One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 2/27/08


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Gigi: So you think there might be a job available?

Markko: I wouldn't know. Uh -- we do get pretty busy, though, especially at lunchtime.

Gigi: Is the owner around?

Markko: Carlotta is out. She should be back pretty soon if you want to hang out.

Gigi: Thanks.

Rex: Hey.

Gigi: Rex. You wouldn't be following me, would you?

Rex: Uh -- I'm meeting someone.

[Gigi chuckles]

Rex: You?

Gigi: I'm -- looking for a job.

Markko: Hey, Cris? I'm sorry to bug you at home. I'm just wondering -- are you coming in anytime soon? Because I'm getting really weeded here -- that's not even the word. Uh -- "abrumado, abrumado." Anyway, I'll try calling you at Capricorn. I'll see you soon -- I hope. Whew.

[Sarah sighs]

Sarah: Good thing one of us doesn't have a roommate.

Cristian: Hmm. I kind of miss it.

Sarah: You hated it when I was here.

Cristian: Come to think of it --

Sarah: Hey. You're not supposed to agree with me.

Cristian: Would you let me finish?

[Sarah chuckles]

Cristian: I was going to say if you lived here now, then we'd probably never get out of bed.

Sarah: And that's a problem because?

[Sarah laughs]

Natalie: They were supposed to be delivered in Bogota last week.

Jared: Never mind, never mind.

Natalie: Honduras?

Jared: Yeah, well, it's kind of hard to run an oil company without any offices.

Natalie: Yeah, I'll hold.

Jared: Yeah, I'll hold.

Clint: Natalie? Get me the number of this account, would you?

Natalie: Right. Yeah, I'm still here.

Nora: Hi.

Clint: Hi -- Bo, Nora.

Nora: Hi. What can we do?

Clint: I didn't expect you to be coming over here.

Nora: Well, I'm not leaving, so tell me what I need to do.

Bo: Clint -- hey, what's going on?

Clint: The Colombia project -- I think it's being sabotaged.

Natalie: Oh. Why is this thing so damn slow?

Jessica: What's going on?

Natalie: Jess, thank God you're here.

Jessica: Yeah, well, Dad called me. He sounded really upset.

Natalie: Yeah, yeah, there is this huge, huge problem with the project down in South America and if we have to shut down construction, our stock price will plummet.

Jessica: And Grandpa will roll over in his grave.

Natalie: Yeah. Well, everybody said that about Jared when he came to work here, and now, it looks like he might be the one saving the company.

Jessica: Really?

Natalie: Hey, Phyllis? Can you get these over to my dad?

Phyllis: Sure.

Natalie: Thanks. Yeah, yeah. Actually, Jared was the one who cut through all the crap and figured out that there was a problem if we did not act immediately.

Jessica: Good for him.

Natalie: No snarky remark?

Jessica: Well, no. He saved my life, Natalie. I mean, Nash and I are both looking at him in a whole new light. How could I not be eternally grateful to him, right?

Natalie: Yeah, yeah, I am, too -- I mean, for saving my sister's life.

Jessica: Yeah. How's it going with you two working together?

Natalie: It's fine. I'm over him, okay? I have to be. It's just --

Jessica: What?

Natalie: Okay. At the ball, he said the weirdest thing to me. He -- he said something like, well -- that maybe we could be together. We both know that we can't be together.

Jared: What if there was a way?

Jessica: And what did he mean?

Natalie: I wish I knew.

Michael: It's over -- do you hear me? The misery, the self-pity, those damned silences where you go off into some strange dark place where nobody can reach you? Okay, you need to snap out of this, Marcie, because I'm not going to stand around and watch you feel sorry for yourself -- not anymore.

Marcie: You -- you give me those photos, Michael. Give me those photos of Tommy!

Michael: These are pictures of Sam!

Marcie: Don't you rip them up!

Michael: His name's Sam!

Marcie: No! No, they are not!

Michael: He's Todd’s son, he's not our son!

Marcie: Tommy! He's Tommy!

Michael: Where are you going to go, Marcie? Are you going to run away again? Where are you going to go? Don't you understand that no matter where you go, Tommy will never be there?

