One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 4/22/08


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Proofread by Kathy

[Music plays]

[Talia chuckles]

Cristian: How could they throw it in your face like this? All you got to do is say the word -- you know that, right?

Jared: Wasn't he all over you this afternoon? I can see why you're so crazy about him now -- he seems like a real catch.

Cristian: Okay, I've had enough. Hey, John?

John: What is it?

Talia: Cris, Cris! Cris, come on!

Jared: They used to fight over you like that?

Rex: Come on, guys! Take it outside!

[Phone rings]

Adriana: Are you there yet?

Dorian: We just landed in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We're going to drive to Michigan tonight and then go to the Lovett house first thing in the morning.

Adriana: No, not tomorrow -- tonight.

Dorian: Honey, have you got any idea what time it is?

Adriana: Look, Brody Lovett's family is sure to be home. Tomorrow, they could be at work.

Dorian: Adriana?

Adriana: Don't argue with me, mom -- we have a deal. Gigi's hiding something about this Lovett guy and I want to find out what it is -- tonight.

Dorian: Okay. Uh -- we are going to go directly to the Lovett house tonight. I just hope the limousine is there.

Layla: Okay, I lost track. Are we trying to prove that this Brody Lovett is Shane's father or isn't Shane's father?

Dorian: We're going on a hunting trip. We're going to dig up whatever we can to help Adriana finish off this tramp Gigi Morasco.

Rex: Come on!

Eddie: Commissioner?

Ramsey: Yeah?

Eddie: It's a bit of a free-for-all here at Capricorn.

Ramsey: Really -- with who?

Eddie: Vega's brother and McBain. They -- you want me to break it up or should I let them play it out?

Ramsey: Vega's brother start it?

Eddie: He did.

Ramsey: Then stop it and bring him in. I'll meet you at the station.

Eddie: Yes, sir.

Blair: Hey, Antonio, come on! Can you stop this? Seriously, that's enough.


Gigi: Oh, my God. My God!

Rex: Gigi?

Gigi: I'm fine.

Rex: You okay, honey?

Gigi: No -- I'm fine, I'm fine.

Eddie: All right, guys, break it up, break it up. Break it up. Big mistake, Vega. You're under arrest.

Ramsey: When can you deliver? And, yes, I made the payment. All right, thanks. I'll get back to you. Is everything okay?

Woman: Oh -- oh, fine.

Ramsey: Can you stay a little later? I got to get to the station.

Woman: Oh, of course. Whatever you need.

Ramsey: Thank you.

Woman: Uh -- I don't want to pry but -- that call? Was it good news?

Ramsey: I'm optimistic.

Antonio: Come on, Eddie. You know my brother, he didn't mean to --

Eddie: He didn't mean to punch me. You're telling me it was a muscle spasm or something? Wait -- it was an accident?

Blair: Okay, everybody, um -- show's over. You can go back to your tables and the next round of drinks is on the house, okay?


Eddie: Look, everybody saw your brother come after John.

John: Hey, forget about me. Why'd you go and hit him?

Cristian: I should've thrown you both out when you walked in.

Blair: Okay, okay, you know what? Okay, just cool down. I don't want any trouble here, all right? Go to your corners. John?

John: What?

Blair: I want to talk to you, please. John?

Gigi: I'm fine, I swear. I just scraped my hand a little bit.

Rex: Mm-hmm. And what's this?

Natalie: So manly of you, Jared, to step in there and break things up.

Jared: This is not my fight.

Natalie: Yeah, that's right. Everything's all about you all the time. I mean, why help people when --

Jessica: Guys, I just got here. What happened? Why is Cristian so furious?

Jared: Oh, well, you know, John McBain was just making out with Antonio's former girlfriend --

Jessica: What?

Jared: Right in front of Antonio.

Jessica: They were making out?

Natalie: Okay, no -- John and Talia were talking and then they got a little French.

Jessica: Well -- no wonder Cristian was so furious. Why would John and Talia come here anyway in the first place?

Natalie: I don't know what's in John's head these days.

Jared: But I think I have a pretty good idea. And -- and what are you doing here so late? Where's Nash?

Jessica: He -- he has a conference call. I just came here to drop off revisions that he wants for Cristian's designs.

Jared: I don't figure Cristian's going to be doing too much designing sitting in jail.

