One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 2/28/08


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Todd: Blair, Starr, Jack, get down here! I got a surprise!

Blair: What's all the yelling about?

Starr: Dad, why are you wearing a raincoat?

Jack: It's not raining.

Todd: Shh.

Starr: What the -- okay.

Blair: What are you doing?

Todd: All will be revealed in time.

[Starr and Blair chuckle]

Starr: Okay, this --

Blair: What are you -- you've never worn something like this before!

[Blair laughs]

Todd: Huh? This is just the -- the prologue. And now, for the main event --

Blair: Oh -- what?

Jack: Oh, cool!

Starr: Dad, you're insane!

Jack: Cool.

Starr: Oh, my gosh!

[Hawaiian music plays]

Starr: Sam?

Jack: What's this?

Starr: It's a coconut, dummy. Sam, do you believe all this? I think it means that dad is going to take us on a vacation to Hawaii. Can Cole come?

[Slow music plays]

Cole: Hey.

Langston: Oh. You all right?

Cole: Yeah, sure.

Langston: Rex isn't here yet. You know, I thought he'd be anxious to get his last payment.

Cole: Well, I'm sure he'll be here soon.

Singer: Is that just like you threw away

Cole: So sorry if I freaked you out at the church.

Langston: No, I understand. That new police commissioner guy totally creeped me out that night at Dorianís. And what he did to your mom, what he knows -- you have every reason to be upset.

Cole: Yeah, but I shouldnít have laid it on you, though.

Langston: I don't mind. We're friends. I told you, any time that you need someone to talk to --

[Phone rings]

Langston: I'm here.

Cole: It's John. Excuse me. Hello?

John: Cole. Hey, I'm sorry I didn't call sooner. My phone died in D.C. and I just got your message.

Cole: Oh, that's okay. It's good to hear from you. You back in town?

John: Yeah -- where are you?

Cole: I'm at the diner.

John: Sit tight. I'm on my way.

Langston: Told you he'd call.

Cole: Yeah, he's here. He's back in Llanview.

Langston: He's going to help protect you, Cole.

Charlie: Are you sure you don't want to go to someplace fancy -- you know, white tablecloths, linen napkins?

Viki: No. I like it here. Besides, I'm with you and that's what matters. Ooh, look.

Charlie: Hmm?

Viki: They have the same napkin holders that we had at the Bon-Jour.

Charlie: What?

Viki: It reminds me of the day we met.

Markko: Here you go.

Viki: See? Thank you.

Markko: Oh, you're Starrís Aunt, right?

Viki: Yeah.

Markko: And I recognize you -- you're the guy who saved Jared Buchananís life at the Palace. Oh, man, that was awesome, just totally fearless.

Charlie: Well, that -- I did what anyone would've done.

Markko: Are you kidding? No, not a whole lot of people would put their life on the line for a stranger.

Natalie: What's going on here?

Jared: Nash has just ordered me to dump my shares of the vineyard.

Nash: Not to dump -- to sell, at a profit.

Jared: Well, call it what you want -- it ain't going to happen. What's mine is mine.

Nash: "What's mine is mine"? Wow, you really are a Buchanan, aren't you -- just like your bastard father?

[Jared snickers]

Talia: Antonio --

Antonio: Hmm?

Talia: We should really cool it.

[Talia giggles]

Antonio: Why? Ugh. There's plenty of time for that, all right?

[Talia giggles]

Antonio: Later. Oh. Jamie's only with my mother for a few more hours.

Talia: Good point.

[Phone vibrates]

John: Hey, Antonio, it's John. Hey, listen to me -- the nun that saw Allison the night she broke out of St. Ann's is back in town. Why don't we see if we can get the sketch artist over there tonight to get the sister's description of the two women that were with her? Ramsey wants an arrest now.

Jessica: Don't you ever, ever talk that way about my grandfather again -- do you understand me?

Nash: Hey, just telling it how it is, babe. Asa was a bastard but he's not your granddad anyway, which is why you're so nice and the two of them are the way they turned out.

