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Nora: Wait a minute, Dorian, what -- what -- what are you doing?

Dorian: Shh. Get ready to stand back.

Nora: What? You can't -- are you out of your mind?

Dorian: No, I'm quite fine, thank you. Ah, good!

Nora: Put it out!

Dorian: No!

Nora: Yes!

Dorian: Let it burn! That's the whole idea.

[Dorian laughs]

[Smoke detector beeps]

Dorian: What's that?

Nora: Huh?

Dorian: What? Oh! Whoa! Oh! Oh, no! No! Oh, my hair!

Nora: Oh! Oh, this was a brilliant idea, Dorian -- just brilliant!

Dorian: Okay, I was being resourceful! No: Oh, God!

Dorian: Where are you going?

Nora: I'm going to go try and find the off switch!

Dorian: Oh!

Clint: Ah! What in God's name's going on in here?

Todd: Ramsey found out, huh? I wonder how!

Blair: He just said "aloha." Todd, what are you doing?

Todd: He's got this place bugged. Can you hear me, Ramsey?

Blair: No, I do -- I'm sure he found out some other way, Todd!

Todd: Son of a bitch! I'm on to you, Ramsey! We are history! We are out of here! Nothing you can do about it! It's out of your control!

Blair: Todd, just stop it before you make things worse.

Langston: Get in, get in. Did anyone see you?

Markko: No, I used the kitchen door and I came up the back stairs like you said.

Langston: Good. I talked to Starr. She said that she and Cole just got to my house.

Markko: Well, at least they'll have one last night together.

Starr: It's freezing.

Cole: Yeah, the heat's probably been off all winter.

[Cole tries light switch]

Cole: Great, no electricity, either.

Starr: Wait, why are we whispering? There's, like, nobody else here.

Cole: Oh. Right.

[Starr chuckles]

Starr: Well, at least it's not as cold in here.

Cole: Okay, well, let's just stay here, then.

Starr: Okay.

Cole: Who you calling?

Starr: I'm not calling anyone. I'm shutting it off so that no one interrupts us -- especially my dad. Cole, I'm so sorry that he's doing this to us.

Cole: You're freezing.

Starr: This is it, huh? Our last few hours together? I don't want to waste one minute of it, okay? Not one minute.

[Smoke detector beeps]

Nora: Ah -- ah -- Clint!

Dorian: That man has a hair-trigger temper!

Nora: Oh, well, did you think he'd be amused by this? For God's sake, you almost caused a four-alarm fire and destroyed an office in the process!

[Smoke detector stops beeping]

Nora: Oh, thank God.

Dorian: Oh, sure, blame me for everything!

Nora: What? You did it! You --

Clint: Either one of you want to explain to me what just happened in here?

Nora: Well, I bet you can --

Dorian: This shouldn't surprise you but -- she's going to try and be the victim here --

Nora: Victim? She was trying to --

Clint: All right, stop it, both of you. Dorian, what are you doing here in the first place? And don't give me any of that crap about wanting to do something about -- for your magazine.

Dorian: Oh, but in point of fact, I am writing an article. It's for "Craze," about Jared.

Clint: Well, nobody at B.E. has any time to do an article, okay? So I don't want to hear anything about it. It really stinks in here! It smells like melted plastic!

Clint: Okay, either one of you want to tell me what this used to be?

Todd: How did I get to be the bad guy in this situation?

Blair: I didn't say that you were the bad guy.

Todd: Well, you're just spouting off all a bunch of crap, accusing me of stuff.

Blair: I wasn't accusing you of anything, Todd. I know that you must have a very good reason why you want to move the entire family to Hawaii.

Todd: Well, let it go. Quit analyzing it so much.

Blair: I'm not analyzing it, Todd! I'm just -- I'm trying to understand why you're so determined to do this. Todd, this is about your family here, it's not just about you, okay? And especially Starr -- it's killing her.

Todd: No kidding. I hadn't noticed.

Blair: And I know that you're trying to protect us and I love you for that, but you're asking Starr to leave her home. You're pushing her away -- now, is that worth it? Well, what did she say to you?

Todd: She said, "I'll never forgive you for taking me away from Llanview and Cole."

Cole: Well, at least we have some light.

Starr: Cole, this is it. Tonight, I'm going to have to say goodbye to you. How am I going to do it? I can't, Cole. I can't say goodbye to you.

Cole: Okay, then let's not.

Cole: Hey, it's not like this is forever, right? I'll come see you.

Starr: You will?

Cole: Yeah, of course. I'll -- I'll get a job. And as soon as I have enough money saved up, I'll buy a ticket to Hawaii -- maybe even by spring break.