Ramsey: What are you doing here, John? And that's police property and you're not a cop and won't be as long as I'm around.

John: You know what your problem is, Ramsey -- I mean, beyond the obvious?

Ramsey: Hmm.

John: Overconfidence. Tell me something -- do you ever get tired of being wrong? I'm here, Ramsey, and I'm not going away.

Ramsey: Where'd you get that, gumball machine?

John: Same place you got yours, for what it's worth.

Ramsey: Whoever's responsible for this is fired.

John: Promise?

Ramsey: Who reinstated John McBain? What?

John: I guess you're fired.

Nora: Okay, well, there's nothing overtly illegal here but, hey, that -- that's a dummy corporation right there. And so is that one. You know what? If you want my amateur opinion, I think someone's out to get you guys and it's probably someone you know or they'd be more out in the open with it.

Bo: Virgil Webster.

Clint: Virgil Webster was one of Pa's closest friends.

Bo: But do you remember what Pa always said -- keep your friends close, keep your enemies even closer? Does old Virgil have holdings near this construction site?

Clint: Yeah, he does.

Nora: Is Virgil Webster -- is that the guy, that big gun that we met down in -- at Asa's ranch that summer?

Bo: Yeah.

Nora: Yeah, he talked a big game. I got a really bad vibe from him.

Jessica: Well, are you telling me that Jared was coming on to you.

Natalie: No. Definitely not.

Jessica: Well, then what was he talking about?

Natalie: I don't know. I just told you, okay? He didn't -- he didn't -- he never told me what was going on.

Jessica: Oh, because he got sidetracked saving my life?

Natalie: Yeah, but you know what? He's had plenty of other chances to tell me and -- and you know what? Ever since Allison went over that balcony, he's been acting differently.

Jessica: Different how?

Natalie: Treating me like --

Jessica: He's your uncle? Good. No?

Natalie: Well --

Jared: Hey, I'm having some problems with the server. Do you think you can pull up those start-up figures for me? Hey, Jess.

Natalie: Yeah.

Jessica: Hi.

Jared: How you doing?

Jessica: I'm fine and -- you seem good. You're back at work.

Jared: Yeah, yeah -- you know, a little sore but other than that -- and how about that crazy lady that tried to kill you?

Jessica: Well, she's in a coma and she's probably never going to wake up. And as much as I don't wish that horrible fate on anybody, I just -- you know, I don't care. I mean, I -- I don't want to believe her lies anymore and I'm just trying to get on with my life. You know, I have Nash and Bree and we're really happy and, you know, everything's going our way.

Nash: Well, thank you so much for meeting me on such short notice.

Man: I'm glad you decided to reconsider our offer.

Nash: Hey, come on.

Rex: You're applying for a job, here?

Gigi: Why not? I am a waitress.

Rex: No, I -- I just meant that you're serious about staying in Llanview?

Gigi: I told you I was -- nothing against Texas.

Rex: Well, they say everything's bigger down there.

Gigi: Eh, bigger isn't everything -- trust me. Plus, I like the idea of raising Shane here -- four seasons, the snow and all like we grew up. I didn't realize how much I missed it until I came back north.

Rex: Oh, I bet Shane loves living in that mansion, right?

Gigi: What's not to love -- movies on demand, game room, and a maid whose name isn't "mom." But everybody's fantasy has got to end sometime.

Rex: What do you mean?

Gigi: Well, we're moving out as soon as I can get together a security deposit.

Rex: Well, you know, a higher-end restaurant would -- would bring in bigger tips. I -- I know this club --

Gigi: No, I can't work nights. I have to be home when Shane gets back from school.

Rex: Right.

Gigi: Plus, I need health benefits and in the restaurant business, those are pretty rare.

Rex: Well, does it have to be waitressing? I remember you took all these business courses in high school. Weren't you, like, southern Michigan’s fastest typist?

Gigi: In the under-16 category, first runner-up -- ahem. But I never actually worked in an office -- I could never find a desk job in Paris that paid better than the Bon-Jour. Plus, I walked away with cash every day and you kind of get used to that.

