One Life to Live Transcript Friday 2/29/08


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John: Okay, how about this? Did you ever see Allison when it wasn't your purpose to visit Jessica?

Natalie: What do you mean?

John: You're a bright girl. I think you know exactly what I'm asking.

Natalie: Uh -- whew -- gosh -- um -- I got to think about it. Um --

John: I knew it. So when was it, Natalie? When exactly did you see Allison Perkins?

Antonio: Yes or no? Did you help Allison Perkins escape?

Todd: I don't care how soft the market is, we're not talking about a hovel. It's a penthouse. That's fine. Whatever it takes to unload it. All right.

Dorian: Are you planning on selling your penthouse?

Todd: Yeah, Dorian, you want to buy it?

Dorian: Huh.

Todd: You can give it a fancy French name for all I care.

Dorian: Huh -- I hope you're not planning to move into La Boulaie permanently, and -- why does my house look like Waikiki?

[Todd chuckles]

Todd: No, don't worry about it. Your -- your precious home is not going Hawaiian. I am -- and so are Blair and the kids. We're all moving there. We are dumping this town and dumping you.

Viki: Hawaii?

Blair: Yeah. He's already started packing.

Viki: So that he can buy a newspaper chain?

Blair: In Maui -- so he claims.

Viki: But why?

Blair: I don't --

Viki: I mean, "The Sun" is doing so well. It's lucrative and, oddly enough, influential.

Blair: Well, he says that he wants a new challenge. But I can't think of any reason that would take him that far away from Llanview.

Viki: This doesn't make any sense, you know.

Blair: I know. That's why I want you to talk to him. You talk some sense into him. You're the only person who can, Viki.

Cristian: How much longer are you going to be there?

Sarah: It could be all night.

Nora: Oh, what about these?

Sarah: Everyone's kind of in panic mode. I'm really trying to get into it, you know, get a fix on what's going on. You did encourage me to.

Cristian: Yeah, I'm starting to regret it. I miss you like crazy.

Sarah: I miss you, too.

Clint: Hey, listen, you better come up with some answers, all right?

Sarah: Uh -- Cris, I better call you back. My grandpa's going ballistic.

Clint: What the hell -- listen, I know that Virgil Webster is behind this slowdown, all right? So you tell that conniving son of a --

Bo: I'll talk to you later.

Clint: You tell Mr. Webster to back off or there's going to be hell to pay.

[Lindsay knocks on door]

Lindsay: Hi.

Bo: Hey, Lindsay.

Lindsay: Huh. Uh -- everything okay?

Bo: Well, we're working on it, you know.

Lindsay: I'm sorry to barge in. It's just that you left this at home.

Bo: Oh, and I needed this, Lindsay.

Lindsay: Huh.

Bo: You're a lifesaver. Thank you.

Jared: All right, I got some figures. It's a per-hour cost of the breakdown.

Clint: Good God.

Bo: Do you have the start-up figures?

Clint: Natalie was supposed to be getting those for us. Jared, any idea where she is?

Jared: Uh Ė

Natalie: Oh, last time I saw Allison -- well, it's -- it's kind of blurred, you know? It was definitely a -- a while ago, wasn't pleasant at all. I think I blocked it out of my memory.

John: No, you didnít.

Natalie: I beg your pardon?

John: Give me a little credit here, all right? I've always known when you were hiding something.

Jessica: How can you ask me that? Help Allison escape from St. Ann's after all that she's put my family through?

Antonio: We have a witness who saw two young women dressed as nuns help Allison escape from St. Annís. Now, that witness is going to be able to identify those two young women -- not to mention the other person who can testify.

Jessica: What? Who?

Antonio: Allison, when she wakes up.

Jessica: If she wakes up. And until that happens, you really have no proof, do you?

Blair: I'm sorry, I got to take this.

Nash: Excuse me. Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.

Viki: No, you didnít. She had a phone call to make.

Nash: Oh. I just wanted to thank you for taking care of Bree.

Viki: Are you kidding? My pleasure. I was happy to do it.

Nash: Where is she?

Viki: She's at my house with Lois.

