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Marty: Tell me. Tell me how we know each other.

Todd: It really doesn't matter.

Marty: It matters to me.

Todd: All that really matters is that I'm taking care of you.

Marty: I don't like that answer.

Todd: Well.

Todd: I can tell you that we've known each other for a long time, okay? And you can trust me.

Cole: Just go away.

John: Wish I could, but I canít. Hey, you ever -- you ever hear of breaking and entering? You're going to have to deal with me, or that guard's going to call the kind of cops who don't let things slide.

Cole: What happened to you?

[John groans]

John: It's nothing. This is about you. So tell me, what was so important you couldn't wait till morning?

Cole: I had to see her. I had to tell her.

John: So tell me.

Cole: Starr, she -- she wants to give our baby away.

Girl: Langston, what is with you?

Langston: I'm just sick of all the stupid gossip, okay? I think Starr and Cole aren't here because they didn't want to hang out with a bunch of lame jerks.

Molly: Yeah, like you really hate gossip. That's not it.

Girl: There's more. And it's something that you don't want to tell us.

Markko: So, um, Caslow said that check was at 11:00, we should probably get going.

Langston: Yeah, she's going to be back to make sure that you guys are gone. So, um, breakfast tomorrow? Yeah, let's all meet in the lobby, okay?

Markko: Guys, come on.

Langston: Don't want to get suspended, ruin the class trip.

Girl: Something's going on with Starr and Cole.

Molly: And you two know about it. Nobody's leaving till you tell us.

Starr: I'm pregnant.

Marcie: You are?

Starr: Yeah, and I was -- I was wondering... no, I was hoping. Do you want to adopt my baby?

Marcie: Do I -- do I want to what?

Starr: I overheard -- I heard you, and I just -- I want you to have him. Or her.

Marcie: Okay, um, why don't you just -- just come inside, okay?

Starr: I know, but you don't understand. I can't keep this baby, okay? It wouldn't be right, and I want what's best for him or her. And after everything that happened in the park, I want you and Dr. McBain to raise him. Or her.

Starr: I know what you must think of me, but Cole and I just thought that we were never going to see each other again.

Marcie: Cole's the father? I just -- does he know about the baby?

Starr: Yeah. But...

Marcie: What?

Starr: He's not -- I don't -- I don't want to talk about him right now. I want to talk about you and the baby, because --

Marcie: How far along are you, Starr?

Starr: About three months.

Marcie: Have you gone to the doctor? I mean, are you getting prenatal care?

Starr: Yeah, everything's fine.

Marcie: That's good. It's really -- it's really good. I'm glad to hear that you're taking care of yourself.

Starr: Are you mad at me?

Marcie: No, I'm not mad at you. I'm -- maybe I am mad.

Starr: Okay, I just thought that you would be happy.

Marcie: Happy? You show up at my doorstep, you announce to me that you're pregnant, and you offer me your baby like it's something that you get to check off of your to-do list.

Starr: Okay.

Marcie: And I'm supposed to be happy about it?

Starr: I'm sorry that I don't know how to do this, any of it. I just -- I'm trying to do the right things here.

Marcie: Oh, like you did when you told me that your father was abusing Sam.

Starr: Okay, that sucked, and I told you that I didn't mean to do that. I thought that you understood.

Marcie: Do you have any idea? Do you have any idea, Starr, of what that did to me?

Starr: I didn't think --

Marcie: No, you didn't think. That's exactly right. You didn't think. Not only that, you lied. You lied to me about the most important person in my life.

Starr: I was trying --

Marcie: You were trying to get back at your father without thinking about what it would do to anybody else, including Sam.

Starr: That's true, but --

Marcie: I shouldn't even be surprised. Because your little nuclear family, they aren't exactly known for thinking about other people or thinking about anything but what they want.

Starr: Okay, you're right about my family. And maybe you're exactly right about the person that I am. Maybe you are. And that's why I have no business being a mother, but you? You do. That's exactly what my kid needs right now.

Marty: Well, if you tell me I can trust you, I guess I have to. I have no idea who you are, you won't answer the simplest of questions, but hey, I'll just put my life in your hands.

Todd: On a certain level you don't have a choice, do you?

Marty: Oh, I love that. Don't fall into line, and I get the implied threat. When we knew each other, did I like you? Because I have a hard time wrapping my brain around that.

Todd: [Chuckling] Well. Hey, you may have lost your memory, but you're still Marty.

Marty: What I need to know is who you are. Why I know you? How long did I know you?

Todd: Since college.