Rex: I know Carlotta -- I could put in a word for you if you --

Gigi: No, thanks.

Rex: Oh, I -- wouldn't hurt.

Gigi: I said no. Never needed your help before and I sure as hell don't need it now.

Marcie: Tommy became our son the moment that we adopted him, Michael. Biology doesn't change that, okay? Nothing can change that!

Michael: But the courts just handed him over to his biological father -- Todd. We have to find a way to get on with our lives, Marcie. I am trying to do that, but I need to know if I'm going to be able to do it with you or without you.

Ramsey: I never told anyone you could be reinstated.

John: Is that your signature? Came in a few hours ago, signed, sealed, delivered.

Ramsey: No, the only thing I signed was -- a bunch of requisition forms.

John: Hmm. Incompetence starts at the top. You know, the former commissioner -- he never would've signed anything without reading it first.

Ramsey: Hmm, well, this can be undone very easily. Now you can give me your badge.

[Phone rings]

Sarah: Mine or yours?

Cristian: Mine's off.

Sarah: Oh. Sorry. Guess I forgot to turn it off.

Cristian: You're not going to answer it, are you?

Sarah: No, I'm going to turn it off. Oh -- it's my grandfather.

Cristian: All right. Go get it -- I mean, family first, right?

Sarah: Thank you. Hello?

Clint: Sarah, did I catch you in the middle of something?

Sarah: Um -- huh -- sort of.

Clint: Well, I need you to come down to B.E. right away.

Sarah: Right now?

Clint: Right now.

Sarah: Is -- is there a problem?

Clint: Emergency board meeting.

Sarah: Okay, I'll be right there. I so should not have answered that.

Jared: Jessica, I think it's really incredible that, you know –

Phyllis: Jared?

Jared: Yeah?

Phyllis: I have Adam Cohen on line two for you.

Jared: Again? Uh -- excuse me, ladies.

Natalie: It's ironic, isn't it? How you figured out that you're wrong about Jared now that nothing can happen between the two of us?

Jessica: Well, how is it really going, you two working together?

Natalie: It's fine, it's no big deal -- so how are you doing? Really, how are you doing? Is Nash still mad at you?

Jessica: No, no, he's not mad at me anymore. He's finally forgiven me for the whole Allison fiasco.

Natalie: That's great. I'm not so sure that I've forgiven him yet for having you committed to St. Ann's, by the way.

Jessica: Oh. Natalie, you know he did that because he loves me.

Natalie: Isn't that why he does everything?

Nash: Well, your offer -- it sounds incredible.

Man: I've had my eye on your vineyard for a long time.

Nash: And your investors -- they really take no interest as to the specifics of how I'm going to run my business?

Man: As long as you turn a profit, it's all about the bottom line. And if you want to buy us out again in five years, no problem.

Nash: Well, that's exactly what I wanted to hear. Just one more question.

Man: Go ahead.

Nash: Why does your offer sound too good to be true?

[Jared sighs]

Natalie: Get anywhere with Mr. Cohen?

Jared: Maybe. Listen, can I dock my P.D.A. on your work station and download your contacts?

Natalie: Sure.

Jessica: Well, um, I'm going to go and find Dad, tell him that I'm here and start reading like a crazy person so I'm well-versed when I have to vote.

[P.D.A. beeps]

Jared: Here.

Natalie: Thanks. You realize that you have zero contacts in your address book?

Jared: Yes -- I lost them all when the server went down.

Natalie: Oh, my God.

Jared: Well, I'm going to go get you those notes on the conversation I had with the distributors.

Natalie: Uh -- Jared?

Jared: Yeah?

Natalie: Your P.D.A.

Jared: Right.

[Jared taps desk]

Jared: Thank you.

Natalie: Is everything okay?

Jared: Yeah, besides the fact that the company's about to tank? Uh-huh.

Natalie: I meant between the two of us.

Jared: Yeah, I think we're working well together -- don't you?

Natalie: Sure.

Jared: Cool. Thanks for the info. Natalie --

Natalie: I don't -- I don't want to talk about it.

Jared: I don't, either.

Michael: We just came from a courtroom where you got community service for kidnapping a child and holding a good friend hostage at good point. Do you know what that is?