Eddie: You have the right to talk to a lawyer and have him present with you while you are being questioned. If you cannot afford to hire a lawyer, one will be appointed to represent you before any question, if you wish.

Antonio: They'll go a lot easier on Cris if you don't press charges.

Blair: Me? Cris hit two cops.

Antonio: You happy now, bringing that girl in here?

Blair: Okay --

John: Oh, come on, that's enough, all right?

Blair: No, hey, hey, no, no, no. The two of you please, please stop it. I don't want any more trouble in here -- otherwise, I'm going to have you thrown out. You got it?

Rex: Gigi got knocked down. I wanted to make sure she wasn't hurt.

Adriana: Isn't that always the way? Doing just fine and then life turns around and knocks you on your ass?

Dorian: Oh -- charming.

Layla: Should we ring the bell?

Dorian: Are -- are you sure this is the right address?

Layla: Uh -- same one you wrote down.

Dorian: Hmm. I was hoping I'd written it down wrong.

Layla: What do you say we just get out of here? I mean, why are we bothering these people in the middle of the night?

Dorian: Oh, Layla, for heaven's sake. It's not all that late, and besides which, Adriana made it quite clear that she wanted this information immediately. Now, remember -- we are good friends of Gigi Morasco.

Layla: I know, I know. I know the routine. You drilled it in me on the plane, mm-hmm.

Dorian: Right. Well, let's do this.

Layla: Like I have a choice.

[Dorian chuckles]

Dorian: Do you suppose this still works?

Layla: This will. It's an old trick my mom taught me.

Woman: Whatever you're selling, I'm not buying.

Dorian: Good evening. Um -- is this the, um, um -- Lovett household?

Woman: Yeah, but I'm still not buying.

Layla: We're not selling anything, Mrs. Lovett. We're friends of Gigi Morasco's.

Mrs. Lovett: If you don't move that hand, you'll lose it.

Mrs. Lovett: Are you going to move that hand, or what?

[Dorian chuckles]

Dorian: Uh, you -- are you by any chance Brody's sister, Nadine?

Mrs. Lovett: This is about Brody?

Dorian: Yes, it is.

Mrs. Lovett: And who are you? Who'd you say you were friends with?

Dorian: Gigi Morasco. Uh -- though, frankly, we really were hoping and would prefer to talk to Brody's mother.

Mrs. Lovett: Mama's been dead for five years.

Layla: Sorry to hear that.

Mrs. Lovett: It was her time.

Dorian: May she rest in peace.

Mrs. Lovett: Doubt that.

Dorian: Well, perhaps then you would answer a few questions about Brody for us. It would -- it's very important to our good friend, Gigi Morasco.

Mrs. Lovett: Yeah, I remember Gigi. Brody had a thing with her right before he shipped out with the seals. Mama couldn't stand that girl. I always kind of liked that about her. Well, I guess you gals could come in, have a little chat.

Dorian: Why, that would be lovely.

Talia: Eddie's going to take Cristian in, so I'm going to go down to the station and do a little damage control.

John: Okay, I'll go with you.

Blair: No, no, I really don't think that's a good idea. I thought the whole point was to, you know, calm things down, John.

John: You going to be okay?

Talia: Yes. Are you?

John: Yeah, it's just a ding.

Talia: Right, see ya.

John: See ya.

Blair: Let me see that. Ooh, I don't know -- that ding might need a few stitches there.

John: I'm not going to no hospital.

Blair: [As John] Okay, don't go to no hospital, but come on back to my little shed and let me see if I can fix it for you. [Normal voice] Come on.

John: Got a beer?

Blair: I got a bandage -- yeah, I'll give you a beer.

Miles: I was on the phone -- what the hell happened?

Jared: Ah, Natalie's ex-husband and ex-fiancÚ duked it out.

Natalie: Not -- not because of me.

Jared: Maybe next time, princess.

Jessica: Okay, I'm going to go down to the police station and make sure Cristian's okay. Bye, guys.

Miles: Fun night, huh?

Jared: Whoo.

Gigi: I'm fine, Rex, really.

Adriana: Of course she is.

Rex: She got knocked down, Adriana.

Adriana: And jumped right back up. You're used to bar fights, right, Gigi? You know, Texas, Wild West -- all that?

Jared: Are you okay?

Adriana: You should pay more attention to your date.

Gigi: He's not my date.

Rex: She's not his date.

Talia: Come on, Eddie. Can't you just let this go?

