, not really.

Marty: How can you love someone you can't trust?

Todd: I don't know, but I do.

Blair: How could I have trusted Todd again? You know, I really tried not to fall in love with him again. Tried to protect myself. You don't get it, do you?

John: Nope.

Blair: I know, you warned me all about him.

Todd: John McBain was always trying to turn Blair against me. The man doesn't care who he hurts. That's who he is. Of course, you already know that, don't you?

Blair: Well, if Todd is seeing another woman, I should thank her, because I'm better off without him.

John: But you're still in love with him, aren't you?

Marty: Thank you.

Marty: Thank you. All I know about John McBain is what you told me. That he left me to die.

Todd: Well, he didn't even stop to see if you were alive. He was ready to move on.

Marty: With your wife.

Todd: Yeah. So I guess in a way, we're both John McBain’s victims, aren't we?

Man: Sorry to interrupt.

John: No, Judge.

Judge: Got probable cause for that search warrant?

John: I'm working on it.

Judge: Good. I got a lot of friends up on Jackson Hill Road, so if there's anything illegal going on at 437, I want to nip it in the bud as much as you do.

John: Thank you.

John: What?

Blair: 437 Jackson Hill Road? Hmm. That's Todd's address.

Sarah: I can't believe you led me into a trap.

Talia: Sarah, honestly I'm -- look, I was trying to protect Antonio and Cristian.

Sarah: So I still don't get it.

Talia: The man who chloroformed you, who brought us here to Mendorra, his name is Jonas Chamberlain.

Sarah: I know. He was the one who held the gun on me and Cris in the park. This is Mendorra? I know why we're here. Because I was hiding my mother.

Talia: What does Tina have to do with all of this?

Sarah: She's the crown princess of Mendorra.

Talia: You're royalty?

Sarah: No. Knowing Tina, she probably slept her way into the job. That guy, Jonas, was after her to try and get the crown jewels.

Talia: She has the jewels?

Sarah: Yeah, I saw them. He's probably using me to try and barter with my mother. Why are you here?

Talia: Uh -- there's a little bit more to the story than that.

Sarah: Wait a minute. You said earlier that you went along with chamberlain to try and protect Cristian and Antonio. What -- what do they have to do with this?

Antonio: You don't get the jewels until the women are free.

Jonas: Let me remind you of something, Antonio. You are now on Mendorran soil. You don't have any authority here.

Cristian: Look, man, no one is going to arrest you for anything if you release the girls. What are you waiting for? Tina's ready to give you what you want.

Jonas: Well, maybe I want more.

Cole: You say you understand, but you don’t.

Starr: Okay, why does this have to be all or nothing? I mean, why can't we work on this together? Why can't we think about all the babies that we'll have when we're old enough to really take care of them?

Cole: I'm old enough now.

Starr: No, you're not. You haven't graduated high school. You haven't gone to college. How are you going to support yourself and a baby?

Cole: I don't want to hear this.

Starr: Obviously, you don't, but you have to, Cole.

Cole: Starr --

Starr: Because it's the truth. It's reality, and I'm sorry, but that's just the way it is.

Cole: Okay, well, you know what? My mind has been made up. And nothing you say is going to change it.

Starr: Well, I'm not going to change my mind, either.

Cole: Great, then it's good that I called that lawyer.

Starr: You what?

Cole: I needed to know where I stood, legally.

Starr: What are you going to do, sue me?

Cole: I don't know what you call it, but I won't let you give my baby away to complete strangers.

Starr: They're not strangers!

Cole: What do you mean?

Nigel: Feeling better, Miss Hanen?

Nora: Not so much, Nigel.

Nigel: Perhaps a bicarbonate --

Nora: No, I don't think medicine's going to cure this, thank you.

Nigel: As you wish.

Nora: Nigel -- you've -- you've been so loyal to this family for so long, and it's so appreciated, but -- would you ever let that get in the way of doing the right thing?

Nigel: Whatever do you mean?

Nora: If you knew that someone had perpetrated a fraud -- but that information could seriously hurt someone you cared a great deal about, what would you do?