Marcie: It's a travesty.

Michael: It is a miracle! We were all prepared for you to go to jail! This is everything I could've hoped for.

Marcie: Everything?

Michael: This is everything I could've hoped for. I wanted to come back here and to celebrate, to thank God that we don't have to be separated. We can have a wonderful life together.

Marcie: A life without Tommy? How is that possible, Michael?

Michael: We had a life before Tommy, right? And as I recall, it was a pretty darn good one.

Marcie: Yes, but, Michael, everything has --

Michael: You made a decision to run away with Todd’s son, okay? You've been given a second chance, but are you grateful for your freedom? Are you happy that we can still be together? No, you are sad, you are miserable, just like you have been ever since you got back here -- you know, like you're at a funeral. I've got good news for you, Marcie -- nobody died.

John: You can't have it. Badge must remain on my person at all times while I'm on duty, Sir.

Ramsey: Well, I'm relieving you of your duty.

John: My duty is to lock up guys like you whose gross negligence cost an innocent woman her life.

Ramsey: That death was an accident.

John: No, it wasn’t.

Ramsey: Oh, oh. Oh, okay. Well, I could lock you up. Or I could open up the Miles Laurence case, lock up Cole for that shooting, too -- what about it?

John: This is a police department, Ramsey. There's certain procedure we follow around here.

Ramsey: Because you always walk the straight and narrow.

John: Watch me.

[Ramsey chuckles]

Ramsey: Huh.

Officer: Lieutenant -- are you really back?

John: Yeah, thanks, Lin. News travel fast.

Ofc. Lin: Yeah. A bunch of guys were getting ready to turn in their resignation but if you're our supervisor again -- hallelujah.

John: Hey, you just miss me at the Monday night poker games.

Ofc. Lin: You still owe me a five spot.

John: Yeah, check's in the mail.

Ramsey: You –

Ofc. Lin: It's Lin, Sir.

Ramsey: Didn't I ask you for the file case on Allison Perkins?

John: No trouble remembering her name.

Ramsey: It's my case -- although whoever broke her out of St. Ann's came under the former commissioner.

John: But her swan dive off that balcony kind of -- kind of stole the limelight from you, didn't it, Ramsey?

Ramsey: The file?

Ofc. Lin: Maybe you asked someone else.

Ramsey: Go away.

John: Well, by the look on your face, I can tell you talked to I.A. So, you're stuck with me until you can find due process to get me out of here, which will never happen.

Ramsey: Well, we'll see. In the meantime, I want you right here 24/7. And those will be your working hours.

John: Dish it out, Ramsey. Whatever you got, I can handle it.

[Ramsey chuckles]

Rex: Did I say you couldn't take care of yourself? I was there when you beat up Danny Ruggles in sixth grade.

Gigi: Don't you dare tell Shane about that -- I'll never hear the end of it.

Rex: I won't say a word about you to anyone in town -- how's that?

Gigi: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to jump down your throat. I just hate feeling like I'm depending on Viki, or anyone else for that matter, to take care of Shane and me.

Rex: Which is why I thought you'd go back to Texas where you had a life and a job, there was no Ramsey.

Gigi: Are you trying to get rid of me?

Rex: Never. So, how'd you wind up in Texas -- is that where Shane’s dad's from?

Gigi: No.

Rex: Uh -- so, you were stationed there?

Gigi: Ever heard of any landlocked naval bases, Balsom? No wonder you're not making any money as a P.I.

Rex: I'm not playing detective here. I've got 10 years to catch up on. I can't believe you're a mom.

Gigi: Hard to believe I ever wasn’t. Shane's the best thing I ever did. Of course, I can only take credit for half of his genes.

Rex: But you raised him -- he's terrific.

Gigi: You hardly know him. But you're right -- he is terrific.

Rex: Look, I know you had a lot of friends in Texas that you could count on to lend you a hand. So, if I offer to baby-sit Shane, it is not because I don't think you can't take care of yourself. Besides, I'm always looking for an excuse to play video games.

Gigi: I know.

