One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 4/17/08


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Natalie: John, I'm sorry, but you and Talia -- I don't -- I don't get it.

John: Things just happen. We both know that.

Natalie: Talia was with Antonio, and this isn't -- this isn't you, you don't do this.

John: I don't want to talk about either one of them.

Natalie: What do you want to talk about? Why did you come here?

Jared: Ahem! Natalie, I need those Caracas numbers. Oh -- I'm sorry, was I interrupting something here?

Jessica: Look, I'm just sorry about what happened between Talia and John; I know how much you cared about her.

Antonio: It's over now.

Nash: Now, I'm thinking as soon as we get back to Llanview, we should start planning a series of smaller wine tastings and events to celebrate the rollout of the label.

Sarah: Nash --

Nash: Sarah --

Sarah: Huh -- I think you're forgetting something.

Nash: What am I forgetting? A raise -- done.

Sarah: Huh. Um -- we're on our way home. And once we get home, I have to go back to my full-time job -- and my boyfriend's the boss.

Cristian: Hey, Blair.

Blair: Hey. I just stopped off at Capricorn and picked up this schedule that Sarah did.

Cristian: Yeah?

Blair: Yeah -- she's nowhere to be found, and I need a decoder ring to figure this out.

Cristian: Well, you knew she was out of town, right?

Blair: Yeah, but I thought she'd be back by now. What'd she do, run off with Nash?

Cristian: Hey, come on, Blair, Sarah wouldn't do that.

Blair: That was a joke, Cristian. Man, I hit a nerve, huh?

Cristian: Nope, I'm nerve-free.

Blair: Are you worried?

Cristian: I'm not jealous.

Blair: "Worried, worried," is what I was going to say, because look at your face -- it's what you look -- you look worried.

Markko: Don't turn around.

Cole: What, is it Starr?

Markko: I told you not to turn around.

Cole: Great -- Starrís mom.

Markko: We have that "last minute kick your butt because we stunk yesterday at lacrosse practice" to get to -- maybe we can sneak away while mommy's back is turned.

Cole: I'm not going to practice.

Markko: What? Dude, coach will kill you.

Cole: Well, he better jump in line.

Markko: Okay, this is crazy. You can't keep sitting here thinking about Starr and the mess with her psycho old man.

Cole: Markko, there's -- there's something else wrong with Starr, it's written all over her face.

Todd: So how is she?

Shaun: She's upstairs.

Todd: Well, I didn't ask you where she was, I asked you how she is.

Shaun: She doesn't tell me how she is, all right?

Todd: What about school? How's she doing in school?

Shaun: I have to wait out in the parking lot. I don't know how she is, you know, when she's in school.

Todd: When she leaves school, is she -- you know, is she with friends, is she laughing?

Shaun: I can't remember the last time I heard your daughter laugh.

Todd: But she's never with Cole, right?

Shaun: No, not when I'm around. No. The only person she talks to is Langston. Those two always got their heads together.

Langston: So you want me to be you?

Starr: Langston, it's the only way I can get out of the house without Shaun noticing.

Langston: And -- and what about your parents?

Starr: They're out working -- they're not going to be home until late.

Langston: So you want me to be you long enough for you to get out of the house, go all the way to Jersey --

Starr: And get an abortion, yes.

Langston: You can't do that by yourself.

Starr: I'm going to have to because you have to stay and pretend to be me.

Langston: Okay, well, even so, how are you going to get home after they do that to you?

Starr: I guess I'm going to have to be okay.

Langston: I -- I hate this.

Starr: Well, I hate it, too.

Langston: Okay, what -- what do you want me to do?

Starr: Everything you need to be me is in this bag.

John: I have to go.

Jared: Great idea, because I need Natalie to talk to me about Caracas.

Natalie: Jared, relax.

John: No, I really do have to go.

Natalie: No, wait. I need to talk to John.

Jared: Go ahead.

Natalie: Alone. I'll be done in three minutes, and then you can have all the Caracas numbers you want.

Natalie: What the hell was that?

John: Uncle Jared is really protective.

Natalie: I mean you. You're so tight with Talia -- why did you almost kiss me?

