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Jessica: I try to think about what I really think brought us together. And I thought about how that ability would have been tested because of what's brought us here today. And I thought about what Nash would do and how he would react if he were here if -- if he had to -- if he had to say something about someone that he loved and he lost, and I think I know what he would say.

Natalie: I'm sorry. I --

Jessica: No, Natalie, Jared, wait. Wait.

Jonas: I've missed you, Princess.

Tina: Uh, okay, David Vickers, time to go.

Jonas: I don't think the dog is finished with his business. And neither are we.

John: Okay, Manning, what are you hiding?

Marcie: I thought you were through with waitressing.

Gigi: Hmm, I was, and then Adriana's mother took over B.E., so I can't work there anymore.

Marcie: Yeah, I heard about that. Pretty awful time at the Buchanans', huh?

Gigi: I know. You grow up thinking that the rich have it made, and then you find out that they can get hurt just like we can.

Marcie: Yep. Michael was on duty. He was the doctor who took care of Nash the night that he --

Gigi: I was there when he fell. Yeah. The funeral's today. I can't imagine what Jessica's going through.

Marcie: At least she's got that big loving family.

Clint: What the hell are they doing here?

Viki: Well, I'm sure they're here out of respect for Nash.

Clint: Oh, please, they don't know the meaning of the word.

Viki: Don't make this worse, okay?

Natalie: I'm sorry, but we just wanted --

Jessica: No, no -- don't apologize. Come in. Please join us. Come on. There's a seat right up front for you guys.

Lindsay: Boy, that takes guts.

Bo: Showing up at a funeral where you're not wanted. That's not guts, that's nerve.

Lindsay: No, I meant it takes guts to forgive him.

Jessica: Have a seat. After all, we -- we wouldn't be here if weren't for you two. Nash would be alive.

Natalie: Look, maybe we shouldn't have come.

Clint: You can say that again.

Natalie: We didn't want to upset anyone. We wanted to come and pay our respects to Nash. We -- loved him and he -- he's family. Jessica, I am so unbelievably sorry for the way things turned out.

Jessica: "The way things turned out"? That -- that's an interesting way to put it, Natalie.

Viki: Okay, okay, uh, Natalie --

Jessica: No, I want them to stay, Mom.

Viki: No, you don’t.

Jessica: Yes, I do. Yes, I mean, they felt the need to come here, you know, and they should stay. This is about closure, right? Funerals are for closure. Funerals are for saying goodbye, and everybody deserves a goodbye, even Jared and Natalie. So it's okay.

Viki: Jessie, this is for Nash, for his friends and his family.

Jessica: I know, thank you. Bree's at home -- speaking of family -- and that just leaves me, right, Natalie? So, I do have a few words to say about my husband. I hadn't planned a speech, but now -- now I have something to say.

Tina: In case you've forgotten, I am the crown princess of Mendorra. You shoot me, my country's going to have your head.

Jonas: I wonder what your country will feel when they find out that the crown princess made off with the crown jewels.

Tina: I had nothing to do with that. In fact, if it's anybody's fault, it's yours. I was in Mendorra and you were here. You were supposed to keep the jewels safe.

Jonas: Save the act, Princess. All I did was drop you off at Ramsey’s condo where you ran in with a suitcase of cash and came back with a suitcase of jewels. Now, you either turn them over to me or I will turn you over to the police for Ramsey’s murder.

Keys: Can I help you?

John: No, I think I'm good.

Keys: You're trespassing.

John: Yeah? So what's in here?

Keys: Antiques.

John: Right. Antiques.

Keys: Are you some kind of cop?

John: That's right, I'm some kind of cop. Now unlock the damn door.

Marcie: So how are things going at home?

Gigi: You mean with Brody?

Marcie: Mm-hmm.

Gigi: Good. Surprisingly. Oh, here.

Marcie: "Three-legged race. Father-son champions." Are you carrying this around in that old bag?

[Gigi laughs]

Gigi: Brody and Shane and I had lunch here, and Shane insisted on bringing it. It's his most prized possession now. He and Brody went to play basketball and I ended up with it. But don't put a scratch on it because I guarantee you Shane will notice.