Natalie: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Nash: It's supposed to mean that you're a self-centered, self-interested -- the two of you will do whatever you got to do to get what you want, won't you?

Todd: No, Cole can't come. This is about family -- family only. Being together, sticking together.

Jack: Can I take surfing lessons? Ooh -- scuba-diving. Ooh, can -- can I swim with the sharks?

Todd: Whatever you want, my friend.

Blair: Well, I don't know about swimming with the sharks, Todd.

Starr: So, wait -- we're going for spring break?

Todd: No, we're going before then.

Jack: Yes, I get to miss school.

Starr: Dad, I can't miss school for a vacation.

Todd: This isn't a vacation.

Starr: Okay, then what is it? Why are we going to Hawaii? How long are we going for?

Todd: Forever. We're moving there.

Charlie: I'm a little surprised that kid recognized me. I guess he saw my photo in the paper.

Viki: Hey, you're a hero.

Charlie: Oh --

Viki: Enjoy it.

Charlie: I don't feel like a hero.

Viki: Are you kidding? You saved a man's life.

Charlie: Now, that guy -- he's the brave one --

Viki: Oh.

Charlie: The way he saved your daughter?

Viki: Not working. You saved a man's life; hence, you are a hero.

Charlie: Well, I just hope that young man, that Jared -- I hope he's proud of himself.

Viki: I hope so, too. But right now, I am very proud of you. You know what? I'm proud to be a part of your life and not just because you're suddenly a hero. Charlie, you're very special to me and being with you just feels right.

Charlie: Well, for me, too. And I have just loved waking up every morning to your beautiful face.

Viki: Hmm.

Charlie: But it can't go on.

Viki: Why, what are you talking about?

Charlie: It's time for me to find a place of my own -- since I'm going to be staying here in Llanview.

Natalie: Where do you get off talking to me like that? All of a sudden, you're acting like the Buchanans are the enemies here. What -- what is your problem?

Nash: He is. He's been walking around telling anybody who will listen from -- from Renee to the dry cleaner that he wants to walk in Asa's footsteps.

Natalie: Do you have a problem? Are you jealous of Grandpa's success?

Nash: Jealous? Of a man who had absolutely no morality and treated everybody like crap including his own family?

Jessica: Okay, Nash --

Nash: Come on -- no, no, no, no, no, no. We all know how Asa made B.E. so successful -- people got hurt and it wasn't pretty.

Jessica: Okay, okay. What is going on? You were in such a great mood this afternoon, you were so positive about the vineyard. Why are you acting like this? What is wrong?

Nash: Nothing. Everything's great -- I'm great, vineyard's great. I just don't want him messing it up, all right?

[Jared chuckles]

Jared: And how exactly am I going to do that?

Nash: Your proposal to B.E.

Jared: Uh-huh?

Nash: They're not going to buy our vineyard and that's just the way I want it. We are keeping the Buchanan name out of it.

Jared: Why? So it can be all Nash Brendan, a name that no one gives a rat's ass about? You know how lucky we'd be to have the Buchanan name attached to that thing?

Natalie: Okay. Can I talk to you for a minute?

Jessica: Okay. Um -- should I be worried about you?

Nash: Never.

Jessica: Really, Nash? Because -- oh -- why would you come in here acting like this? I don't know if you know, but B.E. is in crisis right now. Everybody around here is tense already, and you come in here throwing insults and picking fights? Well, why would you do that? What's going on?

Jared: What, are you going to get on my case now? Because I am not the bad guy here -- that idiot went after me.

Natalie: I know.

Jared: I saved his wife's life. You'd think he'd cut me just a little break. Ugh! I don't get it. I mean, he thanked me, sincerely at least it seemed that way. And here, I thought things had changed.

Natalie: Jared --

[Jared sighs]

Natalie: Everything did change last night.

Antonio: I like my plans for the evening better.

Talia: Well, so do I, but we really have to do this.

Antonio: Yeah. I still don't see anything in these.