Jessica: I'm just really sorry things didn't work out between you and Talia.

Antonio: Seems like I don't have very good judgment when it comes to women.

Jessica: Antonio, there's always going to be a part of me that will love you.

Antonio: Ha. Like, this is what I mean right now.

Jessica: And you deserve somebody special, somebody who's going to love --

Antonio: I don't need a pep talk, not from you.

Jessica: Okay. Okay. Okay, I guess you're right. It a little too early for me to weigh in about your personal life, huh?

Antonio: Yeah, well, now that you have, maybe I -- maybe I can weigh in on yours.

Jessica: Mine?

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, you know, John and Talia -- they started working together not too long ago, and then shortly after that they -- uh -- they were together.

Jessica: What does that have to do with me?

Antonio: I know that Nash has spent the last few days in Napa with my brother's girlfriend -- working.

Jessica: If you're suggesting that they --

Antonio: Look, Jess -- can you look at me and tell me that you trust him -- really?

Nash: Don't you think that you have more to offer the world than just booking bands for Capricorn?

Sarah: I'm good at it, and I like it -- and I like working with Cristian.

Nash: And that's enough?

Sarah: Listen, big shot, you have a pretty cool winery and I really want it to succeed, but I do not think you can exactly afford to pay me any more than I'm making at my day job.

Nash: Me and my winery are on the way up. Can you say the same thing about Capricorn?

Sarah: With me booking the talent?

Nash: Mm-hmm.

Sarah: Yes, I can.

Nash: Fine. But still, you're working for somebody else. You could be working for yourself. You should start your own company, an events-planning company or something --

[Sarah laughs]

Nash: I think it could take off.

Sarah: I threw a couple good parties, now I'm starting my own company?

Nash: You could. I think you're a risk-taker.

Sarah: Like you?

Nash: Like me.

Sarah: Right.

Starr: It -- it's not my hair, but it's pretty close.

Langston: Uh, yeah -- if your hair was synthetic.

Starr: Okay, Langston, I am trying here, please. Okay, now, look, I have this outfit, and everybody knows that it's my favorite -- even the hat, right? I mean, this isn't all perfect, but it'll work.

Langston: All right, well -- but we have to think about this.

Starr: We don't have time to think, Langston. The clinic only has late hours every other Thursday, and I'll go crazy if I have to wait another two weeks.

Langston: Okay, okay.

Starr: Now, look, Shaun knows me in this outfit, and as long as you don't get too close, it should work.

Langston: Okay, but Shaunís always outside the front gate. I mean, how are you going to get past him?

Starr: I have another secret weapon. Now, wait here and try on the wig.

Langston: Wait, what -- fine. This is crazy.

Langston: This is your secret weapon -- Jack? We're screwed.

Cole: Markko, Starr is not telling me everything.

Markko: Dude, Starrís not telling you anything -- that's the deal. I mean, she's, like, a prisoner in her own home, she has a bodyguard, and her dad threatens to kill you every time he sees you. If she looks sad, that's why.

Cole: I know Starr, there's something else.

Markko: Shoot, she saw us, dude, she's coming right here. Let's go, let's go.

Blair: Hey, guys.

Markko: Hey, Mrs. Manning, hi.

Blair: Hi. Hi, Cole. Markko, would you mind if I had a few words with Cole, please?

Markko: Um -- sure.

Cole: Is something wrong? Is Starr okay?

Blair: How about I go first? You really want to go to prison?

Cole: No, I do not want to go to prison.

Blair: Could've fooled me.

Cole: I went over to your house to see Mr. Manning, not Starr.

Blair: And you thought this was going to work for you how?

Cole: To ask Mr. Manning to lay off of Starr.

Blair: Hmm. See, I heard that you told Todd that it was ruining his daughter's life.

Cole: Well, he is.

Blair: You getting up in Toddís face only made it worse for the two of you, not better.

Cole: Do you know how miserable I am?

Blair: Yes, Cole, I do, and I'm sorry. Listen to me. For the time being, do what Todd says, okay? Play by his rules. Maybe -- just maybe -- things will ease up a little bit. Otherwise, I can probably make a -- a definite promise to you -- you will not ever see Starr again.