Antonio: He's trying to score points with the commissioner.

Jessica: Tonio, can't you take care of this? I don't understand why --

Ramsey: Quiet. Eddie, what's going on here?

Eddie: I was assaulted here by Vega.

Talia: Oh, yeah, right. You can see how beat up he is.

Ramsey: Sahid -- Eddie, go on.

Eddie: There were two dozen witnesses, and this is after he assaulted McBain for no good reason.

Talia: It was a misunderstanding.

Cristian: Oh, yeah? Did I misunderstand seeing McBain paw you?

Talia: What?

Ramsey: So, Sahid, are you defending this man because he --

Antonio: Look, commissioner, my brother was provoked.

Jessica: Cristian was just standing up for Antonio.

Talia: Jessica, you weren't even there.

Jessica: What?

Eddie: Attempted murder -- that's what he should be charged with.

Ramsey: Quiet! Now, Ms. Brennan, what are you doing here?

Jessica: I'm here to post Cristian's bail if he needs it.

Cristian: You don't have to do that, Jess.

Ramsey: No, that's right, but not for the reason you think. Sahid and the Vega with the free hands -- in my office, please. Eddie, process the perp.

Cristian: You didn't have to come here, Jess.

Jessica: I know I didn't but I'm here and I happen to be worried about you, Cristian.

Cristian: I can take care of myself.

Jessica: Oh, right, tough guy. I could tell that when you were beating up John at Capricorn.

Cristian: Yeah, well, if you would've shown up sooner, you would've seen what McBain was doing. He had his paws all over Talia. I mean, he was rubbing my brother's nose in it. I wasn't going to stand for that.

Ramsey: I thought I was doing a pretty good job as police commissioner, but clearly I made a mistake in going easy on the fraternization policy because I failed to predict that ms. Ms. Sahid was going to fraternize her way through the entire department.

Dorian: My. What -- lovely decor.

Layla: You have a very nice house, Ms. Lovett.

Mrs. Lovett: How about we skip the small talk and you tell me what you're after? And why didn't Gigi come herself if she's got questions?

Dorian: Because she was, um, very concerned about the tension that existed between herself and your mother. And, uh, we -- we volunteered to handle this situation for her.

Mrs. Lovett: Handle what?

Dorian: Frankly, we are wondering why your mother refused to see her grandson.

Mrs. Lovett: What grandson?

Layla: Gigi and Brody's little boy.

Mrs. Lovett: That Gigi was pregnant?

Dorian: You didn't know?

Mrs. Lovett: No -- I didn't have a clue. And my mama mustn't have known, either.

Layla: Why do you say that?

Mrs. Lovett: Well, otherwise, mean as that woman was, she'd never have done what she did.

Adriana: Whoa -- talk about protesting too much.

Gigi: He's not my --

Adriana: He's not your date, okay? Yes, I heard you. I'm sorry, I stand corrected. I won't say it again -- even though it looks like you guys are on a date.

Jared: You like to talk, don't you?

Adriana: You like to deny what's obvious, don't you?

Rex: Jared and Gigi are just friends.

Jared: I think we should get a drink, don't you?

Adriana: That's a good idea. You two have a swell night. And remember, you never know where friendship could lead.

Rex: Why are you doing this? Why are you pushing Gigi together with that creep?

Adriana: What? They might be good for each other. I want everyone to be as happy as you and me.

Miles: Do you want to talk about it?

Natalie: Um -- about what? You think I'm upset? Because -- huh -- I am so not upset. I'm, like -- I'm -- I am more relaxed than I've been in a long time. I mean, I'm happy -- I'm so happy. Hmm.

Miles: Not at all affected by John kissing Talia?

Natalie: Affected, no -- confused, yes.

Miles: How so?

Natalie: You know, I know John -- I mean, better than I pretty much know anyone else and what he did tonight -- it's just -- it's not like him.

Miles: What do you mean?

Natalie: John does not like public displays of affection. And when we were together, I was lucky to get to hold his hand with people around and, I mean, and under no circumstances would he be caught dead dancing in front of people or slobbering all over a woman in front of people. And to kiss Talia with Antonio right there, knowing that Antonio would see it and freak out? I mean, it's like -- it's like John's a pod person, you know? You -- you saw that movie, right?

Miles: Uh -- yeah, actually, I did.

Natalie: Yeah.

