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Jared: There's something I want everyone here to know.

Dorian: Here it comes.

Nash: Jessica? Jessica.

Jessica: Hey.

Nash: I saw the ambulances. I was scared to death.

Jessica: Oh, it's okay, it's okay. I'm fine, I'm fine -- thanks to Jared. He saved my life.

Blair: So are you going to tell me what's wrong?

Todd: Nothing's wrong.

Blair: You know, Todd, we kind of made a promise that we were going to be a team this time and it's -- if we really want to make this marriage work, then we got to tell each other the truth -- I mean, tell each other everything. And I know something's going on -- what is it?

Talia: So do you think that this Ramsey guy is going to be as strict as Bo was on the whole fraternizing amongst officers?

Antonio: Uh -- it's hard to say.

Talia: Do you want me to go?

Antonio: What? Why?

Talia: Well, you know, because you're upset about Bo. I mean, I am, too, but you guys have been close for a really long time and -- you know, maybe it's hard for you to think about anything else.

Antonio: Well, actually, um -- ahem -- with the way you look in that dress, I -- I think there might be a good chance that I can distract myself with something else, like maybe your -- your beauty. You're irresistible, sexy.

Sarah: Oh, God. Look at this place. I am so sorry. I was not expecting company --

Cristian: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- wait a minute, wait a minute. You don't want to waste any time cleaning up, do you? No.

Sarah: No. But I don't want you tripping over anything.

Cristian: Don't worry -- I'm very careful.

Sarah: When you talk about wasting time or even a rush, is there someplace you have to be?

Cristian: No -- just here.

Sarah: Oh. Good -- because I'm not in a rush, either. In fact, my schedule for tonight is wide open.

Cristian: Lucky me.

Sarah: Hmm. And since it's getting late, I thought it'd be kind of a drag for you to drive home at this hour. I think maybe you should --

Cristian: What?

Sarah: Spend the night.

Cristian: I not only should, but I think I will. Let's not waste another second of it.

Nash: Thank you. You saved my wife. To say I owe you --

Jared: Forget it. You would've done the same.

Nash: But I wasn't here, but you were. I'm grateful. We all are.

Jessica: Uh -- who has Bree?

Nash: Lois.

Natalie: Jared? What was it that you were going to tell us?

Viki: Darling, listen, Jaredís been through an awful lot tonight. I really think he probably should rest.

Jared: No -- you know what? I -- I need to get this out now, so if you'd just please give me a minute. It's about this man here -- Charlie.

Blair: If something's going on, Todd, I want to know about it. I mean, we -- we made a promise.

Todd: I -- leave that stuff alone, I heard you the first time. Would you stop with that "promise" crap?

Blair: Fine. I will, and you can just keep all of that bottled up inside of you for all I care. You know, and you can stop pretending that you want this marriage to work because it's obvious you donít.

Todd: You want to know what's bothering me?

Blair: Yeah.

Todd: You.

Blair: Me?

Todd: Yep -- you, Starr, Jack, Sam, the whole lot of you.

Blair: What are you talking about?

Todd: Here we are all together, d it's -- this is all a lot harder than I thought it would be, all this -- this togetherness, this what do you call it?

Blair: It's a lot harder? What -- I don't understand --

Todd: It's just not working out for me. I'm -- I'm not down with it.

Blair: What do you mean, you're not "down" with it? You mean about being happy?

Todd: Yeah, that's right. I don't do happy. I don't do responsible, I don't do -- as you can attest, I don't do loving husband, I don't do caring father very well. I certainly don't do head of the household making important decisions. This is not in my blood, it's not in the cards for me, and very difficult. Here I am trying to do all that.

Blair: Are you afraid that you're going to fail and -- because you can't do it all?

Todd: No, it's just that I -- as a father, I'm needed and I'm trusted and I'm looked up to. This is not me.

Blair: What is you, Todd?

Todd: Freedom. Freedom to do whatever the hell I want, say, um, screw the consequences.

Blair: Really? And what exactly are we keeping you from doing, hmm?

Todd: Killing Lee Ramsey.