Starr: Okay, Jack, we want to play a little game with you.

Jack: You never want to do anything with me.

Starr: Well, now we do.

Jack: I am not dressing up like a girl.

Starr: No, no, no, you're not, I promise.

Jack: I was on level six in my game, and I'm going back.

Starr: Um -- sure, fine. Jack, you can go, but then I'm going to tell Dad who dented his car with their skateboard.

Jack: That is not fair!

Starr: Life isn't fair.

Langston: Okay, you know, Starr, maybe the less people involved, the better.

Starr: I know what I'm doing. Get back in here and shut the door. Okay. Now, Jack, when I tell you to, you are going to get your bat and your ball, and go to the back door, okay?

Jack: This is a dumb game, Starr.

Starr: No, no, no -- and then when I tell you to, you're going to get Shaun to go and help you find your ball.

Jack: Oh! I get it. You're trying to sneak out to see Cole.

Starr: Well, it's something like that.

Jack: And we'll get in trouble if we get caught.

Starr: Then don't get caught.

Jack: You so owe me.

Starr: I know I do, and now I'm going to go and get you when I'm ready, okay?

Jack: Uh-huh.

Starr: Thank you so much. Okay.

Langston: The old "lost your ball" trick?

Starr: Langston --

Langston: What makes you think that Jack's not going to sing like a canary when he gets caught?

Starr: Because he's a Manning and he knows how to lie. Please, we don't have that much time now. Could you go get me something of yours so that I can wear it? You're with me on this, right?

Langston: Yeah, I'm with you.

Jessica: Antonio, Nash and Sarah are not having an affair in Napa.

Antonio: Okay. Last time I remember Nash being in Napa, he was -- he was with Tess, right? A pretty blond who likes to party, right? And -- and he's there now with Sarah -- another pretty blond who likes to party.

Jessica: Okay, is this payback? Well, now I'm going to have to tell you something that you probably don't want to hear, but Nash and I -- we're really happy. We're really happy together, okay?

[Antonio chuckles]

Antonio: So were we.

Jessica: Okay, well, I'm going to go because he's coming in today.

Antonio: Okay.

Jessica: I'm -- I'm sorry that -- that you felt like you needed to say those things to me.

[Jessica sighs]

Jessica: I guess I don't blame you.

Talia: We have to speak -- whether you want to or not.

John: What I did before was a mistake.

Natalie: You almost kiss me, and that's all you can say?

John: Okay, I should go.

Natalie: John, come on! You -- you sleep with Talia in a motel room, you get caught by Antonio, you get into a fistfight. A day later, you show up at my office out of the blue and you come on to me?

John: Like I said, I guess it was a mistake.

Natalie: You suck at lying. What's with you?

John: I'll explain someday. None of this is about you.

Natalie: John --

John: You look pretty.

Natalie: Wait!

Jared: What the hell was that about?

Natalie: Well, whatever it was is none of your damn business.

Jared: Okay, that creep was coming on to you five minutes after he was caught sleeping with another man's girl.

Natalie: Again, your business why?

Jared: You really want me to answer that?

Natalie: I want you to not get involved in my personal life.

Jared: He wanted to kiss you.

Natalie: And so what if he did? You going to defend my honor, "Uncle Jared"?

Jared: Stop calling me that.

Natalie: I have work to do -- apparently. So why don't you go take a cold shower?

Jared: Do you have any idea what it did to me to watch you with John McBain just now? Do you?

Talia: I'm sorry for getting physical with you -- you know, for pushing you in front of --

Antonio: No, no, no. Look, there's no need to apologize.

[Talia sighs]

Antonio: I had it coming. I shouldn't have said what I said, especially here in front of everyone. Look, from now on, we don't talk unless we have to, and -- and we don't have to talk about anything but work now.

Talia: Okay. Um, but --

Antonio: No buts. That's it.

John: Are you okay? What did he say to you?

Sarah: Oh, my God, I have, like, a million messages.

Nash: Hmm.