Miles: So what you're saying is the real John was snatched and replaced?

Natalie: Stranger things have happened.

Blair: Here you go. Here's your beer.

John: Thank you.

Blair: Go -- hey, hey. Go sit down.

John: Here?

Blair: Yes, right there.

John: You know, I don't need a bandage.

Blair: I know you don't need a bandage, but I'm going to clean that wound -- clean it all up.

John: I told you I'm fine.

Blair: Right. You know, Cristian is a very successful boxer.

John: I just hit myself a little hard when I sat down.

Blair: Right, not to mention that fist that you hit just a little. There you go.

John: Ow. Hey --

Blair: You know what? You got some bruises here. This didn't just happen tonight. What, was this your fight with Antonio or was it your fight with Todd?

John: Well --

Blair: Does it hurt?

John: Everybody keeps telling me I need to get a hobby, right?

Blair: John, do you have any idea how much Cole Thornhart looks up to you?

John: What? Where the hell did that come from? Look, I like -- I like the kid. I like spending time with him. He's a good kid.

Blair: It's more than "a good kid" and "spending time with him." Don't downplay it. You know he's -- he looks up to you. You're his hero.

John: I don't know about that. Hey --

Blair: Well, I do. No wonder he's been pulling the stunts he's been pulling lately.

John: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Blair: Well, it means that he looks up to you, John -- you're his hero. Like I said before, why don't you stop acting like a jackass?

Talia: My personal life is not your concern.

Ramsey: If you are causing fights between my cops, and dragging us down here in the middle of the night, it definitely is our concern. And if you're sleeping with half the squad room, then --

Talia: How dare you? I don't have to put up with this from you.

Ramsey: Oh, am I missing something? Because I can only call them the way I see them.

Talia: He can't talk to me like this.

Ramsey: You want to bring charges? Because that would result in exposing all of your recent, very questionable behavior. Considering the situation, Ms. Sahid, I would recommend that you be a little less sensitive, because this is not a pretty picture.

Talia: Okay, you're just -- you're just going to stand there and you're going to let him talk to me like that?

Ramsey: Oh, I think Mr. Vega understands that this is an embarrassing situation. And from what I hear, your former boyfriend was not involved in a fight which occurred in a club he until recently owned and which is still managed by his brother. And yet, for some reason, you and John McBain chose there to go clubbing. So who created this situation, Ms. Sahid?

Talia: You know what? McBain and I have the right to go out without getting attacked.

Ramsey: Well, of course you do. But until the two of you can go out in public and not grope each other for 10 minutes, particularly in the face of your former boyfriend, I suggest you get a motel room. Now, I would like to talk to Mr. Vega. Ms. Sahid, you are dismissed.

Jessica: You should have stayed out of this, Cristian.

Cristian: I should watch my brother's girlfriend make a fool out of my brother and do nothing? Is that what you're telling me?

Jessica: What I'm telling is Antonio can take care of himself.

Cristian: I still don't understand what you're doing here.

Jessica: I -- I was worried about you, okay? And as far as I know, Nash and Sarah are still on a conference call. So you won't be able to get a hold of her. Unless -- do you want me to get hold of her?

Cristian: No, no, keep out of this.

Jessica: She'd be here in a second if she knew what was going on.

Cristian: This isn't her problem -- or yours.

Jessica: Whoa. I'm your friend, okay? And Nash is home with Bree. I have nowhere else to be, so I'm going to stick around here until I find out what's going on with you, okay?

Cristian: Thanks.

Jessica: That's better.

John: You don't pull punches, do you?

Blair: You noticed, huh?

John: Hmm.

Blair: You know, I wondered why Cole was crazy enough to sneak over to Dorian's to see Starr to get caught by me, then go back over to talk to Todd face to face. And now I know why.

John: No, that's not fair.

Blair: Makes sense.

John: I had nothing to do with that. If I had known that's what Cole was up to, I'd have stopped him.

Blair: You know, John, kids learn from our actions. And if they think, you know, we're way cool, then they imitate us like crazy.

John: Cole isn't even around me that much.

Blair: What are you talking about? This is a small town. Word travels fast. He probably found out how you're, like, treating Antonio.

John: I wouldn't want my decisions to hurt Cole.

Blair: You promised Marty that you'd watch out for him.

John: And I did. I'd do anything to protect him.

Blair: I can't quite figure you out, John McBain.

John: There's not much to figure.