Talia: Neither do I. Here's a question -- how does Ramsey go from being in the F.B.I. to the police commissioner of Llanview?

Antonio: Uh -- good question. Maybe he -- maybe the Feds gave him the boot. I don't know. Still doesn't make a connection.

Talia: It doesn't make any sense. Well, why is this happening? I mean, things were going so smoothly -- I felt like we were all really valued at work and respected. And now, well, along comes this dude. Do you know it offends me to just look at him? And his voice -- it's so obnoxious and condescending, not to mention his obvious racist tendencies, which I think is the scariest thing of all. I mean, he makes me sick. He literally physically makes me ill. What's funny? Why are you smiling?

Antonio: Nothing. Your passion -- I like it.

Talia: You like it?

Antonio: Yeah.

Talia: Huh. Well, you really haven't seen anything yet.

Antonio: Ahem.

Starr: Wait, Dad, are you insane? I'm not moving to Hawaii -- I'm not moving anywhere.

Jack: I will.

Todd: You both are.

Starr: No! No, Dad, that's just not going to happen. My -- my whole life is here. I have my friends, my -- a lot of our family, my boyfriend, my school. Dad, I've lived my entire life in Llanview -- there's no way that I'm going to move away.

Todd: Yes, you are. Starr, Hawaii is a wonderful place to live. And, of course, we're going to get a huge house, lots of rooms. Cole can come visit you if he wants to. All your friends can come visit you, I don't care.

Starr: I don't care, Dad, because it's not going to happen.

Blair: Okay. Why don't we let your dad explain here?

Starr: I don't really care what any of his reasons are, Mom. I'm not moving away!

Blair: Well, let's hear what he has to say. Why have you made this decision, Todd?

Todd: For business. I'm thinking of acquiring a newspaper there in Hawaii.

Starr: A newspaper? Dad, you have "The Sun." Why would you move nine billion miles away to have another newspaper?

Blair: Okay, Starr, just -- let's hear him out. Go on, Todd.

Todd: Well, as you guys know, "The Sun" pretty much runs itself now. I get up and go into work and I leave there with no sense of satisfaction anymore, so I looked into this -- this paper in Hawaii and it's great. It's got high circulation, it's got internet ventures so you and Jack can learn the trade if you'd like and maybe you guys can teach me a few things.

Jack: You hear that, Sam? You can learn when you grow up, too.

Todd: That's right.

Starr: Okay, Dad, I don't want to learn about any internet ventures, especially not in Hawaii. So, you know what? You guys can all move to Hawaii and have a great life there without me because I'm going to stay here with Aunt Dorian.

Todd: No, you're not.

Starr: Yes, I am. What are you going to do -- tie me down and force me on to the plane?

Todd: Yeah, if I have to.

Starr: Oh. Okay, Dad, my whole life is here and so is momís. Mom, you don't want to do this, do you?

Blair: You know, I do have a life here, too, but I'm sure your father has really good reasons for why he wants to move us all the way to Hawaii, right, Todd?

Starr: Right, I'm sure he has amazing reasons. Wait, you know what? This isn't even about the newspaper or business, is it? It's nothing about that -- it's about me and my boyfriend. You want to take Cole away from me.

[Todd slurps]

Rex: Hey, guys, sorry I'm late. I got caught up working on a case.

Langston: Here you go.

Cole: The last installment.

Rex: Great, thanks.

Langston: We won't be offended if you need to count it.

Rex: Nah, I trust you guys.

Markko: Hey, Rex, thanks again. The party was sick.

Rex: Yeah, I heard. I should've stuck to my original price.

Cole: It's too late now.

Rex: You can thank Adriana -- she pleaded your case. There's my dad -- I have to go say hi. I'll see you later.

Langston: Bye.

Rex: Hi there.

Viki: Hey.

Charlie: Hey, Rex.

Rex: I don't mean to interrupt.

Charlie: Well, no, you're not interrupting. Come on, sit down, join us.

Viki: Yeah.