Starr: Spring break? That's not so far away. And -- and them maybe my mom can bring me back to Llanview for the summer to visit, and -- and we can text each other and talk on the phone every day. Cole, who are we kidding? We can't keep lying to ourselves. This is it.

Cole: How are we lying to ourselves?

Starr: "How?" There's no way you're going to make enough money by spring break! And my dad's never going to let me come back to Llanview for the summer. There's -- oh. My gosh.

Cole: Well, we don't know that, Starr.

Starr: Yes, we do.

Cole: Okay, well -- okay, well, maybe I can borrow some money. I'll borrow some money, and then I --

Starr: Cole -- no. Things are never going to be the same for us ever again.

Nora: Um -- huh -- do you remember when we went to the "Go Red" ball and -- and you walked in on Lindsay and me?

Clint: Rather difficult to forget. You were fighting about something.

Nora: That's right.

Clint: Go on.

Nora: Right. And -- and people wrote down their -- their secrets and put them in those little heart boxes?

Clint: Yeah, you were trying to stop Lindsay from looking at them?

Nora: Yeah, that's right. That's -- no, that's not right. That's not true at all. I -- I -- I actually was the one that was looking at the secrets. I was trying to find evidence that Lindsay had been faking her insanity to get out of a prison term. That's what I was doing, and I know it was the wrong way to do it and it was terr-- I'm terribly ashamed.

Clint: Well, now -- now I'm the one at a loss for words.

Dorian: And why wouldn't you be? I myself am deeply embarrassed. I was the co-chair of a charity event. People gave their hard-earned money. And -- and -- and they were betrayed because their secrets were rummaged through, and not by just some random prankster but our very own district attorney.

Nora: You really want to go there, Dorian?

Dorian: I think it warrants an investigation, don't you?

Nora: Careful what you wish for since you saw those secrets and dove right in. She was pocketing them like party favors.

Dorian: Ooh! Ha! Do you have any proof of that?

Nora: Yeah! Yeah! I bet with a little persuasion and a lot of tequila, Roxanne Balsom -- she'd just open her mouth and talk a blue streak, wouldn't she?

Clint: Oh, my God. Roxy's involved in this, too?

Nora: Okay, okay -- okay. Clint, I -- I -- I -- oh, God. I just need you to understand why I kind of sunk so low -- I mean, not that there's any excuse.

Clint: No, there isn't any.

Nora: But there is an explanation, okay? I -- I truly -- I really was motivated in my desire for justice.

Clint: Nora --

Nora: Yes?

Clint: I have a very full plate.

Nora: I know.

Clint: I can't afford to get in the middle of this so here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to call maintenance, they're going to come clean this up, and then I am going back to work.

Nora: Okay.

Clint: Okay?

Nora: All right.

Clint: Now, look, there are plenty of towels in the gym down on the fourth floor.

Nora: Okay. We'll talk about this later, okay?

Clint: Yeah, we'll talk --

Dorian: What is there to talk about? Clint has finally seen you for what you really are.

Clint: Dorian, you have no idea what I see. Just towel off, get out.

Markko: I still can't believe it. I mean, maybe if she wasn't moving so far away --

Langston: Halfway across the world. It's so messed up.

Markko: Starr and Cole -- they belong together.

Langston: What's going to happen with all her stuff? I mean, Mr. Manning didn't even give them time to pack.

Markko: Is this -- is this a blanket?

Langston: Starr would kill me if she knew I let you see that.

Markko: Like you would if she showed me your giraffe collection?

Langston: Those are collector's items.

Markko: That you've kept since you were 3.

Langston: Because they're cute. And, hey, remind me, what's in that big box in your closet, Rivera? Action figures?

Markko: Um -- hmm, maybe.

Langston: And here I was thinking you were so cool.

Markko: Nope, total geek.

Langston: Confession?

Markko: Uh-oh.

Langston: Remember in grade school when I used to tease you, and I would take your notebook when you weren't looking and show all your weird doodles to Brianna Philpot?

Markko: Yeah? And you also used to sit behind me in assembly and pull my hair and try to pretend it wasn't you.

Langston: You know why I did all that, right?

Markko: Because you liked me, you really liked me

Langston: No. I thought you were really annoying and I hated you.

Markko: Oh. Oh, nice. You know, you weren't all hotness back then, either, Miss Thing.

Langston: Oh, please. I totally rocked those braces.

Markko: No, you didnít.

[Langston laughs]

Markko: Oh, that's --

Langston: "Oh," what?