Nigel: Well, I suppose I would decide what was more important, my conscience, or my loved one's feelings.

Nora: I've been in this situation before. I went with the conscience.

Nigel: And how did it work out?

Nora: Not so good, Nigel. Bo hated me for it.

Nigel: Then it's Mr. Buchanan you're afraid of hurting.

Nora: Yeah, yeah. It was a long, long time before he ever forgave me again.

Nigel: You're saying if you do the same thing again --

Nora: Bo's Matthew’s father, and he'll never speak to me again.

Nigel: But if you don't do whatever it is you think you must, can you live with yourself?

Nora: That seems to be the burning question, Nigel.

[Doorbell rings]

Nigel: Excuse me. Judge Runyon.

Judge Runyon: I'm sure you know why I'm here.

Nigel: To perform a wedding?

[Judge Runyon chuckles]

Judge Runyon: For a very good friend. Is everybody ready?

( Whimsical music playing )

Nigel: Everyone has been awaiting your arrival, Judge Runyon.

Judge Runyon: Hello, Nora.

Nora: Hello, Judge.

Nigel: This way, please.

Nora: Clint's right. Clint's right. Just let it go, Nora. Let it go.

Bo: Judge, thank you so much for agreeing to do this, especially on such short notice.

Judge Runyon: My pleasure, Bo. I'm really happy for you. I just wish we were working on the same team right now.

Nigel: Excuse me. I'll see that all is in order.

Bo: What -- no -- hey, Nigel? Why don't you stay, too, please? You're -- you're family here.

Nigel: Thank you, Sir.

Matthew: What's up?

Rex: Hey.

Matthew: You look great, Mom.

Nora: I do? Well, thank you, sir.

Matthew: You happy?

Nora: Why wouldn't I be, huh? You look very handsome.

Matthew: Thanks.

Clint: I'm proud of you.

Nora: Oh, yeah?

Clint: Obviously, you're respecting Bo's wishes. Let him deal with the consequences, whatever they may be.

Judge Runyon: If I may have everyone's attention, please. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here to solemnize a marriage. Now, that's the official term, but in truth, I'm here to do far more than that. I am supporting the union of two people who have chosen to entwine their lives and redefine the equation of one plus one equals two. Because today, one plus one equals one, and nothing can divide one.

Blair: Why are you investigating Todd?

John: Can't talk about it.

Blair: It's important enough that you search his house, though, John.

John: You know that Ramsey was killed in Manning’s old penthouse, right?

Blair: Yeah?

John: Did you know that Todd showed up right after the killings?

Blair: You don't think he has anything to do with the murders, do you? Well, come on, your ears perked up when I mentioned that Todd may seeing another woman.

John: I can't say any more.

Blair: I just wondered if that woman that Delphina mentioned had anything to do with your case.

John: No idea, I don't do psychics.

Blair: You know what? If you want to get into Todd's house, I could help you.

Todd: Sorry, I apologize. I don't mean to go on about myself this way.

Marty: No, that's -- uh -- it's almost a relief not to talk about me and my troubles.

Todd: Well, at least we have one of those troubles in common.

Marty: John McBain.

Todd: You know, all I ever did was love Blair. And McBain managed to use that to his advantage, too. Convinced Blair that I was a -- not just a loving man, but obsessive and jealous and managed to turn her and my kids against me.

Marty: You have children.

Todd: Yeah, three kids. But he managed to convince her that I was a danger to them and so she went to the courts and manipulated the system and made it so I can't see them now.

Marty: Oh, I can't imagine what that's like -- have children and not to be able to be with them?

Marty: Do I have any children?

Cole: Wait, so, have you already picked out a couple to adopt the baby? Wait a minute. Wait a minute. We were at the diner earlier and we ran into Marcie McBain. So, you had that funny look on your face. You want to give our baby to Marcie McBain, don't you?

Cole: Starr, answer me. You want to give our baby to Marcie McBain, don't you?

Starr: She and Dr. McBain are a really great couple.

