One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 4/24/08


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Proofread by Kathy

[Rex pants]

Rex: That was --

Adriana: Hmm.

Rex: It was --

Adriana: Aren't you glad I stayed home and let Layla take care of business?

Rex: Oh, you took care of business.

Adriana: Hmm.

Rex: What time is it?

Adriana: Time to pay attention to your fiancée.

Rex: Hey, it's always half past Adriana in my world. You know that. But I promised Clint --

Adriana: Your loss.

[Rex sighs]

Rex: And don't I know it.

[Adriana giggles]

Adriana: Oh.

[Phone rings]

Dorian: Oh. Hello, darling. Sadly, I have nothing to report.

Adriana: No sign of Gigi's old boyfriend?

Dorian: What's her name is in the North Forty Bar and Grill looking for him right now.

Adriana: Uh -- her name is Layla, and why aren't you in there with her?

Dorian: Well, somebody has to do the strategizing and, of course, reporting back to you.

Adriana: Are you absolutely sure that this Brody Lovett is alive? I've been thinking maybe his sister was playing you. You gave her money, right?

Dorian: She did not lie to me. Brody Lovett is alive. Now, he is going to do the right thing -- he's going to get Gigi and her son out of your hair.

Gigi: Better knock off the drawing, honey. You need to eat your sandwich so we can get you to school. Hey, you --

Shane: Mom, chill.

Gigi: Shane Morasco? What?

Shane: Miss Witherspoon loves graphic novels.

Gigi: Oh. So, now this is a graphic novel?

Shane: No, it's a comic book. But if I say it's a graphic novel, she lets me work on it in class.

Gigi: Pretty smooth. So, who's that?

Shane: Evelyn Evil.

Gigi: Really? Where'd you come up with a name like that?

Shane: Rex. He said it might be a good idea for my dad to go up against a woman in the second edition.

Gigi: Oh, he did, did he?

Shane: Well, you got to keep things interesting. And besides, some kids don't believe me.

Gigi: About what?

Shane: That my dad was a hero. But Rex says that I should just keep telling the stories, and one day, everyone will believe.

Clint: Yeah?

Bo: Calvin Jenkins is coming in today, right?

Clint: A little later, and I don't know what I'm going to be saying to him.

Bo: I think I got an idea.

Clint: I'm glad one of us does.

Bo: All right, look, let me take the meeting, all right? If I can get him alone --

Clint: No. That's not how we do things now, Bo -- no way.

Michael: Antonio. Hey, can I have a word with you?

Antonio: If it's about John, you can save it.

Michael: No, no, no. I need to talk to you alone.

Antonio: All right, look, if you've got something to say to me about your brother, you can say it here.

Michael: No, it's not about my brother, all right? It's -- it's about your daughter.

Antonio: My daughter?

Michael: She's sick, Antonio. She's really sick.

Antonio: What do you mean, "She’s sick"?

Michael: Carlotta brought her in a few weeks ago, right?

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, you -- you said it was a common cold, right?

Michael: I ran some tests.

Antonio: Well, my mother never said anything about tests.

Michael: Well, we were testing if it was strep or not and it came back negative.

Antonio: Michael, she's fine. She's not even coughing anymore.

Michael: Oh -- well, good. Good, I'm glad, but these tests, Antonio, they -- they suggested some problems so I re-ran them to be sure. Antonio, I -- Jamie has a really serious neurological disorder.

Antonio: Huh. Look, Michael, really. Uh -- I -- man, I appreciate you coming down here, okay? But there's obviously some kind of mistake. My -- my daughter's fine.

Michael: No, see, the disease is asymptomatic at this point, all right? It's how these things go. You're not going to see any overt signals until it progresses.

Antonio: What are you saying?

Michael: I'm saying that if this thing takes its course, she's not going to be the same kid anymore.

Renee: I ordered a couple of wraps and some tea.

[Nora gasps]

Nora: Bless you. I didn't have any breakfast this morning.

Renee: Nigel said that Clint was up and out again before sun-up.

