One Life to Live Transcript Friday 6/13/08


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Jonas: Princess, what happened?

Tina: Look, someone's after me. Just -- just drive! Go! Come on!

John: Turn the engine off!


[Tina gasps]


Jonas: Go now. Go!

[Tires screech]

John: L-m -

Tina: You shot that man!

Jonas: Floor it.

Tina: Since when does an ambassador carry a gun?

Jonas: We live in dangerous times, princess. Now tell me, what happened? Who was that man who was chasing you?

Tina: Well, I -- I don't know.

[John pants]

Jonas: Princess, you're mistaken.

Tina: No, why did you shoot him?

Jonas: I -- he was chasing you. How was I to know? You should have let me go into the building with you. For god's sakes, princess, what happened up there?

Tina: Uh, um -- it -- you know, it was some, an -- an incident.

Todd: Hey. You alive?

[Woman gasps]

Todd: Marty?

Marty: Help me.

Todd: No. You're not dead, eh?

Marty: Please don't hurt me.

Langston: No, markko, stop it, stop it!

[Langston squeals]

Starr: Shh, shh. Sp. We just got sam to fall asleep.

Cole: Hey, hey -- the little dude gets cranky, so if you wake him up, you're taking care of him, man.

Markko: Oh, I hate to break it to you, but pretty soon you're going to have all the cranky you can handle. Better hope it's not twins.

Langston: No, stop.

Cole: I never thought about that. That would be interesting, huh?

Markko: You might want to check with your girl first.

Todd: Why would I want to hurt you?

Marty: I heard gunshots.

Todd: But I didn't fire them.

Marty: What are you doing here?

Todd: I heard a noise, and I came up here, and I found you.

[Todd laughs]

Todd: What's going on here?

Marty: I fell.

Todd: Yeah. Yeah, well, ok. Don't worry about it. I'm not going to let anything happen to you here.

Marty: Where's lee?

Todd: Let me help you up here.

Marty: Oh, don't touch me.

Cristian: That was pretty.

Sarah: Thank you.

Cristian: I was just thinking about our first date.

Sarah: Oh, god. Don't remind me.

Cristian: That wasn't so bad.

Sarah: Are you kidding? I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off all over the apartment trying to clean up the mess and pretend it wasn't mine.

Cristian: Like I was fooled.

Sarah: Well, you should have been.

Cristian: I was actually thinkingbout the part where you did what you're doing now -- letting me in on how you write a song.

Sarah: Oh. That.

Cristian: I saw a side of you I never saw before. You were all nervous with the whole thing.

Sarah: Well, yeah. The song was about you.

Cristian: I was blown away. I still am. Seriously. I love that you wrote a song for me.

Sarah: You know, I hadn't written in such a long time. You inspired me to try it again.

Cristian: Does it feel funny? To write a song for a funeral?

[Sarah sighs]

Sarah: I don't know. I mean, I feel like I have to -- to write something with meaning, something that makes an impression. I mean -- nash and I were friends, but there was so much I didn't know about him.

Cristian: Well, I assure you, jessica's going to be happy with whatever you do.

Sarah: Maybe I should have done this when he was alive. I just keep thinking about all the things I didn't say to him, you know? None of this is fair.

Cristian: You didn't know there was no time. You know, maybe this is a -- maybe this is a wake-up call.

Sarah: For what?

Cristian: Well, we always think we have all this time with the people we care about, but, you know, the truth is we got to find a way to make time. We only have one life, right?

Sarah: One life. I like that. This is our last chance this is only one life

Sarah: Don't leave us here uncertain we need you tonight and for the rest of our lives

Tina: No, don't stop here. Come on, go!

Jonas: Here's fine.

Tina: What?

Jonas: Princess, talk to me.

Tina: Did you just overrule me?

Jonas: I'm thinking about your dog, princess. It's been a long trip. He needs a walk.

Tina: Well, david vickers is just fine, and what he and I both need is to get to an airport and a plane as soon as possible. Just go, driver. Go!

Jonas: Princess, I need to know how it is that you escaped whatever happened back there.

Tina: Mr. Ambassador, I believe you just shot a cop. Don't you think you should get out of here, too?

Jonas: You're the crown princess of mendorra. Your country's crown jewels have been stolen. It is my duty to protect you.