Natalie: This is about Charlie? I -- I thought --

Jared: No, just -- Natalie, please let me finish. I know since I arrived in Llanview that a lot of you have been wary of me. That's an understatement, right? You wanted me gone. I can just imagine what you've been saying behind my back. "What the hell is this arrogant jerk doing intruding upon our lives?" I can't say that I blame you. And God only knows what you're going to think after what I'm about to tell you. The truth is this man, Charlie Balsom, is --

Dorian: A hero -- a true hero. But then again, we have two heroes.

Charlie: Dorian, why don't you just let him --

Dorian: Because you -- you, Jared Buchanan -- are a hero, indeed. I -- this young man, Jared, saved the life of his niece, which is really quite commendable.

Viki: Dorian, Jared was speaking.

Dorian: My good friend Charlie Balsom -- well, he did something even more admirable because -- in a way -- because he saved the life of somebody that he hardly knew.

Clint: Dorian, for God's sake, could you give it a rest?

Dorian: These two men really, they embody the true meaning of the word "bravery" -- right, everybody? So, let's hear it. Let's hear it for these two courageous heroes.

Jared: Dorian, please, I --

Dorian: I know, I know, I know. You can't stand being in the spotlight, but I'm -- I'm sorry, young man. I just have to share your story with the entire world.

Viki: Dorian, to whom are you preaching? The press have left the building, so have the guests. What are you doing?

Dorian: Oh, there's that old robust, competitive spirit. Trust me, there's going to be enough story in this young man for you to cover in "The Banner," as well. Come on. I -- since I'm writing an article about you, I do want to ask you a few questions about, you know, what happened tonight while it's still fresh in your mind. Come.

[Jared groans]

Dorian: Oh. I'm -- I'm so sorry. Yes.

Nora: What the hell was that?

Clint: Ah, with Dorian, who knows? Physician, fundraiser, orator -- so many hats for one coiffed head.

Lindsay: Bo?

Bo: Hmm?

Lindsay: Could I talk to you for a minute

Bo: Yeah, of course. What's wrong?

Lindsay: I'm leaving.

Bo: Now? Yeah, okay -- me, too. I'm going to get our coats.

Lindsay: No, no, no, no. I mean -- I'm moving out of your place. Tonight.

Bo: You're what?

Lindsay: I've already called a cab. I'm just going to pack a couple of my things and I'll be gone. I'm moving in with R.J.

Viki: Are you all right? How is your shoulder?

Charlie: Oh, yeah, it'll be a little sore in the morning -- nothing an icepack won't fix, though.

Rex: Anything I can do for you?

Charlie: Well, no, I don't think so, Rex, but thank you anyway.

Jessica: Maybe we were all wrong about Jared.

Natalie: I wonder what he was going to say.

Dorian: Did they give you anything for the pain?

Jared: I don't need anything, I'll be fine. I just want to know why you wouldn't let me speak. What the hell do you think you're doing?

Dorian: Keeping you from making the biggest mistake of your life.

Antonio: She's still out. She kicked off her blankets, though, so I tucked her back in.

Talia: Does Jamie ever wake up in the middle of the night?

Antonio: Once she's down, she's out for the count like her dad. Why do you ask?

Talia: Because it might be weird if she woke up and saw me here.

Antonio: Oh, no, no, no. Wait, no, she would be happy to see you here unless, of course, you turned her down for, you know, an invite to a midnight tea party. What is it, Sahid? Are you looking for an excuse to leave?

Talia: No. No, I want to be here with you.

Antonio: Yeah, well --

Talia: You know that.

Antonio: I want you to be here with me. So?

Talia: So, um -- it's hard to believe that we're both here, together.

Antonio: You're beautiful.

Talia: Stop.

Antonio: Stop what?

Talia: This sell job. I know how you feel about me -- I can see it in your eyes.

Antonio: Wow. You're pretty perceptive, aren't you?

Talia: Usually. But the challenge, though --

Antonio: Yeah?

Talia: Is for you to get how I feel about you.

Antonio: But I think I do.

Talia: Well, that's not good enough -- because I want you to know it.

Sarah: I'm sorry. I just --

Cristian: What?

Sarah: I -- I really think I should just pick up a little bit.

Cristian: Are you trying to impress me? Remember, we have lived together. And I'm aware that you're cleaning impaired and it's good, it's okay.

Sarah: Is this your A-game, Vega? Insulting a girl into succumbing to your charms?

