One Life to Live Transcript Monday 2/25/08


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Attendant: Phones off for takeoff, sir.

John: Oh, no problem. It's dead anyway.

Pilot: Ladies and gentlemen, we're waiting for clearance, should be departing for Llanview shortly. Hope you enjoyed your time in D.C.

Rex: I -- I don't get it. Adriana, why -- why would you pass this up, an offer to go to Paris?

Adriana: Because I don't want to go without you.

Rex: Oh, I get it -- you don't trust me.

Adriana: That’s not it.

Rex: Gigi and I dated in high school, Adriana. We were teenagers.

Adriana: So? That doesn't make it a big deal, and now suddenly, she's back in your life?

Rex: "Back in my life"? We -- we've run into each other a couple of times, that's all. What?

Adriana: That little boy -- the way you keep trying to involve yourself with him.

Rex: What's that supposed to mean?

Adriana: You're all over him, Rex -- "like me, like me."

Rex: I'm being friendly. It's bad enough he's new in town -- you've been icy cold with him.

Adriana: I want to leave.

Rex: No, no. This is about Shane, isn't it -- this attitude? Your not wanting to go to Paris? You still think I'm his father.

Starr: No, Starr, do not call him. If he wants to talk to you, then he will call you. Do what Aunt Dorian said and just be a lady -- just wait. But since when does a Cramer girl wait? I am going to call him.

[Knock on door]

Starr: Cole? Cole! Oh, my gosh! Hi -- oh, come in.

Markko: Dipstick here forgot there was no school.

Starr: Oh, God. When'd you find that one out?

Markko: Just as I got out of bed -- 7:00 A.M.

Starr: Ouch.

Markko: Yeah, at least I conked back out. I swung by to pick up Langston. Is she around?

Starr: Oh, no, she left a little while ago. She went to meet up with someone.

Langston: Cole? What's wrong?

Cole: Langston, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I can't talk to Starr about this, all right? She'll be too upset. You're the only person I can talk to.

Langston: What happened, Cole? Tell me.

Cole: I -- I don't know, and I don't -- I don't know what I can do. It's like there's nothing I can do.

Langston: You're scaring me. I haven't seen you this upset since that --

Cole: Since the night that I shot Miles Laurence -- yeah, I know. It kind of feels like I'm going back in time. But, I mean, who am I kidding -- like people are going to forget about what happened? I know I haven't forgotten.

Langston: Cole --

Cole: Yeah, something like this, Langston -- eventually you have to pay for it.

Langston: What are you talking about? It was an accident. You didn't mean to shoot Miles.

Cole: You're right. I meant to shoot Agent Ramsey.

Langston: What? Why?

Cole: Because he killed my mom.

Langston: So you --

Cole: I tried to kill him, yeah. And he knows that, and now he's the new police commissioner.

Ramsey: What is this?

Bo: If you want that arm to stay in one piece, I wouldn't touch that.

Ramsey: Bo. What goes on in this station is no longer your business but it is mine. I need to clean up this office, get rid of all this antique clutter.

Bo: This?

Ramsey: Hmm?

Bo: This is a tribute to a hero -- Officer John Perry. He was one of us, a retired Llanview cop who happened to be in New York City on September the 11th, and he lost his life at the World Trade Center trying to save other lives -- not because he had to but because of the man that he is. And only a heartless, son of a -- no. Only you would refer to this as "clutter."

Ramsey: You can take the picture or I'll find a place for it. Either way, it's coming off that wall.

Antonio: Commissioner, we'll -- we'll take care of that.

Talia: Is there anything in your office that you want? Because, I mean, we'll -- we'll take care of that for you if it makes it easier.

Bo: Thank you, but there are things that I want but I'm going to get them myself.

Shane: Are they having a fight?

Gigi: Mind your own business. Here, put that in there.

Adriana: It's not every day that your fiancé’s ex-girlfriend from 10 years ago suddenly shows up with a son who happens to be a little over 9 years old.

Rex: Okay, stop it, just stop it. Shane is not my son -- I thought we established that. Gigi would not lie to me.

Adriana: She lied to you in Texas about Marcie, Rex.

Rex: No -- for God's sakes, it's -- it's not like this kid's father is some mystery man. He was a Navy Seal -- Shane talks about him all the time.

Adriana: Have you seen pictures of the guy?

