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Starr: I don't want to hurt you, Cole.

Cole: Then don’t. All right, Starr, we can do this, okay?

Starr: How? Are we going to become parents overnight? Come on. I barely know how to drive. I obviously can't cook, and you saw the way I was with Sam in the park.

Cole: Okay, that's fine. But we'll learn, okay? We'll learn together.

Starr: Cole, how can we be parents when I can't even tell my dad that I'm pregnant?

Cole: We'll figure it out, okay? All right, you just -- you have to trust me.

Starr: What's the baby going to do while we're figuring this out? Come on, we're just kids. We are stupid kids who did a stupid thing.

Cole: Huh. That's what you think. Making love to me was a stupid thing.

Markko: Spit. Oh, yes.

Langston: Could you guys play something not so irritating?

Markko: Oh, right, we're on our school trip. Wouldn't want to get rowdy or anything.

Girl: Langston, maybe we could all get out our needlepoint?

Boy: She's right. This is lame.

Langston: All organized fun is lame.

Boy: Right. So, let's get out of here. Down the road I think I saw a bar.

Langston: Oh, that's a great plan, considering you look about 12.

Markko: Deal, would you? Maybe we should just send Langston, her being so grown up. You know, all sophisticated. I'm sure she could get served.

Boy: Oh, and get some potato chips.

Markko: Yeah.

Langston: I'm not going anywhere. Letting you guys into this room is about as dangerous as I'm going to live.

Girl: Yeah, like these dudes are dangerous.

Boy: Nice talk, Bidman, but you forget my special powers.

Bidman: Don't you dare.

Boy: We both know you're powerless when I --

Langston: Damn it, Molly, stop it.

[Laughing and screaming]

Langston: Shut up, Molly, you're going to get us --

[Knock on door]

Teacher: Open this door now.

Markko: Under the beds.

Langston: Just a second, Mrs. Caslow.

Mrs. Caslow: If you value your lives, you'll do it now.

Langston: Hi. Sorry. Molly saw a spider and got hysterical.

Mrs. Caslow: Oh, well, then why didn't you have one of the boys get rid of it?

Tina: You know, I have a very thick hide, but to imply that I would actually put my daughter in danger -- that hurts.

Cristian: Well, I don't really care. I care about Sarah.

Tina: Oh. Machismo. Very nice.

Cristian: Lady, she doesn't see or hear from you until you want something. What you're asking her to do can get her killed.

Sarah: Cris, Cris, it's okay.

Cristian: No, it's not okay. You own a phone? An email or something?

Tina: I -- um --

Cristian: Your daughter doesn't hear a word from you and she acts like it doesn't matter. Except at night, of course, when she's sad and tells me the same three happy memories over and over. Why? Oh, because that's all there is.

Sarah: Cristian, please.

Cristian: Do you have any idea what she's been through this week? Do you have a clue?

Tina: What are you talking about?

Cristian: Did you happen to notice that your daughter's going through a hard time? That she's sad? Or were you just too busy looking out for number one? I mean, come on. You worry more about this little Ewok-looking thing than you do your own daughter.

Sarah: Cris, will you just stop?

Sarah: Thank you, but I don't need you to protect me from my mom. Will you go take a walk? Get something to eat. Please.

Cristian: Okay, I'll lock up on my way out. Stay away from the window.

Sarah: Um, sorry about him. He's --

Tina: He's right. He's right about me.

Marcie: One of the kids in pediatrics drew this for me.

Michael: [Chuckles] We should have had you volunteering over there a long time ago.

Marcie: Yeah, I wasn't really sure about doing it, but I saw Sam and Starr today.

Michael: You saw Sam?

Marcie: Yeah, I did.

[Knock on door]

Marcie: You think that's Todd and one of his goons again? I mean, if he knows that I saw Sam --

Michael: I'll take care of this.

John: Hey, Mike.

Michael: John.

Marcie: Oh, hey, John. Come on in.

John: Marcie okay?

Michael: What happened to you?

John: I have to get rid of that skateboard.

Michael: John.

John: You got any answers for me?

Michael: What?

John: The x-rays, the medical stuff I --

Michael: Oh, yeah, yeah.

John: The stuff I brought over to you.

Michael: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

John: Good, because that woman's missing now, the woman in the x-rays. We've got to find her.

Keys: What do you want me to do?