Tina: Yeah, well, you are not going to have any kind of job to do or any duty if you don't do as I say. Now, driver --

Jonas: Apologies, princess, but we are not leaving here until we get to the bottom of this theft.

Tina: Excuse me?

Jonas: I couldn't help but notice that when you went in for your appointment, you had another case. You returned with a different one.

Tina: Well, this is no time to debate. All right? Bullets were flying. I just grabbed the first case I saw. I just wanted to get the hell out of there. And if you don't want to look like a slab of swiss cheese, you should get the hell out of here, too.

Jonas: One more thing, princess --

Tina: Well, excuse me, but what part of "bullets flying" did you not understand?

[Tina gasps]

Jonas: I don't know. Enlighten me.

[John groans]

Starr: No, thank you.

Cole: He what's wrong?

Starr: Nothing. It's just the morning sickness again. It's such a joke. You know what they should call it? They should call it queasiness 24/7 with random outbreaks of bitchiness syndrome.

Langston: Ok, that's way too long.

Markko: No, wait, how about q-rob 24/7?

Starr: Shut up.

Cole: You were just fine a minute ago.

Starr: Oh, thank you. I know, I just think -- I think stress makes it worse, and after everything that happened in the park --

Langston: What happened in the park? Sam had a meltdown or something?

Starr: Yeah, he did. He was freaking out. We had no idea what to do. I lost i

Markko: What was wrong with him?

Cole: He just wanted to feed himself.

Markko: That's it?

Cole: Yeah, but we got it under control, and that's all that matters.

Starr: No, marcie got it under control. We were totally useless.

Cole: Starr --

Langston: Whoa, whoa. Mrs. Mcbain was there?

Starr: What? She wasn't stalking us or anything. I mean, she just actually happened to be walking by when sam freaked out and we needed help. We didn't know what to do, and, I mean, she was really great.

Langston: Well, I guess she would. I mean, he used to be her kid.

Markko: That must have been weird for her. Taking care of sam when he used to be her son.

Starr: I know, but she was really great with him. Right, cole?

Cole: Yeah.

Starr: I just feel really bad for her.

Langston: Starr, you were totally in her face when your dad wanted custody.

Starr: I know, but she can't have kids. I mean, she can't even adopt again because she kidnapped sam.

Langston: And held your aunt viki hostage and did a lot of other crazy stuff.

Starr: Yeah, but, I mean, she did all of that because she wanted to be a mother.

Langston: I know, but I'm just saying --

Starr: You're just saying what?

Markko: You used to bite our heads off if we felt bad for her.

Starr: Oh -- ok, you're right, but that was before I knew how far my dad would go in order to get what he wants. And it was before I found out that I was pregnant. I mean, really, like, what is my dad going to do when he finds out that I'm pregnant with your baby?

Cole: Starr, I told you I can take care of myself.

Starr: I'm sure that's what mrs. Mcbain said, and look what happened to her.

Todd: Look, I'm just trying to help you here.

Marty: No.

Todd: I'm not touching you. See? Hands in the air. I'm not touching you.

Marty: Stay the hell away from me.

Todd: Ok. Ahem.

Marty: Don't ever touch me again.

Todd: Come on, marty. You don't have to be scared of me. I'm going to help you.

Marty: Do I know you? Ti: What are you doing?

Jonas: What those idiots at the commissioner's penthouse failed to do.

Tina: What? Kill me?

Jonas: Let go of the case now.

Tina: Fine, fine, fine. You can have it, all right?

Jonas: Let go of it now!

Tina: Fine. You can have it. Just leave us alone!

[Tina shrieks]

Jonas: Oh!

Sarah: Man, it's terrible seeing somebody die.

Cristian: Most powerless feeling in the world.

Sarah: The only thing I can think to say to him -- "you're a great guy, nash. I'm so lucky to know you." Like -- like it's a high school yearbook.

Cristian: What else were you going to say?

Sarah: I don't know. I mean, I had one chance, one chance to say something important, something that might bring the guy peace, and -- and I'm all, "you're great. Everything's great. Everybody's great," you know? Except for the whole "you dying" part.

Cristian: Come on, don't be so hard on yourself.

Sarah: Works for me.