Rex: It's obviously a painful topic for her. What do you want me to do? You -- you want me to ask her to drag out photos of Shane's dead father? And think of how hard it was for her to raise him all by herself. If I was the father, don't you think that she would tell me so that I could help? Well?

Adriana: I guess what you're saying makes sense.

Rex: But you're still not convinced.

Adriana: Can you blame me for being slightly skeptical when your ex-girlfriend, a woman who's lonely and has no apparent source of income, suddenly plunks herself down in Llanview?

Rex: Ah, and -- and you think that if you went to Paris that the moment your plane was off the ground, Gigi would come to me and say, "Oh, Rex, by the way, you are Shane's father, not to mention I'm lonely as hell, so why don't you dump the Cramer girl and we can live happily ever after?"

Adriana: And you would say what?

Rex: I would say no. I would declare that anyone who thinks they can come between me and the woman I love is out of their ever loving mind. And it wouldn't matter if -- if an ocean separated me from said woman. Our love and devotion will remain steadfast and unchanged because she and I are, in a word, "forever."

Adriana: Rex.

Rex: My love will always be there, Adriana. You have to trust that.

Adriana: I love you, too -- so much.

Adriana: But I'm not going to Paris.

Markko: Did Langston mention that she and I had plans?

Starr: No.

Markko: And you don't know where she went?

Starr: Well, she just said that she was meeting up with one of her friends from group therapy. They said that they really needed her.

Markko: Oh. Okay, well, I get why she didn't call.

Starr: Oh, yeah -- I'm sure she'll call you eventually.

Markko: Yeah.

Starr: So, while you hang out, are you hungry? Want something?

Markko: Uh -- sure.

Starr: Okay. How about some peanut butter and jelly?

Markko: You're not busy?

Starr: Well, I'm only busy being a lady.

Markko: Um -- what?

Starr: Well, my Aunt Dorian says that, um, you should be a lady and not call your boyfriend even if you haven't heard from him in forever.

Markko: Oh. So, you and Cole haven't talked in a while?

Starr: Well, not since last night and I just kind of wanted to call him and thank him for everything. Do you think it's weird he hasn't called me?

Markko: Uh -- not really. I mean, sometimes guys just need a little space.

Starr: Girls, too, believe it or not.

Markko: Yeah -- I guess we all do. Anyway, you and Cole are solid so you got nothing to worry about.

Langston: When you say "the guy who killed your mom" -- I thought she died in a car accident.

Cole: Yeah, but Ramsey is the one who shot the tires out in the van that we were in.

Langston: What?

Cole: Yeah, I overheard John say it. That's the reason why the van went off the cliff in the first place.

Langston: So that's why you wanted to shoot Ramsey?

Cole: Yeah. But then, Miles showed up in the middle of nowhere and, well, you know the rest.

Langston: So John McBain didn't want you to go to jail because he knew you never really wanted to hurt Miles?

Cole: I feel like no time at all has passed, and all that healing or whatever it was didn't do any good. The worst part is that I know my mom is -- I know she wants to help me but she can’t. And I just see that awful look on her face and -- oh. Is that weird?

Langston: No. We talked about this in therapy. When you lose someone you love so much -- huh -- you don't ever get over that. You just learn to cope with it. And all this news about Ramsey, it's just triggering all these old feelings again.

Cole: You know, to actually think about taking someone's life is bad enough, but I actually had a gun in my hand, Langston.

Langston: Shh -- stop, please. Haven't you suffered enough?

Cole: I don't know -- have I? Because I wake up in the middle of the night hearing that gun go off when I shot Miles. And even worse --

Langston: What?

Cole: I can hear my mom screaming in that burning van.

Langston: I wish I knew what to say.

Cole: I wish I could just go back in time, just a few months ago. God, you know, my -- my mom was alive, she was happy. Starr and I were really close. Now, everything's changed.

Talia: It's awful quiet in there. What do you think they're doing?

Antonio: Well, I'd guess Bo's setting Ramsey straight on a few things.

Talia: Should we go get the paramedics now or wait?

Antonio: Well, Ramsey fights dirty -- we know that. I want to stick around in case Bo needs backup.

Ramsey: You got yourself all huffy -- try not to break my door on your way out. I'd hate to have to bust an ex-cop for vandalism my first day on the job.

Bo: I came for my things.

Ramsey: Excellent -- I started a box.

Bo: Well, then I'll get the rest.