Sarah: Natalie -- not very happy with me. Natalie again. Natalie. Uh, I think I better get to B.E. before they disown me.

Nash: Uh-huh.

Sarah: Oh, nice -- my new boss, Blair, apparently doesn't like the way I make the schedule.

Nash: Well, welcome home, huh?

Sarah: Do you have a lot of messages?

Nash: I'm meeting Jessica at the diner.

Sarah: Cool.

Nash: So I guess this is where we say our goodbyes. Goodbye.

Sarah: You can't get rid of me that easily, Brennan. We're still going to work together in the future, I hope.

Nash: I hope -- you did a great job, I owe you.

Sarah: And I owe you for giving me a chance to work on the west coast.

Nash: Well, I hope that if I ever have to work on the west coast again, you will allow me to ask you to help me again.

Sarah: You better.

[Sarah chuckles]

[Music plays]

Cristian: I just want an hour of dishes, that's all.

Markko: Cristian, come on, I'm not even working right now.

Cristian: Just an hour, man.

Jessica: Hey, guys.

Markko: Hi.

Cristian: Hey. How you doing?

Jessica: Good.

Markko: Um, I'm waiting on Cole. I'm going to go make myself some dessert in the kitchen.

Cristian: Okay -- well, at least wash those.

Markko: All right.

Cristian: Thanks. You hear from Nash?

Jessica: Yes -- their plane just landed.

Cristian: He must be pretty pumped if he wants to have that meeting for the new labels.

Jessica: I guess things went well.

Cristian: I guess so.

Jessica: Mm-hmm. Have you heard from Sarah?

Cristian: No, not yet. Something up?

Jessica: I went to go and see Antonio.

Cristian: You did? Why?

Jessica: I just heard about John and Talia, and I just wanted --

Cristian: Yeah, Jess, but --

Jessica: I was just really relieved, okay, when I thought that he was happy with somebody else.

Cristian: So you didn't feel so guilty anymore?

Jessica: Yes, probably. I just wanted to say how sorry I was, that's it.

Cristian: How'd it go?

Jessica: We managed to have a conversation, I guess. He's still made at me, and he's probably never going to forgive Nash.

Cristian: Do you blame him?

Jessica: No, I donít.

Cristian: Look, Jess, Antonio's mad, he's hurt, and I'm sure he said some things that he shouldn't have said. But Nash is back, you have this beautiful daughter, a home, so many things to look forward to -- focus on that.

Jessica: Yeah, thanks, because you're right.

Cristian: I hope I helped.

Jessica: You did.

Cole: Okay, so let me get this straight -- you're asking me to follow rules that make no sense and hurt Starr?

Blair: Yes and no.

Cole: Okay, I love Starr. How is that wrong?

Blair: It's not wrong, Cole. I know you love her. But we're her parents and we love her, too, and I don't agree with Toddís methods -- but you and Starr came so close to going way too far, and you're too young.

Cole: We didn't think we were ever going to see each other again.

Blair: You can justify this any way you want to, but let me tell you this -- Todd does not care. If you don't listen to what he says, he will make sure that you go to prison. You hear me? If you don't play by his rules, you're still not going to see Starr.

Cole: How is she?

Blair: She is as miserable as you are. Hey, hang in there, okay?

Cole: So you think things can change?

Singer: You can't hurt me anymore

Blair: You know, I want to think so. I just- I want to move past what happened that night, and hopefully we can never have to look back.

Langston: Are you sure about this, about everything?

Starr: I can't have that baby, Langston.

Langston: I know, I just -- I just really want to be there for you.

Starr: Well, you'll be there for me when it's all over. Now, Langston, you're the only person in the world that knows that I'm pregnant and that I'm about to not be. Anyway -- um -- here. You're going to take my car, you're going to drive to school, and then you're going to go in there. Shaun will probably follow you, and he'll wait outside for you, but I told him that I had drama club tonight, so --

Langston: Yeah, I'll just go to the library, it'll probably be empty.

Starr: Yeah, and, um, Cole and Markko don't have any practice, so they shouldn't be there.

Langston: That's good. Wait, if -- if I have your keys, how are you getting to the bus station?