Nash: Oh.

Viki: I actually put her to bed because she was very tired and fell asleep. And if you don't mind, she could spend the night, you know, and you could pick her up tomorrow?

Nash: Yeah, are you sure?

Viki: Yeah, I'm positive, and then I can have breakfast with her.

Nash: Fantastic. Then I will pick her up after breakfast.

Viki: Good, good. How's Jess?

Nash: She's doing good, trying to put this whole Allison thing behind her.

Viki: Yeah, the sooner, the better on that.

Nash: Yeah. And I am going to do my best to protect her better in the future, make sure this never happens. Uh -- excuse me. The gentleman I'm here to meet just -- just turned up. Hey. Thanks for meeting me on such short notice.

Man: I was surprised to get your call. I assume you've reached an agreement with Mr. Buchanan?

Nash: Yes, my partner came around a lot easier than I thought -- soon to be ex-partner.

Man: Excellent. As discussed, the backers are going to give you the money to buy him out. All we need is his signature, and it's a done deal.

Nash: I'm on it.

Man: We're looking forward to working with you.

Nash: Oh, you won't regret it. Thanks.

Bo: Thanks again for bringing this, Lindsay.

Lindsay: Oh, it's the least I could do. But, hey, you get back to work because I can see things are pretty hectic.

Bo: Yeah, well, this Columbia project is turning into a scheduling nightmare.

Lindsay: Oh, go -- go do what you have to do.

Bo: Okay. I'll see you later.

Lindsay: All right. Oh, Bo --

Bo: Hmm?

Lindsay: Um -- is there anything I can do?

Bo: Not that I can think of offhand.

Lindsay: Well, I'm going to hang around for a little while in case you think of something. And here's what I'm really good at -- phone, filing, and just about anything else.

Bo: All right, then I'll let you know.

Lindsay: Okay.

Nora: Busy, Lindsay, very busy.

Lindsay: With what? This isn't exactly district attorney jurisdiction, is it?

Nora: The legal counsel for B.E. is out of the country so I'm helping Clint and Bo avoid an urgent crisis. And since all you're capable of is faking the occasional nervous breakdown, you should probably go.

Lindsay: Wow. Look at those frown lines. Hmm. They just keep getting deeper and deeper. I guess that's the price that you have to pay for being bitter.

Sarah: Whew. Getting a pretty bad feeling here.

Jared: Yeah. If we don't get this Columbia project up and running by midnight, B.E.'s on course to take a major hit.

Sarah: How did this happen?

Jared: Well, it's simple, really -- sabotage. Ever since Asa died, the sharks have been circling. His enemies want to take this place apart piece by piece, and if we don't stop him, there's going to be nothing left. It's the family legacy we're talking about.

Sarah: We Buchanans got to stick together, right?

Jared: Right.

Clint: Well, why are you confusing the issue? It seems very simple to me. I -- what? Never mind, I'll figure it out myself. These incompetent people -- how do they manage to keep their jobs?

Nora: Clint, honey, maybe you should think about just cutting your losses.

Clint: Are you out of your mind? I'm not going to let these bastards get what they want.

Nora: All I meant was that maybe --

Clint: I don't care what you meant, Nora. I am not going to back off, all right now, where is everybody? I need Jessica and Natalie. Jared, I need those numbers.

Jared: Oh -- uh -- I'll find them.

Antonio: You're hoping Allison doesn't come out of that coma.

Jessica: As long as she doesn't come after my family, I could care less one way or another.

Antonio: But you'd obviously prefer that she not be able to offer any proof of what happened that night.

Jessica: I prefer to be safe, okay? The woman tried to kill me!

Antonio: Which is why whoever helped her escape committed a serious crime. And if that was you, Jessica -- if you had anything at all to do with it, your uncle is not going to be able to help you! Lee Ramsey is commissioner, and he is out for blood.

John: This is serious, Natalie.

Natalie: Okay. Then stop wasting time and go find those nuns.

John: Don't do this to me.

Natalie: What am I doing? I'm not the one who has to be badgered her

John: Who's badgering you?