Rex: Oh. All right, well, just for a minute. Actually, I -- I wanted to see you, Charlie. I -- I wanted to make sure you're okay from last night, no sprains or bruises.

Charlie: Yeah, a -- a few but I'm fine. Thanks for your concern, yeah.

Rex: I wonder if bravery's genetic. Although actually, if it is, I'm sure Roxy probably watered it down for me. You just mention the word "ledge" and she -- she breaks out in a cold sweat. She has a huge fear of heights. Although, if it's a dominant gene -- you see? I did retain something from ninth-grade biology.

[Viki chuckles]

Rex: Anyway, if it is, maybe I -- I have hero potential, right?

Jared: Okay, if this is about you telling the world that you're Rex Balsom's father, I already know -- no idea what it's about but, hey, better him than me.

Charlie: So what are you up to now, Rex?

Rex: Well, actually, I was on my way to "The BannerĒ to -- to see Viki, but here you are, so it saved me a trip.

Viki: How nice, thank you. Oh, my goodness. Very thorough, thank you.

Rex: It's just what I do.

Viki: And you do it very well.

Rex: Thanks. That means a lot coming from you.

Viki: So what's Adriana up to? Is she busy working, hmm?

Rex: Yes, but not here. She's on a business trip in Paris.

Viki: Paris?

Rex: Uh -- the Paris where they speak French and sneer at Americans -- not to be confused with Paris, Texas.

Viki: Well, that's good. That's nice. Oh, look -- look who's here. Hi, Geeg.

Cole: So you heard about Ramsey, right?

John: Yeah. It's going to be okay.

Cole: How's it going to be okay? I mean, he knows that I wanted to shoot him and that you're lying about shooting Miles.

John: Listen, I promise you -- you're safe and you're protected.

Cole: From the police commissioner?

John: Laurence's case is closed. Ramsey's not going to reopen it. Don't worry -- we're watching his every move.

Cole: How can you do that? You're not a cop anymore, John.

John: I'm back on the force.

Talia: No -- I need a drink.

Antonio: Oh, all right. Ahem.

Talia: Do you want one?

Antonio: Yeah, yeah, sure.

Talia: Is everything okay?

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, John needs a number for the sketch artist. Apparently, Ramsey's pretty anxious to solve the Perkins case.

Nash: My timing was bad.

Jessica: Yeah, it was really bad.

Nash: I had an opportunity to put the vineyard on the map.

Jessica: I don't get it. Just this afternoon, you were saying how you wanted to get Jared more involved with the vineyard. You even said that you were grateful to him for saving my life -- am I right?

Nash: Yeah.

Jessica: So what happened?

Nash: The deal fell through.

Jessica: What? The loan?

Nash: Yeah.

Jessica: Oh, Nash, I'm so sorry.

Nash: It's all right -- I got another deal. I got another investor -- even better. This one was only interested in the business and said that I could run the vineyard however I wanted.

Jessica: Really? That's great.

Nash: Yeah, yeah -- even better, there's a clause. Five years from now, I could buy him out, be totally independent.

Jessica: That's kind of perfect, isn't it?

Nash: Yep. There's a condition -- I got to get rid of Jared.

[Jessica sighs]

Jessica: Nash? He risked his life to save me. He's a Buchanan. He's part of the family, okay? I've accepted that. Now you have to, too.

Jared: No, nothing changed. What are -- what are you talking about?

Natalie: Jared, it wasn't that long ago that everyone in this family except Renee treated you like a pariah. Now, you're -- you're a hero. Everyone gets to see you for who you really are. Jared, you risked your life to save my sister's life and I was terrified that I was going to lose you. And Jessica's not the only one who sees the magnitude of this -- everyone does. They get to see what a brave and generous and caring person you really are. We are so proud to have you as a part of our family.

Jared: Look, Natalie, stop.

Gigi: Oh, I don't want to intrude.

Viki: You're not. Are you going to have dinner here?

Gigi: I guess -- I was just trying to kill some time. I just dropped Shane off at the Love Center. There was a supervised children's event there and I figured it'd be good for him to spend some time with the kids heís going to be going to school with.