Todd: What I tell you to do, nothing else. Hey. You're supposed to be sleeping.

Marty: What's going on here? What is this place?

Todd: This is my friend Keys. You're safe, that's all you need to know.

Marty: I was safe with Lee.

Todd: Except for all the bullets flying. Not going to get any of that here.

Marty: How do I know that?

Todd: You're just going to have to trust us. That's all you need to know.

Marty: Trust you? I don't even know you.

Talia: Mr. Vega, we agreed that we had to stop meeting like this.

Antonio: Yeah, well, you try and stop me.

Carlotta: What's wrong with you? Antonio, what are you doing?

Talia: Oh.

Antonio: What does it look like I'm doing?

Carlotta: You're back together?

Antonio: We -- we were never apart, Mami. Undercover, part of the job.

Antonio: Ow!

Carlotta: Part of being a mom. And I’m not on the job. I spent six months worrying about my son's broken heart and all the time it was --

Talia: I'm sorry, Carlotta.

Carlotta: Oh, no, no. Don't you apologize. I know who always has the bright ideas and I know who talked you into it.

Antonio: All right. I'm sorry, too, okay? I couldn't tell you because it was all too important.

Carlotta: So important that you had me on my knees praying for you for six weeks.

Antonio: Mami, Ramsey is as corrupt as they come. And now that he's dead, we need to find out what or who he was hiding.

Marcie: Oh, hey, John. Did you have dinner yet? Because I made plenty.

John: You're not cooking again, are you?

Marcie: Yes, of course I'm cooking again.

John: You said she wasn't doing that anymore. I'm stuffed. I couldn't eat a bite.

Marcie: Cops need to eat. You need to eat for that injury.

Michael: He doesn't want to eat, he doesn't want to eat.

John: I'm stuffed, honestly. I'm full.

Michael: Hey, we're kind of in the middle of something anyway, so --

Marcie: No, Michael, it's okay. It's good, even.

John: You know what? I'm going to come back later, okay?

Marcie: No. We got beer. In the fridge. Go help yourself.

John: You got beer?

Marcie: Beer.

Michael: Don't take all of them.

John: Okay.

Michael: Marcie, John would understand if we need to --

Marcie: No. Would you just listen to me, Mike? Okay, look. I know -- I know that he will understand, but I need you to understand.

Michael: Okay, okay.

Marcie: Okay, this is how it went down. I was on my way to the hospital. I was going through the park. Starr was there with Sam. He was having, like, a three-alarm tantrum, and she did not know what to do, so she asked me for help with him. And I did. I calmed him down. But then I left.

Michael: So why didn't you tell me this earlier?

Marcie: Because I wanted to wait until we were home to tell you.

Michael: And that was it?

Marcie: Yes. That was it, I promise.

John: You -- you no longer have beers.

Marcie: Listen, just help your brother, okay? I'm going to go check on dinner.

John: Mike, I'm sorry. I should have called first.

Michael: No, no. That's okay. So, I took a look at this stuff that you gave me.

John: Yeah?

Michael: This Jane Doe? I mean, she's lucky to be alive.

Todd: No stopping for any workouts. Get back here quick. Hey. What are you doing? You're going to pop a stitch there. You need to lie back down.

Marty: No, what I need is to know what I'm doing here.

Todd: You're recuperating. You're practically held together with duct tape. Here.

Marty: Don't touch me.

Todd: Marty, I think you need to understand something here. I'm trying to help you, okay? You want to get better or not?

Marty: All you do is give me pills and put me to sleep.

Todd: You need to sleep.

Marty: I need answers.

Todd: Okay, what do you want to know?

Marty: Lee -- where is he? Tell me.

Marty: I need -- I need to know.

Todd: Ramsey can't help you anymore.

Marty: Why not?

Todd: Because he's dead. Sorry. I'm all you've got now.

Langston: There aren't any boys here, Mrs. Caslow. Okay, I know we were making a lot of noise, but we really promise to keep it down. I mean, we were just getting ready for bed.

Girl: That's right. I mean, we are so excited about tomorrow that we are going to rest up.

Langston: Yeah, so that we can be first to the park. You know, the kids from last year said the lines for the tornado were, like, ridiculously long.

Mrs. Caslow: So you need to be fully rested for the long lines.

Langston: Yeah. And it's going to be hard because we're so excited, so --

Girl: And grateful.