Cristian: Listen, not a lot of people can suck it up and walk into a room with a dying guy, no matter how much he meant to them. So you didn't spout shakespeare when it was time to say goodbye. So what? You were there, you spoke from your heart, and that's -- that's all you can do.

Sarah: Thanks.

Cristian: Sure.

Sarah: I guess, um, this song is a chance to, you know, say something else to him.

Cristian: And just like you did on our first date, you're going to get it exactly right.

Sarah: I guess I hope that somehow nash can hear me.

Markko: How much longer can you guys keep this baby a secret from your dad?

Cole: Actually we were talking about that today.

Langston: So what's the plan? No plan?

Cole: Well, not yet.

Markko: Well, what are you waiting for?

Langston: Markko --

Starr: No, he's right. I mean, we do need to figure it out, but I just -- I can't deal with that right now.

Cole: Ok, you don't have to.

Markko: I'm -- I'm sorry. I totally put my foot in it. I guess I'm just nervous for you guys.

Langston: You know we all love you, right?

Starr: I know, but, I mean, I also know that you guys should be at the mall or at the park or something. Instead, you're inside talking about morning sickness and baby food and my father. I mean, we all sound like a bunch of 30-year-olds. Really. Oh, and, markko, I forgot to tell you -- cole turned down a game of hoops today with kent and garrett.

Markko: What?

Starr: Yeah, in order to hang t with me and sam.

Cole: It's just a game.

Markko: With kent and garrett? You got to represent.

Cole: Represent? Ok, I did represent, with starr and sam, all right? And it didn't bother me. It didn't bother me, ok? I'm ready to be a good dad, no matter what your dad tries to do to me.

Langston: All right, you know what? In a few days, we're all going to be having so much fun, it'll be like "starr's dad -- who?"

Markko: Yeah, because you'll be screaming and begging for your lives.

Todd: Do you not know who I am?

Marty: I had an accident. My brain was injured. I have trouble remembering. I can't see before.

Todd: Well, what do you remember?

Marty: Lee. And the nurse.

Todd: And that's it?

Marty: Is lee ok? Are you a friend of his?

Todd: You don't know who I am.

Marty: Why should I? Am I a friend of yours?

[John grts]

Woman: Commissioner? What -- oh -- oh, my god!

Keys: Ma'am, don't panic.

Woman: No -- help! Help! No!

Marty: Janet? What's going on? What's going on?

Todd: No, shh, shh, shh. Just don't move. I'll find out.

Marty: No, please don't leave me.

Todd: Don't move. Don't try to get up before I get back.

[Marty screams]

[Woman screams]

Keys: Sorry. Sorry about this, but whoever did this could still be close by. You tina? You live here? Do you work here? You know any of these people? I need you to stay quiet for me. Can you do that? Ok.

Keys: He's dead. They all are.

Woman: Did you kill him?

Keys: No, ma'am. They were like this when we showed up.

Woman: Oh. I'm going to call the police.

Todd: No, no, no, no. No police.

[Marty pants]

Langston: We're changing the subject to fun stuff now, ok? Markko and I, we're on the committee that plans the end-of-the-year trip.

Cole: Really?

Langston: Yeah.

Cole: What are we going to do?

Markko: Two hints -- the circle of death and the tornado afraid-O.

Langston: Yep.

Cole: The prince of darkness park?

[Langston and rkko laugh]

Cole: What? The one with the new roller coaster that drops you 175 feet upside-down?

Langston: Uh-huh. Better believe it.

Markko: Oh, thank the man.

Cole: Whoo! Nice. When are we leaving?

Markko: Friday, so pack light. Hey, hey, you are going to love the tornado.

Starr: Guys, I can't go.

Todd: And who the hell are you?

Woman: I'm a professional nurse. It is my duty to help these people.

Todd: I think you might be a little late. Nurse: Oh, my god. Marty -- did you kill her, too?

Todd: Marty's fine, marty's fine -- as fine as she c be. No, we didn't kill anybody. Nurse: I'm going to check for myself --

Todd: No, no, no. Hold up, hold up. Nurse: Look, it -- she is my responsibility. I have been watching her for months. Please.

Todd: Ok. I'm going to give you a couple of -- couple of choices here. I'm going to offer you some of this money to work for me, to do what I want. Your other option is that he's going to break your neck. Which would you prefer? Nurse: You'll have to kill me before I let you go to marty again.

