One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 7/2/08


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Gigi: Can you fix it?

Brody: Yeah, I just need a little coolant, but I should have it running by the time Shane gets back from school.

Gigi: I'm pretty sure it's 100 degrees in here.

Brody: Yeah, I don't want Shane’s asthma flaring up.

Gigi: Yeah, the humidity is definitely not good for him. Thank you for doing this.

Dorian: How quaint.

Gigi: Oh.

Dorian: The very essence of domesticity.

Gigi: If you're here looking for someone to meddle in your daughter's life, I'm out of that business.

Dorian: You're not the only one in this room. Brody, you've got a lot to answer for.

Bo: Balsom, I want you to be among the first to know that Lindsay and I are getting married today.

Rex: Wow, that is amazing. Congratulations.

Lindsay: Did Bo tell you our news?

Rex: He did.

Lindsay: I bet you were as surprised as I was.

Rex: I -- I think it's just great. Bo is a very lucky guy.

Lindsay: I'm the lucky one.

Viki: Hey, Nora.

Nora: Oh, Viki, oh, thank you. I'm so glad you could come.

Viki: Oh.

Nora: How's Jessica?

Viki: You know, she's putting one foot in front of the other, one day at a time. That's all.

Nora: Well, what else can you do on the day that you bury your husband?

Viki: I know, I know.

Nora: Sit.

Viki: Yeah, so what did you want to tell me?

Nora: Well, I think you were probably with Jessica this morning when Bo made his announcement. He's marrying Lindsay.

Viki: What?

Nora: Yep, it's true.

Viki: I knew she was staying with him. I didn't realize that --

Nora: Yeah, well none of us did.

Viki: Have they set a date?

Nora: Yes, they have -- today. They're getting married today.

Marcie: Hi, Starr, Cole.

Cole: Hi.

Marcie: Well, nice to see you.

Cole: Okay, what's going on between you and Mrs. McBain?

John: Hi, Marcie.

Marcie: Oh, hi, John. Uh, do you remember Judy, our lawyer? This is my brother-in-law --

Judy: Hi.

Marcie: John McBain.

John: Of course, hi. Is everything okay?

Marcie: Yeah, everything's fine.

Judy: I was just telling Marcie that the judge has decided that her volunteer work at the hospital will fulfill her community service requirement.

Marcie: Right, so all that business with Todd, it's -- at least legally, behind me now.

John: I'm glad to hear it.

Marcie: Yeah, well, it's good to see you.

John: You, too. Bye-bye.

Marcie: Bye.

[Doorbell rings]

Marty: Are you going to answer that?

Blair: Todd, I know you're in there, so just open the door.

Marty: Who is that?

[Roxy laughs]

Roxy: Hey, Charlie, you got to meet my friend Madame Delphina.

Charlie: Hey, nice to meet you.

Delphina: How was the meeting?

Charlie: Uh, I've never seen you there before.

Delphina: Never been there.

Roxy: She's a psychotic.

Delphina: Psychic.

Roxy: Yeah, whatever. Why don't you ask her if Viki's ever going to take you back?

Nora: So you want to know what I did when I heard the news that Bo was marrying Lindsay?

Viki: Uh-huh.

Nora: I tossed my breakfast.

[Viki laughs]

Viki: Oh, Nora. You really did.

Nora: Mm.

Viki: You're serious.

Nora: Yes, I am.

Viki: Oh.

Nora: And that was before Matthew invited them to have the wedding at the house.

Viki: They're getting married at your house?

Nora: Yeah, in about, oh, three hours.

Viki: How -- how are you feeling now?

Nora: I'm fine. I am, I'm fine. I just wish my son's new stepmother hadn't faked insanity to get away with murder again. But since I don't have any evidence on Lindsay, there's not a whole hell of a lot I can do about it, is there?

Viki: Nora, Lindsay's history is troublesome to say the least, but is that the only thing that's bothering you?