Cristian: I don't know -- is it working? Are you succumbing yet?

Sarah: Okay.

Cristian: "Okay" what?

Sarah: I will stop being compulsive about cleaning. But I think maybe at some point, we might not want to be standing anymore. The bed?

Cristian: Oh.

Sarah: There's not really any room for us in it -- on it.

Cristian: In it or on it -- that could be a problem.

Sarah: It could be.

Cristian: I'll help.

[Sarah chuckles]

Cristian: Ah.

Bo: No way -- you're not moving out. I -- I don't even know why you'd want to.

Lindsay: You lost your job because of me. Now, I've already decided, so please don't try to get me to change my mind. I'm going to go to R.J.'s and you can send the rest of my things there.

Bo: No, no -- everything that happened here tonight, none of that is your fault. The mayor wanted me out. Me being your guardian? That -- that was nothing but an excuse and that's all.

Lindsay: And now he has none, no reason to fire you. If I move now, it'll fix everything, right?

Bo: No, it won't -- no! It won't fix anything, because it's a done deal, so you're not moving out. You can't move out.

Lindsay: Of course I can.

Bo: No, you canít. It was a court order -- did you forget that? Things stay the same with us.

Lindsay: Bo --

Bo: No. It's been a rough night, Lindsay. Don't make it rougher.

Clint: Bo?

Bo: Yeah?

Clint: I know I'm stating the obvious, but this is a complete travesty.

Nora: And why Ramsey of all people?

Bo: Because the mayor was convinced that Ramsey was the perfect man for the job.

Nora: He was convinced by what? Or should I say, by whom?

Rex: Amazing, right, Nattie, what this guy did tonight?

Natalie: Yeah, it sure was.

Charlie: Hey, I just happened to be there, that's all. I did what anyone would've done.

Adriana: Charlie, Rex is proud of his father. Don't be so modest.

Natalie: Yeah, Charlie, you saved Jared's life. I mean, Dorian was right -- you went above and beyond -- so I guess you can keep seeing my mom.

[Viki chuckles]

Charlie: What, I passed the test, huh?

Natalie: With flying colors.

Charlie: Oh.

Viki: Are you okay? It's been quite a night for you.

Natalie: Okay? I'm not the one who had a gun pointed at her.

Viki: You know, from what I've heard, Allison Perkins may very well be out of our lives for good.

Natalie: Yeah, and that -- I don't know how to react to that. I mean, I know that Allison was crazy and dangerous and really wanted to hurt our family, but for her to die because -- I'm just -- I'm just glad that Jared got there in time before she could hurt Jessica.

Dorian: No, no, you cannot give all of this up -- not now.

Jared: I'm sorry -- did I ask for your advice?

Dorian: Could we just sit down for a moment? Don't you realize how perfectly everything came out?

Jared: "Perfectly"? Which part are you talking about?

Dorian: You came so close --

Jared: To what, being killed?

Dorian: To being a true Buchanan. You saved their precious Jessicaís life. They're never going to forget that. They -- they're beholden to you. You've come out of this a true hero.

Jared: I canít keep doing this.

Dorian: Yes, you can -- and you will.

Talia: Where's yours?

Antonio: We'll share -- one glass, two people. That way, we can both stay alert.

Talia: Being alert is a little bit overrated. But if that's what you want --

Antonio: Well, I have to be up early with Jamie, but if you'd like your own glass, I could always --

Talia: No. Actually, I -- it's a good idea, being alert. I kind of don't want to miss a second of this.

Jamie: Daddy, can I have a glass of water?

Sarah: Your pants.

Cristian: Yeah?

Sarah: They're rubbing against my dress, making a strange sound.

Cristian: Oh, yeah? I guess that's what I was hearing.

Sarah: And my dress -- it's starting to itch.

Cristian: Yeah. You know, my pants -- they're made of some kind of wool. I'm starting to sweat.

Sarah: I could open the window.

Cristian: It's the middle of winter.

Sarah: Mmm -- yeah. Wouldn't work.

Cristian: We'll freeze.

Sarah: So I guess our only choice is to take it all off, huh?

Cristian: Now, there's an idea.

Sarah: Hmm.

Blair: Don't even say that, Todd. Don't even think it. You are not capable of killing someone.