Nora: Hmm. He had an early meeting at B.E. they needed to prepare for.

Renee: He's been working very hard. I read the article in "The Sun."

Nora: You know, someday someone's going to run over Todd Manning and you know what? I'm not going to be sorry.

[Renee chuckles]

Renee: How did Clint take it?

Nora: Um -- it didn't improve his mood.

Renee: I remember when Asa used to come home after dealing with the press. He was no fun to live with.

Nora: Yes, well, Clint is nothing like Asa.

Bo: Well, will you at least hear me out?

Clint: Bo, you are still playing catch-up.

Bo: I've known Calvin Jenkins most of my life.

Clint: That hasn't stopped him from coming after us, has it?

Bo: Well -- what are you going to do, okay, because it sounded to me just now like you're fresh out of ideas.

Clint: I still have a little time.

Bo: Yeah, what, a half-hour or something? You know -- Clint, listen to me. You don't have to shoulder this whole thing on your own. That's why I'm here.

Clint: I understand that and I appreciate it.

Bo: Well, maybe what we need is a little change-up.

Clint: And what does that mean?

Bo: Well, we got beat up in the press the last go-round.

Clint: I don't care about the press. I did what I had to do.

Bo: Well, maybe it's time for a little good cop -- couldn't hurt.

Dorian: Why not just tell Gigi that Brody Lovett's alive?

Adriana: And watch her sit on the information?

Dorian: And why would she do that?

Adriana: Because she's made other plans.

Dorian: Any luck?

Layla: He wasn't there. And, yes, I spoke to the bartender.

Dorian: Oh, did -- did you make him understand the situation?

Adriana: Let me talk to her.

Dorian: Oh. Oh, right -- she wants to talk to you.

Layla: Hey.

Adriana: Please tell me my mother's not being way too impossible.

Layla: Wish I could. Don't worry about it. It's good we're here. You were right -- there's something weird going on, Gigi thinking Brody's dead when he's --

[Phone rings]

Adriana: I got to go.

Dorian: Let me talk to her.

Layla: She hung up.

Dorian: Oh, yes, of course -- perfect, perfect. Let's see where to next -- the Norfolk Bar and Grill.

Gigi: Any kid who teases you about your dad isn't worth knowing.

Shane: How come you don't talk about Dad anymore?

Gigi: I talk about him.

Shane: Not since we came to Llanview.

Gigi: Oh, honey, I -- we've been a little busy. You started a new school; I started a new job --

Shane: But you used to talk about him all the time, about all the cool stuff he did -- how he liked old movies and how he talked really fast when he got excited, just like me.

Gigi: Well, your dad is -- he -- Shane, your dad was a really good person and you should never forget that. So, when is this graphic masterpiece due?

Shane: The end of the term.

Gigi: That's Evelyn Evil? She looks just like Adriana.

Rex: Calvin Jenkins -- the third? Well, that must be his son. Really? Uh -- no, I appreciate it. I'll -- I'll swing by on my way to B.E., grab everything you got. No, my client will want to take a look at this right away. Uh, but, thanks, Harv. I owe you one. Any time. Yeah, okay.

[Rex sighs]

Rex: I got to go see a guy about a file.

Adriana: Hmm.

Antonio: You're saying this is a degenerative disease? Does that mean it's -- it's fatal?

Michael: Well, see, we have some time because we caught it early. And, you know, they're making incredible advancements towards a cure.

Antonio: We'll do whatever it takes --

Michael: Yeah.

Antonio: Whatever she needs. I have insurance.

Michael: Yeah. Um -- it --

Antonio: What?

Michael: These -- these treatments are still fairly experimental, all right, and they're expensive. A lot of times the health insurance companies, they won't even authorize them.

Antonio: Well, I'll get the money somehow. I'll do whatever it takes.

Adriana: Hmm.

Rex: You've been taking vitamins?

Adriana: I missed you.