Rex: I just want you to know that you have a friend in Llanview that you can count on -- this time. Hey, I'm good with kids since I still pretty much am one.

Gigi: I noticed -- ahem. And Shane really likes you, so thank you. But I don't want to piss off your fiancée any more than I already have.

Rex: No, you haven't pissed --

[Phone rings]

Rex: Oh -- hold that thought. Ahem -- hey. Hey, honey, how you doing? It -- isn't it, like, the middle of the night there? No, nothing much -- I'm at the diner. Meeting Cole. What? Huh? No, I'm -- I'm losing you. Yeah. Okay, I love you, too. Yeah, I'll talk to you -- yep, bye, bye. Whew. What?

Gigi: I just can't believe Rex Balsom has a fiancée making fashion deals in Paris, France. Certainly traded up from your hash-slinging ex from Paris, Texas.

Rex: Don't say that.

[Phone rings]

Rex: Cole, what's up? No, that's okay. Uh -- yeah. No, we'll just -- we'll talk about it later. Okay.

Cristian: I never dated a mogul before.

[Sarah chuckles]

Sarah: Yeah -- I'm so not. The only reason I'm on that board is because my great-grandfather loved me -- for some reason.

Cristian: I can think of a few reasons.

[Sarah giggles]

Sarah: You know, he really loved his business, too. So I really don't understand why he would put somebody clueless like me on the board.

Cristian: Wait a minute, wait a minute. You know what? I'm sure your grandfather knew what he was doing. I'm sure he wanted you to work with him because he had faith in you, because he knew how smart you were.

[Sarah scoffs]

Sarah: Yeah, right.

Cristian: Hey, and another thing -- you don't get to put yourself down around me, not anymore. You got that?

Sarah: Oh. Is that an order?

Cristian: Yes, ma'am.

Sarah: Okay, fine. I am extremely intelligent and capable.

Cristian: That's right.

Sarah: And I deserve a seat on any board --

Cristian: That's right.

Sarah: Every board.

Cristian: Damn right.

[Sarah chuckles]

Sarah: Cris, I've got to go.

Cristian: Okay. I'll see you later.

Sarah: Huh.

[Sarah giggles]

Sarah: Or sooner.

Cristian: Have a good day.

Sarah: Thanks.

Clint: This should do it.

Jessica: Oh, mama. Good thing I've been lifting.

Clint: Yeah. Ah, Jess? How are you doing today?

Jessica: Okay. Just mad at myself for almost losing everything because of Allison’s stupid little secret.

Clint: It wasn't your fault.

Jessica: Oh, thank you. I am counting my blessings.

Clint: Okay.

Bo: Hey, it's me. Look, I may not be home for dinner.

Nora: Did you finish your book report?

Bo: I just wanted to check in with you.

Nora: Well, honey, when is it due? Isn't it this week, right? No? Oh -- okay, okay. I won't bug you about it.

Bo: All right, thanks, Lindsay.

Nora: I love you, too. Bye. Matthew says hi.

Bo: Oh? How's he doing?

Nora: Great. Lindsay?

Bo: Great.

Jared: Okay, I think I found something.

Clint: You may be right.

Bo: What?

Nora: Oh, it's a loophole that'll give you a chance to push back the deadline.

Bo: Yeah, but does it say anything about who's behind it?

Clint: You know, if it is Virgil Webster, he's covering his tracks remarkably well.

Bo: Well, yeah -- well, it's his M.O., you know? The more I think about it, it's him.

Jared: Okay, wait, I don't get this. If this guy was such a good friend of Asa's, what's --

Bo: They acted like they were friends, but there was always this huge competition there, you know? The truth is they hated each other.

Nora: Why -- why didn't he come after B.E. sooner?

Bo: Virgil hates to lose -- Pa always kept him in line. Now Pa's gone.

Clint: We have to find a way to get this jerk back in line and do it fast.

Natalie: Dad?

Clint: Yeah?

Natalie: I was going over the terms of this loan and -- and I think I found a loophole. It's a long shot, but --

Clint: Yeah, well, have Nora take a look at it.

Natalie: Okay.

Nora: Well -- oh. Oh, well, what do you know? It's the same long-shot loophole that Jared just brought us. Great minds.