Ramsey: Good.

Bo: You shouldn't get too used to being in this office, Ramsey.

Ramsey: I can’t. But when I get it looking like a proper police office, I'll be fine -- for years to come.

Bo: Oh, gee. "Years to come"?

Ramsey: You find that funny?

Bo: I find it obscene -- just the idea that you would last any length of time in this office. That's not going to happen, Ramsey.

Cole: Langston, what if Ramsey tries to charge me with shooting Miles? I mean, he knows John's story is not true. He knows that John didn't shoot Miles.

Langston: Yeah, but can he do that -- charge you now after all this time?

Cole: Who knows? The guy seems to do whatever he wants.

Langston: You know, maybe you should go to Nora. She is the district attorney.

Cole: Right, yeah -- the D.A. that let me off -- let me off the hook. That's a -- that's a great idea. How am I supposed to tell her that I'm the one that shot Miles?

Langston: I guess you can’t. I just -- I just wish I could help you. Maybe you should talk to Starr -- I mean, she loves you.

Cole: No, no. Starr is the last person I can talk to about this.

Starr: You're right -- Cole and I are totally solid. So Starr should stop going crazy right now.

Markko: Wasted energy.

Starr: And you should know, Mr. Cool, because Langston, like, stood you up today and you were totally mellow about it.

Markko: Our plans weren't definite. We just talked about hanging out today, that's all.

Starr: Oh, my gosh. I have a brilliant idea -- I know exactly what I'm going to do for Cole.

Markko: Whoa -- don't tell me. You're going to show up on his doorstep in, like, a really skimpy bikini?

Starr: Yeah, even though it's, like, totally winter? No -- my idea is going to be perfect.

Markko: So tell me already.

Starr: Well, you will find out soon enough, Mr. Rivera, because you are going to assist me. Come on.

Markko: Oh, great.

[Starr and Markko laugh]

Rex: Right, you know, I -- I kind of get it. Uh -- Paris is a schlocky city, let's face it, and what's to do? You know, the musées and the élysées -- yeah, and the food? Yuck.

Adriana: Élysées, and it wasn't supposed to be a pleasure trip, Rex.

Rex: Right. It's just a great, possibly once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity, you know, that could advance your career, but who needs that? Ambition is so yesterday.

Adriana: Could you stop making jokes?

Rex: Fine. I'll be dead serious. Your not wanting to go to Paris leads me to believe that your charming mother has filled your head with all the stuff that makes me unworthy of her fabulous daughter.

Adriana: "All the stuff" -- like what?

Rex: You tell me.

Shane: I got to go change my shirt since I got it all wet.

Rex: Yeah, I can see that.

Shane: But don't leave, okay? I need to show you something.

Rex: Fine -- I won't go.

Shane: Thanks.

Gigi: Take it easy, you two. It was good seeing you again.

Adriana: You, too.

Rex: I want an answer, Adriana. Why are you even considering not going to Paris?

Adriana: I'd miss you too much.

Rex: You'll only be gone a few weeks.

Adriana: Deadlines tend to get pushed back. It could be longer than that.

Rex: It's not going to be a decade, is it?

Adriana: I'm just not all that excited about going, okay?

Rex: It's fashion and Paris. Now, other than me and chocolate-covered cherries, those are the two things you are most passionate about in the world.

Adriana: I have a wedding to plan.

Rex: What's the rush? We haven't even set a date --

[Phone rings]

Rex: Okay, I'm not going to answer it, but let me see who it is.

[Rex sighs]

Rex: It's Layla. Why is she calling me?

Adriana: Don't -- don't answer it.

Rex: What?

Adriana: Please?

Rex: Ahem -- hey, Layla. What's up?

Layla: Where's Adriana?

Rex: Uh, she -- she's right here with me. Why?

Layla: I left six voicemails for her. Where are you anyway?

Rex: Uh -- Viki Davidson’s. We were just having breakfast --

Layla: I'll be on my way. Do not move. Oh!

Rex: Ahem -- Layla's on her way. Sounded urgent.

Adriana: When does she not sound urgent? Woman's a drama queen.

Rex: She left you a bunch of messages. Must've turned off your phone?

Adriana: Gee, did I?

Rex: Uh -- okay, okay, that's it. You know, ever since Gigi and Shane moved to town, you've been acting a little weird, a little not yourself. So, now it's official -- we have entered bizarro territory and I want to know how we got there. What's going on with you, Adriana?