[Rex sighs]

Rex: You need to go away more often. No, not -- no, not that you should -- that you should go away. I mean, just -- wow. But I have to go. It's just I've got this meeting and -- and I need information I got to pick up on the way.

Rex: I missed you, too.

Adriana: We have to talk about the wedding.

Rex: As soon as I get back from B.E.

[Adriana sighs]

Adriana: You mean Gigi.

Gigi: Honey, you can't use Adriana in -- in your comic.

Shane: I'm not. Adriana can't teleport or cyberski.

Gigi: Oh. But you used her face and her -- her body.

Shane: Artists use models, Mom. That's how we work.

Gigi: But only when their mothers give them permission.

Shane: How could I forget that? Like Michelangelo asked his Ma if he could paint the ceiling of that big church.

[Gigi laughs]

Gigi: Well, you know what? When we get our own ceiling, you can paint it.

Shane: I'm not changing Evelyn.

[Gigi groans]

Gigi: You going to eat your sandwich?

Shane: If you're so hungry, why do you always order coffee and nothing else?

Gigi: Because I spend all my money on buying felt-tipped pens for Shane.

[Gigi gasps]

Gigi: Come on. Let's go.

Renee: Hmm, Gigi. Hi, Shane. How are you?

Gigi: Hi.

Shane: Fine, thank you, ma'am.

Nora: Ooh, serious manners.

Gigi: Yeah, he's got his upside.

Renee: What you got there?

Shane: Just something I drew.

Gigi: It's a comic book -- it's all made up.

Nora: Can I see it? Let's see. Oh, wow! You're very good -- wow. Wow! That looks just like --

Gigi: Eva Longoria -- I know. I love her.

Renee: Oh, I do, too, and what a figure. Whoo, hoo, hoo!

Nora: Yeah -- not enough cottage cheese in the world.

Gigi: Tell me about it. I got to get Shane to school and then head back to work.

Renee: Will you bring that by when you're finished and show me?

Shane: I will, ma'am. Thank you.

Renee: Yep. What a talented child he is.

Nora: Listen, Renee, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you about Clint and Asa -- you know how much I loved Asa.

Renee: Asa was a wonderful man --

Nora: Yes.

Renee: But his methods were often --

Nora: Not kosher? And that article, um, Clint said was not entirely inaccurate. You see, well, he -- I think he feels that he should be running B.E. enterprises in a manner that would make his father proud.

Renee: And you're afraid he's going to turn into his father?

Nora: I hope that doesn't offend you. I don't want it to offend you.

Renee: No, no, no, no, no. I wanted you to meet me for lunch because I know what it is to stand by a man when you don't necessarily agree with him.

Nora: Well, I appreciate that. It's just that I -- I can't support anyone who's doing something illegal.

Renee: You may have to learn to live with it. I did. I mean, you said it -- this family's future is in Clint's hands and he knows it and there may come a time when he has to borrow from his father's playbook. And if you want this relationship to last, you may have to accept that.

Nora: I'm not sure I can do that.

Renee: Then you have to be ready to lose him.

Clint: Look, we don't have time to argue, do we?

Bo: But he could make his pitch to the rest of the board and end up dividing this family.

Clint: No, that -- I'll find a way to stop it.

Bo: Great. How?

Clint: I'll do whatever it takes. The future of this family business is at stake.

Bo: You know, he -- Cal is a reputable businessman, and B.E. has been doing business with him for years now.

Clint: Well, I think he's had his eye on this company for years, Bo.

Bo: Why can't we just try to reason with the man?

Clint: Well, I think that's incredibly naive.

Bo: Nah.

[Bo chuckles]

Bo: Oy. You know, we're different and I think that that's a good thing. I -- I don't always agree with the way you want to do things and I'm sure it's, you know, vice versa and sure, we don't always appreciate one another's take on a certain -- issue, but you know what? You put the two of us together and I think that we make a pretty strong team that's real tough to beat.

Clint: But I'll tell you something -- I'm not going to stand around and watch this team fall apart for lack of focus, okay? Our children, Bo, and their children -- they're counting on this company staying in the family and I'm going to make sure I don't let them down.