Natalie: You know what? You -- you want me to be guilty. That's -- that's what this is.

John: Look, I don't know what you're talking about.

Natalie: Are you enjoying yourself, John?

John: Did you break this woman out of St. Ann's?

Jared: What's going on in here?

Natalie: I've told you everything I know.

John: No -- you've told me nothing but a pack of lies.

Jared: Hey! Leave her alone.

Todd: Oh, hey. I want the jet on standby -- yeah, Maui. We go when I say we go. All right.

Dorian: Whoo-hoo! You cannot be serious about this.

Todd: No, I'm serious. In fact, I better start packing.

Dorian: But -- wait, wait, wait. Todd, have -- have -- ahem -- have Blair and the children agreed to it?

Todd: Mm-hmm. We're on our way, Dorian, and that's all you need to know.

Dorian: But they must be horrified -- especially Starr, having to leave her friends, Langston and -- and Cole. But she'll be devastated.

Todd: She'll make new friends.

Dorian: How can you be so shallow? Why, Langston is more like a -- a sister to her than a friend. And Cole -- well, for heaven's sake, she's in love with that boy.

Todd: I don't want to hear that, Dorian.

Dorian: Wait a minute, Todd. If you think that I am going to be happy having this big, huge house all to myself with just me and Langston, well, you're wrong. I like having you here.

Todd: No kidding -- me?

Dorian: No, not you --

[Todd chuckles]

Dorian: But it has been bearable.

Todd: Not for me. I can't wait to get the hell out of this place.

Dorian: But why Hawaii? It's so far away. And, Todd, what will you do there?

Todd: Same thing you do here, only with a Hawaiian shirt on.

Dorian: Oh, stop it. There is much more to this than you're letting on. Now, you're going to tell me what it is, Todd, and I mean right this minute.

Viki: Have you told Todd that you don't want to move?

Blair: Not yet. But Starr made it very clear how unhappy she was. I mean, she's freaking out.

Viki: Okay, I don't get this. Todd's family means everything to him. So why would he want to uproot you all like this? I mean, why would he want to do something that makes all of you so unhappy?

Blair: Well, I think that's the problem.

Viki: What do you mean?

Blair: Well, because we do mean everything to Todd.

Viki: Yeah.

Blair: I think he wants to protect us.

Viki: From what?

Blair: The new police commissioner, Lee Ramsey.

Ramsey: Ms. Allison Perkins. What happened to you? You were once hell on wheels, turning people's lives upside down -- Viki Davidson, the Buchanan twins. Your file reads like a crime novel. What I wouldn't give to get a look inside that brain-dead head of yours.

Michael: What are you doing in here?

Ramsey: Doctor. You're back at work -- I'm not surprised. Your transgressions were small compared to your kidnapper wife.

Michael: I need to check on the patient.

Ramsey: Doctor, I've had a rough start here as commissioner. Among other things, you d your wife getting away with what you did, this lady stealing thunder at the ball --

Michael: What the hell is the matter with you? This woman's lying here on the verge of death, and you're worried about your thunder being stolen?

Ramsey: What I worry about is finding out who broke her out of St. Annís. How long is she going to be like this?

Michael: Maybe forever.

Ramsey: That's bad. Well, there's more than one way to get answers.

Jared: What do you want from her, huh?

John: Oh, I want lots of things from her, but none of it is your business.

Natalie: Okay, Jared, can handle this.

Jared: You leave her alone, you understand me?

John: This is my job. All right? You don't want to get charged with hindering a police investigation.

Jared: What, you think just because you went to bed with her, you can yell at her now? Is that your M.O.?

John: I'm not sure what that means, but I'm losing my patience. I think you should shut your face.

Jared: You're just a bully with a badge, you know that? Now, you get out of here before I escort you out of here.

John: Bring it on, tough guy.

Natalie: Okay, guys, please. Stop. It's all right, Jared.

Jared: No, it's not all right. Who does this punk think he is? Is this how you treat someone that you once cared about?

Natalie: Okay -- I'm serious.

John: Get him out of here.

Natalie: I'm serious, I'm serious. I need you to calm down, okay?