Todd: You know what? In your condition, after what happened to you, I'm not sure... I don't know how much I should be telling you. I don't want to overload things.

Marty: No, you just don't want to tell me. I -- okay. Not about the past. Just about right now. You're telling me that a man I did trust, Lee Ramsey, is dead, and that you're going to take care of me. Why do you want to take care of me? Why do you care about me? What am I doing here?

[Knock on door]

[Door opens]

Janet: I have your medicine. What's the matter? You look upset.

Marty: I'm not upset! I am so frustrated!

Janet: Now look what I have for you. This always makes you feel better.

Cole: Do you remember telling me about your dad?

John: Yeah, I do.

Cole: What if you had never known him? You wouldn't have known parts of you that are like him.

John: That's true.

Cole: I want to know my kid.

Cole: As crazy as that sounds. I want to be able to tell him about my dad, my mom.

John: Yeah.

Cole: In a way, this kid will be a part of them.

Cole: And I understand. No. I tried to understand that this is Starr's decision, but I hate that I have to sit back and watch her give away our baby.

Marcie: I am so sorry, honey. This just -- it overwhelms me, and I didn't mean to take it out on you, okay? I --

Starr: Yeah, it's okay.

Marcie: No, it's not. It's not okay, because I can see the state that you're in. I shouldn't be screaming at you.

Starr: Okay, but maybe I did do this all wrong. And you can be mad at me. It's fine. Just please hear what I have to say about the baby.

Marcie: Oh, honey, I just don't think you understand any of this.

Starr: No, I understand that you think that you can't adopt after everything that you did with Sam when you guys ran away, but I understand that you did that because you're the exact kind of mother that I want for this baby.

Marcie: It doesn't matter. Because, like you just said, Starr, we can't adopt.

Starr: I went on the internet, okay? I did some research. And I -- I actually found this girl. Her name is Ashley Wilkens. And she chose a couple for her baby. And she said that it was the best thing that she ever did. There's nothing that anybody can do about it. Legally, if I say that I want you to be the baby's mother, no one can do or say anything about it. It's called a closed adoption.

Marcie: I didn't know about that.

Starr: I know that I want you to take the baby. But now I have to know if you want to.

Girl: Something major's going on with Starr and Cole. That's why you're in such a crappy mood all the time, and you're, like, calling Starr every four minutes.

Langston: This is so much fun. I just love class trips.

Girl: It's okay for us to know Starr and Cole were in bed together. Starr's father walked in and caught them and beat Cole up. But there's something else. Something worse? Oh, my God. You don't think they're --

Markko: Maybe we should just tell them the truth.

Langston: No.

Markko: It's cool. We can trust them.

Langston: Oh, God.

Markko: All right, so me and Langston were covering for Starr.

Girl: She's with Cole? Like, right now?

Markko: You were right, all right? Her dad completely lost it, and they're not even supposed to be, like, in the same room. So we're letting her parents think she's here, with us.

Markko: So you guys got to go along with it, all right?

Molly: Oh, we're like the nurse in "Romeo and Juliet."

Girl: Who?

Boy: Way to go, Thornhart, right?

Molly: You are crude. This is about love.

Boy: Yeah, right.

Langston: Namely, this is about not getting caught, so could you two awesome dudes please go back to your room? And nobody says anything about Starr and Cole, right? Okay, that's for the whole trip.

Boy: I was totally looking forward to the roller coaster. That's nothing compared to the ride Thornhart's going to get.

Molly: Shut up.

Langston: Could you guys go, like, raid the vending machines or something? I really need to talk to Markko and get our stories straight, you know?

Girl: Just get him out of here before 11:00, okay?

Langston: Okay.

Girl: Wait. Romeo and Juliet both died. Why would they need a nurse?

Molly: Oh, just --

Langston: The fact that they can vote in a couple of years really scares me. Thank you.

Markko: It's the best I could come up with.

Langston: No, it worked.

Markko: For now. Hey. Hey. Everything's cool. Come on, what's wrong?

Langston: Well, just everything.

Marcie: I know that you don't want to talk about Cole, but I do. I know enough about adoption to know that he has to sign away his rights as a father; otherwise you cannot do what you want to do.

Starr: Really?

Marcie: Really. Honey, can you tell me how he feels about this?

Starr: When we ran away, he got caught up in the idea of having this baby.

Marcie: Yeah.

Starr: But this baby, I can't let it have two crappy, teenage parents. Not just because it seems like fun in the abstract. But Cole, I mean... he'll see. He will see that the best thing for his kid is to be with you and Dr. McBain.

Marcie: Do your -- do your parents know that you're here talking to me?