Nora: What else is there?

Viki: Well, your feelings for Bo. I mean, he's Matthew’s father. Part of you must still love him, no?

Lindsay: All right, you two can talk man talk all you want. I've got to be a blushing bride and it's going to take me at least three hours to get that natural look, so I'm going to get going.

Bo: Wait, no, no, wait, wait. Just one minute, okay? I, um, I know that my proposal was out of the blue.

Lindsay: Do you hear me complaining?

Bo: No, but I want everything to be perfect so it's going to be a short engagement.

Lindsay: What do you mean? It's been 24 hours.

Bo: But I want you to have an engagement ring, okay?

Lindsay: Oh, my God, it's so beautiful.

Rex: Maybe I should go.

Lindsay: No, no, no, no, not unless you want to see me get married in flip flops and a sundress because that's all I've got clean. It's perfect. Mm, thank you. I love it. It's perfect. I love you. Okay, I'm going now. I'm going now. Look at me going now. Bye, guys.

Bo: Bye.

Rex: To me, she seems happy.

Bo: Yep, and I'm happy, too.

Rex: Sorry you had to go out and buy another engagement ring.

Bo: Oh, now, now, come on. Don't start that. I would have done that anyway.

Rex: I mean it, Bo. You must feel like you wasted Gabrielle’s ring giving it to me. My marriage to Adriana lasted what, a whole two days?

Bo: You're still married.

Rex: Yeah, for now.

Bo: Balsom, look, I want you to know something, okay? If it weren't for you, Lindsey and I wouldn't be getting married today.

Judy: What just happened with you and Starr Manning?

Marcie: Nothing.

Judy: I saw the look she gave you and then she shook her head like she didn't want you to talk.

Marcie: She wanted to be alone with her boyfriend.

Judy: Then you didn't want to tell your brother-in-law that you're looking into private adoption.

Marcie: Why do I feel as if I'm on the witness stand here, Judy?

Judy: If you want me to advise you, I have to know all the facts. You said a former babysitter of yours was pregnant and wants you to adopt her baby.

Marcie: Yeah.

Judy: Was Starr Manning that girl?

Marcie: What if she is?

Starr: I didn't want to start a conversation with Mrs. McBain because we're supposed to be talking about us.

Cole: Look, I'm really sorry I didn't return any of your messages. I just wasn't quite sure what to say.

Starr: It's just -- I thought you didn't love me anymore.

Cole: What? Starr, come on, that's crazy. I love you more than anything, but I also love our baby. All right, I just the three of us to be together, okay? That's all. I need you two in my life. Don't you get that?

Starr: I get it, okay? You see this baby your family and you think that him or her is going to make you feel better, but right now I need to worry about what will make the baby feel better.

John: Judge Runyon.

Runyon: Detective.

John: Chicken adobo is excellent today.

Runyon: It's good every day. That's why I always eat lunch here.

John: I know.

Runyon: Are you following me, Detective?

John: D.A.'s office says you haven't ruled on my request.

Runyon: If you have legal problem to discuss with me, you need to make an appointment.

John: I've tried. Your assistant keeps blowing me off.

Runyon: Then you already have your answer.

John: I need that warrant and I need it today.

[Doorbell rings]

Blair: Okay, I'll ring the doorbell, I'll knock -- I'll knock the door down. You know I will.

Marty: Goodness, she's very insistent.

Todd: Yeah, I think we're going to have to put your little trip outside on hold.

[Pounding on door]

Blair: I'm not leaving.

[Ringing and pounding continue]

Todd: Sorry -- careful. There you go. Are you okay?

Marty: Yes, thank you.

Todd: You might want to stay quiet, though. You don't want to get involved in this. Just sit tight.

Blair: Todd!

[Marty clears throat]

Marty: Excuse me. My other choice would be --

Blair: Todd.

Todd: What the hell do you want?

Cole: So you think you know what's best for the baby better than I do?