Marcie: Oh, okay, sorry. Well, where did they win it?

Gigi: At a Father's Day field day extravaganza at the community center. Shane was so excited. You know, he's used to just getting through Father's Day every year and this year he had a dad.

Marcie: I got through Mother's Day the same way. I can imagine how he felt.

Gigi: Brody's into it, too.

Marcie: Well, that doesn't really surprise me, because he did ask you to marry him knowing that you were pregnant with someone else's child. He wanted this.

Gigi: Yeah, but I didn't really trust it at the time. But I guess he wanted a kid.

Marcie: He wanted a family, Gigi.

Gigi: I -- I like him, and I appreciate how he has stepped up with Shane. But --

Marcie: He's not Rex?

Jessica: I'd like to thank everybody that spoke and then shared a song. I knew how wonderful Nash was, but to hear you guys talk about him -- I don't think that Nash realized he had so many friends. I wish he had known. Thanks for coming. Nash was a wonderful man, a loving husband, and a great dad. He was all those things, and that's what I need to talk about now. I need to talk about why he died -- why you killed him.

Viki: Jessica, don’t.

Jessica: No, no. You said I'd get through this and I know you're worried about me, but this is how I'm going to get through this, because I will not throw my husband in the ground and just say that everything's okay when it's not okay!

Clint: All right. Viki, let her say what she's going to say.

Jessica: I'm okay. I'm okay, I'm okay.

Roxy: I never should've opened up that stinking door.

Todd: This is the best funeral I've ever been to, flat out.

Jessica: Natalie, do you remember that day? Huh? It was Bree's birthday. She got up extra early that day, because I think that she knew. I think she knew it s her birthday. And I brought her into our bedroom, and Nash and her would play this game. He would pretend that he was asleep and he'd snore, and then she'd tickle him and he'd scoop her up and she'd start laughing and screaming, and that would usually be my cue to get breakfast, you know? But that day I just -- I don't know. I just wanted to stay a little bit longer. I don't know what it was. I thought that maybe it was because of the new baby. And I hadn't told Nash yet, you know, because you were the only one I told about that.

Natalie: I'm so sorry.

Jessica: And, you know, I knew that that would change everything, so I just wanted to wait for the right moment, so I thought that I would put Bree to bed, and after her happy birthday -- and then I'd light some candles, and then I would tell him. And that would be great because I knew that our life would be different. I would just watch his face light up when I said that he was going to be a dad again.

Sarah: Oh, my God. She's pregnant.

Jessica: Oh, yeah. For those of you who don't know, I'm pregnant but I did get a chance to tell Nash, yeah, when he was in the E.R., when he was bleeding to death. And you know what, Natalie? I can't help but wonder, what did you do that day? Huh? Did you wake up with Uncle Jared? Did you guys have a big laugh about what suckers we are?

Jared: It wasn't like that.

Jessica: Well, what was it like, Jared? What was it like? Gee, are you proud of yourself, because you pulled one over on the big bad Buchanans, huh? Did you toast with a bottle of esprit libre? Is that what you did? Oh, no, you wouldn't have done that. Because that's tacky, right? That would be poor form. And if you're going to be a Buchanan, you have to act like one, because that's really what this is all about, right? That you guys get what you want and to hell with everybody else, huh?

Viki: Baby, I think you should --

Jessica: No, no, Mom, I'm just getting started.

Tina: I didn't kill anyone. Besides, you're the one with the gun. I saw you shoot that policeman.

Jonas: And I'll shoot you, too, if you don't give me the jewels.

Tina: No, you won’t. We're in a public place. People will see you. Besides, if you shoot me, you'll never find out where the jewels are.

Jonas: Well, maybe I can think of a way to change your mind.

Keys: So you're a cop? So what? I don't see a warrant.

John: So that's how you want to play this, huh?

Keys: Yeah, that's exactly how I want to play it.

John: Yeah? You're going to think of --

Janet: Mr. Manning? Mr. Manning?

Keys: Mr. Manning is out.

Janet: Well, I want to speak with him. It's urgent.

John: Maybe I can help you.

Janet: Maybe you can.