Warren's voice: Wish I could help you.

John: More roadblocks?

Warren: Look, whatever happened with Ramsey, it's being kept under wraps. He was in some high-level meetings, then he left D.C. That's all I got for you, John.

John: I heard the same thing from several people, but I was told he was out of the bureau.

Warren: Huh. That's the story, but I can't even get confirmation of that.

John: Where the hell are you, Ramsey?

Bo: When the people in this town realize the kind of man you are and how you got this job, you're going to be out of here on your ass.

Ramsey: The people of this city will realize the kind of man I am when they can go about their lives with a little money in their pocket and feel safe.

Bo: You're wrong. See, Llanview is not just a city. It's a community and I was proud and honored to serve it and I don't expect you would be able to grasp this, but the people in this town? They do care about each other.

Ramsey: Yeah -- they care what they do behind each other's back. It's no wonder you were such a lousy commissioner -- this gossipy, small-town, greeting-card crap doesn't run a city, Bo. It's about organization, knowledge, authority, the power to defend people from what they fear and these people will know what threatens them and they will be grateful for the protection.

Bo: You are even more corrupt than you get credit for.

Ramsey: Yeah. Say -- you?

Antonio: It's Detective Vega.

Ramsey: And I am your boss -- Commissioner Lee Ramsey, remember? Good. I want you to keep an eye on your ex-boss here. He takes nothing that doesn't belong to him.

Talia: Commissioner, don't go.

Bo: Talia? Thank you. I appreciate it, but -- I don't belong here anymore.

Antonio: Well, if that's the case, then I don't, either.

Rex: You ever going to answer me?

Adriana: Look, it's complicated.

Rex: Right, and I -- and I'm too dense to understand.

Adriana: No, but this whole thing, it just makes me feel like -- I don't know, it just --

Shane: This is what I wanted to show you. It's the most awesomest video game ever.

Rex: Wow. It looks like a tough one.

Shane: Yeah, it is. I can get all the way up to level nine, but then I can't get past the dragons.

Rex: Yeah. You know how that goes.

Shane: Look, Charlie is not that great at video games and he only talks about this thing called pong.

Rex: It's from the dark ages.

Shane: Yeah, well, you're not that old, so I'm hoping you can help me with this.

Gigi: Shane, stop bothering everyone. I'm sorry.

Rex: No, he's not bothering --

Gigi: Rex and Adriana are in the middle of something.

Adriana: You're right, we are. But you know what? It can wait and, Shane, Rex is really good at dealing with dragons so I bet he can help you -- really. Okay, go ahead.

Rex: Okay. Alright, tell me about the game.

Shane: Okay. Well, your choice -- you can either be the good guy or the bad guy, so if you want to be the good guy, you --

Rex: Explain it to me --

Gigi: Thank you.

Rex: After we start playing?

Adriana: Yeah.

Markko: I should've known your plan would involve shopping.

Starr: Well, we're shopping for food. Okay, you see, me and Cole made this pasta dish together one time. He said that him and his dad used to always make it.

Markko: Do you want me to leave these out?

Starr: Yeah, you might as well. So I figured that if I make this dish, then he'll see that everything that has to deal with his family hasn't completely disappeared and that he has a family with all of us.

Markko: I'm not sure I've ever even tasted sauce from scratch before.

Starr: Ooh, well, it shouldn't be too hard.

Markko: I thought you said you and Cole made this before.

Starr: Well, Cole kind of made it and I watched.

Markko: All right, this is going to be interesting.

Starr: Yep, well, here it goes.

Langston: Cole, Starr loves you. She's going to want to know about all this stuff.

Cole: I know, and because she loves me so much, she'll want to keep me safe and she'll go straight to her parents about Ramsey.

Langston: Are you sure? She's kept your secret this far.

Cole: If Starr knew how freaked out I was about Ramsey, she would want to help me, all right? And because she loves her parents so much --

Langston: She's going to think that her dad can fix everything.

Cole: Right, and I can't risk Todd knowing that I shot Miles. I mean, besides, I mean, Starr was so happy last night and I don't want to ruin it by having her worry about me. Langston, I'm sorry I dragged you down here.

Langston: Cole, you still have other people on your side. What about John McBain? He knows the whole story and he's helped you once before.