Starr: Okay, I understand how you feel, I do. And I want to give you what you want.

Cole: You do?

Starr: Yeah, you want a family, right? I mean, someday, when we're ready, we can have that family. We can have it together when we're both ready. Can't you just wait until then?

Runyon: Mayor Lowell has made it clear. The FBI is investigating Commissioner Ramsey’s death and his alleged corruption.

John: It's not about Ramsey’s murder. It's about Todd Manning.

Todd: Well, what do you want?

Blair: What took you so long to answer the door? Why are you out of breath? What were you doing in here?

Todd: Just moving some furniture in the living room.

Blair: Right.

Todd: I don't really care if you believe me or not.

Blair: Well I just came by to see how you've decorated, what your domestic side --

Todd: No, no, no.

Blair: What are you hiding in here, Todd?

Todd: Shag carpeting and a black leather couch.

Blair: What's her name?

Todd: Good-bye, Blair.

Blair: Uh, you were working up a sweat in here with your new girlfriend?

Charlie: So you saw my serenity prayer key ring, right?

Delphina: And the extra large cup of coffee. You know, precognitives should also be observant.

Charlie: Yeah, well I'm going to let you ladies get back to whatever it is you were doing. I've got a date with the want ads.

Roxy: Oh, no, no, she can tell you if you're going to get a job.

Charlie: Well, I would just as soon find out on my own.

Roxy: Yeah, but don't you want to know about the other thing?

Delphina: Your friend is not interested in my services, Rox.

Roxy: You know, that guy really needs your help.

Delphina: Unlike you, who doesn't seem to be anxious to start.

Roxy: Maybe I'm little afraid of what you're going to tell me.

Delphina: About changing your age on your beautician's license?

Roxy: How did you know that?

Delphina: Hello.

[Roxy sighs]

Roxy: It's about my son.

Delphina: Rex.

Roxy: Yeah, I lied to him.

Delphina: Big lie, little lie?

Roxy: Big whopper. I said that Charlie was his daddy. So I want to know, is Rex ever going to forgive me?

Bo: Do you remember what you and I were talking about after Nash’s funeral, about making every day count?

Rex: Yeah.

Bo: Okay, what you said made me realize that what I really want is to spend the rest of my life with Lindsay. So I asked her right there at -- right there in the church.

Rex: Wow.

Bo: Yeah, you know, most people wouldn't be as hopeful as you are right now.

Rex: I don't know.

Bo: Well, you've had a lot of real -- well, a couple of big disappointments recently -- Adriana and, uh, Charlie. But see, you're not bitter. You talk about appreciating what's right out there in front of you and grabbing on to it, not losing it, you know?

Rex: Well, I'm not sure about the whole "not bitter" part, but what can you do, dig a hole and climb in?

Bo: Hmm, it might sound tempting. I don't know.

Rex: Well, it helps to have somebody to talk to. Somebody who never pulls his punches. Somebody who's wise.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, yeah, where the hell is this guy, anyway? You know, I'd like to have a word with him myself.

Rex: Someday, when I finally grow up, I hope to be just like him. In the meantime, if there's anything I can ever do for you, all you have to do is ask.

Bo: Okay, I will -- right now. Will you be my best man?

Brody: Why would a mogul like you take time out to come see a nobody like me?

Dorian: Do you really want to discuss this in front of, uh -- how shall I put it -- the latest chick you're shacking up with?

Brody: We're not shacking up. And if you've come to insult Gigi, you can get right back in your limo and leave.

Dorian: How gallant. Fine. I paid you a large sum of money to leave Llanview.

Gigi: And somehow, he's still here.

Dorian: Indeed, so I tried to stop payment on my check when I found out that you were failing to live up to our agreement, and you'd cashed it.

Brody: You can have the toaster I got when I opened the account.

Dorian: I want my money back.

Brody: It's not mine to give to you.

Dorian: I want you to go to that bank and demand it back.