Viki: Well, yeah.

Rex: Yeah. Bet he's already made tons of friends.

Gigi: Yeah, he's pretty outgoing although he didn't want mom around, so here I am.

Viki: Well, why don't you join us? Is that okay?

Charlie: Oh, please.

Viki: Sit.

Cole: You really going to work for that bastard?

John: Yeah, what's that they say -- "friends close, enemies closer"?

Cole: Yeah, well, whoever said that didn't have to get close to Ramsey. So have you figured out how you're going to be around without beating his face in?

John: I'm working on it. How's things going otherwise?

Cole: It's okay. It's fine.

John: I don't think so -- you want to talk about it?

Markko: Hey.

Langston: Hey -- busy, busy, huh?

Markko: Oh, a lot of customers all at once, but finally I have a minute. Did you order your takeout yet?

Langston: Yeah.

Markko: I dropped by Starr's house today but you weren't there.

Langston: Oh, my God. I'm so sorry; I completely forgot you were coming over.

Markko: No, it's cool, it's cool.

Langston: No, I should've at least called you. Do you forgive me?

Markko: Hey, definitely. Anyway, Starr and I ended up hanging out for a while and we made this pasta and sauce thing for Cole? It was a mess, but we had a lot of laughs.

Langston: Yeah? You two had a good time together?

Markko: What, you're surprised? You think no one else can have fun with me?

Langston: No, I was just asking, and I'm glad.

Markko: Yeah. Starr said you met up with someone from your group. I thought it might've been Cole, but you would've told her if you were meeting him. Right?

Todd: This has nothing to do with Cole. It's about this family only.

Starr: I don't believe you. I don't believe a word that you're saying.

Blair: Okay, Starr?

Starr: No, what? Just forget about you trying to be fair to him or whatever you promised me. You hate Cole!

Todd: Well, am I required to like him?

Starr: You keep torturing him, though, Dad. He just lost his mom, he has no parents left, but you just don't care about that, right? It's just not your problem?

Todd: Starr, if I wanted you and Cole broken up, there are a myriad of easy ways I could do it. I wouldn't have to move you guys to Hawaii.

Blair: You know, I think your dad's right. This isn't about Cole, obviously.

Starr: Fine. You guys can both lie to me, because I don't care. I'm not going and I never will.

Todd: You don't get a vote in the matter -- this is not a democracy.

Starr: Oh, yeah, you're right -- it's a dictatorship.

Jack: Well, I'm going to go I.M. my friends and -- but what if they ask when?

Todd: When we're leaving?

Jack: Yeah.

Todd: You can tell them very soon.

Jack: Gotcha.

Blair: Okay, Todd. What about Sam and me? Do we get a choice?

Todd: Thought you'd be thrilled.

Blair: About what, exactly?

Todd: Come on. Come on -- Hawaii. You got the surf, you got the sand, you got -- you know, you got big coconuts.

Blair: Come on, you hate all that stuff.

Todd: No. No, I donít.

Blair: Oh, you don't? Oh -- you swore that you would never set foot on a beach after you were stranded on that island with tea.

Todd: That was a long time ago. Yeah, I've gotten over that. It's a fresh start. I mean, we could make new friends; we won't have any Llanview baggage.

Blair: Oh -- "baggage." Would this "baggage" have anything to do with the new police commissioner, Todd? Hmm? Are you taking us all the way to Hawaii to get away from Lee Ramsey?

Markko: I'm so sorry. I shouldn't pry into stuff about your group.

Langston: No, it -- it's all right.

Markko: No, it's not. It's confidential; you don't have to say anything. I mean, it's --

Langston: Thanks. You're being really great about all this.

Markko: Anyway, I -- I should get back to work. I'll see you tonight?

Langston: Okay.

Markko: Okay.

Langston: Bye.

John: So, listen, I got a couple of tickets for the Flyers and Bruins this weekend. You want to go?

Cole: Listen, John, I'm not your responsibility, so --

John: Okay. Well, they're going to the highest bidder, then.