Todd: Oh, tell that to Suede Pruitt or Guy Armitage.

Blair: Oh, come on, that was different. That was all accidental. We're talking about premeditated murder here! You have -- you have a family now to consider.

Todd: That's exactly right. And now my hands are tied -- that's the damn problem.

Blair: You know, that's the second time that you've said your family was a problem here. And I still don't know what you're even talking about!

Todd: All this responsibility. I'm talking about now that I'm a -- a husband and a dad, I have to -- I have to set an example.

Blair: Like that's a bad thing?

Todd: It is a bad thing now, mostly due to that idiot Bo getting himself fired. And you see now, now that Ramsey is commissioner, all bets are off. There aren't any rules. And now, all I can do is sit by and watch.

Nora: Maybe Lindsay should move out. No, I mean, you think this is a done deal, this firing, but if you went back to Lowell, maybe there's a possibility --

Bo: No, I'm not going to go beg for my job back. Lowell wants me gone, I'm gone. And it's just like I said before -- this is not about me being Lindsayís guardian. This is about me being out, period.

Nora: Why would Lowell think it's to his advantage to fire a very effective, highly regarded police commissioner and in his place put this rogue F.B.I. agent?

Bo: Okay, okay, let's just leave it alone, all right? This is my life, my career, Nora -- it's not yours. Excuse me.

Nash: Whoa. You sure you're okay?

Jessica: Yeah, I'm fine, physically but -- hey, your hands are shaking.

Nash: Oh. I saw those ambulances and I just -- hmm. If I had to lose you again --

Jessica: I know, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. It's all my fault -- I shouldn't have let Allison get under my skin. She just kept on taunting me and taunting me --

Nash: Well, she's not going to be able to taunt you anymore, is she?

Jessica: I keep on seeing her, Nash. I mean, she was -- she was laughing, and then she just let go.

Nash: You're saying that she wanted to die?

Jessica: Well, the last thing that she said to me was she was going to let her secret die with her. I guess now it will.

Dorian: Just please --

Viki: Charlie, do you want to go and talk to Jared? You seem so concerned about him.

Charlie: Concerned? No -- well -- yeah, I guess I am - somewhat. He seems to be in some kind of a discussion with Dorian.

Viki: Yeah.

Natalie: Well, what is she bothering him about now?

Rex: Doesn't the guy need to rest after what he's been through?

Viki: You know what? I'll get rid of her.

Charlie: Well, no, no. You know, let me do it. I'll -- I'll find out what's going on.

Viki: Okay. You haven't taken your eyes off Jared, either.

Natalie: Uh -- I just -- I was curious as to what he was going to tell us. I mean, I know it was something important.

Jared: Do you even know what you're talking about?

Charlie: What exactly are you up to, Dorian?

Dorian: Charlie, thank goodness you came over. I have been trying to talk some sense into Jared here, butt he won't listen to me. Perhaps he will listen to you. Talk some sense into him.

Charlie: And what?

Dorian: You have got to convince him that he can't tell anybody that he's your son.

Singer: Say that it hits you that I go through the storm that I'm drenched that walking through a crowded room as your heart every dream I've ever had you've been in it somewhere counting the years it's been forever

Antonio: "'Suppose they had saved up all my punishments,' she went on, talking more to herself than the kitten."

Talia: "Through the Looking Glass" is such a cool book.

Antonio: Yeah, it is. That's all this little kitten is going to get to hear of it tonight. Come on. It's time for you to go back to bed.

Jamie: No, I'm going to go get floppy bunny.

[Talia laughs]

Antonio: You know, she never does this. I mean, you know, every once in a while, she'll ask for a glass of water, but then she takes a sip and she conks right back out.

Talia: Well, you know this isn't about being thirsty.

Antonio: Yeah, I know. It's been hard for her lately.

Talia: She misses Jessica and Bree, huh?

Antonio: Sometimes. Yeah.

Talia: Well, she's lucky she has a really awesome, caring dad.

Antonio: Hmm. Well, Jamie makes it all worth it. I'm really proud of her.

Talia: I can imagine.

Antonio: You know, when did this all become about me and my daughter?

Talia: She's a big part of your life. I want to know about you both.