Cole: Yeah and your father's worst enemies. That's what this is about, isn't it?

Starr: What?

Cole: Getting back at your father, right? Giving his grandchild away to the people who stole his son, right?

Starr: No, that is not the reason. That is not. I want only what is best for this baby, all right? They were great parents to Sam.

Cole: Really? Were you there?

Starr: Yeah, I was. I babysat for Sam all the time. I know that they would give our baby exactly what a kid needs, okay?

Cole: Except its own parents.

Starr: No, please. This is a perfect solution, I promise you.

Cole: It's a nightmare.

Starr: No! No -- look, okay, Marcie can't have any more kids. She can't, okay? But she wants this baby more than anything in the world.

Cole: You know what? That's too bad. She's not getting my kid!

Starr: Would you just please listen to me?

Cole: About -- about what? About what? All I hear is you going on and on and on about you making a decision all by yourself, a decision that affects me just as much as it affects you. Why should I listen to that? It's not like I can change your mind. Nothing I say is going to change your mind, is it?

Starr: No. I'm sorry, Cole. I'm doing what I have to do. Please --

Cole: Then I'm going to do what I have to do.

Starr: Cole. Cole.

Todd: I'm sorry; I could've sworn I told you. No, no. No kids. You're all alone.

Marty: Ahem. Do you, uh, have contact with your children?

Todd: Uh -- no. No, not anymore. John turned them against me, my kids and my wife. He stole my life from me.

Marty: Whoo, how can you stand it?

Todd: It's tough. Sometimes I really want to get back at him.

Marty: Hmm.

Todd: That doesn't make me a bad person, does it?

Marty: Oh, God, no, it makes you human.

Blair: All I need is a reason --

John: No, no, no.

Blair: To go visit Todd, and I've got tons of them. Or better yet, I could call him away and then you could sneak in his house.

John: Slow down.

Blair: Why?

John: Whatever I do, it has to be done by the book, all right? And you're not involved.

Blair: But I could help you, and we're good together. We made a really good team, you know.

John: What?

Blair: We did. You remember -- when we teamed up to bring Spencer down and then when we went to New Orleans to -- to look for Tommy? And then what about recently, when we were, you know, in Virginia Beach to look for Starr?

John: We were okay.

Blair: We were better than okay.

John: We were okay, all right? Listen to me. Anything I do has to be done legally or it won't be admissible, all right? I don't -- I don't even know why you want to get involved.

Blair: Okay. You're right. You're right. Better off staying as far away from Todd as possible.

Markko: I know -- I know some people think that we're too young to be all serious with one person, but what if we've already found the person that we want to be with?

Gigi: Beats me.

Markko: I -- I think your first love can be your only love. Even if most people don’t.

Gigi: No, I do. I -- I believe that.

Judge Runyon: Ladies and gentlemen, friends of Bo and Lindsay, this is a civil service, but I do believe the bride and groom have a few words they would like to say to each other.

Bo: I would. You know, I wish you could have seen the look on your face when I asked you to marry me because I think I caught you a little bit off-guard, which is odd because usually you're one step ahead of the game, but -- but I'm just glad that you got over the shock and you said yes.

Lindsay: I'm glad, too.

Bo: All right now, ahem, yes, Mark Twain. Mark Twain said that "to get the full value of joy, you have to have someone to divide it with." And I want the full value of joy. And I want to share it with you, Lindsay, my friend and my partner, and I want us to share it in a home that's full of love and laughter and trust.

Tina: Look, if it's money you want, I can get it.

Antonio: Those jewels are worth tens of millions of dollars and they will all belong to you once you produce Talia and Sarah.

Jonas: I know the value of the jewels and the value of the women, Antonio.

Cristian: What is that supposed to mean?

Jonas: It should be self-evident. I hope you all enjoy yourselves and are very comfortable here in Mendorra.

Tina: Well, wait, what -- what about Sarah?

Jonas: Well, now, you all have arrived. I'll be back to tell you something very soon about her. Wait for instructions.

Cristian: When?