Brody: The account I opened isn't in my name. It's in Shane’s. You're sending my boy to college.

Rex: Wow, Bo, I'm flattered. But what about Clint?

Bo: Well Clint was married to Lindsay briefly, and now he's living with Nora. It's complicated.

Rex: Well, Lindsay and I have had a few complications of our own.

Bo: Yeah, but that's all in the past. And Lindsay knows how much you meant to Jen, and that's very important to Lindsay, which makes you the best man to be my best man.

Rex: Then I'd be honored.

Bo: Well, thank you.

Rex: Of course, I'll have to give you a few pointers on the whole wedding thing. First, make everybody think you're not going to show up. Then when you do, have an old girlfriend interrupt the ceremony. If you're as lucky as I was, Lindsay will punch her out.

Bo: Oh, speaking of Gigi, um, are you figuring things out?

Rex: Well, you told me I should deal with my feelings for Gigi before I married Adriana.

Bo: Are you ready to face those feelings now?

Nora: Oh, Viki, I'm not in love with Bo. I'm not. Well, you're right, I mean, I still love him because he's Matthew’s father.

Viki: Yeah, right.

Nora: Well -- no, Clint and I are very happy together.

Viki: Oh.

Nora: And that of course comes with its own pangs of guilt.

Viki: Why?

Nora: Because of Dorian. Dorian used our relationship as her motivation to take over B.E.

Viki: Please, that kind of guilt is pointless.

Nora: Well, she was intending to drive a wedge between Clint and me. She's done just the opposite.

Viki: Good, I'm pleased to hear that.

Nora: Oh, I'm sorry, this is strange.

Viki: What is?

Nora: Well talking to you of all people about how happy Clint and I are together.

Viki: Nora, get over it.

Nora: Okay.

Viki: I must admit when I first heard about your relationship, um, I guess I was just taken aback.

Nora: Well, you certainly didn't show it.

Viki: It wasn't any of my business, was it?

Nora: Well --

Viki: Besides, I was involved at the time.

Nora: At the time? It's all over?

Viki: Oh, yes.

Charlie: Roxy, is it okay if I use your computer to update my resume?

Roxy: Oh, yeah, knock yourself out, man. So is Rex ever going to forgive me?

Delphina: Shh -- your forgiveness, ah, hinges on whether or not you tell the truth.

Roxy: Oh, I think the truth is going to hurt him even more. I've been keeping it secret his whole life.

Delphina: Well, you know some secrets should be told, others, zip, click --

[Clicks tongue]

Roxy: Then which one is mine?

Delphina: Only you know the answer to that.

Rex: When Gigi stood up in that church and admitted that she still loved me, it was like a punch in the stomach. But a good punch, you know what I mean?

Bo: Yeah, yeah, I do.

Rex: That lasted for all of about five seconds, and then I realized I'm standing up here in my tux, about to get married to another woman, and this is when you tell me you love me.

Bo: Well, if she'd told you that before, would you be married to Adriana right now?

Gigi: You put money in the bank for Shane’s college?

Dorian: The point is, it's my money.

Brody: You wrote my name on the check. The teller even commented on your beautiful handwriting. My handwriting wasn't on anything. I know it wasn't on any kind of agreement that I'd leave town. And even though it seemed like a lot of money to me, I'm sure it's just chump change to somebody who owns a house that has its own name. And my son needs that money.

Dorian: Why don't we cut out this act? All three of us know that Shane is not your son. Rex is his father, and I could destroy this entire charade by telling him that fact. Come on, Brody, I paid you to leave town. You really don't think you're going to get away with getting the better of me without payback?

Cole: Look, Starr, we can do this, okay? We don't have to give our baby away. We can raise her together.

Judy: Although you'd never make an acceptable candidate for an agency, no one could stop Starr from giving you her baby.

Marcie: Really?

Judy: As long as the baby's father agrees.