Jared: I'm not leaving you alone with that guy.

Natalie: Yes, you are. John's not going to hurt me. I'm fine. In fact, why don't you go down and take these postconstruction reports to my dad, okay? I have them right here. I'm fine, Jared.

Jared: Call me if you need me.

Cristian: You can't come to dinner, dinner comes to you.

Sarah: That is so sweet.

Cristian: You can take a break, can't you?

Sarah: Not for long. What about you? You're not going to get in trouble for leaving the diner?

Cristian: I'm the boss' son.

Sarah: Ooh.

Cristian: But I can think of a few ways to make trouble for you.

[Sarah chuckles]

[Fax machine whirs]

Sarah: Maybe this isn't the best place to have -- dinner. Come on.

Antonio: Where were you on February 7 between 5:00 and 7:00 P.M.?

Jessica: I'm not sure.

Antonio: All right, so you don't have an alibi?

Jessica: Who said that?

Antonio: You just did, Jessica. You said you weren't sure where you were.

Jessica: Yeah, I'm not sure. Do you remember where you were every minute of every day? Well, I was probably with Bree -- which reminds me, I have to call her before she goes to sleep.

Antonio: The call can wait.

Jessica: No, it canít. She'll be asleep.

Antonio: Jessica, don't do this.

Jessica: Don't do what, care about my daughter? Well, you like to call Jamie and say good night -- which reminds me, where is she? Is she with Carlotta?

Antonio: No.

Jessica: Well, is she with your new friend? Talia, right?

Antonio: You just don't get it, do you?

Jessica: Well, you're dating again. I think that's great and she seems really nice.

Antonio: That's not what I meant. You just don't get that what you're doing only makes you look guilty. My advice? Get yourself a lawyer.

Jessica: I don't need a lawyer. Allison Perkins put my family through hell and she would've killed me if Jared hadn't have been there.

Antonio: And maybe a judge and jury will take that into consideration.

Jessica: It sounds like you're building up a case against me.

Antonio: Damn it, Jess. If those police sketches come back looking like you or if Allison wakes up from her coma and IDs you, you can be looking at a long stretch in Statesville prison!

Viki: What does this have to do with Ramsey?

Blair: It has everything to do with Ramsey.

Viki: Why? Is he threatening Todd or you?

Blair: I just can't think of any other reason why Todd would want to move so far away.

Viki: Yeah, because it's unlike him to want to run away.

Blair: Yeah. It's more like him to say he wanted to kill Ramsey, but see, Todd has changed. He told me that now he feels like he's wanted and he's needed and does not want to do anything that's going to pull him away from his family.

Viki: So he chooses to solve this by running away from the threat -- I mean, far away.

Blair: That's why I really need you to talk to him. Talk some sense into him. Oh, I don't know -- well, maybe he'll convince you that he is right. Maybe he does need to move his family far away from that psycho Ramsey.

Todd: There you go.

Dorian: What's that for?

Todd: Room and board.

Dorian: Oh, Todd -- I don't want your money, I want you to come to your senses.

Todd: Hmm. Aloha, Dorian.

Dorian: Wait! You are not going to Hawaii or anyplace else, not with Blair and the children. You want to go by yourself? Fine, go! But you're not taking Blair and the kids away from here, do you understand me? I will talk to her -- because you probably bullied her into it and I won't allow it!

Todd: You'll not only allow it, you'll give us your blessing. You understand? Now, you stay the hell away from me and out of our business.

Lindsay: Hey, I was just about to leave. I wanted to see how everything's going.

Bo: Not sure it could get any worse.

[Phone rings]

Bo: Oh, excuse me.

Lindsay: Oh.

Bo: Huh -- hello? I'm going to have to run it by Clint.

Lindsay: Well, I think it's a blessing in disguise that Bo is here to help save the family business.

Nora: Trying to make yourself feel better, Lindsay? Bo lost his job because of you and your manipulations, but by all means, go ahead -- put a positive spin on it.

Lindsay: Did it ever occur to you at he may very well thrive being at Buchanan Enterprises?

Nora: And if you believe that, you don't know Bo at all.