Jonas: When I do.

Tina: Well -- I don't get it. I mean, why doesn't he just exchange the girls for the jewels?

Cristian: You heard him. He wants money. More money.

Antonio: No. No, it's not just the money.

Tina: Well, what, then?

Antonio: I don't know. But I got a feeling that Jonas might be working with someone else.

Talia: Cristian and Antonio are guilty by association.

Sarah: You're kidding me. Cristian was just trying to help me. I begged him to let my mom stay at his place. I didn't even know about the jewels until right before that guy grabbed me.

Talia: All right, calm down, Sarah. They're safe. Both of them are at home in Llanview. I made sure neither of them were anywhere near our apartment.

Sarah: Thank God. I guess now we just have to figure out how to get out of here.

Talia: Your mother didn't happen to mention any trapdoors or secret entrances, anything like that?

Sarah: Yeah, right. Leave it to Tina to get involved in an insane mess like this. God forbid she should do anything fun. No, it has to do with kidnapping and chloroform and putting my friends in danger. I am really sorry, Talia.

Talia: It's not your fault, Sarah. It's -- it's my fault.

Sarah: How is this your fault?

Talia: Um, I guess it's time for me to tell you the whole story.

Lindsay: When you asked me to marry you, I was blown away because it seemed to come out of nowhere. But after I thought about it, I realized that it wasn't nowhere. Over this time we've been together, we've become such a huge part of each other's lives, each other's souls, and that made sense. I was lost when we came together. Because of you, my life makes sense. I'm a better person. I'm an honest person. I love you with all my heart and soul.

Judge Runyon: It is a pleasure to join you, Lindsay, and you, Bo, in matrimony. Do you, Lindsay, take this man, Bo, to be your lawfully wedded husband?

Lindsay: I do.

Judge Runyon: And do you, Bo, take this woman, Lindsay, to be your lawfully wedded wife?

Nora: Hmm, no, wait.

[Judge Runyon sighs]

Nora: Just -- before you say anything, and you can say anything you want to after, but first you've -- you've got to see this.

Tina: Come on, Antonio. You have been both a criminal and a cop. We need some ideas here. I mean, where's your imagination?

Antonio: What do you think I'm doing?

Cristian: Besides, this is your gig, Princess.

Maid: Your highness, shall I have someone show you gentlemen to your chambers now?

Cristian: I'm not going to any chamber until I find --

Antonio: No, Cris. If -- uh -- if Jonas says we wait, then we wait.

Maid: Is way, gentlemen.

Antonio: And while we wait, we'll search every inch of this place.

Bitterman: The prince has returned, Your Highness.

Tina: Oh, thank God. Oh, Helmut. Oh.

Helmut: What is wrong, liebchen, hmm?

Tina: They have her. They took my daughter. They took Sarah.

Talia: It goes back a long way, Sarah.

Jonas: Someone here to see you, ladies.

Sarah: Who are you?

Carlo: But of course, you were too young to remember. So, allow me to reintroduce myself. I'm Carlo Hesser.

Carlo: Hello, my darling.

Talia: Hello, Daddy.

Marty: Huh, uh -- this trip downstairs has made me rather tired.

Todd: Well, let's get you upstairs. Thank you for listening.

Marty: That's the least I can do. You've done so much for me.

Todd: Well, I'm supposed to be helping you.

Marty: Okay, well, let's say we help each other.

John: To freedom.

Blair: You bet. Although, I think it's going to take something a little bit stronger than that.

John: Yeah?

Blair: Yeah.

John: That can be arranged.

Blair: Really?

John: Yeah, get out of here?

Blair: Sure. Um, John, thank you for allowing me to talk. Sometimes getting it off my chest and saying it out loud, it helps.

John: Yeah. You know, I saw Starr and Cole earlier and they were talking. I hope it helped.

Blair: Yeah. They're going through a really, really hard time. But Cole really cares about my daughter and I know that. And she's going to need all the love and support she can get when her daddy finds out she's pregnant.

[Cole rings Todd’s doorbell]

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