Michael: Sam is with his father and a family who loves him.

Marcie: Not the way that we loved him, Mike -- not the way that we loved him.

Michael: Marcie, I work in the E.R. I see kids come in there and leave in body bags. I mean, as painful as this is, it could've been much worse.

Marcie: What if it is Tommy who walks through those doors one day, Mike? You know what Todd is capable of.

Michael: Todd -- Todd would never hurt that little boy. I know that he is safe, and deep down, you know that he is safe, too. He's a lucky kid to have had two sets of parents who would do anything for him, and we are so lucky, I can't even -- I can't believe it. You need to start seeing that.

Marcie: I don't know how.

Clint: Good work, both of you. But we would've had this a lot sooner if you'd been working together, instead of each of you trying to play the hero.

Natalie: That's not what we -- well, that's not what I was doing.

Clint: All right. Keep the lines of communication open.

Jared: Yes, Sir.

Bo: We need to find proof of who's behind this.

Clint: Yeah, well, the chief of security is unavailable. He's onsite at offshore drilling today.

Natalie: Why don't we hire someone from the outside?

Bo: Balsom.

Clint: Don't you think Rex is a little too inexperienced for a job like this?

Bo: No, he'll make up for it by busting his ass. And like you said, there's no time to waste.

[Phone rings]

Rex: Hello?

Bo: Balsom, it's Bo.

Rex: What's up?

Bo: I think I may have a job for you down at B.E. You up for that?

Rex: Sure. I'm between jobs and I got a big wedding to pay for. I'm up for just about anything. Thanks. I'll be there in 10 minutes.

Bo: I'll see you when you get here.

Rex: Okay, bye. I got to run.

Gigi: I heard.

Rex: Good luck with the job. Gigi: Thanks.

Rex: I'll see ya.

Gigi: See ya.

Markko: Sorry you had to wait so long. Here's a cup of coffee --

Gigi: No big deal, thank you. That's so nice of you.

Markko: On the house. And something to read.

Gigi: Thanks. Oh.

Markko: You know her?

Gigi: She's a friend.

Markko: Used to be my English teacher.

Gigi: I hope everything went okay for her today.

Markko: Me, too. God, I feel so bad for her. Even though Starr is my friend, too, but it's just --

Gigi: Do you know how Tommy’s doing?

Markko: Hmm -- Sam.

Gigi: Right.

Markko: He's great.

Gigi: I'm glad. I don't know what I would do if somebody tried to take my son away from me.

Marcie: Hey, you're back!

John: Hi.

Marcie: Well, come on in.

John: It's good to see you home.

Marcie: You, too.

John: I heard everything went well in court today.

Michael: Oh, thank you so much. Whatever you did to get Todd to not press charges --

John: Forget about it, you know? Call it justice. And after everything that you two have been through -- I'm just glad Ramsey didn't have a say in the outcome.

Michael: Ramsey -- I still can't believe that Ramsey is the new police commissioner.

John: Yeah. It could be worse. I have to work with him.

Michael: What?

John: Yeah, I've been reinstated.

Michael: By Ramsey?

John: No, no. Bo pushed the paperwork through.

Michael: Well, that's great.

John: Hmm.

Michael: Or is it? Obviously, mixed feelings. Well, with the badge, at least you can keep an eye on Ramsey from the inside, right?

John: Yeah, that's the plan.

Michael: I mean, do you really think that he's going toast with everything that he's done? Once people find out what he has done?

John: People already have. It doesn't seem to matter, Mike. Hey, I'm sorry, did I interrupt you guys going somewhere?

Marcie: No. Oh -- uh -- no. I'm not going anywhere.

Gigi: Viki Davidson told me about this place. I don't have a resume --

Cristian: Hi.

Gigi: Hi.

Cristian: Sorry. I'm Cristian Vega.

Gigi: Hi -- oh, I'm Gigi Morasco. Nice --

Cristian: Markko told me you wanted to talk to me about a job?