Mrs. Caslow: And I was born yesterday. Markko, bed check is at 11:00. Hope you're where you're supposed to be by then. Or your ass is mine.

Langston: Well, we sure fooled her.

Carlotta: So, you dragged your brother into this, too? Lovely. Apparently, everybody else could know what was going on except me.

Antonio: No. No, Mami, I actually -- you were the reason everyone -- I mean, you -- look, you're the reason it seemed like it was true. Honestly, I mean, the way you glared at McBain like you wanted to tear him apart?

Talia: And me.

Antonio: Yeah, you're the reason everyone thought Talia and I were through.

Carlotta: I hate all this deception. And I hate it when you think that you're charming me. So, charade over? Can we get back to normal, whatever that is?

Antonio: Not quite yet.

Talia: Unfortunately, we still don't know who Ramsey was hiding. We don't know why he was killed, so --

Carlotta: So I still get the thrill of watching you hanging all over John McBain?

Antonio: Well, you know, we demand cops to go beyond the call of duty. Except making nice with McBain, you know, was above and beyond the call of duty.

Talia: Well, actually, I thought it was getting kind of easy, you know? I kind of thought it was pretty fun.

Antonio: Oh, really?

Talia: Yeah.

Antonio: We have to solve this case soon.

Marty: Lee can't be dead. The last thing I remember is him telling me that he was going to take me to the new doctor today.

Todd: Do you remember anything from yesterday? Before I found you?


Marty: There was...

Marty: There was -- there was yelling and then... there was loud noises.

Todd: Yeah, gunshots.

Todd: Sorry, Marty. Ramsey's gone.

Michael: Whoever this woman is, she's in for a rough recovery. See that? That's evidence of fractures to the L2 and L3 vertebrae. Healing from a wound like that takes months of operations and then there's rehab. I doubt she's even ambulatory.

John: Were you able to tell anything from the CT scan?

Michael: Yeah, this scan is dated back in December, you know? You don't have anything more recent?

John: No, I gave you everything I had.

Michael: Well, without anything more recent to compare it to, I can only speculate.

John: Just give -- just give it your best shot, Mike.

Michael: She definitely suffered a severe head injury. And, again, you know, without seeing her, I can't be sure, but she could be pvs, persistent vegetative state. And even if she's not, she could have any degree of post-head injury dementia.

 [Marty screaming]

John: What's that, like a memory loss?

Michael: Yeah, or seizures, or severely altered personality.

John: So what you're saying is the person this woman was before may not be who she is now.

Michael: For all we know, she's a blank slate.

Jonas: Ah, yes. Now I see why Miss Sahid is so important. Don't worry. It's a delicate situation and I will handle it with care.

Talia: Well, if it means anything, Antonio hated tricking you -- like, you most of all.

Carlotta: Well, I guess I'll just have to forgive him. Someday.

Antonio: Mami enjoys prolonged apologies.

Carlotta: And what this is doing to Jamie...

Antonio: It's been hard.

Talia: It's been hard on me, too. I -- I love her.

Antonio: You know, Mami, I can't possibly ask her to keep a secret like this. I mean, that would probably be worse. So right now, I just got to spend a lot of time with her, let her know that m okay, and just wait for the day that I can tell her that Talia's back in our lives.

Carlotta: You know I should still be furious with you, Antonio. But I just don't have it in me. I'm so happy to see you guys together, I can't even be angry anymore.

Antonio: We're pretty happy, too.

[Door opens]

Cristian: It's just me.

Carlotta: Great. The co-conspirator.

Cristian: She knows?

Antonio: She knows.

Carlotta: She knows. How's Sarah?

Cristian: She's good. Hungry, actually. Can I get some vegetables to go, and some of that chicken adobo, too, for me.

Carlotta: Hmm, she's hungry. That's a good sign.

Cristian: Yeah. Thanks, Mami.

Antonio: [Speaking Spanish]

Cristian: So what's going on with the case?

Antonio: Well, it's pretty clear that Ramsey was murdered trying to sell the stolen jewels.

Cristian: Mm-hmm.

Antonio: McBain took out the two guys who shot him. Other than that, nobody's talking.

Cristian: So what do you do now?

Talia: Right now we're just focusing on trying to find the guy that held you and Sarah up, and we're going to look for the girl that he was looking for, that lady.

Antonio: Right.

Cristian: Do you think she's connected to the stolen goods?