Cole: All right. All righty, I'm there.

[Phone beeps]

John: Yeah?

Cole: Oh, excuse me.

John: Yeah.

Cole: It's Starr. You know, she needs to see me.

John: Go.

Cole: You sure?

John: Yeah, get out of here. Call me later.

Cole: All right. Hey, thanks for everything.

John: Sure.

Langston: Hey, Cole? Check this out.

Cole: Yeah, I got one, too.

Langston: Something's up.

[Phone rings]

John: McBain.

Antonio: Hey, John, I got your message. Sketch artist is at St. Ann's now.

John: Okay. I'll -- I'll head over there myself.

Antonio: About that night, there's a few details I think you should know about.

John: Like what?

Antonio: I think I know who you should be talking to.

John: I'll be right over.

Natalie: Am I not allowed to say anything nice about you?

Jared: No, you're wrong about me.

Natalie: No, I'm 100% right about you. Now, I know not everyone thinks so but I happen to be an excellent judge of character. I've seen you. Jared, you're working side by side with uncle and my dad trying to save this company. You're an excellent businessman, which is making it much easier for me to see you as a true member of this family.

Jared: Oh --

[Jared sighs]

Jared: Thank you for saying that. I am grateful to everyone for giving me a chance.

Natalie: Nobody has given you anything -- you've earned it.

Jared: I want to be part of this family and I am invested in making B.E. even greater than it already is.

Natalie: I can tell. And speaking of investing --

Jared: Yeah?

Natalie: Now that you have a job here and you're a member of the board and you' finally being treated like a Buchanan, I think it's time.

Jared: For what?

Natalie: For you to give up your shares of the vineyard. Look, my sister -- she loves Nash and for whatever reason, Nash wants to have his own thing, you know, independent of the family name and I totally understand and all I'm asking is that you do the right thing and sell your stake in the vineyard for the sake of the family.

Todd: Where did you get that idea? This is about family -- and business, okay? God! If you'd been listening before, you would've --

Blair: Todd, I was listening --

Todd: Heard me say that!

Blair: I'm just not buying it here.

Todd: Well, I don't know what to tell you. Uh -- I have been busting my butt on this deal for months.

Blair: Months? So this is just a coincidence that all this came together the day that Ramsey is sworn in?

Todd: Yes. That's exactly what it is.

Blair: Well, do you -- you think I'm just a fool here? That I don't know that that man tried to kill that woman and that little boy, and I -- you don't think I know how you feel about it? Listen, has Ramsey tried to get in touch with you?

Todd: No! No!

Blair: Don't yell at me!

Todd: This has nothing to do with Ramsey! You and I and the kids are going to Hawaii, period! And we're all going to be ecstatic about it, got it? I'm going online to find a house.

Jack: Can I help?

Todd: Yeah, why not? Come on.

Starr: This can't be happening.

Langston: We should go. It seems like Starr's freaking out.

Cole: All right, come on, let's go.

Langston: All right.

Antonio: Hey, come on in.

John: Hey.

Talia: Hey, John.

John: Well, anything in the files that Ramsey wanted shredded?

Talia: Nothing jumped out at us. There were no commonalities that we could see.

John: Well, he's just out of the gate. It's too early to raise a -- a red flag so early in the game.

Antonio: We'll keep looking.

John: Okay.

Antonio: Yeah.

John: Hey, you said there was something you wanted to tell me about the night of the ball.

Antonio: Yeah. Well, you -- you know about the mayor announcing Ramsey as commissioner.

John: Yeah.

Antonio: Yeah, well, midway through the evening, Jessica showed up looking for Allison.

John: Oh, yeah? About what time?

Talia: Wasn't it right after 9:00?

Antonio: Yeah, yeah. And then shortly after that, Natalie went looking for Jessica and that was before anyone knew anything was wrong.

John: Okay. I'll -- I'll go talk to them.

Antonio: Okay. Hey -- I'll -- I'll go with you.

John: Yeah, good by me.