Jessica: How does it feel, Natalie? You got away with it. I mean, Jared's out of jail, all the charges are dropped. Oh, yeah, for those of you who don't know, Jared posed as our uncle. And then his fraud cost us the company. And all the while, he was sleeping with Natalie.

Jared: That is not true.

Jessica: Oh, really? It's all true. So you're not sleeping with Natalie -- is that true?

Jared: Look, Jessica, you want to yell at me, please, be my guest. Don't embarrass yourself in front of you friends and family. Let's just go sit down.

Jessica: Embarrass myself? Embarrass myself? Jared -- Uncle Jared, thank you for caring about my feelings, but I really think that my friends and my family want to know the truth about what happened to Nash. About why he died and how.

Jared: It was an accident.

Jessica: Really? It was an accident? Do you even remember what he said to you before the B.E. board meeting? He came to you to thank you, thank you for saving his vineyard. And he -- he said that he forgave you for buying it out from underneath him. Remember that? And he said -- oh, my God -- that you were more deserving than him. Because, after all, he married into the family, but you -- you were the real deal. What were you thinking when my husband humbled himself to you and he hugged you -- were you laughing at him? Were you laughing at him when he was hugging you?

Jared: Of course not.

Jessica: Well, you got one over on Nash Brennan -- you must be really, really proud of yourself.

Jared: I swear to God I never intended to hurt anyone.

Jessica: No, you did. Remember? Because that's what you came to town for -- to get Tess back, remember? You kept on saying it over and over and over again. Tess put you in jail for something you didn't do, and you were going to get her back. Remember? But Tess wasn't here. So you -- you took our vineyard anyway. You didn't care -- you didn't care what it meant to Nash. You didn't care that it was our home. You just took it. And Nash had to borrow money from that awful man. He was so desperate to get it back from you. And you know what it was like for him when that vulture came to foreclose? He was already dead when you threw him over the ledge! You already killed his soul!

Natalie: Jess, he was trying to get the money from the family.

Jessica: It's not his family, Natalie! God, you are no better than he is. He is a social-climbing loser and so are you. Oh, sorry -- sorry. You know, you came from a decent family. Your dad was a drunk, but I'm sure your mom did the best that she could do. But you -- you are just trailer trash.

Viki: Darling, that's enough.

Jessica: No, no, they killed him.

Clint: Yes, I know it seems like that.

Viki: Come on. Come on, we're going home.

Jessica: No! I have no home. They took it from me! You murderers! Murderers!

Gigi: Rex is married.

Marcie: Rex is separated.

Gigi: They're trying to work things out, and I hope they do.

Marcie: Really?

Gigi: Marcie, they're separating because Adriana lied to him -- about nothing. I mean, who cares if she dug up Brody? I've been lying to him about his son, okay? If Rex finds out that I have been keeping the truth from him about Shane, he'll hate me.

Marcie: He disappeared on you. You found somebody else. You found a man who was willing to commit to you and your kid.

Gigi: Sounds great. Except I love Rex, and he's just lost everything because everyone close to him has lied to him -- his wife, his dad, his mom.

Marcie: Him and Roxy -- they're still not talking?

Gigi: He's furious with her. So, he's got no one.

Marcie: He's got you.

Gigi: And I can't tell him my truth without turning Shane's world completely upside down.

Marcie: You are a world-class mother. You're sacrificing your own happiness for the sake of your child, which is what a good mom does. Because when you love a child, you do everything and anything to keep him safe and happy. You do anything.

Gigi: Hey, what's going on?

Marcie: I may have a chance to adopt privately.

Gigi: Oh, but that's fantastic.

Marcie: Oh, yes and no.

Jonas: You're right. Shooting you wouldn't solve anything.

Tina: I'm glad we agree. Have a nice day, Ambassador. Come on, David Vickers, let's go.

Jonas: Not so fast. It's time to play a little game called "let's make a deal." You take me to the jewels or David Vickers gets it.

Tina: You wouldn't!

Jonas: Watch me.

Janet: I was wondering if you found out who killed Commissioner Ramsey?

John: We're still investigating.

Keys: You can read all about it in the paper. Now let's go, both of you.