Bo: So, let's not let them down.

[Intercom beeps]

Clint: Yeah? Send him in.

Bo: Jenkins?

Clint: Yeah. Ahem.

Calvin: Good to see you.

Clint: Ah.

Calvin: Boys.

[Bo and Clint chuckle]

Calvin: Ah, it's good to see you both.

Bo: Calvin.

Calvin: Hey, Bo, Clint.

Clint: Hey, good to see you. Um -- ahem. Well, I'll let you two get on with it, okay?

Calvin: Hey, you're not going to be sitting in with us?

Clint: No, no. Bo's going to take it from here and, Cal, thanks for coming. So good to see you.

Clint: You, too, Clint.

Antonio: I'll get the money somehow.

Michael: Now, I've put together a list of foundations and other sources that we can fall back on if the insurance doesn't want to cover Jamie for this, all right?

[Antonio chuckles]

Antonio: I -- I can't believe this.

Michael: We need to start treatment soon, all right? And the thing is --

[Antonio sighs]

Michael: The hospital, they need to have some kind of idea about how they are going to be paid for this.

Antonio: We're talking about a little girl here.

Michael: I know, I know. And I will make sure that Jamie gets the best treatment available, all right? So I've got some literature for you about her disorder. You come see me when you're ready, but sooner than later and we'll go over treatment.

Antonio: Hey. I don't want you to say anything to anybody -- you understand me?

Michael: Okay, okay, but you're going to need some support on this, right?

Antonio: No. Nobody knows, Michael.

Michael: Okay.

Antonio: Understand?

Michael: Okay. Okay. Come see me as soon as you can, all right?

Michael: Yeah.

Antonio: Nobody. I don't want anyone to know anything.

John: Whatever you want.

Ramsey: Detective Vega, my office, please.

Renee: You know, I confess -- when I first heard that the two of you had feelings for one another, I was a little uneasy.

Nora: Why?

Renee: For starters, I didn't think that you could love anyone the way you loved Bo. And I knew what Clint and Viki had had together.

[Renee sighs]

Renee: But when I see you guys together now, I was so wrong. You make one another so happy.

Nora: Yes, we do -- except in this one tiny little area.

Renee: Hmm. Understand -- I think you're wonderful, I adore you. You know that, huh?

Nora: Yes, I do.

Renee: Okay. Darling, love, if it's going to last, means compromise, live and let live. And that's really all I have to say.

Bo: How about a cup of coffee, Calvin?

Calvin: Oh, count me in. So I thought Clint was handling things around here.

Bo: Yeah, we're sharing the workload.

Calvin: Yeah. And so I'm the load, huh?

[Bo chuckles]

Bo: Nope, nope. You are -- you are an old friend. Here. Taste that.

Calvin: Black, one sugar -- so you remembered.

Bo: Are you kidding me? How could I forget? I think everybody knew exactly how you liked your coffee when we went hunting to Manitoba.

Calvin: Yeah.

Bo: Hey -- speaking of, take a look at this.

Calvin: Well, look at that. Lord, there he is himself, your pa with the three of us and look at the size of that elk.

[Calvin whistles]

Bo: Yeah. You were a good shot.

Calvin: Well, young eyes and a steady hand. Those were the days, huh?

Bo: I want you to keep that. I got a copy.

Calvin: Thanks, Bo. Thanks a lot.

Bo: Sure.

Calvin: I guess we better get to it, huh?

Bo: Yeah, guess so. You know, I remember on that hunting trip that you and pa -- you two talked a lot about your future in business. He really believed in you.

Calvin: Yeah. He gave me my start but I did pay him back, with interest as I recall.

Bo: Yep. You made him proud.

Calvin: No, you made him proud. Man, he loved to brag about his son who grew up to be a real-life sheriff. He liked that.

Bo: Hmm. Yeah, well, things change.

Calvin: Yeah, they do.