Gigi: Yes -- um -- Viki Davidson told me this is the friendliest place in town, and I worked for a lot of years as a waitress at the friendliest diner in Paris, Texas. I don't have a resume, but all my employment history is pretty much in one place, so all you'd have to do is call --

Cristian: I'm sorry, I'm sorry -- I got to stop you there. I wish I had better news, but we don't really have any openings.

Gigi: Oh, really? That -- that's too bad. That's too bad.

Cristian: But why don't you leave me your -- leave me your number. If anything opens up, I'll give you a call. We usually lose a couple of girls in the summer.

Gigi: Thanks.

Man: In no way is this too good to be true. It's exactly what you deserve.

Nash: And I'd have total control of the product, the marketing, the vineyard?

Man: Absolutely. I know you're looking for a catch. But the beauty is, we'll more than recoup our investment down the line. We put our faith in you. We don't meddle in something that's working, and we all come out on top.

Nash: Hmm.

Man: Okay, there is one catch.

Nash: Aha. I knew it.

Man: Your partner -- we want him to sell out.

Nash: Well, what a coincidence. So do I.

Man: You think you can convince him?

Nash: I think if the price is right, I hope so.

Man: It will be.

Nash: That's great.

Man: Just bear in mind, the stipulation we spoke about is still nonnegotiable.

Nash: I understand.

Rex: Looks pretty straightforward.

Natalie: Well, Uncle Bo wants a report first thing next week. I'm sorry to make this so last-minute. I know you have a wedding to plan.

Rex: Ah, plenty of time. Can't do much with Adriana out of the country, anyway.

Natalie: Where'd she go?

Rex: Business trip, Paris. We're not sure for how long. Great opportunity.

Phyllis: Ms. Buchanan --

Natalie: Oh -- did the network get fixed?

Phyllis: I've called three times.

Natalie: And what about the graphics for that slideshow presentation?

Phyllis: How about the extra help I keep asking for?

Natalie: She acts like she's my boss.

Rex: Well, she's been here forever, right?

Natalie: Whatever. She runs the place, I guess.

Rex: I'll get right on this.

Natalie: Thank you.

Rex: Thanks for the gig.

Bo: Thank you, Balsom. You let me know if you need anything, all right?

Rex: Will do.

Jessica: Here, Sarah, you can start with this.

Sarah: Okay. Dude, I read like a snail.

Natalie: Then you should've been here sooner.

Sarah: Uh -- I -- I was in the middle of something.

Natalie: I thought you only worked nights.

Sarah: Ahem --

Clint: Sarah -- you don't have to read that whole damn thing, you know. We just need you to make an informed vote.

Jared: I'll brief you on the highlights, how's that?

Sarah: Would you? Thanks.

Clint: We are looking at an all-nighter. Anybody have a problem with that?

Natalie: Uh-uh, whatever it takes.

Marcie: I could've gone to prison today, but -- well, somebody thought I deserved a second chance, right?

[Marcie chuckles]

Marcie: And as much as we're going to miss Tommy -- Sam -- he's loved. That's the most important thing, right? And Michael and I -- we have each other.

John: Hey.

Gigi: John, hi. How -- how did it go today?

John: Oh, I think it went -- I think it went really well. Marcie got off with community service and probation.

Gigi: No jail time? That's great.

John: Mm-hmm.

Gigi: I'm on my way to see her.

John: Well, I -- I'm sorry, I'm not sure now is the best time.

Gigi: Hmm. She and Michael probably want some time alone.

John: Yeah.

Gigi: Yeah.

John: I didn't -- I didn't think you'd still be in Llanview, especially now that Ramsey’s the commissioner.

Ramsey: I don't want you to leave Llanview. I want you and Shane to stay right here.

Gigi: I figure this is as good as any place to raise my kid.

John: Okay. So you're staying? Well, now that Ramsey’s running the place --

Gigi: I know what I'm doing, John.

John: Okay. If there's anything I can do to help --

Gigi: What, you want to file a complaint so you can get me to testify against him? I don't think so. Shane and I are going to forget about what happened and move on, and Ramsey will have no choice but to do the same. Tell Marcie I stopped by, okay? Never mind. I'll just -- I'll call her later.

Michael: Oh, I feel like I have you back.