Clint: Where is everybody?

Sarah: I don't know. I just got this from accounting.

Clint: Have you seen Jared? I sent him out to find Natalie and he disappears. Now we have three Buchanans missing in action.

Sarah: Sorry.

Jessica: Are you trying to scare me? Is that what you're doing?

Antonio: I'm only doing my job.

Jessica: Well, you're harassing me, Antonio. You keep on asking me the same question over and over.

Antonio: Because I need answers! Now, a dangerous woman -- a convicted felon -- escaped from a mental institution. And it's my responsibility to find out how that happened!

Jessica: And it's your distinct pleasure to intimidate me while you find that out, huh? Is it because I hurt you? Is that what this is about?

Nash: All right, just sign on the dotted line, you're a wealthy man.

Jared: Yeah, save the sales pitch. I already told you I'd do it.

Nash: Yes, you did, and I'm grateful.

Jared: Well, I didn't do it for you; I did it for Jessica and the family. Whew, done.

Nash: Great.

Jared: Oh, these must be the fax that Clint wanted me to look over.

Nash: Hmm.

Jared: I'll be damned.

Nash: Jessica.

Jared: And Natalie. I'm going to take a wild guess here and say that those two little naughty nuns that broke Allison out of St. Ann's were none other than Jessica and Natalie.

Bo: You might as well stay, Lindsay. Look, we have plenty of food.

Lindsay: Actually, I am hungry.

Bo: Okay, good. Help yourself.

Lindsay: Thanks.

Clint: Bo?

Bo: Hmm?

Clint: Take a look at this.

Bo: Excuse me.

Lindsay: You working hard?

Sarah: I'm trying. This is not normally my thing.

Lindsay: You know, Sarah, you are one lucky girl to be part of this family.

Sarah: I know, which is why I'm happy to be here right now when we're being attacked.

Lindsay: What? What are you talking about?

Sarah: Uncle Bo didn't tell you? This whole thing -- it isn't just a business problem. It's a personal vendetta.

Lindsay: Hmm --- I don't understand.

Sarah: This guy pretended to be friends with Asa, but he really hated his guts and now he's trying to mess with B.E. pretty bad. Virgil something -- Virgil Webster. That's his name.

Clint: Money was deposited here and here.

Bo: Look at this one.

Clint: And that one, too, and it's the same amount.

Bo: And deposited on the same day.

Nora: Stop the presses. I think I found what we were looking for.

[Dorian hums]

Dorian: Oh, no. Oh, perfect. I can just -- I can just hear it, hear on the news at 5:00 a live videotape of Dr. Dorian Lord rifling through the innermost secrets of the citizens of Llanview.

[Phone rings]

Dorian: Hmm. Hello, Dorian Lord here. Oh, hi. Can you hold on just one second? Okay, what can I do for you? Really? No, I had not heard about a crisis at B.E. Mm-hmm. Oh, the entire clan is there? What about Nora? Oh, isn't that sweet? The two lovebirds working late into the night to avoid certain catastrophe. Hmm. Well, thank you for keeping me informed. Mm-hmm. Bye-bye. Why bother erasing when I can simply destroy? Hmm -- why do they make these buttons so small? Oh. Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a mute. Ahem. Uh -- hello, Dorian Lord here. Listen, there is a crisis at B.E. and I want to get a photographer down there. Yeah -- well, it's -- it's for the Jared Buchanan piece that I'm doing. Uh-huh. Get a photog-- get a photographer on the line now, okay, while I wait. Thank you. Good.

Nash: What are you doing?

Jared: Well, you want to be asking the warden for conjugal visits with your wife? Because that's all you're going to be getting if John and Antonio get their hands on these sketches.

Nash: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- that doesn't look anything like Jessica.

Jared: Yeah -- not anymore.

Nash: Can you get away with that?

Jared: Well, if you go along with me. If not, you're going to be sending your wife to the slammer.

Nash: Do it.

Jared: What about Natalie? Think we should tweak her nose a little more?

[Jared chuckles]

Nash: Ha. Let me.

Jared: All right.

Nash: Ah.