Antonio: Well, McBain apparently saw her running out of Ramsey’s place right after the killing. So we need to find her.

Tina: Cristian's right. I am a bad mother.

Sarah: Maybe. But you're the only one I have.

Tina: Yeah. So what was he talking about? Why are you so sad?

Sarah: Jessica's husband died.

Tina: Oh, my God.

Sarah: Yeah, I'm writing a song for his funeral.

Tina: That was that song I heard you singing in the park. That was for him? That was beautiful. And if I hadn't been thinking about number one, I would have already told you.

Sarah: You just did.

Tina: Honey, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry I missed so much of your life.

Sarah: Yeah, you did.

Sarah: But let's stick to the present tense now.

Tina: Oh, yeah. Yeah, great. Present tense. I have involved you in all my...

Tina: All my mess.

Sarah: Well, I wouldn't mind so much if I knew what the mess was. Tina... Mom... I don't want to lose you again. What the hell is going on?

Michael: What's the story with this case?

John: This can't leave the room.

Michael: Of course.

John: We think that maybe Ramsey’s murder is connected to the jewelry heist at Lindsay Rappaport’s gallery.

Michael: No way.

John: Yeah. One theory is that Ramsey set the whole thing up and then got double crossed by the buyer. When we got to the penthouse, all the money and jewels were gone.

Michael: So, then, what does the injured woman have to do with it?

John: I don't know. I'm thinking, maybe motive. You know, Ramsey had all these articles and journals about these expensive, experimental treatments. You know, somehow he had to find a way to pay for all that.

Michael: And now she's missing.

John: Yeah.

Michael: So you think that the people who killed Ramsey, maybe they have her?

John: I don't know, Mike. When we got inside, the only person that was alive was Todd Manning.

Todd: Here you go.

Marty: Why bother if you're going to kill me?

Todd: [Scoffs] How many times do I have to tell you, I'm not going to hurt you, Marty. I'm trying to help you out.

Marty: You killed Lee.

Todd: No, I didn’t.

Marty: Then who did?

Todd: I have no idea. He was dead when I got here. And they might have killed you, too, if I hadn't gotten you out of there.

Marty: Why would anybody want to kill Lee?

Todd: Maybe they were looking for you?

Marty: Then what am I doing here? Why haven't you taken me to the police?

Todd: Ramsey was the police. So I'm not trusting the police anymore. Neither should you.

Marty: But I should trust you. I don't even know your name.

Todd: I'm Todd.

Starr: Cole, please try to understand.

Cole: What's there to understand? You're sorry that we made love.

Starr: I'm sorry that I got pregnant. I'm really sorry about that.

Cole: Yeah, with our baby that you don't want.

Starr: What I want is to know that this baby will be taken care of, okay? And you know, Cole, you know there are adults out there that want and need a kid right now.

Cole: They'll be strangers. What are you talking -- they won't know our kid. They won't know what would make our kid happy.

Starr: Okay, neither do I, though. Babies don't come with instructions.

Cole: Starr, you just have to trust us.

Starr: I'm not ready for it, Cole. And as bad as it sounds, I'm not ready to give up being a kid. Okay, and I'm afraid that if I do, and if you do that, you'll end up hating me someday.

Cole: I could never hate you for giving me the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Starr: Okay, how can we be parents when we still need parents?

Cole: You know what? Some of us don't have them.

Cole: It might be different for you. You have a family, as weird as it is.

Cole: But our baby's the only family I have.

Starr: You have me, too.

Cole: Not if you do this. Not if you give away the only family I have.

Starr: Don't say that to me.

Cole: It's just how feel. Starr, please. Please don't do this. Please, please, please don't give our baby away.

Starr: I love you, Cole. But I'm sorry, I just can’t. Cole.

Girl: Do you really think Caslow knew the boys were here?

Langston: Whatever gave you that idea?

Markko: Well, we're just lucky we got Mrs. Caslow instead of Mr. Thompson.

Boy: Yeah, remember when he sent Thornhart to detention for disrespecting him?

Molly: He didn't even say anything. He just looked at him wrong.

Girl: Hey, that reminds me. I've been meaning to ask you. How come Cole and Starr didn't come?

Langston: Beats me.

Markko: Hey, didn't you say you brought some cookies?

Langston: Yeah.

Markko: Cookies.