Bo: Yeah, but that's no reason for old friends to find themselves in a -- a fight that's not going to do anything but cost them both a lot of money. I mean, come on -- what is this, Calvin? Are you -- we can't find a way to work this out?

Calvin: Bo, I'd like that. I -- listen, you'll have to excuse me. I got to pop outside and make a call before we start.

Bo: Why don't you make it right here, and I'll give you a little privacy?

Rex: Hey. Clint here?

Gigi: He's in but he's on the phone.

Rex: Okay. Shane like the Phillies' game?

Gigi: He saw his first walk-off home run.

Rex: How was your night?

Gigi: Mine?

Rex: Your date -- with Jared.

Gigi: I told you it wasn't a date.

Rex: Right, just two people having a friendly drink after work -- same two people I saw kissing each other in this very room.

Gigi: What is your problem?

Adriana: Why is this taking so long?

Dorian: Stop worrying, Adriana. We're going to find him sooner or later.

Adriana: "Sooner or later"? I need him now.

Dorian: Why, has something new happened?

Adriana: Oh -- Rex is over at B.E. again with Gigi.

Dorian: Honey, you are fabulous, beautiful, and talented. Why would he want Gigi?

Adriana: Maybe he thinks she needs him.

Dorian: Don't worry about anything. Just call Phillippe. For goodness sakes, we want you to look fabuleux on your honeymoon.

[Adriana sighs]

Dorian: She is impossible.

Layla: Ahem. Ahem.

Dorian: You all right?

Layla: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Dorian: Uh -- is this the Norfolk Bar and Grill?

Layla: Uh, yes, it is and I'm not doing these bars on my own anymore. I'm serious. Let's go.

Dorian: Fine. I'll show you how it's done.

[Dorian chuckles]

Ramsey: Go home.

Antonio: I'm all right.

Ramsey: You need to be with your daughter.

Antonio: I need this job.

Ramsey: It'll be waiting for you. Go home -- that's an order.

Antonio: Thank you.

Talia: Antonio?

[Music plays]

Layla: Don't you like the ambience?

[Dorian chuckles]

Dorian: Well, I've been in worse places.

Layla:, I've never seen better than that. Look at him. Truthfully, Gigi's son, Shane, looks like him. Oh, my. Brody Lovett, you're in for a big surprise.

Talia: Did you talk to Michael?

John: Yeah, he couldn't tell me much more than he told Antonio.

Talia: I can't believe this -- I mean, not little Jamie. You know, Antonio -- his whole life is a mess.

John: Hey. It's not your fault.

Talia: Oh.

Ramsey: All right, have you got the time and place? It's a lot of money. Don't worry. Nothing will go wrong. I'm handling this personally -- well, me and Detective Vega.

Nora: Hey, Jamie. How is school?

Jamie: Good.

Nora: That's good. How are you doing?

Antonio: Okay.

Nora: Bye.

Antonio: Okay.

Nora: Bye, sweetie.

Antonio: Come on. Well, we are going to have a wonderful day. What do you say we have a sundae?

Jamie: Yes!

Bo: Hey, Clint?

Clint: How's it going?

Bo: I think I got through to him. We'll see anyway -- he's making a call right now.

Clint: He's making a call?

Bo: Yeah, yeah. I guess he had to touch base with someone before he could give us an answer, but I took him on a little trip down memory lane and I reminded him that Pa was the one that got him started in business.

Clint: Okay. Let's hope it works.

Bo: Hmm.

Rex: What's my problem? You're the one pretending a -- a guy who kisses you, who asks you to a club at night, that all he wants is a friendship.

Gigi: And if he wanted more, that would be your business because?

Rex: Because -- do you want to lose your job because you're -- you're fraternizing with the boss?

Gigi: He's not my boss.

Rex: Hey -- I don't trust the guy, Gigi.

Gigi: You know what? You don't run my life. You lost that right a long time ago. I'll tell Clint you wanted to see him.

Rex: No, I'll -- I'll wait. I -- I have to give him something.