Marcie: And if he doesn't?

Judy: That's a problem, but I think a bigger problem is what Todd Manning thinks of this idea.

Marcie: He doesn't even know that Starr is pregnant.

Judy: And what do you think is going to happen when Todd finds out his daughter is pregnant and wants to give his grandchild to you?

Runyon: What probable cause do you have to search Manning's residence?

John: The circumstances aren't exactly clear, but Ramsey was holding a woman in his apartment before he was killed. When I saw Todd Manning in the penthouse after the shooting, there was no sign of this woman.

Runyon: You're accusing Manning of kidnapping?

John: It's not about that. It's about this woman being in need of medical attention. I don't think the mayor wants her dying on his watch.

Runyon: Tell me exactly what you've got.

Todd: You're jealous.

Blair: In your dreams. I just wanted to see if you were up to one of your old stunts, you know, play housekeeping with a bimbo just to take my kids away from me.

Todd: The last bimbo I did that with was you.

Blair: What's her name?

Todd: Did John McBain put you up to this?

Blair: I haven't even talked to John.

Todd: Why all of a sudden the interest in my personal life then?

Blair: A psychic told me that you were seeing another woman.

Todd: Oh, is that right?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Todd: And you bought that?

Blair: No, I didn’t. No, but, uh, you know, I started thinking about you giving me the divorce papers all of a sudden, and I thought I would just come and check and see for myself.

Todd: Not only are you jealous, you're still in love with me.

Blair: Well, as usual, you're not listening. I told you why I came by and that was because I was surprised about the divorce papers.

Todd: I'm confused.

[Todd chuckles]

Todd: Because you, uh, you throw me out of my house and you steal my kids and you get a restraining order against me -- it would seem to me that you were hinting that you wanted a clean break, but now you hear I have a girlfriend and you're banging on my door.

Blair: Is she living here with you?

Todd: Well, is McBain living with you?

Blair: John and I are just friends, okay?

Todd: Is that why he always looks at your ass when you walk away? Is he not satisfying you?

Blair: You know what? You're disgusting.

Todd: What you feel for me will never go away, Blair. That's why you came here today. You want me, don't you? I could have you. I could have you right here, right now, if I wanted to. But you know what? I don't want to. So get the hell out of my house.

Runyon: The FBI has turned up no evidence that Ramsey had a woman in his home.

John: They weren't looking hard enough. What about the x-rays I found?

Runyon: Proves nothing.

John: I heard her voice.

Runyon: How? Did Commissioner Ramsey invite you in? Did he introduce you to her?

John: No.

Runyon: Did you get a warrant to listen in on the conversation? You got nothing, Detective. There is no chain of evidence connecting your mystery woman to Todd Manning. Your request for a warrant is denied.

Cole: Starr, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you.

Starr: Okay, Cole, I have been trying and trying to convince myself that you and I could raise this baby.

Cole: Okay, well, you were convinced down at the beach, away from your dad.

Starr: This has nothing to do with my father, okay?

Cole: Okay, then what happened? What happened, huh? We get back and everything's changed.

Starr: Okay, Cole, when we were away, we were away for awhile and we were pretending to be different people, all right? None of that was real.

Cole: Okay, I know it was scary, but it's --

Starr: No. No, no, Cole, this -- this is scary, because now it's real. And in a couple of months, I will be having a baby, okay, a human being. I can't believe you aren't as scared as I am right now.

Cole: Who says I'm not?

Lindsay: I'm sorry to interrupt. I need to speak with Marcie.

Judy: Oh, that's all right. I'll think about your options, and I'll give you a call.

Marcie: Thank you. Thanks so much.

Lindsay: Everything okay?

Marcie: Yeah, I'm fine. What about -- what about you?

Lindsay: Yeah, everything's pretty great. I know this is last minute, but I was wondering -- do you want to be my maid of honor?

Marcie: You're getting married?