Starr: Your bike.

Langston: Oh.

Starr: There's a bus that goes to Atlantic City that runs every hour, I want to catch the next one.

Langston: One thing.

Starr: Just one?

Langston: If something happens at the clinic -- I mean, I'm not saying that it would, but --

Starr: You know what? I -- I already wrote down the address and the phone number just in case.

Langston: Oh, wow, you thought of everything.

Starr: Yeah, I had to. Langston, I'll never forget that you did this for me. Yeah, when -- when you hear Jack yell for Shaun, then you just run out the front door, okay?

Langston: I'll be thinking of you the whole time. I love you.

Starr: I love you, too.

Starr: Jack? Hey. You're a really good kid, you know that, right?

Jack: Are you okay?

Starr: I will be as long as you keep this secret for me, okay? Thanks. I'll be your slave for life, okay? Now, go.

Starr: I love you, Cole.

Jack: Shaun, I need some help!

Shaun: Hey, what's up, little dude?

Jack: My ball -- I hit a foul ball, and now it's stuck on the gazebo roof. Can you get it for me? Come on, it's right there.

[Shaun sighs]

Jack: You can still watch the front door.

Shaun: Okay, let's do it.

Jack: Yes!

[Doorbell rings]

Todd: I got it!

Todd: Hello, Police Commissioner Ramsey. Thank you for being on time. Where the hell is Shaun? Shaun! Shaun Shaun!

Cristian: Hey. How you holding up?

Antonio: I'd be a lot better if people would stop asking me that.

Cristian: Yeah, well, I'm not "people."

Antonio: Uh --

Cristian: And you're carrying around whatever's left of that fight you had with John on your face. Hey, come on, Antonio, I know you're going through hell because Talia's with the guy.

Antonio: Who gave you the good news?

Cristian: John -- he came here this morning. Don't worry, he's not coming back.

Antonio: All right, well, um, if I were you, you watch your back.

Cristian: Why? You know something I don't?

Antonio: Well, I just wouldn't let Sarah take any more business trips with Nash. You know, he doesn't care about anyone except himself.

Cole: I can't believe coach called an extra practice tonight -- and that I actually showed up.

Markko: Well, would you rather still be talking to Starr's mom?

Cole: Oh, she was actually pretty cool -- she just said to hang in there.

Markko: Yeah, if she's so cool, what's she doing with that maniac she's married to?

Todd: Shaun? Shaun!

Shaun: I'm here, boss!

Jack: He's helping me get my ball, Dad!

Todd: All right.

Ramsey: You called me -- what's the problem?

Todd: There's no problem. Come on.

Jack: Come on, Shaun, let's go look for the ball.

[Mouths words]

Ramsey: So why has the police commissioner been so breathlessly summoned here in the middle of a workday?

Todd: Well, I'll summon you anytime I please.

Ramsey: Hmm.

Todd: These are copies of statements from me and Gigi Morasco detailing your misdeeds. And like I said before, if anything happens to me or Gigi or our kids, then these are going to go to the D.A.'s office. And then I think you'll have a lot more problems than taking an hour from work.

Jared: Do you really want to go back to John -- after Talia?

Natalie: What I want is none of your business. You blew your chance with me when you decided to pretend to be a Buchanan and go after our money.

Jared: It was never about the money, I've told you the truth.

Natalie: So, what, are we supposed to ride off into the sunset together?

Jared: No, but I was ready to tell everyone, and you stopped me, remember?

Natalie: And you open your mouth, David Vickers becomes a part of this family.

Jared: So I'm supposed to just sit back and pretend to be Uncle Jared and watch this creep toy with your head?

Natalie: You don't know anything about John and me.

Jared: Well, I do know the way he was looking at you. What I'm not completely clear on is the way you were looking back at him.

Natalie: I don't care if you're clear or not.

Jared: Still want him? Or did you let him get that close to prove to yourself that maybe -- just maybe -- there's someone else waiting for you in the future?

Natalie: Like who -- you?

Jared: Yeah -- me.

Sarah: I'm here!

Jared: Ahem.

Sarah: Stop leaving me nasty messages.