Blair: Maybe. Maybe not.

Miles: Are you sure this isn't about --

Natalie: What? Say it.

Miles: Could you still be having a hard time with John being involved with another woman?

Natalie: Miles, what time warp are you living in? I mean, you know, John and I -- we broke up a long time ago. You know, and he was already with another woman, Marty, you know, and I was -- it's not that. Okay? It's just the changes, like I said, and -- um -- I don't really want to talk about this anymore. Can we change the subject, okay? Like, what were -- what were we talking about before all this hell broke loose? You were saying something about you -- what, had a better place in -- oh, my God.

Miles: What?

Natalie: Are you -- are you planning on leaving town?

Miles: I'm not sure about that. But I'm going to be moving out of the carriage house. I have taken advantage of your mother's hospitality long enough.

Natalie: Miles, my mom loves having you around.

Miles: I've made my mind up.

Natalie: Miles, I don't want you to leave. I mean, who else am I going to pour my heart out to? Oh -- oh, wait, that's -- that's it right? You're just -- you're sick of all the whining and kvetching, as Roxy would put it.

Miles: The kvetching is wearing a little thin, but it's not --

Natalie: Miles, I don't want to lose you.

Miles: Natalie, you won't. We'll always be friends. It's just that -- it's time that I stop depending on other people. It's time that I get my own life.

Gigi: I hope you never have daughters.

Jared: Huh?

Gigi: If you're this protective of your niece, I'd hate to see what your little girls go through when they start dating.

Jared: Oh, no, no, Miles and Natalie are not dating.

Gigi: You're kind of missing the point. Should we blow this joint?

Jared: Stop, we just got here.

Gigi: Hmm.

Jared: Ah. You want to leave because of Adriana.

Gigi: Are you kidding? I'm not going to let that -- woman chase me out of here.

Jared: Whoa. If looks could kill --

Gigi: She's been looking at me?

Jared: Well, not now, but when she did, it was sort of like "Gigi Morasco, drop dead."

Gigi: Why? Why does she have it in for me?

Jared: Do I need to explain that?

Gigi: Because Rex and I dated, like, 100 years ago?

Jared: Because for a guy who's getting married in three weeks, Rex is a little too interested in your love life.

Adriana: We should start booking our honeymoon. We what do you think about a cruise?

Rex: Adriana --

Adriana: We could fly to Europe and pick up a ship there.

Rex: Adriana --

Adriana: Would you rather do something more exotic? Oh, you know what we could do? We could hike the Inca trail to Machu Picchu.

Rex: Adriana, please, stop!

Adriana: Rex, we have to start booking the honeymoon. We've been so focused on the wedding.

Rex: I -- I know, I know. But we're not going to talk about either one right now, okay?

Adriana: You sound so serious. Is something wrong?

Rex: Yeah! I -- I mean -- no, not really, it's just -- you're a little wound up.

Adriana: Well, what do you expect? I'm getting married in a few weeks. And plus, all this flying back and forth --

Rex: I -- I know.

Adriana: I miss you when I'm in Paris. My body aches for you, I swear.

Rex: And I miss you, too, when I'm not with you.

Adriana: I'm sorry I've been such a pain.

Rex: And I'm sorry we had to spend our night out dealing with fist fights, and Jared and Gigi.

Adriana: Yeah, me, too. Let's just put that part of the night behind us. Now it's just you and me.

[Gigi laughs]

Adriana: What?

Rex: Nothing, I just -- something about Jared. I don't trust the guy.

Adriana: Yeah, you said that before. I thought it was going to be about us now, Rex.

Rex: It is. I -- I just -- I feel guilty because I got Gigi the job. I don't want to see her hurt.

Adriana: You know what? I hope he does hurt her. I hope he hurts her so bad that she's got to leave town and we never see her again.

Rex: Whoa! Where'd that come from?

Adriana: I'm sick of it, Rex! Gigi this and Gigi that. Can we please just stop worrying about Gigi?

Layla: What did your mother do, Ms. Lovett?

Mrs. Lovett: I shouldn't speak ill of the dead. Even if the dead was meaner than a junkyard dog.

Layla: Excuse me?

Dorian: I'm sure that it was very painful for you to lose your mother, even if you weren't very close.

Mrs. Lovett: Eh, not so much. We were always at each other's throats. After my divorce, I lived in this house with Mama till the day she died. And even on that day, she gave me what for. "Nadine, you lazy slob, look at all the crumbs inside this here toaster oven." Those were her last words.