Lindsay: Tonight, yeah. Bo asked me, and I said yes.

Marcie: Oh, my God, that is wonderful. Oh, my God, of course I'll be your maid of honor. This is amazing. I can't believe this.

Lindsay: I know, I know, I know. It's like a miracle, you know? And I never believed in miracles before, but I do now.

Marcie: Yeah, so do I.

Nora: Viki, I thought you and Charlie were so in love.

Viki: I did love him, Nora -- still do. But the lies that man told me, oh, my God. He lied about who he was. He lied about Jared. He lied about Rex. He let that boy believe that he was his father.

Nora: Okay, well, you know Roxy had a hand in that.

Viki: Oh, yes, I know it was her idea, but he went along with it. Why? You know, then when the time came to tell the truth, he went and got himself drunk into a stupor, ended up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

Nora: Did he have a history of abuse of alcohol?

Viki: Oh, my God, yes, big time.

Nora: Oh.

Viki: Charlie is a recovering alcoholic -- or he was. You know, and he still won't take responsibility. Keeps saying he doesn't remember drinking, and he always remembered that first drink. You know, the whole thing just sounds like another lie.

Roxy: I can't believe I'm forking this money over to you. You gave me jack.

Delphina: Well, you know, I can only promise to do my best. I cannot make decisions for you, Rox.

Roxy: Yeah, well, whatever.

Delphina: You.

Charlie: You know, listen, I'm really not in the market for any of this, so –

Delphina: No, this is a freebie; I don't even know what it means. You -- ah. You didn't drink alone.

Brody: The only thing that matters is that as far as Shane knows, I am his father. And we all know it's in your best interest that he never find out otherwise.

Dorian: Are you threatening me?

Brody: No, it's just a fact. You tell Rex that he's Shane’s dad, and he'll want to step up, do the right thing. I'll be out of the picture. Shane will be upset and confused. And your daughter will be sharing her husband with his son by another woman, which is just what she doesn't want. Imagine what she'll do to you when she finds out you made it all happen.

Dorian: It isn't over.

Brody: You okay?

Gigi: That woman drives me nuts.

Brody: I know, but she's gone now.

Gigi: What makes me even more nuts, though, is that she's right. I'm still in love with Rex, and I think maybe I always will be.

Starr: I am not just scared, Cole. I know that I cannot raise this baby. And I'm sorry, but there is nothing that you could do or say to change that.

Cole: Starr, our baby's not going to be born for another five months. Can you at least wait awhile before you decide what you want to do?

John: What if the woman Manning is hiding ends up dead?

Runyon: Nice try, McBain, but I can't make a judicial decision based on your instincts. You're going to have to have something a lot more solid than what you have so far.

John: I'll let you finish your chicken in peace.

Runyon: Thank you, Detective. Good luck.

Blair: You want the divorce, Todd? You got it. I'll sign these papers, and we are over. It is done. Don't come anywhere near me or the kids again.

Marty: I'm sorry; I couldn't help but hear some of that. I guess I know now why you didn't want to tell me if you had a wife or not.

Todd: I guess she wants a divorce.

Marty: Um, I am so sorry. Why?

Nora: I'm sorry; this doesn't make any sense to me, Viki. Why would -- why would Charlie at this point even bother denying that he was drinking?

Viki: I have no idea. The point is, I can't trust him anymore. I just wish I could stop loving him, you know?

Dorian: Oh, my goodness, what a pleasant pairing. Clint's ex-wife breaking bread with his current live-in.

Nora: Go away, Dorian.

Dorian: Of course, I have exactly the relationship with Clint that I want. I've taken away his company and most of his major assets.

Viki: Spite must be such a lovely thing to cuddle up with on a cold night.

Nora: Clint's going to get B.E. back.

Dorian: It's C.E. now, and I wouldn't count on it.

Nora: Well, then we'll see you in court.