Jared: Ever heard of knocking?

Sarah: What's with you two?

Todd: You know the law, right? So when you read those charges, you'll know how many years of jail you're facing if you do something rash.

Ramsey: You feel pretty satisfied, do you?

Todd: Yeah, I do, I do. But don't worry about it. I mean, if you behave yourself, you and I will be the only ones who see those papers.

Ramsey: I wish you could realize just how little you appear on the radar. I do have bigger fish to fry.

Blair: So Sarah called in, did she? Well, isn't that just lovely of her? You know -- I tell you what, why don't you just email me that schedule and I'll take a look at it, all right? Okay, well, I'll be into work later. Thanks. Oh --

Todd: Hey.

Blair: Who let you in?

Ramsey: Nice to see you, too, Mrs. Manning.

Blair: You want to tell me what he's doing here?

Todd: Oh, we're just clearing up some misunderstandings. Now we're on the same page, right?

Ramsey: But is it the last page?

[Door closes]

Blair: Ooh, ooh! Should I be worried here, Todd?

Todd: Uh-uh, not for a minute.

Blair: I thought you said you were working late tonight.

Todd: Meeting got canceled.

Blair: Okay. Where's Starr?

Todd: In her room, I believe.

Blair: Did you see her?

Todd: Where?

Blair: In her room -- her car's not in the driveway, Todd.

Todd: Wait a minute -- ahem. She's supposed to have drama club in half an hour. She probably already left -- I'm sure Shaun followed her.

Cristian: Look, Antonio, I know you're really messed up about Talia being with John, but are you seriously, seriously warning me about Sarah and Nash?

Antonio: Don't make the same mistakes I made.

Cristian: I trust Sarah, okay? I wouldn't be with her if I didnít.

Antonio: I know, I know, I'm sorry. He's the one I would keep an eye on.

Nash: Hey.

Jessica: Hi! Oh, my goodness!

Nash: I missed you.

Jessica: Oh, I missed you, too.

Nash: Ahh.

Antonio: Sometimes this town is too small for me.

Cristian: I hear you. I wonder where Sarah is.

Natalie: I know that you think you have no responsibilities, Sarah, but you are a member of this board -- and that's the way Grandpa Asa wanted it.

Sarah: I -- I went away for two lousy days, Natalie, and I was working.

Natalie: And you didn't pick up your phone, not once.

Sarah: Maybe you need to buy me a beeper.

Natalie: Maybe you need to grow up.

Jared: Uh -- Natalie, it --

Natalie: Stay out of this, Jared. We had a proxy --

Jared: Ahem.

Natalie: That we needed your vote on, and we couldn't get it.

Sarah: Okay, well, I'm here now, so proxy me.

Natalie: Fine.

Natalie: Just sign here, here, and here.

Jared: Perfect. A little late, but still valid.

Natalie: Stay out of this, Jared. You know, my dad's going through a really hard time right now, and it would've been nice to have the whole family behind him.

Sarah: Yeah, I read about Grandpa's "hard time." It doesn't really seem like his style.

Jared: See, Clint puts the family and the company first.

Natalie: Yeah, well, Sarah doesn't really understand that. So -- ahem -- why was it that you took this trip with Nash?

Sarah: Nash wanted me to book a band for the wine tasting -- and help win over some big shots.

Natalie: Why couldn't you have booked the band over the phone and let his wife win over the big shots?

Sarah: His wife didn't want to leave town. He was trying to take care of his family and his business.

Natalie: In the same hotel suite for two nights?

Sarah: You know about -- why does this town have to be so incestuous? God!

Langston: So far, so good.

Markko: Starr? Starr? Hey, what's up? Langston -- what the hell?

P.A. Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the 6:01 express to Atlantic city will board in just a moment.

Sarah: Look, I didn't do anything wrong. I took a job with Nash, that's all it was, and I'm dating Cristian -- which isn't exactly easy because you and Jessica have both been with him -- and while I'm trying to juggle all of that, you're giving me hell?

Natalie: You could've at least returned one of my phone calls.

Sarah: Well, I didnít. Okay, look, I signed your little proxy papers. Now, can I go and see my boyfriend, ma'am?