John: You want my help or not?

Natalie: Your help? I -- you know I -- I don't need your help and if I did need your help, I certainly wouldn't ask you for it, not the way you're acting.

John: I don't always say things right, but I am looking out for you.

Natalie: Yeah, well, you have a funny way of showing it.

John: Maybe. But it's going to come out that you and Jessica did this sooner or later. But if you're honest with me, I can run cover for you.

Natalie: What?

John: With Ramsey.

Antonio: Is that how little you think of me? That I would question you in a criminal investigation to get back at you?

Jessica: Well, are you going to deny that you're still angry with me for marrying Nash?

Antonio: Well, what kind of question is that? Of course I'm still angry at you -- and hurt, and sad, and a whole lot of other things! We were not only married -- there were children involved. So, no. I'm not over it. Does that answer your lame question? But it has nothing to do with this.

[Phone rings]

Antonio: Vega. Why didn't you call me right away? Thanks. Sketches were faxed here.

Antonio: Well, what the hell happened to them?

Jessica: Uh, I don't know. Maybe there's no paper in --

Antonio: It doesn't matter. It should be in the memory.

[Fax machine beeps]

John: Sooner or later, Ramsey's going to find out the truth.

Natalie: So let him. You know, we have nothing to hide.

John: You don't get it, do you? This is not some schoolyard prank that you can just have your mom write a note to the principal for, all right? Somebody's dead. You could be facing a jail sentence.

[Knock on door]

John: Yeah?

Antonio: I got the sketches.

John: Okay.

Natalie: Ahem.

John: What do you think?

Clint: Where was Natalie?

Jared: Uh -- she was busy.

Nora: You know, this is the break that we've been looking for. There is a legal precedent. B.E. can stave off defaulting on the loan for an additional 72 hours.

Clint: Well, that would give us time to regroup.

Bo: Go after Webster directly.

Clint: Nora, you may have saved B.E. from bankruptcy.

Dorian: Well, I'm sure I have B.E. on autodial, but why can't I find it? Oh, ho, ho, ho! My, my, my -- if it isn't our very own district attorney! Hee! Oh, my goodness -- rummaging through the citizens of Llanview's innermost secrets. Oh. Oh, ho, naughty girl -- how combustible. Hmm.

Todd: Dorian, what'd you do with my spear gun and scuba gear?

Dorian: Hmm?

Todd: Ah. What you watching? A little bit of "boy toys gone wild" or something?

Dorian: Oh, don't be crude, Todd.

Todd: Well, I don't want my children exposed to your style of entertainment, Dorian. And I don't want to have to call the D.A. on you.

Dorian: Well, as a matter of fact, this video that I have is a -- a gift for our very own darling Nora the D.A.

[Doorbell rings]

Dorian: I'll be getting that on my way out. It's probably Langston -- she's always forgetting her keys. Langston, darling, if you'd put your keys in the same place, you wouldn't end up with this prob-- oh. Well, well, well -- hello, Viki.

[Dorian chuckles]

Dorian: You managed to pry yourself away from your Charlie long enough to go out on your own?

Viki: How about that? Is Todd home?

Dorian: Yes, he's in the living room. Please, show yourself in. I'm on my way out.

Todd: Oh, that's fantastic. Well, yeah, so much for the soft market, huh? Wonderful. Call my lawyer and we'll -- we'll make a deal tomorrow. Thank you, bye. Hello! May I offer you a -- a coconut? Or a macadamia nut or some punch?

Viki: You've made some very strange choices in all the years that I've known you, but this one defies analysis.

Todd: Uh-huh. Well, if you're here to try to change my mind about it, you can forget it.

Viki: No, no, I'm not, actually. No, I came here to find out why. I know you're telling everybody you want sunshine and macadamia nuts -- that's a load of rubbish, isn't it? Something's going on -- what is it?

[Music plays]

Blair: Hey.

Cristian: Hey.

Blair: You better watch out -- people are going to start talking.

Cristian: Good point. This is Llanview, right?

Blair: Yes, it is.

Cristian: Is that all you're having, coffee?