Janet: I am not going anywhere. I'm on duty, remember?

Keys: I've got it covered.

John: You used to work for Ramsey. I've seen you before.

Janet: Well, I can't imagine where.

John: At the police station -- a couple weeks ago. You came in looking for him. You were upset -- kind of like you are now.

Janet: Oh, no, no, that -- that was just completely different.

John: Yeah? How?

Janet: Because that time I -- there was just a problem with the job I was doing for him.

John: What exactly did you do for him, Janet?

Todd: Well, I think this funeral's a bust. I'd put your money on Jessica.

Viki: Come sit down. Come sit down.

Clint: It was cruel of you to come here. Get out, both of you.

Jessica: No, no, she hasn't said goodbye yet. She hasn't said goodbye.

Natalie: No!

Jessica: I want you to see him. I want you to see him.

Jared: Don't -- don't do this.

Jessica: I want you to see what you guys did. You know, the funeral director, he did the best that he could, but he couldn't cover up everything that you guys did. You did this and this is how I'm going to remember him -- his broken body. His empty eyes. Oh, my God! He's gone! He left us, my babies. He left us. He's gone! Mom!

Viki: Come on, come on.

Jessica: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, God!

[Jessica cries]

Roxy: Hey, baby, are you okay?

Natalie: How could I possibly be okay?

Roxy: Listen, that thing she said about the trailer trash was really harsh, but you know, we lived in a trailer or two, maybe three. But the truth is, we're not trash. We're survivors.

Rex: Get her out of here.

Jared: Let's go home.

Minister: The plan was for the family to accompany the hearse to the cemetery.

Bo: Yeah, well, all those plans have changed. Now, could you please get ahold of the funeral home and ask them to come and pick up the casket while the family regroups and then we'll be in touch with them about the burial.

Minister: Oh, of course.

Bo: Thanks.

Antonio: Listen, Bo, anything you need, okay?

Cristian: Yeah, we can stick around if you need help with the --

Bo: Okay, thank you.

Janet: I was his housekeeper.

John: Hmm. So how'd you get hooked up with Manning?

Janet: When Commissioner Ramsey was killed, I needed a job. And Mr. Manning was looking for someone to take care -- to take care of his new home.

John: Hmm. And the woman living with Ramsey?

Janet: I don't know what you're talking about.

John: Sure you do. When you came into the police station you told Lee you had to come home, that she was agitated. Where is she, Janet?

Todd: What's going on here?

Keys: The cop broke in.

Todd: I could have sworn I told you to get lost.

John: Yeah, I know what you told me, but I didn't listen. I think you were going to tell me the truth. Who you got up in that room?

Nora: Tough day.

Sarah: Yeah. Can't believe Jess lost it like that.

Nora: Oh, honey, sometimes people just get pushed too far.

Lindsay: That's right. Sometimes when you lose someone you love, it can just unhinge you.

Nora: In this case, I think her hysteria was genuine. Oh, I'm going to go home. I got some work to do, but I want to pay my respects first.

Lindsay: Um, would you like to have a ride, because Bo and I could drop you off.

Nora: No, I'm okay.

Lindsay: Well, it's just that Clint left, so I thought maybe you could use a ride.

Nora: No, I can manage on my own, but thank you.

Lindsay: You okay?

Bo: I'm feeling lousy. Nash shouldn't be dead. None of this makes any sense. You know? Now there are two little kids, they don't have a father. Jess -- she's lost her husband. You know, I just wish that I could push back time and then be able to just fix things. That's --

Lindsay: I know exactly what you mean. But there isn't anything we can do about the past. So, all we can do is respect the present. And hope for the best.

Viki: Darling, don't you think you should come back to Llanfair with me? It's so soon.

Jessica: This is my home.

Clint: Well, you haven't been back here since Nash --

Jessica: Was killed?

Clint: Honey, it's just that your mother and I think you may be rushing it just a little bit.

[Jessica sighs]

Jessica: He was reading the sports page. I -- I know that because he was trying to decide what baseball game to watch that day.

Viki: Oh --

Jessica: Leave it.


Clint: Honey, it's just the wind.