Ramsey: The picture. Remember this day? You always feel better when you look at the picture.

[John yells, coughs]

Todd: Wow. For a nurse, you really got big brass ones, you know? Nurse: Look, this isn't about playing for anybody's team. I'm a nurse. If marty is alive like you said, then prove it. Just let me go up there and help her.

Keys: What's she on about? Who's this marty?

Todd: Uh, it's this broad that ramsey's been stashing upstairs. Nurse: He took such good care of her, that poor man. She needs 24-hour medical care. We have been doing that together.

Todd: So who besides you knows she's up there? Nurse: Just me, and -- just me.

Keys: Is she hurt? Do we need to call an ambulance? Nurse: Yes.

Todd: No. No! No ambulances, no hospitals, no cops. If marty needs to be taken care of, I'm the one to do it.

Jonas: Wait here for the princess. If you see her, you call me. No, never mind. Just stop her.

Tina: [Whispering] Ok, sweetie, you got to be quiet for me, ok? All right, be good for mommy.

Sarah: Love may falter to think how this could be

Cristian: You hungry?

Sarah: I'm always hungry.

Cristian: I was thinking of real food, to go along with nash's wine.

Sarah: Ooh, syrah. With that, nash would recommend a filet mignon, medium-rare.

Cristian: Uh, how about a hot dog, charbroiled?

[Sarah chuckles]

Cristian: They have a veggie dog, too. And I swear, if you put a lot of mustard on it, tastes just like the real thing.

Sarah: You spoil me.

Cristian: Sometimes. See you later. Back in a sec.

Sarah: Love may falter

Tina: Oh, what a beautiful voice, david vickers. Do you think it's a sign?

Sarah: How this could be?

Tina: Sarah?

Todd: Think of it this way. What's you name? Nurse: Janet. To: Janet, think of it this way. You'll be doing exactly what you've been doing -- taking care of marty, but you'll be making a hell of a lot more money than you were with ramsey.

Janet: Are you trying to bribe me?

Todd: Of course not. No, janet. I'm just saying he's cheap -- was cheap. I'm not. You know what I like about you -- already? I can tell that you're loyal. I like it. Ahem. But when I leave here, marty's coming with me. So, that leaves you with a couple choices. You can either say "sayonara" to marty or you can come down to the limo with our friend keys here and -- and wait for us to bring marty down.

Keys: He's not that bad to work for.

Todd: Thank you.

Keys: You're welcome.

Janet: All right.

Todd: Oh, that's a good girl. Ok, take care of her, get her settled, and come on back up.

Keys: Boss, where are we taking this marty?

John: What took you so long?

Officer: Mcbain!

John: You're supposed to be in the penthouse.

Officer: We got reports of shots fired.

Second Officer: Ah, you're hit.

John: Hey, listen, don't worry about me, all right? Get an A.P.B., Black limousine. License plate -- lima, mike, two, seven, three, one, alpha. You got it? Two, seven, three, one, alpha. Passenger is a white female. She had a silver suitcase, sunglasses, carrying one of those stupid little dogs.

Tina: Sarah, my baby?

Cristian: Hey, you ok?

Sarah: Uh, I --

Cristian: What happened? You look like you just saw a ghost.

Sarah: No. I think I just heard one.

Cristian: Who was it?

John's voice: The other passenger's a white male, brown hair. Consider him armed and dangerous. You got all that? Make the call. Look, look, I'm ok, all right? Just -- just help me get this damn sling on so I can get up to the penthouse, ok?

Officer: The only place you're going to is the E.R.

Todd: I thought I told you to stay put.

Marty: Hmm. Janet -- janet, she was screaming. What'd they do to her?

Todd: Nothing. Janet's fine.

Marty: Why didn't she come up to me? When she com back she always comes up to see how--

Todd: Don't worry about janet. She's downstairs.

Marty: Where's lee?

Todd: Marty, just trust me, please. I'm going to take care of everything.

Marty: Trust you? I don't even know you. Where's lee? What happened to him?

Todd: Marty --

Marty: What are you doing here?

Todd: Shh, marty.

Marty: Why -- why are you --

Todd: Hey, hey, hey. Just keep quiet, ok, please? Just for a second. I need to think. Can you do that for me? Can you keep quiet?