Natalie: Yeah, whatever. Do whatever you want to do -- you always do.

Sarah: Great.

Natalie: Don't even think about touching me.

Jared: No, I'm not. Not now -- you're scaring me.

Natalie: If only.

[Jared sighs]

Jared: Look, can we go back to where we were before Sarah flew in here?

Natalie: "Where we were"?

Jared: Yeah.

Natalie: Nowhere? You know, how about you do this little thing we call "work," and stay out of trouble?

Jared: Natalie? We haven't been "nowhere" since we met.

John: I know this has been really hard on you.

Talia: It's been hard on a lot of us, Johnny.

John: Wish you never started?

Talia: I wish it was a bit easier.

John: Yeah. You know, sometimes you have to do the right thing -- even if it means some people are going to get hurt feelings.

Talia: There's a lot of that right now.

John: I know. You know what you need?

[Talia sighs]

Talia: A vacation.

John: Yeah, well, in lieu of that, how about a drink? What do you say we go grab a couple of beers? You know, maybe things will get a little easier now.

Talia: Hmm, I don't know -- this town is very small. Where should we go?

John: Well, there's always Capricorn.

Talia: Really?

John: Really nothing but fear and sense holding us back.

[Talia laughs]

Talia: Let's go, let's do it.

Antonio: I got to go.

Cristian: Okay. Listen, if you want to talk -- I know that's not your --

Antonio: I know where you live.

Cristian: Okay. And don't worry about me and Sarah -- we're solid.

Antonio: Good.

Jessica: No, this is --

Sarah: Hey -- hey, Jess, Nash.

Nash: Hi.

Jessica: Oh --

Sarah: So I'm on my way here, and I remembered something I completely forgot -- Prescottís contact information.

Nash: Ooh! A grower we met with this morning -- was all over Sarah, couldn't even get him to look at me.

Jessica: Wow.

Sarah: So it's three hours earlier over there -- I think you can probably still get him if you call.

Nash: Fantastic. Thank you.

Sarah: Sure.

Jessica: Okay, well, I'll give you guys a minute.

Nash: Just a minute.

Sarah: Thanks, Jess.

Jessica: Don't worry about it.

Nash: Hey, George, it's Nash Brennan. Yes, as a matter of fact, Sarah is right here next to me. Ha-ha. Yeah, she is quite amazing, isn't she?

Jessica: Isn't this fun, hmm?

Sarah: Hey, you! Hey, come here! I missed you so much. Hmm -- Nash and I had a great time. We work really well together.

Todd: Yeah, he followed her.

Blair: Yeah, I really shouldn't be worried that, um, you're having these little meetings with Ramsey?

Todd: No, you shouldn't be.

Blair: Okay. Starr's at drama, Jack's watching a video, and little Samís asleep.

Todd: Mrs. Manning, you're trying to seduce me.

Blair: Oh, you bet I am. You think it's working? You know, it's been a long time since we've had any time alone. Mm-hmm, come on!

[Blair laughs]

Markko: What's going on, Langston?

Langston: Shh. Nothing. Nothing, okay?

Markko: Well, you're -- you're dressed like Starr, and you're in a wig.

Langston: Excuse me, what -- what are you doing here?

Markko: Uh -- coach added an extra practice. Cole saw Starr's car in the parking lot and he wanted me to come in and check on her, he didn't want to get her in trouble. So, are you going to tell me what's going on here?

Langston: We were just fooling around.

Markko: Hey -- you're lying.

Langston: What?

Markko: You're trying to hide it, I can tell.

Langston: Starr and I were just trying to get her mind off of everything, and we just started playing around with makeup and --

Cole: Hey, Starr, I sent Marko in to see if you were okay, but I had to find out for myself. Langston? What's going on? Where's Starr?

P.A. Announcer: The 6:01 express to Atlantic City is now boarding at Gate 4.

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Rex: You think she'll be upset that I invited her to the wedding?

Adriana: Stay away from my man.

Cole: Tell me what's going on. Please let me help Starr,

Nurse: We're ready for you now, Starr.

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