Antonio: You okay with that?

Talia: Yeah, go for it.

Antonio: All right. Well, sorry to leave you here with all this work.

Talia: That's okay. I'm sure there will be plenty of late nights in our future, working.

Antonio: Hmm.

Talia: Ahem.

Antonio: Ahem.

Talia: I'll be here.

Antonio: Yeah.

Talia: Go.

Antonio: Okay. Ahem.

[Jessica sighs]

Jessica: Nash, I understand your need to make the vineyard your own, but -- I believe that you can make our dreams come true even if Jared didn't sell his shares to you. I believe in you.

Natalie: Ahem.

Jared: It is your lucky day. I am willing to sell you my shares of the vineyard.

Nash: You're serious?

Jared: Yes.

Jessica: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Nash: Uh -- thank you. What I said earlier -- um -- sorry. Heat of the moment.

Natalie: I've heard worse.

Jared: Don't apologize. Some of what you said to me made a lot of sense. I do want to be like Asa, yes. But not in every way. Also, I am grateful to be walking away with a greater knowledge of the wine business and a profit on my investment. But more important than all that, selling you my shares of the vineyard is good for the family. It's going to get a little bumpy around here at B.E., and no one needs more trouble than they already have.

Natalie: John? Something wrong?

John: No, everything's great. Just we'd like to ask you and Jessica a few questions about Allison Perkins.

Blair: Yeah, I feel like I need to talk to you. So -- well, where are you? Oh, great. Well, I can be right there. Good.

Jack: You won't believe it.

Blair: What?

Jack: We found the coolest house.

Todd: And tell her the best part.

Jack: And it has a tennis court and it has doors that open right to the ocean.

Blair: Really? Okay, well, I'm out of here.

Todd: Where are you going? Where are you going?

Jack: Why isn't Mom happy about Hawaii?

Todd: Yeah, don't worry about it. She will be.

Cole: Wow, Mrs. Manning was sure moving fast.

Starr: Guys -- I can't believe this. I'm never going to see either of you ever again.

Viki: So were you two in the same grade in high school?

Gigi: Yeah. But we didn't have any classes together; we just hung out a lot.

Viki: Oh.

Rex: Movies, ball games.

Viki: That's absolutely remarkable, isn't it? What are the odds that we would all end up sitting at the same table? Huh, huh.

Charlie: What, you need to pick up Shane?

Gigi: I guess he's okay. He would've called me if he wasnít.

Viki: Shane is a man of few words where school is concerned. How does he do in school?

Gigi: Well, today was his first day and his English teacher already assigned a book he doesn't want to read -- "Giants in the Earth."

Rex: Sounds like a dud to me.

Gigi: Well, don't tell him that.

Charlie: He may not be into reading right now, but he's young. He'll change.

Rex: Does he have a problem with it -- with reading?

Gigi: Just face it -- TV is his best friend.

Viki: Well, honey, that's not unusual, is it?

Gigi: No. I guess it was from when I left him alone all the time -- well, I mean, not really alone. There was always a babysitter there but TV kept him company, I guess, when I was working. Not that I had a choice, but still I wish I could've been around more.

Rex: Don't be so hard on yourself. Seems to me like you did a good job. Starting a new school -- it's always tough for new a kid. I'm sure Shane will find his way.

John: May we? Hey, Balsom.

Jessica: Is she awake?

Natalie: Did Allison come out of the coma?

John: No, she didnít.

Antonio: We're not here about that.

John: We're -- we're looking into her escape from St. Ann's and how she ended up at the Palace.

Jared: Whoa, whoa, you think someone else was involved?

Antonio: We have a couple of theories.

Jared: Wow. Well, if that's true -- if someone did help her, I sure hope they go away for a long time.

Antonio: Jessica, Natalie, we'd like to speak to you alone.

Nash: I'm staying.

Jessica: No, no. No, it's okay, really. It's fine.

Nash: All right.

John: If it's all right with you, we need to do this separately. We have to do everything by the book these days and it's procedure.

Jessica: No problem.