Molly: You mean you don't know about Starr? You're the only person who doesn’t.

Michael: Todd's involved with Ramsey’s murder?

John: They said he didn't do it, but we know he's involved somehow.

Michael: That guy never quits, does he? I mean, I guess Marcie and I should be grateful that we just got off with a death threat.

Marcie: Talking about Todd again?

John: Wait a minute.

Michael: Let me take that.

John: He threatened you? Why didn't you tell me?

Marcie: John, there was nothing to tell, really. Todd screwed up his own life yet again. He was taking it out on us, but we're fine.

Michael: Yeah.

Marcie: Your brother here put him in his place.

Michael: What she said.

Marty: Todd. Todd what? What's your last name?

Todd: Manning.

[Door opens]

Todd: Look who's here.

[Marty coughs]

Marty: Janet --

Janet: Oh, I'm fine. I'm just so glad you're all right, too.

Marty: You've heard about Lee?

Janet: I know about Commissioner Ramsey, yes. Yes. But we're just lucky that Mr. Manning showed up when he did because he got us both out of there.

Marty: Really?

Janet: Mm-hmm. You know, when I came in that room, I saw what happened, all those bodies. I know I was just so frightened, I didn't know what happened to you. I didn't know what to do. But Mr. Manning... he had gotten there before me, and he made sure everything was all right.

Marty: He didn't hurt Lee?

Janet: No, no. The men who killed Lee, they're dead. So now Mr. Manning and I are going to take care of you.

Sarah: You hid from Antonio when we were at Viki’s. You didn't want the cops to see you.

Tina: I -- I just didn't want you to be implicated.

Sarah: Well, I think we already are implicated.

Tina: Okay, I didn't want you to judge me.

Sarah: Are you serious?

Tina: Yeah. Really.

[Cell phone rings]

Sarah: Hey, Dad. Oh. That's really sweet of you, but Jessie's the one you should be worrying about, not me.

Sarah: Uh, I'm not alone. Someone that I really care about just arrived in Llanview at the right time.

Sarah: Yeah. I hope she sticks around, too.

Cristian: So this mystery woman, do you think she killed Ramsey?

Antonio: Well, apparently, she left Ramsey’s place right before the bullets started flying. Four guys died.

Talia: Yeah. And you saw, John took a bullet.

Cristian: So you think she was in on it?

Carlotta: Guys, all this good news has exhausted me. You think one of you could close up?

Antonio: Yeah, Mami, I'll do it.

Cristian: I'll walk you to your car.

Carlotta: I'm going home.

Cristian: See you guys later.

Talia: Bye.

Carlotta: Thanks.

Cristian: I know there's no disco ball, but --

Antonio: All right.

Cristian: Hope that works.

Talia: [Laughs]

Antonio: Thanks.

Talia: You didn't -- you didn't tell your brother there were two mystery women. You know? You left out the injured woman that was at the Ramsey apartment, the one that can't get away on her own, the one that we can't find.

Antonio: We'll find her.

Talia: Yeah?

Antonio: Yeah.


Sarah: You're kind of quiet. We have a lot to talk about.

Tina: It's just kind of embarrassing, you know, to have to say to your beautiful daughter, "So, well, how was your 2006? Your 2007?"

Sarah: They were okay. 2008 is a lot better. At least, it was.

Tina: Honey, don't worry about Jessica. Viki will see her through this. She's -- she's not like me.

Sarah: Mom.

Tina: No, it's okay. And Cristian? I like him. I like how he sticks up for you, and I also like how he has no use for me.

Sarah: Well, I can stick up for myself. But Cristian's great. He's been so sensitive to my feelings, especially since...

Sarah: Nash, you know.

Tina: Was that Jessica's husband's name?

Sarah: Yeah.

Tina: My own niece. I didn't even know she was married. How did he die?

Sarah: He fell. I'd actually rather not talk about that.

Sarah: Before Dad called, you were going to tell me what was going on with you.

[Dog growls and barks]

Tina: What -- what is it, David Vickers? Is somebody coming?

Sarah: Don't worry, it's just Cristian coming, mom.

Sarah: Hey. Thank you. My mom and I actually had a pretty good talk.

Cristian: And now you know everything?

Tina: Sarah? Can I have a second alone with Picasso here?

Sarah: Um, sure. I'll take David Vickers for a walk. Come here, little one.