Cole: Yeah, John's been great. I mean, even when he's out of town, he -- he keeps in touch. But just in the past few days, I've tried calling him and keep getting his voicemail.

Langston: Do you leave a message?

Cole: Well, yeah, just to say hi, but I didn't tell him about the whole Ramsey thing.

Langston: How long is he going to be out of town?

Cole: I don't know, but I hope he comes back soon. Everything would be different if he was here.

Attendant: Need anything?

John: Prune juice? Nah, I'm kidding. I'm fine, thanks.

Attendant: Were you in D.C. on business?

John: Yeah.

Attendant: Didn't go so well, huh?

John: Not exactly a rip-roaring success.

Attendant: Sorry to hear it.

John: It'll be good to be home.

Bo: Antonio, you can't resign. Now, this city needs every great cop it can get, especially now.

Antonio: With him? I mean, come on -- like, did you see the way he talks down to me, to everyone? I mean, why in the hell would I stay here --

Bo: Because you have to stay here. Look, somebody has to make sure that this Ramsey doesn't end up destroying this entire department.

Talia: Commissioner, John's plaque.

Bo: Thanks, Sahid.

Antonio: It's wrong, Bo. I mean, why in the hell would -- would the mayor replace you with -- that incompetent bastard?

Bo: We don't really know that he is incompetent. All right, I know, I know. I'm -- seriously, I'm sorry that -- that you and Sahid and John had to end up working for a guy like Ramsey.

Antonio: John? John's on suspension and there is no way that Ramsey is going to reinstate him.

Bo: Maybe there's something we can do about that.

Antonio: I tell you, if Ramsey doesn't want John back –

Bo: I already had everything in place to bring John off suspension. See, that's one of the reasons I wanted to be here today.

Antonio: I don't follow.

Bo: All right. The paperwork from I.A. is due here today with the monthly reports and requisitions. I mean, it's got to be here within a half-hour.

Antonio: So it's stuff that's all been reviewed?

Bo: Yeah. All it needs now is the commissioner's signature, and then it becomes official.

Antonio: Well, then let's make it happen.

Ramsey: Yeah. Sahid? Sahid. Is that Moroccan? Lebanese?

Talia: It's Syrian. Is that a problem?

Ramsey: No. No, today's force is all about diversity.

Talia: What's that supposed to mean?

Shane: Check your shield!

Rex: [High-pitched voice] Take that, you weak, pathetic fool!

Shane: Wow, you're, like, totally nailing it.

Rex: [Normal voice] Oh, now the adrenaline's flowing, dude. God, the graphics on this thing -- amazing!

Shane: I know. It's the one good thing that guy did for me.

Rex: What guy?

Gigi: Moe. The guy -- the guy from the diner. I think you met him. Um -- he bought Shane the system and a couple of games.

Shane: Moe, yeah.

[Knock on door]

Adriana: Hey.

Layla: Girl --

Adriana: Oh.

Layla: What were you thinking, turning off your phone after getting the most important phone call of our lives?

Adriana: A slight exaggeration.

Layla: Uh -- no. Do you realize what this can mean for our company? But don't worry about it -- I got you a flight. And I threw some of my things in a suitcase for you and I figured you can buy whatever I didn't pack there. Suitcase is in the car.

Adriana: What, now?

Layla: Yes, now. We need to get to the airport, like, 20 minutes ago.

Adriana: But I was thinking I might not go.

Layla: When exactly did you lose your mind?

Starr: Okay, let's try it again. Hmm. What do you think? I think it needs more onion, right?

Markko: No, enough onion.

Starr: Okay, well, what should I put in it? What's this, ground Cuban? "Cumin"? What is that?

Markko: God, like I should know?

Starr: Okay, well, try it.

Markko: No way. I tried that curry powder and I still can't get the taste out of my mouth.

Starr: Okay, shh -- fine, I'll try it, I'll try it, I'll try it. It might be good. I'll -- I'll add a pinch.

Markko: How long does it have to cook for?

Starr: An hour, right?

Markko: Don't look at me.

Starr: Oh, gosh. I just wish that Cole would call me.

Markko: Yeah, Langston hasn't come back, either, yet. Maybe they're together.

Starr: Why would they be together? Langston said that she was going to see someone from group -- well, it could -- well, why wouldn't she just tell me if she was going to meet up with Cole?

Cole: I have to get out of Llanview.

Langston: No, Cole, you can’t.