Starr: My mom knows that I'm not ready, you know, to have the baby, so I think, you know, she'll understand. She'll be happy, I guess.

Marcie: Your father?

Starr: Oh, he doesn't know that I'm even pregnant. And he can't find out.

Todd: Where'd you get that?

Janet: I found it in the other room. She's had it since Commissioner Ramsey hired me.

Todd: No kidding. Go ahead and make her dinner and fix me a drink.

Janet: I'm a private nurse, not a maid. I'll go fix your dinner.

Marty: Thank you.

Marty: You brought this picture?

Todd: Yeah, I found it at Ramseyís. I figured it was important.

Marty: Do you have any idea what it's like to look at a picture and feel so strong and not know why?

Todd: No.

Marty: And you say we've known each other since college. So, please, if you know who I am, will you please tell me?

John: You had bad luck, kid.

Cole: Tell me about it.

John: Well, here you are. You need someone to talk to, someone that can help you, and of all the people, you get stuck with me.

Cole: I'm not going to know my own kid. Is there some kind of pep talk for that?

John: No, there's not.

Cole: I don't know. Maybe -- maybe it's because I had great parents, and Starr has that dad of hers, she can't see that we can do this, that we can raise this baby so that he or she could be happy. Just like I was.

John: You know, I know nothing about parenting. I think I learned something by watching your mom. And one thing that I noticed was, you know, you always came first. You were always the most important part of the equation.

Cole: You see, that's what I'm talking about. You know, I -- I'll give up things for this baby. I'll put him or her first, just like my parents did me.

John: You think maybe that's what Starr's doing right now?

Marcie: Your father doesn't know that you're pregnant?

Starr: And he can't find out. I mean, not until we make the adoption legal. Then he can't do anything about it.

Marcie: Anything legal, Starr. He can't do anything legal, but your father doesn't exactly care about legality.

Starr: Look. Don't be afraid, okay? John will arrest him if he does anything wrong. John is definitely on our side. He's on Cole's side.

Marcie: Do you know that your father came here a couple of days ago with some hired goon?

Starr: Keys.

Marcie: You know him.

Starr: Obviously.

Marcie: Well, your father told me and Michael that if he doesn't get custody of Sam back, that he's going to have Keys kill Michael and me.

Starr: Okay, he didn't mean that, though.

Marcie: Are you kidding me? What do you think your father will do if he finds out that we adopted your baby, Starr?

Starr: Okay, my dad doesn't run everything. He doesn't own me, and he sure as hell isn't going to own my baby.

Marcie: Honey, why do you want me to have this baby?

Starr: I already told you.

Marcie: I know. I know you told me that I would be a good mother. Right. Is the real reason, maybe, just maybe, that it is the best way in the world to pay your father back?

Marty: Do I have a family? Are my parents still alive?

Todd: No. No, they died when you were a child. Sorry.

Marty: Thanks. Brothers and sisters.

Todd: No. You're an only child.

Marty: Any other relatives?

Todd: Well, um, yeah, you got a flaky aunt. She's not in the picture anymore. You guys weren't close anyway.

Marty: Where was this taken in?

Todd: In Oak Cliff. I'm going to go see if your dinner's ready. You should eat.

Marty: Wait, wait, please. Can you at least tell me who the man in the picture is?

Cole: When my mom told me that my dad was dead, it was like everything I believed in, took for granted, it didn't work anymore. The sun comes up in the morning. The moon comes up at night. There's milk in the fridge.

John: Parents live forever.

Cole: I felt like the ground was going to open up from underneath my feet. But my mom, she got me through it.

John: Yeah, what did you guys do?

Cole: Probably went to every amusement park in the state of California that year and most of the goofy golf courses.

John: Oh, yeah? She like that?

Cole: Yeah. She couldn't hit a golf ball through the clown's mouth to save her life. But she... she just kept going. Laughing. I finally started to see that maybe there was life after my dad. She did all that for me.

Marty: Is he my husband?

Todd: Mm. I don't know how to say it.

Marty: What, is he alive?

Todd: Yes, he's alive, but no, he's not your husband. He's the one who left you to die.

Cole: I miss her so much.

John: I know. So do I.

Starr: I don't need to get my father back. He's already paying for what he's done.

Marcie: Then why offer Michael and me your baby? Starr, there are plenty of people out there who would love to have a chance to have your baby.

Starr: Okay, you're right, but -- okay, but remember, I was really mean to you when you and my dad went through that whole custody battle with Sam. It was because I couldn't understand why you would run away with him, but now I do understand because I had to run away with co for the same exact reason. My dad just wants to win. He doesn't care about anybody. He doesn't care that he would wreck Samís life or yours.