Dorian: Well, I'm sure if she had known that she was going to leave this mortal coil, she would have told you how much she adored you.

Nadine: Nah. She couldn't have lied like that. She didn't have it in her.

Dorian: Hmm. I can see that this is stirring up all kinds of painful memories. However, if just possibly, you could pull yourself together and tell us exactly what it is that your mother did --

Nadine: Well, I wasn't here to see it. But Mama told me all about it. She was so proud of herself.

Dorian: Oh. Do tell us all.

Nadine: Well, Brody -- he had been gone about a month, when the old woman called Gigi over here and told her.

Layla: That he had died overseas?

Nadine: That's right.

Dorian: And did she tell her in a particularly cruel way?

Nadine: Well, you could say that. Because it was a lie. Brody didn't die overseas. He's no deader than you or me.

Ramsey: Do you have anything to say, Mr. Vega?

Antonio: My brother lost it for a minute. All right? He -- he didn't assault an officer, and he certainly wasn't trying to murder Eddie. It was a family thing. I would hate to see him punished for being loyal.

Ramsey: Mm-hmm. And what if he killed a man out of family loyalty?

Antonio: Is that a rhetorical question?

Ramsey: Did your brother attack John McBain and hit Officer Barton in the process?

Antonio: Yes, that's correct.

Ramsey: Then technically, he assaulted two officers, is that accurate?

Antonio: Yes.

Ramsey: And yet, you're asking for special treatment here because he's your brother.

Antonio: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that.

Ramsey: Hold on. Look, I know he was provoked. We'll keep him here overnight, let him cool down. I'll make sure no charges are filed against him in the morning. We'll release him.

Antonio: Thank you.

Ramsey: But this is between us.

Antonio: I understand.

Ramsey: You're on the right side here.  Lock him up, Eddie.

Jessica: You're kidding me. Does Cristian get a bail hearing at all?

Antonio: In the morning.

Cristian: What did Ramsey say?

Dorian: So, your brother is still alive?

Nadine: Last I heard. Man, I can't believe he has a kid out there he doesn't even know about.

Layla: Why would your mother tell Gigi such an awful lie?

Nadine: Jealousy.

Dorian: I don't follow.

Nadine: See, Brody -- he was always Mama's favorite. She hated any girl who even looked at him, let alone one he looked back at. So after Mama told Gigi that Brody was dead, she practically ran that girl out of town on a rail.

Dorian: Was Brody in love with Gigi?

Nadine: Oh, head over heels.

Layla: Then why didn't he look for her when he came home?

Nadine: Well, Mama just told him that Gigi ran off with another man.

Dorian: What about you? Why didn't you tell him the truth?

Nadine: Well, I wasn't one to go against Mama.

Layla: So, when Brody heard that Gigi ran off with another guy, it -- he just --

Nadine: He just re-enlisted right away. He's been in the service ever since.

Dorian: Iraq?

Nadine: Afghanistan, too. An old buddy of his told me he comes back here now and then, but I haven't laid eyes on him in years.

Dorian: You think he's still in the service?

Nadine: Oh, I'd bet on it. Brody doesn't know how to do anything else. The thing is, I just got so much on my mind these days. Okay, that buddy of his told me he saw Brody recently down in Norfolk.

Dorian: Norfolk, Virginia?

Nadine: Mm-hmm.

Dorian: I see. Well, thank you. Thank you so very much. We really appreciate your taking so much time with us.

Nadine: Well, I'm guessing Gigi will be pretty happy to find out her baby's daddy's still alive, huh?

Dorian: She won't be the only one.

Rex: All I said was, I hope that Gigi doesn't --

Adriana: That you hope Gigi doesn't get hurt. Poor thing has suffered enough. Her whole life has been one big struggle. Poor Gigi, boo-hoo.

Rex: Adriana, when you talk like that --

Adriana: I know, it's beneath me. I should be a better person than that.

Rex: I just wish Gigi didn't get on your nerves so much.

Adriana: You know, maybe I shouldn't say this, Rex, but Gigi probably gets on a lot of people's nerves.

Rex: Why?

Adriana: I guess you don't see it, but, honey, she's got that whole cocky, smart-ass thing about her.

Rex: What?

Adriana: It gets old really fast.