Blair: Yeah, and I'd ask you to sit down, but I'm assuming you're working?

Cristian: I got a few minutes. Is everything okay?

Blair: Yeah. I think there are some big changes in the wind.

Cristian: I saw you and Todd at the ball. You guys seemed to be really happy.

Blair: Yeah, we were -- I mean, we are. You know, I think that's -- that's it. Todd is actually committed to me and the kids and it's new territory for him, you know. He doesn't know how to deal with it.

[Glass breaks]

Cristian: Damn -- I'm sorry.

Blair: That's okay, that's okay. Do what you got to do.

Cristian: See you later.

Blair: Good to see you.

Blair: Well, that was quick.

Jessica: So, let -- let me get this straight. Some old nearsighted nun describes two other nuns that she doesn't know, and you guys are going to take it seriously?

Natalie: Yeah, you know, I don't mean to be rude, but don't all nuns kind of look alike in that getup?

Jessica: Yeah.

Natalie: It's never going to hold up in court.

John: For your sake, I hope it does.

Bo: Nora's discovery buys us a few days.

Clint: Yeah, well, we're not taking a few days off. We're going to go at the same unrelenting pace or Webster will take it as a sign of weakness.

Bo: But, Clint, we need a solid plan.

Nora: You know, I'm with Bo on this one. You really should take this time to come up with an attack.

Jared: No, you know what? Clint is right -- we need to strike now and catch this Webster guy with his guard down.

Clint: Exactly. If we give him time to prepare, he'll hit back twice Ė

Dorian: In here -- oh, perfect! Burning the midnight oil with his two newfound brothers.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Clint: Dorian, what in the hell are you doing here?

Dorian: Oh, it's for the article I'm doing on Jared for "Craze."

Jared: Whoa -- I never authorized this.

Clint: Nobody did. Both of you, get out.

Dorian: Oh, don't take a step out that door.

Bo: Let me help you out. Come on, come on. No, come on, come on, come on.

Photographer: Okay, okay, okay. Take it easy, take it easy.

Clint: I don't have time for the likes of you.

Dorian: Nora? I need to talk to you -- in the hallway in five minutes.

Nora: Dorian, I'm really too busy.

Dorian: Make time -- or you'll live to regret it.

Todd: Talked to Blair, have you?

Viki: Yes, I have. She's in a panic, she's horrified -- so is Starr, apparently.

Todd: Viki, I saw a great opportunity for myself and my family and I have taken it. That is the end of it -- case closed.

Viki: You know, I'm used to being thrown by your decisions. And, boy, you've made some questionable ones, the worst probably being motivated by greed, revenge, or jealousy. You've also done things that have impressed me. You've done things out of kindness -- no, thank you Ė and goodness, probably motivated by love. The thing is I have never, ever before seen you do something out of cowardice.

Ramsey: Didn't expect to see you in a greasy spoon like this.

Blair: Well, I'm just leaving.

Ramsey: You're scared of me -- like your husband?

Blair: Todd isn't scared of anyone.

Ramsey: Well, that's not the impression I get.

Blair: Go to hell.

Ramsey: You like that feisty thing, too, huh?

Blair: I'm out of here.

Ramsey: Todd's been lucky -- so far.

Blair: Is that a threat, Commissioner?

Natalie: See? These look nothing like us.

Antonio: Yeah, well, sketches are only as good as a witness' memory.

John: Lucky you. Could use a beer.

Natalie: Thanks. Oh, my God!

Jessica: Whoo. I just hope we didn't blow it.

Natalie: Jessica, you realize that they still suspect us, right?

Jessica: Well, it doesn't matter because looks like that old nun really was nearsighted, so we lucked out.

Natalie: Yeah, big-time. Now, there's no way that they can connect us to Allison's escape, right?

Jessica: As long as she doesn't wake up.

Nash: You will never hurt Jessica or her family ever again -- never. What the hell?

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Jessica: How could she wake up? What do we do now?

Nora: Are you trying to blackmail me?

Viki: Your family is affected by your actions.

Todd: It's better than being dead.

Starr: We need to have a place to have our final moments together.

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