Dorian: Goodie. Viki, I am very, very sorry about what happened to your son-in-law. And it must make it very painful for you to know that Natalie and Jared’s lies are what caused his death. Oh, if I were you, I'd probably jump right into that bottle along with poor Charlie.

Viki: You are an evil witch. Go fly away.

Dorian: You are having a low blood sugar moment. Put something in that tummy.

Lindsay: Hey!

Bo: Did you get everything you needed?

Lindsay: I did.

Bo: Hey, Balsom, I hope you understand what I was telling you out there, you know, I mean it's -- keeping your feelings secret, it just -- it doesn't get you anywhere, you know? It's better to put your secrets behind you. Isn't that right, honey?

Lindsay: Absolutely.

Bo: Yeah.

Lindsay: I better put this stuff away.

Bo: No, no, here, let me take it for you.

Lindsay: All right, thanks.

Bo: All right.

Lindsay: Don't look at the dress.

[Bo laughs]

Rex: I'm really happy for you guys.

Lindsay: Thank you. What secrets are you keeping hidden?

Rex: It's no big deal.

Lindsay: Hey, you know what? I love you, and I want you to be happy. I can see you're not happy right now. I know Jen would want the same thing for you, so -- Rex, just do whatever you have to do to make that happen.

Rex: I will. I'll see you at Asa's.

Bo: All right. Thanks, Balsom.

Rex: Mm-hmm.

Bo: Well, you ready to get hitched?

Lindsay: I'm more ready than I've ever been for anything in my life. Mm.

Nora: Thank you for coming.

Viki: Keep me updated, okay?

Nora: Yeah.

Viki: Bye, hon.

Nora: Bye.

Delphina: Ms. Davidson.

Viki: Yeah? I'm sorry, do we know each other?

Delphina: I read the society page.

Viki: Oh.

Delphina: You shouldn't give up on Charlie. There's more to his story.

Delphina: You're looking for something? You'll find it inside a sea of blue.

Cole: I love you, Starr. But this is -- it's not going to work.

Starr: What? Are you saying that the only way we can be together is if I keep this baby?

Cole: I don't know.

Starr: Cole. Cole. Cole. Cole!

Marty: Well, your wife wouldn't just ask for a divorce without some reason.

Todd: No, there was a reason. She was seeing someone else.

Marty: I'm sorry.

Todd: You know, the worst part of it is, I know the man and so do you.

Marty: Who?

Todd: John McBain. Yes, your John. He's seeing my wife. He broke up my marriage. That's why I wanted to help you, you know, because he didn't just ruin your life, he ruined mine, too.

Brody: I'm sorry you're still hung up on Balsom.

Gigi: Yeah, maybe I shouldn't have verbalized that. So is it true what you said? Because I don't expect you to put Shane through college.

Brody: I'm not. Dorian Lord is.

Brody: Probably the first good deed that broad ever did.

Gigi: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Brody, I -- I just can't believe you did this. I really can’t.

Roxy: I can't believe that woman took my money for telling me nothing.

Charlie: Yeah, well, I never put much stock into these psychics.

Roxy: No, no, she's good, man. When she has a vision, she's usually dead-on.

Charlie: She said that I wasn't drinking alone.

Roxy: If she said you weren't alone, then you weren't alone.

Charlie: Maybe.

Bo: I've never been superstitious in my life and I don't think you should, either.

Lindsay: I just don't want to take any chances.

Bo: Listen, nothing is going to stop this wedding, okay? Lightning never strikes the same place twice.

Nora: "Dear Lindsay, I think it's pretty clear that we're friends and that's all we're going to be. Bo's the man for you, and that's that. So I think it's probably best if I put some distance between us for now. It takes a special kind of woman to take out a monster like Spencer Truman and then fake a nervous breakdown to avoid doing time. I'm proud I was the only one you trusted enough to share that secret with. You deserve to be happy and you say Bo makes you happy, so your secret is safe with me. All my love, R.J." I got her. I finally got her.

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