Cole: Langston, you should've heard the way Ramsey was talking to me on the docks.

Langston: So you'll figure something out. You can't leave Starr. She'll be devastated. This is your home. It's where all your friends are.

Cole: And they can all visit me in jail.

Langston: You're not going to jail, Cole.

Cole: Ramsey saw me shoot a man. Have you not been listening to anything I'm saying?

Langston: Yes, I have, and I'm sure John will be home soon and everything will be okay.

[Phone rings]

Cole: Maybe that's John.

Langston: Who is it?

Cole: It's Starr.

[Phone rings]

Langston: Answer it.

Cole: Hi.

Starr: Oh -- oh, my God, Cole. I'm so glad you picked up. You have no idea how worried I've been about you.

Cole: Why?

Starr: "Why?" Did you hear about Ramsey?

Cole: Yeah, that he's the new police commissioner.

Starr: And you're not upset? Cole, this is not good.

Cole: Hey, listen, just try not to worry about it. Everything's going to work out.

Starr: How? Cole, what if Ramsey makes trouble for you? Look, I want you to call my dad.

Cole: No. And I don't want you to talk to him, either. Listen, your dad has a lot of stuff going on right now and he's not exactly a favorite of the police himself, so --

Starr: Okay, fine, then I won’t. Look, are you sure you're okay? You sound really stressed.

Cole: No, I'm fine, I promise. I'll call you later. I love you.

Starr: I love you, too.

Gigi: Rex, you don't have to stay. I'm sure Shane can figure this game out on his own.

Shane: Yes, die!

Rex: I -- I don't -- I don't -- I don't mind. And besides, I'm waiting to talk to Viki -- remember, about that case she hired me for?

Gigi: Oh. Right.

Rex: Gigi?

Gigi: Yeah?

Rex: I'm glad you decided to stay in Llanview, especially after all the stuff you went through -- that guy trying to shoot at you and Shane. But that's all over. Right? You're not in danger anymore?

Ramsey: I don't want you to leave Llanview. I want you and Shane to stay right here.

Gigi: No, no more trouble. Everything's -- great.

Rex: I'm glad to hear it.

Layla: Do you not get what this means? This kind of exposure could be priceless for us -- and in Paris, no less.

Adriana: But I have so much to do for the wedding.

Layla: Can't you do that wedding stuff online? It's not like you're going to Mars.

Shane: Mom, I got to level 10.

Layla: Oh, no. I am not going to let you do this.

Adriana: Do what?

Layla: When it comes to Rex, you have nothing to worry about. He loves you like crazy and you know that. What kind of marriage would it be if you had to watch your husband all the time?

Adriana: Would you keep your voice down, please?

Layla: This job in Paris could give you and Rex your dream, your future. And if you let petty jealousy keep you from going, you will never forgive yourself or Rex.

Antonio: All right, Bo's going to do something to distract Ramsey.

Talia: Right, right.

Antonio: Okay? And then you're going to get John's reinstatement papers. Make sure they're bunched --

Talia: They're going to get bunched in with all the bureaucratic ones. He's just going to automatically sign those. Let's go.

Antonio: Good. Here comes Eddie.

Talia: Hiya, Eddie. How are you doing?

Eddie: I'm good. Hey, what'd you want me to do with these?

Talia: Oh -- I'll take them and I'll just, you know, have the new commissioner sign them and then turn them in ASAP.

Eddie: Great. Thanks.

Talia: Thanks. Thank you. They're in. John's papers.

Antonio: Excellent. I'll let Bo know

Antonio: Our plan's a go.

Bo: Looks like Ramsey’s going to keep the shredder working overtime.

Antonio: I wonder which cases he's throwing out.

Bo: Looks like we'll never know.

Antonio: Uh -- well, you won't have to worry about that because I'll make sure that this information gets into the proper hands to -- be shredded, of course.

Bo: Yeah, ah, of course.

Talia: I'm sorry, but Ramsey’s on his way.

Bo: Okay.

Antonio: It was an honor working with you, Commissioner.

Bo: The honor's all mine, Antonio. Shall we?

Antonio: After you.

Bo: Ramsey, I don't know how you got this job, but you did get it so I -- I guess it's only natural that I -- I really need to pass a few things on to you.

Ramsey: Oh, I think I can muddle through without your help.

Bo: Well, now, really, I'd be remiss if I didn't at least offer you a few tips.