Marty: Huh. I don't think I have a choice.

Langston: Why can't you go?

Starr: Because I have a doctor's appointment on friday.

Cole: Hey, whoa -- can't you, like, reschedule or something?

Starr: No, I can'T. My mom is mad because I haven't seen aoctor in -- you kn, since the E.R. In virginia beach. And that she says that prenatal care is the most important thing for a baby. And, also, I've skipped out so many times on the appointment, I can't do it again. Plus, ok, a roller coaster? I'm pregnant.

Markko: You're not even showing. Who'd know?

Starr: I would know.

Cole: Yeah, no, she's right.

Markko: Oh, god -- you're right. Um --

Langston: I'm such an idiot.

Markko: I'm sorry.

Starr: No, nobody is an idiot. Just go and have fun. Take a lot of pictures for me.

Cole: Hey, I'm going to that appointment with you.

Starr: Cole --

Cole: What -- I want to, and don't try to stop me.

Starr: No, I know that you want to go on that new roller coaster.

Cole: Not more than I want to be with you.

Markko: You know, the thing's busted half the time anyway.

Langston: Yeah, and all the other rides are old news.

Markko: And the lines are ridiculous.

Starr: Ok, stop. I know what you're trying to do. Just go and scream your heads off and have fun for me, ok?

Langston: This sucks.

Starr: I'm fine.

Markko: Hey, uh, I got to -- I got to head out.

Cole: Yeah, , too. I promised nora that I'd get takeout with her. You know, the mood over at the buchanans' isn't quite hilarious with the whole mess --

Starr: Ok, I get it.

Cole: With buchanan enterprise.

Starr: It's fine. It's fine. Just go.

Cole: Ok. Well, I'll call you later, ok?

Starr: Bye. I'll call you.

Langston: Ok, spill.

Starr: Spill what?

Langston: Whatever it is that's bothering you -- and don't tell me nothing, because I can tell it's something --

Starr: Ok. I told my mom that I don't think I'm ready to be a mother.

Langston: Well, I thought that you said that you were --

Starr: Langston, I just can't keep this baby.

Starr: I didn't get a chance to think about all of this until my mom brought me and cole home, and I'm not ready to be a mother, langston. I mean, does that make me a horrible person?

Langston: No.

Starr: I know, but -- but pregnant women are supposed to want their kids.

Langston: Pregnant women who wanted to be pregnant want their kids.

Starr: But babies are supposed to sense all this uff in the womb, though, right? I mean, am I screwing mine up?

Langston: Starr, your baby's got to be the size of a guppy or something.

Starr: I know, but ever since I found out that I was pregnant I've been freaking out, langston. First, I -- I almost got an abortion. Then cole and I ran away, and my dad catches up to me and throws me down a flight of stairs. And now --

Langston: And now, what?

Starr: I just want this kid to have parents who will care about it.

Langston: And you don't think you and cole could do that?

Starr: I -- I mean, when we're so upset about missing out on a school field trip -- I mean, come on. You know that I am. We're both upset about that. You know, I want -- I want this baby to have parents who think that giving up on a big night out is the best thing that's ever happened to them, because they're going to get to spend time with the baby. My baby doesn't deserve a mother who's going to look inside the crib and think about all the stuff that she's missing out on just because the kid got born. That's awful. I mean, good parents know what to do, they have this patience. I mean, they know how to make a baby feel better.

Langston: Don't you think you could figure that out? I mean, we'll help you. It'll be ok.

Starr: I can't do this, langston. Ok, I just -- I can't, me.

Langston: Ok. Forget it. I just -- so, what does that mean?

Starr: Ok, well, I -- all last night I couldn't get any sleep, because I was thinking about that.

Langston: And?

Starr: And actually I went online and I found a lot of couples who can't have kids but really want them. And a girl who's just like me who helped them out.

Langston: You mean adoption?

Starr: Yeah. And I think I'm going to do it.

Langston: Are you sure?

Starr: I'm positive.

Langston: Well, what does cole think? Cole doesn't know, does he?

Marty: Every night lee gives me my pills, tells me to eat. Why isn't he here?

Todd: Lee's not going to be able to take care of you anymore, marty.

Marty: Those gunshots -- is he dead?