[Markko and Langston laugh]

Blair: Come on. She didn't mean that. She's just angry. Look, you guys have a very special connection. You always have. It'll always be there.

Todd: I don't know. I really didn't expect that reaction. I mean, she's always supported me in the past no matter what -- even when I didn't deserve it. And now, to know that she thinks I don't love her --

Blair: I'll -- I'll go talk to her.

Todd: No, no. I should talk to her.

Starr: I'm so sorry.

Cole: Why?

Starr: Because I said that I wouldn't cry and -- here I am. I just love you so much.

Cole: I love you, too. You're so beautiful.

Starr: No, I'm not.

Cole: Yes, you are. And I know you don't think it, and that's what makes you even more beautiful. And that's what I thought the first time I saw you.

Starr: You mean at that party? Langston and I were so clueless.

Cole: You? I didn't know anyone. I was totally out of place.

Starr: Oh, so that's why you followed me -- us around the whole night?

Cole: No. I followed you because -- well, not only that you were the prettiest girl there but there was something about you, just the way you carried yourself. And the things you said -- I could tell you were really smart and funny and totally real.

Starr: That's the same way I felt about you. Did you know that I had a crush on you before that night?

Cole: Really? But we didn't even know each other before then.

Starr: I know, but I saw you in the hallways and stuff and all of the girls loved you because you were the star of the football team.

Cole: Hmm. Well, I blew that one. They all pretty much hated me after that.

Starr: Except for me.

Cole: Yeah, you were the only one. You were the only one that stood by me through that whole steroid thing.

Starr: Just like you stood by me when Britney made that stupid slide show of me on Halloween. Do you remember when you found me in the rain?

Cole: Hmm. Yeah, I remember thinking in the rain that night that -- there was no way I could be without you. And I knew -- I knew that you would always be there for me.

Starr: Cole -- who's going to be there for you when I'm gone?

Nora: Even a child knows not to burn plastic -- indoors, of all places!

Dorian: At least I had an idea!

Nora: Oh, and you're supposed to get props for that?

Dorian: Sometimes, a hasty action is better than taking no action at all.

Nora: Words of wisdom from Dorian Lord -- "Hey, don't just stand there, do something really stupid and destructive."

Dorian: Maybe that's what you should've done -- just stood there. You know, with Clint --

Nora: What?

Dorian: Instead of making a fool of yourself with that self-serving confession.

Nora: I was being honest, Dorian.

Dorian: Whatever you were being -- ha, ha -- Clint wasn't buying any of it at all. In fact, he seemed downright repelled by your confession of guilt.

Nora: Oh --

Dorian: And disgusted by your -- your attempt to frame Lindsay.

Nora: What?

Dorian: And here she is now. Hello, dear.

Nora: Oh.

Lindsay: Nora.

Nora: Lindsay.

Lindsay: Am I to understand what I just heard -- that Clint knows everything?

Dorian: He now knows that our Nora is just a fallible human being. That's putting it politely. She's all yours.

Bo: So -- ahem -- you were with Dorian and Nora just now?

Clint: Yeah.

Bo: Oh. Are they all wet, too?

Clint: I said don't ask.

Lindsay: You know, I'm not really sure that that drowned-rat look works for you.

Nora: Hmm. Shut up, Lindsay! Just shut up! This -- this -- this -- you -- you -- you are the whole reason that this is all happening!

Lindsay: I'm responsible?

Nora: Yes, you!

Lindsay: For your stupidity?

Nora: If you hadn't scammed Bo and the court system into thinking that you were insane instead of a homicidal maniac, you'd be up in Statesville where you belong and out of Bo's hair!

Lindsay: I was right. I was right! You still have a thing for Bo.

Markko: I don't know what I'd do if it was you, if you had to move away.

Langston: After everyone found out my parents were gone and I thought I had to move away to a foster home, I couldn't stand it -- thinking I might never see you again.

[Knock on door]

Todd: Starr?

Cole: If you're worried I'm going to hook up with someone else --

Starr: No, no, no. That's not what I meant. Cole, you -- you lost your mom and your dad and -- and now me, too?

Cole: I'm okay -- well, I mean, not okay, but, you know, I'll deal with it.

Starr: Hey -- I know how you feel in your heart more than anyone else.

Cole: Yeah, you do.

Starr: I feel like when two people are in love with each other, that they feel exactly what the other one feels. It's like they're the same -- you know, their hearts. Does that sound stupid?

Cole: No, it doesn't because I feel the same way. I mean, sometimes, I even think we're thinking the same thoughts.

Starr: It's because we are. It's because we were meant to be together.