Jessica: I -- I'd always yell at him to wipe his feet when he came home, because he'd go out and check the vines and his boots would get all muddy. I would give anything to see those muddy footprints. I'm never going to see them again. I'm never going to see them again.

Gigi: So, there's a baby you can adopt?

Marcie: Well, there might be. The mom's not due until fall.

Gigi: And she wants to give the baby to you?

Marcie: That's what she says. I don't think it's fair to the kid and I don't want to talk about this any more. I -- I got to go, I got to go.

Gigi: What? What? What are you talking about? You are the best mother I know.

Marcie: Well, thank you. But given my history, I think it's quite possible that someone could object to my adopting another kid. And I don't think that I should put another child through that again. I don’t. And if for some reason someone were to contest the adoption and I lost custody, I really don't think that I can take that, okay? Not again.

Gigi: Look. Once something really bad happens to you, you're always scared that it could happen again. But if you don't take a chance, you'll never get past it. Marcie, you are an amazing mother and Tommy’s lucky he has you for as long --

Marcie: Sam. His name is Sam.

Gigi: I don't care what you call him. You loved him and he knew it. And if you have the opportunity to give that kind of start to another child, you have to do it. There's nothing else to it.

Clint: You just take as long as you like, honey. We'll just sit here. And when you're ready, I can take you and your mother back to Llanfair.

Jessica: Um -- I want to -- I want to stay here.

Viki: Jessie, darling, come back to Llanfair. Have a little something to eat, get some sleep. Then you come back tomorrow, when you’re stronger.

Jessica: No, I want to stay. I want to be with him while I still can. He's still here.

Viki: Honey, he's in your heart. And he always will be. He's a part of you and your children.

Jessica: Can you watch Bree tonight?

Viki: Yes, of course I can.

Jessica: I'm going to stay here. I'll be okay, I'll be okay, I promise. If I need anything, I' call.

Clint: Okay. Listen, I tell you what. I can always bunk out here on the couch, you know.

Jessica: No, Dad. It's fine, really. I just -- I want to be alone. I'm okay.

Viki: You'll call?

Jessica: If I need anything, yes.

Viki: I love you.

Bo: How are you doing?

Rex: Oh, I don't know. I thought I was handling it all pretty well. Adriana leaving town, my father not being my father. Then seeing Jared and hearing Jessica turn on Natalie like that. I don't blame them for Nash's death. It was an accident. But one thing Jessica said is true. If either one of them -- Jared, Natalie, Charlie, Adriana -- if they just stopped and thought about what they were doing and told the truth, none of this would have happened.

Bo: That's a fact. Have you heard from Adriana?

Rex: She left a voice mail. Heard about Nash's death. Sent her condolences. I don't know. Maybe it wasn't the right move. Separating, she's there, I'm here. I just keep thinking about the promises we made to each other about how we wouldn't get hung up on stuff that happened in the past.

[Rex sighs]

Rex: Here we are. Still separated over stupid stuff that happened in the past.

Bo: Yeah. You know, it's -- a challenge to stay in the here and now.

Rex: And right here. And now she's gone. It's all my fault. I let her go.

Lindsay: Hey.

Bo: Hey.

Lindsay: Hi.

Rex: Hi.

Lindsay: I think we should go over to Asa's and see how your brother is doing.

Bo: Well, I'm sure that he's still with Viki and Jess. Besides, there's something I want to talk to you about.

[Phone rings]

Antonio: Hey.

Talia: Hey. Is the funeral over? I'm sorry, that was dumb, obviously. You wouldn't have answered if it wasn't over.

Antonio: Yeah. It's pretty much over.

Talia: Well, I won't keep you. We were wrong. It was just a routine burglary. Whoever was at the apartment tried to break into another one in the same building, so it had nothing to do with Ramsey.

Antonio: Are you sure?

Talia: But, listen, I'm at the diner. Your mom took a tumble, twisted her ankle. You know -- you know her. I told her she should get it looked at but -- maybe, I was thinking, you and Cris could come down here and convince her to go to the hospital, get it checked out or something.

Antonio: Yeah. We're on our way.