Marcie: Honey, I need you to know that I am okay. I am.

Starr: Oh, Marcie, I was there in the courthouse when you found out that you weren't going to get Sam back.

Marcie: I know. I saw you.

Starr: But I was in the ladies room.

Marcie: When I fell apart, you were there.

Starr: Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. I just didn't know what to --

Marcie: No, it's okay. It's okay, really. It's fine. I'm fine.

Starr: But, Marcie, I heard that -- I heard you say that you have a hole in your heart. And this baby -- this baby could fill that hole. You know I'm right.

Langston: Karen and molly, all those girls drive me crazy. Giggling and oh-my-Godding and being so --

Markko: So stupid.

Langston: No, young. In this way that Starr never gets to be again.

Markko: Oh, yeah.

Langston: I mean, I just -- I just wish that Starr was here and that it was me and her being all stupid and giggly like Karen and Molly. And that you and Cole were the ones sneaking into our room and that it was all fun. And that's so damn sad.

Markko: Well, hey, hey, you know, um, Starr had to grow up way too soon. And, uh, maybe you did, too, a little bit.

Langston: Markko.

Markko: Yeah?

Langston: If I'm ever not nice enough to you, let me know, okay?

Markko: Okay, you're never nice enough to me.

Langston: That was really hard for me to say.

Markko: Okay, okay, I know. Hey, I'm sorry.

Langston: I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm really happy you're here. I mean, you understand things. You're not like boys are.

Markko: Thanks, I guess.

Langston: And I appreciate that you understand that I'm really upset and scared.

Markko: Hey, you and me, we're not like Starr and Cole. All right? You and me, we got time, lots of time.

Marty: This man left me die?

Todd: Yeah, I'm sorry. I hate to break it to you that way.

Marty: But we look happy.

Todd: Well, yeah, it's a picture. But you can't believe everything you see, can you? I mean, I'm telling you, you were this close to dying and he just split.

Marty: What's his name?

Todd: John. And he's a bad man.

John: You know, your mom told me it was you that kept her going after your dad died.

Cole: Really?

John: Yeah.

Cole: What'd I do?

John: She said she looked at you and she saw him living on. You know, when I look at you I see her living on.

Cole: I hope that's true.

John: It is.

Cole: That's exactly why I need this child. It's going to be her grandchild. Or what, am I wrong to want that?

Marcie: I thought that Michael and I were alone. If I had known that anyone was in the bathroom --

Starr: I'm really sorry.

Marcie: No, look, what you heard, that was -- Starr, that was me, okay? That was me hitting rock bottom. I finally realized -- I realized that it was over, that that beautiful baby was Sam and that he wasn't Tommy. And that he was Todd's and not mine. The thought that you're even willing to do this for me, Starr, I cannot -- I can't even begin to tell you what it means to me.

Starr: But I thought -- is that a yes?

Marcie: Honey, I've had to give away a baby and I know how it feels. And I can't let you do this because you feel sorry for me or because you feel guilty about all the things your dad did. Okay, those things, they are on him. They are not on you.

Starr: Okay, I -- I might be too much of a kid to raise a kid. But I know what I'm doing and I know why. Just forget my dad. Forget him. I saw you in the park when you saw Sam. I was freaking out and you calmed everything down because you're just such a natural at it. And, please, don't tell me that I'm doing this for the wrong reasons, because I'm doing this for my kid.

Marty: So, tell me more about this terrible man that I was involved with.

Todd: No, I've told you enough.

Marty: Is he a threat to me?

Todd: No, but when he found you he could've helped you and he didnít. He just took off. Left Ramsey to take care of you. Let's not talk about it anymore.

Marty: I can't just stop thinking about it. Can't you understand that?

[Knock on door]

Janet: So, I have a bowl of vegetable soup for you and your favorite herbal tea. Hey, you want some water for these pills?

Marty: No, no pills.

Todd: Yes, pills.

Marty: Don't give me orders.

Todd: Orders are for your own good. Hey, give them to me.

Janet: Well --

Todd: You can't remember that picture because you're not yourself. Get your strength back, get your memory back, get your life back. Here.

Marty: I still think I didn't like you.

John: It can't be wrong to want to keep the baby, Cole. It's like Iíve been saying.

Cole: Because my mom died I'm too wacked out to make the decision?

John: I didn't say that.

Cole: Starr's dad is a fricking maniac, but she's thinking clearly? Do you want to know what it is, what it always is? It's him.

John: Manning.