Antonio: I see. I see, but this was supposed to be our night.

Talia: There will be others. I'm not going anywhere.

Antonio: Neither am I.

Jamie: I found him. I found floppy bunny.

Antonio: Good. Well, now you can take floppy bunny and get your little butt into bed.

[Talia chuckles]

Jamie: Not yet. I want a cookie.

Clint: Oh, my sweet girl, you've been through so much tonight.

Jessica: No, no, no, I'm okay. Nash, not so much.

Nash: I'll be fine.

Jessica: I'm sorry that I scared everyone.

Clint: Now, you stop apologizing, because we're just grateful you're okay.

Bo: Yeah, Jess, we're very, very grateful.

Jessica: Oh, thank you. Um -- actually, thanks to Jared. You know, I know I keep on saying that, but for one thing, it's true, and also, I -- I --

Clint: Also what?

Jessica: I -- I don't know. I -- I can't help but feel a little bit guilty. You know, for doubting him. I -- I know that what happened tonight didn't change anything, but you know, maybe we were all wrong. Maybe we've all been a little too hard on him.

Bo: Hmm.

Jessica: You don't agree?

Bo: Honey, the guy saved your life tonight, so it might be too soon to --

Jessica: Say it.

Bo: Look, Clint and I -- we never found anything that would dispute Jared's claim that he's a Buchanan. You know, the D.N.A. test --

Jessica: And his mother, Pamela, came forward.

Bo: Sure, yeah, Pamela was there. But the odd thing is that we still haven't found anything about Jared before his time in prison, you know? Our research turned up nothing.

Nora: Can I put in my two cents? Matthew -- he's always been an excellent judge of character, and you know what? He's crazy about Jared.

Jessica: And so is Renee.

Clint: Yeah, but I can't get past that this all seems so convenient.

Jessica: Dad, let's just give him the benefit of the doubt, at least for tonight. I mean, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him. I mean, he saved my life, and he didn't hesitate. That's got to be worth something, right?

Viki: Natalie, was there something that you wanted Jared to say?

Natalie: I don't know. But he had this look like he was -- he was sad and relieved at the same time, and vulnerable, and I've never seen him look like that before.

Charlie: I won't stop Jared from doing what he thinks is the right thing.

Dorian: Oh, for goodness sakes, how can the two of you be so naive? What do you think? Jared's going to make this announcement and suddenly everything's going to be right with the world? Absolutely the opposite. He's going to be heading straight back to jail, and you, his newly revealed father, will be right behind him.

Viki: Would you two like to join us for breakfast tomorrow morning?

Adriana: Definitely.

Viki: Good.

Rex: Yeah, great.

Adriana: Um --

Rex: You sure Charlie will be up for it, though? After what he's been through, he might just want to take it easy for a couple of days.

Viki: Well, if he is not up for it, then we'll postpone it, but right now, let's say it's a go, huh? Good.

Adriana: Good. Natalie, if you're going to be around, you want to look through some bridal magazines?

Natalie: Absolutely.

Adriana: I was hoping you could help me pick out some bridesmaids dresses since you'll be wearing one of them.

Natalie: You know what? I would love to help you.

Rex: And maybe Charlie can help me.

Adriana: How?

Rex: Well, since your mom and my dad are looking more and more cozy every time I see them, I -- well, not -- not cozy-cozy, Ms. Davidson.

Viki: It's all right, it's all right.

Rex: Anyway, since your mom and my dad are friends, maybe he can persuade Dorian into knowing that her future son-in-law isn't totally useless.

Dorian: This is the Buchanan family that you're dealing with. Gentlemen, you have lied to them, you have stolen from them, you've made them look like utter fools. Do you really want to go back to jail, Jared? Or do you want to continue to live the charmed life of a Buchanan? Hmm?

Officer: Mrs. Brennan, sorry to interrupt, but we have to get your statement.

Jessica: Oh, okay -- okay, sure. Do you need Jared's, too?

Officer: No, we got his earlier. The detective in charge is waiting at the hospital.

Jessica: For Allison Perkins? Well, how is her condition?

Officer: The doctor says she won't make it through the night.

Todd: It's unbelievable. This guy takes a shot at my kid. He's -- he's a certifiable maniac with no conscience. I don't -- I don't know how this could've happened, how he could've achieved this power.