Cole: Hey, hey, come on, that's not w we wanted to spend our last night together, right?

Starr: I know we said no more tears. But I just want you to hold me. I want you to hold me and never let go.

Starr: Cole,

Starr: Cole, make love to me.

Nora: You're not needed here. Go, go.

Lindsay: Neither are you.

Nora: Go. Me? I've been -- I've been doing good work for this company.

Lindsay: So you thought you'd just take a little break and run through the sprinklers?

Nora: Okay, before the sprinkler things, I've been doing good work for this company.

Lindsay: You've been doing good work, all right -- with Bo's ego.

Nora: What are you talking about?

Lindsay: Taking Bo's side over Clint?

Nora: They're brothers -- it's their business. Let them work it out on their own.

Lindsay: Yeah, with you steering the ship, of course.

Nora: Clint asked me to come here and give him legal advice and that's what I've done.

Lindsay: With a special nod to Bo's ego, right, Nora?

Nora: Maybe you have lost your mind -- hmm.

Lindsay: Oh, I'd watch it if I were you.

Nora: What, are you -- are you threatening me again?

Lindsay: No, I'm just suggesting that you might want to change your ways. Clint is only part of this equation. You're equally devoted to your work.

Nora: I'm going to regret this, but now what are you talking about?

Lindsay: Correct me if I'm wrong, but rifling through people's personal property -- or secrets -- is grounds for disbarment. Right? I thought so.

Nora: Bitch.

Bo: Webster agree to meet?

Clint: He's flying in tomorrow morning.

Bo: Good.

Clint: And your Winston Simmons connection was a big help.

Bo: Well, he owes me a favor. Thanks for reminding me.

Clint: Yeah. Bo, let's just hope that this meeting gives us some indication as to how to deal with Webster, yeah. Wherever pa is right now, I'm sure he's slapping his hat against his knee.

Bo: I know. This was what he always wanted, isn't it? Two of us pulling together, you know, doing all we can for the company?

Clint: For the family.

Bo: Yeah. That really is what it's all about. Well. Well, look at you, you're -- you got it worse than Clint. You're drenched.

Nora: Yeah. I'm really sorry, really sorry. I'm really sorry.

Clint: Say no more.

Nora: Okay.

[Phone rings]

Nora: Oh, my God, I can't believe it works. Excuse me. Hello? Oh, hi, honey. What? Yeah, okay, fine. I'll -- I'll come pick you up. All right, I'll be right there. Bye. I've got to go pick up Matthew.

Clint: I thought Cole was doing that.

Bo: I thought Matthew was at --

Nora: He went and did a kids' activity at the Love Center.

Bo: He didn't say anything to me about that.

Clint: Oh, he just probably forgot to mention it, that's all.

Bo: What, why -- did you know about it?

Nora: Okay, I'm going to go now. I'm going. Bye.

Clint: Bye.

Dorian: Aloha. Oh. So did you buy yourself a new bikini yet?

Blair: Did you? Are you all right?

Dorian: I'm perfectly fine, thank you. I just had a minor run-in with a sprinkler system, thank you.

Blair: Well, what happened?

[Dorian sighs]

Dorian: What happened is Nora Hanen Buchanan whatever whatever. Excuse me. I hope I can find an umbrella to put in my adult beverage.

Blair: Oh, will you make me one? No umbrellas, though.

[Dorian chuckles]

Dorian: Straight vodka?

Blair: Yeah.

Dorian: Well. Skoal, baby.

Blair: Skoal, baby.

[Dorian sighs]

Blair: Okay.

Dorian: So, did that lunatic husband of yours stick with his plan to move the entire family to Hawaii?

Blair: Well, I think I've actually talked some sense into him.

Dorian: Honey, I am so relieved.

Blair: Wait, wait, nothing is -- is definite yet.

Dorian: Oh. So he's going to go all by himself, huh?

Todd: Starr? Honey? It's your favorite person. Hey, look, I -- I -- I don't like the way things ended between us. Uh -- so I thought we could talk a little more if that's okay. I -- I'm coming in. I'm coming in. Honey?

Todd: Hey.

Todd: I know you're not asleep, sweetheart. Hey. I know you're angry at me but could you at least look at me? I talked to your mom and she's helped me to understand your situation a little bit better, a little better than I did before anyway. And I've decided just to think about moving a little bit more, give it some more time. So, obviously, you don't have to get on a plane tomorrow. Does that cheer you up at all? Huh. Hello? Yeah. I love you. I love you more than anything else in the world, you and Jack, Sam, Mom. You guys are everything to me. And I don't want anything to happen to you. I won't let anything happen to you -- that's for sure. Okay, that's all I had to say. I hope that you feel a little bit better and -- okay, good night.