Sarah: I know I'm asking a lot. But I'm really, really glad she's here.

Tina: So, there's something I want to say to you.

Cristian: Like who's trying to kill you and what happened to Ramsey? See, I just ran into my brother, the cop. And he's pretty anxious to get the answers to those questions.

Tina: But you didn't say anything to him, right, for Sarah’s sake?

Cristian: That's right. For Sarah’s sake. But if she's in danger because of you --

Tina: Please, just listen to me, all right? The reason I'm not telling you guys what's going on is so that it isn't hanging over your heads in case something happens to me.

Cristian: Really?

Tina: Really. And, look, I have two things to say to you. One, I think you're really good for Sarah, and I'm grateful to you for that.

Cristian: And two?

Tina: If you have to turn me in, you do it. You seem to know what is best for Sarah. And if that's it, don't think twice.

Michael: Sorry I couldn't have been more help, man.

John: No, you did good, Mike. Hey, one last question. What are these numbers at the bottom of the CT scan? Is that about the patient?

Michael: No, that's the make and model of the machine that did the scan.

John: Oh, yeah?

Michael: Yeah.

[Cell phone rings]

John: Oh, excuse me. Yeah? No, tell me all about it.

Marcie: Dinner should be ready if you guys are.

Michael: So, you're okay after being with Sam today?

Marcie: Yeah. I'm better than okay. I'm not over Tommy, and I never will be, but I am getting past it. And I'm ready to move on to the next thing, Mike, whatever it may be.

John: Thank you. Hey, I've got to go, okay?

Marcie: Oh --

[Pager beeps]

John: That's not your casserole that smells, is it?

Marcie: The hospital -- no, it's not the casserole. The hospital. I know, go. Go, both of you.

Michael: Gotta go. Sorry about dinner.

Marcie: I know the drill. We'll reheat.

John: Saved by the bell.

Michael: You can count on it.

Marcie: Love you.

Michael: Love you. You hungry?

John: I'm starving.

Michael: Pizza.

John: Beautiful.

Todd: You gave her her pill?

Janet: No, she's exhausted. She's just napping.

Todd: She took the news about Ramsey pretty hard.

Janet: She depended on him. He was very good to her.

Todd: I'll be good to her, too. Thanks for letting her know she can trust me.

Janet: I just did what you asked. Don't make a liar out of me.

Todd: Okay, I won’t.

Keys: So, what didn't you tell her?

Marty: Mm.

Todd: Hey. Miss what's-her-name went out to refill your meds. You sleep well?

Marty: I dreamt about you. Kept asking you questions and you kept walking away.

Todd: I've been upfront with you about everything.

Marty: You knew me before the accident. It's all over your body language.

Todd: Is that right? Over my body language? What body language is that?

Marty: When you told me your name, you looked at me. You were waiting for some reaction, and, well, you looked afraid, almost.

Todd: No, I don't think so.

Marty: You kind of look the same right now. How do we know each other? And don't leave anything out.

Girl: So after her father caught them, he, like, beat the crap out of Cole.

Molly: He caught them in bed?

Langston: Oh, my God, let's just live up to every stereotype about girls, shall we?

Girl: Huh?

Langston: "Oh, my God, Starr's father, like, totally freaked out, and Starr, she was, like, wearing the cutest tank top ever."

Girl: Langston, what is with you?

Langston: Just sick of all the stupid gossip, okay? I think Starr and Cole aren't here because they didn't want to hang out with a bunch of lame jerks.

Molly: Yeah, like you really hate gossip. That's not it.

Girl: There's more, and it's something that you don't want us to know.

Marcie: [Sighs]

Officer: He's over there. You got 10 minutes. Get him out of here, McBain.

John: Thanks, Chuck.

John: Hey, Cole.

Sarah: Wow, she's amazing. What else can she do? Oh, well, another high-five.

Tina: Yeah, another high-five.

Sarah: Yay.


[Knock on door]

Marcie: Starr? Honey, what are you doing here? If your dad knows you're here, he'll --

Starr: I'm pregnant.

Marcie: You are?

Starr: I was, um -- I was wondering -- actually, no. I was hoping... do you want to adopt my baby?

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Marty: If you know who I am, will you please tell me?

Cole: I hate to have to sit back and watch her give away our baby.

Marcie: I can't even begin to tell you what it means to me.

Starr: Is that -- is that a yes?

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