Natalie: Yeah, whatever. There's an empty office across the hall.

Antonio: Perfect. Jessica, I got you.

Antonio: Can I -- can I have something faxed here?

Jessica: I don't see why not.

Antonio: Great. Um -- why don't you wait for me inside and I'll be right there?

Jessica: Okay.

Antonio: Okay.

Antonio: Yeah, it's Antonio Vega. Yeah, I understand the witness gave you a lot to work with -- yeah, a lot of details. Well, that's great. Well, as soon as you're done with that, don't bother sending it to the station. Send it to me here at -- at this number.

Natalie: So, should I have a seat? Are you going to shine a light into my face?

John: Huh. Come on. You dated me. After all that, how bad could it be to answer a few questions?

Natalie: I just -- I don't really understand why. Why me?

John: Well, I was told you had a history with this Allison Perkins and -- well, you were seen at St. Ann's before she escaped -- did you see her?

Starr: Can you guys believe this? My whole family -- we're all moving to Hawaii and it's all because of my dad. Is that the most horrible thing that you guys have ever heard in your life?

Cole: Maybe your dad was joking.

Starr: "Joking"? How could that even be remotely funny, Cole?

Cole: Starr, isn't there something you can do?

Starr: Yeah, when I'm 18 in two years. Cole, this is horrible.

Todd: Let me tell you something, you guys. This new Hawaiian house is going to be boss. It is going to be huge. We're going to have, you know, a big rec room, a pool --

Jack: Do we need a pool because the ocean's, like, right out the door?

Todd: You're pretty smart, aren't you?

Jack: Yeah.

Todd: Well, we'll have both, then. The important thing is we got each other, right?

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Todd: Right? Hey, Sam, how many fingers am I holding up? Yeah, how many fingers? Five fingers -- one for each member of the family. There's you, me, Starr, Jack, Blair. We're all together, hmm? We're going to stay together. Hey, everything I wanted -- yeah, I got everything I wanted. I'm going to hang on to it this time.

Gigi: Thank you.

Viki: Ooh, uh -- would you excuse me a minute? I need to talk to Blair, okay?

Charlie: Okay, well, I'll meet up with you later.

Viki: All righty.

Charlie: Take your time.

Viki: Thank you. Hey. You all right?

Blair: Viki, I need your help.

Viki: Todd?

Antonio: You doing okay? Stupid question. How could you be? I'm sure that what happened with Allison was traumatic.

Jessica: Um -- yeah. It was, but -- but I'm fine. I'm totally recovered.

Antonio: You sure? You seem a little off.

Jessica: Well, B.E.'s in crisis.

Antonio: I'm sorry to hear that.

Jessica: Um -- it -- it's just -- wouldn't it be more appropriate if John were to question me and you questioned Natalie?

Antonio: I don't let my personal feelings compromise my work.

Jessica: Oh, I just thought it would be easier.

Antonio: Well, I've moved on with my life -- just like you. All I want from you is the truth.

Natalie: Yeah, you know, it was kind of strange. I never really ran into Allison when I went to visit my sister at St. Ann's -- not that I wanted to see the creepy, awful, crazy woman.

John: Okay, how about this? Did you ever see Allison when it wasn't your purpose to visit Jessica?

Natalie: What do you mean?

John: You're a bright girl. I think you know exactly what I'm asking.

Natalie: Ahem. Uh -- well, I -- I kind of got to think about it. I, um --

John: I knew it. So when was it? When exactly did you see Allison Perkins?

Jessica: I'm sorry, Antonio. I know you would never do anything unprofessional, and -- um -- I'm glad that you've moved on with your life. You deserve to.

Antonio: Fine. We know where we stand with each other. Now, can we get on with this? Good. So why don't I just cut to the chase? Did you have anything to do with Allisonís escape?

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Dorian: There is more to this than you're letting on.

Ramsey: Todd's been lucky so far.

Jared: Back up! Leave her alone!

Antonio: If Allison wakes up, you can be looking at a long stretch in prison!

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