Rex: Okay. I get it, you can't stand her. Let's change the subject.

Adriana: Fine. Sorry I bit your head off. Jet lag. I'm not myself.

Rex: You're fine.

Adriana: No, I'm not. I've been cranky and whiny. I hope I haven't ruined our evening.

Rex: Definitely not. Besides, the night's still young.

[Adriana chuckles]

John: Well, much obliged, ma'am.

Blair: Well, that's all right, cowboy. I guess that's part of owning a saloon.

John: Hmm. Hey.

Talia: Hey, you're looking better.

Blair: What happened down at the station? How'd it go?

Talia: Cristian got booked. He's probably in lockup by now.

Blair: Ugh. I didn't want it to go that far. Oh. I've got some new people here.

Talia: You do look better.

Natalie: Hey.

John: Hey.

Natalie: You okay?

John: Yeah, I'll live.

Natalie: You know, everyone's edgy. The Vega family's -- they've just had some bad luck lately.

Talia: Yes, Natalie, being edgy definitely gives a person the right to punch out another person.

Natalie: It's just -- I hope you're your old self soon.

Miles: Everything okay?

Natalie: Peachy keen. Everyone's acting so crazy. You know, that's why you cannot leave town -- because you are the only sane friend that I have left.

Miles: Come on, let's blow this pop stand. Hmm.

Gigi: Ugh. And the bragging -- sometimes I just want to scream! "Oh, Henry's so bright, oh, Mikey's such an amazing athlete." Have you heard a word I said?

Jared: Huh? Yeah. Yes, I have. I'm -- I'm sorry. And you should be proud of Shane, because he is a really great artist.

Gigi: So then he showed you the comic book, huh?

Jared: He -- he did. He said he did it about his dad. It's -- it's great that he's so proud of him.

Gigi: Yeah.

Jared: It's a shame that Shane's dad never got to meet him, because I'm sure he'd be proud of Shane, too.

Gigi: Yeah, he would be. No doubt about that.

Rex: Starting right now, this night is about us. Not the wedding, not anybody else, just us.

Adriana: That sounds great.

Rex: How about two more glasses of champagne to celebrate?

Adriana: I'd love that.

[Phone rings]

Adriana: So, what happened?

Dorian: Good news.

Adriana: What? Tell me.

Dorian: Gigi's ex -- the reports of his death were greatly exaggerated. Brody Lovett is very much alive.

Adriana: Oh.

Jessica: I can't believe Cristian has to spend the night here.

Cristian: Come on, Jess, it's not like I haven't been in a cell before, I'll be fine.

Jessica: Oh -- fine, I'll be here in the morning.

Cristian: I can post bail.

Jessica: I know you can, Cristian, okay? I -- I'll just be here, anyway.

Eddie: All right, time to go.

Jessica: Unbelievable.

Antonio: I'll see you in the morning.

Jessica: You know, I just don't get this whole situation at all. If Bo was still commissioner, you know, he would have let Cristian off. Any decent guy would have.

Antonio: I agree. Any decent person would.

Jessica: Good night.

Woman: All right, you're set for the evening.

Ramsey: Thank you for staying late. Oh, can I call you a cab?

Woman: Oh, no. No, I'll walk. It's such a lovely evening.

Ramsey: Oh. Well, you take care.

Woman: Oh. You, too.

Rex: You were on the phone. Who were you talking to?

Adriana: Huh. Layla, telling me things were going great.

Rex: Did she meet with the new store? Oh, this late?

Adriana: Oh, you know my partner. She's a go-getter.

Rex: That call seems to have put you in a better mood.

Adriana: Yes, definitely.

Talia: Ramsey came in just to gloat. And the things he said to me in that office -- it was pretty brutal.

John: I should have been there.

Talia: Well, he went off on me. He seemed to be on Antonio's side, but he still wouldn't let Cristian go.

John: Ramsey's not on Antonio's side. He doesn't care about anyone but himself.

Ramsey: Boy, the view never gets old, does it? After all, you're a lot more familiar with this skyline than I am, but -- I know I'm relatively new in this town, but -- well, must feel good to be home, huh?

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Michael: It's about your daughter -- she's sick.

Sarah: Why didn't you call me?

Cole: I'm sorry -- I really need to talk to you.

Markko: If I can put it together so quickly, how long is it going to take Starr's parents?

Todd: I know what's wrong with you.

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