Talia: Can you tell Sarah that there's an insurance investigator coming over to the apartment to meet her?

Antonio: Okay.

Tina: You wouldn't shoot David Vickers. He's innocent.

Jonas: It's up to you, Princess. Take me to the jewels, and the puppy's yours.

Tina: He's not a puppy. He's full grown. He's just a little small.

Jonas: Let's hope he's had a full life.

[Tina screams]

Tina: Oh, no, no, don't shoot!

Jonas: The jewels or the pooch. I'm going to count to three, Princess.

[Cocks gun]

Jonas: One --

Tina: No, no, no, no, you can't shoot him. Really, I mean, he's a purebred shih tzu. His grandfather and his father were both champions.

Jonas: Two --

Tina: It'd be one hell of a lawsuit. Besides, that animal rights' organization is going to come after you for dog murder.

Jonas: Three.

Tina: Okay, okay, fine. Fine, I'll give you the jewels. Just put him down gently.

Jonas: Good call, Princess. Ah!

Tina: Run, David Vickers, run! Run!

Jonas: Oh! Damn it! Damn it.

Todd: Well, as nice as this house is, it's not open for tours.

John: Gum?

Todd: How the hell did he get in here?

Keys: I'll find out.

Janet: Mr. Manning?

Todd: Not now.

Janet: The money you gave me was counterfeit.

Todd: What?

Janet: It's fake. I took a bill over to the bank and they confirmed it.

Todd: Tina.

Janet: You give me one good reason why I don't call Detective McBain.

Todd: I'll replace the money.

Janet: There was a million dollars in that briefcase.

Todd: And you'll get every penny.

Janet: In cash?

Todd: You keep your mouth shut.

Janet: And you make sure Marty gets all the care she needs.

Todd: Absolutely, she's my top priority.

Janet: All right.

Lindsay: Why are you being so secretive?

Bo: I just wanted a little privacy.

Lindsay: For what?

Bo: Lindsay. Will you marry me?

Antonio: Talia?

Cristian: Mami? Maybe she let Talia take her to the hospital. I mean, there's no note or anything.

Antonio: Check the kitchen.

Cristian: Are you sure Talia told you to meet them here?

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, that's -- that's what she said.

Cristian: So where are they?

Sarah: Hey. I thought you were meeting the guys at the diner.

Talia: No.

Sarah: Is the insurance investigator coming?

Talia: Sarah, I'm -- I'm so sorry.

Sarah: About what?

Jared: This is all my fault. I made mistake after mistake and now you've lost your job. Your home and your family. It --

Natalie: She thinks that we killed Nash.

Jared: No, she's just trying to make sense of it, baby. It's something you can't make sense of. It's a horrible, tragic accident, and for her to blame you -- you've always been so loyal to Jessica. You're the best sister in the world.

Natalie: I am nobody's sister. Rex can't even look at me in the face.

Jared: He's going to get over it. And it's going to be okay and I don't now how but we are going to get through this. I love you. And I'm going to make this up to you.

Natalie: You know what? I love you, too. But, see, the thing is about twins -- we -- Jess and I were not identical and we may not have been raised together. She hates me now. But I can still feel her pain.

Jessica’s voice: I love you. Nash.

Nash’s voice: Fate keeps bringing us together. We are a couple born of implausibility and impossibility, and yet here we are.

Jessica’s voice: You will forever fill my heart.

Nash’s voice: I love you, I love you.

[Jessica chuckles]

Nash’s voice: This blesses our future. The vineyard belongs to us now. You won't have to move. We're going to be together forever.

Doctor: You need to prepare for the worst. You need to say your goodbyes.

Jessica’s voice: What?

Nash’s voice: You're the mother of my child. And we're going to be a family forever. You are never going to be alone again.

Jessica’s voice: Please don't ever leave me again.

Nash’s voice: I promise I'm not going to leave you. Okay? I love you.


[Monitor flatlines]


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Lindsay: There's something you don't know about me.

Tina: Where's my daughter?

Antonio: They can't find her.

Talia: What's going to happen to Sarah?

Jared: She lost her husband. She thinks we killed him.

Jessica: Hey, baby, it's me -- Tess.

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