Cole: Starr's always freaked out over what he might do to me or to our baby. And can you give me any reason in this whole damn world why she's dead but that jerk is still alive?

John: Not a one.

Cole: I would love to just --

John: I know. I know what you'd like to do. You have every reason in the world to hate that son of a bitch. And maybe Starr is just as right for wanting to keep your baby out of all that. Maybe she thinks it's the only way the kid's going to have a clean slate in life. I feel for her. And I feel for you. I think one thing you have to understand is I think she's trying to do what's right for all of you.

Cole: And I have no say in it?

Marcie: Look, you heard me at the courthouse.

Starr: I'm sorry.

Marcie: In what I wish had been a totally private moment.

Starr: I didn't mean to do that. I didn't know what else to do.

Marcie: I understand, I do. Honey, I do understand. The problem is that you heard all of this pain just come pouring out of me.

Starr: And I can help you with that pain.

Marcie: No, just listen to me, please, just for a moment. What you didn't hear and what you don't know is what happened after. In that stupid ladies' room, I had to face head on that Tommy was no longer going to be in my life.

Starr: Look, but I can help.

Marcie: No, you're not listening. Please, just listen. Just listen to me! Okay, what -- I also realized that your dad -- your dad was no longer going to be in my life and I was so grateful for that. And Michael, my sweet wonderful Michael, he was still in my life. And today, Starr, for the first time I moved on. I went on, okay?

Marcie: Sweetie, just sit down, okay?

Marcie: This baby, he's so lucky to have you in his life.

Marcie: And I think that you are making a really great decision. I do, I believe that with all of my heart. But, honey, I cannot -- I canít. I just can't be a part of it.

Starr: But I thought that you --

Marcie: Did you? Did you really think? Did you really want this baby to be the stake in another war between me and your father?

Marcie: In order to give this baby the best life you possibly can, you... oh, God, you're making the unthinkable decision to let this baby go. Honey, I have to do the same.

Langston: Okay, you really have to go.

Markko: All right, I know, I know. Hey, Langston, tomorrow.

Langston: Yeah?

Markko: If you -- if we just have fun, you know, laugh, act stupid, it's not going to hurt Starr's feelings.

Langston: I know that.

Markko: Do you? You -- you're like her sister and I like that about you, but you get to have fun. You know, you're allowed to be, like, happy.

Langston: This is your nice way of telling me I'm being a drag.

Markko: No, it's my way of saying...

Markko: I can't wait for tomorrow with you.

Langston: Yeah. Me, too.

Starr: So, you won't even think about it?

Marcie: Honey, you know that I'm right. I mean, I think you know that I'm right.

Starr: I thought that I had it all figured out.

Marcie: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Marcie: Hey, hey, you know what? You're halfway there, you are. And I know you. Honey, I know you. You're going to do whatever you can to make sure this baby has the best life possible even when it hurts.

Starr: Um, maybe you could talk to Dr. McBain about it when he gets home. You can call me in the morning. Maybe you'll --

Marcie: Starr.

Starr: Maybe you'll change your mind.

Marcie: No. Honey, I know he's going to agree with me. And, I think, maybe in the morning, I think you will, too, okay?

John: You know, I think I know what your mom would say to you. She would tell you that she's proud of you.

Cole: Who wouldn't be?

John: Don't kid yourself. You're man enough to want to do what's right for that baby.

John: Come on, what do you say we get out of here?

Cole: Yeah, fine, just give me a second, okay?

John: Yeah, sure.

Cole: I promise you, Mom, I'm going to find a way to keep your grandchild. I promise.

Marcie: Starr. Honey, I want you to know that -- I want you to know that I'm never going to forget this. I'll always remember how loving and how generous you were.

Starr: You would be so good to him or her.

Marcie: Honey, do you know how many wonderful people are out there? There are so many wonderful people who would just -- they would just love to have the chance to have your baby. My God, a kid that's half you and Cole? They would be the answers to someone's prayers. And, you know, maybe -- one day we'll wind up voting for the kid.

Starr: I never thought that you would say no.

Marcie: Honey, it was -- it was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. But I do, I believe with all my heart that this is what's best. It's best for the baby. It is best for all of us, okay? You just -- you've just got to trust me.

[Craig Armstrongís "Let It Be Love" plays]

Singer: If you could only make a sign if you could only change your mind if there was one word you could say let it be love let it be love let it be love let it be love let it be love

Singer: The light is fading in the park it's all right I'll walk with you until it's dark forever if you could only make a sign if you could only say you're mine if there was one word you could say let it be love let it be love let it be love

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