Gigi: I'll give it to him.

Rex: Oh -- I -- well, I need to go over it with him.

Gigi: You know what? This isn't working for me.

Rex: What's "this"?

Gigi: You dropping into my life whenever you feel like and -- and trying to tell me what to do.

Rex: What does that mean?

Gigi: It means -- Shane and I aren't coming to your wedding.

[Music plays]

Dorian: All right, my dear. Watch and learn.

[Phone rings]

Dorian: Time out oh. I do have to take this. Just make sure our friend doesn't leave.

Layla: And how am I supposed to do that?

Dorian: Oh -- need I say more?

[Dorian chuckles]

Dorian: This better be good news, Calvin.

Calvin: Dorian, I cannot do this. I cannot do this. This is not good business and it just ain't right.

Dorian: I see.

Calvin: Yeah, the Buchanans and I -- we go way back.

Dorian: And you have such a tender heart. I'm sure that's going to mean a lot to your family when you lose your company.

Calvin: Dorian, don't threaten me.

Dorian: I'm simply reminding you of your obligations. I own 35% of your company. If you don't buy Buchanan Enterprises, well, then, I'll just have to withdraw my support and I'm sure the board of directors will find another C.E.O.

Calvin: You know, let -- let me just ask you one question, just one question. Why are you so hateful? I mean, you're rich, you're successful, you're beautiful. Why -- why in the world do you want to do this?

Dorian: If I were a man, you'd respect me.

Calvin: Doesn't make any difference.

Dorian: Oh, ho. Do think carefully, Calvin. You've got a choice to make here. You can protect your family's legacy, your company's legacy, or you can protect the legacy of a man like Asa Buchanan who would not have hesitated to rip your heart out. Got it? Bye-bye.

[Phone rings]

Dorian: Hmm. Hello?

Adriana: Have you found him?

Dorian: Actually, we have. And you will be pleased to know that Brody Lovett appears to be every inch the hero that Gigi said he was.

Adriana: Great. Get him back here so we can reunite the happy family.

Clint: Did Jenkins say who he was calling?

Bo: No.

Clint: Well, then for all you know, he could be calling his mistress.

Bo: Calvin doesn't have a mistress. His reputation's squeaky-clean. Come on.

Clint: Then why is he doing this to us? I mean, Bo, how does this make any sense at all?

Bo: Well, I hope to find out why he's doing it.

Rex: I don't -- I don't get it that you feel you can't --

Gigi: Mr. Buchanan, Rex is here to see you.

Rex: Yeah, I got that information you wanted.

Clint: About Mr. Jenkins?

Rex: His son.

Clint: Oh, dear God.

Rex: Yeah, it didn't make me real happy to find this.

Clint: Rex, if this doesn't make you happy, you've picked the wrong profession. In your line of work, this is the mother lode.

Bo: Hey, Cal? Everything okay?

Calvin: No.

[Calvin sighs]

Calvin: No, Bo, I'm afraid not.

Rex: Wait a minute. Don't -- no, don't go. Sorry, I just -- why don't you want to go to the wedding?

Gigi: I don't think it's a good idea.

Rex: Why not?

Gigi: Because -- look, I appreciate everything you've done for me -- helping me get this job, hanging out with Shane.

Rex: I love Shane.

Gigi: Don't say that.

Rex: Why not?

Gigi: You have no right to say that.

Rex: I'm sorry. I just -- I meant he's a -- he's a great kid.

Gigi: He is, he's wonderful. He's the best there is.

Rex: And you're mad at me? Why?

Gigi: You're getting married and that's great. I'm happy for you, but I don't want Shane to get hurt.

Rex: I'd never hurt Shane.

Gigi: Rex, you're going to have your own family soon. You're not going to have time for Shane.

Rex: I'll make the time. Gigi, I will be there for you and Shane as long as you need me. Nothing's going to change that.

[Music plays]

Dorian: Um --

Man: Ma'am?