Todd: I'm going to tell you everything later, but right now I think we should get you rest and out of here, get you someplace safe.

Marty: And I'm supposed to believe I could be safe with you?

Todd: Just close your eyes and go to sleep, ok?

John: Help me or get out of my face, because either way I'm going in. Got an officer down up there. Oh, son of a bitch! Ugh!

Cristian: Listen, you can have my wallet.

Sarah: My purse is --

Jonas: Shut up. Either of you see a woman in a big hat and sunglasses carrying a dog?

Cristian: No.

Sarah: Tons of them. This is a park.

Cristian: What she meant is you're going to have to give us a little more than that.

Jonas: Oh, ok. The dog is small. It doesn't walk. It gets carried by the woman in the hat and the sunglasses. Big hat, big sunglasses, little dog.

Sarah: Like a toy?

Jonas: Yeah. Have you seen it? Rah: No. Just asking.

Jonas: Do I look like a patient man?

Sarah: Do I look like a girl who's been sitting around looking for some rich bitch carrying a rat-sized dog?

Jonas: Don't try me. I --

Cristian: Listen, listen, don't listen to her. She's a little stressed out. She just lost someone she loved.

Jonas: Well, if she doesn't help me, she may join her friend very soon.

Cristian: We haven't seen who you're looking for, ok?

Sarah: Oh, oh, but we -- but we heard the dog, you know, the little yipping noise that they make.

Jonas: Where?

Sarah: Over there. Five minutes ago.

Jonas: You know what? You better not be lying to me.

Cristian: Why would we lie?

John: All right. Bag and tag everything. I'm going upstairs.

Todd: Top of the evening to you.

Todd: Top of the evening to you.

Jonas: I'll get the jewels back. I said don't worry. Princess tina tells me that she grew up in llanview. How convenient for her to be so near the family plot.

Cristian: Yeah, we'll be right here. Cops are on their way.

Sarah: Can you believe that just happened?

Cristian: That guy just stuck a gun in our faces in broad daylight like it was nothing. And you -- whathe hell was that? Do you have some kind of death wish?

Sarah: I'm sorry I shot my mouth off. It was just the weirdest thing. I felt like -- like -- like we weren't alone.

Cristian: What, did you think we had some kind of backup?

Sarah: No. No. Um, I just -- I don't know -- I -- I had a feeling.

Cristian: You think yoheard nash? Look, that's -- that's normal. He's been on your mind, so --

Sarah: No, it wasn't nash. I feel like I heard my mother.

Todd: You're fon-- you're fondling my constitutional rights, you know.

John: Not much there. If you got a complaint, yocan tell it to the dead police commissioner downstairs.

Todd: You have a boo-boo on your shoulder.

John: Yeah. What are you doing here, manning?

Todd: Oh, I just came in, check out my old digs and make ramsey another offer on the place. Blair kicked me out, so I'm looking for a place to call home.

Starr: As much as cole thinks he's ready for a kid, he's really not.

Langston: Starr, he's so into this baby.

Starr: No, he's into the idea. He wants a family and I get that, but he's not thinking about what he's going to miss out on -- like school and college.

Langston: But can't you guys still do that stuff?

Starr: Ok, and who's going to raise the baby? A nanny? My mom? That's not fair. And as much as cole says it didn't bother him, I know he wanted to shoot hoops with the guys. I -- I know that he wants to go on this roller coaster, and he was just as out of ideas when we were with sam in the park as I was. We were freaking out.

Langston: When it really comes down to it, I mean --

Starr: Ok, I know that I'm doing the right thing, langston. But hoam I going to tell cole that -- that we should give this baby away? I mean, this is the only family that cole has left in this world.

John: Just happen to show up here? Then what?

Todd: I found ramsey dead and the other two guys dead.

John: Yeah. Friends of yours?

Todd: No, I don't have friends.

John: Mm-hmm. So, what, you -- you skip over the bodies, didn't bother calling the cops, just come up here to the bedroom.

Todd: Well, I was just -- wanted to search the place, make sure it was safe. Kind of like what you're doing.

John's voice: So, who was in the bed?

Todd: I have no idea. It was empty when I got here.

John: Yeah, right. You know something. I'm going to find out what it is.

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Bo: Do you really think you're going to get away with this?

Jonas: I have reason to believe that the princess is here.

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