Ramsey: Tips?

Talia: I need your signature on a few things, Commissioner.

Ramsey: Not now.

Talia: Well, actually, it does have to be now. It won't take long. It's just, you know, some equipment requests, vouchers --

Bo: It's not all -- all headlines and photo ops, Ramsey.

Ramsey: Pen, please. You know, you can be a funny guy, Bo -- sometimes. Huh?

Talia: Thank you.

Bo: Well, I guess if you don't really need my help --

Ramsey: No, I don’t. And now that you've got your memorabilia, you can go.

Talia: Looks like John McBain's coming back to work.

Pilot: Ladies and gentlemen, we hope you had a pleasant flight. Welcome to Llanview.

Adriana: Rex, I'm going. Layla talked me into it.

Rex: That's great. I know it's going to be an important trip for you.

Layla: Yeah, it is, and she needs to go now.

Rex: I'll -- I'll take you to the airport.

Gigi: Rex, Viki says she'll have that info for you in about 15 minutes.

Rex: Uh -- well, actually, I was going to go do things --

Gigi: She said that she really wanted to deal with it today and would be grateful if you could wait.

Adriana: It's okay. Layla can take me to the airport, right, Layla?

Layla: Yeah, sure.

Adriana: So -- um -- I'll call you when I get there but not if I think you're sleeping -- time difference and everything.

Rex: You wake me up whenever you want.

Adriana: I'm going to miss you.

Rex: I'll miss you, too. I love you.

Adriana: Okay.

Shane: Ew!

Gigi: Hush.

Layla: All right, I don't mean to break this up or anything, but she has to leave.

Adriana: Right. Got to go.

Layla: Yep, and you better buckle your seat belt because I'm getting you on that flight one way or another. Let's go.

Adriana: Okay. Bye, everyone.

Gigi: Have fun in Paris.

Shane: She's going to Texas?

Gigi: No.

Rex: Uh -- Paris, France.

Adriana: I'll talk to you soon, right? Every day?

Rex: Twice a day.

Rex: So, as soon as Viki gets me the information, I'll be hitting the road.

Gigi: Whatever.

Shane: So you want to play some more, Rex?

Rex: Sure. And this time, I'm getting to level 10.

Shane: In your dreams.

Rex: Oh, you don't believe me? Watch me, Morasco.

Markko: So is Cole looking forward to his surprise?

Starr: Well, I didn't even get to tell him about --


Starr: Do you hear that sound? What --

[Starr gasps]

Starr: Oh, my gosh! Markko, what did I do?

Markko: It's okay, it's okay. You know, boiling water can be mad burly sometimes. I bet even Rachael Ray's blown it once or twice.

Starr: Oh, my gosh, yeah, sure. And, like, you're Emeril Lugosi.

Markko: Huh, "Lugosi" -- Lagasse. Lugosi's the dude who did Dracula.

Starr: Okay, well, shut up and get me the fuglaci.

Markko: Fusilli!

Starr: Whatever! Thank you. Oh. Okay.

Markko: Wow. That turned out really awesome.

Starr: Well, yeah, compared to the one that I made from scratch.

Markko: What?

Starr: I kind of used the Prego -- from the gift bags. But please, do not tell Cole. I want him to think that I made it homemade.

Markko: Aw. Cole is going to think you're the bossest girlfriend ever when he tastes this.

Starr: Yeah, right.

Langston: So did you get through to her? Did she promise not to talk to her parents about Ramsey?

Cole: Yeah, she said she wouldn't say anything. Oh, man, I feel a lot better now just getting it all out in the open.

Langston: Good. Well, if you're feeling better, I should probably go.

Cole: Hey, listen, I'm sorry I dragged you down here to begin with.

Langston: Hey, you needed me. I would have done the same.

Cole: You're a good friend.

Langston: Take care of yourself, okay?

John: Hey.

Antonio: Hey.

Talia: John, welcome back. We can really use you.

John: Oh. Yeah. So what's going on? What are you doing? You got a case?

Antonio: You don't know.

John: Know what?

Antonio: Bo's been replaced.

John: Huh? How do you replace Bo? It doesn't make any sense. What –

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Michael: No more! You have to snap out of this!

John: I don't work here anymore.

Antonio: Yes -- you do.

Nora: Just give me something that will bring him down.

Gigi: What was it like, meeting the father you never knew?

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