Dorian: Hello. I'm Dorian Lord. And this is my friend Layla --

Layla: Williamson.

Man: Pleased to meet you.

Dorian: Could we have a word with you for a moment?

Man: Yes, ma'am. Um -- I'll get us a table.

Dorian: Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Michael: Is Antonio still around?

Talia: No. Uh -- he took the rest of the day off.

Michael: Because I printed out some stuff for him.

Talia: Michael, is there any chance these tests might be wrong?

Michael: I wish. Just tell him to give me a call, will you?

Talia: Yeah.

Michael: Yeah.

John: See you. Hey, it's going to be all right.

Bo: What happened, Cal? I -- I thought we were making progress.

Calvin: I'm sorry, Bo. I can't back off.

Bo: What -- can't or won't?

Calvin: Huh -- does it matter?

Bo: Yeah, actually, it does.

Calvin: Can’t. You'll be okay.

Bo: No, come on. What's going on, Cal?

Calvin: Huh.

[Calvin mumbles]

Clint: I just saw Jenkins walk out.

Bo: I don't know what happened. He was about to back off -- I know he was. And then he made that call.

Clint: Somebody's twisting his arm.

Bo: Looks like it.

Clint: Well, I think the time has come to break it off.

Antonio: Well, what's your favorite flavor?

Jamie: Chocolate.

Antonio: Yeah? What's Papi's favorite flavor?

Jamie: Chocolate.

Antonio: Hmm? Yeah? And -- who loves you more than anything in the world?

Jamie: Papi does.

Antonio: Mm-hmm, that's right, always and forever.

Gigi: You are not going to have time for Shane or me.

Rex: Hey, the bride's the one with the big career. I'm Mr. Freelancer. And since I seem to be working a lot with B.E. these days --

Gigi: Well, what? We'll meet up at the water cooler and talk about old times? Who are you kidding?

Rex: This is me -- remember? Catch me up -- what am I missing?

Gigi: Your bride, the one with the big career, doesn't like me.

Rex: That's not true.

Gigi: Tune in, Rex. She can't stand the fact that you and I were -- that we were close once.

Rex: You're wrong, you're so wrong. Adriana and I -- trust me, she's not threatened.

[Phone rings]

Gigi: [As Adriana] "Hey, Rex, where are you? Not that I'm threatened or anything."

Rex: Hey, babe, how's it going?

Adriana: I was just lying here wondering when you're going to come home.

Rex: Oh, well, listen. I'm -- I'm glad you called. Um -- do me a favor. Tell Gigi you don't have a problem with us being friends.

[Adriana sighs]

[Music plays]

Dorian: Thank you.

Layla: No, I've -- I've got it.

Man: All right.

Layla: Thank you very much.

Dorian: Well, I suppose you're wondering why we're here.

Man: Yes, ma'am.

Dorian: We are friends of Gigi's, Gigi Morasco. Gigi has a son, his name is Shane. He's 10 years old.


Dorian: We thought you would be interested in knowing that.

Man: And why is that?

Dorian: Oh, because although it happened so many years ago, we are sure that you remembered Gigi and we want you to know that she did not run off with another man when you were sent away in the service.

Man: Pardon me?

Dorian: And further, your mother lied to you when she said that Gigi had been unfaithful to you. Yes, she lied to you and she lied to Gigi -- yes, she did, because she told Gigi that you were dead.

Man: No disrespect, ma'am, but my mother would never lie to me.

Dorian: Of course you would want to believe that. But now that your mother has passed away so many years ago, it is time for the truth to come out.

Man: My mother's fine. I spoke to her this morning.

Dorian: Oh, no. That is not possible.

Layla: Are you Brody Lovett?

Man: Ma'am --


Dorian: What is that?

Man: That, ma'am, is Brody Lovett.

Dorian: Oh.

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Rex: Sometimes it feels like nothing's changed. Am I wrong?

Blair: You really think telling Starr that she has to wait to see Cole for six months is going to bring you and Starr closer?

Cole: We're going to run away together. We're never coming back.

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