Cole: I didn't know you wanted to make love -- I mean, well, now, I mean.

Starr: I do. You don't?

Cole: No. No, I do.

Starr: Okay, then, what's wrong?

Cole: Nothing. Nothing's wrong. I mean, I've thought about it a million times, dreamt about it. I -- I just -- I just thought it'd be different.

Starr: Believe me, I thought it would be different, too. I thought that it would be after some important date, that it would be really romantic and something really special. It -- it is my first time.

Cole: Yeah, me, too. So I think it should be a really big deal.

Starr: So you don't think that we should do it now? Because we're breaking up?

Cole: Hey. We're not breaking up, all right?

Starr: Right. I know, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that. I just -- we're going to be together. We're just not going to see each other. Cole? I love you more than anyone. Okay? And that's why I want you to be my first and my only.

Cole: Yeah. Me, too. I feel the same way.

Starr: We might not have this chance again, and I want to show you how much I love you.

Cole: Hey. You don't have to do this to show me how much you love me. I mean, I know how much you love me. You love me a lot.

Starr: Hmm.

Cole: And I don't want you to do anything that -- I don't want you to do this because you think you have to. You know, if -- if we do do this, then it's because we both think that it's the right thing to do -- and because we both love each other.

Starr: Cole? I know that I want this. And I have never been so sure about anything in my entire life.

Cole: Huh. Then I'm sure, too.

Nora: Hey, you know what, kiddie? Why don't you go and get your book bag and finish up that math homework?

Matthew: So you can talk about Cole?

Nora: No, you can finish up your math homework.

Bo: You're not going to ask Cole again, are you?

Nora: I sure will. He has never let me down before. Oh, come on, Bo, he's a teenager, you know? He probably got distracted or forgot or got his nights mixed up.

Bo: Or maybe he shouldn't have been given the responsibility in the first place.

Nora: What's that supposed to mean?

Bo: I don't blame Cole.

[Music plays]

Singer: Like a rose losing its thorn you came to me I was so scared just the thought made me weak placed your hands in mine gently closed my eyes your lips touched my lips I felt so alive my first, my last my always my sweetest kiss

Todd: What the hell are you doing?

Langston: Leave him alone!

Langston: Oh, are you okay?

Todd: What the hell is this? Where's Starr?

Langston: Mr. Manning, please --

Todd: Where is Starr? She's with Cole, right?

Singer: Do you remember arm in arm for the first time? Against all odds our hearts collide like it was meant to be something happened then it hit me stronger than anything I'd wished or ever will again my first, my last my always my first, my last my always my first, my last my always

Todd: Answer me. Where are they?

Langston: Stop!

Todd: Where are they? Hmm?

Langston: Oh! No, Mr. Manning, no!

Todd: Huh? Where -- where is she? Where are they? Huh?

Starr: I love you, Cole. I'll never love anyone else.

Cole: I'll never love anyone else, either.

Singer: Placed your hands in mine gently closed my eyes your lips touched my lips I felt so alive my first, my last my always my first, my last my always my first, my last my always my first, my last my always sweetest kiss sweetest kiss

Nora: What exactly are you saying here, Bo? That you think I'm a bad mother because I've asked Cole to help me with Matthew while I've helped you and Clint with Buchanan Enterprises?

Bo: The kid just lost his mother. I don't think he should be asked to do anything other than take care of himself.

Nora: Really? Because I don't see it that way. Cole is a -- well, usually -- a very responsible, caring young man who has told me many times he wants to help out any way he can.

Bo: I think you're juggling too many things.

Nora: I think that's a non sequitur.

Bo: You're dealing with Ramsey at work, got your new relationship with Clint, now you're helping out at Buchanan Enterprises. I mean, you got a lot on your plate.

Nora: And this concerns you how? And -- and how is this -- wait, how does -- oh. What does this have to do with Cole?

Bo: I wonder if you're up to being his guardian.

Clint: I thought you left. Where the hell did you get this?

Langston: Dorian? Dorian? Somebody has to stop Mr. Manning! He's going to kill him!

[Langston gasps]

Langston: Oh, my God.

Cole: I love you so much.

Starr: I love you so much. I always will, okay?

Starr: Dad Ė

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Talia: I'm just wondering if what happened to Marty is affecting your judgment.

Langston: What about Starr? What's going to happen to her?

Blair: Starr?

Starr: Please, Dad's going to kill him! Dad, stop it!

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