Blair: Are you afraid of him?

Todd: I'll tell you what I'm afraid of, is losing the people I care about. It's like for the first time, I have this feeling like -- well, it's like, you know -- I always felt like I never deserved to have a family. And I always waited around for it to just fall apart because I -- I felt like I had that coming to me.

Blair: Yeah.

Todd: And now, maybe it's because I -- I worked so hard to get Sam back, and then you guys stuck with me and supported me through the whole thing -- it feels very important to me to keep it together, this family. And so -- so maybe I'm -- I don't know.

Blair: Are you scared?

Todd: I can't let it go. I just can't give this family up. I've tried so hard. And just now when we're getting it together, and it feels like I've got everything I want, I just can't go and give it up.

Blair: Why do you think you have to?

Todd: Because, I'm telling you, Blair, Lee Ramsey will not hesitate to take it away from me.

Singer: Seems like a thousand years I've known you you've always been the one that I was waiting

Natalie: Hey, what was the deal with that cop?

Jessica: Oh, well, he wants me to go down to the hospital to make a statement.

Nash: Yeah, can't it wait until tomorrow? I mean, I know Bo's not their boss anymore, but he's got to have some kind of pull over there.

Jessica: No, no, you know, I just want to get this over with, okay? So why don't you go get Bree, and I'll meet you at home?

Nash: No, absolutely not. I'm not letting you out of my sight. I should never have let you come charging over here by yourself to begin with. I'm sure as hell not letting you out of my sight now.

Jessica: Well, you let me come charging over here before because you knew it was my fault that Allison was on the loose.

Natalie: Hey, it was mine, too. Look, I'm sure you told Nash everything.

Nash: Yeah, she told me everything. And I hope for both of your sakes you don't tell the cops "everything," hmm? Be careful what you say in your statement. All right?

Natalie: I'm -- I'm going to go with you, Jess, to the hospital, because I think it would be good for us to keep our stories straight.

Dorian: Jared, there were certain reasons why you wanted toe a Buchanan, and now you are. You certainly don't want to give that up. And for what? Huh.

Clint: Excuse us for a minute, but, Jared, I just want to tell you how grateful I am to you -- how grateful we all are for saving our Jessica. And, Charlie, I wanted to say that we're grateful to you for saving our --

Charlie: Oh.

Clint: Well, our brother. You know, we got a ways to go, but you might be more of a Buchanan than I ever imagined. Excuse us. I'm going up here.

Jessica: Um -- well, there are no words, but maybe one day we'll find them. So until then -- thank you.

Jared: Yeah.

Jessica: Okay.

Jared: Thank you.

Jared: For everything.

Blair: Ramsey is the commissioner of police. He may hate you, but he cannot hurt any of us. You actually think that he --

Todd: Yeah. Well, at least I know we can't afford to take a chance, not with this guy. I mean, you can't step out of line with this guy. And I'm always out of line.

Blair: Well, we're just going to have to come up with something.

Viki: I am so proud of you. So is your son.

Charlie: Yeah.

Viki: It's unbelievably touching to see how moved he is by what you did, and how much he wants a connection with you.

Charlie: He's a fine young man.

Viki: Charlie, your other son -- don't you think he would be proud of you, too, if he knew what you did?

Charlie: Yeah, I suppose he would. But you know, Rex really needs me. I can feel that. And my other son -- I don't think he does. Not now.

Natalie: Um -- so, I'm going to have to go with Jessica.

Jared: Yeah. I should probably go.

Natalie: Jared -- what was it you wanted to tell me?

Jared: I was stupid, and I was wrong, and I apologize.

Natalie: Because you told me you love me.

Jared: I overstepped my bounds. I'm your uncle. We both have to remember that.

Natalie: What's going on? Why are you acting so different?

Jared: This is how it has to be, Natalie. Please just accept that.

Clint: Jared, we're heading back to the house. Do you need a ride?

Jared: Yeah, I will be right there. Are we done? Okay.

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Ramsey: Ms. Morasco, are you alone?

Cristian: We're good, right?

Sarah: And getting better.

Natalie: The question is, why? Why would you go after her?

Officer: The only thing on her was a DVD.

Jessica: I have to see that DVD.

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