Marcie: I never left. Mikey, I never left you.

Michael: You know, all those weeks when we were apart, I thought back to when we first got together, and how you made me laugh.

Marcie: Hmm.

Michael: And you showed me how to see the good side in people, which, as you may recall, wasn't exactly a part of my nature. But it was that generous spirit -- it was that fighting sprit that made me feel stronger, too, just being with you.

Marcie: I wish I still were that person.

Michael: Oh, you are still that person.

Marcie: Hmm. No.

Michael: You almost put Todd through the wall of the courthouse. That strength is a part of you.

Marcie: I wish I could make you laugh again.

Michael: I'd be all right with that.

Marcie: Yeah?

Michael: Yeah.

Marcie: You know, then maybe I'll just have to bust out some -- you know, some of my old material.

Michael: Uh -- no.

Marcie: No?

Michael: No. I prefer some new jokes.

Marcie: Oh, really?

Michael: Yeah.

Marcie: Right. Well, I'll just, you know, whip them up out of thin air --

Michael: Yeah, sure.

Marcie: Just like that.

Michael: Sure, you can. You know? What -- what's the saying? It's -- "it's the dying that's hard, it's the comedy that's easy." "This thing on?"

Marcie: It's the opposite way --

Michael: Is it?

Marcie: You nudnik. Yes.

Michael: "Dying hard --" oh, yes. Comedy's hard. Huh.

Marcie: Mike --

Michael: Hmm?

Marcie: Can I say something that's going to be totally unfunny?

Michael: No. No, that's absolutely not allowed.

Marcie: Come on.

Michael: No.

Marcie: Okay.

Michael: Uh-uh.

Marcie: All right, fine, then you're not going to get to hear how important you are to me and how much I love you.

Michael: I don't need to hear that, because I can feel it.

Marcie: Oh, aha.

[Michael and Marcie laugh]

[Phone rings]

Ramsey: Commissioner Ramsey. Uh-huh. Well, I can't tell you how much it means to have the support of someone of your standing in the community. Dinner will be my pleasure. I'll wait to hear from you. Thank you.

Clint: If Bo is right about Webster being behind all of this, how long are we supposed to wait for proof? Till he steals the company out from under us? Now, listen to me. Wasn't there some question as to why his first wife got this huge chunk of change in their divorce settlement?

Bo: No, no. We're not going to go there.

Clint: Why not? I mean, would Webster give this woman that kind of money if he didn't have something to hide?

Bo: Come on. That's his personal life.

Clint: Bo, if Webster’s going to start throwing mud, we have got to get our hands dirty, too.

Bo: No, no, no, no, we don’t. Clint, hey, that's why we're going to win.

Clint: Right. I don't know what I was thinking.

Jared: Oh, I think I found the -- Nash? What's up?

Nash: You are going to sell me back my shares to the vineyard.

Jared: Really?

Nash: Really.

Jared: Why would I do that?

Nash: Because you got everything you wanted. Come on, you got your membership to the B.E. board, the ever-happy Buchanan family. What else could you possibly want? Don't you have enough?

[Jared chuckles]

Jared: No one tells me what's enough, especially not you.

Nash: All right, just -- just listen to me here.

Jared: Okay, I saved your wife's life and this is the thanks I get?

Nash: No, I'm grateful. Of course I'm grateful about that. You saved my wife's life, but this is business. Now -- now, listen. I'm just asking you to be reasonable here.

Jared: No. You're telling me to put myself aside so you can make a fortune. Well, why the hell would I do that?

Nash: Now, here I was thinking I had misjudged you. The big hero saves my wife's life, but you're still trying to get something out of this, aren't you? What are you trying to get out of this?

Jared: Well, I put my life on the line for your -- you know what? I'm not even having this conversation with you.

Nash: Don't you walk out on me. You're going to sell me back those shares to the vineyard because I don't care what I have to do to get you out of my way, you understand me?

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Viki: What are the odds that we would all end up sitting at the same table?

Starr: Why are we going to Hawaii? How long are we going for?

Todd: Forever. We're moving there.

John: We'd like to ask you and Jessica a few questions about Allison Perkins.

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